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(generated from captions) for $100,000. B, Jacobus, is locked in

(REPEATS QUESTION) Jacobean and Jacobite. You ruled out A and C, they're both wrong. That was correct, It was out of Jacobus and Jacobin. for $100,000. John, Jacobin was the answer No cigar. Close again, no cigar, $100,000. how about that? But I'll give you $1,000, Good on ya, mate. Well played. That would be nice. Thank you, Eddie. John Liddell won $1,000. There you go. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! See ya next time on Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by Tonight, the An Aboriginal elder leads police to put in Lane's other super skinny Good evening. has led police to the remains mutilated body. It was connection. Police say that his missing from ago. Searching for Kiesha they made there. The woman's torso was found elder says, she had a feeling to go

wrapped in plastic. The body was wrapped, yes. All that material has gone into the looked at as closely in to helped rest of the woman's remains. Police

that we parts, but we have had no The family of Kristi McDougall was told this morning worst. We should give them come to that we give them. Also, we have to confirm that it is On a squad detectives have all but confirmed that it is her remains. She was number of emotional appeals for Kristi McDougall, had just When he sees her photograph, he body can confirm the identity of his the torso. They will have to do DNA checks. They will look for or other take some take time if they are evidence that Walter Beets, will be presented at court. Marsh, she is also expected to reveal admissions he made to her about the nurse's threatened at a bus children threatened at a bus full of Sydney's West. number what's us and before he ran away. Mark Latham is and managed come with

Queen's uniform, I am in awe of just go away? his just go away? Lay them just raised for words. They're asking it to leave Mark cover my story. Tony, long time was bad. I think to ashamed of himself. When it comes as form. members of limited members of the Defence Force had meet heads. Federal Police up promises. The campaign has stepped on the build national broadband network. I will the future. Tony Abbott wants to freeze as in time. The government download speeds faster than are originally forecast. Suddenly, we implausible. He bullet on an news for the treasure. Due to an increase people joining Tony Abbott Coalition is an Federal Police harassed to is also in passport passport, it $193 in this area. The jury in the They plan to boost the budget by

trial of Keli secret children today. She is accused of killing baby Tegan years ago. diet lied about the years ago. She is said to have a

The main the first That was in 1995. That was the whether on a roll. She was uncertain adoption. In disappearance of she they after about the first baby, difficult for the jury, and

lose the hospital. lived here

want to die down the hospital. some visit most days. He spent many many years air. report from move hospital. They have said we should

be updated, not closed. and the the sting out of the announcement facility been reality is, the community will be without any strain on is stretch people. His is a win-win situation. But it does not offer protesters cannot run after him. They people will not happen without the Police sniffer dogs have helped prisons across the State. Labrador and a dedicated to this line of They found fauns, charges and dedicated to this line of work.

and the poor example they model, who is so the model, who is so thin, she takes fit his hands around it. There does not woman the body shape on they like her, that she shape on the catwalk. Of fact that

is and tiny, it is a worry that that that is a promotion. It is a worry that

about the show. She is a human up world. This woman he the foundation. Perhaps people entrenched in we have this people do, but skinny equals beautiful. Despite this being promoted as ideal, Lawrence says she has been modelling jobs. role of promoting her the body image. It is so important for is the of life. channels another famous blonde. How this camber escaped the jaws of

said WorkChoices was good for wages VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott and for workers. He even said WorkChoices greatest achievements. was one of the Howard Government's Then just this year,

individual contracts he said he'd bring back and cut unfair dismissal laws the worst of WorkChoices. But with an election on, but then adds... he now says WorkChoices is dead, I can't give an absolute guarantee workplace relations legislation. about every single aspect of Tony Abbott with our economy? VOICEOVER: Can we really trust billions He has promises. of uncosted When asked to endorse him, Peter Costello said... "Oh, not on economic matters, but, I.... You know, Tony..." (LAUGHTER)

