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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Mental health assault. spending for frontline services. The opposition promises major But is it enough? vowing to do? And what's the government taking mental health, seriously. This morning on Sunrise - who's Then, art or exploitation? And holding guns. They're young. Naked. He'll join us live to explain. What was the photographer thinking? And bloomin' big rock. her engagement ring Miranda Kerr shows off and we have the first photos. It's Thursday 1 July 2010. This is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Nat.

All newly engaged girls do that for 12 months. Hello and happy new financial year,

that's if you can call tax time 'happy'.

Are you alright? You had a big night

last night, a big party. 10th

anniversary of the GST at an

accountants dinner. I bet that was a

wild, wild night. We saw you

staggering into the building this

morning at 4am. You stayed

overnight, didn't you? You camped

out in town? I did. I did. I stayed

overnight. An all-nighter. Home by 9

though. Got to love that about an

accountant's turn, don't you, home

by 9. Compressed excitement. sees price rises for electricity, The new financial year gas and water, Melissa. my tips for busting winter bills. So later in the show, I'll share it's news time with Natalie. Right now, though, Australia and New Zealand The cricket boards of after cricket's governing body will have to reasses their plans

rejected their nomination as the next ICC vice president. of John Howard The prime minister's nomination rubber-stamped overnight should have been

he's been rejected. but in a surprise move, he hasn't been told why. Mr Howard says There's been plenty of speculation Robert Mugabe's regime in Zimbabe. about my position on I don't apologise for that. Now, if that's the reason, as the Australasian nominee. Mr Howard says he won't pull out has been charged A 90-year-old West Australian man in Thailand. with raping four young sisters and sexually abused the sisters Police say Karl Joseph Karus raped with chocolates after luring them to his home and promising them English lessons. One of the girls was only five years old when the abuse began. photographs of young children Police found around 100 indecent

in his home of a paedophilia network. and fear he may be part but is an Australian citizen. Mr Kraus was born in Germany 'Dr Death' will be sentenced today The Queensland surgeon known as of three counts of manslaughter after being convicted a patient. and one of permanently injuring

on each conviction He faces a life sentence there's only one option. and former patients say Life, life, life, life.

eight fraud charges Patel is still facing of grievous bodily harm. and another count of the new financial year Today's the start and state governments are slugging tax payers with new charges. The annual cost of living in New South Wales will rise by up to $330 with electricity, gas and water prices all going up. Power costs will also rise in Queensland,

with bills increasing by 13%. Electricity's bills in WA will get bigger but so will the government's hardship payments for lower income earners. South Australians will pay more to use public transport and register their cars. While Victorians will lose the state's first home owner's grant for buying existing homes. Far North Queensland today Julia Gillard heads to soldier killed in Afghanistan. for the funeral of an Australian and friends of Private Ben Chuck The Prime Minister will join family at a service south of Cairns. was one of three commandos who died 27-year-old Private Chuck

10 days ago. in a Black Hawk helicopter crash In finance news:

The Dow has faded towards the close.

It's finished down 97 points.

Moody's warning that Spanish

could be set for a downgrade. Moody's warning that Spanish ratings

European markets were basically

steady. To our region yesterday, and

as we forecast, it wasn't a great

day, although not as bad as most

people expected. We were down 46 and

44 points on our major indices. After the rapid rise in property prices over the past year, there are clear signs the housing sector is cooling.

You can see it driving around your

streets, houses aren't selling as

quickly as before. Savanth Sebastian is at CommSec.

What we are seeing in the streets is

starting to flow through to the

data. It is certainly flowing

through the data. Over the past two

months, property price growth has

been more subdued. You look at the

rest of the state markets and

property prices are going backwards.

There was a perform storm of

factors. They are all over in

factors. They are all over in terms of the Government stimulus has come

off the boil. We have had a lot more

construction activity which means

nor supply will come on to the

market. Add to that, interest rates

will continue to rise. Homebuyers

are being more circumspect about

looking at purchases. It means we

won't see a massive property bubble

that has been talked about and it's

a safe bet to say they will

on the interest rate sidelines over a safe bet to say they will remain

the next couple of months. Here's Beretts. Time for sport.

has angrily denied claims Brisbane captain Jonathan Brown

at a recent team barbecue. he fought Brendan Fevola Fevola will miss the Lions clash with Carlton tonight due to a groin complaint. But the footy world was awash with speculation yesterday that Fevola was dropped after a dust-up with Brown.

The rumours are just absolutely

ridiculous. I don't want to keep

silent. I suppose keep adding to the

fuel to the fire. Brown hopes to return from his groin injury against Hawthorn in Round 16. Australia has bounced back to form cruising to a 78-run victory in the fourth one-dayer against England in London this morning. The visitors amassed 5/290 from their 50 overs with Ricky Ponting blasting 92 and Michael Clarke finishing unbeaten. England was never in the hunt in the run chase thanks to some electrifying bowling from Ryan Harris. as England was dismissed for 212. The paceman claimed 5/32 of Wimbledon Roger Federer has been bundled out by talented Czech Tomas Berdych. in four sets this morning

was less than gracious in defeat, The 'Fed Express' on back and leg injuries. blaming the loss moved into the final four World number one Rafael Nadal

