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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Little girl lost. from her home, without a trace. The 6-year-old who's vanished So, what's happened to Kiesha? the latest on the police search. This morning on Sunrise - Department store damages. David Jones and its former boss. The $37 million lawsuit against sexual harassment case? So, is it Australia's biggest And at home with Jason. opens up to Fifi The actor and singer that turned his life around. about the events It's Tuesday 3 August 2010. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia,

here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, and thanks for joining us. Good morning Jason Donovan, today. Rick Astley, yesterday. in London this week. Fifi's meeting all the stars

amazing. We are getting our value out of her,

has lined up between now and Friday. And just wait until you see who she Find out later this morning. the amazing response Also coming up, and the Sex Party. to our debate between Family First Our Soapbox went into meltdown.

Beautifully moderated by my partner here. to see a real debate Many of you want and Julia Gillard. between Tony Abbott

Just like that one. We threw out the challenge, the responses from the leaders so today we'll bring you how you can join the calls and we'll tell you for them to face-off.

To build the pwrergs. Ding, ding,

ding. To ignite the flame under

them. That is nice. Ignite the

flame. Let's kick it off with the

news with Nat. Good morning. Rescue crews have located two men Mountains in New South Wales. lost in a blizzard in the Snowy reported themselves missing The men in their 40s of Kosciusko National Park in the Blue Lake area late yesterday. They're suffering from hypothermia. the rescue effort Heavy snowfall has hampered the men on foot early this morning but a team of paramedics reached and they're now being walked out. debate, hosted by Channel 7, Julia Gillard has agreed to a second but Tony Abbott says he's too busy. last night The Prime Minister was in Sydney White she's had a change of heart where she told 'Today Tonight's Matt against Tony Abbott. about a second election debate the economy, If he's prepared to debate despite Mr Costello saying much about it, then it's on. he reckons Tony Abbott doesn't know Mr Abbott has released a statement Despite calling for more debates is already set. saying his campaign schedule has vowed to vigorously defend Retail giant David Jones sexual harassment lawsuit a $37 million by a former employee. brought against it former chief executive Mark McInnes Kristy Fraser-Kirk claims sexual advances to her made repeated and unwanted to stop it. and the company did nothing standing here today I am a young woman

it wasn't OK, simply because I said never happen to me or to anyone. because I said that this should with respect. I just wanted to be treated to charity. She's pledged to donate any payout Mr McInnes has fled overseas a US clinic with reports he's checked into sex addicts. renowned for treating It comes as David Jones prepares to launch its spring-summer collection in Sydney today. The mystery has deepened surrounding the case of a missing 6-year-old in Sydney's west. There are reports Kiesha Abrahams hasn't been to school for weeks but her parents say they put her to bed on Saturday night and she'd vanished by the next morning. We've gotta have a look at whether she's likely to have wandered off,

which is certainly that could have been the case and then we've got to look further down the track if there's something more sinister, such as an abduction. Volunteers are expected to continue searching bushland this morning. Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan has been released from prison overnight after serving just 13 days of a 90-day jail sentence for violating probation. She was taken out a back door in the early hours of the morning, eluding the paparazzi. Lindsay Lohan was released from custody at 1:30 this morning and, per a court order, she has been sent directly to her next destination, which is a treatment centre. Lohan will spend another 90 days in rehab.

What a cracking start to August on

global financial markets. The Dow

Jones closed up 208 points, after it

rose 7 per cent

rose 7 per cent in July

Jones closed up 208 points, after it rose 7 per cent in July August is

kicking off well. It all started in

Europe with very good profits from

HSBC and BNP rr. To our region.

(laughs in French)

(laughs in French). The All Ords at

a six-week high, led by banks as

well: To the commodities, and gold

is trading at: The

the oil had a bit of a spike overnight.

If you are going to America, for

holidays over Christmas, add a bit

to your travel card, that's not a bad rate. It's that time of the month again. The Reserve Bank will meet today to decide whether interest rates will rise. Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. What do you predict?

Is it a dead certain they are going

to leave them on hold? It is a dead

certain. Race caller back in the

'60s, Ken Howard would say if

something was certain, London to a

brick, well it is London to a brick

it will stay. Inflation is back in

the target bank and there Reserve

Bank wants to keep it between 2 per cent Bank wants to keep it between 2 per

cent and 3 per cent, over the

economic cycle. It is back in the

target band but it is not just

inflation, the manufacturing sector

is the slowest around the world,

house prices are falling and not

lending. It is safe for the Reserve

Bank to stay on the sideline. The

good news is interest rates will

remain unchanged until later in the

year, perhaps November December, and

perhaps it will stay on hold for the

entire 2010 year. The economy is in

an air pocket, I like that, it

describes it perfectly. Thank you

for your time, see you tomorrow.

Goodbye. That does sum it up. It is

why we have you on? I wondered

why we have you on? I wondered why we had him on. Paying him. It is

going to be one of those days,

ladies and gentlemen! It is a

compliment to my mate, Craig, he is

another friend of mine. Thank you,

Kochie and Oh,

Kochie and Oh,oh, oh, I didn't Kochie and Oh,oh, oh, I didn't know it was French. Newcastle remains in the hunt for a berth in the NRL finals after scoring an upset 32-14 win against Manly at Energy Australia Stadium overnight. The Knights surged to victory on the back of a dominant first-half display highlighted by a hat-trick to Fijian flyer Akuila Uate.

COMMENTATOR: Uate may have knocked MacDougall out, but they're in again. A serious knee injury to full-back Ben Farrar completed a horror night for the Sea Eagles. Football Federation Australia boss Ben Buckley has called for critics of the A-league to be patient

despite the financial problems and dwindling crowds being experienced by some clubs. Season six of the A-league was launched yesterday and is shaping as one of the most open competitions ever. Newcomers Melbourne Heart kick off the season on Thursday night against Central Coast. St Kilda coach Ross Lyon admits his side has become too reliant on Nick Riewoldt since the star forward's return from injury. The Saints have copped plenty of criticism following Friday's loss to Essendon. Lyon could be forgiven for thinking the world is caving in around him. Sponsors won't be happy, will they? Knife in the back! It's only 2 lost - 1.5, really. (LAUGHTER) St Kilda tackles a resurgent Port Adelaide this weekend.

