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(generated from captions) Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome

to 'A Current Affair', in a moment

gang land widow Roberto Williams

plans to become a superchef. First

to 'MasterChef' final two. Adam and

Callum survived months of intense

competition in the kitchen to

square off in the final. For the

winner a chance to make their

culinary dreams come true. What do

the experts think the experts think about who will

triumph on Sunday. Only two of you

will go through to the Grand finale.

I'll be watching, absolutely. You

are safe, you are through to the

grand finale. I think Adam will win

because of precision of the food he

cooks. Callum, you are safe, you

are through to the Grand finale.

Callum is definitely going Callum is definitely going to win,

not because of his resemblance to

the chef at 'Ratatouille', he's a

young kid, he doesn't make pouncey

food, he keeps it simple. The boys

are back in town. I can't wait to

see what will happen. Neither can

anyone else, it's Adam versus

Callum in the 'MasterChef' finale,

after three months, oh, what an

appetite we have for a appetite we have for a winner.

Amanda is serving up red wine jous

on the kids cereal. I don't serve a

meal that doesn't have a quab meal,

cooked in tempura batter. Jonesy

and Amanda on WSFM. All the

favourites are gone, the people

everyone assumed would be in the

final. That's part of the game show

of this. A game show it is, with

grabs. My 100,000 and a book deal up for

grabs. My goal is not to be

eliminated, go as far as you can,

get to the final two. I've done T

it's amaze rg I don't think it's

sung in. Callum Hann is 20, a

student from South Australia. He's

about to take the flame to Adam

Liaw, a 31-year-old lawyer. I

couldn't be more excited. I'm going

up against Callum, a good mate. I

am not going to take it easy, I

competition, know he's not. This will be a big

competition, and a tough fight. I'm

so happy Adam is there. I think

he's fantastic. He has a lot of

bravado behind him. Creativity, his

technique is fantastic, compared to

others. When it comes to

'MasterChef', Justine Schofield has

been there, done that. She was one

of last year's final four. Callum,

I think he's great too. He's the

do. underdog. I absolutely adore it. I

do. Callum proved he can be king of

the kitchen, he's the doyan of

desserts as he illustrated at the

Governor-General, again last night.

You are turning into a solid young

chef. You really are. He's lacked

age and experience against the

older crowd. You look nervous

Callum? I am. Get it together. I

like Callum, he's come through,

he's a young gun, he's a little

fumbly, makes mistakes, fumbly, makes mistakes, but he

could come good. Chef Sean Connelly

from Sean's Kitchen. I'll higher

Callum and Adam as well. Halleluiah.

For a court room lawyer, Adam has

impressed come judgment time in the

kitchen. I think it's a really

clever intelligent delicious dish.

However while creative flair worked

in his flavour, in his flavour, sometimes the

boundaries have been pushed too far.

It's too small for me. Doesn't give

me an impression of much at all. Do

you watch 'MasterChef'. I have, yes.

Are you watching Sunday night for

the big finale. Yeah, I will. A fen

omon it is, Google recording twice

as many hits for 'MasterChef' as

for the election. Somebody

for the election. Somebody got

knocked out because his potatoes

didn't have cream in them, I

thought for crying out loud, we

don't put cream in them. Who is the

'MasterChef' now. Exactly. A

favourite a firming for Sunday

night. Who will win. AdA he's more

creative. He's lovely, a nice

manner. Callum is young. Adam will

win. Do you have money on it. I win. Do you have money on it. I

have, cocktails. It's a nice

feeling, comforting, it doesn't

matter if you win or not. People

will love you and support you,

that's what happened to me. I was

happy with that. Justine was the

sentimental favourite in last

year's show, but proof that the

winner doesn't take-all. This is

part of your new catering business.

Absolutely. Home base said at all.

hopefully we'll get For now, we'll start like this, and

hopefully we'll get it bigger and

bigger. Of course, it was mum Julie

Goodwin who cleaned up last year. She's making money from publishing

and TV. Who is next in line to

claim the crown? I wish them both

the best of luck. But. But there's

always a but. I think my heart is

going to go with Adam. But at the

other - I'm still same time, you know, one of the

other - I'm still going to be happy

for them. The 'MasterChef' dream

will become reality. Ding ding,

bring it on. I'm going for Callum.

