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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. A silent killer. thousands of Australians every year. The epidemic affecting So what isn't it front page news? it's top of our agenda. This morning on Sunrise, Man-hunt. Queensland police search for a thief at gunpoint. who threatened two women We're live with the latest. And secret men's business.

the incision yet. I haven't even made a little bit of pulling. Now you're going to feel or smell some burning flesh You may see some sparks is completely normal. but all of that about getting the snip. What every bloke needs to know live from Queensland Sunrise on Seven with Kochie and Mel at Brekky Central.

That was a rather graphic beginning. a special edition. Hello, and welcome to Kochie is in Brisbane this morning the Small Business Summit. after a big night at

How did it go? I am keeping from far

away from you as possible if you are

talking about the snip today. I had

a great night, I am inspired by the

passion of Australian small business

owners. Oh! Let me tell you. There

is this business called Biddy Bags

and there is a lovely lady, Samantha

wanted to crochet herself a bag,

didn't know how to knit, went next

door to her elderly neighbour and

said can you teach me to knit and

now they have business with 20

knitting everything from iPad covers

to tea cozies to wash cloth bags and

they are just great stories. We will

bring you a few of those inspiring

stories and the passion of

Australian business throughout the

show today. Look forward to it. You

sound cold by the way, we will let

you jump around for a few minutes.

It's Brisbane, it's beautiful. Okay!

Here is Nat with the news. Good morning. car-jacking is at large A gunman wanted over a Queensland north of Brisbane. after escaping a police net police shut down several streets Last night, after the suspect was spotted to stay indoors. and warned residents But he escaped. two women who stopped to help Earlier, the man threatened into a car at Caboolture yesterday. after he crashed his motorbike I was terrified. he was gonna shoot one of us. I honestly feared tall with a slim build, He's described as aged in his 40s, wearing black motorcycle leathers. anyone who sees him Police are warning

to call 000 or Crime Stoppers.

East Timor a more concrete proposal Julia Gillard is promising leaders seemed to criticise after the impoverished country's her asylum seekers' solution. last night, The Prime Minister flew into Perth consult Australia's neighbour rejecting claims she didn't properly for a regional processing centre. before revealing her idea with the President of East Timor I'd said that I'd had a conversation in dialogue with the region. and we would be involved

any other country. MAN: But you never mentioned Absolutely agreeing with you. its toughest election test in WA Labor is facing over the mining tax. where there's still anger to consult with smaller companies, Ms Gillard last night promised for a revised rent tax. left out of her deal $30 million drug-importing syndicate An Australian man linked to a from Bali. is this morning being extradited at Denpasar Airport last night Timothy Lee boarded a Qantas plane

under police escort. was charged in January The 44-year-old of prohibited drugs with supplying a commercial quantity the proceeds of crime. and dealing with turned down huge international deals Dannii Minogue is believed to have following the birth of her son. for picture and interview exclusives Ethan Edward Smith Tight security is surrounding Melbourne's Royal Women's Hospital who was expected to check out of with his famous mum yesterday. to derail plans for a home birth. Complications forced her for them to depart the hospital There probably may not be a plan even before the weekend. and everything's going really well. Mother and baby are bonding for their support via Twitter. Father Kris Smith has thanked fans famous Running of the Bulls in Spain An Australian man injured in the 18-year-old Nicholas Ward. has been named as a serious condition in hospital The Melbourne teenager is in after being trampled on Wednesday. with three fractured vertebrae with his parents and sister, He had been on holiday in Europe who are by his bedside. were left with serious injuries Today two people taken to hospital and at least five others on the second run of the festival. in Taiwan's parliament. A brawl has broken out threw punches Furious politicians hurled abuse, during the raucous. and even a few rubbish bins The chaos erupted to debate a trade pact with China. after the speaker rejected plans After a few heated minutes, up and got on with the job, the politicians cleaned themselves a little worse for wear.

Well, it is a lot quieter on

financial markets overnight.

Another great night. European

markets were very solid today. Look,

yesterday's booming Wall Street,

went through to our region.

Look, both our indexes around the

100-point gains, buoyed by the good

job figures as well.

Well, I am at the small business

summit dinner last night. Wayne

Swann the Treasurer was there,

grinning like a chaigser cat after

employment soared by 45,000 jobs in June. employment rose. Both full-time and part-time

Craig James is at CommSec.

They were great figures, were you

expecting the jobs market to be that

strong? Will it put inflationary

pressure on wages? No-one is

expecting a result that high. I

think the highest expectation was

for a rise of around 25,000. So

certain lee it blew away all economists. certain lee it blew away all

economists.Forecasts. It was a

wonderful result, up 45,000 in one

month. The other good news is job

ads are continuing to rise so

employers are looking for staff. If

the job market is tightening it

could push up wages but our

working-age population is increasing

by 45,000 each month. So we do need

to see gains of this order of

magnitude. There is plenty of people

coming into the workforce. The own

only concern of inflation, if the

number of people dry up, employers

have to bid up wages to get staff on

board and put up prices. We are not

at that point yet but it is

something we have got to watch down

the track. Okay, Craig, thank

the track. Okay, Craig, thank you

much very, have a great weekend. I

hope your Saints' boys do well. Time

for sport and Simon has come in from

the cold. Thank you, Kochie, you are

out there now. Mick Malthouse has labelled Harry O'Brien a future Collingwood captain

ahead of tonight's clash with Port Adelaide. The star defender will play his 100th senior game at AAMI Stadium tonight, as the Magpies look to inflict the Power's eighth straight defeat. Malthouse has dumped struggling forward Leon Davis in favour of the wonderfully named Steele Sidebottom. Travis Boak replaces the suspended Chad Cornes for Port Adelaide. Queensland Origin star Nate Myles will be assessed by Roosters medical staff today