And Australian cyclist Alan Davis holds the overall lead in the Tour of Poland.

Davis finished second in this morning's stage two.

Which is an awesome performance.

Awesome performance on the weather

front with Grant Denyer out there

tack thlg storms in a wild old

Sydney town. What a difference a day

makes, one day you are sipping pina

coladas at Noosa and now you are

tying yourself to something

tying yourself to something heavy so you are not blown away. We had the

strong winds and rain from Victoria

yesterday, it hit Sydney and southern New South Wales kwrerld

with force. The strongest wind

recorded was 139km/h. That is

tropical cyclone strength so it is

really serious stuff. It left parts

of the south coast battered and

Sydney bruised. That weather event

is just sitting off the central

coast of New South Wales at the

moment and will move away as it

heads north as well. It will

deteriorate rapidly today as it

lessons to some extent. We will

follow it and bring you some

information on that as we take a

look at the forecast this morning. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. Energy-saving globe sale, on now. For a greener tomorrow, it has to be Beacon. A cool morning in Maroochydore. Fine with a cool morning in Brisbane. Showers and windy in Coffs Harbour. Plenty of wind in Sydney, but showers should ease. Snow showers in Thredbo and 1 degree. Showers clearing in Melbourne. A possible light shower in Mount Gambier. Fine with some cloud in Adelaide. Partly cloudy with wind in Katherine.

Bunbury a little warmer than normal

at the moment.

I suppose that is calmer for

yesterday, isn't it? Teasing

yesterday, isn't it? Teasing the

other kids that couldn't be in

Noosa. Particularly when Alby

Mangels on the team was out there

chopping down trees to get out. I

was thinking of the kids. A bit

later getting to kaol school. How

did you get that picture of the tree

that fell down in my driveway. Cut

it with your bare hands? My teeth.

Gina in wardrobe said there were

electrical wires in her street.

electrical wires in her street. Wish she had called. Put his plastic

gloves on. Grant, stay safe.

Pleasure, guys. Still ahead - what's happened to a little girl missing from her family home? And, what young voters want to know from our politicians

before polling day. But straight ahead, the Aussie band behind a huge hit here and overseas.

# A love song

# This is goodbye. # Scouting for Girls are after the break on Sunrise. MAN: Wakey, wakey! It's Macca's new Bakehouse Brekkie Roll. It's got the usual suspects, plus a potato rosti and onion relish all on sourdough - genius! At $4.95, it's a bonza brekkie and a little bit fancy. Australia's best mid-size car now comes as a wagon, making it a whole lot longer. Hyundai i30 - full of unexpected surprises. When we need a car, we call Redspot car rentals. No funny business, just serious car rentals with no hidden extras. You may have heard on radio recently a new single called 'This Ain't A Love Song'. It's by a group called Scouting For Girls who actually performed on Sunrise a couple of years ago. The song has been a huge hit for them in Australia and the US and they're following it up now with a new song called 'Famous'. Our music editor, Molly Meldrum, caught up with the guys overseas just as they found out they're coming back to Australia.

# Oh # # Ew

# We all want to be famous

# Be a face on the screen

# Welcome to Australia, via

television. You don't have to wait

long, you are coming down to

Australia? Yes, in August. Scouting

for Girls in August. We only found

out yesterday. You found out yesterday? Okay.

# When we first started, Scouting

for Girls we tried to do a show for

our friends down the pub and tried

to write music that connect with

people who are into all sorts of

music and write

music and write songs for all

people. So we were playing for 150

of our friends and built up from

there. It feels like when we play

now, it doesn't feel like an

audience, it feels like 100 or 1,000

or 10,000 of your mates.

# I am a bit lost without you

# . This Ain't A love Song, tell us?

It is a break-up song. We tried to

universalize it, from the

perspective of a boy or a girl, the

moment you get through the break-up,

it is when you have gone through the

whole emotional turmoil of the

break-up and then you escape.

# I'm a little bit lost without you

# And I'm a bloody big mess inside

# I'm a little bit lost without you.

# You have the amazing ability to

write really, really good songs. You

know. Does it come easy? We have got

better at it. I feel, with this

album, we worked a lot harder and

there is still like a magic thing

actually weerx don't know where it comes from

comes from but there is also a craft

to song writing. We have been

working hard on that craft for ten

years. It gives us a basis of what

we know is a good song.

# You never keep me down

# And never keep me down # Great

band, aren't they? Yes, very good. Great sound. Soon, Bieber gets set to publish his memoirs.

He's done a lot. He's 16, isn't he?

No, I am not going to say anything.

Don't. We are going to find out more after. And the dinosaurs still alive today.

These two stories aren't connected. Up next, though, how you can join the calls

for Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard to have a real debate. And the $37 million sexual harassment claim against David Jones when Sunrise continues. (SINGS) # Everybody's searching for someone # Discount jewels, meats of distinction # Henry Jensen, mega pest prevention # We remember the names but not the details # We try so hard but the memory fails # Don't waste your life searching for ages

# Find them faster in the White Pages. #

What's making news for Beacon Lighting. Energy-saving globe sale, on now. For a greener tomorrow, it has to be Beacon. Making news today - former David Jones publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk. She's seeking $37 million for alleged sexual harassment by DJ's former chief executive Mark McInnes. Fraser-Kirk claims McInnes made repeated and unwanted sexual advances to her, physical as well as verbal and she says the company did nothing to stop it. So, is $37 million too much to be asking for?

Does it come into it? Is she asking

too much? Is it just lawyers speaking. And how widespread is alleged sexual harassment in the workplace?