over Robin Soderling. with a 4-set win of Great Britan, Andy Murray, He'll take on the pride in the semi-finals after Murray ousted Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in four sets. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. Save on thousands of items during the Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale - now on. It has to be Beacon. Mostly fine in Cairns. Cloud increasing in Mount Isa. Low cloud with some drizzle in Bundaberg. Fine in Brisbane. 19 in Southport. Cloud increasing in Coffs Harbour. Fine in Dubbo. Mostly sunny in Sydney. Mostly sunny in Canberra. Chance of a shower in Wagga Wagga. Showers in Ballarat. Rain in Melbourne. Partly cloudy in Bairnsdale. Fine in Strahan. A wet morning for Hobart. A few showers in Mount Gambier. Rain in Adelaide. in Coober Pedy. Partly cloudy in Katherine. Cloud increasing in Darwin. Partly cloudy Western Australia - And around in Bunbury. chance of a late shower in Perth. Sunshine Kalgoorlie. Cloudy in in Broome. Rain periods Exmouth. Sunshine in On the way - the photographer at the centre of a nude photo controversy tells us why his work is art. And, what's next for the "fully sick rapper" now he's out of hospital? But after the break, the story of two parents desperate to save their son.

Our kids will be alright, won't

they? The child blessed with a kiss

from beyond is indestructible. That's next on Sunrise. using your cars differently. So we ask a few more questions (CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRUNCH!) Sunrise books online at Enjoy a choice, enjoy your stay. It's been a strong year for Australian movies. Films like 'Animal Kingdom' and 'Beneath Hill 60' have proved popular with critics and film-goers.

And now there's another movie from local producers. It's called 'Matching Jack' of two parents and it tells the story while trying to save their marriage. dealing with their sick child, In a Sunrise exclusive, Nuala Hafner, went on set our Melbourne correspondent, to find out more. Come on. or father's nightmare - It starts with every mother a sick child.

Bone marrow transplants are giving

positive results. and Jacinda Barrett play parents Richard Roxborough trying to save their son.

It is is terribly dark subject

matter along the way. You do have to

keep some sense of levity so that

you don't sink into it too much. But the subject matter just gets darker, as infidelities are revealed. Although this offers one glimmer of hope - perhaps their son Jack has a sibling who could save his life.

I don't even know how to say this

but is there any chance Jeremy could

be David's child? Although Richard and Jacinda are constantly fighting in the movie, thankfully there's some light relief on set when the filming stops.

You are just like a married couple:

He gave me Richard's rules to

actinging on day one. It's a

500-page document. It helped many

before you. It has. I'm only up to

page 5 but I'm trying. She's doing

well. Thank you. She will probably

thanks? get asked back again. Will I,

Kodi Smit-McPhee, James Nesbitt and his on-screen son, off and on screen. also bring a bit of relief

Ahoy There. What is this sale or's

name? You are a dad. Did you find

this story line confronting? You

divorce yourself from this. You

concentrate on your own children, I

haven't had to do that. Cody is

still in the moment, he is a

truthful and honest and generous and

very mature actor. Do you have to

speak in an Irish accent? Mt movie I

speak with an Irish accent and I've

never done an Irish accent before.

He's very good. Picked it up before.

Australians think they are going to

do an Irish accent but they haven't

got a clue. To be sure, to be sure.

It's ridiculous. I get that every day. Ultimately, despite the accent, this is another Australian movie with heart. I got a sneak peek the other day, and I have to confess, I couldn't help but have a little cry.

You are saying a child bless world a

kiss from beyond is in December

trick table. 'Matching Jack' is released next month

and will have its premiere at the Melbourne Film Festival. You can also check out the trailer on the Yahoo website.

Looks a great movie, doesn't it?

Makes me cry, those sort of movies.

I'm not good there. I make you go to

those sort of ones. Yes. What was

that one you sent me to 'cause you

had... 'My Sister's Keeper'. No car chases there, that's for sure. will legalising ticket scalping Still to come - help stop the problem? And soon, undercover agents.

in your neighbourhood. Why a spy could be living

Hopefully she's a saucy Russian.

It's intriguing. Don't you think

it's intriguing? It is intriguing. But after the break, to cancel two big jobs Jennifer Hawkins forced after scalding her face. She's a spy. And driving high. Is it a car? Is it a plane? The answer is next, on Sunrise. unblocks the nose Trust new Sudafed with Double Action. (HUMS) VOICEOVER: Our homewares... (SQUEALS) ..will surprise you... ..with 20-40% off manchester and a huge range of homewares. (BOTH GIGGLE) Hurry! Sale ends Wednesday at Target. What's Making News for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale is on now. It has to be Beacon. Making news this morning, a possible answer to traffic congestion in our major cities. 'The Jetsons' had a flying car back in the 1960s and soon we could all have one. It's called the 'Transition' and is about to go into production in the US. After landing, you fold in the wings with the push of a button, then drive away. But if you want one, you'll need to come up with about $230,000.

Beretts is our aviation expert. Does

that take your fancy. That is my

dream plane. You would need a big

front yard to unfold it. You need to

live close to the airport. Or a

street to land in. Details, details.