as he battles to overcome a hip injury for tonight's local derby against South Sydney. Star back rowers Michael Crocker and Eddy Pettybourne

return from injury for the Rabbitohs. In tonight's other clash, Gold Coast co-captain Scott Prince has overcome a hamstring injury for the Titans' clash with the Wests Tigers. Mark Cavendish has roared back to form at the Tour de France with an emotional victory in stage five overnight. Given an ideal lead-out by Aussie team-mate Mark Renshaw, 'The Manx Missile', exploded away from his rivals for an emphatic victory. The overall standings were unchanged

with Fabian Cancellara retaining the leader's yellow jersey and Cadel Evans holding on to third. One of the biggest soap operas in American sporting history will finally be resolved today when NBA superstar Lebron James reveals where he'll be playing next season. Such is the hype around Lebron's future destination, his decision is the focus of a 1-hour TV special around the US today. On ESPN. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale is now on. It has to be Beacon. Later this hour - the expert advice

to help you succeed in a small business. And then, catching a killer decades after their crime.

See the new technology helping police. But next, sex selection shock. The Aussie woman willing to travel to Thailand to choose the sex of her unborn child, when Sunrise continues.

Look! A pea. (GIGGLES) Grandad, real peas come from the freezer. But this is where they start out. McCain freezes them fresh to lock in the flavour. Mmm. They're good. They're all good, sweetie. Ah've done it again! (WHISTLE PLAYS McDONALD'S THEME) A Melbourne woman is going to Thailand for IVF so she can choose the sex of her baby. The 36-year-old already has three sons and wants a daughter. Our Melbourne correspondent, Nuala Hafner, joins us now. Nuala, why isn't this woman undergoing IVF treatment in Australia?

Thailand is a long way to go? Yes,

good morning guys, an expensive

thing for her as well. She does have

an IVF specialist with whom she has

been treated, some of the

preparation work has been done here

but the actual separation of embryos

into male and female and the

implantation is being done in

Thailand. The only time the PGD is

allowed in Australia is if there is

a risk of a birth defect, there is a

problem the parents have. But not

this type of family balancing or sex

selection is not allowed. There is

apparently going to be a review but

it is being held off until 2012 and

she can't wait. She is 36, she has

got three beautiful boys and her

body clock is ticking. She said she

just really wants a girl and is kind

of willing to do anything she has to

to get one. Yes, and this all will

spark conversation about changes to

our laws, Nuala? Because she is

saying it should happen? That's

right, she doesn't believe in a

blanket lift of the rules but a case

by case rr scenario. So the doctors

and stpelgsests look att at the

family, the family make-up, how many

children of one sex they have and

case-by-case decide how to

case-by-case decide how to ban should be lifted. She feels dirty

and illegal she can't talk openly

about it and feels cland stein going

about it in this way? Dlut but the

flip side, do we choose their

height, eye colour? How good looking

they are. Did see a very emoteive

discussion. You have people like

this woman and her husband who say

we have the technology, why not use

it to help us give what we really

want, and the other side saying, " want, and the other side saying,

"Let nature take its course", Thank

you for the update, Nuala. What do

you reckon, Kochie, I feel like I

can't comment because I have one of

each. But having said that, I

thought I was going to have a boy

second time around and I am cool. We

know a family that has six girls.

One assumes they kept trying until

they got a boy and they never did.

But isn't that life? Nuala said they

want the law change, but

selectively, you know, not a blanket

lifting in the law, probably as long

as it includes them. And they just

really, really want a girl. Well, we

really, really want a lot of things

in life and sometimes we can't.

in life and sometimes we can't she

has got three great kids already. It

is not like going and buying a car

and saying, "

and saying, "I will just have a blue

one or a silver one." I

one or a silver one." I I don't

know, maybe I am harsh and out of

touch with it but I don't think

touch with it but I don't think we should be fiddling with it. As the

mother of a one-sex family, having

two boys, it is one of the most

common questions you get: do you

want to try for want to try

want to

want to try for the other sex but

like Mel said until you are in the

position you don't know. But I

position you don't know. But I think it is a gift, we didn't get to

choose, any healthy child you are so

lucky to have. But I can relate to

her too. Yes, I think just because

the technology is there doesn't

the technology is there doesn't mean it is necessarily you should use. If

there is a medical condition, a

chrome zoneling defect, if you have

a boy with a serious medical

condition it is a problem. You would

want to employ this technology. But

I kind of agree with both of you

guys. Also, it sets up something in

the longer term where the other

sibling, do they become jealous of

their sister? Knowing mum and dad

wanted a daughter so much? You know,

look there is so much moral and

ethical issues here. I agree. My son

came up to me yesterday, Kochie you

will giggle, point blank in the

kitchen we were making dinner and said, "

said, "I'm your favourite? Aren't I?

said, "I'm your favourite? Aren't

I?." They tried that old one. I have

got two. I said

got two. I said, "

got two. I said, "Do you have a

favourite parent." And he said, " favourite parent." And he said,

"Yeah." That's what I keep saying to Lib, " "Yeah." That's what I keep saying to

Lib, "

Lib, "I am your favourite." And And

the answer? There isn't one, we will

leave it there. Talk to you shortly

from very lovely Brisbane. Shortly, the fresh scandal rocking the French President. And later, the epidemic too many Australians are choosing to ignore. But next, you've probably heard about Paul the octopus -

he's the 8-legged beast picking the World Cup winners, and getting them all right. Now, meet Mani the parrot. He also has a 100% hit rate. And his secret to success is coming up on Sunrise. What's Making News brought to you by Beacon Lighting.

