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Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome

to A Current Affair.

In just a moment - the victory for

supermarket customers over

Australian National Carparks

First, we've talked about the

dangers of driving and using a

mobile phone. So when an unlicensed

speeding driver used his phone to

video his own hoon behaviour, there

was a fair chance it would end

tragically. Nick Coe investigates

how one stupid act ended a 50-year

love affair.

(Bleep) this is me driving me dad's

years of age. ute. He was unlicensed. He was 17

And he took off down that road. In

just a few seconds from now, an

innocent woman will die. 140!

And then silence and then I heard a

man's voice on me left-hand side,

on her side of the car, sing out to

me, "Ambulance and police are on

the way, mate. And it's not your

fault." So...

It's copped a fair chak, hasn't it

Ron Page was at the wheel of the

car that was hit. His wife, Freda,

was in the passenger seat. She

never stood a chance. I thought,

"What am I doing? Where am I?" I

proceeded to see where Freda was

and I couldn't see her and I said,

"Freda, are you there, love?" They

met as teenagers in the 1950s. She looked so radiant.

In October, 1960, they were married.

Then last year - Thank you all for

coming. It's been a wonderful

surprise. Freda turned 70.

# Happy birthday to you... #

It was the last time many of her

nearest and dearest would ever see

her. Within months, Freda would be

killed by a show-off.

All you mad (bleep)! Legally, we

can't show you his face. Legally,

he had no right to get behind the

wheel. Much less film himself on a

mobile phone and end a life. 140!

Ron's daughter broke the news. "We

lost Mum, Dad, but we've still got

you." My response to that was, "I

want to go with mum." In fact, he

very nearly did. Ron had a heart

attack as rescuers tried to cut him

from the car. It's a big place all

to yourself, isn't it? Yes. It's 75

acres. With the condition I've got

now, left with - After your heart attack? Yeah.

The biggest shock was yet to come,

because months later, the boy who'd

ended one life and turned another

upside down was handed a learner's

permit. He was legally aploughed to

drive. What did you think when you

found out that heed been given a

driver's licence? It's degrading.

My wife died for nothing. driver's licence? It's degrading.

My wife died for nothing. That's...

That's the simple thing of it.

That's how it made you feel? Yeah.

There's glass everywhere. You

should have gloves on. The permit

was only cancelled when the case

got to court more than a year after

the crash. That's sacred to me, so

much meaning in that one. And this

one she just wore on occasions to

go to balls or to church. Ron has

laid out Freda's favourite dresses

on their bed, but he can't sleep

there any more. They're there to

remind me of the time we had

together. The thing is it's part of

- like she's in your body. And now

it's not there. And you're on your

replace it. own. And you're never able to

Yeah, so, that's the situation.

We're human. We can make mistakes,

but as for these hoon drivers who

go down the road irrespective of

who's around them and everything

like that, who think that they, you

know, they're invincible - no. Get

them off our roads. Keep them off

our roads. He's done a terrible

thing. He's given me a sentence and

that's what he's got to look at.

He's given me a sentence that will

last me for the rest of my life.

Poor man. It's so sad, isn't it? In

sentencing the young driver, the

County Court judge described his

actions as mindless thrill-seeking

and sentenced him to a minimum

three years' prison. three years' prison. and sentenced him to a minimum

Still to come on ACA - Australians

now posting their favourite shopping experiences online.

And inside our suburban superclubs.

entertainment. They're becoming the last word in

Now to the community campaign that

scored a hit against Australian

National Carparks. In recent years,

we've heard countless stories of

motorists being stung by these

private operators and it appears

their anger has had an impact.

How does it make you feel that they've backed down? Wonderful.

It's a win for the people, a win

for the people of Fairfield and a

win for the people of Fairfield.

(Bleep) off. It's been a long

battle against a carpark bully. You

want me to have a go? Is this proof

that people power can make a

difference? It certainly is and it

always had. gives me back the faith that we've

(Bleep) off. All these people are

getting $88 fines, penalties,

whatever you'd like call them.

Isn't that excessive? No. It's a

matter of principle. They're unfair,

unjust. Completely over the top.

For months, we've been reporting on

Australian national carparks but

tonight the news that's just the

ticket for drivers who have been

ripped off by this fine scam. The

company has backflipped, big time.

It is a win for the community. It's

a win for mothers like myself and

all the other shoppers out there.