The 'MasterChef' phenomenon is

bringing budding chefs out of the

woodwork. Gang land widow Roberto

Williams is coming clean with her

Martin King ambition to be a TV 'SuperChef',

Martin King has this exclusive

invitation to Cafe Roberta. As we

know, it's the most popular cooking

show in Australia. Now Roberta

Williams wants her slice of the

action. What do people say to you

when they taste your food.

Beautiful Roberta, I think they'd

be too scared to say anything else.

Irblgs this is the pressure that

today, I'll breaks people. If I make a mistake

today, I'll be gone. Carl's favourite dish was my chicken

schnitzel. Everybody says that I

make the best chicken schnitzel in

Australia. Right, they look

terrified. She began with a kitchen

repertoire little more basic than

porridge. Watch her go with a slow-

cooked pork 'Underbelly'. I can be

better than them. You can be better than them. You can be better.

Why are you so cocky about how good

you are. I know I'm good at cooking.

We have seen Roberta, ex-wife of

Carl Williams in court, out of

court, we know just about

everything about Roberta, xapt can

she cut the mustard in the kitchen

-- except can she cut the mustard

in the kitchen. We are about to

find out. Peter Russell-Clarke is

the original celebrity chef. the original celebrity chef. What

is the dish today. It's not for me

to say. I thought the young girl is

confident, let her decide. She's

cocky. She is cocky, I notice that,

maybe it's the way the skirt falls.

Peter agreed to test Roberta's

talent. Is she that good or is it

overkill. Are you ready. I'm ready.

You might wonder why Roberta has

come out of the pantry. come out of the pantry. It's

perfect. A major Australian TV

network is planning to copy the

Canadian show called 'Conviction

Kitchen'. I want this shut down.

'Conviction Kitchen' helps former

crooks rebuild their lives with a

cooking apprenticeship. This is

Roberta's audition. The reward,

prepare a meal fit for a

'MasterChef', and me a master gluton. The

gluton. The first thing I say to

Roberto Williams is she has to have

the commitment, passion, and a lot

of money. She probably has that

tucked away somewhere. Luke Mangan

is one of Australia's most

celebrated chefs, owner of Sydney's

Glass Restauraunt, and Melbourne's

Palace Hotel, he invited Roberta to

learn the basics in his kitchen. I

think Roberta would be a great chef

restauranture, she has to have the passion

passion and commitment. She has

that foul mouth. God, I can swear

and curse. Leave me alone. And I'll

(beep) away. Come on, you are

fiddling. You'll be here all day.

Well, I am not as professional as

you (beep). You have to put the

spice down. Put it in. Because we are cooking with

are cooking with perfume, you see,

the spice is the smell that we are

getting and what we have to do is

cook that so the smell comes out.

Do you understand what I'm saying.

Yes. Well, you are not bloody

listening. Fire up, Roberta. Hey,

I'm never nervous, and he's making

me nervous. That now goes on the

gas, then you can clean this bloody mess up you've made.

mess up you've made. Except see all

that - you'd get sacked from

'MasterChef' if that is like that.

That has to be cleaned up, and

cleaned up quickly enough that that

doesn't overco cook. I think that's

ready now to go -- overcook, I

think that's ready now to go to the

tasting panel. What do you think?

Yes. Can you imagine Yes. Can you imagine the stress on

people on 'MasterChef', and you

still think you are as good as them.

Yes. You are cocky, aren't you? Yes,

very cocky. Come on Cocky, we are

going to taste your food. OK.

All done, Roberta, well done. I

thought the flavours complimented

each other. I think she's a

'MasterChef'. I wouldn't go that

far. You (beep).

We'll see how far she goes. After a

house, buying a car is the biggest

purchase happy of us will ever make.

It can be one of the most

challenging, so we hit the road with with ACA motoring editor Samantha

Stevens to find you the best value.

Yea, she got a car. You can save a

fair bit of money, yes. It was a

bargain price, definitely the way

to buy. This year has been a record

year for the car industry, and the

biggest winner has been the buyer.