So, this morning, I tried new Herbal Essences with smoothing serum. Hair spa heaven - smooth, totally touchable hair. VOICEOVER: Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness. to safety after he was swept out to sea North Head when he was hit by a wave. He suffered cuts A mutant forms of antbiotics surgery. They're known as health tourists Westerners who travel Westerners who travel to countries such saving money, they're lives - lives - including their own - at risk. These germs infections and type of bacteria superbug - but antibiotics will treat it. virtually every antibiotic virtually every antibiotic that is commercially available. commercially available. The bug is spread plasmids - that has been traced to the UK, there are already a few cases most recent, a Canberra man who travelled When you they have gradually crept in to the Few new antibiotics are being the problem will mainly involve That means, are practising good attack on a Norwegian island, the animal dragged the animal dragged him from his tent rifle, and went after the The first shot was just to The first shot was just to hit it. It reacted Then I magazine into the Mauled and lacerated, Sebastian is recovering and says desperate for someone truly someone truly famous, doing a 'Marilyn' for the launch of her new perfume, which is called Tease. Paris seemed to be much than at snug bandage dress, designed Sport next and the deals with a major issue game against Daniel Morton mean dropped? VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott will take Eden-Monaro backwards

by pulling the plug on the health and education services we depend on.

He'll pull the plug on GP Super Clinics, the National Broadband Network, 580 computers from our local schools and Trades Training Centres for 18 of our high schools. And what will David Gazard, the local Liberal candidate, do? He'll help Mr Abbott pull the plug on Eden-Monaro. MAN: News just in - another boat has arrived. WOMAN: Another boatload of illegal immigrants... MAN 2: Another people-smuggling boat... ..illegal boat caught off our coast today. Another illegal boat has arrived... This program is captioned With their season Eels coach taken the stunning

the team tomorrow night. is putting is putting his faith in a rookie who grade at the start of grade at the start of the year. Daniel Mortimer has learnt about pressure off the field. Daniel, are His team-mates his axing Don't believe Don't believe everything you read you think his form has been? be a hard a year. People know At the airport the gig was coach Daniel I see him every day at training Anderson insists Anderson insists Mortimer wasn't dropped. Dropped means you go back to reserve grade. He needs Mortimer has fallen longer period. in hindsight we could have eased him it into a bit more over a longer period. And now Anthony Mitchell - good enough to give start of the year for a been ready With just four rounds to go before the NRL finals series begins, spot. Well, from the trees, Guru Gus Gould is just the fellow to give you a helping hand Here is my top eight for

They have injuries to be this year they pelted The West Tigers - I love them play, you but they are killing

The Gold Coast Titans is the team be themselves. most improved team in the competition child pulled form. The punters cannot work out if they are a good team. Wonder they are cold. highly motivated. Their best in Finally - good news for Socceroos goalkeeper for a dream move to Liverpool. morning the our best rebuilding phase for Australia is are hoping new coach Holger is just the He's a very bubbly character, As Tiger Woods struggles record he's set the bar To finance news and the stock market fell consecutive day because of is also lower against the greenback. The weather comes next and a wild update for NSW. Our strongest winds in

Coming up on WIN News... Two Coming up on WIN News... Two Gowri

men front court over a Hughes

murder, No guarantee taxes won' t

rise in the ACT after a review, rise in the ACT after a review, And

the young athletes ready to hit

Singapore for the Youth Olympics

Sydney today. A few showers about Auberon had a decent Bill Rowe at - - amount of in Perisher over tomorrow as well. Sydney is sunny tomorrow. might be slope

south on the Harbour Bridge. A car

Two men front court after more

charges are laid over a fatal charges are laid over a fatal Hughe

shooting, The Federal Government

criticised over lengthy GP waiting

times, And, customers shortchanged

after an optometrist disappears in

Canberra' s north. Good evening, I'

m Jessica Good, Another two men m Jessica Good, Another two men hav

been charged over the execution-

style murder of a man in Hughes

earlier this year. A total of three

men, who are all known to each

other, are now behind bars. The other, are now behind bars. The tri

is accused of luring Brendan Welsh

to the south Canberra crime scene

with the intention of killing him.