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Weekend Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) I think golf club might have got

Katy Perry. I think golf club might have got to of Julia Gillard Well, we have seen a lot over the past couple of weeks but do we really know her? and not afraid of power. We know she is ambitious behind the woman? But who is the woman at our prime minister Here's a closer look our chief political correspondent. through the eyes of This is the Riley Diary. Week three, keeping it real. and the candidates are out there, SONG: # Come and see the real thing

# Come and see the real thing # Come and see... # to let the real Julia loose. Yes, she says it's time glimpses of the real Julia Gillard. That campaign has given people Well, we know who she's not. of you and pretend I'm Bill Gates. I'm not going to stand in front

No, she's not. Which got me thinking - we're seeing now, if this is the real Julia Gillard for the past two weeks? then who is it we've been seeing

Hello. (CHUCKLES) Hello. What was that?

the real Julia Gillard, I said, if this is for the past two weeks? who is it we've been seeing more of me, Mark. You're just going to see a little confused. That left the Slugger please stand up? Will the real Julia for the real Julia to emerge. And so, we waited No. The phone number. What? The kiss? not Raul Julia! Hey, I said real Julia, for real. Although Raul might have some advice exploit you again - Promise me you'll never let anybody to do that to anybody! nobody has the right And how does the real Julia act? streetwalking in train stations. I'll be out KYLE: Streetwalking!? I'm going to pay for that, aren't I? Oh, gee, I've put that badly. Oh, yes, you are.

that the real Julia takes buses. We soon discovered They seem to go back a fair way. sharing her lollies. And is very generous Snake? What's your favourite colour? Why not? What's your favourite? the blue ones, would you? You wouldn't pick I go for the black ones. No. If I'm doing jelly beans,

in Western Sydney, And at this Catholic school is an atheist... we discovered that the real Julia we pray for all. As our federal election draws closer ..who says 'amen'?

the values of the gospel. So that our attitude may reflect they get real confused. Now if voters thought about that, And thank the Lord they don't! Quite.

just on the economy But wanting a limited debate

sounded a lot like old Julia. and talk about everything? Wouldn't the real Julia take a punt Well, to the real Mark Riley, in your stand-ups as you do them. I'm happy to continue to appear Thank you. she did it again. And the next day, A bit of a wave for Mark Riley.

There we go. when he's doing his TV pieces. He likes a bit of help in this campaign today It's half-time to dominate the second half and to win, Julia Gillard will need right here in Queensland. And how about the real Kevin? He's back! I cannot, for one, stand idly by try to slide into office. and watch Mr Abbott to messiah. Resurrected from political pariah the Stefano Demera thing. It seems like could come up with this one! Only old mate Barnaby he disappeared, but then he's back, On 'Day of our Lives' and the he's back. and then he disappears (CHUCKLES) I'm not finished yet! from 'Dallas'. Like Bobby Ewing in the shower scene Good morning. Or Lassie coming home. to rescue real Julia. Yes, Kevin comes home is fair dinkum. I actually don't think Mr Abbott mission the KGB would be proud of, And yesterday, after a black ops the media bus sent in one direction, went in the other, while the red queen they met. Ah! Friends! (CHUCKLES) Everything's sweet here! Oh, yeah! to re-emerge this week. And he wasn't the only former PM hopping into all the Julias? Yes the cricket tragic was back and to say that they're real. Real people dont need She has been a total failur failure than her predecessor. and in my view an even bigger a cunning subliminal campaign As she started to frame the slugger as her bunny. Of course, Mr 'Rabbott'... Mr 'Rabbott', I believe... for Mr 'Rabbott'. It's not good enough And I say to Mr 'Rabbott'... she speaks off? Who is this Mr Rabbit I'll get that wabbit! deliberately saying Tony Rabbit. I had it suggested to me I'm Well, yes? Mr Abbott. Abbott. (CHUCKLES) Let's hope they keep it real. Oh well, two weeks to go. Come and see. # # Come and see the real thing

I have a dear friend Peter Abbott

who knows what he means.

He must be