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(generated from captions) as 'Australia's first cowboy'? Anthony, who was billed It was Smoky Dawson! YEAH! WHOOO!

YOU BEAUTY! Oh, you beauty! Oh, man! Anthony, you've won $100,000. on the Millionaire Hot Seat. I'll see you next time Goodnight! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by police spend a third day looking Also tonight Paid parental leave Fashion crisis - how one designer caused a The new way you will has taken investigation into the Abrahams, fearing from has been murdered. Today we heard first time - pleading information that Almost 72 hours and breakthrough and so Kristi knew it was pain knew it was time to put aside the in trying to find when she mother of distraught to Robert She was comforted by her partner Kiesha in to bed, only to missing Kiesha in to bed, only to find her She's beautiful. playing with believes that's what she It gets harder If someone has back or second day, looking for any the second day, looking for any sign of whereabouts, not just last is now looking into Kiesha's is now looking

but for the past month. She hasn't parents no one has seen her since brother 3 and We need to find out been, has she come in contact with You are are treating as a apartment which Humberside police

Police and forensics and still here. departments are involved for further departments are involved including

clearly a baffling case. sparking a the sparking a blackout. Suburbs along by the the coastline were worst effected

It was clear this was a powerful they destruction Bondi and left a trail of Beach. The worst hit at 130 this More than 650 calls for help. Sydneysiders got a when they ventured outside. Too much wind, very to find a tree that had in half on the North Shore. to find a tree that had not snapped

holding on especially if you chaos was caused by a we have seen in Sydney in seven 107 km/h. It is the strongest winds

National Park, the same that you get in a ride in the expect to passed over Sydney so we can

probably not the South another cold front moving on from

Opposition leader, Tony been forced to Julia Gillard been no means night, a phrase that has unleashed early today. She went on management as Coast and she used economic

is about strong and people having way. Abbott was another change of position on a evolved on he proposed a modest introduction delayed into mid- 2000 government attack. 1.5%. That did not stop

goes government attack. Everyone who Woolworths for their shopping pay more because of Tony new tax. at the one on Mr Abbott to another debate, this

it comes to caught him That has been a anti- That has been a mantra for the experienced an insult to the women who have vicious smear Party. No-one respects women more offence. It shows than I do. Some women have taken

remarkable needs to be. He has shown smallest sum of the interest rates is the third month in a row that timing could but the show Jones showed collection, a day after a sexual David Jones - in damage You might as well leave. This what the launch boiled down to - a stand between DJ's the retailer's four staff changed talking to designers like Alannah My business partner has I said, the wrong words come out -

marry me. much and I sort of wanted him

She defended the company's sexually harassing Fraser-Kirk. Alannah Hill even went so far as to wish Mark McInnes had assaulted her, going to little bit of I've never encountered it - David definitely never encountered it at all here to show our support David Jones. Miranda Kerr extra summer fashion. There was obviously headlines when Myer spring summer collection with headlines when Myer launches its

Jennifer Hawkins on most toddlers, Brodie Phillips hates to sit still and he thought - please, no, The 3 year-old was Batman - climbing the front verandah when he cloth. His when the pregnant. She was in the bathroom

Noodles made softer - like a didn't seem right. It was much

describe it hanging, the it before. Rebecca found Brodie

there and just hanging just able to lift him there and just hanging there. I was

She rushed him The doctors team just advised no internal to have him. Just days no internal and we were just lucky

Brodie's accident, reading a brochure on the dangers of loose blind cords thinking how child. Since the early 1990s, that had never happened to her

strangled by a cord. Check that they cannot form loops. I am a thankful and many parents out there who deal? A new labelling what type Australia is known industry but the labelling has about betting consumers sort of the beef they The Aldis made perfect for a and the casserole. Butcher's seemed with the change. It will make it slaughtered. At the end of the or fiction, Why there is no such time in Hollywood. VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott said WorkChoices was good for wages and for workers. He even said WorkChoices

was one of the Howard Government's greatest achievements. Then just this year, he said he'd bring back individual contracts and cut unfair dismissal laws

the worst of WorkChoices. But with an election on, he now says WorkChoices is dead, but then adds... I can't give an absolute guarantee about every single aspect of workplace relations legislation. Whoo-hoo! This hair colour is a wash-out. Try Nice 'N Easy with Colorblend technology. In one step, get a blend of three tones. Highlights, lowlights and shine. It makes a fresh, light-filled frame for your pretty face. Nice 'N Easy. This is John, our lawyer in charge of Snugglers Nappies.

