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(generated from captions) Tonight, Tony Abbott praises women,

as polls show the PM has the female

vote snookered. An infamous child

killer sent back to jail. These

were very serious offences and two

years is simply not enough. And a

family feast: Masterchef's most

important supporters arrive for

tomorrow's TV showdown. Hello, I'm

Ron Wilson. Also tonight:

Queensland's Facebook fugitive back

in police custody.

And a year in the life of the

Queen: We take a sneak peak at a

never-before-seen exhibition.

But first, Opposition Leader Tony

Abbott has pulled his wife into the

election campaign for the first

time as he battles an image crisis

with women. But Mr Abbott's

problems may be more widespread

with a poll showing victory is

slipping further from the

Coalition's reach. Margie Abbott

emerged from obscurity to lend her

hand to husband Tony's public

political journey. Along with his

wife and three daughters and

sisters, Mr Abbott was desperate to

prove how women shape his personal

and professional life. My life is

full of strong women. A female

chief of staff, I have a female

press secretary and the strongest

woman of them all, my female deputy

leader. Women across Australia may

not be aware, but Tony Abbott did

more for women's health than any

health minister before or since.

Coalition's election chances. The female vote could blow the

Coalition's election chances. The female vote could blow the

According to Nielsen poll 58 per

cent of women would vote for Julia

cent of women would vote for Julia Gillard's Labor compared

Gillard's Labor compared to 42 for

Abbott's Coalition. The Coalition's

overall 2 party preferred vote

improves, only because men are

split 50-50. I'll be making my case

to the Australian public, to men

and women around the country. The Prime Minister's latest policy

pitch is driven directly at men and

women feeling the financial pinch:

Voters who ditch their old bombs

for new, fuel-efficient cars, would

get a $2,000 rebate under Labor.

Australians own a lot of old motor

cars and those cars guzzle a lot of

petrol and they spew out a lot of

pollution. If you want real fuel

efficiency, bring on high speed

rail. Queensland is Julia Gillard's

bogey state which is why she's

spent so much time campaigning in

the Sunshine State. Here, Labor is

trailing the Coalition by eight

points in the polls and if that was

reflected on election night, seats

like this one Ford in South

Brisbane would fall to the

Opposition. The knifing of former

Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, remains

a thorny issue for some

Queenslanders. Good job. Thank you,

mate. Publicly, Mr Rudd isn't

willing to discuss his demise. Nice

try, but I'm not answering those

sort of questions. Julia Gillard

will begin tomorrow's leaders'

debate. The

The toss also determines who will

have the last word in tomorrow's

debate. Tony Abbott his hand --

heading back to camera tonight and

Julia Gillard is heading there

tomorrow morning as they going to

lock down for the first and only

national leaders' debate of the

election campaign. We can expect

both sides to go hard on the rising

cost of living and the growing

pressure on families and who has

the best economic credentials. Tony

Abbott will be talking up a Labor's

alleged great big new taxes, in

particular the mining tax. He

headed out to Kalgoorlie in WA. We

know that Julia Gillard is very

head it -- really ahead in the

polls. Julia Gillard will be going

very hard on moving forward, but very hard on moving forward, but

this does this -- at this does stop

her slightly because she cannot

talk about what happened in the

past as Kevin Rudd got the an

Australian community out of the

global economic crisis and they do

not want to talk about Kevin rioted

much. She was talking up Tony

Abbott today. He is a good debater,

he has had plenty of practice in

Parliament and we have had plenty

Parliament and we have had plenty

of practice debating each other.

Liberals have always hated Labor.,

it will not change its character.

We are looking at the worm. I'm

expecting to see and an

enthusiastic Wyong. There will be

enthusiastic leaders however.

To the rest of the day's news now,

and the murder of British toddler

James Bulger by two young boys

shocked the world 17 years ago. Now

one of his killers is back in

prison on child pornography charges.

These grainy CCTV image shows the

show Jon Venables abducting James

Bulger in 1993, they led to his

conviction for his murder. A 10-

year-old, now 27. He has admitted

to possessing and sharing images of

children being raped. His mother

was at the court today to hear that was at the court today to hear that

Jon Venables had extensive history of downloading child pornography.

His mother sat with her head in her

hands. She heard her son received

two years in jail. We have sat

through proceedings where justice

has not been done. Two years is not

enough. In February this year, Jon

Venables had contacted his

supervisor. He was freed from jail

in 2001. He was worried his secret

identity was uncovered. His

supervisor realise that he was

trying to removes his hard drive

with a knife. I laid the judge was

able to see Jon Venables today it

on a video link from prison. The

convicted murderer and sex offender

will be able to keep his identity

hidden. He says he has thought

about their little boy every day

and has apologised for his actions

released in a statement today.

Police are investigating a shocking

vandalism attack on a war shrine.

