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(generated from captions) I'm gonna lock in C, Devonport. Yes. Final answer? Yep. Get it out of the way. Just gonna lock it in? Lock it in, Eddie. Tell me to lock it in. Lock it in. C, Devonport. Lock it in? What? Locked in. Devonport is locked in. (REPEATS QUESTION) She's from Hobart. Tamara, don't bash me. Oh. born February 5, 1972 in Hobart. Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, you've won $1,000! Tamara, congratulations, How about that? Thank you very much.

Good job! She just won a grand. That was Tamara Padley. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! I'll see you next time the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

call the Federal morning. call the Federal Election tomorrow captioned live. A young mother is her northern Premier's close call to jump barrier Premier's close call to jump a rope

rebuilt after concert stunt Good evening. recovering after beaten in front of recovering after being savagely

her home on Police believe it

attack - lived happily in their too scared to go intruder. So I think she is lucky Jenny was brutally attacked by an

to be alive. It she returned won and yesterday with her girls aged just

screwdriver. She fought him

helped. ran to tradesmen next door for are next happened and someone had into the house. brought them into the house. One husband Andrew rush

a black eyes with a swollen face and the money. be random and we have no as to neighbours' doors, terrified this will be working from home, I Chloe who's outside the home in Cromer. intruder? Chloe what do police know about the The description police have is appearance. he is Middle-Eastern or islander Detectives are concerned he will anyone with any information The wait is almost over, when they're going to the General in the morning to getting in starter's gun for the tomorrow? Are you calling the election expected to drive through August election, either the will be won or lost The opposition leader believes a major issue will be the way Kevin Rudd was toppled minister, but he deserved Gillard started station. The Prime Minister Gillard it wraps Rudd still lingering. Question is believed Kevin Rudd agreed to. I am discussions confidential. I had June 23rd. It was a from his temple stock today, he will serve as a senior minister. her shoulder. Labor Party probably is a lot of optimism in crucial. Julia camp commander campaign could

made some silly campaign the in the last election. We are in for a few exciting few weeks. people, six of them children. wrong side of several times. The group was on it's way home from the snow Need to risks There was a close call Kristina Keneally stranded in the middle of a busy

major highway. Fortified minutes of driving down dusty side-streets later, stopped, all times, but at the point we were other side is work -- why ride was worth the effort. figures will next year. Many Western museums figures will be coming to Sydney

the lucky ones. It caps of for 6-day tour of China. She will return to Sydney Police have This man is no stranger to police police chase, he found himself charged with Valium pills. There are laws laws. officers failed to observe those the driver of the speeding the eastern last year. assessment by the other than heavy-handed us. assessment by the police officers,

inadmissible. We know The police did not whether he had a not. And no comment. Robin more salt into the ordered salt into the wind, the magistrate

ordered the police service to pay 21 years for a shocking described by 21 years for a shocking crime

caught on security student and he repeatedly raped a young Chinese

storey balcony year old was on an ice binge the salary cap scandal. Danny Orr Smith had plenty to say? certainly did. He was asked direct question about the 2007 and they had been cleared. just said absolutely. He also said

and everything they have were still angry about a management

games. And he said it they were thinking about boycotting

the NRA and that now. and that is what we need to look at pleased the investigation administration are happy the

rebuild the club. And Alan who manages him, says he expects Brisbane the offer from Inglis from the

table next She is known for injured during a concert in Germany. She was strapped in a harness was supposed to lift crowds, but it right tear into a hospital where her the and this together in Remind me, how does that go again? Williams and in 1995 at the peak of But because Brits more. Robbie Williams solo career got off to a great big in years have As years have not been all that good. go back because his last and went go back because his last album came

not make the being absorbed back into the old

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morning and morning and puts on her it's not just makeup. an amazingly realistic an amazingly realistic silicon mask, made

11 years ago, Chrissie half of very naturally since, this Chrissie is about to get Chrissie is about to get a brand new create the natural floors of human skin. there we have been happier. The was exciting. All I was smile because I felt like everybody was seeing me again. But there was seen Chrissie ever known her natural beauty is New speed cameras hit Sydney streets on Monday, with the ability numbers than ever before - with government making Our story begins one of these, is it to drivers can stray over the speed limit, km/h. We went to three streets. After just eight using the

we discover three drivers exceeding the 50 readings just but fast enough to be but fast enough to be bought. And you wave of mobile cameras hit the streets next If they find a speeding drivers at the government is the government is set to make thousands

nothing about more revenue from fines this year than There is some expectation that at he might. His new cameras

There are a speed limit they are fined and points are going. the Gulf the Gulf of Mexico, BP's oil spill has there's a the cap holds.

the cap holds. It hopefully brings to an end the worst oil The remains The remains of a ship from the 1700s Centre in New York. It's believed it was Manhattan Island into Manhattan Island into the Hudson River. September 11

Sport is anyone stop anyone stop the Dragons? Souths will we'll cross of the Tour de head. A blond Australian takes his first start at

for the Rabbitohs. see the Bunnies to the best of their ability, they are certainly them off. them off. What a way to kick off the enough to

improve tonight? Last week, we in front, nothing, and night to grab the opportunities? I think we have to. take them. Are you expecting Mark for a The great start to our rivalry round, we kick it off contact sport, but Aussie Renshaw changed Tour De Tour De France overnight. Renshaw has been kicked out during the sprint to Here is proof using your head bizarre attack on creating controversy. he had no option after he crowded for room. If I didn't my crowded for room. If I didn't use keep the weight coming, would have resulted in Crenshaw's final act in A promising start for Tiger Woods

outfit brightened the But it gun Rory Michael

in Open history. go to comparisons with transit. And Kelly Slater missed his heat but the 9 campaign at he opened his Billabong Pro

looking dangerous. weekend weather. Amelia Adams is next with the

Coming up on WIN News... Coming up on WIN News... More

Canberra homes inspected amid

overpopulation concerns, overpopulation concerns, Hundreds of

uni graduates mark the start of uni graduates mark the start of the

next chapter, And, an emotional farewell for farewell for former Capitals farewell for former Capitals Captain Kellie Abrams.

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a good parmagiana at the pub You used to be only able to enjoy

enjoy a pub-style parma at home. but with McCain you can now Or somewhere else. We're in for a gorgeous winter

a trough will deliver some wet weather next Melbourne, Adelaide chance of a 18 in - more

For our west - dropping to just showers arrive. 3 to On the ski arrived just in "white stuff" pick up pick up a copy of "Best keen to kitchen, why cooking schools. Get out to Stroud rolling pin You could You could try paddle-boarding at Port Stephens or spend a weekend at Port The brake and a rolling competition. For more Sydney news, follow

... A Canberra driver' s deep

remorse after a fatal car accident,

All eyes on the Prime Minister All eyes on the Prime Minister ahead

of an expected Election

announcement. And, tomorrow' s

leaders celebrate the start of

leaders celebrate the start of their

next chapter in the Capital. next chapter in the Capital. Good

evening, I' m Jessica Good, A evening, I' m Jessica Good, A

twenty-five-year-old Canberra man

facing court over a car crash which facing court over a car crash

claimed the lives of two friends claimed the lives of two friends

believes he doesn' t deserve to believes he doesn' t deserve to

live. Owen Patrick Creighton was

driving more than fifty kilometres driving more than fifty

over the speed limit when he lost

control of his vehicle. It was just

after one o' clock on a Sunday control of his vehicle. It was just

morning in March last year when morning in March last year when

tragedy struck along Clift Crescent