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how to overhaul your winter

wardrobe on a tiny budget.

The Exclusive Brethren are at it

again. The secretive religion group

has a habit of buying up land in

Australian suburbs and compounds to

hold their mysterious services, and

the latest venture has sparked the latest venture has sparked an

all-out revolt from the protenial

buyers. Here's a look at the

Exclusive Brethren.

What you're watching is so

secretive and exclusive, it's never been

been filmed before. secretive and exclusive, it's never

The signs say that the public is

welcome, but in reality, rarely does

does the public get beyond these

gates. does the public get beyond these gates.

Extremely guarded, extremely

wealthy, and rapidly expanding.

We're inside the Exclusive Brethren.

They're the mysterious religious

sect buying up land and moving in.

Raise ray They're bringing nothing

to the community except themselves and segregating themselves and

locking themselves away. It looks

like it will be a prison there.

With nine-foot high fences around

it. We didn't want that. With nine-foot high fences around

it. We didn't want that. Labelled a

cult, a controversial religion, the

Exclusive Brethren has a chequored

Exclusive Brethren has a chequored

past. Get off. What do you think

you're doing? Who are you and where

are you from? Armed with hidden

cameras, A Current Affair, has, for

the first tile, infiltrated a

Exclusive Brethren com$$RAISE And

access is normally by access is normally by birth right Exclusive Brethren com$$RAISE And

only. In here, there are no phones, no watches and certainly

no watches and certainly no cameras.

What brought us here is the

Exclusive Brethren's intent to

expand their congregation to a

bigger facility. This $6 million

block of land in a quiet enclave in

Brisbane's east. What they plan to

build here is of publical poprorgs

portions. Over 300 car

portions. Over 300 car parks, 50

toilets and at least four homes as

well. That's not what you want in

the area? Local residents think

that it is an unholy disaster.

Here's a Convention Centre, for

want of a better word with 300 car

parks. Land value down the toilet.

Traffic galore. This is a

residential area. It's the size of the structure, the amount

the structure, the amount of

traffic, the volume of traffic that

they will bring to our

neighbourhood at my back door.

blockade. Kirsten Bennet, it is leading the

Kirsten Bennet, it is leading the

blockade. They want to bring a

large Convention Centre and place

it amongst other residential

housing. It is not fitting with

what we already have here, and

that's the concern. I should be

ashamed of themselves. -- they

into the should be ashamed of themself. Born

into the Exclusive Brethren, Brenda

Williams found out the hard way

when she broke free. They see

everybody else as outsiders, no

good, below par and not going to

heaven. The hell with that say

their potential new neighbours.

They haven't treated us and our

community with the respect that we

deserve. This is what they'll be

faced with - a convoy of vehicles

carrying hundreds of Exclusive

Brethren believers at all times

Brethren believers at all times of

the day and night. the day and night. Brethren believers at all times of

This is not something that you want

over your back fence? No,

definitely not. Les will border

their new hub. Not very happy. When

I bought here, I never, ever

expected to have like a Convention

Centre in my backyard with 300 car

parks, most of which the car parks

will be basically up towards my

fenceline. It's no secret that the

Exclusive Brethren have made a

habit of buying up land in quiet

communities and developing them

into enormous places of worship.

And it is often done with little

regard for surrounding residents.

Protect the valley. Protect the valley. The

valley. The picturesque valley here

on the NSW Central Coast is also

fighting a Exclusive Brethren

invasion, as reporter Damian Murphy

discovered in April. A huge car

park, the size of a shopping mall,

will go there. And then you'll have

an enormous building that will take

850 people. A windowless building.

They're continuing their blockade,

Melbourne's fringes, but in condition diamond Creek on

Melbourne's fringes, residents have

lost their battle to keep the

Exclusive Brethren out. There's

black chains around the thing.

They've got a guard on the gate.

And no Tom, Dick or Harry is

invited. We approached them for an

interview, but they declined.

they: Instead, in an e-mail response

community. We don't see any benefit to the

Those residents have vowed to

continue the fight against the