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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. No rules - no restrictions. The Greens take on the Nationals. you be the judge. This morning on Sunrise - suffered burns How two young children on a city street. after being doused with a chemical And Lincoln Lewis. to the big screen. From 'Home and Away' He talks about his film debut. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, Hello and thanks for joining us. from Lincoln Lewis. We always enjoy hearing in the new Aussie movie, He's starring 'Tomorrow When The War Began' working on the big screen. so we'll find out what's it like we'll hold our next Great Debate. But before we hear from Lincoln, against the Nationals This time, the Greens

Really important, so many people are

so annoy with both major parties.

They are saying I will vote for the

kbreenz but do you know what they

stand for? We are going to find ougt.

ougt. Jarx -- find out. But right now the news from 'Weekend Sunrise'. with Samantha Armytage Good morning. a rare opportunity Voters have been given

on national television. to grill the Prime Minister

as she fielded questions Julia Gillard appeared relaxed from climate change on a range of topics

to the vilification of redheads was mostly preoccupied but the audience Mark Latham and Kevin Rudd. with former Labor leaders Have you met with him personally that night? to apologise for what happened is a question of apology, I don't think that this that I could. I made the best judgment to apologise Mr Latham has also refused on the campaign trail. for abusing the PM trying to prove her mettle She's all about real campaigning, and that's the point I made to her - if she'd just done the interview. there's no need to complain in Adelaide today. Julia Gillard is campaigning Tony Abbott is in Sydney. has been let off with a caution A 9-year-old Melbourne boy a caustic cleaning chemical after he poured over two young children in a pram. and 2-year-old girl The 5-month-old boy to their faces. suffered superficial burns Really bad, like, they were covered. They looked like they got burnt. Um, just in... they were red.

a full recovery. They're expected to make because he's under 10 years of age. Police say they can't charge the boy

missing for five weeks A Victorian teenager has been found safe and well. boarding a bus in Werribee Anjelika Fizell was last seen early last month. a tearful public appeal yesterday Her mother, Andrea, made for her daughter to make contact. in Lalor, north of Melbourne, Police located Anjelika at a house shortly before midnight. forced the evacuation A threatening phone call

last night. of one of Sydney's top hotels Kristina Keneally New South Wales Premier Business Council dinner was addressing the Australia India at the Hilton Hotel

to reception just before 8:00pm. when the threat was phoned through

The function was cancelled were ushered outside. and more than 500 guests the hotel safe two hours later. Police Bomb Squad officers declared and bravery, In an amazing feat of endurance has become the first person a British adventurer of the Amazon river. to walk the entire length Former army captain Ed Stafford

route to avoid floodwaters, was forced to take a roundabout in two years. completing the 9,650km trek the massive achievement Stafford celebrated on the north coast of Brazil. on Maruda beach it was going to sink in here and now I didn't think it's fantastic, yeah. but I'm just overwhelmed, food shortages Stafford survived bad weather, during the trek. and potentially deadly wildlife

Not even Bear Grylles could have

done that, I reckon. The Dow Jones

has closed up 45.

has closed up 45.34 points, I am checking add 6:

checking add 6: 0 5 our time.

We kicked along nicely on our market

yesterday, a good lead from Wall

Street over the weekend. And also,

strong day for banks and also the

major mining companies pushed us to

a seven-week high. Commodities: Home lending fell again in June. to owner-occupiers The number of new home loans in nine months. fell for the eighth time Morning. Craig James is at CommSec.

Should we be starting to worry about

this? Is it showing the housing

market is slowing? It is certainly

slowing. We are going to see further evidence slowing. We are going to see further

evidence of that in coming months.

No doubt in reaction to the Reserve

Bank lifting interest rates. They

went gun hoe, reaching normal levels

and fortunately they are on hold

until the end of the year. We have

home loans at the lowest levels in

nine years and the construction

loans, those people building their

own homes are down 5 per cent down

the lowest in 18 months. Builders

have a lot of work on but over the

next three to six month it will

harder to look for proskwrebgtsz. next three to six month it will be

There may be a few cut-price deals

around the place to get your project

on board. But over all the housing

market will slow, which is not such

a bad thing in the long term. Hold

on, the Renaults for a couple of

months, -- Renos, a couple of months

you will get a better deal. in the NRL finals is still alive Canberra's push for a berth over Penrith following a come-from-behind win

at Canberra Stadium last night. tries in the second-half The Raiders ran in three unanswered to finish 30-26 winners.

And there it is, it had to come.

Canberra eventually, they take the lead. Ben Smith Meantime, Parramatta back rower tonight is set to front the NRL judiciary dangerous tackle charge. to fight a 2-game whether to risk a 2-game ban Hawthorn will decide today for Brent Guerra rough conduct suspension. by fighting the defender's The Hawks have been put on notice by president Jeff Kennett appalling. who branded Sunday's loss to Sydney will be fit to play At St Kilda, Steven Baker when his 9-match suspension ends despite a fractured toe. It's believed Baker sustained the injury by dropping a bowling ball on his foot. Premier league giants Liverpool are set to make a play for back-up Socceroos goalkeeper Brad Jones. London's 'Daily Mail' reports the Reds have made a new $3.5 million offer for the Middlesbrough shot-stopper. Jones left the Socceroos World Cup camp in tragic circumstances when his 4-year-old son was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Big news today, NRL grand final

tickets on sale, 12,000 on sale to

be public from nine o'clock. A few

problems with plugb Grant in, we are

plugging him in though so Mel and

Kochie will look at your weather. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. Energy-saving globe sale, on now. For a greener tomorrow, it has to be Beacon.

A bit of drizzle rb I was trying to say.

Rain periods in Melbourne, how did

we get straight down to Melbourne?

It is wayward one. Let's go

It is wayward one. Let's go to New South Wales first. Rain and wind in Bendigo. Showers increasing late in Launceston.