It was sprayed with graffiti and a

number of security cameras were

smashed in the early morning

rampaged. The vandalism has drawn

at discussed from Australian

diggers. It is an attack on

Australia's history. Anyone with

information has been asked to contact Crimestoppers.

Hundreds of mourners have released

black balloons over Queensland's

Sunshine Coast in tribute to a

murder victim. They wanted to

celebrate the life of Justine Jones

who disappeared from her home early

this month. She could just light up

the room when she walked in, she

was a beautiful girl. Justine's

body was discovered in rubbish at

Nambour nine days ago and a man has

since been charged with her murder.

A prison escapee who's been

taunting police on Facebook has

been caught in Far North Queensland.

21-year-old Justin Grant was dubbed

the Facebook fugitive for posting

messages like, "whoever is in

charge of catching me, what are you

doing?" The armed robber was on the

from run for nine days after fleeing

from guards while being treated for

a hand injury in hospital. Last

night, police had the last laugh as

they surrounded him in a restaurant carpark.

The families of the two Masterchef

finalists have arrived in Sydney

ahead of tomorrow night's finale. 4

million people are expected to turn

in to watch TV's food phenomenon.

Boarding the same flight from

Adelaide, the families of our two

Masterchef finalists. Absolutely

unbelievable, it is so exciting.

Even Adam's 83-year-old grandmother

is on her way to Sydney to watch

one man win. He always liked eating.

He ate too much, I had a talent to

lose weight. 4 million Australians

are expected to tune in tomorrow

night. It could be the most watched

non-sporting event in our history.

The show has shot chefs to new

found fame. Since Adriano Zumbo's

cakes appeared on the program,

queues have become a regular thing

outside his little shop. I'm

excited to reach his? Yes, I am

really excited. We have come from

Canberra. This couple travelled all

the way from Canberra for a taste.

Welcome inside Adriano Zumbo's Welcome inside Adriano Zumbo's

commercial kitchen. Here his team

of chefs must make not just one,

but hundreds of his crazy creations

every day. Dean do you find this

difficult? No. They're confident,

but they are feeling the Masterchef

effect. Since he appeared on the

show, we've pretty much doubled our

hours, doubled our sales, doubled

our workload. Show sponsor, Coles,

has seen huge sales spikes for

featured ingredients. So, Ellie,

even our spices have seen an uplift

in sales, so Tumeric once it

appeared on the show, up 80%, so

people came in the next day

especially for tumeric? Absolutely.

Lots of winners, but as for

tomorrow? I do hope, Callum. Adam.

Adam. May the best one, win.

Dramatic pictures of a plane crash

in Canada, we will show you that

next. India's $39 and said Joe

Apple's iPad. The rabbi who has the

Apple's iPad. The rabbi who has the force with him.

A Canadian pilot had a lucky escape

when he ejected from his stricken

fighter plane. The Air force

captain got out of the CF18 moments

before it crashed. He came to rest

near the exploding jet and was then

taken to hospital with minor

injuries. The pilot was rehearsing

low-level manoeuvres for the

Alberta International Airshow when

the crash happened.

Bad weather is threatening the

clean up of oil in the Gulf of

Mexico. Tropical storm Bonnie has

lashed the Bahamas and Florida and

is now racing towards the area of

the oil spill. BP has suspended

efforts to permanently plug the

leak. It's sent its ships and

workers to safety. This comes as an

engineer, who was on the rig when

it exploded, delivered more bad

news for BP. He told investigators

an emergency alarm which could have

warned workers of looming problems

was turned off to avoid waking people.

A new book in Japan has shaken up

domestic politics. The PM's wife

has written a kiss-and-tell, full

of unflattering comments about her

spouse. But, despite even

questioning his political abilities, he's unperturbed.

Japan's Prime Minister and his wife,

she looks and the model first lady,

doesn't she? Fast forward a few

weeks and she is out in paperback

with a book called, what in earth

will change in Japan after you

become Prime Minister? She says

that he has trouble with speeches

and he is rather number-two on

number three, but not the leader.

She says that he is showing signs She says that he is showing signs

of improvement. Lately, he has

become an adult. Marion Pearce and

wrote, behind every success for man

stands a surprised woman. Michelle

Obama said that Barack Obama is

stinky and snores. He is messy, he

is noisy, he gets a credit terrible

hour. He is a terrible Channel

flicker. Letting us in on David

Cameron's annoying habits was a

fantastic PR. The Japanese Prime

Minister was not able to even have

a look at the book before it came

out. When asked whether he has read

it, he said he was too scared.

India's answer to Apple's best-

selling iPad could cost you $39.

The countries leading universities

have developed a hand held computer

that you can use for browsing the

web, video conferencing and word

processing. They hope the price

will eventually drop to around $12.

But you can't rush out to buy one

just yet - the Indian government is

still looking for manufacturers.