Australian national carparks stung

so many of its unsuspecting victims

with a neat little trick and here's

how it worked. This carpark here,

like so many others around the

country, has three hours of free

parking. But the catch is you've

got to get one of these tickets and

display it on your windscreen. If

$88 fine. you don't, they'll hit you with an

It's atrocious. I don't know how

these people are running their

business. We spoke to victims like

Michelle and Russell who were

threatened by legal action if they

didn't pay up. I saw no signage. I

was unaware that I had to take a

ticket and I had to display it. I

was disgusted to think that anybody

would call themselves a business

and employ those kind of tactics. Community crusader Lindsay

Langlands has been leading the

fight against the company, which

has been making millions from

carparks around the country. One

fella who contacted me had come

here just to go to the ATM. By the

time he came out, he had a ticket

on his car. $88? As it turns out,

the tickets aren't legal and are

unenforceable but thousands of

frightened and frustrated drivers

like Alison still paid up. I paid

the $66 fine and I feel absolutely

100% ripped-off. It was throwing

money away. Does the company say

how many tickets they want you to

get a week? Yeah. Someone lost that

job. For not booking enough people?

Yeah. This ANCP employee blew the

whistle to ACA's Nick Etchells. You

say you made up to $2 million in

parking fines for your company last

year. And how many were people who

were tricked by the signs? 90%.

Today, after a campaign of

community outrage, Australian

national carparks has said it will

no longer use the ticketing system.

Instead, it will record the number

plates of every vehicle in their

carparks and book anyone who stays

for more than three hours. But

Lindsay says even that is open to

abuse. It's fair enough for them to

check it, but it's not fair enough

for them to take the details off

every single vehicle that enters this carpark. It's a complete

invasion of privacy. Lindsay says

despite today's win, she won't give

up fighting the company. What do

you say to Australian national

carparks? Look out. If you have

ongoing problems with Australian

national carparks, we'd like to

hear about it. Call or email.

Most of them started off as social

groups or local sporting

organisations, but over the decades,

they've become suburb January

superclubs, entertainment venues

that now rival anything that you'd

find in the centre of our capital

cities. Good evening, ladies and

gentlemen! Give yourselves a round

of applause!

It's show time up here. 74,633.

Bingo down here. I'm the winner!

And jackpot in here.

Congratulations. Thanks, matey. I got $1,790.

It's Friday night at the club and

it's now a very big deal.

How many pokies? Pokies, we have

726. That's almost casino-like,

isn't it? Yeah, it's big. Huge. No

doubt. Our own state-of-the-art

gymnasium. Our own 34-lane

championship bowling alley. Our own

M9 laser skirmish.

Our own four-star hotel and coming

soon - our very own power station.

Everything we do here is big.

That's probably our philosophy.

Build quality, build value, because

thou shallot come. And come they do.

On a busy one like tonight, 9,000

people through the door, easy.

What's the turnover here? The

turnover would be nearly $70

million. Big money, isn't it? It's

a business. But it's still an RSL

and they remember that on the 11th

hour of every day. ('LAST POST' PLAYS)

Despite your massive size, you

haven't forgotten your roots, have

you? Where the business is going

now is to keep the flame alight.

The RSL flame alight. Richard

Errington. We mightn't have heard

of him but we've all heard of his

club. I dare say it's the name.

Rooty Hill is just a very, you know,

it's a got a bit of a humour behind

T But this is no joke. The

campaign's on. This city within a

city is now demanding its own

postcode. Some people can actually

live here if they choose. They can

stay in the hotel, go up to the gym

and work out. They can eat here, be

entertained here and spend leisure

time, roll a ball, they can reside

here. Some people do reside in the hotel.

We're really moving towards almost

Vegas-style casinos, all-in-one

complexes. They can remind you of a

casino. They've got the bright

lights and the poker machines, the

accommodation and facilities.

Anthony Ball from Clubs Australia.

For people in the suburbs and

townships it's a bit of Vegas at

home. It's a similar offer overall.

We're all leveraged off food,

beforeage, gaming and entertainment.

We at this juncture see ourselves

as a true competitor, particularly

with our resort offering as well.

Rob Smith runs Twin Towns, another

emerging superclub on the Gold

Coast, where they're going toe to

toe with Jupiters, up the road.

Rob's now got six restaurants, 10

bars, a 1,000-seat showroom and a

400-room resort. It's about having

something for everybody. That's one

of the reasons that people keep

coming back because you can have a

week here and dine in a different

location every day. Back in Sydney,

Dee Why RSL has just opened

Australia's biggest childcare

centre. At castle hill, it's the

nation's biggest Chinese restaurant.

At Revesby Workers, they're getting

a $150 million shopping centre.

It's so much going on that at one

stage they had too much going on.

Too much? Over at the pokies, I

found Mary-Anne and Maxine, which

is a good thing because they were,

quite literally, lost at the club.

I did get lost at the club, yes.