Coming up - from asylum seekers to climate change. the debate that could help you decide who to vote for. Also, the garbage men refusing to collect bins because the lids aren't closed properly. But up next, Mia and the model. Actress Mia Farrow gives evidence against Naomi Campbell in the blood diamonds trial, when Sunrise continues. There are people everywhere working their butts off just to pay the monthly bills and mortgage. But what if you get sick? Or injured? How would you keep your head above water? VOICEOVER: The bills still have to be paid - the mortgage, groceries, petrol - all these day-to-day expenses and you're not even working. But you can still get a regular income if serious illness or injury strikes with ING's EasyProtect Income. Just as you insure your home and your car, you can now protect your income and your family's way of life. If there was an affordable and easy way to do this, you'd want to know about it, wouldn't you? From as little as $7 a week, ING's EasyProtect Income is more affordable than you may think.

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VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott said WorkChoices was good for wages and for workers. He even said WorkChoices was one of the Howard Government's greatest achievements. Then just this year,

he said he'd bring back individual contracts and cut unfair dismissal laws the worst of WorkChoices. But with an election on, he now says WorkChoices is dead, but then adds... I can't give an absolute guarantee about every single aspect of workplace relations legislation. Tomorrow - why are some of the world's richest men giving away their millions? And the challenge to ordinary Aussies to follow their lead. Plus, we catch up with inspiring Indigenous model Samantha Harris. And, Vanessa Amorosi performs live. (SINGS 'HOLIDAY')

# Holiday

# Holiday i hey, hey, hey

# Why don't we

# Start to # # That's Sunrise, Wednesday. Naomi Campbell's evidence to a war crimes trial has been contradicted by the supermodel's former agent and actress Mia Farrow. They've told judges in the Hague that the supermodel was excited about being given a diamond by Charles Taylor

the former Liberian president accused of orchestrating mass murder.

ITN's Rohit Kachroo has more.

The temperamental supermodel, the

Hollywood actress, the fashion

industry ageen. Despite the fantasy

novel catalyst, this trial centres

on brutal allegations of war crimes

and genocide. Yet today, the actress

was starring in a sequel. Mia F

arrow. How would her account of the

same conversation recalled by Naomi

Campbell last week differenter from

the supermodel's? She was quite

excited and in effect, said, my God,

last night, in the middle of the

night I was awake pd by men knocking

at the door and it was Alain Menu

sent by Charles Taylor and he sent

me, as I recall, a huge diamond. And

the suggestion ooze azto where this

gift had come from? Whose suggestion

was that? Only hers. Yet last week,

Naomi Campbell said she had no idea

where the mysterious gift had come

from until Mia Farrow introduce

from until Mia Farrow introduce said Charles Taylor's name. The man who

used diamonds to buy arms during a

savage civil war. This photo has

become infamous. There is Mandela,

and Campbell, and Charles

and Campbell, and Charles Taylor.

And also Mia Farrow. The agent said

he was going to get diamonds. They

were being charming to each other.

What do you mean by that? Mildly

flirting. But she was accused of


being. Posted just after Naomi

Campbell. Gave evidence. Did you

have a blood diamonds party in your

offices last Friday night. Not

offices last Friday night. Not that I know of. Blood diamonds night is

the caption to a photograph taken of

a party held last Thursday night.

Johanna Ryder, I have the diamonds,

Anna Wiltshire, kidney stones. I

hear that's what happens in Liberia.

Ms White said she had no knowledge

of any such party but insideed

of any such party but insideed that Naomi Campbell said the diamond was

from Charles Taylor. This is the

trial of Charles Taylor and the

question still whether this diamond

giftd came from him and whether that

links him to the funding of a brutal

civil war. Wow, it has got it all,

the trial. Fascinating, it will end

up being a movie. Coming up - Charlie Sheen caught partying in the Playboy mansion while trying to restore his marriage.

Probably wouldn't help much. He

might be getting counselling from

you. -- from Hugh. Then, the Nationals' Barnaby Joyce versus Greens senator Christine Milne. But straight ahead, how did it happen? The two children rushed to hospital after an acid attack. And, have we found the longest basketball shot ever? The world's best 3-pointer is next on Sunrise. (ETHEREAL MUSIC PLAYS) Confidence. It's something you can't always see or hear... ..but you can most certainly feel it. It's there as you head into every corner or every drizzle-drenched straight. Confidence is in Subaru's DNA. It's our Boxer engine, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, 5-star safety rating... ..our look, and they come as standard with every Subaru Liberty. What's making news for Beacon Lighting. Energy-saving globe sale, on now. For a greener tomorrow, it has to be Beacon. Making news this Sunrise - the world's longest basketball shot. Watch this.

Pran Harlem Globe Trotters music plays) Pran Harlem Globe Trotters music plays).

Woh! The platform he is standing on

is 70 metres away from the hoop down

there. Look at the reverse camera

angle. Hat is down town. Is shows it

is real. It has been watched by over

three million people. Sign up for

the Sydney Kings, too right.

the Sydney Kings, too right. There would be a lot of needs for a 70

metre thing. Wouldn't have to leave

the change rooms

the change rooms. How long is a

basketball court. Not quite that, he

could shoot from the stands. The

statue behind him? Sorry. The shot

back up. From the other angle.

Basketball hoop. Well, there is a

naked man, the statue behind him.

Trust Sam to spot the naked man. How

could you not notice that. That is

Thor, the god of athletics. The

naked man. We all take something

different from that story. Oh, there

was a basketball in that shot. Also making news - the acid attack in Melbourne. This is horrific. A 9-year-boy has been let off with a caution after he poured a caustic cleaning chemical over two young children in a pram.

From the top story of a car park. The victims suffered agonising burns to their faces but are expected to make a full recovery. Police say they can't charge the boy because he's under 10. But some people say that's not good enough because of the nature of the crime. We'd like to know what you think.

