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(generated from captions) Yep. That's your final answer? Lock in B, Morgan & Hart. (REPEATS QUESTION) Darrin's there as well. And there were two (CONTINUES READING QUESTION) They worked for McMann & Tate. Ohh. Ohh. of course, played Darrin. Dick York and Dick Sargent,

that was always there. Larry Tate was the boss So, mate, I'm sorry about that.

before, shouldn't I? I should've got the question It doesn't matter. Hey! you picked up $1,000. Well done! The good news is Thanks, Eddie. Thanks for being a great player. Stay there, mate.

Bill Wallace won $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! See you next time on

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people had over at $20,000 from desperate

Labor says it happen? black parents. to prison Orange, or

manager of a fast food outlet has in the Philippines, Australian in the Philippines, now an

of his Hungry Jacks store Eduarda as dad if was the manager

was in or restaurant staff. them that this was the process to

not knowing any better, they did alleged to have

receiving corrupt payments. that Indians It is

If police believe there Tony Abbott has been accused making a 600 million tax refunds on price tag on his plan to increase

late this afternoon higher. ministers say the real cost was way in Brisbane they put all. There are high fives and then a chase, all a backdrop, part allow for eligible apply for a private school fees, a dance lessons, and a Mr Rabbit would be if

$60 million over four so says Abbott has is that the cast much it had lined up apprentices as

Gillard production. Point of the exciting bits. I do not know anything about cars. the Prime Minister was caught would reduce immigration counter out of control

with experts. So not all. And look who was He said he at campaign about National at matters

I will be an issues. Ms campaign opening. former Prime with the way he's been down, up light relief at Tony Abbott tonight, when he judges

the panel will be Kylie whip her tour almost detracts from she has performed on TV in 10 years. You could nights, Nine

stranded in as they was made, not a coincidence? It was as if

more patient wait 13.5 hours for a cleared and there parked in paramedics parked in the ambulance base. If other hospitals this morning.

denied when I nothing to do ministers or premieres announce an visit. Nicola Roxon was here to

Westmead. After the war announce an extra 45 bed fits ball

on Monday me many talk to solve the problem. We would like

email us. might collapse, it took a delicate operation to which safety. delicate operation to which him to five metre knocked him into the teams were called in to get him out. It was quite dangerous control. Rescue crews and were trench current stable and there, but respected the Engineer. With his forehead wife watching he was finally if it ground level he was finally if it wished to

the ground level using as debate from entries, be to a Tonight he is in a At least

classroom window in working out was? working out what the project are last was? Not aware aware of. Over the get close. So far

a demountable classrooms If this project Dahl was fired into

was a teacher Luckily none were hurt. imagine had have been offence. Children come them to keep up there, if could snatch

this second unconfirmed reports that this is

ago the school was in after a went very wrong. Obviously, this something police are

dollars. Doctors now have more choices when to having woman never experience. It is all the when about two years, she was ecstatic the best day of did not top at the inject the retells the body to stop ovulated. The drug is are ready to be process takes half the time of the traditional method but

August was much more expense of. From pharmaceutical August it will be listed on the will save couples thousands of any drug can assist conceive of desperately want, then I conceive of that baby they use so

couples suffer

The doctors least cost is now no it has to treatment and make it less invasive

preparing for

Queensland mum said to her baby dummy. after the almost choked on a 40 Lohan went night in prison. of the 90 days said since. Lindsay Lohan had arrived at court gold confetti

out the father shouted "We love you, out the door as her estranged

and a strip search, and given a showed. She smoothly. operative and everything is going are now a band. She cannot

from the getting used to to say one, are so likely she will walk out of every woman the star of men and girls that

more of the picture this is the

I'm committed to moving Australia forward.

That starts with a strong economy and the budget to surplus by 2013. I'm committed to stronger borders, cracking down on people-smugglers, and a new approach on population - not a big Australia but a sustainable Australia, with major investment in solar and other renewables. First-class schools, a strong economy, a sustainable Australia. Together, let's move Australia forward.

This program is former partner former partner of the missing woman has Her car was days after she was last same. pursuit is that is Homicides what has taken over

blonde hair. weeks old -

Confusing is Confusing is a word. I am sure it is my kid but I do not know why is blonde. Her name means hard to

This would deliver a baby explain it

of genes that create albinos, or as problem. Parents are sometimes harassed by the general that child.

confusing business. This country is now home to

ultimate modern and buffed family, more interested in feeling

loving her. I lot of have the allowed to Take care work hard to work hard to but do not forget to look

and all those side. We are more in tune and scheme to increase to work out session's stepped it return. Suspended for controversial period cannot wait cannot wait to play again. What kids can

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This program Timana Tahu says he is concentrate on The controversy with annual is it a thing of the one came to speak his mind, he was not so lose control race and his return is has been the last of their own. A shame and

everyone who put good faith in The eels prop was

the Western Bulldogs and controversial start Jason Akermanis. They said won the has the school to encourage kids As they queued interested in sport than interested in sport than study. Who wants

he was boring but that has changed. than how kids excited about this essential skill.

skill. When the story is about normal balls. I love rugby league and I mastered reading but teaching is learned from

football term - all sorts of animals.

a damp start to the day. Some heavy falls this the way

Coming up on WIN News... Work Coming up on WIN News... Work

starts on the ACT' s new women' s starts on the ACT' s new women' s and children' s hospital, The Bus

and children' s hospital, The Bus

Depot Markets' heritage listing,

And, two hundred of the nation' s And, two hundred of the nation' s

rising A-F-L players hit the rising A-F-L players hit the Capital.

Sometimes what you don't know can hurt you or hurt your pocket. If you damage or interfere with ActewAGL's gas or water pipes, powerlines or other infrastructure, or build something that doesn't allow clear access to them, it could end up costing you heaps. I reckon Ned's in trouble with where he built that shed. And now - whoa! So find out what ActewAGL services are on YOUR block. Call Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or visit

Well, the Alannah and Madeline Foundation is an organisation that aims to keep children safe from violence. Without the support of volunteers, we wouldn't be able to deliver as many services and help as many children. NAB provides all employees with two days leave to volunteer each year.

So they bring resources, but they also bring a helping hand. It's great when companies give their employees time to volunteer. MAN: Last year over 6,000 days were volunteered through NAB's employee volunteering program. Together we can do so much more. A few storms late last night and this morning. 19 millimetres average. A high will be the main feature conditions cool and sending onshore winds