It's that big? Yes. It's huge. I'm

glad we found you now. Thank you! I

liken Rooty Hill RSL to a Westfield

- we're all things to all people.

And there's more to come?

Absolutely. We've still got land

available to we're open to anything.

Well, now from superclubs to

superhomes. Tonight's Open for

Inspection showcases two properties

with a European flavour built in uniquely Australian settings. with a European flavour built in uniquely Australian settings.

A prime minister once said

Australia sits at the, well, for

want of a better word, bottom end

of the world. Kate in northern NSW wasn't happy with that.

I love cooking. I love France. I

love everything French. So she

brought a bit of Europe down under.

It started off, though, looking

very rural Aussie. It was an empty

cow paddock. Araucaria is named

after the pines that frame the

Byron Bay lighthouse. All of it a

lovely backdrop from the five-star

granny flat.

Why would guests want to leave?

They don't! Yes. Once you have

guests in here, they stay for a

really long time. I bet they do. Indeed.

So authentic it is that no Aussie

roof tile was good enough.

But the Spanish had some nice ones

for $120,000.

We tried to have a lesser tile, but

we just couldn't do it so we - Yeah.

We went full hog and decided to go

and get those tiles because they're the real deal.

You really feel like Europe is here,

don't you? Mmm. How's this for a

workbench? This is where I chop all

my vegetables and meat and the

other one is my cake workbench. Oh,

look at that one. That looks nice

down there.

There are too many meticulous

finishes to list but all of it

reflects the authenticity of a part

of the world so far away.

It's just a lovely room. If you've

got to work in the kitchen, this is

the place to be, isn't it? Yeah. We

don't get a lot of people out of

the kitchen. Everyone seems to

congregate. I feel like we're in

'Gone with the Wind' walking down

here. Tell me about the balustrade?

Well, the balustrade we gist had

made overseas and we found this

piece of timber - it's from an old

shipwreck so it's about 150 years

old. There's a story to everything

in here, isn't there? Including the

fireplace over there. I had it

carved in Java and it's limestone.

You have a wonderful imagine aigts,

Kate. Yeah. In the European mansion,

the loungeroom is called the grand

room. And it's full of nooks and

crannies and arched door ways.

Because nothing worse than walking

into a huge big room and it just

feels empty and cold. You're not

after the minimalist look, are you?

No. And her partner, David, has his

favourite room. No, it's not a

dungeon. It can accommodate about

1,000 bottles. Gee. But we don't drink that many. No.

Unfasten your seatbelt now. We've

left France and arrived in Italy.

The brief from the original owners

was to build something fit for an

Italian prince and I think they've

really achieved that. Perhaps you

recognise the home. It was built by

someone we all know. I find it so

fascinating that his brief was to

build a home fit for an Italian

prince, because it doesn't really

fit with the blonde Aussie icon.

-- blond Aussie icon. In this

loungeroom, Paul Hogan married

Linda Kozlowski. Michael J

'Crocodile' Dundee. It's a far cry

from Walkabout Creek but this is a

place called Possum Creek. Hoges

built this palace on over 100 acres

surrounded by rivers and rainforest.

He even put one on the driveway

near the entrance because there

wasn't one there.

Don't you love how it's raining in

the rainforest? By the way, God did that, not Hoges.

It's inside that is just awe-

inspiring and a little overwhelming.

Every room is, well, big, and agent

Nicolette van Weingarden from

Unique Estates has worn out a bit

of shoe leather showing the place

off. So this is the master suite.

Oh, dear. Oh! Ever been into a room

with two four-poster beds? No. So

they sleep together but not quite

together. We've got his and hers en

suites and walk-ins. This is not

too bad. This is the men's en suite.

Quite nice. But nothing comes close

to the ladies' room.

Oh, dear! Look at this. This is

what you call an absolutely divine,

luxurious women's space. Exactly.

Look at the work in the gyprocking

and the cornies and this is the bathroom!

This is just the lady's bathroom.

The current owners who bought from

Hoges love the place but as a

holiday home they just don't use it

enough. Every last detail has been

considered interest the bevelling

in the glass, the heated floors and

I would really struggle to see how

for $7.9 million you could build

that again today. Not bad for a

bloke who once painted the Harbour

Bridge, hey?

After the break on A Current Affair

- the Australian women sharing their favourite shopping experiences with the world.