Just shocking, isn't it? Apparently

the mum went scream nothing to the

nearby cafe and said, " nearby cafe and said, "My kids have

just had acid thrown on them." Can

you imagine as a parent what

you imagine as a parent what it would be like. I am torn by it, as a

parent you would want revenge, and

you would say lock the kid up. But

then you think, he is a

nine-year-old kid, he found the

bottle on the top of the roof and

just squirted it over. And you think

he was an idiot for doing it. But

was it malicious. In a trial you

never take into account past,

never take into account past, maybe this is a situation where you need

to look at the child and if he has

done anything like this before, take

it into account with punishing him.

So if it was a complete one off and thought he was

thought he was squirting water. You

know what ten-year-olds are like.

Got one at home... Also most viewed is the rubbish revolt. Garbos are refusing to empty bins that don't have their lids properly closed. The bin men in Gloucester in the UK have started strictly enforcing the rule that says bin lids must be shut tight. Locals started getting angry and things got so heated that police started riding in garbage trucks for protection. Now thankfully the council has stepped in and asked for a bit of leniency. But it did get us thinking about bins and rubbish etiquette. What do you do when you just can't fit everything in?

After you have squashed it down. I

can squash anything on top. I climb

on top. I put the bin near the tree

and I climb and squish the paper.

Not the rubbish, that would be a bit

mushy. But the paper bin. When is

your bin night. Not telling. If you

are a neighbour. We would like to

see video evidence of that. And then

I go scouting the streelt for an

empty one. It is what is going to

happen people are going to put their

rubbish in someone else's bin. You

should have every right to do that.

If somebody has got room in their

bin and it is in the nature strip,

it is fair game, in the end of

night. The old woman who lives on

her own and doesn't go through as

much stuff as the family of four. I

can see you skulking up the road.

Lib gets embarrassed by the amount

of wine bottles. Just leave the

mineral water in your bin. I love

it. When Sam and Toby come we have

disposable 19 p nappies, because the

bin is too full. You would have to

air the neighbour's bin because it would stink! Finally being clicked is footy's hottest couple, who are back together again. Gary Ablett Jr and Lauren Phillips have confirmed they're giving love a second chance. They've ended the speculation and also got us thinking

Beretts is very happy, because

Beretts is very happy, because if Gary Ablett junior is happy, he

plays well and everyone is happy.

But it got us wondering about

getting back with an ex. Your tails

of love the second time around. And

how do you make it work, I must

admit, I didn't know they had split.

Or they were together. Better the

second time around. Later this hour - do young voters really favour the Greens? Then, another Great Debate guaranteed to be boredom-free. Up next, though, news, sport and weather together. You're watching Sunrise on Seven. VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott said WorkChoices was good for wages and for workers. He even said WorkChoices was one of the Howard Government's greatest achievements. Then just this year,

he said he'd bring back individual contracts and cut unfair dismissal laws the worst of WorkChoices. But with an election on, he now says WorkChoices is dead, but then adds... I can't give an absolute guarantee about every single aspect of workplace relations legislation. VOICEOVER: We open on a woman headed to the Commonwealth Bank.

Her bulldog stays behind to speak to a poodle. (COCKNEY ACCENT) 'Allo, love. (HIGH-PITCHED) Hello. Owner's in the bank. She'll be in there for ages. Look 'ere. I'm very fit. I'll give you 100. One... (PUFFS) ..two... (PUFFS) ..five... (PUFFS) What?! Oh, she's back?

The owner's back in no time, because the Commonwealth Bank solves problems quickly, if not right on the spot. We end with the line, the logo, and one very unhappy bulldog.

# California girls were undeniable

# California


# Per live, this Friday, only on


That is the best one. You are

spectacular. You will have to play

that for Katy Perry and see what she

thinks. The kids said that is so

embarrassing buts they laughed,

thankfully. There he goes, Snoop

himself. He is very smooth. Katy,

Friday but Sam. First. Confidential Treasury analysis shows a discrepancy of more than $800 million in the Coalition's budget costings. The Coalition's biggest budget saving comes from the interest it won't have to pay if it wins power and scraps Labor's National Broadband Network. But there's an $840 million difference between the Coalition's figures and Treasury analysis. The Coalition will release its alternative to Labor's broadband policy today. Julia Gillard has shown her lighter side during a Q&A session on national television last night. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being just bearable

and 10 being massively annoying, how big of a tool is Mark Latham? (LAUGHTER) There are some things that can't be measured. (LAUGHTER) The PM was grilled on everything from climate change to the vilification of redheads. Tony Abbott will face the people next Monday night. Authorities are investigating the cause of a fire

at a school in Melbourne's north-east yesterday.

Fire crews were called to St Helena Secondary College in Eltham North, around 5:30pm. The blaze caused around $150,000 worth of damage to the performing arts centre. A teacher and about 15 students had to be evacuated. Nobody was injured in the fire. A Perth glassing victim has gone public with his injuries to push for tougher anti-violence laws. The 22-year-old has 100 stitches in his face after an unprovoked attack at a nightclub by someone armed with a broken glass.

Police say the university student came close to bleeding to death. Just an idiot, I guess.