Will this encourage other women who

are sitting there and thinking, "

are sitting there and thinking, "It

has happened to me." Like this woman

who wrote in overnight, my life is

in shatters, it hatened to me nine

month go. Maybe it will give them

the guts to stand up. Maybe there

are some people out there who have

experienced some kind of harassment

who don't know where to start. She

is incredibly brave. It is a big

thing, to put your hand up in that

industry, going forward, it will

affect your career. $

affect your career. $37 million is a

lot of money. She is still employed

at David Jones. That's good. The

normal pay-out for something like

this is $

this is $50,000. I don't know where the $

the $37 million comes from. But is

it an ambit claim. This girl's face

is over the front page of the paper,

the news, you saw her family

standing behind her at the press

conference, you think of the

anguish. The fact if something

happened, that is one question, if

she went to her bosses and several

times said this is happening to me

and it was ignored, for me that is

the issue. There is a culture in companies today where

companies today where someone can go

to their boss and say this has

happened and they dismiss it. I get

to see lots of chief executives

to see lots of chief executives and there are some where power blurs the

line that they think they are different to

different to everybody else. Gee,

that is pretty scary. And I think, I

class that, almost that boss power

as almost like a date-rape drug. You

are using power instead of a

chemical to force yourself on

someone. Which is absolutely

unforgivable. That is the element

that gets me, the higher level. We

would love to hear your views. Also being clicked, the online petition that calls on Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard to hold a real debate. It's on our website.

We had such a positive response to our debate between the Sex Party and Family First -

That is not them. Nope, but the

Soapbox is pretty busy, I didn't explain that. That is Julia Gillard. Our Prime Minister. So we threw out the challenge and after initially agreeing to only one debate, Julia Gillard now wants to take on Tony Abbott again. But Mr Abbott says he doesn't see why he should change his campaign schedule. Should our leaders face off in a real debate?

Do we want to see them unscripted?

And, just natural? You bet. We

certainly do. Yngz I think it is a

bit rough to call it for Sunday

night, which is the campaign launch

of the Libs. He has been saying for

weeks, do more than one debate. So

why has she just started? Do it on

another night. Why now. What was

different two weeks ago? Remember he

has repeatedly called for that. Okay. Ahead - the verdict from first-time voters on the election campaign. And, the police search for a little girl, missing outside Sydney. But next, news, sport and weather together. You're watching Sunrise on Seven.

With the Choir Boys tomorrow. You

don't want anybody

# Don't tell me

# This is paradise

# They will perform their hit song,

live here on Sunrise. And this is a $7 Subway Foot Long Sub. And that means you get lots of choices.

And they're only $7. I'll go the Tuna today, thanks. Meatballs every time. Ham today, sometimes a Pizza Sub. All that for $7? Yep, just $7.

And you make 'em YOUR way. Hoh! Swiss cheese, a little bit of onion...nice. And they're only $7. VOICEOVER: Make it your way at Subway restaurants. VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott said WorkChoices was good for wages and for workers. He even said WorkChoices was one of the Howard Government's greatest achievements. Then just this year,

he said he'd bring back individual contracts and cut unfair dismissal laws the worst of WorkChoices. But with an election on, he now says WorkChoices is dead, but then adds... I can't give an absolute guarantee about every single aspect of workplace relations legislation.

There's still no sign of 6-year-old Kiesha Abrahams, missing from her western Sydney home since the weekend. SES volunteers spent the night doorknocking homes in the area

with a full search to resume this morning. Reporter Paul Kadak has the latest. It has now been more than 40 hours since 6-year-old Kiesha was reported missing from here at her home in Mt Druitt. Overnight, volunteers from the State Emergency Service have been doorknocking the surrounding neighbourhood, trying to find anyone who may have seen her.

And later this morning, once it gets light, volunteers are expected to go back to searching an area of bushland a few kilometres from here for any clues. Teams going through that bushland yesterday did find several items of clothing

which were taken away for forensic examination but police later said they thought they were not connected to Kiesha's disappearance. Investigators say they are keeping an open mind. Her parents say they last saw her here on Saturday when they put her to bed. But she hasn't been in school and her uncle hasn't seen her for three weeks. Yesterday he spoke of the family's agony. She has left a big hole in our heart. We are missing her dearly and we'd just like her home. Police are trying to locate anyone who may have seen her recently. If you have any information, you're asked to contact Crime Stoppers: on 1800 333 000 as police continue their search today. Nat. Kevin Rudd has been released from hospital after undergoing gall bladder surgery. The former prime minister updated his Twitter page last night saying "It's great to be out of hospital. "The staff were all terrific. Many thanks." Mr Rudd was admitted to Brisbane's Mater Private hospital on Friday complaining of severe abdominal pain. A spokesperson for the ex-PM says he's recovering well and hopes to return to campaigning later this week. Sydney has been lashed by gale force winds overnight.

The city was hit with wind gusts of more than 100km/h which downed trees and powerlines.

SES crews have responded to at least 130 calls for help, mostly for damaged roofs. A severe weather warning is in place for the Hunter and Mid-North Coast. Drunken teens who smashed shop windows and took on riot police in Mandurah, south of Perth, are threatening to do it again this weekend. The hooligans are boasting on Facebook about clashing with police, and are planning another wild party. We know what you're up to. We've got intelligence to know what's going on. You're not going to get away with it and we'll deal with you quite firmly. Police are challenging parents to take responsibility for their children and say the adults could be charged for any damage. Bristol Palin, the daughter of former US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, has reportedly again called off her engagement to the father of her child.

The couple announced their re-engagement only a month ago. It's believed Bristol dumped Levi Johnston after one of his ex-girlfriends made nasty comments about her during a TV interview.

