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Hello and welcome to Meet the Press.

The Gillard era is now into its

tenth day with the new Prime

Minister methodically addressing

calls the government's negatives she

calls community concerns. The first

objective of the coup, a boost for

Labor's standing, seems to be

working. Thank you for being PM

you've got one up for the girls. I

think the Resources Super Profits

Tax has caused uncertainty and

concern, that's why I'm focussed on

negotiating to a good solution

there. You can change ministers but

the only way to change policy is to change the government.

That statement undermined when

Kevin Rudd's resources tax was

gutted. There will be a negotiated

profit based tax regime but there

will be no resources super profits

tax. All I'd say to the Australian

people is one word and that is

thank you for the opportunity to

serve Australia. Thank you.

And one of the big winners in the

cabinet mini reshuffle, Foreign and

guest. Trade Minister Stephen Smith is a

And later Premier of resource-rich

Queensland, Anna Bligh, joins us.

But first, what the nation's papers

are reporting this Sunday, July 4.

As the Prime Minister spruiked her

profits tax deal in the Queensland

mining centre of Mackay, the Sunday

Age says election rumours mount.

Bookies have suspended bets on the

date of the poll, but Ms Gillard

says she has more governing to do

before going to the polls.

As the 143rd boat is intercepted

near Christmas Island, The Sunday

Times has Tony Abbott promising, WA

won't be an asylum dumping ground.

The Prime Minister will announce

this week. her border protection policy later

The Sunday Mail reports, Libs

launch Gillard offensive in the

shape of an animated cartoon

advertisement that show Ms Gillard

as a puppet of Labor machine men. A

girl her said she would fly to Mars

is now running Mr...

The Sun Herald reports, school The Sun Herald reports, school is now running Mr...

rebates unclaimed as parents fail

to collect $400 million dollars in

education tax breaks.

And welcome back to the program

Stephen Smith. Good morning

Minister. The Liberals have spent a

fair bit of money to get their

animated cartoon showing Julia

Gillard has a Popat. They wouldn't

do what if they thought it wouldn't

resonate. I don't think it will.

The time she has been in Parliament

and Deputy Prime Minister, Julia

Gillard has shown she is very much

her own person. If she was a puppet

of the unions, when she put

industrial relations legislation

through Parliament, the union

movement would have been applauding.

They won't. They were pleased we

abolished work choices, but Julia

Gillard sometimes took a view which

wasn't consistent with the union

due. She is her own person and I

think the community have made the

judgement that she is smart and

tough and will make decisions,

balanced decisions, in the national

interest. The us not only the

Liberals to have a negative view.

The Labor giants Labor in belonged

said the faction warlords play

British politics. We are in a tough

business. Are often, people are on

the receiving end of it. It is part

of the community making a judgement,

not just about processes but also

about outcomes. We cannot give each

other descriptions in the very

tough business we are in, whether

it is media, journalism or politics.

She makes a substantial

contribution, she is in a tough

seat and we hope she holds that

after the next election. But we are

he has will be feeling very much the last everybody knows that Kevin Rudd business where there is compassion, in a tough business. It is a

wrong. We have to work not only instant or magical solution, adjust Abbott to pretend that there is an solution here. People like Tony can do. But there is no magic efforts to see if there is more we situation? We will double our what effective bombing in this situation? -- can you spell out

with source countries but also with

transit countries through the

region. Indonesia, Malaysia,

Thailand. We have to make sure by

increasing assets on the border,

protecting our own borders. We are

redoubling our own efforts, looking

at what more we can do. But they

underline the point, when we are

dealing with significant factors,

people being driven from war-torn

and conflict riven

and conflict riven countries, these

are difficult factors to deal with

and we are not the only country in

the world are suffering from them. the world are suffering from them.