I would like to see the dog chase that, though. Also making news this morning - a Melbourne photography exhibition featuring young, naked boys with replica guns. It's been branded 'disgraceful and disturbing' by family groups. Critics have compared the pictures

with the controversial Bill Henson exhibition two years ago. You might remember that police confiscated images of a naked 12-year-old girl. Sean O'Carroll is the photographer on this occasion and we'll talk to him later, this Sunrise. But in the meantime, tell us whether you think the photos should be banned or not.

Getting a bit of response. Diane says "

says "What sort of parents allow

their children to appear in photos

like that" but it was the

photographer's son and nephews. I

heard naked boys and guns, the first

reaction was... Bad image. Seeing

them this morning, look, I don't

know. They are obviously toddlers.

As people know with toddlers, they

run around in a nappy. The image

with guns, the photographer is

saying boys play with guns and it's

about masculinity and they do play

with guns. Why you can't take away

boys will pick up anything whether

it is a gun or a stick, even if you

are anti-guns, even the pen that

makes it sound like a gun. They look like real

like real guns there. Is a stopper.

There is something about those

images that are quite confronting.

They don't look like a plastic water

pistol or something. Do hair your

thoughts and we will have a chat to the photographer later on. Now, most clicked on the net this morning - is Jennifer Hawkins facing up to danger. She reportedly had a mishap on the Whitsundays and scalded her face. The mishap was caused by a flask of boiling water. Apparently the burns aren't too bad.

If you feel you need to rush off and

take care of her. Kochie was ravaged

by a fish on the Barrier Reef last

week. You need to wrap her up in

cotton wool. She is lucky to be

alive, flaunting with danger daily. And finally making news, another excuse for men not to go shopping. Researches have found the chemical in some plastics is also in some cash register dockets.

I've always suspected that. How?

That's why I don't go shopping. I

thought that docket looks like

thought that docket looks like it could be dangerous. The chemical can suppress male hormones and in extreme cases, cause impotency. Goodness me. But it's got us thinking, what are the best excuses men use to get out of shopping.

I think that's the all time best.

The receipt will cause me to be impotent.

Guys, there is a message there.

There is a message... Joke of the

Day. Where is your paddle. I did

steal it from daugy. He thought it

was too naughty to put in the

opener. You are safe now. Boys best

excuse you have ever used to get out

of shopping. The shops are so

confusing. But also, no,

confusing. But also, no,, no, no -

blokes and women shop differently.

It's fun and relaxing. You get in

there, you do it, get out again. You

don't read labels or check prices.

You just say I like that. You

You just say I like that. You are talking about the supermarket.

Shopping for a guy is not an

experience. It's like an SAS

mission. You get in, hit hard and

get out. We appreciate that. We

wander, stop for coffee, we chat. We

try on things we have no intention

of buying. Maybe we should hit

harder, just go in and buy. OK,

guys, good idea. Let's do that this

afternoon and we will report back

in. We don't want the dockets, that

could cause problems. Sell your

hubies. A good excuse to hide the dockets. On the way - we take a look at whether the major parties are taking mental health seriously. But after the break, this morning's news, sport and weather together. And, fast cars, good looking guys and glamorous women. The life of a modern-day spy, is soon on Sunrise. Great toys at great low prices, like this Pacesetter bike for only $89 and this Shadow scooter for only $15. So make your kid's day super special at Coles. mental health and rural areas, and improving training and support There's never been a better time to work in the new health system. Visit yet 50% of us don't get enough. Huh? But now, Bodywise Digestive Balance bars. Not only do they give you a quarter of your daily fibre needs, they taste good too. Mmm. Bodywise. Because your body is for life. You can get everything you need to winterise your house here at Bunnings. Large range of heaters here. All our draught strips. The last thing you want to be is cold in winter. 12-rail clothes airer, $6.98. Insulation batts, $35. Moretti radiant heater, $17. Foam weather seal tape, $3.49. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. Check out our latest catalogue online. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. Tomorrow - on set with Hannah Montana. Fifi catches up with Miley Cyrus and her dad, Billy Ray. Only Sunrise has special access. And, our love affair with vampires. So when did they become so sexy? That's Sunrise, Friday. Just ahead - are there spies living in Australia? And how do you become one?

Anyone who talks into their

Anyone who talks into their sleeve is a dead give away, I think. And the "fully sick rapper" heads home from hospital. Fifi finds out whether he's ready to cope with the world again. But first it's over to Nat for the 6:30 update. Good morning. John Howard has been scrubbed out as potential leader of world cricket. The self-confessed cricket tragic was the Australasian nominee for the ICC post and his nomination should have been rubber-stamped last night. But he's been rejected and hasn't been told why. And the former prime minister says Tony Abbott caused Kevin Rudd's downfall, not the Labor Party. John Howard says Mr Rudd's downfall began when Tony Abbott took over the Liberal Party. When he became Leader of the Opposition he put the heat on Rudd in relation to emissions trading and that was the beginning of Rudd's political descent. John Howard also says