Finance news now and a cracking

start to August! What month are we

in? July was up 7 per cent on the

American share market, the first

trading day in August

American share market, the first trading day in August the Dow up 208 point on a

point on a combination of good bank

profits out of Europe and also some

good manufacturing and construction

activity figures in the US. To our

region, yesterday, it is safe, it's

boxy and now it's Chinese. Yes,

Volvo has been bought by a Chinese car manufacturer. Time for sport. Hawthorn will decide today whether to front the AFL tribunal to challenge Cyril Rioli's 2-game suspension. Rioli was charged with striking and attempted striking during Saturday's melee between the Hawks and Port Adelaide. The incident proved a costly exercise. with 11 players copping a total of almost $12,000 in fines. At Fremantle, Chris Tarrant may have played his last game for the club. He'll miss up to six weeks with a knee injury and is yet to re-sign. Newcastle has kept its slim NRL finals hopes alive with an upset 32-14 win over Manly in wet and bitterly cold conditions at Energy Australia Stadium overnight. Knights winger Akuila Uate bagged a first-half hat-trick to become the NRL's leading try scorer. Meantime, Laurie Daley is relinquishing his role as a New South Wales Origin selector following Queensland's fifth straight series win this year. Socceroos goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer could complete a dream move to premier league heavyweights Arsenal as early as this week. Reports out of London suggest the Gunners are still keen on Schwarzer

who will request a transfer from Fulham manager Mark Hughes tomorrow. On the local scene, FFA boss Ben Buckley used yesterday's A-league season launch to reassure supporters the competition is on track.

Our weather is maybe not quite on

track, Grant Denyer is out amongst

it, it is wild, woolly and windy

it, it is wild, woolly and windy and there are trees everywhere. Did you

fair dinkum drive around a big

street. It was blocking the street,

I had to use all my strength to reef

it across, I just let the neighbours

know I was out there clearing the

street. The old lumberjack. I am

going to get orange overalls in case

I have to do it again. I reckon you

do it in smo do it in

do it in slow-mo too. They call him

Bear Grills. The ultimate survivor.

Great to see you doing your stuff

for the community. It is still

blustery but it is going to detaor

yorate rapidly. Big winds last

night, big enough to blow a dog

night, big enough to blow a dog off a chain. 107 kilometres is

significant, and Wolloongong shared

the same top. Significant snowfalls

have happened over the weekend. Half

a metre of snow has fallen which is

the best falls of the season. The

good news is by Thursday, another

cold front which will dump more snow

on the alpine regions of Australia.

In fact, with the significant event

that came through last night, snow

right up to northern New South Wales

yesterday. Let's have a look at the forecast now. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. Energy-saving globe sale, on now. it has to be Beacon. For a greener tomorrow, the New South Wales coast, A low is sitting off over New South Wales and Victoria. generating strong and gusty winds

Is off the New South Wales coast and turning away. south-east, with more Alpine snow. The low is sending showers over the the country's interior Moisture is streaming over generating patchy rain. from the north-west, in Brisbane. Fine with a cool morning Cloudy periods tomorrow. Windy with showers easing in Sydney.

17 the eventual top, pretty warm this morning. on Thursday and until Saturday. Chance of a shower tomorrow Cloud increasing tomorrow. Mostly sunny in Canberra. Rain again tomorrow and Thursday. Showers clearing in Melbourne. and the start of the weekend. Partly cloudy on Friday Fine with some cloud in Adelaide. Showers easing tomorrow. A few morning showers on Thursday. Fine on Friday and Saturday. Chance of a shower on Friday and Saturday. Fine with easterlies on Saturday.

More weather details from the edge

of the harbour in half an hour,

catch you then. Very pretty spot,

love it, thank you. Joke of the day

comes from Marjorie Williamson. From

Cloverdale in Western Australia. She

is 79 years of age. Spring chicken.

Isn't that nice? Her joke is an

85-year-old man decided to bridge

the generation gap and marry a

25-year-old. Before the big day he

visited the doctor and explained the

situation. The doctor said, " situation. The doctor said, "Not to

worry, I will fix you up with pills

to give you the zest of life. These

are powerful so be careful with

them. Take one every other day, take

one Sunday, skip Monday, one

Tuesday, skip Wednesday and so on."

Two weeks letether young bride --

two weeks later the young bride

dressed in widows's black comes into

the surgery and the doctor said, " the surgery and the doctor said, "Is

it the pills." And she said no no,

it is all the skipping."

it is all the skipping.". It is

really old. It is still funny. Not

if you heard it five times before.

Marjorie, the team loved it, even

the floor crew, a joke book is

it. coming your way, I hope you enjoy

overnight release from jail. Shortly - Lindsay Lohan's Yep, she's out already so we're live to Hollywood. But next, the new evidence that dinosaurs aren't dead. And what young voters think of the election so far, when Sunrise continues.

Our children are not being

protected. It was a real debate. We

don't need greater government

intervention. With real issues,

debated by real people. I see myself

as Prime Minister. Kochie that

wasn't boring. If only we could

Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard. Our wasn't boring. If only we could get

soapbox went into melt down with

viewers wanting the same from Julia

Gillard and Tony Abbott. Fair go.

Moving forward. So here is

challenge. Have a real debate. Not Moving forward. So here is the

the stage managed things. Sign a

petition for the leaders to have a

debate with no rules or with our Telstra T-Box: Here's one of many great offers direct to your TV. Internet entertainment with the new BlackBerry Pearl, Sunrise keeps in touch thanks to our friends at Telstra.

# Bikinis on top. # through the Jetstar Skycam. A view of Brisbane and 21 today. Fine with a cool morning

Katy Perry, Choir Boys tomorrow. The

music keeps coming. My favourite,

Florence and the Machine, two songs

Thursday. My nephew rang and asked

if he could could come in. They blew

everyone away on the weekend. there can be passion in politics. We saw in our real Great Debate been coming from the leaders It just seems that so far it hasn't of the two major parties. We hit the streets to find out what first-time voters think of the election campaign so far. And it turns out they're keen to hear more from the candidates.

# We're not going to take it

# No

# We ain't going to take it # I think, right now, they're just trying to do what they call sucker punches. on what they really wanted to do, If they concentrated more I think they'd get more voters. and I'd love to see a real debate It's all so scripted

# Between them where they got to ask

each other questions and talk to

each other, instead of they just

feel like they are being handed

lines by their supervisors.

# We're rer not going to take it # I

don't think they market for a young

audience. We haven't heard anything

about it. No idea what is going on.

