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During the leaders debate last

night there was just one brief

mention about pensioners lasting

less than a minute in total. For

both parties it seems the issue is

well and truly off the radar, but

as far as older Australians are

concerned it's a subject that

neither party can afford to ignore.

I know a lot of them that are

finding it very hard. We've all

helped to build this country. It's

a struggle. This is an issue of

dignity. Virtually impossible with

theses you get. John Hope is 68,

sing pensioner with a curious

collection of cats but not much

else at all. We haven't made your

breakfast yet On a standard aged

pension he's getting 350 dollars a

week, hardly a garden party. Kevin

Rudd when he was Prime Minister he

gave us a 100 dollars rise, that

was fantastic, but a month later up

goes power and water, back to

square one. Like millions of other

pensioners, John is doing it tough.

Saving money by living at his

sister's while she's at a nursing

home in the freezing cold of winter

the heater is switched off and so

is the TV. The only entertainment

he can afford, cross words. Five

letter word underdone. Got me beat

that one. The puzzle is not the

only thing that's got him beat.

Also doing the weakly sums:

That's without budgeting for

emergencies. Attend of the week

there's hardly anything yet. You've

got to budget hard, watch if you

drive anywhere, your petrol, and

the food, I've changed to a lot of

cheaper brand food which are not as

nice but you've got to have them.

Pensioners especially and others on

low incomes find it very hard to get by

get by day by day. Antoine Mangion

represents the pensioners

association. Looking at only about

$50 a week to live on for a single

pensioner and the vast majority of

pensioners are in that situation.

It's not a lot of money was it. No

The pension was lifted by around 30

dollars a week last September and

another 15 in March but those

increases have been all by wiped

out increase -- rising power prices

and the rising cost of every day

living. They should look after us.

What bit they do doesn't go far.

Australia's aged pensioners are

around about 100 dollars a week

better off than those in the UK but

are laging behind European

countries. They Victorian creaseed

the pension, yes. Single pension

for a month and then ask them.

After the last election, 80-year-

to old Taylor challenged our leaders

to do exactly that. If you can put

your hand up because that's what

the aged pensioners have got to do.

When the politicians refused radio

host Price gave it a go without

much success. Your week's pension

gone in one fine. It was impossible

to aged pensioners to survive what

they were on. They got a meagre

increase of a few dollars a week

and it's still low. At

and it's still low. At the shops

and petrol pumps it adds up. 3.99

or 4.99. I think it needs to be put

back on agenda during this campaign

but we still don't genuinely pay

older Australians enough in the

politicians. How do you politicians

attention? Is in the m in the past

it's taken extraordinary lengths to

get attention in Canberra. One get attention in Canberra. One 69

yield began striping. They worked

hard all their lives At one least

one politician joined the protest,

Steve Fielding campaigned for the

last pension rise. Today,

thankfully he's got his clothes on

but the gloves are still off. Let's

get fair dinkum. Let's give the

pensioners a fair and ra let's see

an increase in the pension and the utilities concessions utilities concessions When we

contacted to major parties today

they couldn't promise any big

increase. The Government says it's

already lifted the pension and

senior allowances. We do understand

it's very difficult for pensioners

to make ends meet but we have made

these improvements to help them out

As for the orpbgsz they've said

we'll have to wait and see, just

don't hold your breath. Look, we've

got a lot of policy sthas will

got a lot of policy sthas will be

progressively released over the

next four weeks Withs rising there

are at least some ways to save.

Discounts are available on your

council and water rates and even

energy companies have rebates for

seniors. There can be concessions

on your car registration as well as

your licence drive -- driver's

licence fee and getting a seniors

everything from transport card kpwhriepbs can save on

everything from transport to

shopping. But even with those

savings, the luxuries, they're a

thing of the past. No steak anymore.

That's past the point of buying. I

love chops and can't afford them.

Not fair, sit? On our last night,

60 minutes ran a phone poll

following the leaders degate asking

viewers to nominate who they

believe best argued their case. 18,000 people 18,000 people call indeed a

definitive result. 82% believed

Tony Abbott won the debate.

Obviously this result contra dick

it is worm which had the two

candidates separated by a much

tighter margin. So this afternoon

we ran our own analysis of the poll

result and you may or may not be

surprised to hear that quite a

number of callers dial indeed on

holder multiple occasions with the record

holder SMSing a staggering 51 times.

Clearly the political parties or

their supporters let their fingers

do the walking last night which is

not exactly in the spirit of the