Someone who's got no respect for other people. Police are hopeful of tracking down the culprit. Sean wants authorities to ban glass from all pubs and clubs. The home of missing Sydney girl Kiesha Abrahams has once again been declared a crime scene. Forensic police raided the unit in Sydney's western suburbs yesterday afternoon seizing carpet, doors, skirting boards and a small mattress. It follows new allegations by a man who claims to have seen the 6-year-old being hit by a man in the weeks before her disappearance. I thought he was giving his girlfriend a hiding until she come up out of the back seat. It was a little girl. Senior investigators are questioning the man's story. One in five Australians experience drinking problems which affect their relationships and how they perform at work. A study by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre has found worst abusers of alcohol. Australians rank among the world's their lives seriously affected 3.5 million people have had by drinking problems. less than one in five seeking help. The majority are young men, with in Australia are unacceptably low. The study also found treatment rates

Finance news, pretty quiet night of

trading on Wall Street. The Dow up

44 points, you see the American

central bank, the Tprel Receiver

reserve -- federal reserve meets

tonight. And the summer holidays,

Skype has announced a $

Skype has announced a $100 million

floating, a float ofg the technology

group, an IPO. The Aussie

The dollar still looking pretty

strong. Would you believe,

strong. Would you believe,it is one

year to our next census. Can hardly

wait! Time for sport now with

Beretts. Thanks, Kochie, counting

down to the count down. The goal umpire responsible of a certain goal for denying Geelong's Shannon Byrnes has been stood down. not to award the goal Daniel Wilson's decision blunders that marred Round 19. was just one of several umpiring Umpires boss Geoff Gieschen admits could be the answer. video technology Had technology been up and about - and it can be quick, it can show us the right angles, certainly that would have assisted us on the weekend, I've got no doubt. video technology is implemented. Any decision on whether is up to the AFL Commission. from a 14-point deficit Canberra has recovered 30-26 at Canberra Stadium overnight. to storm home and defeat Penrith the second-half, The Raiders dominated to keep their finals hopes alive. scoring 18 unanswered points was left fuming Panthers coach Matt Elliott awarded to Canberra. at several questionable penalties In Brisbane, Darren Lockyer admits sideline him for two weeks the rib injury that will for the rest of the season. will plague him Eamon Sullivan says Olympic silver medallist could stand forever some world records have been outlawed. now that controversial super suits record in 2008 with a super suit Sullivan broke the 50m freestyle world mark may now be out of reach. but believes setting a new flies out to the US today The Aussie swim team for the Pan Pacific Championships so Sullivan and Geoff Huegill yesterday. lodged their federal election votes

Speaking of yesterday, something was

missing. Our mate Grant Denyer was

in bed, tucked up with a bug but

boy, he is back with bugs today,

good morning. What a segue, Beretts,

absolutely exswriz td stuff. What

are they? These are stick insects,

young man, the residents of Adelaide

certainly aren't creepy but some of

them are crawly. Check it out at

Adelaide Zoo. It is invireo day

where the kids get to experience

wonderful creatures like the stick

insects, 200 species of the rippers

in Australia, all sizes and shapes

and forms. I will see if I can see

one that is swaying. They are are

all pretty much crawling. They are

fighting, come on you two. Really?

Get along. Back to your corners.

What they do... When they feel under

threat, what they do is start to

sway and try to imitate, like a leaf

swaying in the breeze. A bit like

you are now. Yes, I am pretending I

the forecast. am in a happy place. Let's look at

Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. Energy-saving globe sale, on now. it has to be Beacon. For a greener tomorrow, eastern Australia clear, A high is keeping leading to areas of morning frost. the odd light shower to develop A trough is allowing

while a low spreads showers over the Queensland interior from South Australia. into the south-east Cold winds behind the low in southern WA. are triggering a few showers Fine and windy on Thursday. Rain clearing tomorrow. Rain periods in Sydney. Rain and wind tomorrow. Rain tomorrow, then easing on Thursday. Afternoon showers tomorrow. tomorrow. Sunny with winds increasing on Saturday. Fine with a few south-easterlies

I think after some of the activities

that have gone on, on my arm, we

might have a few more babies ones

soon here in the Adelaide Zoo. Soon

we are going visit the pandas. Cute.

Fantastic. The one in your ear has

got me a little worried. Got you

worried? It it is half way through

my brain. Pull it out. Oh! He is

grooming your brow. It

grooming your brow. It is actually

changing my mind for me. See you.

Joke of the day comes from Shay Pike

from Mossman in far north

Queensland. Thank you, she sent

three, in order of her laugh meter,

so I am going for the top one. An

old lady is walk along dragging two

plastic bags and $

plastic bags and $20 notes were

flying out. A policeman said there

are $

are $20 notes flying out of your

bag. She said, "

bag. She said, "Bugger, I better go

find them." And the cop said, "Hang find them." And the cop said, "

on, lady, not so fast how did you

come across that bag? Did you steel

come across that bag? Did you it.", come across that bag? Did you steel it."

steelIt." No, she said, my yard

backs on to the football stadium and

every time there is a game, they pea

in my -- pee in my garden. I say, $ in my -- pee in my garden. I say,

$20 buck or I cut it off. And he

She said, " said okay, what is in the other bag?

She said, "Some don't pay." 4! Had

just didn't scrape in, it has got

cobwebs. I didn't know there was a

four. And there is a five. Who knew?

Send in your joke, see if you can

book. tickle Sam's fancy or get Beretts'

with no rules and no restrictions. Just ahead - another real debate

inside the minds of young voters. But next, in an acid attack. And, how two children were injured when we return. More on the shocking incident 2 million Australians, WOMAN: Like over an Allianz insurance customer. Saskia is with Allianz. I've got my car insurance it suits me and my lifestyle, I chose Allianz because and I could everything online.

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Call iSelect today. Get health insurance or get taxed. with the new BlackBerry Pearl, Sunrise keeps in touch

thanks to our friends at Telstra. Good morning, Sydney. through the Jetstar Skycam. That's the view Rain periods and 18 today. Two children are recovering from facial injuries after sodium hydroxide was squirted on them in Melbourne. A 9-year-old boy has been cautioned by police over the attack. To tell us more Good morning. What's the latest condition of the two children?