Just because the end of financial years sales are years sales are over, doesn't mean

you can't find a bargain. In fact,

now is the best time to buy a car.

You just need to know where to look.

There are some very good deals at

the moment. There certainly are.

With low interest rates, with new

models coming on board, dealers

wanting to offload old stock. It's wanting to offload old stock. It's

an exciting time to buy a car.

Eddie Abelnica from Melbourne's

Cheapest Cars deals in in the

competitive sector of used cars. I

don't get a second chance to go

come back here, I can do that car

for $300 cheaper. We have an '07

Astra. How long did it sell for.

$12,700, one owner, company lease car.

car. A good first car. Ideal. More

buyers are arriving at car yards

armed with information, putting

pressure on to offer the best

prices up front. The days of

spending weekends going from car

yard to car yard and haggling is a

thing of the past. It's changed by

the Internet. I'll show you where

to look. There are plenty of sites

that sell new and used cars and can

help you get the best deal. A help you get the best deal. A good

place to start is Redbook, it has

new and used cars, and good

features where you can compare

certain models and see what you'll

get for your money and what you can

pay. Other useful sites are Glass's

Guide, and Green Vehicle Guide,

helping to calculate on road costs.

If you buy privately it's important

to do a history check or revs check

making sure there's no debt on the vehicle.

vehicle. The new cars under $25,000,

here are my pick, the Corolla is

Toyota's best selling car, however

the smallest Yaris is cheaper and

better equipped. The entry level

Volkswagen Golf is under the wire

at $14,990 but is loaded with

features as standard. The Mazda 3

Maxx is another contender with all

the bells and whistles you will the bells and whistles you will

ever need. Also worth a look is

Honda's new smallest sedan, the

City, it's better value fan the

Civic. The Mitsubishi Lancer ES is

backed with features and has a 5-

year unlimited warranty. And my

pick. The I30, refined, economical,

from Hyundai. But if buying new isn't for

isn't for you, and you have a bit

of car knowledge, check out the

auctions. 25 we were prepared to

pay. We got it cheaper, we are

happy. Cars are better value than

they've been. Andrew Chapman from

Manheimfowles Auctions says savings

can be made under the hammer. Take,

for example, two or three-year-old

sedan family car usually that would

be perhaps grand new around be perhaps grand new around 36,000,

would currently make around 15-

16,000 for a 2-3-year-old one with

40-50,000 kilometres. You don't

want to buy a cheap car, and then

have to spend a lot of money on it

later on, fixing it up. David

Purchase from the Victorian

Automobile Chamber of Commerce. Do

your homework, and at the end of

the day, walk away with a car the day, walk away with a car

that's been checked by you, that's

within your means, and which is

suitable to your needs and wants

and is not just your cheap car.

Wherever you do end you finding

your wheels, there's no doubt that

now is a great time to buy. My car.

Bye. Some good advice. Time now for

a regular inspection of some of

Australia's hottest properties for

sale. Today a home that certainly

has a European feel.

Nailrr always wanted to live in an

Italian -- Warren Naylor always

wanted to live in an Italian villa,

so he built one. The idea so he built one. The idea was a

minimal easy care maintenance

retreat. As you can see, we created

easy maintenance. I feel sorry for

Bob with the hedge, doing all the

hedges. Another week, he has 1.5km

of those to go. You could run a

plum line on Bob the gardener's

stunning hedges, to thing the

property started as a rocky outcrop

It was a quarry, stone, at the time everyone said nothing

everyone said nothing will grow.

Wow. They didn't know how Bob could

do a hedge. I don't know what he's

feeting it. If you think the garden,

courts and privacy is something,

have a look at inside. It looks

enormous, and, yes, the rooms are,

but this monster of a home really

only has about half-a-dozen rooms.

They are all used. I mean, They are all used. I mean, it's not

a rabbit warrens of hotel suites

used once a year. It looks great on

the portfolio, nine bedrooms and

bathrooms, you still have to clean

them, they are never used. This

house, every section over the years

has been used. This is a the

gallery, a room of entertaining, a

place to sit and use. I know you

wonder, Warren is an interior

designer, and, yes, everything is designer, and, yes, everything is

an original artwork, including the

tapestry he bought during

construction. Of course we had to

ring the builder and say "Raise the

roof", A very expensive tapestry.