Save on thousands orphitems during

the stocktake sale, on now. It has to be Beacon. Making news, Paul the octopus. You may have heard about him during the World Cup.

He's the 8-legged beast picking the winners and getting them all right. But Paul has a rival, Mani the parrot. He's from Singapore, and he also has a 100% hit rate. Plus, Mani has already made his selection, picking the Netherlands. We're still waiting on Paul. It's one way to bet. Also making news this morning - Julia Gillard's change of tune on East Timor. The PM has retreated from a plan to build an asylum seeker processing centre there. She says she was never committed to it, which has made it fodder for the headline writers. Brisbane's 'Courier-Mail' calls it "Fantasy Island". So how does the Prime Minister move on from here?

Kochie, she sort of said it, but

said she didn't concrete say it

and... Yeah, a bit of flipping

round. It is a harsh lesson for politicians, and particularly

leadvers to learn, don't they? You

just can't roley say things like

that -- really say things like that

until all the detail is fixed up and

you have spoken to the people

involved. She spoke to Jose Ramos

Horta, one of the founding fathers

of East Timor, he and juNonu guz

mour lead that, but East Timor have

moved on. They have a strong

opposition and have other parties

involved and you can't spring it on

a country like East Timor. She

needed to make more than one phone

call. Exactly right. And give them

time to talk it through instead of

saying, "

saying, "Mate, it you put up a

detention centre." And then announce

it. Let us know your views. And a clip from 'Packed to the Rafters' is doing the rounds this morning. It's the one where Dave Rafter goes to hospital for a vasectomy. I haven't even made the incision yet. Now you're going to feel a little bit of pulling and you might also see some sparks or smell some burning flesh but all that is completely normal.

We do not want to reinforgs that, we

have had a kbig -- reinforce that.

We had a giggle. It got us thinking, how do men make the decision to have the snip?

Do they get nag under to it. I have

had a few friends who have had it

done, I haven't gone down the road.

There is a lot of leg crossing and

eyes watering. Is it a decision they

made on their own? Literally off

their own bat to go, "

their own bat to go, "Deal is done

here, happy with two in the bank or whatever, so

whatever, so snip away." They have

usually watched their wives or

partners have babies. To laugh at

that, which is so minor compared to

giving birth is a bit embarrassing.

Icht Don't give me that. Is Ask a

doctor. It is a pretty minor thing

to go through as a guy, a 20-minute

operation. And it is reversible.

Well, Lib and I had this debate

because she was on the pill,

virtually for most of... She is not

now but she used to be. Hang on, you

sure you want to go down

sure you want to go down this path

and give this much away. To regulate

her cycle. I thought what is the use

of both of us doing it, we don't

need double insurance. I got out of

it. We will send you something to

back yourself out, dig yourself out.

Lib is not awake yet but he will

stop talking at 7 o'clock. There

goes my phone: You go answer it. Coming up - how to get started in your own small business. And then, the DNA breakthroughs helping police solve cold cases.

But next, this morning's news, sport and weather. This is Sunrise on Seven.

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I didn't know that. Wow. These are

great, these little tips. We could

have a team aerobic session at 4am.

Perfect. Maybe not. Alright, thank you. Shortly - has the French President been caught out taking secret funding? But first it's over to Nat for the 6:30 update. Good morning. Queensland police say

a car-jacking suspect on the run north of Brisbane is armed and dangerous. He was spotted in Caboolture last night but escaped a police net as residents were ordered inside. We believe that he may be in posession of a firearm but having said that, we've got no confirmation of that but we're treating this situation as reasonably serious and dangerous. The man described as aged in his 40s, tall and slim, threatened two women at gunpoint yesterday, forcing them from their car after they stopped to help him after his motorcycle crashed. And we'll go to live to our correspondent in Queensland, Michelle Tapper. She'll have the latest on that man-hunt. Julia Gillard says her idea for a regional processing centre for asylum seekers is old but she's determined to pursue it. East Timor's leaders have expressed doubts, saying there's no concrete proposal, but they'll consider it when there is one. We have not even received a letter or a meeting with Australian Ambassador or anyone from Canberra. Ms Gillard says she never named East Timor as her preferred site. As her boat people plan sinks, the PM has flown into WA but won't say if she'll meet with the state's Premier who's still refusing to sign up to Canberra's hospital reforms. She says it takes two to tango. We'll certainly be able to pursue a conversation. I can't promise to people that we'll be tangoing around. Ms Gillard is also facing criticism from the west's small miners over her deal with the big companies for a resources rent tax. A Sydney man has been charged with murder

following the death of a man in hospital. The 35-year-old victim was found unconscious in a south-western Sydney creek on Wednesday morning. He'd been bashed, tied up and thrown in the water. He was rushed to hospital but died yesterday. A 47-year-old man was arrested at a nearby house and charged with attempted murder. That charge has since been upgraded. He'll face court later today. A fierce storm has lashed Perth with gale force winds bringing down trees and crushing a house, briefly trapping a man under the rubble. Wild weather broke the city's winter drought but most of the damage has been minor. Many suburbs are still cleaning up from the March hail storm that caused more than a billion dollars worth of damage. A severe weather warning has been issued for much of the state's south-west. The Governor-General has opened a Sydney artist's thinking room, packing a timely political message. Brook Andrews' exhibit looks fun but has a serious meaning. Visitors have to don a special suit to enter 'The Cell', becoming an asylum seeker inmate. 'The Cell' may suggest entrapment and perhaps that's just what the artist wants us to experience. The Indigenous artist says 'The Cell' is meant to spark feelings of confinement and claustrophobia, like that experienced by outsiders. A gunman on the lose in the UK is making threats against the public. Raoul Moat has been on the run for six days after shooting his ex-girlfriend, killing her boyfriend and gunning down a police officer. Mr Moat has made threats towards the wider public. I want to stress we have the resources and the resilience to deal with this situation. Residents have been told to stay indoors.