A lot of the ideas are pretty

similar to each other. The Greens

definitely stand out. At this point

I am not satisfied with either

candidates. She back stabbed

Prime Minister and now she is asking candidates. She back stabbed the

for our trust and how do we know she

won't do it same to someone else or

to like, to us? Too hard. I don't

really like her very much at all,

even though she's a woman and

everyone thinks it is great but

is a snake and got a lot to hide. everyone thinks it is great but she

Politicians lie, so they have got a

lot of work to do. You can sense the

disinchafrnment. A bit of cynicism.

My kids are saying they are talking

about three things, rather than a

range of things, they want to know

what they think about abortion and

that sort of stuff, a lot of

issues are not being covered. I am that sort of stuff, a lot of social

sick of hearing every day, we will do $

do $4,000 to keep kids in school, do $4,000 to keep kids in school, $

$100 here, I want to hear the

big-picture stuff, if there is

another drought, where do we get the

water from? Growing populations and

two-lane highways. Don't get me

started. How much are they spending.

It is a good way to move me on, be

quiet, Doyle. the Sunrise Pork Barrel. Let's update of the campaign spending promises We're keeping track of the major parties. announced $668 million Yesterday Julia Gillard for senior student payments. had $62 million for tourism. Meantime, Tony Abbott for Labor. So far that's nearly $3 billion And $5.4 billion for the Coalition.

That backs you up, exactly right. Forget 'Jurassic Park' - could still be roaming the earth. it turns out dinosaurs

Not just running breakfast programs,

well, the skies at least. only being re-written now? So why are the history books Good morning. Dr Karl. It's over to our science guru

Who told us dinosaurs are dead if

they are not? There is a different

sort of dinosaur that is still

around. The book didn't realise

birds are dinosaurs. They are

totally different, not just like you

and me but able to fly, they have

things called feathers. No other

animal has got feathers. They got

weird lung wheres the air goinize to

the bones and lungs and out again.

They don't have jaw with bones, they

have beaks. They are dinosaurs. A

baby Tyrannosaurus rex had feathers.

We are only discovering it now. That

is the very first bird, about 150

million year ago

of the line of dinosaurs, and when million year ago and they were one

the big rock hit, well, all the

other dinosaurs went but the birds

stayed, birds are dinosaurs. We say

when we look at crocodiles they look

like dinosaurs, someone from a

prehistoric age. Are they related?

They are related but they are not

dinosaurs, there was massive

extinction 250 million years ago

when everything died out. Then there

were three contend frrz the big

things, the mammals and the

crocodilians. Thacrocodiles had

their arms to the side. They

their arms to the side. They can

only do five or 10 metres and they

are puffed. The mammals, back thens

there was only three quarters of the

oxygen in the air as today. The

oxygen was really low and the carbon

dioxide was two to 5 times higher. And dioxide was two to 5 times higher.

And earth was different, there was a

long, supercontinent. The animals

had the wrong lungs, the dinosaurs

had the legs immediately under had

thips and had had good lungs, after

the big extinction, they were the

ones that came through. . Most

families buy their daughter a puppy

but there is one family that gave

their daughter a dinosaur.

their daughter a dinosaur? Yes,

Leaellyn Rich, ler parents look for

dinosaurs and the little girl

dinosaurs and the little girl said, " dinosaurs and the little girl said,

"Can you bring one home for me." And

they explained they were looking for

bones, and they named it Laellynasaura

Amicagraphica. My kids have gold

fish. Does it mean we have to

rewrite the school books? I have

written it in this book. And if you'd like to learn more, Dr Karl's new book is called 'Dinosaurs Aren't Dead - the shocking story of dinosaur evolution'.

Good plug, that was very smooth, we got it. After the break - this morning's news, sport and weather. Then, the multimillion-dollars lawsuit against one of Australia's biggest department stores. And, where is little Kiesha? We have the latest on the search for the missing 6-year-old when Sunrise continues. A new car is a nice problem for anyone to have. That's why Apia created new Car Advantage comprehensive insurance. It's the only insurance that replaces your stolen car up to 10 years old with a brand-new one... ..which might take a bit of getting used to. So if you're over 50, working less and living more, it's just another way new Apia's rewarding your experience. VOICEOVER: Explore your world with the Subaru Forester, with a spacious, versatile interior and symmetrical all-wheel drive. We're all for the weekend, and all for the beautiful drive. (BLUES STING) VOICEOVER: (AMERICAN ACCENT) The taste of the Deep South now playing at Hungry Jack's. Flame-grilled beef, crunchy onions and a bourbon-flavoured sauce. The Bourbon Whopper. (MUFFLED BLUES STING) VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott said WorkChoices was good for wages and for workers. He even said WorkChoices was one of the Howard Government's greatest achievements. Then just this year, he said he'd bring back individual contracts and cut unfair dismissal laws the worst of WorkChoices. But with an election on, he now says WorkChoices is dead, but then adds... I can't give an absolute guarantee about every single aspect of workplace relations legislation. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Lindsay Lohan has been released from jail early and has entered rehab. How has Hollywood reacted to her early release?

We missed the whole thing, Mel, they

did it under cover of darkness at 1. did it under cover of darkness at

1.35 in the morning so there were no

photographers on hand to capture the

event. I think it is pretty

interesting to note 1. interesting to note 1.35am is

generally last call in the bars here

because they close at 2am. She had

requested a day to go home with her

family before heading straight into

rehab but the judge said, no, no, no

and she proceeded to the UCLA

medical centre where she will spend

the next ninety days. And she can't

leave? That is right, she will be

restricted to that rehab area.

restricted to that rehab area. As far as the option where she could

have ended up, it is one of the

nicest. She will have to actually

have to pay her own way for the

costs, which are estimated to be between $

between $10,000 to $

between $10,000 to $15 a month.

Justin Bieber, ready to publish his

autobiography, it will be great

reading? It should be a slim volume.