Now, John said that as long as we show you this... (TING!) ..we can say that Pampers Nappies are twice as likely to leak as Snugglers Nappies, which might seem like a rather dry statistic. Unless you're the one wearing it. For noticeably superior leakage protection, choose Snugglers. (SOUNDS OF TENNIS MATCH) (BLUES STING) (BLUES STING) UMPIRE: Quiet, please. (DOG BARKS, WIND HOWLS IN MOVIE) (BLUES STING) VOICEOVER: (AMERICAN ACCENT) The taste of the Deep South is now playing at Hungry Jack's. Flame-grilled beef, cheese, crunchy onions fresh salad and bacon topped off by a bourbon-flavoured sauce. The Bourbon Whopper. Don't deny your mouth the taste of the South. (MUFFLED BLUES STING) VOICEOVER 2: The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. predict the diet has predicts the sex of your baby. She had to mineral supplements. Three friends tried successful. A testimony on the It is absolute that can back it up. The sex alone. The website is preying who has no adamant it works. She is a told that he and came up with her own baby very rewarding. It is the bravest if them have a your views. your views. Get in touch with us at the email firestorm. Four driving to have the fire-fighting effort.

a way out of the have been killed. been destroyed. free today. an assaulting Sheen blew kisses to the crowd. did not seem was just at a Malibu clinic. He has already done this time. He goes back

Critics cannot believe he was let off free after to go to rehab for stage two rehab will be tougher than the two at 7am. She has 10pm. There is cleaning and chores to be done mention the programs and classes she the premiere of her on movie. plans to cancelled. Some symbolic revenge For Lynsey low and, who faces pot Roosters are the blue and keep the faith.


VOICEOVER: Once you've had a Hungry Jack's Stunner, nothing else will stun you.

With Stunner Choices, you can have a chicken burger, double cheeseburger, or cheeseburger with fries, Coke and a sundae. Stunning choices, stunning value

revealed how he overcame a told how they went from being the potential champions. A few will not keep him out of the of the Year Against the players of the feeling well. feeling well. Going into games, I was they've turned the him and his season for the club. wants to move like to gallop from the Dragons. It was pretty behind. He should be coach really well. The Eels are ready to few hard finals could really last year, anything can happen. in will need to turn the tables on Saturday. Drew just embarrassed to be during the Darwin Cup. The winning And now look at this guy, down the security. He picks up then heads for the stables. Security are Security are often pursued. They finally catch up with There are so many lines The market finished stronger. How much rain at company to the areas pick up the Coming up on WIN News... Pay

parking to become a reality in the

Parliamentary Triangle. Every vote

counts - the Election campaign counts - the Election campaign head

to the regions, And, the local to the regions, And, the local tri

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Get that 'dentist clean' feeling or your money back. WOMAN: Discover the secret of tasty, creamy cooking. Carnation Light & Creamy Cooking Milk can be used as a lighter alternative to cream. It has all the taste of cream but contains 95% less fat. Carnation Light & Creamy Cooking Milk by Nestle - creamy dishes you can feel good about. Territory to make a cyclonic degrees and law has thing we need to keep an eye on this front. It is bringing rain There would be like north, north-west wins.

The fresh ones coming will be nothing like we settled down. I am Supertext Captions Tonight ... Two skiers lucky to survive a night in a blizzard on survive a night in a blizzard on th

Snowy Mountains, Public service

jobs take centre stage at a political debate in the Capital, political debate in the

And, the call to stop a potentially

deadly practice on our roads. Good

evening, I' m Jessica Good. Two men

are lucky to be alive after spendin are lucky to be alive after

the night lost in a fierce

blizzard. It took a rescue team

nearly six hours to reach the pair

in the Blue Lake area of the Snowy

Mountains. They were coming back,

They had knowing the weather was changing.

They had a few problems, including

losing their tent in very high

winds. However, WIN News has

learned it may have been possible learned it may have been possible t