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(generated from captions) the ridicule that has been around

in the last few hours. Angie'.

One of the main campaign promises

was an increase in family support

payments for teenagers. This is

Jenny Macklin. Minister, then queue

for your time. How much will be

built before this measure? It will

cost $668 million over the next

four years, starting on 1st January,

2012. As Julia Gillard has made

absolutely clear are, the total of

up promises during this election

campaign were not at $1 to the

Budget bottom line. We will

announce savings right across the

election campaign. At the end of

the day, we want to bring the

Budget back to surplus three years

ahead of schedule. We are

determined to do that. So you can

pay for it. There will be plenty of

bean-counters out there making sure

these costs and measures are

measured out. What about students

who work part-time? How or will it

affect them? If you are 16-18 years

old, if you have a part-time job,

that is OK. That will not be

counted as long as you are a full-

time student. We recognise that it

is a good thing for youngsters to

have a part-time job. But this is

all about increasing family tax

benefits, family support for

parents, as your children get a bit

older and we know how much more

expensive they get. The critics of

education spending argued there

should be a doubling in funding to

stop the drift to private schooling.

We recognise it is important to

support education choice whenever

parents want to send their children.

Today is all about supporting

parents. This is debate can make

sure there is food to put on the