Julia Gillard must take her full share of responsibility for Labor's shortcomings under Kevin Rudd. Former surgeon Jayant Patel has been placed on precautionary suicide watch ahead of his sentencing on manslaughter charges later today. Patel has been convicted of killing three patients and permanently injuring another. He faces life behind bars. Those close to the case say they know the outcome they want at today's sentence hearing. He's taken so many lives so I think it's got to be equal. Patel's lawyers are expected to lodge an appeal. Victoria's Labor government has taken a tumble in the polls, five months out from the state election. The latest Newspoll shows support for Labor has plunged to just 34% with voters moving to the Greens. Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu has closed the gap with John Brumby as preferred premier, rising two points. Like New South Wales Premier, Kristina Keneally, Mr Brumby's leadership has not been tested at an election. He took over as Premier from Steve Bracks in 2007. The minimum wage goes up today to $15 an hour. Australia's 1.4 million low-wage earners will now take home $570 a week after Fair Work Australia approved a $26 increase. Middle-income earners will also benefit, with the 30% tax threshold increasing,

giving an average $450 tax cut. And the awards system has been streamlined, meaning some workers in Queensland will start receiving Sunday penalty rates. Police are looking for witnesses after a McDonald's was held up by armed robbers in western Sydney.

It's the third fast food restaurant in three nights to be targetted. Two men wearing bandanas entered the Lidcombe outlet after 6:00 last night. They threatened staff with a knife and a machete before they were given access to cash from the till. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers. Startling new figures show the number of teenagers at risk of abuse in New South Wales

may be the highest in the developed world. Official figures show about one third of children aged 12-17 in the state have been reported to Community Services at least once in their life, with concerns about neglect or abuse. But experts have questioned if the figures show real levels of harm,

over-reporting, or new parenting standards.

Happy new financial year every one!

The Dow Jones close d down 96

points. Moody's have warned Spain to

expect a downgrade in its ratings.

The Australian share market, would

you believe for the financial year,

was up 8.

was up 8.7%

was up 8.7%. See you forget the

first half of the financial year was

a bit of a Boomer for the share

market. It's only been lately we

have been on the skids. Time for sport. Roger Federer's nice-guy image has been a little tarnished following an ungraceful exit from Wimbledon overnight. Federer fell in four sets to Czech Tomas Berdych but offered his conquerer little credit post match, preferring to blame the loss on injuries. I'm unhappy with the way I'm playing. I am struggling with a little bit of a back and leg issue. But that doesn't quite allow me to play the way I would like to play. Local hope Andy Murray set up a blockbuster semi-final clash with Rafael Nadal, by downing Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in four sets. Australia has salvaged some pride by scoring a comprehensive 78-run victory in game four of the one-day series against England this morning. Ricky Ponting returned to form with a classy 92 but Michael Clarke finished unbeaten on 99 as the visitors amassed 5/290. Ryan Harris then finished the job

with a brilliant bowling performance. The Queensland paceman claimed 5/32 as England was dismissed for 212. Blues coach Craig Bellamy is confident Jarryd Hayne's dramas at club level won't affect his performance

in Wednesday night's final Origin clash. Hayne is believed to be feuding with Parramatta coach Daniel Anderson and there's even reports the full-back may walk out on the club if the issues aren't resolved. Sunrise World Cup updates brought to you by Beaurepaires - who you turn to for tyres. Germany vice captain Bastian Schwinestiger has ignited a war of words with Argentina ahead of this weekend's blockbuster World Cup quarterfinal. Schwinestiger accused Diego Maradona's side of being disrespectful and trying to influence the referee Meantime, Nigeria's shambolic World Cup campaign has come to a bizarre end. The Nigerian government has banned the side from international competition for two years after they failed to win a match in South Africa. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale now on. It has to be Beacon. A slow-moving front and low are maintaining cold air and showers in South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and southern New South Wales. Cold southerly winds in southern WA are causing showers near the coast. Fine in Brisbane. Rain developing tomorrow, then clearing on Saturday. Mostly fine on Sunday and Monday. Mostly sunny in Sydney. Chance of showers tomorrow. Fine over the weekend. A few showers on Monday. Mostly sunny in Canberra. Cloudy but fine tomorrow. Sunny over the weekend and the start of next week. A rainy day in Melbourne. Rain continuing tomorrow and until Saturday. Cloudy on Sunday. Sunshine on Monday. Morning showers in Hobart. Fine tomorrow. A few showers on Saturday. Mainly fine on Sunday and the start of next week. Showers in Adelaide. Mainly fine tomorrow and over the weekend. A late shower on Monday. Sunny in Perth. Showers tomorrow. Some cloud around on Saturday. Mostly sunny on Sunday and Monday. Partly cloudy in Darwin. Cloudy again tomorrow and until Saturday. Mostly sunny on Sunday.

Cloudy with some showers about on Monday.

Beretts earlier started off to tell

you about small business. With your

permission, can I continue? Please

continue. Next Thursday in Brisbane,

is a national small business summit.

It's a boot camp for small business

operators. I will be there along

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inspired. Do you want to come? It's

school holidays. I've promised to

school holidays. I've promised to be with the children every day after

work. Any other time.

work. Any other time. TiVo Joke of the Day. A lawyer comes home late at

night. He's had a tough day trying

to get a client off death row. His

last-minute plea for clemencies was

worn out. As soon as his he walked

through the door, what time of

through the door, what time of night do you think this has been, dinner

is cold, I'm not reheating it, on

and on. Too shattered to play his

usual role in this familiar ritual,

he poured himself a shot of whisky,

headed for a soak in the bath

followed by the sarcastic remarks.