He said "Do you want to raise the

whole house or one section?", he

said request if you raise the old

house it's $10,000 a foot, so we

said we'd raise one section. Every piece we

piece we have we bought from

overseas and brought them back. Is

it fair to say the house is built

around the pieces. Totally. It was

a folly. A folly he's prepared to

sell, lock, stock and bar 'em.

Looking at the house you -- bar 'em.

You are looking at the house

thinking about changing it, putting

in a flat-screen TV. Don't look at

this house. It's a lifestyle, this

house, and a look. house, and a look. It's not about

six bedrooms, media room. A

Southside bedroom is lined in

fabric for warmth, wooden columns

enhance architraves, you don't see

a kitchen, there's one tucked away

in the centre of the house. I mean,

who wants to see dirty dishes in a

place of artworks, that are also in

the kitchen, that's an 1870s French

meat block. Also hidden are the

light switches. Beautiful piece of

art on the wall. A light switch and

dimmers, which is - unlike

nowadayss, we had dimmers, alarm

systems and airconditioning. All

that is hidden. It's fit for a

celebrity. Rachel Black is the

agent. It's like a piece of history

in Australia, and in Australia we

are not like Europe, we don't have

thousands of years of heritage here.

Across the Atlantic, now, William, actually, not far

actually, not far from Warren's in

the north of Sydney is an English

Manor. Bringing all the light in.

That makes this room, but the

privacy, you know. You still have

the privacy. The stunning windows

of Julie Peterson's home make a

commanding facade. But American-

born Julie had to have a little bit

of home. I have seen it in

magazines from New York, magazines from New York, Florida. Generous living spaces and work

from home offices that could

convert to a granny flat made this

home a functional piece of beauty.

Every day I come home from work or

on the weekend and I sit and relax

and look and soak it in. Am I going

to miss it, yes. My sons did what

they were meant to do, which was

grow up. After grow up. After the break, on 'A

Current Affair', the CSIRO is

looking to recruit overweight

Aussies to join a scientific trial.

It's the easiest thing I could have

done, best thing I ever did.

Revitalift, the world's number one in anti-wrinkle creams is firm on wrinkles and now gentle on skin. In a lightweight formula for more sensitive skin, You'll see less wrinkles in just four weeks. Revitalift Gentle SPF15, from L'Oreal Paris. And we're worth it. At Maurice Blackburn, we believe a compensation agreement should give you long-term solutions, not just short-term assistance. So we'll fight hard for that extra 10%.

Now, to some people, that's just a number. But when your loved ones depend on you, it's school fees, clothes or a hundred other things. Which is why we fight for that extra bit more that can mean so much. Because at Maurice Blackburn:

The CSIRO is one of our most

respected scientific institutions,

their range of 'Total Well-Being'

have sold hundreds of thousands of

copies, now they are taking dieting

a step further, the CSIRO is

looking for overweight Aussies to

take part in a unique trial. If it

wasn't for the Internet I wasn't for the Internet I wouldn't

have lost the extra kilos I needed

to. Thank you Internet. Who would

have thought you could lose weight

by surfing the net. Janet Currell

is shrinking proof that it works. I

lost 30 kilos, and it's easiest

thing I could have done, best thing

I ever did. She joined 'Biggest

Loser Club', an online forum

encouraging and guide encourage, encouraging and guide encourage,

dieters. You have recipes, others

ideas, you could monitor how much

you had eaten, how much exercise

you had done. You could look back

on what you have done in the past,

if you had a good week, check what

you have done. For me it was

convenient. I love the it. So do

scientists at the CSIRO. They have

helped tens of thousands of

Australians reach their weight loss

goals with simple and scientifically proven scientifically proven diet books.

Now they want to take the bite out

of kilobyte with an online program

for dieters. That they can select

and plan menus, and track progress,

easier than they may do with the

book. Nutritionist Manny Noakes co-

wrote the books, saying that the

website will provide recipes, meal

plans and health tips, but allow

dieters to take part in dieters to take part in chat

sessions and track what they eat.