On Tuesday Joe Hockey forecast the

election would be announced this

weekend, his Leader began taking

out some insurance. We're ready, we

are ready whenever it happens, but

as far as the public are concerned,

their problems fixed what I think they want is they want

their problems fixed and they don't

want someone rushing to the polls

be camouflaged. in the hope that the problems can

If we have an election in August,

it will be to paper over the

cracks? It would not be the first

time that sloppy Joe was run

time that sloppy Joe was run about

something. Is often run about the

economy and the future, I think the

best thing to do is for people to

draw a circle around the first as a

day in December and work back from

that. There will have an election

some time this year. There is only

one person who knows and she may

not have made up her mind. We will

have an election this year

have an election this year and

people be faced with a simple

Tony Abbott. choice between a Juliet Gillard and choice between a Juliet Gillard and

Coming up after the break when

we're joined by the panel, where to

now for Kevin Rudd's big agenda for

Australia in the world.

The Liberals' Julie Bishop joined

the ladies on Ten's The Circle and

was happy to share the joy of a

sister breaking the glass ceiling, but it didn't last.

The sisterhood can only go so far,

I'll be working very hard to make

I'll be working very hard to make

sure Tony Abbott's the next Prime

Minister Labor's ahead in the polls.

This programme is captioned live.

You're on Meet the Press with

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith. And

welcome to the panel, Andrew Probyn,

from The West Australian, and

Marius Benson from ABC News Radio.

Good morning, Andrew and Marius.

On Wednesday, Kevin Rudd left the

Lodge after failing to convince

cabinet. Julia Gillard to give him a job in

cabinet. The speculation was that

he was very keen to be given

Foreign Affairs, at least he got

this promise. If the government is

re-elected I will be very delighted

to welcome Kevin Rudd into the

cabinet in a senior position

Minister, we have a viewer question

on Afghanistan, Jos Linford e-

the mailed, why is it impossible for

People? The To level

If she

If she guaranteeing a senior

position to Kevin Rudd if Labor is

elected and everybody knows that

the job Kevin Rudd wants is yours.

There are two aspects to that. There are two aspects to that.

First leg, we have election between First leg, we have election between

now and future allocations. We are

not taking it for granted.

not taking it for granted. It is up

to the Prime Minister to allocate

portfolios. I'm pleased to add

trade to the work I'm doing. But

will get to the election and then I

will be, as well all of my

colleagues Bay, in the Prime

Minister's hands. After the Minister's hands. After the

leadership change, you said

leadership change, you said it was

a new day, now I can be a real

Minister and you can be a real

department. I didn't say that at

all. I have seen it reported, it is all. I have seen it reported, it is

completely wrong. I went to my

department because there had been a

change of government and I said any

new change of government of Prime

Minister brings with it

opportunities. I wanted Palmer the

foreign affairs and trade to take foreign affairs and trade to take up those opportunities.

up those opportunities. To return

it to the centre of policy

deliberations in the national

capital. And to make sure we will contesting advice and contesting

views. By was the department not at

the centre of policy deliberation

under Kevin Rudd? It is not just

under Kevin Rudd. I think my own

analysis that in the last decade or

so, after 9/11, there was a view

internationally that there had to

be much more central co-ordination

of advice to the leader, whether it

was a Prime Minister Auret

President, dealing with the

national security matters. In that

context, often the Department of

Foreign Affairs and Trade stood

back rather than contesting. I am a

secretary at the Department are

secretary at the Department are

strongly of the view that the

department is to be in the

competition for advice. Now that

Kevin Rudd is gone, which is more

important and of the new regime -

securing a spot on the UN Security

Council or hosting the World Cup?

What is more important about making

judgements about national interest and security interests which

advance our nation and people. We

take a very strong view that in the

modern world, it is important to

deal with other countries. Every

challenge we face, video or

financial crisis, terrorism,

climate change, it cannot solve the

problem by working alone. You have

to work with others and that is why

we pursue a security council bid.