While he was in the bath the phone

rang. The wife answered, was told

his husband's client James white had

been grant add stay of execution,

been grant add stay of execution, he would not be hung after all. After realising what

realising what a terrible day she

decided to go and see was greeted by

the sight. They are not hanging

right tonight, dear. He turned

around and said "

around and said "Will you leave it alone! around and said "Will you leave it

alone!" Whoever sent that joke in,

can you email in and let us know.

I've lost your name and address on

the other page. They have been

separated. You are going to get

480,000 people. We have got very honest viewers. Later - the nude photos causing controversy in the art world. But after the break, forget James Bond. We take a look at the life of a modern-day spy. And he's finally out of hospital. So what's next for the "fully sick rapper"?

Can I get a pirate chair. Now I'm

looking for a quarantine chick.

Because I can't hang out in publish

# I'm a rapper that's fully sick #

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Not as chilly this morning. You

reckon? It was 1 degree warmer at my

place than yesterday. Maybe I was

armed up after my party last night. armed up after my party last night.. Think of a spy and you probably think of a James Bond type. The fast cars. The bad guys. The beautiful women.

Hollywood has made espionage seem mysterious and glamorous. But is that the reality for a modern-day agent? Earlier this week 10 Russian spies were arrested in the United States after an FBI crackdown. And it got us wondering, what exactly is life like for spies? in Australia? And how many do we have here foreign editor, Dr Keith Suter. Here with some answers is our Good morning.

You have got the look of a spy, I

reckon. Did they surprise you, the

arrests in America? No. Even though

the Cold War is over, there is a

need for intelligence. The value of

intelligence, it helps you to find

out what others don't know. You have

got military intelligence,

commercial intelligence, one

corporation spying on another. If

you want to buy a property, you

to know what it might sell for. You you want to buy a property, you want

want that inside of information.

Intelligence is an ongoing activity.

Have we got them here in Australia?

Do they lead normal lives with

normal jobs but spy on the side? It

depends on who is doing the

employing of them. You would have

them throughout Australia. We have

commercial ties with the Chinese.

They want to know how much we are

going to be involved in, in terms of

negotiations for minerals, et

cetera. We have important American

military facilities in this country

so people would want to know how

good those spy bases are in Central

Australia and elsewhere. Yes, you

would have a number of New Spice in

this country. We are not one of the

main places for spies but the Middle

East. You would want to know how

much oil is under the sands in Saudi

Arabia. The problem with James Bond,

it distorted our perception. An

ordinary intelligence officer is

someone trying to gather

information. They are handling

information, not handling blondes or

guns. Unfortunately. That is a bit

dull then. If you look at the

history, say the spies, The Moles

that have been outed in the UK have

been academics or journalists. Are

they the type of jobs that you would

normally find them in? As a rule,

journalists aren't normally

recruited because the causes

problems with the media. They won't

normally recruit in humanitarian

organises or religious

organisations. But they would want

to recruit elsewhere. They might

want to know had what is going on in

any organisation. It depends on

getting access. If you take Wally

Clayton, the most successful Moscow

spy in Australia, they never caught

him. He ended up living in retirement in Newcastle. He was

getting information out of the foreign Department of Foreign

Affairs and passing on information

during the post war period. You want

to get that information and pass

to get that information and pass it on to your opponents. Sometimes you

do it for political note

do it for political motives and

other ways of doing it for cash.

I've got secrets, I've got photographs of people in compromising situations, how

compromising situations, how much are you going to pay me for them.

How do you become a spy? Do they

advertise? Of course they do. They

invite people to apply for the

Australian secret intelligence

service. A lot of agents have come

from in from the cold because they

want to recruit

want to recruit skilled,

professional individuals. Thank you,

Dr Keith Suter. My next life. You

are taken by t the gun under the who

will dress in the holster. Let's move he's been the Fully Sick Rapper. For the past six months,

we mean in hospital, in isolation, And when we say 'Sick', with tuberculosis. didn't let it get him down. But Christiaan Van Vuuren and created a series of videos He turned to YouTube by nearly 2 million people. which have been seen allowed to go home. Now Christiaan has finally been

So what will he do when he's 'fully well'? Entertainment editor Fifi Box caught up with him the only way she could - through Skype!

# Quarantine is one hell of a bore

# How am I going to fit in with life

after 23 days on the pan

# I'm a fully sick rapper... #

You have been locked up in hospital

for six months. How are you feeling?

I'm pumped now. So good to be out.

It's been a sensory overload coming

outside because I've been used to

the same four bland walls and green

floors and very hospitally

environment I was living in, funnily

enough, being in hospital but it's

awesome to be out. What made you

decide to start rapping? That was

boredom and nothing but, really. I

had gone through all the DVDs I had

and read all the books I had. It was

the Avenue I went down because I

couldn't make too much noise in the

hospital room. If I had to get a

guitar and get a drum kit in there

and start banging around on drums,

it would have caused all sorts of

problems. And friends passed it on

and it escalateed. Maintaining a

social life must be pretty tough

while you were in quarantine. Were

you able to date? I was crash

coursing all the technology. I

started using Skype as like a dating

system. So I would get approached by

girls from around the world who had

seen my videos and who were kind of like "

like "You're alright"

like "You're alright". I was like " like "You're alright". I was like

"You're alright, let's have a date" "You're alright, let's have a date".