Finance news now and another great

night on Wall Street.

Now, the Aussie dollar has been one

of the movers of the night. 87 and a

half US cents after those bumper job

figures yesterday which, there is a

view in the market that that is

showing an economy that is starting

to accelerate again, could put

pressure on official interest rates.

Time for sport now with Simon. Sunrise World Cup updates brought to you by Beaurepaires - who you turn to for tyres. Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk is embracing his side's underdog status in Monday morning's World Cup final against Spain. The star-studded Spaniards are heavy favourites for the decider but Van Marwijk is adamant his side won't be intimidated. It's the best football country in the world - for a few years. But we are not afraid. Vincente Del Bosque has pleaded with his players to stay focused. Collingwood has dumped out-of-form forward Leon Davis for tonight's clash with Port Adelaide at AAMI Stadium.

Travis Boak returns for the Power, who are trying to avoid their eigth straight loss.

Meantime, St Kilda has named Nick Riewoldt along with big-man Justin Koschitzke for tomorrow night's clash with Brisbane at the Gabba. Brendan Fevola returns from a groin injury for the Lions. Gold Coast co-captain Scott Prince will make his return from a hamstring injury in tonight's round 18 NRL clash against his old club the Wests Tigers at Campbelltown Stadium. Benji Marshall will play half-back for the Tigers after Robert Lui succumbed to a knee problem. In tonight's other match, South Sydney will be out to avenge its round one loss to cross-town rivals the Sydney Roosters at the SFS. Journeyman American golfer Paul Goydos

has made US PGA Tour history this morning by becoming just the fourth player to break the magical 60 barrier. The 46-year-old fired a 12-under par round of 59

Bogey free of 59. in the opening round of the John Deere Classic in Illinois. Aussie Matt Jones is tied for second after a 7-under 64. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale is now on.

It has to be Beacon. A high over the south-east is keeping Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia and much of the interior clear. A strong front is pushing into western parts of WA, bringing strong winds and rain. Rain developing on Tuesday.

Fine with a windy evening in Adelaide.

Showers with a possible storm in Perth.

Alright, got a joke for us?

Absolutely, I have. Joke of the day

brought to you by TiVo, Nat, got

your paddles ready? Ready. It is

from Silvia Hackett from Foresters

Beach. A woman is jumping naked on

her bed and squealing with delight.

Her husband watches her and said, " Her husband watches her and said,

"Do you have any idea how ridiculous

you look, what is wrong with you." She said, "

She said, "I don't care what you

think not only I am healthy but I

have the breasts of an 18-year-old." And he said, "

And he said, "What did he say about

your 42-year-old bum." And she your 42-year-old bum." And she said, your 42-year-old bum." And she said,

"He didn't ask after you at all." A

two, don't know if you can see.

Silvia, a joke book is coming your

way. Thank you for sending in the

joke. He will love it. Later - advice for blokes on getting the snip. But next, the secrets to small business success. And the probe into the French President's financial affairs.

We'll find out why he's in strife, right after this.

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Five new co-hosts. One big week. The Morning Show, starting Monday. There's Melbourne through the Jetstar Skycam. Mostly sunny and 15 today.

I am in Brisbane, a beautiful

morning. Last night was the national

small business summit, a celebration

of small business throughout the

country. Earlier this year,

we asked you to nominate the unsung heroes of small business - the places offering excellent products and services who are exceptional employers, and are an important part of their local community.

We had literally hundreds of

entrants saying thank you? entrants saying thank you for

celebrating the success of your small local business. Last night, the winner was revealed. Back in 1982, when John Muldoon started installing solar panels people thought he was mad. But today,

Remember, this was back in '82, we

weren't nearly as green as we were

today. But

today. But today the company he

runwise his son and daughter, the

Solar Guys has just had its first

million-dollar week. What can other

people learn from this bloke. Good

morning, John and congratulations.

Look, it has been a tough road, as I

was saying, back in 1982, solar

panels weren't trendy, the products

weren't as good as they were today.

What was the secret of hanging in

there? Just the real passion for

solar, right from day one, I felt

that I kaonlt understand why we were

getting our power from coal-fired

power stations when we were in the

sunniest country on the planet. It

just led me to believe that

eventually the products would catch

up with what we were trying to

achieve. But it was a big risk,

wasn't it? You had to have a lot of

patience through those times when

maybe the product wasn't as good as

you thought it could be? Definitely

had a lot of product problems in the

early days. The manufacturers were

just learning how to manufacture the

products they were supplying.

products they were supplying. And they were making a lat of mistakes.

We just felt that as long as we

purseceive veered. We just work --

persevered. We worked on the side of

the customer, at times it felt we

were in cahoots with our customer

against the manufacturer. Because we

felt the customer deserved to get

the right product, even if the

manufacturer wasn't able to supply

it. When you look back after all

those years in the business,

everyone dreams of being their own

boss and setting up a business like

your own, what is the No.1 tip you

can give to people who want to have

go at their own business some some

Definitely a long-term view,

enormous persistence and surround

yourself with really good people. I

think you attract the people that

have have a similar frame of mind to

yourself. I think to me, although it

seems to be old fashioned, that

ethics in business is a really

important issue. So if you treat the

customer as someone who should get

what they're purchasing, I think it

makes it a lot easier in the long

term. Well, look, it is a wonderful

story. It is a wonderful success

story. I know you do so much if your

local community, which a lot of you

were customers and employees

were customers and employees pointed outside to us when they nominated

you. Congratulations and continued

success, thanks for joining us.

