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Weekend Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) Flipping on the ETS. It will be a

big five weeks. You enjoy it. It is,

I will. Thank you, from our panel of experts - Let's get more Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce,

Housing Minister Tanya Plibersek. Natasha Stott Despoja. former Democrat leader

Tory Maguire. And The Punch commentator

Good morning to you. Barnaby, let's start with you. Australia forward and not back. Julia Gillard is promising to push the major issues at play here? What do you think are

The recent labour leadership coup

and the Liberal history of

WorkChoices, both issues firmly in

the past. What do you think will be

the major issues for this campaign

Well, Julia Gillard is not moving

forward. She running away from the

train wreck of bad decisions and incompetent answer debt that

surround her. Now, Tony Abbott has

clearly said WorkChoices, we are

going to maintain, the Labor's

position on this. That issue is off

the agenda, if they keep bringing it

back, that's another sense of

deception. What about whatter why

abets had to say yesterday, does

that matter that WorkChoices is not

entirely cremated? I can assure you

as a person in the leadership group

that WorkChoices is not going to be

part of - in anyway, shape or

of the Coalition's policy. We part of - in anyway, shape or form

the Australian people's mandate at of the Coalition's policy. We accept

the previous election and are - we

will be making sure that we maintain

the position that's set out by

Julia. If she wants to make a

statement about work policy, then

she is making a statement about her

own policy. Because that's the

policy that will be our policy. We

will be making sure that we get the

debt under control. We will be

making sure that we get our borders

secure. We will be making sure that

we deliver infrastructure that means

something to the Australian people

and not sort of rubbish, the $ and not sort of rubbish, the $16.

and not sort of rubbish, the $16.2

billion of overpriced halls whether

you want them in a school yard near

new you. The Australian people are

worried that we owe to the people in

China, in

China, in the in the Middle East China, in the in the China, in the in the Middle

to be paid back. It's the working China, in the in the Middle East has

families who will be paying for that

with higher interest rates. I must

say I have seen about four different

figures from the Labor ral party in

four days. Maybe we will get some

klar toy that. Natasha Stott Despoja

Des, the main issue are going to be

economic management, government

waste and refugees. What do you

think of the issues that will rest

on ate with the electorate?

WorkChoices may not be on Tony

Abbott's agenda but as far as the

Labor government is concerned, they

are going to push very behind to are going to push very behind to remind

remind voters of the industrial

relations changes under the Howard

government. By the same token, I

think will see the opposition leader

and the Coalition trying to drive

home issues of trust worthiness and

character when it comes to Julia

Gillard. Undoubtedly the dark cloud

of asylum seeker issues loomness

this campaign. I think Tony Abbott

wants to make that a big issue for

this election. There will be even

there are some old issues. though we have got new leaders,

Education, health, and of course, as

you mentioned, the economy. I

wouldn't write off the economy as a

centre stage issue just yet

especially looking at some of the

economic activity over the weakened

over says. So you never know. That

may return to a pivotal spot on may return to a pivotal spot on the

election today agenda Tanya, as

someone hos has the remit from the

office of status of women, do you

think that the notion of the women's

vote is overplayed sometimes? And if

not, how do you think Tony Abbott

ace history of gaffeness this area

will play with the area, Julia is a

woman is going to be a drawcard.

Well, I think a lot of people, men

and women have seen Tony Abbott as

extreme and devisive in the past. I

think he will have to have a careful

campaign not to re ignite those

views about him. I don't think there

is a woman's vote and a man's vote.

I think it will be men and women

making up their minds based on

policies. They are going to listen

to people like Barnaby who has just

been absolutely unrelentingly

negative, both today and Bec

remembers yesterday, not a single

poll positive policy that they would

do better in government than for

Australians. They will look at what

Julia is saying about a

Julia is saying about a sustain

analyse Australia, not a big

Australia, they will look at what

she is saying about better education

service, they will look at our

record during the global financial

crisis that saw lots of jobs created

when lots across the world,

unemployment has been going through

the roof. They will look at the

recent economic figure that is we

have had, showing that we will be

back in surplus by 2013, three years

earlier and r than expected and

make-up their mind on

make-up their mind on those issues,

strong health and education a sound

economic management and they will

look at the negative that they have

got from Tony Abbott and Barnaby

Joyce. You hope they will remember

the sound leadership management.

Tory, before we go, the latest

galaxy poll at Labor at 52% versus

48% for the Coalition but the gap

between the preferred Prime

Ministers is massive. Do you think

this is going to be a personality

poll between Julia Gillard and Tony

Abbott? Certainly. They always are.

Also to be honest, those

Prime Minister polls, there

Prime Minister polls, there always Also to be honest, those preferred

is a big gap. It's very difficult

for a Opposition Leader to be seen

as a Prime Minister. But it's

interesting because we have to

remember, Julia Gillard has only

been the Prime Minister for 3 weeks

which is an extraordinary state of

affairs. She has already started to

look Prime Ministeraland has the advantage of

advantage of incouple Ben situate.

That particular - I think the two

party preferred is a much more telling thing in

telling thing in the polling. As we

say, that is very close. I think a

they say. Thank you very much swing of about 3% is going to do it

everyone for joining us and we

catch up with you next