There was a time when I got dressed

up in college shirt and jeans and

pretended I was in a bar and they

put in nice dresses and over in

their home in the States. What

their home in the States. What else did you do to pass the time? Oh, I

can pretty much hit a three-pointer

on a mini basketball hoop from

anywhere in that hospital room. I

did push-ups and sit-ups and stuff

around the room. I had a Yale bird

routine. I hope you are feeling

better soon and thanks for your

time. Thanks very much, Fifi. Pleasure.

# I can be your quarantine guy

# And that's waving goodbye. #

. He had a good attitude. Seems such

a nice bloke. Go to YouTube and have

a look. They are very funny. We wish him well. sport and weather. Up next - this morning's news, scalping get rid of the problem? Also, would legalising ticket And, tackling mental health. are doing Find out what the major parties so many Australians, to solve the issue affecting when Sunrise continues. Coles Super Specials. there's even more super value This week, block chocolate with Cadbury 2 for just $5. or conditioner And Palmolive shampoo at only $2.49. half price Coles Super Specials - quality food costs less at Coles. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood.

Happy Australian birthday. I know

your real one is tomorrow. We will

celebrate it for two days for you. Stretch it out. You have our first look at Miranda Kerr's engagement ring and a possible location for the wedding ceremony.

Nobody is talking about the sparkler

in her other hand. They are all

looking at that big giant rock of an

engagement ring. She was also

holding her Yorkshire Terrier,

Frankie. Whichever side you pick,

she looks adorable. She and her mum

were spotted outlooking at

were spotted outlooking at a church.

We have a picture of the church.

This is the Hollywood united

Methodist church. In spite of that

picture, it is at a busy

intersection near the Kodak Theatre

and by the Hollywood bowl. My

speculation is they were trying to

throw the press off the sent of

where their wedding might be.

Orlando and Miranda are both practising Buddhists. Maybe they are

fooling us into thinking that is

where they are going to get married.

Orlando grew up church of England,

so my church which is nearby, that's

an Anglican church, very beautiful,

a little less traffic, they can slip

in and out away from the press.

That's Saint Thomas. We will keep an

eye on it. We know they are very

happy and a nice quote from

Orlando's mum about Miranda "

Orlando's mum about Miranda "She's a

beautiful girl in all aspects that have word"

have word". They seem so normal.

They have been together for years,

they are looking at churches. They

are not rushing off to Vegas after

48 hours. I think they will punk us.

One morning we will say they tied

the knot and we didn't know. Moving on, and another lawsuit has been filed against Lindsay Lohan. What for?

Today's lawsuit bought to you by a

boutique called Tough As Nails. They

allege she bought over $

allege she bought over $17,000 of

items but only paid for $

items but only paid for $180 of that items but only paid for $180 of that items but only paid for $180 of

$170,000. It seems like a lot of

celebrities, Cat Blanchett, Bon Jovi

are blaming it on their business

managers. Maybe it ease time for

celebrities to take control of their

own cheque books. You

own cheque books. You can delegate

financial items, but you can't

especially surrender the

responsibility. I get him to pick up

my hopping bills but he phones

through and pays for them. I finish

getting her tax receipts out. Hello

to Kyogle in country New South

Wales. Gee, they are tough souls,

aren't they, up so early. What is

happening on the soapbox. We

happening on the soapbox. We are talking about the artist shots of

the little toddlers with guns. Most

people are in support of him, saying

it is art. We are going to take a

look at the shots. Wayne says " look at the shots. Wayne says "A

nobody worked out he could

nobody worked out he could become well known quickly by getting naked

boys to pose with pistols. It looks

as though you went disappoint him" as though you went disappoint him".

Steve says it's disgusting. Lisa

says "

says "I don't find the photos

offensive and to the contrary, I

think they are quite beautiful" think they are quite beautiful". A

different take. The other thing we

are talking about is the best excuse

mur man has used to get out of

shopping. Lynelle, good morning to

you. Good morning. What did your

hubby do? We were down at the local

shopping centre and we were in

having a look and he said "

having a look and he said "I don't

feel good, I'm going to sit outside" feel good, I'm going to sit

outside". I said OK and I looked at

him and thought he probably doesn't

look that good and thought I think

it's hospital. Fortunately the

hospital was just over the road. So

I walked him in there. 24 hours

later the doctor said " later the doctor said

"Congratulations, you have had a

heart attack"

heart attack". Congratulations goes,

that's an interesting way to phrase

it. He is OK. It happened a couple

of years ago. Has he been shopping

since? It's a common joke. We will

all Australia that one now. It shows

you how dangerous it can be. The

shopping dockets have some sort of

substance that can cause impotence.

Life threatening to men. You can't

go often. Or you can't see the receipts. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning. Mental health assault. The opposition promises major spending for front-line services. But is it enough? And what's the government vowing to do? This morning on Sunrise - who's taking mental health seriously. Then, art or exploitation? And holding guns. They're young. Naked. What was the photographer thinking? He'll join us live soon, to explain. Is it a car? Is it a plane? And driving high. The answer is coming up, on Sunrise. It's Thursday 1 July 2010.