He is so young, but the tentative

title is just First Step 2 Forever,

My Story, I am sure there will be

sequel because it only goes to 16.

He has an amazing story, raised by a

single mum, became a YouTube

sensation and now starring on an up

coming episode of 'Crime Scene

Investigation', the world is his

oyster. The first installment of

many to come. Sorry it is a bit late

for Father's Day, it is out in

October. It would be an inspiring

tale for kiddies and younger

generation out there and for the

older generation too. Looking

forward to it. Soon we are going to

cross live to Aspen, Colorado

Charlie Sheen is back in Charlie Sheen is back

cross live to Aspen, Colorado where Charlie Sheen is back jail.

you think,

Charlie Sheen is back jail. What do you think,? Law suit, a lot of

people saying $

people saying $37 million over the

top. She should be fighting for a principle, $

principle, $100,000 is a principal,

otherwise it will send a company to

the wall affecting a lot of people.

It is 5 per cent of his salary and 5

pefrs of

pefrs of of the company profits for

the time. The history of the payouts

is 50 grand. Wayne said it will give

corporate Australia a wakeup call,

if they ignore the matters they will

be in serious trouble. And Anita said, " be in serious trouble. And Anita said $

said $50,000 would be petty cash for

them. It needs to be significant to

look at the issue. The guarantees

front-page news, we are discussing

it, it is the power behind the claim

as you said. And And the fact that

people in this position have got to

be protected against big corporate

moguls who think power goes to

people's heads. I am not talking

about this case because we haven't

heard the other side of the story

and it has all got to play out but

generally in corporate Australia,

generally in corporate Australia, 99 per cent chief executives really set

a fantastic example with corporate

culture. There is a minority that

don't. And that message has got to

get through to boards to say you

pull your chief executive into line. Vick e said, "

Vick e said, "It could have been

dealt with in more credible

channels." But she is alleging she

tried that. And she was told to

stand up to him, even more. So it is hard. Still to come on Sunrise this morning - The 6-year-old who's vanished from her home, without a trace. So, what's happened to Kiesha? Shortly on Sunrise - the latest on the police search. The $37 million lawsuit against David Jones and its former boss. So is this Australia's biggest sexual harassment case? Supermodel Gisele Bunchen calls for the law to force mothers to breastfeed for six months. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel.

Who is Gisele Bunchen? Should I know

her. She is a model. Is she a

Victoria's Secret model? Yes,

Beretts knows. A very controversial

statement. Yes. If you've just tuned in, thanks for joining us for breakfast. Right now it's time for the news of the day. Two men have survived the night in a blizzard in the Snowy Mountains.

The cross-country skiers, aged in their 40s, reported themselves lost in the Blue Lake area

of Kosciusko National Park late yesterday. They were reached early this morning. Joining me now is Paul Taylor from the ambulance base at Perisher Valley. Paul, how are the men doing?

Doing quite well, thanks, Natalie.

Where are they, back at the base or

walking through? Everyone is back at

pairtuous valley now, including the

two cross country skiers. We have

assessed them here and deemed, that apart assessed them here and deemed, that

apart from a mild hypothermia they

have recovered from they are well

enough to head home. So

enough to head home. So what

happened? They informed us they had

out for five days and were aware the

weather was coming in so were

starting to make their way out. The

weather that came through was

considerably more than was forecast.

We believe that upwards of just

under a metre of snow has fallen in

that area in the last 48 hours. They

became victims of nature, in

became victims of nature, in terms of the snow depth and the wind at

one point, losing their tent. It was

when it became difficult. If they

had their tent it wouldn't have been

a problem. They were out in

a problem. They were out in the element, a problem. They were out in the element, a problem. They were out in the

element,s exposed. I am sure they

were glad to see you guys. Thank you, Natalie. PM Julia Gillard has thrown down a challenge to Tony Abbott for a second election debate. Seven political reporter Alex Hart is following the Opposition Leader in Brisbane and joins us with more. Good morning, Alex. Tony Abbott has said no to another debate. Why?

That's right, Nat, in a statement

released last night he said he

doesn't see why he should abandon

his plans to visit electorates

around the country because the Prime

Minister minister's campaign is in

trouble and his schedule was set on

the basis the Prime Minister would

only agree to one debate. There

only agree to one debate. There is problems with the debate nominated,

this Sunday, the night of the coalition campaign launch, and Tony

Abbott won't want the debate to over

shadow that event. The Prime

Minister's invitation did shock

everyone. She made it during an

interview on today 'Tonight' last

night, rejecting the offer of Tony

Abbott. The only issue she imposed

is it be about the economy. If he's prepared to debate the economy despite Mr Costello saying he reckons Tony Abbott doesn't know much about it, then it's on. What's on the cards for the Opposition Leader today?

Do you think he will cave in and

agree to a debate? I think he might,

Nat. It would be difficult for him

to continue to reject this. It will

depend whether or not they can find

another date. It was such a fiercely

wanting the three debates at the

start of this campaign, it would be

seen as a bit of a backflip if he

doesn't agree to it. But he is in

Brisbane, talking about changing to

his paid parental scheme leave,

including delaying the start date

from next year to 2012. Thank you,

Alex Heart with the opposition lead. Volunteers have spent the night doorknocking homes in Sydney's west in a bid to find missing 6-year-old Kiesha Abrahams. The mystery has deepened surrounding the case with reports Kiesha hasn't been to school for a week. Her parents have told police they put her to bed on Saturday night

and she'd vanished by the next morning. Volunteers are expected to continue searching bushland

later this morning. Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan has been released from prison overnight after serving just 13 days of a 90-day jail sentence for violating probation. She was taken out a back door in the early hours of the morning, eluding the paparazzi. Lindsay Lohan was released from custody at 1:35 this morning and, per a court order, she has been sent directly to her next destination, which is a treatment centre. Lohan will spend another 90 days in rehab.

A booming snougt on global financial

market pushed up by some very good

profit results from HSBC

profit results from HSBC and Banque National de Paris in Europe. And

also good manufacturing and

construction activity figures out of

the US. The Dow was up 7 per cent in July

July up 2.

the US. The Dow was up 7 per cent in July up 2.5 per cent on the year.