Thanks very much, I appreciate it.

It was so good last night. It was

fantastic. I was so inspired last

night. It was all the small

businesses dollar were just

terrific. As you know, we are big

supporters of small business here at

Sunrise through the Sunrise small

business register. We have 5500

businesses sign said up already.

For more details, or to sign your business up, head to the Sunrise website. Now here's Mel. What a


what great guy, it is what keeping

everything ticking aroundr long.

Thanks Kochie. A fresh scandal is brewing involving French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Last week, two of his ministers resigned over corruption claims. And an investigation has been launched into allegations his 2007 election campaign was funded by an heir to the L'Oreal fortune. To tell us more we're joined by foreign affairs editor Dr Keith Suter. Good morning. How serious is this?

This is like a soap opera, isn't it?

How serious is it It is very

serious. It began a few months ago

between a dispute with Madame

Bettencourt and her daughter, who

was suspicious of a gigolo trying to

get her mother's money. So that is

swun egue. As the police

investigationin' investigated where

does the woman spend $

does the woman spend $300 million a

year, they found secret bank

accounts overseas in Switzerland and

now there are allegations some of

the money has gone to pay

conservative French politicians and

most recently, the President himself

is alleged to have received some

payments from Madame Bettencourt.

She is generating a lot of work for

the French police force. Did I read

he was getting cash under the table

at a dinner party. She is a close

friend of the family. The

President's problem is he is dealing

with the biggest financial crisis in

France since the 1930s. We have got

problems in France, Portugal and

Greece. He is saying, I am trying to

solve this, don't bother me with the

scandal. I deny anything to do with

receiving money, you are wasting my

time. I have got to deal with the

financial crisis affecting trance.

It is not the first scandal he has

faced? Nat is the problem. Only last

week, at a time when the government

is saying we have got to cut back

and have austerity measures, they

are trying to increase the retirept

age from 60 to 62, work for longer,

less money. Then last week,

allegations about one politician, a

cabinet colleague who has

cabinet colleague who has spent thousands of dollars of taxpayers

money on sugars, another is on

luxury planes. This is completely

separate as a scandal. He is having

to lose some of his own ministers

over these scandals for misspending

taxpayers money. Now it is being

alleged he receiving the separate

payment from the richest woman in

France and the 17th richest woman

internationally. It is amazing. Plus

you have got the gigolo matter also

coming up for trial, this younger

man who is trying to get Madame

Bettencourt's money. The allegation

is she is not in full control of her

marvels, she is an older lady. So it

is consuming a lot of attention.

Meantime, the French economy is in crisis because of

crisis because of the global financial crisis. Did see like an

episode of 'Dallas'. And we get in a

dither over policy backflips here! Whooh! dither over policy backflips here!

Whooh!Atize nothing. Thank you for

your time. After the break - this morning's news, sport and weather. Then, the silent epidemic. Why isn't more being done? And, the scientific advances helping police solve crimes decades on.

This is Sunrise on Seven. lags behind technology leaders and it needs to change. and medical expertise. and work's already begun. than many of us experience today. and in ways we've only dreamed of. The National Broadband Network. To find out how it affects you, visit: what we do, what we earn, what we own, the people and things we're responsible for. VOICEOVER: If you weren't here to protect your family, and everyday living expenses? It's not an easy thing to think about, but with ING's EasyProtect Life insurance, you could help give them the financial security they'd need to carry on if the unexpected did happen. In the short term, EasyProtect Life makes it simple for you with cover from just $1 a day.

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Well, the singer, the diva really

almost escaped dearth. Why? She had

a hankering for over priced Japanese

food, in a luxury automobile

travelling with her husband in

London when she had a desire to stop

at the posh department store Harrods

and spend some of the hard-earned

cash. She is a wealthy entertainer.

When she was exiting the taxi cab a

car came from nowrr, smashing her

vehicle, leaving the car door off

the hinges and leaving her shaken.

Witnesses said it was a very close

call, centimetres could have kept

her in danger and maybe even loss of

life. Her fans would never have been

able to cope. But anyway, a second

vehicle was sent over as the couple

waited and they were transported to

a restaurant, I think it is called

Zuma. After some libation and stuff,

she started to relax, but man, it

was close! Glad she is okay, goodness! Moving on, and nominations for the Emmys have been released. Who are Aussies making the cut?

I fell in love with Toni Collette on

the big screen and now she is

entertaining and has been for a

while in the 'The United States of

Tara'. Last year in 2009, she picked

up an Emmy and now she will defend

it. She has been nominated as a lead

actress for a television series.

Rose Byrne, who was nominated

Rose Byrne, who was nominated once before gets her second Emmy

nomination for her work on the small

screen for 'Damages'. They will wave

the Australian flag. But the most

startling news, 24 nominations for

the project, 'Pacific', yes the Tom

Hanks and Stephen Spielberg epic

adventure that Channel Seven was

involved in. 27 is the lead for the

most number of Emmy nominations on

this new morning. Another exciting

thing for the new comer 'Glee', nay

are getting 19 Emmy nods. If you are

a fan of the high-school musical

style comedy, those cast members are

singing and dancing this morning.

They will be very chuffed, thank

you, good to talk to you. The

soapbox is ticking? The pros and

cons of having the snip. Lots of

people writing in. Justine said, " people writing in. Justine said, "My

husband had the snip, it was a quick

operation, the doctor let me watch,

besides giving birth it was the most

interesting thing I had seen." And bill, "

bill, "I get done, then spend a

relaxed couple of days on the lounge

being waited on and then being back

to work on light duties or the wife

gets done, look after the house,

look after the needs orpha wife and

bub for six weeks -- of a wife and

bub, what do you reckon I chose is

in." We are talking about busting

the myths around it,

the myths around it,? Kochie. That

is very funny but having your wife

come and have a look at it, it is

not quite like child birth is it?