Happy new financial year. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, If you've just tuned in, thanks for joining us for breakfast. Right now it's time for the news of the day. Good morning The Queensland surgeon known as 'Dr Death' will be sentenced today after being convicted of three counts of manslaughter and one of permanently injuring a patient.

He faces a life sentence on each conviction and former patients say there's only one option. Life, life, life, life. Patel is still facing eight fraud charges

and another count of grievous bodily harm. A 90-year-old West Australian man has been charged with raping four young sisters in Thailand. Police say Karl Joseph Karus raped and sexually abused the girls after luring them to his home with chocolates and promising them English lessons. One of the girls was only five when the abuse began. Police found around 100 indecent photographs of young children in his home

and fear he may be part of a paedophilia network. Mr Kraus was born in Germany but is an Australian citizen. John Howard says he won't pull out of the bid to become vice president of the International Cricket Council. Australia and New Zealand were told to nominate a new candidate after 6 of the 10 test-playing nations rejected the former prime minister's application. At no stage was I willing to pull out

because a few people indicated they didn't like the cut of my jib and that remains my position. Mr Howard's tough stance against the Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe

is believed to be a key factor in his nomination being rejected. A man is in a critical condition in hospital after losing control of his car in Melbourne early this morning.

It took emergency crews half an hour to free the driver and his passenger after they slammed into two cars on Dandenong Road around 1:00. We've got two males, they seem to be rather young, in their 20s. One's in a critical state. Police believe the crash was speed related. A woman has been found dead in a unit in Sydney. Concerns were raised for the woman, believed to be aged in her 40s. Police entered the home in Chifley after 4:00 this morning and found her body and blood inside. The death is being treated as suspicious. Child welfare campaigners are concerned about a new exhibition featuring semi-naked boys and guns. Photographs by a Melbourne artist of the children holding weapons have outraged critics who are comparing them to Bill Henson's controversial work. I think that the use of young children in these sorts of provocative and evocative photography is trampling over their rights. I'm trying to make beautiful and thought-provoking images so I hope that's what I've done. The models are the artist's son and nephews. In finance news:

The Dow Jones down after Moody's

warned Spain it could be in for a

downgrade. European markets were

steady. To our region yesterday, our

seventh consecutive day of losses

led by the miners. Also news the

housing market is cooling, had its

weakest quarterly growth since

February last year. Australian

market down 14% since April 15 but

for the whole last financial year,

the ASX 200 was up 8.

the ASX 200 was up 8.7%

the ASX 200 was up 8.7%. We forget

the first half of the financial

year, it's a good one for stocks. Time for Sport. Brisbane skipper Jonathan Brown has been forced to hose down talk of a fist-fight with Brendan Fevola ahead of tonight's clash with Carlton. Rumours have swept AFL circles, suggesting Fevola was axed from the Lions line-up because of an altercation with Brown at a team barbecue. If I whacked Fev or we'd have punched on it wouldn't have taken 10 days for it to get out, that's for sure. It's just an absolute croc of (BLEEP).

The Lions maintain Fevola is missing the match because of a groin problem. Australia has bounced back to form with a 78-run victory in the fourth one-dayer against England this morning. The Aussies notched 5/290 from their 50 overs, with Ricky Ponting blasting 92 and Michael Clarke finishing unbeaten In reply, England was always behind the eight-ball thanks to a man of the match performance from Ryan Harris. The paceman finished with 5/32. Roger Federer has been bundled out of Wimbledon in four sets this morning by talented Czech Tomas Berdych. The 'Fed Express' blamed the loss on lingering back and leg injuries. World number one Rafael Nadal moved into the final four with a four set win over Robin Soderling. He'll take on the pride of Great Britain, Andy Murray, in the semi-finals after Murray ousted Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in four sets. Sunrise World Cup updates brought to you by Pedigree Adoption Drive. Help us help dogs. FIFA has confirmed it's investigating claims Football Federation Australia officials gave expensive gifts to delegates to win votes for our 2022 World Cup bid. FFA boss Ben Buckley is unfazed by the allegations aired in the Fairfax press. Buckley says it's common practice to provide symbolic gifts to visiting international delegates. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale now on. It has to be Beacon. Mostly fine in Cairns. Cloud increasing in Mount Isa. Low cloud with some drizzle in Bundaberg. Fine in Brisbane. 19 in Southport.

Cloud increasing in Coffs Harbour. Fine in Dubbo. Mostly sunny in Sydney. Mostly sunny in Canberra. Chance of a shower in Wagga Wagga. Showers in Ballarat.

Rain in Melbourne. Partly cloudy in Bairnsdale. Fine in Strahan. A wet morning for Hobart. A few showers in Mount Gambier. Rain in Adelaide.

Partly cloudy in Coober Pedy. Cloud increasing in Katherine. Partly cloudy in Darwin. And around Western Australia - chance of a late shower in Bunbury. Sunshine in Perth. Cloudy in Kalgoorlie. Rain periods in Broome. Sunshine in Exmouth. You might remember a couple of weeks ago the government's advisor on mental health quit because he didn't think Kevin Rudd was serious about addressing the problem. Now the Opposition has revealed its plan for tackling the issue. But will it help the one in five people who suffer from a mental disorder? Mental health expert and Australian of the Year, Professor Patrick McGorry joins us. One in five is a frightening statistic. How and why is mental illness so prevalent?

