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is really in a bowl serial.

Comprehensive test. There is

trouble ahead for the Victorian

government after it gave approval

for a pub to build a children's

play area within sight of its poker

machines. And there is outrage

especially after the government

authority gave Neagle clear,

defending its decision by saying

it's better than having the kids

like in the car-park or stop a It's

definitely a dangerous practice.

I don't want the kids of today to

become a problem gamblers or

tomorrow. The Bees could be part of

the learning experience. Approved

by this man, Peter:, developers

have been given up the green light

to killed at $10 million gambling

house in Melbourne's after

southeast. Including a play room so

parents can keep an eye on their

kids while playing a poker machines.

It passed the test. One actor

Commissioner refused to appear on

camera after a barrage of negative

feedback. It justifies the

commission's decision by claiming

it is better to have kids in the

play room all knew what their

parents and that in a car. Thin

2000, there was a boy left in a car.

That a child died. I'm appalled by

his comments. It certainly is

better than having kids die in cars

but better still be excluding

children from these venues

altogether. White backed Dr Charles

Livingston explains the effect on

children watching people gamble is

devastating. With no time

restraints, the proposed creation

would be a window to the future or

children that waiting and watching

sport Allah's as mum and dad Gamble

weighed their life savings or stop

its reinforcing the notion is that

inactivity is pleasurable. Nick

Xenophon claims the commissioner is

putting gambling book or

responsible parenting. If they

lulled into a false sense of

security, I think it shows what a

cynical industry this used and what

they're up there has been on a part

of state government regulator.

Australia has the highest ratio of

problem gamblers in the world and

poker machines are the main cause.

Last year, to date are not reported

calls was changing the way it once

and operates its poker venues. In a

victory for common sense, all works,

who owns and operates 286 venues,

is now all and suit. That all its

has buckled to public pressure and

pressure from this programme. I'm

glad they have done it. That's why

the decision by the gambling

regulators to approve a move

against all the advice of experts

has stunned campaigners. The Reds

will suffer, kids will suffer. The

more parents play, the more they

will lose.

This afternoon, though Victorian