The bid for the World Cup is a

matter for the Australian Football

Association. We wish them well. We Association. We wish them well. We

hope they are successful. The bid

has been working in tandem with the

UN Security Council bid for make

are you concerned that you have

actually distorted aid program in

the pursuit of those two

objectives? Firstly, that objectives? Firstly, that

assumption is wrong. We're pursuing

a UN Security Council bit. We make

no apology for that. Our opponents

take a backward looking, take a backward looking,

isolationist view and a wrong. It

is in our national interest and

security interest to pursue that

bid. We a central to a country in

the top 15 economies. We have played

played a long-standing historical

role on peacekeeping. We would like

to take ourselves back to the key

body to make -- which makes these

judgments. Won the World Cup bid,

we have been giving moral support

and general support, I have turned

up to one not to events. So far as

the World Cup is concerned that it

is a matter for the Football

Association. We have not been

distorting our aid program for the

effect nor have we be distorting it

for the Security Council did. Our

aid program shows we are a good

international citizen. MPs like international citizen. MPs like

yourself have dumped Kevin Grant in

your electric material, before he

was dumped by the party as leader.

Are things looking up for Labor in

W8? My local electorate material,

since 1993, has featured me as a

local Member of Parliament. From

time to time, it features other

colleagues. Kevin Rudd and former

leaders. But my local electric

material is about me, my local

community and local matters. We

have had a big change in recent

times. A change of Prime Minister.

The focus now of the leadership of

the campaign will be on Julia

Gillard. 3 words you haven't briefed for some

briefed for some time... Does it

mean that you might actually pick

up some seats in W way? I have been

saying for some time, either on the

night of the last federal election

or the last Western Australian

election, but are believed there

was a good prospect for Labor to

pick up seats in every way.

pick up seats in every way. The

changes we have seen in the last

week also, a change of Prime

Minister, changes to the minerals

the sources tax, commentators are

saying it is put a seat back into

play for Labor. If you put that

back into play, you put back into

play the others as well. We

play the others as well. We will

have the classic marginal seat

fight in the be way. Given the

changes we have seen in recent days,

we're back in the competition for those seats.

Minister, we have a viewer question

on Afghanistan, Jos Linford e-

mailed, why is it impossible for

the government to level with the

Australian people? Our contingent

is doing OK with its mission but

the nation is heading in one

direction, which is utter failure.

We know it is difficult and

dangerous and Afghanistan, we are

not trying to turn Afghanistan into

a model Western democracy. We are

trying to stop Afghanistan from

being a breeding-ground for

international terrorism because

Australians, regrettably and

tragically, have been on the

receiving end of that activity,

either in South-East Asia or in

Europe. It is that we're trying to

stop and it is central to our

efforts in training the Afghan

national army and police forces.

Thanks for being with us Stephen

Smith. And coming up, Queensland

premier, Anna Bligh.

Radio 4BC in Brisbane came up with

this audio cartoon to welcome the Prime Minister.

# who can turn the world on with red hair?

# Who can take a trouser suit and

power dress with style and flair?

# Well it's you girl and you should know it

# With each glance and every little

movement you show it

# You're our new PM from the far left faction

# At last we're going to see some

affirmative action

# Julia has made it after all. Julia!

This programme is captioned live.

You're on Meet the Press.

There's no doubt Queensland played

a key role delivering government to

its hometown boy, Kevin Rudd.

Little wonder Julia Gillard wasted

no time making Brisbane her first

interstate trip in the top job, the

Sunshine state was already raining

on federal Labor's parade with talk

of eight seats at risk. She has

shown by being here tonight that

she treats Queensland very

seriously, she said that she'll be

back many times before the election

and I hope that we can look forward

to retaining and in fact improving

the number of seats we have here the number of seats we have here in

Queensland in the forthcoming

election. Good morning and welcome premier.

And analysis of the polls showed

Kevin Rudd as a positive in his

home state. But the polls showed he

went from a positive to a negative.

It seems to be an contestable?

There is no doubt at times of major

economic downturn are often very

unkind to incumbent governments. I

don't think for one minute that

Julia Gillard underestimates the

task ahead of her. In Queensland,

Kevin Rudd is one of us. He enjoyed

a great deal of affection in the

electorate. It already, in the

short time she has been Prime

Minister, there is a lot of

goodwill and interest and given her

achievement this week on the mining

tax, from the state's point of view,

people are pretty impressed by it.

One of the issues is the way he was

dispatched. Is there still

resentment about that and could

that be blow back on Julia Gillard?