As the viewers, we actually get

this really real opinion and we can make our own Why is it I pay good money for health insurance but I still have to pay for my glasses? Doesn't seem right to me. That's why at Specsavers, if you've got private health insurance with any of these companies, you can choose two pairs of glasses with single vision lenses from our $179 range and we'll take care of your claim on the spot. That's two pairs of glasses and your health fund will cover the cost without you paying an extra cent. Want two pairs, no gap? Should've gone to Specsavers. Guess what I've decided. What's that? I've decided to be an organ donor. It's a good feeling. And it's good you're telling me. It's important. To donate life, the people close to you need to know your decision. Why? Because in the end, they will be asked to give the final OK. OK? OK. To donate life, discuss it today.

Welcome back. For many Australians,

it's not enough just to have their

retail therapy. They want to share

it with the world. Shopaholics are

so keen to boast about their successes, they're filming

themselves and posting the vision


This chain is stunning. Oh, my God.

Look how beautiful that is. Calling

all shopaholics. I think was around

$29 Australian. This is original

$21.95. You're looking at the

latest way to brag about your

purchases online.

From discount cosmetics - You won't

believe how much this was. This was

$5.95. To new fashion trends. Which

was kind of cool called 'Her World'

and it's huge. Even grocery items

rate a mention. These Aussie women

are loading thousands of DIY videos

from the comfort of their own homes,

all for the benefit of you and me.

I think it's an amazing phenomenon.

Newspaper columnist and avid

blogger Sam Brett says it's a

modern-day version of show and tell.

It allows people, real people, to

actually tell the world what they

think of all these amazing beauty

products or fashion items and

they're not being paid for it so,

as the viewers, we actually get

this really real opinion and we can

make our own judgment abouts the

product. So with the 20% off the

prices, the prices were - this was

$9.55... Aussie shopaholic Caroline

whose video blogger name is XO

Femme Beauty is one of the more

popular haulers. While Sonya Herman

has a 750-strong fan base. I would

wear this to college. It's so

comfortable and it's just pend up

with this gorgeous chain. To

showcase your shopping haul for all

the world to see, you're obviously

going to need a hand cam to film

your purchases. You'll also need a

good background shot, something

girly in the bedroom should be

perfect. You'll need a nice way to

display your purchases just to lure

the viewer in. Also tell them

something like this. "I bought each

of these normally very expensive

Eastern Pearson dresses in the

recent sales for half price." Some

people also like to show a

catalogue or their receipt to show

how much money they've saved. Then,

of course, you're going to need to

upload that vision on to the

Internet. Really, anything goes no

matter how mundane your purchases.

If you haven't already got the

catalogue, as you can see, they

have 20% off all face products.

It's more interactive because we

get to see them in their own

variety. We see their house, their

bathroom, their wardrobe and some

of them I watch are incredible.

It's a shallow way of relating.

Author and marketing expert Maggie

Hamilton is not so sure this new

consumer craze is sending young

people the right message. It's yet

again another thing, I think, that

is concerning around our young

people. Thank you, guys, so much

for being so supportive of my

channel. So much of the emphasis of

what they're doing now is inside at

the computer and it's to do with

buying stuff to feel good. The

difficulty is when that kind of

becomes, um, what you're about.

Then it meenls that, um, you don't

actually have much a rich life

experience happening. But with

150,000 shopping haul videos now on

YouTube and many more being added

every day, it seems this trend is

here to say. Diamond finish so it's

nice. I would wear this out to

dinner. It's meant to be enjoyable,

entertaining, fun and it's meant to

give Australia sense of vierism.

Please comment and subscribe. Bye.

You can find links to some of those

shopping experiences at our ACA website.

Coming up - the bombshell rocking

one of Australia's favourite TV shows. overnight rising to twelve Good

evening ... The ACT' s four

evening ... The ACT' s four billion

dollar Budget has finally passed dollar Budget has finally passed the Legislative Assembly. A five Legislative Assembly. A five

hundred million dollar residential

estate in the city' s north has estate in the city' s north has been

officially launched. And, a officially launched. And, a

yet-to-be named sun bear cub has

delighted visitors at the delighted visitors at the National

Zoo and Aquarium. I' ll have more

This program is captioned live.

# Tonight # Is going to be the

night # That I'll win the fight # Cos it's

It has been a fruitful representative period for the

Brisbane Pronkos, winning six of

their last seven, jumped from 14th

to sixth on the ladder, as we

welcome you to Suncorp Stadium, the

young squad is put to the test

against the West Tigers, good

evening, thanks for joining us to

Friday's Friday night football.

Game 3 days away. I'm joined by

Phil Gould and Wally Lewis. The one

itch not scratched by the squad is

complete Dom nation, 3-0 victory,

it must be motivation, it's a rare

opportunity. In the 31 years of

State of Origin, Queensland has

been successful. There's been three

occasions on which they dominated

completely, '88, '89 and Fatty's

team in 1995. The team won't be

short of anything to play for in