August has got off to a cracking

start as well. To

start as well. To our region yesterday, we were at a 6-week high

on our market, led by the banks.

Oil has spiked above $

Oil has spiked above $81 US a

barrel, it has been quite a jump

overnight on the good manufacturing

and construction figures in the US. Time for sport. Newcastle has kept its NRL finals aspirations alive overnight with an impressive 32-14 win against Manly. A first-half hat-trick to Knights winger Akuila Uate ensured it was another fruitless trip to Energy Australia Stadium for the Sea Eagles. Manly full-back Ben Farrar injured his knee in the second-half and will find out the extent of the damage today. In other league news, the race to snare Melbourne superstar Greg Inglis is heating up. Inglis flew to the Gold Coast yesterday to discuss moving to the Titans. St Kilda coach Ross Lyon believes his side has become too reliant on Nick Riewoldt since his return from a knee injury. Lyon is confident taking the focus away from the skipper will help ease the Saints' scoring woes. At Carlton, Chris Judd is expected to line up against the Bombers

this weekend despite a bruised pectoral muscle. Football Federation Australia boss Ben Buckley has called for critics of the A-league to be patient

despite the financial problems and dwindling crowds experienced by some clubs. Season six of the A-league was launched yesterday

and is shaping as one of the most open competitions ever. Newcomers Melbourne Heart kick off the season on Thursday night against Central Coast.

Grant has your weather, take care

out there, because it is a little

wild and woolly up the east coast,

trees are falling everywhere. This

morning I had to rescue one from the

front of the house and clear the

road, so you take it care

road, so you take it care old boy.

It needs a sound track to go with it (sings)

# I need a hero

# The hero to the end of the night

# He's got to # He's got

# He's got to be strong

# And he's got to be good and

something about fight


# That's what it needs. You are a

man about town. A little something

for the community, sleep easy,

Sydney. It is good you are doing

your bit. You are one crazy lunatic.

Careful what you offer this morning.

Want trees taken down? Dial a hubby.

Check the weather hey? No, I was

going to let you go. Although the

strongest winds have disappeared,

there won't be too many trees

falling down from Sydney, so you are

saicher, Beretts, the winds have

reduce from 139km/h, at 1.

reduce from 139km/h, at 1.30am south

of Sydney, the winds are gusting

around for parts of the New South

Wales coast, 70 kmh is being

recorded just now, I have just

checked. By 9am it will reduce

significantly to 40km/h. Not a great

day for hats and beanies. Rain is

fresh, the highest rain fall in the

country is on the south coast which

was battered by the strong winds in

Kyama. Some parts are feeling

battered and bruised but the winds

are easing. The strongest winds now

is Nora Heads, on the central coast,

100 kmh. Nobby's Head in Newcastle

also recording 100km/h, so right up

to Port Macquarie we will feel the

winds that wreakeded havoc in Sydney

last night. Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. Energy-saving globe sale, on now. For a greener tomorrow, it has to be Beacon.

Plenty of winds for Sydney but

showers shouldedes. -- showers

should ease. Great snol snowfalls in

the past couple of days, up to a

metre as we heard in some places in the Alps.

In essence, fraNew South Wales, just

a miserable old day today. Alright,

Grant, thank you for that. Grant, thank you for that.. More now on the search for 6-year-old Kiesha Abrahams. It's nearly 48 hours since the Sydney girl was reported missing. Seven News reporter Rob Ovadia is following the search and he joins us now. Rob, what's happening with the investigation today?

Good morning, Kochie. Mel, well the

search basically is two-fold. You

are looking at SES volunteers and

the police rescue squad, just turned

up a few moments ago a we were

setting up and they will continue a

grid search today in the surrounds,

gleaming whatever evidence they can

to find Kiesha. Yesterday they were

searching through bushland,

volunteers last night knocking on

homes. They will continue to do that

today looking for any scrap of

evidence to where the six-year-old

girl could have gone. On the other

side of the fence, detectives will

try to establish some kind of

timeline going forward and backwards

as to name's last movements. They

will speak with her parents,

relatives, family friends, teachers

and gleaning whatever evidence they

can to where she had been leading up

to where her parents reported her

missing and where she might have

gone since. Rob, last night, it was

claimed Kiesha had been absent from

school for a while? Plus, some close

family members hadn't seen her for

some weeks. What are police saying

about that? Well, police are

checking with the relevant

government agencies such as the department of community services.

There are reports suggesting Kiesha

has had a history with the

Department of Community Services so

police will be tracking the history.

But the police say it is important

to keep an open mind and not judge

it on the past but the merits of the

case. It is a worry, if it was

reported yesterday she had not been

to school for a week. There were

reports in the Daily Telegraph

newspaper that she only had five

days of school this year. Police

will be seeing what sort of care the

girl was in and basically tracking

her behaviour. Often a really

complex back story to these

situations. Thank you, Rob, we hope

she is found safe. Keep us up to date. This is happening in the midst of National Missing Persons Week. So what can help police when someone goes missing? Commander Chris McDevitt heads up the National Missing Persons Unit. Thanks for joining us. Your message this year is about reporting a missing person straight away. Why are people waiting to do that?

The mind boggles to us, who haven't

been in this situation,

been in this situation, why people wait so long and maybe not do that?

