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(generated from captions) when the military took over - till 1976 she was his third wife. 'Evita', was never the president. Peron's second wife, Eva, aka all the rest of it. She was famous - famous wife,

but Isabel became the president. Died in 1952, Oh, well. So that's why you were so close and it was such a good answer, and so definite not the right one. but, unfortunately,

That's OK. Thank you. You've won $1,000! However, can I say this, Nicole? Good on ya, Nicole. Thank you. Aaah! (APPLAUSE) Nicole Sun just won $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by has hit the There are no at this stage. But a tourist hotel has been badly caught up in the panic.

Inglis to leave earthquake has begin with breaking news -

Vanuatu. There are no reports casualties at popular tourist hotel Port Villa. The kilometres from Vanuatu's

including hotels were in the firing line, the are holiday. We were actually on a big thud like run into the started shaking the then swinging back but only a 23 reported in the capital but the authorities have warned waves may be smack bang called ring of fire, most active fault

was actually a much bigger Newcastle earthquake and this one

and it Former Labor not a candidate in election but he's going way to attract as much attention as launched a on Nine's Laurie Oakes. We'll go Laurie live in Latham has during their fake Mark Latham called the during their confrontation. When a

Julia Gillard radio, the PM had forced me into it. painting laughable was the real Mark Latham, swear at her. I didn't all on her side. And in voice. The physicality of it was voice. The physicality of

offensive behaviour, I'm a married man - and this sort tool is Mark Latham? things that can't be outspoken former Channel 9's decision veteran journalist

as a think it as a guest reporter. I don't really

him posing as a network much of a favour to have

into him room. We asked Minutes'. He didn't say a hide away from me. watching an elephant Latham's never afraid were delivering a cheap shot and there delivering a cheap shot

typical bully-boy tactic attacking someone based appearance. attacking someone based on physical support freedom first the PM, and now Laurie, are Latham's bully-boy attacks on,

freak show. If that's journalism, you can telling you, His attack on Laurie Oakes has performance with the unbecoming The bloke is an oaf, his boorish and he's a dope and he shouldn't be employed by Channel 9. more senior journalist in Mark Latham's attack not to some weird people. You do not with as many as weird as Mark Latham. He has a screw Abuses what come was one of corridas. to engineer a confrontation in press room at the Liberal Party launch. He was there because working with 60 for the network. He had as an off the day before with Gillard. I I have stood sense of the word. He is the leader snuck out of way snuck out of the building the back is the biggest, as I politics. A does this affect family and come in from everywhere. It just friends, in Sydney. They have told People have stuck me in the

a stark raving mad. Most people believe that Australia did not become the Prime in 2004. We dodged a broadband The Coalition today unveiled its may be cheaper than was back she faced some tough questions. Julia Gillard a prefect back then but maybe from perfect. questions are best left apology apologise to Kevin Rudd? So no news that on climate started full-time government. Tony Abbott for the action, man taken a toll, and attack on his fitness to run the tried to punch are out couple of tight balls. distraction for apologised. There were some stupid bloke and Coalition has of labourers bolster private sector. disappearance of Kiesha Abrahams is taking a heavy toll their behalf today. neighbour who family are alone. This is what they The family stop Kiesha Abrahams. Please, please The family wished to be left situation. Those

claims made yesterday by says he saw Kiesha Abrahams being beaten by allegations had It is alleged that Keli Lane have killed dinner at the home ocean and Wearing a cream suit, this was Lane as a hours after boyfriend, I hospital, she slid She could not turn up with

have Although the prosecution say it may which Olympics three years, Kelly secret of her in the born. her in the days before a tedium was is taken was is taken so long? The detective who waited 14 interviewing Keli Lane could changing her story. She she claimed the baby, taking, was say does Brisbane Broncos 195 cm centre agreed to join de Brun about $600,000 a brothers had to opera offer to get

had to release some decision. The coach gave us pot. He on-field balance. How the team is a quality player replacing a some of bladder -- the blood controversy that is

You used to be only able to enjoy a good parmagiana at the pub

but with McCain you can now enjoy a pub-style parma at home. Or somewhere else. VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott will take Eden-Monaro backwards by pulling the plug on the health and education services we depend on. He'll pull the plug on GP Super Clinics, the National Broadband Network, 580 computers from our local schools and Trades Training Centres for 18 of our high schools. And what will David Gazard, the local Liberal candidate, do? He'll help Mr Abbott pull the plug on Eden-Monaro. will be the ride of the century. spaceships will finished the landing the futuristic that not passengers and The rocket engine will fire take you to 65 miles above Earth. around a little well under should really be crawling price is $250,000 paying customers in the girl's best girl's best friend, but they're proving to be a been accused crimes tribunal crimes tribunal about whether she accepted blood diamonds from an African dictator. Blood diamonds because they Africa's wars. Naomi Campbell says Despite the about the trade and this who captured are left with blood on their hands. Mia Farrow has said that accepted the ain't knocking was men who sent me a that Charles Taylor would send some diamonds. ammunition against lawsuit. Blood diamonds come from all war but there is only one way to Certificates that guarantee that conflict. We do not allow Australia anything own. In a solution to the the Vatican is gay, Pope. All this comes a abused his Katy Perry airport early this autographs for fans as one night only Melbourne on Ken is next with sport, and happening with the Panthers? Peter, there's one thing that's happening after their loss to Raiders, and that's panic. Although Rice's painful ride to the Commonwealth Games. BOTH: (SING) # We were bickering away # Before we crashed into a farmer's crop # I was trying to launch my boat # I was in some kind of joke # I just didn't see the lobby # What about me? # I never claim # And he gets the same as I did

ALL: # What about me? # (SMASH!) VOICEOVER: AAMI Safe Driver Rewards - for drivers who don't claim. (SMASH!) (SCREAMING)

SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

of speculation, the Storm is already signed with the Broncos for the only one win in the last five rounds. be some right. The Panthers are

when he was my team-mates have to stop me there. good work during not let it slip away now. rice needs surgery to

next. Is next. Is there any side -- end to this

Coming up on WIN News... Both Coming up on WIN News... Both side

of politics face pressure to

address regional health issues.

Olivia Newton John' s visit to the

Capital, And, the Raiders sign a Capital, And, the Raiders sign a bi name forward for three years. SONG: # Come on and work the beat... # VOICEOVER: Update your crew on what you get up to with the new Optus Pre-Paid Turbo Text Plus. Get unlimited SMS to any friends in Australia - up to 3,000 per recharge - for just $30 when you connect by September 4, plus unlimited mobile access to Facebook and Twitter. Hurry. Offer ends September 4.


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This program is have one rain events for the Eastern showers. It will be on and off This rain and banned it stretches Tasmania and Wagga Wagga. They had their millimetres in will move off the coast very quickly tomorrow. some south, nine years

Wednesday and a cool Tonight ... An

angry reaction to the Coalition' s

alternative plan to connect the

country, A Dixon pensioner' s

campaign to stop the Federal

Election, And, Olivia Newton John'

special visit to the Capital. Good

evening, I' m Jessica Good, ACT

Liberal Senator Gary Humphries has

assured Canberrans, Gungahlin won'

be forgotten under the Coalition' be forgotten under the Coalition'

six billion dollar broadband plan. The Liberal Party today unveiled The Liberal Party today unveiled it

alternative to the Government' s

National Broadband Network. k The Greens say if elected, the Greens say if elected, the coalitio

will take the axe to the

Government' s planned National