How are they? Good morning,

thankfully both the five month old

little boy and he is two-year-old

sister are going to make a full

recovery. They are very lucky

indeed, thanks in part to their

quick-thinking mum, who took them

after the chemicals were spilled on

them, the staff got off what they

could. The kids were drenched, their

faces had come out in red spots, they faces had come out in red spots,

they were taken to

they were taken to the Royal Children's Hospital with what they

thought were serious burns but

thankfully they were superficial

burns. They will make a full

recovery. You have got to spare a

thought for the mum, staff say she

was in shock. You are wheeling your

kids down a quiet street in South

Yarra and very astringent tile

cleaner, really, a degreaser is

poured on to the kids. Kids have

sensitive skin that age, it

sensitive skin that age, it would have been worse the -h it gone into

their eyes. Taking the kids for a

walk and that happens. The

nine-year-old who threw the

chemical, tell us about him. Why did

he do it? Staff at the cafe tried to

catch him but he ran away with an

eight-year-old friend who was also

there. We don't know why he did it.

Part of the issue is yesterday was a

student-free day add government

schools. So there were kids with

more time on their hands than they

normally had. The police say he

would have had no idea of the

ramifications of his actions. The

bottle of the cleaner was lying

around. A 1.

around. A 1.Litre bottle of the

stuff. They were Playing and

stuff. They were Playing and thought it was funny, they were on the first

floor of a car park around the

corner. He was taken into custody

with his parents and

with his parents and spoken by the

police. The age is 10 in Victoria so

he can't be charged but he has been

given a talking to. The given a talking to.

given a talking to the police say

the parents are mortified it has

happened to the children. You can

imagine there are follow up

discipline to the kids, because as

you say, the law can't do anything.

You would like to think they have

learned their lessons, from thais

faces they got a big scare and I

don't think they will play with

solvent ever again. A prank gone

wrong. Thank you, Nuala, talk soon. During the election campaign we've been tracking the opinions of young voters. So, which major party has impressed them so far? Or do they think a minor party such as the Greens, better represents their views? We also wanted to see what they thought

of a young person running for office. So we asked their thoughts on 20-year-old Wyatt Roy who's a Nationals candidate up in Queensland.

# Let's get it started. 19-year-olds should not be politicians they're just out of school, they're kids. They can't speak for the majority of Australians who are not 19, so he should be going out, having a drink and picking up chicks. He's 20? That's pretty cool. I don't know, politics isn't really my thing, but if someone young's going to go for it that'll probably bring in a different perspective so I encourage that. Yeah, I will vote for the Greens. I'm going to vote for the Greens

Me too. They tend to focus on policy issues and policy matters that young people tend to care about or tend to focus on, particularly when they're coming out of university or high school and there's a lot of study or focus around those areas. Don't worry about Greens. I like, I don't know, is it Tony Abbott?

Yeah, yeah, I like him, but I don't like the girl. Yeah, I don't like her - she's too ranga. I don't really mind Julia Gillard, but I don't like her association with the Greens. Definitely, climate change is a very big issue. Young people are very conscious of climate change and it's only going to become more and more relevant as we get older. Climate change is important overall

but it doesn't necessarily weigh heavily on my voting mind as such - it's more the economy and international trade. I think people that vote independent, it's really a vote wasted 'cause I can't ever see them really winning. It's not a vote wasted, if that's what you're going to vote for, if that's what you want to see happening in things then go for it.

There you go, don't forget our big

debate coming up. After the break - this morning's news, sport and weather. Plus Jennifer Anniston files a restraining order against her stalker. And next - our Great Debate. The Nationals take on the Greens live at Brekky Central. We're here to see how people react when they try new Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. And I want you to rub some of this toothpaste on those areas where you feel sensitivity. Now, drink this ice-water. Oh, dear. Go on. Try it. I don't feel any pain! No, that's amazing. I just want to know how it works. Well, it's the Pro-Argin formula that instantly seals the open channels to the nerves. With regular brushing, you get long-lasting relief. When can you buy it? VOICEOVER: New Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. BOTH: (SING) # We were bickering away # Before we crashed into a farmer's crop # I was trying to launch my boat # I was in some kind of joke

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Barnaby Joyce is here for the Nationals and Christine Milne for the Greens.

Good morning, how are you? Toss of

the coin? Christine? G comes before

N so you are going to call, that is

our theory anyway. Tails. It is

tails. Would you like to go first.

Yes, why not. Okay, we will be

running that way, stand by for the

great debate just minutes away. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Morning. You recently told us that Jennifer Aniston had an alleged stalker. And now she's filed a restraining order against him.

Yes, she had a restraining order

against this fellow, a 24-year-old

fellow by the name of Jason Peyton

but today the Superior Court e tend

td to three years. Not only was he

accused of lying in wait for her

with duct tape and sharp object in

his possession

his possession. He drove across

country, believing she was his

girlfriend and he was coming

girlfriend and he was coming to heterocyclic amines to marry her --

coming to Los Angeles to marry her,

with messages orphlove. He is being

placed in psychiatric hold for the

time boog. That is just scary. Moving on, and Charlie Sheen is meant to be restoring his marriage with Brooke Mueller. But the actor has been busy partying in the Playboy mansion.

Nothing like working out your

marital strife by putting on a pair

of pyjamas and with Hugh Hefner.

Fresh reports have been released

today in his battles with his

estranged wife, Broke, he "

estranged wife, Broke, he "threw rr

her around like a rag dol with she

accused him of using prostitutes."

And after he was arrested he

produced a fake driver's licence and

there is some question why he was

not charged with that because it is

illegal in California to produce a

fake ID, even though he claims it

was just a prop from his show. Yep,

just carrying it around. And some sad news in Hollywood with the passing of another silver-screen legend.

Man, the gutsy and gorgeous Patricia

Neal, died at the age of 84 with

lung cancer. She starred in, "

lung cancer. She starred in, "Hudd" lung cancer. She starred in, "Hudd".

She won a Tony award and theeter

world award, costarred in breakfast

at Tiffanys. The subject was roses.