Yes, Kochie, look, it is a real

major issue in the community. It is

a misunderstanding. I mean, there

are 35,000 people that go missing in

Australia every year. That is one

person every 15 minutes. Which is

really alarming. The impact of that

across the nation is more dramatic

when you consider that when one

person goes missing another 12, our

research tells us, another 12 people

are affected by that. So that is a

significant ripple effect for the

community. At the national missing

persons coordination centre, we try

to take a leadership role across the

nation in the more strategic matters

and this year our focus is ensuring

people are well aware they

people are well aware they don't

have to wait for 24 hours or any

period of time before they make a

report to the police. When they have

got concerns about the safety or

welfare of a loved one. Why don't

people do it quicker? Are they a bit

embarrassed because maybe they have

been some sort of family dispute

just prior to a loved one leave or

whatever? Embarrassed it may be a

false sort of claim? Or what stops

them? Well, that is just one reason

there. There is a range of different

reasons why people don't want to

report. Some people do feel silly,

as you have just said. What we are

trying to say is, "

trying to say is, "Look we would

rather be the judges of whether or

not a report needs to be followed up

and we can only do that if we get

the information from the people that

are aware of the circumstances. We

encourage people to come into the

station. And provide those details

that we need to be able to kick off

an investigation. I just emphasise

here, Kochie, that National Missing

Persons Coordination Centre dozen

undertake investigations. It is left

to the state and territory police

colleagues who do an extraordinary

job. Just quickly, if somebody sort

of has walked away from of has walked away

of has walked away from a situation,

their family, can they also ring you

for you to pass on a message to the family and say, "

family and say, "Hey, I am okay, but

I just checked out." If you like?

That is an excellent point, Kochie

and the theme of all this is to make

sure people who are missing out

there, we do have 1600 long-term

missing people out there at the

moment, who are mainly male adults.

We encourage them to do exactly as

you have said, contact your local

police or a trusted friend, send the

e-mail, make the phone call, get the

message back to your loved ones.

Make the call, because it is a

dramatic effect on families. That is Now to the massive harassment claim, filed by a former David Jones publicist. Kristy Fraser-Kirk claims she was sexually harassed by former DJs boss Mark McInnes. She's suing the retailer and the ex-chief executive officer for $37 million in total. She says he made several unwanted sexual advances toward her. Mr McInnes has resigned over the allegations. so $37 million is a huge amount of money for her humiliation and damage to her reputation. That got us thinking about Australia's worst cases and what exactly is sexual harassment? I'm joined now by workplace lawyer Sian Ryan. Good morning. Has a harassment case here ever resulted in a multimillion-dollar payout?

No, it is an extraordinary claim, we

haven't seen anything close to this

in Australian courts today. Just

last week a Court of Appeal

confirmed what is the highest award

of damages in Australia, and that was $

was $466,000 for a sexual harassment

case, it was heralded on the time

and appeal as being an extraordinary

amount, not unkwfrbed but an

extraordinary amount and

considerably higher than anything we

have seen before.

have seen before. The difference in

this particular case, I don't want

to comment on the particular

circumstances of the case, but as I

understand it, a young woman has

brought a claim in tort, which is a

slightly different area of the law.

She is saying it will allow her to

claim exemplary damages. What does

it mean? Punitive damages, it is

damages that punish the wrong doing

rather than compensate the victim.

Traditionally it is about damage to

the victim, she, usually whether she

has suffered from pain

has suffered from pain and distress

and suffering from the conduct,

whether she has lost income

whether she has lost income from having to stop work, being unable to

find alternate work for a period of

time and has lost income, for

example, in this case, as I

understand the claim, she is saying

I am going to claim 5 per cent of

his salary over the relevant period

and 5 per cent of David Jones.

and 5 per cent of David Jones's

profits for the relevant period

because they didn't protect me or

knew about this and didn't do enough

about it. So it is damages to

punish. So punish them rather than

compensate her. It is why it is such

a huge amount and very unusual in

the jurisdiction. Just tell us the

definition of sexual harassment? It is

definition of sexual harassment? It

is any unwelcome conduct of a sexual

nature, it can include requests for

sexual favours, persistent requests

for dates where it is unwell. A

poster on the wall? Absolutely.

Inappropriate, not even pornography,

inappropriate pictures, graphic

images, e-mails, text messages,

Facebook postings and of course,

right through to unwanted touching

and assault cases which are the most

serious category of case. A quick

e-mail to you troma viewer, when I

was 16 I suffered sexual harassment,

I am now a 40 yire year mother is it

too late? 23 years later. It shows

how deeply the damage cuts in these

cases. It depends on the

circumstances. I would encourage her

to take advice. For example, if it

was an assault, there is almost a

pres-mian you are entitled to bring

a claim much later in life. But she

could certainly investigation that.

Thank you very much for coming in

and explaining it. Actor Charlie Sheen is back in court to settle domestic violence charges against him. The 44-year-old was arrested on Christmas Day last year after his wife, Brooke Mueller, told police he threatened her with a knife at their holiday home. Seven News US correspondent Angela Cox is outside the courthouse in Colorado. Sheen is expected in court in a couple of hour's time?

Do you think he could still face

time in jail? It is probably

unlikely. Had the last time we were

standing here 7 weeks ago the word

was he would spend 30 days in jail

and be allowed out during the day on

a work release deal. It came unstuck

because the staff

because the staff found out he

wouldn't be allowed to smoke. This

time they are keeping tight lipped

but we are hearing he won't serve a

day in jail and will be back in LA

to film the latest season

to film the latest season of 'Two And A Half Men', in a few days.

There are rumours Charlie and Breck

rr are working on their marriage? It

would seem she is standing by her

man. The most telling factor she

didn't want police to proceed with

the charges. She actually asked her

own lawyer to represent hip to

own lawyer to represent hip to get Charlie Sheen off the charges. That

of course has definitely

strengthened his case when trying to

negotiate a deal with prosecutors.

Let us know how it pans out this

morning. Now to the story of a regular bloke who has become a Twitter star overnight. Steve Holmes, from Coventry in the UK, has picked up rapper Kanye West as one of his followers. But what's so amazing is that Kanye has chosen him as his only friend. Here to tell us more is our UK correspondent Richard Arnold. Why did Kanye choose an everyday bloke from Britain to be his only Twitter friend?

Well, you know, the Twittroty,

glitterati, have always used Twitter

for a marketing tool. You will learn

little about your celebrity, if they

are in fact Tweeting because

agencies employ people to tweet on

the celebrities's behalf. It is the

man, a great marketing tool, yes,

smoke and mirrors again, he has got

an album coming out. What is