The eating plan diet, if you will,

consists of foods from each of the

core food groups, it includes dairy

foods, obviously meat and chicken

and fish, it has a lot of

vegetables, and it also contains

whole grains and these are all the

components of what a healthy

balanced diet is about. This is

where it's interactive. If you where it's interactive. If you are

serious about losing weight, CSIRO

want you. In fact, they want 400

volunteers to sign up for their 12

week online pilot program. It's a

popular medium of communication. To

be able to put the extra content on

line with the site. You can see

what recipes others are browsing,

what food they are eating, and how

they are getting along with the

diet in general. You can see how

others are doing, that others are doing, that will

encourage you to do the same. Dr

Jill Freyne is part of the CSIRO IT

team. We are looking for people of

any age who want to change their

lifestyle turning it into a healthy

lifestyle, who want to lose a few

kilos. I dieted before I used the

tool. I lost some weight. I just

plateaued. For me, just to go on

line and monitor what I was doing line and monitor what I was doing

was a great way to lose more. I

think it's a good way for a lot of

people to monitor what they are

doing. If we have whetted your

appetite you can sign up at

Coming up on ACA - pensioner fight

back, older Australian fed up with

the lack of

Good evening ... Labor' s Good evening ... Labor' s campaign

for re- election in the safe seat for re- election in the safe seat of

Canberra may have suffered a blow. The Australian Electoral The Australian Electoral Commission

is investigating a possible breach

of electioneering guidelines. of electioneering guidelines. Duffy

Primary School has shown off its

new-look...courtesy of the

Commonwealth' s stimulus spending.

And, one of Australia' s neglected

colonial artists has finally been

recognised at the National recognised at the National Gallery

of Australia.

Monday on 'A Current Affair', older

Australians - why we should all

help pensioners fight for a fair go.

Australia's old age pension shame,

our elderly surviving on Starr vasion rations.

vasion rations. Too poor to turn on

a heater, 'A Current Affair''s

fight to get them more cash, and

the respect they deserve. This is

an issue of dignity. The election

issue we won't let them ignore. How

to save a fortune on the latest and

greatest video games and consoles,

deals no-one can afford to miss.

More on those stories Monday.

That's the program. Have a great weekend. Goodnight.

This program is live captioned.


Time on, the Sydney final is

underway. Oh, Fuifui Moimoi, he

kicks for the wigeer, Bryson

Goodwin. -- winger, Bryson Goodwin.

Through the magic of Jarryd Hayne.

Josh Morris beats Jarryd Hayne to

the ball. Tim Mannah scores. It is over for Canterbury.

Jamal Idris found Timana Tahu. It's

a try. He's going to score, Luke

Burt. And Jamal Idris picks up the

ball, and big Jamal

ball, and big Jamal scores for

Canterbury. Jarryd Hayne into space.

Luke Patten chasing. Jarryd Hayne

scores a try. He's opened it up,

can they ground the ball. They

score, a beauty. The running battle

continues. What a game.

Yes, sir, the battle for survival.

These two teams,

These two teams, the Canterbury

Bulldogs and Parramatta Eels have

been fierce rivals for so long that

we could have gone back to any game

over past 30 years and found you a

contest of significance. Here we

are Round 20, 2010, the two doing

battle for a place in the top eight.

Both walking the tightrope. Lock

the doors, draw the curtains, turn

off the lights. We can't be interrupted. Turn off

interrupted. Turn off the phone. We

have this match at ANZ Stadium, and

later to Winn Jubilee where the

Titans are sustain on by the

Dragons rr. Joining us, Brad

Fittler, I thought it was one of

their better performances last week,

how do they handle that mentally,

getting beaten and backing up against Parramatta. against Parramatta. It's

entertaining. Kevin Moore - he

would have looked at the run in to

the semifinals. They play one team

in the top eight. If he keeps

belief the team will feed off his

energies, they'll keep belief and

it will allow them to win games.

You saw them last Sunday, is there

anything they need to improve to

match it with the Eels. The right

side defence was torn part by Carney,