She was the original Ma Walton in

the Christmas story which spawned

the wxaltons TV series.

the wxaltons TV series. She had a

life of tragedy. She had a series of

strokes she over came to return to

the screen. She lost a couple of

children, she had a 30 year marriage

to the author Roald Dahl, that ended

after 30 years with divorce but she

will be sorely missed from the

entertainment community. Another

legend, thank you for the update.

The soapbox? Huge response about

rubbish bins and leaving the lids

off. The etiquette. If it is not

closed properly and tight, the

garboes in the United Kingdom won't

pick it up. Neil has said he puts

rubbish in a neighbour's bin that

was out, his was full hers wasn't.

The next day I went outside, and she

had removed the garbage from the bin

and put it on his door step. That is

a bit rough. It has opened a wheelie

bin can of worms. We take care, if

we have got more to put in the

morning we hold it overnight so it

doesn't blow around the

neighbourhood but the neighbour

assumes there is space and puts his

gear on top. Mick is furious, he

said it is not fair to use the spare

space and assume it is spare.

Selfish, disrespectful neighbours

are unAustralian. I beg to differ.

If you put it out, it is the

council's bin, not our bin, you put

it out on the nature strip, then it

is fair game. What we really need is

a bin code of conduct. We haven't

set rules in concrete about this. I

know there are understandings.

Therea lot of issues, people who

separate the recycling from normal

and inneighbours come and put it in

together. There is a lot of

etiquette. You have got to respect

your neighbour's bin recycling

efforts. If you top up, get it

right. Love the garboes but could

they stand the bins up if possible.

Beretts, drop it in the gutter. You

might get pay back. A couple of

questions we need to get cleared up,

anyone in the local kounsility area

or the rubbish-collection business,

what is the etiquette? What is the

legal standing of a bin on a nature

strip? Is it free for all? Can it be

topped up by anybody else or your

ownership, like your car, no-one can

touch it? Let us know this sort of

stuff. You should do a full

investigative report. A lot of grey

areas. Yes, big issues, look at the

time. Still to come on Sunrise this

morning, forget the

morning, forget the garbage bins,

the great debate! the Nationals. The Greens take on No rules, no restrictions. you be the judge. This morning on Sunrise - Acid attack. suffered burns How two young children on a city street. after being doused with a chemical

And Lincoln Lewis. to the big screen, From 'Home and Away' he talks about his film debut. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, thanks for joining us for breakfast. If you've just tuned in, for the news of the day. Right now it's time Good morning. childhood home of Adelaide today The PM is campaigning in her on live television last night. after fronting more than 300 voters is travelling with Julia Gillard. Reporter Alex Hart Good morning, Alex. on the ABC's 'Q&A' program? How did the PM come across

Well, Sam, I think even the most

staunch Liberal supporter would have

to agree she put in a good

performance. Julia Gillard appeared

calm and relaxed in front of a crowd

of 300 people as they through

questions at her without notice. To

give Tony Abbott an

give Tony Abbott an idea what he can

expect next week, it included

everything from gay marriage,

indigenous affairs and even her

views on the vilification of red

heads and questions about Kevin

Rudd. But the highlight came when

she was asked about the other

distracting former Labor leader Mark

Latham. Let's listen in. 1 being just bearable On a scale of 1 to 10, and 10 being massively annoying, how big of a tool is Mark Latham? (LAUGHTER) that can't be measured. There are some things


A very good answer. What is on her

agenda today? Well, her second visit

back here to Adelaide daourbing the

campaign -- during the campaign. The

focus is what were. She will promise

to buy a back all the water needed

to save the River Murray. She can't

put a cost on it but it will anger

irrigators in the eastern states who

will likely have their water

allocations cut and ramp up her

attack on the coalition,

Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott have attack on the coalition, claiming

created a $

created a $7 billion black hole. Alex Hart reporting from Adelaide. Thank you. be in his home city today. Tony Abbott will also the airwaves in Sydney on Triple M The Opposition Leader will hit this morning. He's likely to face questions today budget costings about the Coalition's a hole of more than $800 million. after a Treasury analysis showed The difference relates

won't have to pay to the interest the Coalition Labor's National Broadband Network. if it wins power and scraps The Coalition will release to Labor's broadband policy today. its alternative a 9-year-old boy Friends say they tried to stop over two children in a pram before he poured acid in Melbourne yesterday. and 2-year-old girl A 5-month-old boy suffered minor burns to their faces. and later released. They were taken to hospital Police say they can't charge the boy because he's under 10 years of age. A threatening phone call forced the evacuation of one of Sydney's top hotels last night. Kristina Keneally New South Wales Premier at the Hilton Hotel was addressing a business dinner to reception just before 8:00pm. when the threat was phoned through The function was cancelled were ushered outside. and more than 500 guests

hotel but found nothing suspicious. The police Bomb Squad searched the by supermodel Naomi Campbell Evidence given at a war crimes trial in The Hague by Hollywood actress Mia Farrow. has been contradicted she'd been given diamonds Farrow claims Campbell knew Charles Taylor by former Liberian dictator in 1997. after they met at a charity dinner Campbell even boasted about the gift The actress says over breakfast the next day. excited and said in effect, As I recall it, she was quite of the night, last night... "Oh, my God, in the middle knocking at the door "or last night I was awakened by sent by Charles Taylor "and it was men a huge diamond." "and he sent me, as I recall, Last week Campbell told the court dirty pebbles by a stranger. she thought she'd been given In finance news:

Really quiet trading, Northern

Hemisphere summer holidays at the

moment and also everyone waiting on

the Federal Reserve board meeting,

the American central bank tonight to

see what comes out of that. To our

region yesterday, a solid start to

the week, in fact, our share market

at a seven-week high. That was

pushed along by banks and mining

companies. And big fall in home

lending figures coming out, showing

the property market is a bit soft. Time for sport. admits AFL umpires boss Jeff Gieschen made at the weekend several crucial mistakes by utilising video technology. could have been avoided

were all robbed of legitimate goals Carlton, Essendon and Geelong

by incorrect decisions remains divided but the AFL community of using video replays. over the merits to have four goal umpires. The best thing probably would be Maybe something like the cricket or something throughout a game where you can have two challenges that, to be able to use it. by the people in charge of the game, It's got to be controlled just call for the video. if the goal umpires aren't sure, has been dropped Goal umpire Daniel Wilson for his blunder in Geelong's clash with Collingwood. dropping out of the NRL's top four Penrith is in danger of at Canberra Stadium overnight. after going down to the Raiders a 14-point half-time deficit The Green Machine overturned to run out winners 30-26. to link with Brisbane Meantime, Greg Inglis looks set a drastically increased offer after the Broncos tabled to the star centre yesterday. Aussie tennis star Samantha Stosur An arm injury is set to rob in the world's top five. of her place The Queenslander has been forced in Cincinatti and Montreal to pull out of tournaments her number five ranking and is likely to lose to Russian Elena Dementieva. Stosur is expected to be fit for the US Open, starting on August 30.

Which is great news. Now, Grant

Denyer has gone from the circus last

week to the zoo this morning. Got

another really unique, almost whacky

or freaky Australian marsupial.

Everyone knowsest marsupial is the

red kangaroos in terms of number,

this is one of the littlest in terms

of numbers and its future and size.

Unfortunatey for the little Quoka. From Rottnest Island, the only From Rottnest Island, the only place you can find them in the world. These guys are kind of like a mini kangaroo, they sort of bounce and look like it. They are stout and got a large body but they look part a large body but they look part rat as well. In fact, it is Thank you, the Greens love our great country it is why we want to look

after it, from the Great Barrier Reef to the magnificent forestoffs -h of all of Tasmania and restoreing the Murray River. The Greens understand climate change is a threat to all those things it is why we lead in the debate on climate change around the country. We will bring the very fast train, we will bring public transport to our cities where we will make sure our houses are more energy e are more energy efficient and we want a fair go ghost for all Australians. -- a fair go for all Australians. Thank you, David, the National believe in a group of people who bind together to protect the rights of regional Australia. We are the only party that represents

exclusively regional Australia. We

believe in families and their right

to go into business, and their

masters of their own ship and get

ahead without being run over by big

business or big government. We want

to look after with compassion those

who are left behind on the edges in

the small towns. Okay, let's go

through the major issues through the major issues and kick

off with asylum seekers. Both major

parties believe we should stop the

boats, what is the view of the

Greens? The Greens believe Australia

should do the right thing by all

people. Australians are decent

compassionate people and they

recognise the whole stop the boats

is just a big beatup. We are talking

about less than 3,000 people a year.

about less than 3,000 people a year. We think we should honour our

obligations under international law

and recognise these are real people

seek Agnew life in Australia and

seek Agnew life in Australia and we should be compassionate towards

them. They are genuine refugees,

should stay in our country and make

a contribution to it. If not they

must go back but we must be hoomain and it is

and it is not happening -- we must

be humain and not let them drown. It

is not humain to take a person in

who went to the front of the queue,

they broke the rules, leaving

somebody else in a refugee camp,

whether it is the Thai Burma border.

We find it noble but We find it noble but naive for the

Greens to believe, if you don't make

arrangement, they will wander around

and won't come back. They don't

believe in detention centres, we

will have people making arrangements

at K-mart and wandering around the

streets. We won't see them again and

will lose control of our borders.

They should reflect the They should reflect the overwhelming

sentiment of the Australian people.

They want it controlled, not a

social engineering exercise but

stability. You don't believe in

detention centres, people should

roam freely round the community

while being processed. Barnaby you

said in the past they will bring in

diseases and all that's sort of

stuff. What a load of nonsense. If you

you want to find people wandering

around the K-mart, look at people

overstaying their visa, for those

people who have flown in here, most

of the people who come in here come

by plane. The reality is it is a

complete nonsense about diseases. It

is not actually. Don't talk over me

please. Well don't keep talking

forever. People

forever. People will come in and be

assessed at first arrival. We have

said it. You had your go. We want it

processed quickly and a decision

made. First of all, any person who

arrives by plane arrives legally.

They have had to have visa, via

customs and be screened. If they

overstay it becomes illegal. But by boat they boat they don't have to go through

the process. I do take Christine up

on this, if you come in on a boat

with a dog and the dog has rabies,

the rabies can come noAustralia the rabies can come noAustralia. Or

a big with foot and mouth, it can

decimate the beef heard,

tururiculosis, --

tururiculosis, -- -- tuberculosis.

It has got to be checked. Not making

your own arrangements and setting

off after paying 10s orphthousands

of dollar to inappropriate people

smugglers. It is what the threat is,

I know Christine said it is

outrageous we talk about disease but

that is the reason we have got a

quarantine arrangement. quarantine arrangement. One thing

the Green should understand is

Australia has a clean,

Australia has a clean green

environment that is disease free. We

have campaigned clean, green Years

and I have served to make sure we

have biosecurity and quarantine.

That is a great entrance into the

next issue, that is next issue, that is the next issue, that is the environment.

Christine, people say it is the

strength of the Greens, you are in

favour of an emissions trading

scheme? I certainly am, if we want

to stay competitive globally, we

have to put a price on carb sqn get

the fossil fuels emissions stop them

going the the atmosphere and the

best way is to put a carbon tax on. It

It means we will bring on

renewables. We have a plan to take

Australia to 100 per cent renewable

energy and have people contribute by

having solar panels on their roof,

and thermo storage. Do that you have

to have a price on carbon. The new

economy will have thousands of jobs depending on the shift. The Greens

are saying in the interim the carbon

price could be $

price could be $23 a tonne, going up

4 per cent per year and CPI until we

have an emissions trading scheme

that is acceptable. This is new

jobs, new economy, not stuck in a

coal pit. Noble and naive. IMART

said electricity prices,

said electricity prices, the core of

what is the standard and cost of

living, electricity prices aroan

living, electricity prices aroan in New South Wales would go up by

New South Wales would go up by 64 per cent under a 10 per cent, with

the ETSs as it was proposed. The

Greens is 100 per cent renewables.