No, it is easier. Oh! Don't start

this debate again, it is 7 o'clock.

Talk to you soon. Thank you. Yes,

take your companionship far too far.

Alright, still to come on Sunrise. A silent killer. The epidemic affecting thousands of Australians every year. So what isn't it front page news? This morning on Sunrise it's top of our agenda. Queensland police search for a thief who threatened two women at gunpoint. We're live with the latest. And secret men's business. I haven't even made the incision yet. Now, you're going to feel a little bit of pulling and you might also see some sparks or smell some burning flesh but all of that is completely normal. What every bloke needs to know about getting the snip. Sunrise on Seven with Kochie live from Queensland and Mel at Brekky Central. If you've just tuned in, Kochie is in Brisbane. And it was a big night at the Small Business Summit.

It was fantastic. A celebration of

small business supported by Sunrise

and to all the small businesses

opening up around Australia today,

hopefully you have a successful one

but right now it is time for news of

the day with Nat. Good morning. A gunman wanted over a terrifying car-jacking is on the run this morning after evading a major man-hunt in Caboolture, north of Brisbane.

Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper is following the story and joins me now. Good morning, Michelle. What's the latest?

Good morning, Nat, well please

police are still searching for the

gunman this morning. They believe he

is on foot and somewhere up in the

Caboolture region which is 45

minutes north of Brisbane. But it is

possible he may have stolen another

car or motorcycle to aid in his

escape. Now, last night, police were

searching for him and at one point

they cordoned off several streets in

qu baolture because it was believed

he was hiding in a nearby school and

residents were told to stay indoors

and lock up their homes because he

is considered armed and dangerous.

Yesterday morning he rammed a stolen

motorcycle into a car, several

wetnesses went to help him and when one said, "

one said, "Let's call the police

about the accident." He got

agitated. He car-jacked two women,

he pointed a shot gun at them and he was yelling, "

was yelling, "Get out of the car."

And they weren't going to argue. It

was found yesterday in a

burn-condition. Police don't have a

good description but he is tall, in

his 40s, slim, and a fit build

because he was wearing leathers and

a motorcycle helmet at the time. If

anyone has information, they want

them to call Crime Stoppers but

don't approach him because he is

considered armed and dangerous. That

the Nat. Thank you very much. Julia Gillard is promising East Timor a more concrete proposal after the impoverished country's leaders seemed to criticise her asylum seekers solution. The Prime Minister flew into Perth last night, rejecting claims she didn't properly consult Australia's neighbour before revealing her idea for a regional processing centre. I'd said that I'd had a conversation with the President of East Timor and we would be involved in dialogue with the region. MAN: But you never mentioned any other country. Absolutely agreeing with you. Labor is facing its toughest election test in WA where there's still anger over the mining tax. Ms Gillard last night promised

to consult with smaller companies, left out of her deal for a revised rent tax. It's been revealed a young Queensland mother suspected of shooting dead her baby son had no history of mental health problems. Jade Quilligan shot 8-month-old Anthony on Tuesday night before turning the gun on her ex-husband. Police are yet to confirm if the 22-year-old then shot herself dead before crashing a ute into a tree. The baby's father remains in a Rockhampton hospital in a stable condition. Cold weather is being blamed on another house fire that's destroyed a unit in Melbourne overnight. A bedroom on the third storey of the Ascot Vale block went up in flames, but firefighters managed to save the other units below as residents fled. Soon as I came out I saw, like, this huge smoke and I was like whoa - there must be some big fire. The fire was contained to that level although we did get fire extension

through the roof area to the neighbouring unit. It's believed an electric blanket set a mattress alight, sparking the blaze. A dramatic rescue has been shown live on Chinese TV

after a 7-year-old boy fell into a pipe. The young boy lost his footing in the dark and plunged down the hole.

Rescue workers attempted to lower a rope to the boy but his arms were trapped. They eventually used a chainsaw to break open the pipe. After 20 hours he was pulled to safety. Surprisingly, he suffered only a few cuts on his arms and legs. Australian actor Mel Gibson is being investigated following a domestic violence complaint.

He's accused of punching out his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva during an argument earlier this year. It follows claims of a sexist and racist rant during another domestic spat with the Russian singer, which she allegedly taped.

Finance news now and the Dow Jones

index had another great night index had another great night on Wall Street.

Strong night in Europe as well.

Given the big lead from Wall Street

this time yesterday, our region

followed suit. Good solid gains in

Asia. We are up around the 100 point

mark on both the major

mark on both the mage indices.

One of the big movers, the Aussie

dollar, 87 and three quarter

dollar, 87 and three quarter US cents after those fantastic

unemployment or employment figures

came out yesterday. Unemployment 5. came out yesterday. Unemployment

came out yesterday. Unemployment 5.1 per cent, that is half what it is in

most European and, countries. And

also compare would the US. Maybe

there could be mounting pressure,

the markets are saying, on our

interest rates. Time for sport now

with Simon. Thank you, Kochie, it is

close to your heart as well. Port Adelaide coach Mark Williams has reaffirmed his commitment to the Power ahead of tonight's encounter with Collingwood.