Without any doubt, when something

Without any doubt, when something

like that happens to one of your

loan, you notice it. There has been

some distress from some people who

felt a great deal of genuine

affection for Kevin Rudd. But an

note Tony Abbott's views on this,

and I remind him it will be

interesting to have Malcolm

Turnbull come to talk of us about

the bruising nature of politics.

Tony Abbott is the leader because

he took a pretty brutal knife

he took a pretty brutal knife to

the leadership of Malcolm Turnbull.

People don't like to see that sort

of thing that on the other hand,

they do understand that the

business of politics can be

ruthless. They can get on with the

business of getting to know the new

Prime Minister. On the mining taxi

mentioned, the miners have taken no

time in reintroducing schemes they

said were jeopardised by the tax.

Do you think they were just

bluffing and the Labor Party was

well bluffed? When you are in a

huge campaign, as the miners have

Spain, with the Federal Government

on this issue, there is no doubt

that both sides of the argument are

likely to exaggerate some of their

claims. But I am conscious that in

Queensland there were some projects,

I know how marginal they are, I know there was

know there was a genuine risk to

some of them. We were very

concerned about the emerging

industry, big companies, all poor

least to make final investment

decisions. Certainty was critical

to those decisions being made. What

about the small miners who say they

are in trouble. Do you think some

projects in Queensland could be in

jeopardy? I have to say, I have not

received information from any of

the mining companies in Queensland,

small or large, who currently have

a mining approval applications. Or

going for the next stage of the

process such as environmental

impact work. Not then have

withdrawn or are considering moving

away from the projects. If you look

at world demand, particularly for

coal, I think you'll see all of

these projects come to fruition on

the current scheduled time frame.

Julia Gillard cancelled a dinner

with a dozen mining in six years

last week when it was going to

become embarrassing for her. $5,500

a pop. That was a Labor fundraiser.

You wouldn't have done that because

you have banned cash for access. Do

you think you ban should be

extended federally? I should

acknowledge that the Prime Minister

was kept in Canberra because she

was in the final throes of fixing

the mining tax and I applaud her

from making that a priority because

it really mattered. But on the

issue of political fundraising, we

have been through a very lengthy processing Queensland

processing Queensland of talking to

the community, having public

consultation, one how we can better

manage their legitimate business of

raising funds for political

campaigns without eroding public

confidence. All political parties

engage in these sorts of activities.

My concern is that the more

exclusive they become, the more a

litre they seem and the more

litre they seem and the more

expensive they become, the more

ordinary people start to feel they

don't have the same level of access

to their elected representatives. I

don't think that is a good thing

for democracy. We are going to move

on that in Queensland. Ultimately,

I have said all along, it would be

best managed through a national

consistent framework. I would like

to see that happen at some point.

to see that happen at some point.

But in Queensland, and will get on

with changing the rules. They're

not easy issues to work through

because these processes have

developed over a long period of

time. People should be able to

donate to political campaigns, that

is a legitimate an important part

of democracy, but we need to but

some also roundish that give

everybody conference we're not

buying something other than your

support for a political point

support for a political point of

view. Kevin Rudd was in part a

victim of the mining tax. It was

designed by Ken Henry, is it time

for him to go? In my view, in my

system, politicians make a decision

about what advice they will accept

from the public service. The 10

Henry tax review

Henry tax review had a vast number

of recommendations. There were some

decisions made by the former

leadership of the Federal

Government to accept some and not

others. That's all water under the

bridge. I am pleased to see we have

bridge. I am pleased to see we have

resolved this and resulted in a way

which encourages investment. We are

blessed in Queensland where

resources that the world wants.

What is good for the Queensland economy is good

economy is good for the national

economy. The trickle-down effect

across Australia benefits every

single Australian. I am very

pleased to see we can see this

projects move ahead. A lot of them

are pressed to go if falls steam

ahead. Thank you Anna Bligh. Thanks

also to our panel, Andrew Probyn

and Marius Benson. and Marius Benson.

A transcript and a replay of this A transcript and a replay of this

programme will be on our website. Until next week, goodbye.