It means pensioners would be por

poorer, people with no money

couldn't afford it, they would

couldn't afford it, they would attack the very mechanism of

sustaining your life. That is

ridiculous. You must let me finish.

I will. They don't have a separate

power point in the house to get

cheaper power. They thai are in a

monopoly situation to pay for power

and it takes money out of the

wallet. To have compassion for those

left behind, who will be the pensioners,

pensioners, the people who can't

afford it, a noble gesture by the

Greens but when you drill down, it

is naive and in some instances,

dangerous. Where would it lever the

economy? No manufacturing industry.

They believe in shutting down all

coal mines. How is the New South

Wales coal mines. How is the New coal mines. How is the New South

Wales economy going to work if you

do that or the Australian economy do that or the Australian economy if

you take away the major export. It

is noble and ludicrous. You don't

believe in the polluteer's pays

principal. The greens are saying why

shouldn't polluters pay for the

carbon diox oxide. I can't

understand what has happened to you,

you have gone into bed with the

bosses. Up on

bosses. Up on the Darling Downs and

the Linpool Plains, it is the Greens

standing up. In the senate you talk

to the farmers and tell them you

sfort them and talk to Mitch Hook overnight and

overnight and change the way you

vote. Inconsistencies, there, we did

get an amendment on the Liverpool

Plains breezeer.

Plains breezeer. Why are you

supporting coal mines? It is

parochial and well considered that

you shouldn't talk to people who

haven't got money. We are a broad

egalitarian society and it is what

we believe. You say you look after

farmers, how will you look after

farmers when you ban the live cattle

trade and take it away from the

north. How will

north. How will you ban farmers with

banning recreational codaoes or

people fishing? It is the sort of

world we wim live in with the

Greens. There are huge and dire

consequences on everybody else.

Let's move on to the economy, being

a nns nerd, something orphinterest

to me and the centre to me and the centre of the debate.

Both of the major leaders want a

debate on the economy. Christine,

you don't believe in economic

growth, the Greens, a stable can

economy. What the greens are saying

is the earth has a finite capacity

to produce resources and a finite

capacity to take up waste. We are going from $

going from $6 billion to $

going from $6 billion to $9 billion. We

We need to have a prosperous that is

prosperous, recognises the costs are

to the earth and not people in the

future. It is what is happening at

the moment, we are saying let's pay

for the resources we use, more

efficiently so they go araung

longer. That is the fair thing. We

are not one of the people saying the mining bosses

mining bosses should not pay the

taxes, the community should. We are

the ones saying let's

the ones saying let's tax the mine

resources and put it into the

community, let's give people dental

kairp and expanded mental health and

carers a fairer go and make sure

people are healthier and happier

using the benefits. Because at the

moment, we are

moment, we are vulnerable. If you go

to an economy solelydeneding on

exhaust reaction with one major

customer, China, our economy is

vulnerable. You believe in a carbon

tax, a resources tax, increased

public trnsport, restrict air travel

and also, get rid of credit? No, Stuff like that?

Stuff like that? I don't know where

you got it from. It is from you were

Paulyishs. We announced yesterday we

would support a loan guarantee funds

for large-scale renewables, and

geothermals. We are out there saying

we want to spend government money on

the future. We don't support

subsidising the old fossil subsidising the old fossil fuel

economy. We want to see inmoney

spent on the new any. Is I am back?

Kochie, it is going to be a funny

mining tax when you don't have coal

mines and taken away the major

section of the economy. We have got

to understand they say the GDP, it

is the mining companies putting the

money on the table which spins

around a service economy which keeps everybody, you

everybody, you and me included,

everybody, you and me included in a

job. Or it will collapse on it

job. Or it will collapse on itself.

job. Or it will collapse on itself.? job. Or it will collapse on itself. The job. Or it will collapse on itself.

The Greens belief

The Greens belief death taxes. After

you worked all your life. Is that

right? No. Christine you have got to

acknowledge what is on your web

site. You believe in death duties,

the highest tax rate of

site. You believe in death duties, the highest tax rate of 50 cents in

the dollar. People are not that

naive. They know when you go into

their lives and rip money out of

their wallets when they are alive

and dead, they are miserable. They

have seen the coalition rip money

out of the wallets for years. It is

the Greens who put money back for pensioners.

pensioners. You want people to save

rather than borrow and get rid of

the lending system among banks. This

is cloud Coocoo stuff. If we remove

credit we go back to the caves.

No-one is saying that. They sound so

noble and a certain swu ray, but if

noble and a certain swu ray, but if you put them into actions it causes

damage. The ETS, the National Party

stood up against, the ETS was going

to make people poorer was never

going to change the temperature of

the globe or have the capacity. It

is why we wanted a decent one. Your

drugs policy, you believe in heroin

injection rooms, is it correct? injection rooms, is it correct? We

believe in harm minimisation. Stop

the poly speak. You be straight with

people. I have got to stop all the

speak at the moment because we have

run out of time. Christine Milne

thank you. And Barnaby Joyce from thank you. And Barnaby Joyce

national. Thank you, good luck with

surviving the campaign. Thank you.

Back to you.

Back to you. Wooh! OK, we're asking you who won our Great Debate. Let's open a phone poll. If you think it was the Greens, ring: To vote for the Nationals, dial: Coming up - is a caution suitable punishment for a 9-year-old who threw acid on two young children? And, from movie star to musician,

Jared Leto shares his new passion when Sunrise continues.

pollies will get to have their say..

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