Williams is contracted for next year

but remains under intense pressure as the Power look to halt a 7-game losing skid. And he may be the oldest coach in the AFL but Mick Malthouse has proved he's tech savvy, by joining Twitter. I've been dragged out of the 19th Century, not the 20th, by my two daughters. Malthouse has dumped Leon Davis and recalled Steele Sidebottom. Queensland star Nate Myles will be assessed by the Roosters today as he battles to overcome a hip injury for tonight's local derby against South Sydney. Back-rowers Michael Crocker and Eddy Pettybourne return from injury for the Rabbitohs. In tonight's other clash, Gold Coast halfback Scott Prince has overcome a hamstring injury for the Titans' clash with the Wests Tigers. Mark Cavendish has roared back to form at the Tour de France with an emotional victory in stage five overnight. Given an ideal lead-out by Aussie team-mate Mark Renshaw, 'The Manx Missile' exploded away from his rivals for an emphatic victory. The overall standings were unchanged, with Fabian Cancellara retaining the leader's yellow jersey and Cadel Evans holding on to third.

One of the biggest soap operas in American sporting history will finally be resolved today when NBA superstar Lebron James reveals where he'll be playing next season. Such is the madness around the free agent's destination, his decision is the focus of a 1-hour TV special around the US today. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale now on. It has to be Beacon.

A severe weather warning has been

issued for much of the swegt

issued for much of the swegt of Western Australia. Mostly minor

damage reported so far. So often, we just don't talk about it. But it claims the lives of more Australians than car accidents. It's suicide. And every year an estimated 2,500 people end their own life.

So why isn't it front-page news? And should it be? Joining us is John Brogden who attempted to take his own life at the peak of his political career. Thank you for being with us.

I am so glad this is something you

are so open in talking about.

are so open in talking about. Why do you think we don't talk about

suicide more? Well, rr a very hard

topic. We will never understand why

a 20-year-old boy takes his own

life. We never understand why a

mother with a young life takes her

life, or man who has just retired

after a successful career in his 60s

takes his life. It is very hard. It

is probably one of the most

difficult issues for anyone to deal

with. If you have ever been to the

funeral of somebody who has

committed suicide it is a terribly

sad and really heart-breaking end to

somebody's life. But it doesn't mean

we shouldn't talk about it. I guess

if we don't talk about it we won't

talk about it and deal with it. If you ignore

you ignore something you don't give

it the justice it needs. We do have

to talk more about it. With us in

the media it is something we don't

report, we never have. It is just

always been a no-go zone for

journalists. Do you think it should

change. Do you think we should

report it more? Should it be on the

front-page of papers or on the news

like Sunrise. The rules the media

voluntarily e grewed to you don't

report the details of how somebody

suicides. That is appropriate

because the research shows there

will be instances of copy-cat

suicides. So I think that is

responsible but I think the

Australian media is mature enough to

have a proper conversation and start

reporting suicide. Once you report

it, you can talk to people how they

prevent suicide. The push needs to

be, a significant report out of the

Australian parliament a few years

ago, Pat McGorry

ago, Pat McGorry is Australian of the Year, extremely authoritytival

on the issue, we teed to talk about

suicide prevention. He suggests a

suicide toll. We do a road toll. He

suggestions a suicide toll. It is an

interesting debate. We have 1500

people die on the roads a year

people die on the roads a year and we think, we think two,500 a year on

sued is but we are not clear because

the figures are not clear. 1800

people a year die from breast

cancer. If we didn't know how many

women die said of breast cancer

every year, it would be an outrage.

Still don't know how many people die

from suicide each year. That is how

bad it is. We don't have the right

statistics and data to start with.

We do need to talk more openly about

suicide. We shouldn't glorify it. We

shouldn't in any way encourage

people to think it is the right

thing to do. But at the same time,

we have to understand that people,

very rational, very distressed times

of their life will think about

suicide. We get, at Life Life,

450,000 telephone calls a year, 65 thoub 450,000 telephone calls a year, 65 450,000 telephone calls a year,

65,000 of those relate to suicide,

that is 50 a day, sorry, less than

that figure, but also four direct

interventions every day with respect

to suicide. We can choose to ignore

it but at our own peril. There is

not a single person watching this

today who hasn't been affected by

mental illness or suicide in their

family or community. The age groups

are staggering. The highest for

males is 40 to 44 and females 50 to

54. Well, the conversation has

started. Thank you for starting it.

It is really important we start

talking about it. Thank you very

much. Do share your thoughts with us

via the soapbox, e-mail or SMS.

There is help available if you need

it. Go to the Sunrise web site and

we have the links to all the help

sites like Beyond Blue and Life

Line. Kochie is in Brisbane. We see on TV shows all the time how advances in technology can solve crimes years after the event. Now Queensland Police have returned to the home of a young murder victim 20 years after she was killed in the hope of finding new evidence. Ipswich girl Leanne Holland was just 12 when she murdered, in 1991. So how will modern forensic science help investigators? Dr Angela van Daal worked on the Leanne Holland case back then and she's since been involved in hundreds of police investigations. Good morning.

What kind of new technology are we talking about here?

That allows you to go back

somewhere, 20 years later? Well,

there is two main differences in

what has changed in the 20 years.

Back in 1991 when I did the DNA

typing work, there was only one DNA

marker we were using. P. So the

frequency of the DNA profile was one

in ten, so very common really. Back

then, there was no CSI, nobody knew

what DNA was. But now days they use

to ten to 16 different markers and

the frequency of the markers are one

in billions. So it is clearly more

like an identification sort of

thing. The other thing that has

changeed is the ability to use very,

very low amounts of DNA. Right, just

explain to me, this marker business.