The force was with a man who robbed

a suburban New York bank dressed as

Darth Vader. The villain was armed

with a gun, rather than a light

saber, and made off with an

undisclosed amount of money. While

his helmet resembled that of the

Star Wars character, the rest of

his outfit missed the mark. He had

on a blue cape and camouflaged pants.

An exhibition detailing a year in

the life of the Queen is set to

open to the public next week. The

display at Buckingham Palace

features the wardrobe, tiaras,

crowns and other royal objects used

in the Queen's day-to-day

activities. I think it's remarkable

when you think back to last year,

she undertook something like 355

separate engagements. The Queen and

Prince Philip got a preview of the

exhibit before heading to Scotland

for their annual summer holiday.

Queensland pauses to remember one

of it's worst rescue disasters.

Details next. And the search for

Australia's fastest text messager.

Someone who's on the ball, does it

really, really quickly. It's the same people

A Sydney man has faced court today

as the fifth person charged over

the brutal bashing of an Irish

backpacker. David Keohane was left

brain damaged and wheelchair-bound

after he was attacked and robbed

during a night out in Sydney's

Eastern Suburbs in 2008. Police

arrested the 26-year-old at a

warehouse in Sydney's inner-south.

He's accused of concealing a

serious offence and hindering a police investigation.

The bravery of Australia's

emergency teams and paramedics has

been remembered in central

Queensland. Hundreds gathered on

the tenth anniversary of one of the

State's worst rescue accidents. The

sounds of respect. In Central

Queensland, a community honours a

group of people sometimes taken for

granted - those in the emergency

services. 10 years ago, a rescue

pilot, two paramedics a mother and

young boy died when their chopper

crashed. We meet to celebrate,

remember the lies and the

contributions of some amazing

people. They were risking their

lives in thick fog trying to fly

the boy from a remote property to

hospital. The accident was a

powerful reminder of the dedication

of rescue teams and their

willingness to put others before

themselves. A lot of the Times,

they are not appreciated for the

amazing things they do. They are

special people and they should be

valid. Today Rockhampton specifically honoured pilot Paddy

Obrien a Vietnam Veteran, the

paramedics Craig Staines, and Bill

Birch and 5-year-old Anthony Sherry

and his mum Susan. But in the

process they were thanking so many

others for so many acts of bravery.

Gadget-addicted teenagers are the

focus of a new study looking at how

much technology impacts on their

sleep. They weren't getting much

today as they fought for the right

to be called Australia's fastest

text messager. Sydney's fastest

thumbs turned out for a shot at the

national title. Competition

organisers are searching for speed

and precision. Someone who's very

fast and very accurate, cause what

happens is you get a sentence on

the screen with characters, symbols

and numbers, and you have to get

them all right. Of the 800 competitors, most were teenagers,

but onlookers were of all ages. I'm

amazed at what the youth can do,

but it's far beyond me. I can't

even work a phone! It's the youth's

dependence that is raising concerns with claims teenagers aren't

getting enough sleep. Although

events like this can be a lot of

fun, researchers are now concerned

that teenagers have become so

dependant on mobile phones and

social networks like Facebook and

Twitter, that it's leading to

serious health problems. The serious health problems. The Woolcock Institute of Medical

Research in Sydney wants to study

gadget-addicted teenagers. Some

admit they never turn off their

phones and calls at midnight simply

aren't a problem. I would probably, aren't a problem. I would probably,

most definitely, answer it, cause

you know, it could be something

important from a friend. It would

wake me up, but I would probably

answer it. I'd definitely text back

to whoever it was. It always rings to whoever it was. It always rings

and you wake up and you talk on the

phone. At least for this

competition, they've had plenty of

practice. The national winner will practice. The national winner will

be announced in September.

Determined to give girls an equal

opportunity, Melbourne is moving to create the first all-female junior

AFL league. Competing against boys

has kept emerging talent on the

sidelines. So organisers are seeking interest from local teams

to change the status quo. It's a

wonderful opportunity to at least

get them involved in our great game

and at a young age. The League

already has the support of at least

four clubs and if the numbers at

this 'Chick Kick' day are anything this 'Chick Kick' day are anything

taking off. to go by, grassroots girls footy is

The weather's next and then it's

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning and

Rob, it was thrilling night of

footy last night. Yes Ron, tied

games, golden point showdowns - all

of the details next. Plus, plenty more.

The Gold Coast's golden point.

Australia doomed in the 2nd Test.

And we'll go extreme with the X- fighters.

This program is captioned live. Let

us have a look at the weather forecast.

That brings you up to date with the

latest news. Stay around for Sports

Tonight with Rob Canning. I am

leaving you with pictures of the

competition of a prawn peeling. I'm

Bill Woods. Good evening.

This program is captioned live.

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