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(generated from captions) No. No use me mucking around. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Janine, you've won $50,000. I knew everything. Wow! I told the kids (LAUGHS) I do it all the time. Can you believe it?

what did you say? Janine, over the cheering,

I knew everything." I said, "I told the kids

Ah! (LAUGHS) You know enough to win $50,000! Janine's got the cash. Oh, my! (LAUGHS) Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is now his brother's spoke to Nine News police have no why Julia Gillard will go to the police have no case. Also tonight,

the right moments Nine News talk to John Evans It is

Into 0.5 old will have to Into 0.5 hours' time, beat 22-year-

conditions. Heracles but was a lot of money. The head of family strayed posting bail fiancee. He the fiancee. He put his arm property on

But visibly upset that she is involved. With the airport on was conspiracy

there is a of there. So drop to the a photograph factsheet handed a fingerprint. The study were loaded it is not believe there

house at the time handed over. arrested at the airport, she says arresting her. his lawyer told the pregnant, a part-time model, and

behind She does have a powerful family

The strain is adding to than but

Leader Tony stop from friends from stallholders will fruits of steering the

announced that Budget time. Government's economic Australia would return to in the 2012 surplus would be $3.1 billion, 2 billion That means

promises. revenue it for long-term election of Labor Forster his promises for both

tax row, or cost a $39.5 Meanwhile as an Australian patrol sailor that was concerned that the policy of turning boats back might encourage it sabotage encourage it asylum seekers to personnel at bashing three

from Blakehurst hit on are the bottle of morning, the right including

off the road and got was just sat to stave. The 43-year-old forest day when the big adventures turn sour.

one wrong turn and they A weather what the children to get cold or wet. The bus lane the middle of the day. You can only trio managed turning the heat around throughout the night. crews directly to them. there are signs that lead and SES there are signs that lead

up and hug them. We were very happy to see them. If not as happy as

in at star make it in a attack. The boy of teenagers attack. The boy approached a group

clutching a stab wound. He has been woman who's accused of ploughing is being questioned by police. A her car into an expectant mum on

baby has time. But not once baby has faced court for the first

shattered. Fleeing the court the woman who's life has been

not Justine? Justine Hampson says she's driving that day? For almost to see the driver behind the wheel - today she got everybody's Now I won't be sort of looking at everybody's face when I shops. She didn't was A heavily pregnant Brodie Donegan road at morning, when its ploughed into she was high on a cocktail prescription drugs methadone. Brodie, 32 weeks she'd already been Brodie and her fiance, she'd already been named Zoe.

more serious charges, murder manslaughter - their baby. Today win - the district court - where, if greater. convicted the punishment can be Which unfortunately they would not have been able to do had it held here Our daughter

A third tape has talk firing line are of the late-night would thought that Mel's lethal weapon Heartbeat p has had lowered containment cap over another race Latino community after Gibson used

A global accused of covering up the risk one of its most popular The diabetes tens of thousands of lives come under scrutiny for putting Dale Mills read that

it's fair I it's fair to say he was concerned. stopping, and if I had stayed on Avandia from then until you could Avandia's safety for some time. Now a inquiry's been covered up manufacturer inquiry's been told it's

back covered up negative reports dating email seen by the enquiry said, "The data should not of "The data should not see the light in the world. Last year it is the fourth biggest drug company

than billion, and it's profited more than $800 million We believe behind the As early as tomorrow though - it could be banned in the it would disappear from Australian

to prescribe it. Greg Fulcher's one of them. I think you just have to - that first do The assumption that because a medicine is be as your very

gusts of a bumpy ride. It was ideal for fresh snow. If on the mountain it will not who told you last night about the man closure and Tonight we had had

him today at length, but we're still Newman, crocodile to the fact it was late on a pitch back Enclosure, he pushed ahead with his excellent to the fence, and I'll look for the fence fence and I've seen these two crocodiles. I named one of the crocodile's mode staff forced was talking to them through clearly belonged with with the the back of the other that the crocodile then beat him the leg. Or I am shouted at him to let go. his mouth and let special God he looks after drugs where is Knight

was a wiser man Gasnier and alligator again. A Coming up, how up the do damage were used magic of his neon eyes

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After putting a will begin testing the new Penfold has visited the region and are far from over. You're looking That's how They're paying damages to the big seafood such as CJ hire business evaporated no-one wants Imagine one of Imagine one of Australia's most popular middle of the summer looking The mayor of Orange Beach Kennon is demanding $800 million from BP. It's as far as you can We'd have 75- We'd have 75- to 100,000 people here clean-up crews are locals all hired last count clean-up crews just the top It's everywhere. So far BP has handed out more than $200 million.

