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(generated from captions) Well done, Blaise! Sit down, Blaise. Well done. Hey! Jenny! You're off to England. (CHEERING) Elaine Paige for us, will you? Say hello to Kate Bush and to the wonderful Susan Boyle. Nick up north and say hello

You've just won $20,000. What a great star you are. How about that? Blaise Marshall picked up 20 grand. on Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned

has a Gillard sentence. The Nine News pour it all

iPhone. Has it lost its shine? And Dodge time for Apple's new

politics go, it is explain why it and fled school because without Tuesday, Ms Perth announce plans to Minister did having the press conference and approved their Mirvac. disappointed, because she is great minister and it was out of knows her bosses sit fuming.

heaters are In May last year, the a problem. A year parents are still in the children's health is should messing around and start doing the themselves, they need to stop

that there is time frame happen. Over my children are affected by persistent coughs colds and flu. regular when heaters are turned

that Or that seems to have happened is humiliated. What a parents to make ventilation in the

little bit State that this haters, NSW as a disgrace. The only trick is to have a crisis that has seen get a tonight? Ambulances this are still coming Waiting, worth The young brothers were scorched on their face and to wait and looked life-threatening. If diagnose those injuries as not

busy day. a bed that they require Hospital. similar situation at Westmead smuggler The prayers of convicted drug finally been Supreme Court

Schapelle Corby has spent six years behind bars in Bali's is prison. With claims the 30-year-old Supreme Court her sentence be cut.

friends is very backing the clemency plea. I am circumstances and I do support their plea four kilos of marijuana worth in her good health and is expected to to mark Independent States month. She innocent and released. This woman court in The Supreme Court is the highest

straight to the President. He will then consider call the packs -- stayed a month. It could take it anything from to month. Colby made a heartfelt plea to the my life all she can do was wait for the President's decision. Julia Gillard controls on straits, Tony Abbott early to start and Julia Gillard was up

measures on page one of the local paper. We

like knuckle-dusters. We will crack down on the importation of these conference to sending 9 million dollar program. Under a would Under a Coalition Government there violent gangs new galaxy poll conducted for Nine Network last night, showed election on close campaign. losing close campaign. Labor seems to be expected in Cabinet lakes oppose paid parental starting to sense that season -- senior members of the election deserves to be elected. Since the 29% say their opinion of campaign. 17% have there positive view. in the in the end touch with voters leaders are of voters Gillard and Tony demonstrated Gillard and Tony Abbott have leadership and vision during confirming she will not Labor pre-selection months ago in the seat of former State health minister Della Bosca, At a baby was among held hostage in a invasion in Newcastle. Two men were women and a tied up and assaulted, while two

several hours ransacking the house before escaping with a in 10p gun and attack, but able to pull off the mask of one money from the just a phone, any or

queuing up to get a bite iPhone 4 that goes on tonight. This has stirred up of excitement? to leave work now, getting longer. There was at excitement a man and them a shopping scramble accidentally sold demand to have their new iPhone never that name your price. You should doors open. store yesterday and they were about four people lining and line-up of. there's no-one here. Apple has road. tonight, Telstra is, across the You could have arrived at lunchtime disappointed, I hype. The Master I reckon it is an Apple bush, and I

reckon it is phone on Ebay. So it much money for wanted to everyone else. if the phone calls and even film and added a movie. If you hold of particular way, movie. If you hold of than in a

expected to hurt just gone are the days when fans are sites I'll take a look at the Comdex

Dietary experts are looking at the

This goal she never feels the amount she was other things. We will result on clinical month. UNESCO will decide if 11 sites are worth all too few. Those that remain are government four sides are at the Old infrastructure. The Great North of our most is also used to be. The popular museum of the way that it

of the 18th-century and 19th the other side of the world hoping that the legacy. California, two beak wildfires are sweeping through Angeles. Arnold the worst-hit counties. A financial has crashed, $24 billion in the state workers to take slabs annual leave to get to get off stranger to scandal. Some that her to haunt exhausting wait for Angelina Jolie to reporters about her new She spoke partner. You feel sexy if you are living a broad an honest always been comes across as sexy. They may be little bit me feel sexy, Brad very sexy. I feel very is one thing, this is something American actress with. Around American actress with. Around her neck and biography was about to be published will be saying it. affairs with she hunted down Brad Pitt won before together. Ken is next with sport, and Jarryd Hayne's brilliance. A wayward Carney talks redemption. Also, tall true: Des Hasler stretching truth with bush kids. And we have some

VOICEOVER: Here's what our community has been saying about our local MP Mike Kelly. The fact is, Mike gets results for our local community. He's an excellent bloke.

You know that he will follow through and that he will find a solution that will work for everyone. He's got my values. WOMAN: I have always found him a man of integrity and honesty. Mike Kelly is absolutely the number-one man for the job. Mike puts the community first. That's why I'm supporting Mike.

First, breaking news in the NRL: All 16 clubs have been warned by the Melbourne Storm to keep the Melbourne Storm to keep their hands off their Cooper Cronk. The need strengthening as the NRL's form player. Carney is this be the Roosters answer to the Hayne capable of anything on the field - his problem was the don't pat myself on the back - hard work. It's now seven and It's now seven and half months since he it. I know that can brush my teeth before I go to bed, it's The Cowboys landed in Sydney a short We are not time we time we get that right. They are arguably side this meeting a Penrith side which to stop relying on kicks to score. runners. Now time to Elliott loves his They are buggers players. Like to know

And the Storm have emailed salary insight to what insight to what it feels like to be hit in kilogram three-inch and put a foot and drop on the per ball-up.

that's the attitude Wallabies All-Blacks winger O'Connor has been shifted fullback to wing as Australia New Zealand officially has two AFL Greater Western Sydney was today awarded the licence after meeting all the criteria imposed by Commission. They'll enter league in 2012. Now they're time for a name. one of rugby league's characters, will Footy Show star beating the disease after early detection as a checkup. Darryl will He was smart to get an early check- up. an end in is. Good news ahead. I will have the

Coming up on WIN News... The

Coming up on WIN News... The National Arboretum' s tree thieves

nabbed, Canberra' s political nabbed, Canberra' s political

leaders urged to take strong action leaders urged to take strong action

on climate change, And, the Darters

say they can bounce back against say they can bounce back against the Blues.

A trough over northern NSW is bringing

We will see the rain return in the afternoon.

tunnel. We shall see sunshine early next I hope

north-westerly winds and a Tonight

... Are a female inmates human

rights being denied as she rights being denied as she fights to

keep her baby behind bars? keep her baby behind bars? Turning

words into action to tackle climate

change in the Capital, And, the change in the Capital, And, the long

arm of the law catches up with

arm of the law catches up with the arboretum tree thieves. Good

arboretum tree thieves. Good

evening, I' m Jessica Good. It' s a controversial topic...babies and controversial topic...babies and

prisoners. WIN News can reveal the

Capital' s human rights compliant

jail is about to welcome its first

newborn. But there are claims the

expectant mother will be denied expectant mother will be denied full

access to her child, because the access to her child, because the

facility isn' t properly facility isn' t properly designed to