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(generated from captions) when that question came up? Were you rapt You were stoked? I totally was stoked. I hope so. You think $20,000 is all yours? You know what, Lisa? You've won $20,000. Well done! Good job! Well done! Yeah. Regan's your partner up there. No worries. G'day, Regan. Well done, buddy. In the bag, in the bag. $20,000, you beauty! Good on you, Lise. Well done, Regan. She just won $20,000. one step across here, bang, done! One question, Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the

Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned at older different angle. former chief fly back to Sydney to deal with by denying some of the most us stepped down a via has replaced hiding the disgraced businessman

harassed a 25-year-old, a former admitted he partner will be coming former CEO confirmed he and his

away from with an embarrassing fashion launch. the allegations, touched up. what touched up. I feel terrible about totally what happened yesterday. He was not slept all night sparking her today with soon as the scandal broke and there will happen sooner as we than later. Dramatic developments

missing girl. biological father. mother and stepfather and

happening? biological father. What is here. They have the is disgusted and upset by has treated by the public over weekend. Last night it mother weekend. Last night it seemed the three days mother of three was a a lot of people to contact us. organisations who dealings with reports dealings with the girl. There are bite she was treated in hospital for a by an because anything in her child protection world they child protection system in the

girl absolute safety of every child. The initially police than move to the north. Local community than move to a housing estate to

the of four young families the case of hard. It is will only be eased once a case is solved. The election Tony Abbott judging from this about a pre-election - sorry, the ride and then his mission day was to encourage business older workers. gives a job to someone over older workers. An employee her who

is on indexed to see PRI's so is like to come up unexpected problem. machine breaks to receive $500 of baby bonus not front. Yesterday Mr Abbott could overnight. We will surplus in two or three debate on Abbott is showing no interest. he is front runner he does not need public transport. case has blown driving. It is are a luxury or conviction and licence. If she lived in suburb like Paddington there is the latest dismissing the charge. According to

charged with about 10. They learn from the experience and they so and problems for spectators. There are no have 10 talkies for or every year it year after year? It is affecting times are we need the line. It is not affected by through skyscrapers are showing metres stroll with last. You'll find 100 over the next The Towers a rhubarb and the hum of

alone through helicopters will be allowed and

practice high-rise rescues and fly ready if terrorists Part of flying dangerous amazing demonstration of how could run some nights city, may be shut pampering has beef steak, cupcakes. If humans were a nature at its most powerful. own a we should trust him VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott says with our trillion-dollar economy. the global financial crisis But during he opposed the stimulus, saying nothing could stop Australia going into recession, would make the recession worse. and that the Government's actions National Broadband Network He'll cut the that'll allow Australian companies of Korea and Singapore. to compete with the likes And he didn't even know for over a year. New Zealand had been in recession

our economy backwards. Tony Abbott will take Don't risk him. to your home Any improvement adds value you get out of DIY - but the satisfaction and saving it's a reward in itself. only $13.75 per square metre. Ceramic wall tiles, Two-step folding ladder, $19.90. $69.97. Ozito lithium ion cordless drill, Storm Mate channel, $17. Drop sheets, two for just $3. You can do it. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # are just the beginning. Lowest prices buy the car of their dreams. VOICEOVER: Some people on the deal they receive. Others buy a car based Now you can do both. The RX. at just 4.9% per annum, With finance it's time to own it. This program is captioned You may not know it rare and the Aurora Australis. brilliant solar through the As light shows go, this one's blasted storms on the sun's surface have into space. The forces at work are nuclear energy. unimaginable. It's a

temperature is Celsius and it's nuclear reactions going off. This is what erupts, flares reaching hundreds thousand of kilometers above its towards us, bridging the 150 million just a amounts of ionised atoms and creating the stunning northern southern lights. This is what it can a downside. Heavy ones can put astronauts in danger. The solar flares build to a year cycle. And that will come head in time you're 25. Well, a time you're 25. Well, a Sydney man has done it and For Nathan Birch, one way into the property market - the fast The kid 18, when properties on cool $5 million. So cool in fact, the 25-year-old has job as a real estate golden rules. flat in Mount repayments on his mortgage are $221 a week. He charges And it's nothing wouldn't have properties advertised magazines, or in the magazines, or in the windows of real according to Nathan, emotional attachment. emotional attachment. It's purely a way this young investor is taking some big risks. It needs your right on side to back you. One of those those bankers falls over and the whole doing. The results are on the Lizzie, he Where are the best places looking for still attract a healthy rental return, the Residex say our west. Areas such you a 7% return. But remember, no investment is without to rent out if there's could fall in Now to a German have been introduced Cute but a little they made their white tigers are doomed, so they only survive in zoos. tiger population to 250. Ken is next with Roosters/Dragons match shaping up as SCG be a rip-off. And tonight, the doing in a police car and up like have found In Sunday's big game, In Sunday's big game, the Roosters have identified the in the in the Dragons line up. And it's not think they have missed think they have missed an over the last last few weeks. He is regressive and is a leader in their pack and he is It has been a long time. The roosters Their fan minute. We are the squad is in his have up dreams He has and got to meet the have a charges or let me go. He is to make to make the final eight. Lang says his his No-Names will have to become Supermen if the Rabbitohs are to make the rower David Tyrrell, that won't a problem. Locked away in movies all day. David Tyrell is shirts, the wall posters and, course, a pillows, there's nothing this young Rabbitoh can't tell Rabbitoh can't tell you about the Man of infatuation and fooled by this back into contention. There's a of boys missing fellows. Realistically, we're just ready to play. He's got his through injury to other players, but over the weeks and years ahead, he's going to dislodge. Two points out of the top eight, the Rabbitohs have For this Saturday's the Tigers, the kids not going campaign in campaign in Germany. The 3-2 win means when they take on England in the Ashes. down nearly 27 was up against buying 91 Weather's next with Jaynie That's right, beautiful clear day, our sky. Tomorrow, a little chilly too. Details in a moment.

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thing or two... Prices here at Bunnings are great. They're the lowest prices because we're a warehouse. Arlec ceiling exhaust fan, $16.60. Compound mitre saw, $79.

Door furniture set, $9.98. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. with calm NW winds. We topped Terrey Hills. Richmond and the CBD. Staying Richmond and the CBD. Staying rain free tonight. bringing showers country including country including Melbourne. And tonight tonight it will march towards SW NSW. And during tomorrow that front will weaken, 5cm of snow to - Sunshine for Brisbane Showers for southern Showers for southern capitals, but mostly than likely fizzle it gets afternoon winds with increasing receiving showers your winter layers on. A top of at the blue a temperature Nothing over 16 degrees for the next couple of nights dipping couple of nights dipping to just two weather with not much rain. I'm Peter winds and a cold range of Tonight

... The Capital' s property market

thriving despite the impending

Federal Election, More punters Federal Election, More punters thro

their money behind the D-Day looms,And,

Jessica Watson breezes into the

Territory with her tales from the

high seas. Good evening, I' m

Jessica Good. The Canberra property

market is bucking the national market is bucking the national tren

with record property sales despite

the looming Federal Election.

Typically buyers are more cautious

approaching polling day because of

job security. But this time around,

the local market hasn' t showed any

major signs of slowing. It' s