It's going money too. the month of banned most workers are also asking

Alabama. It's been a proud day for she watched her fiance Bloom pick up Bloom pick up an honorary university Hollywood star said to receive the degree from the University of Kent in his of Canterbury. From snow - to and Disney the hot new trends winter. Natalie Gruzlewski is at Acer Arena - That's right, rinks have been town since the Winter Olympics - but for sheer extravagance spectacle, there's the professionals in Disney Ice.' Cartoon around on ice skates might child, it's magic. from 11 different create all the Disney from Snow and the Pirates of the

performances in Sydney hours just to pump in all then another three days to

best seat the lights go down and the come out, some fresh faces to reflect

collection. A lucky few will strut the catwalk alongside strut the catwalk alongside Myer regulars - they went $3.2 Cadel's Tour old day

It's great playing in front of a home crowd... It's amazing. You walk out there... ..and there's this huge roar... ..and you're filled with pride

'cause you know they're cheering for you. When you're the local team and the home crowd's behind you...'s amazing what you can achieve. VOICEOVER: Actew AGL knows the importance of local support. That's why we're your local team, getting behind not just our big stars but our entire community. The report salary cap rort was delayed again today, have breached have breached the have breached the cap by $3.2 million Their battle now star roster. League reporter Danny Weidler. Melbourne Storm. This trophy says

legitimate because it is funded by been an

the Northern roster? They had 36 players but worried about the big four players - Melbourne Storm think

those players. We think we can manage - those big four players will take approached the officials of

tears, his Tour de new race leader. Today was The Australian went into the day later, he'd team taking him

small fracture in nothing was it has sure hit home. champion broke down after today's racing, the reality his tour Cadel right now going through the mental turmoil. bowlers will have

Pakistan's effort if we're to get back into The Aussies finished day nine for two hundred and 7 for 52 in conditions Fletcher, Nine of fight in the

Shattering. To finance, and consumer highest level makes an interest rate rise next month more likely. In the All Ords finished the day higher Aussie dollar is buying Aussie dollar is buying 88 point 37 US weather. And it's a cool night Acer Arena? It's very chilly here, Pete. action on the with the

Coming up on WIN News... Local

politicians use Bastille Day to politicians use Bastille Day to push for closer ties with a French for closer ties with a French city.

And, the campaign to bring more And, the campaign to bring more AFL

games to Canberra receives a games to Canberra receives a major boost.

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Plenty of action down here tonight - some of the world's best will be carving up the of Disney's biggest shows over the next worth checking worth checking out. Weatherwise, a cool the city On the chart a weak front moving with up

to lace up more Sydney news, follow Nine News Peter Overton good evening.

winds. Tonight ... A Canberra winds. Tonight ... A Canberra women

and two children found safe after

spending the night in bushland. spending the night in bushland. The

Canberra scientist aiming to bring Canberra scientist aiming to bring

new hope to cancer sufferers.

And...Viva La France - The push for And...Viva La France - The push for

a new sister city relationship. a new sister city relationship. Good

evening, I' m Jessica Good. A evening, I' m Jessica Good. A

frantic overnight search through

mountainous terrain and freezing

conditions, has ended well. A woman conditions, has ended well. A woman

and two children, reported and two children, reported missing

in the Blue Mountains area late in the Blue Mountains area late last

night, have been found safe and in night, have been found safe and in

good health. The forty-three-year-old Canberra forty-three-year-old Canberra woman,

her eight-year-old niece and

her eight-year-old niece and nine-

year-old nephew, were located by a

ground search team just after ten-th search team just after ground search team just after ten-thirty this morning. Their car ten-thirty this morning. Their car