What do you mean by markers? Back

then you had one now you have got

16? Well, it is like, if you think

of a physical description of a

person, it is like saying we could

say what the eye colour, now we can

look at the eye colour, the hair

colour, the height, the whole

picture. Wow! But you are going back

to Leanne Holland's house, now, what

can you hope to find there? 19 years

on? Surely, the house may have been

changed ore, I can't think of how

many times it has been cleaned since

then? How can you possibly find

evidence? Well, I am not sure what

the police are looking for in doing

that but the sorts of things that

stay around are, if there is a blood

stain, or if there -s biological

stain of some kind, it will stay

there unless it is cleaned away. So

it will need to be in a place where

it would stay, so maybe on the

flooring or a wall or that kind of

area where it couldn't be washed

away. Okay. Well, because it is a

fascinating area, you know, blokes,

my age, think back to Qiincy, he had

nothing compared what you have got

now with the TV shows. How like TV

shows is it? Your job? Is it as

interesting? Have you come across

some incredibly interesting things

you have been solve and uncover

using forensic science over the

years? Well, I don't actually do it

anymore but when I was, there have

been some fascinating stories. It is

not like 'Crime Scene Investigation'

but there have been wonderful

situations where we have got back to

old cases and solve them if you

like. There was a case in South

Australia where I used to be that we

went back ten years after the rape

and murder of a woman and were able

to find, via DNA, the person who had

committed that crime. So it is very

exciting and there have been cases

internationally, 1 recently in

internationally, 1 recently in the United Kingdom where twenty-six

years after the rape of a murder of

a woman, the person who had

committed that crime, a man was

brought to justice. He was found,

again, via a DNA piece of evidence.

So it is very exciting. It is just

incredible. And as you say, it is

bringing people to justice

eventually. Ones that would have

skipped. And most importantly,

similar to this case, that it

ensures people are not wrongly

convicted as well. That is the other

side of it. Thank you for joining

us. You're welcome. Talking sport. Brought to you by Telstra T-Hub - the future in a phone. Collingwood can move to the top of the AFL ladder with a win tonight over Port Adelaide. The Melbourne 'Age' suggests it's likely to be Mark Williams's last year as coach of Port. So could tonight's game make or break Williams? Let's ask Sunrise sport's Rebecca Wilson and former Richmond AFL player Matthew Richardson. Matt, how important is tonight's game for Williams? Or is his future already decided?

Yes, well, there has been talk

around for a while that if Port

aren't successful this year it could

be the last year for Mark Williams.

He is contracted next year so they

have to pay him out. They thai are

strug -- they are struggling

financially. It is a huge game

tonight, but Collingwood are a good

team and I

team and I doubt they can win. Bec, Mick Malthouse is coming up to 250 games as coach at the Pies. That's quite an achievement, isn't it?

He has survived for a long time?

Yes, just an amazing coach. He is

someone the game really needs. He is

a larger-than-life personality. He

lives and breathes it. It is

fantastic. The thing about

Collingwood, we are talking up

Geelong and St Kilda Here that are

at the brink of being at the top of

the ladder, they are the quiet

achievers. It is unusual to achievers. It is unusual to say it

about the Magpies but they are an

impressive team and genuine

premiership contenders. No doubt,

Geelong and St Kilda are the two

teams to beat, but Geelong were good

last year, Collingwood, I thought

the last six or seven games last

year they could win the premiership.

If they continue the form, it will

be the last three teams that will

fight it out for the last Saturday for sure. While on coaches, New South Wales rugby league officials are thinking about how to replace Craig Bellamy as Origin coach. Bec, what should they do?

My old mate, Gus Guold, boo! You can

go the extreme option, Gus. He will

no doubt string them out for a

decision and try to force the

independent commission to form off

the back of him saying he will do it

if they get an independent

commission formed. He will leave if

to the last minute. The compromise

option could be Ricky Stuart who is

not going to have a coaching gig this not going to have a coaching gig

next year at this this point. He can

inject a lot of enthusiasm and

spirit into a New South Wales team.

So the other thing they could do is

appoint both of them, Guus buv Ricky because they get on. Gus has had a few rifts with people but they are talking so it could be another combination. We should talk the round ball also, appropriate. Definitely. Finally to the World Cup - Paul the octopus has been picking winners. And so far he's got them all right. But Paul's facing a finals showdown with a rival. Mani the parrot comes from Singapore and has a 100% success rate for the Cup. That's not Mani being eaten there. didn't play very well. So maybe they should have a Mars bar before the game. I think Spain, but I will go against the parrot and octopus. I am so supersufficients, my 18-year-old is so superstitious before he competes, I understand that. competes, I understand that. It could be a cracking game. Fan fastic, could be a cracking game. Fan fantastic, it will be great. We got through a whole segment without mentioning Ben Cousins. I thault you were going to talk about it, I am so happy not to talk about if. Take a No Doze, Matty. I used to have a couple but I just drink coffee now. Good les lest on for the kiddies too. -- good lesson for the kiddies. If you're out and about this weekend, you can get Seven's broadcast of the V8s from Townsville on your compatible Telstra Next G mobile. Having a look at the footy tips for this weekend. And in the AFL we disagree on two matches. The boys are tipping Essendon over Melbourne while we're going for the Bulldogs over Carlton. To the NRL and there's only one game we don't agree on. The boys are going for the Tigers and we're backing the Titans tonight. And the footy tips are for the Pedigree Adoption Drive. Just ahead - science fiction becomes science fact. The real-life light sabre is now on sale. But should it be banned from sale? And we have some live music to finish the week, with Gin Wigmore. Plus, getting 'the snip'. Can it really be that bad? Are you alright? I'm right, I'm right, I'm right. Some family planning advice for men, on Sunrise. VOICEOVER: Some can't wait for a Corolla Hatch. Sporty on the outside and smart on the inside with a bluetooth-compatible audio system, vehicle stability and traction control all standard. Jump into your own Corolla Ascent Manual, available from $20,990 drive away, no more to pay. See you Toyota dealer now. With essential oils to help recharge your body and mind. Air Wick Scented Candles.

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Or enjoying a beautiful sunny

morning in Brisbane... To enter head to