Mental health is our greatest

resource. All Australians know that.

They are showing that right now, I

think, in the last few months. But

as you say, one in five of

as you say, one in five of us at any one time will experience mental ill

health and it even goes up to one in

two across the whole life span. It's

part of life to expect periods of

mental ill health. The problem is we

can't get access to effective help

we need it. Only one-third do

currently get access to care. You

say one in two across our whole

lifetime, can you give me a

definition. Maybe that is where

people are confused. That seems a

lot of people? I go the way to look

at it, you don't expect to go

through life without expecting

periods of physical ill health. It's

unrealistic to think that won't

happen in mental ill health. We

happen in mental ill health. We are talking about periods of depression,

anxiety and then a range of other

conditions which are perhaps less

common. But I think it's - every one

knows someone who has experienced

this or experienced it themselves.

It's close to the surface in

people's minds. The other thing as

you recently told a Senate committee

enquiry, there is a hidden list of

Australians needing mental health

services. What does it mean? It

means of the four to five million

Australians each year who ex persons

mental ill health, only one-third

will get access to effective care.

That means there are several million

who either don't realise it or tried

to get access and can't get the help

they need. When it comes to young

people, that's really a figure of

about one million all up and 700,000

of them get no access to care. The

situation is worse in the youth age

group. We have seen the Coalition

announcing yesterday it as 1. announcing yesterday it as 1.5 billion action plan to tackle mental health. Take us through what this means, and is it enough? There I

think There is bipartisan support for focus on adolescents and young adults as the peak age group where problems appear. 75% of problems asked her whether she would be taking another look at it and told us to go to the Health Minister. We have obviously got to allow she has only been in the job for a short while. Absolutely. I think we are very confident in the mental health field the Prime Minister will have a serious look at this. We are open to talking with her. She has indicated she is willing to talk on the issue. She understand mental health. She visited our services in visited our services in Melbourne when she was shadow Health Minister. Good to talk to you. Thank you. Thank you very much, Mel. How often do you hear of tickets to sold-out sporting events and concerts being sold for exorbitant prices. Ticket scalping is a major problem. But should it just be legalised We had during our free concerts with usher, some of the tickets got on eBay with exorbitant prices. so people can't make big bucks from fans? Let's ask concert promoter Andrew McManus. Firstly Andrew, just what is scalping? Circumstances change, plans change, and somebody is selling it to

somebody else, can you tell us the

difference? There is no difference.

What scalping is is basically taking

a group of tickets, buying them for

a margin and in essence, trying to

profit ear from that. There is

obviously going to be solo cases

where when you have got people who

have got circumstances and from that

point of view, it's not really an

issue. Nine times out issue. Nine times out of ten if you

go back to the promoter, they will

refund it for you. You bring out the

biggest acts in the world. Is

scalping a problem here. How does it

affect you and the acts you are

working with? Scalping is like

anything. When it's profit earring

and the business is strong, and when

scalping is at a

scalping is at a high, that means

the demand is outsourcing the

supply. From the point of view of

artists we bring in and ourselves,

that takes a section of the profit

away from us and from the artists. I

think the biggest negative on

scalping is in regard to say a

concert is cancelled and You buy

from that second tier market, you have no chance of have no chance of getting your Monday have no chance of getting your

money back. Whereas if you buy it

from Ticketmaster or Ticketek and

the concert falls over, you do have

the right to have your money

returned. What about this idea of

legalising scalping. Would that

solve it? I don't think so. We have

just put Peter Gabriel on sale here

in Melbourne. I've seen on in Melbourne. I've seen on eBay $

in Melbourne. I've seen on eBay $195

tickets are being sold for double

that and triple that. Those people

are taking that risk. From my

perspective, they bought those

tickets. I'm in the business to sell

tickets, I'm in the business to try

and sell venues. They are taking a

risk alongside of me to a degree. If

they legalised it, are they still dog to do that?

dog to do that? Yes, they are. I

dog to do that? Yes, they are. I is

the he legislation it going to be

controlled? I think it's nigh on

impossible. Miley Cyrus you got it

through your mobile phone,

paperless. Kochie, I saw that. I

think that is fraught with danger.

This week I've had two mobile phones

go down. What happens with the data,

if you lose your phone. if you lose your phone. There are so

many elements that could shoot holes

in that whole concept. In essence,

scalping is here to stay. The

biggest issue I do find with

scalping is I think from the point

of view of the second tier market.

Ticketmaster have gone into the

business of creating a second

business which is legalised scalping

to a degree where they have to a degree where they have created

their own second tier selling

agency. It's buoyant market and it

is here to stay. Just briefly on another note. We spoke to you a few weeks back about the big Sting concert you were planning for Sydney on New Years Eve.

You were in discussions with the

State Government. Is that still

happening? At the moment it looks

like we are not going to get it off

the ground. We have gone back to the the ground. We have gone back to

the ground. We have gone back to the

Government with the idea of trying

to promote and produce on Australia

Day. At this point of time, all my

emails and all my correspondence

have not been responded to as yet. I

am hoping, with the support of

Sunrise, that we can get or generate

some interest and generate a return

response and see if we can't promote

it and produce it. Keep us up to date. We have

date. We have a lovely studio. He

could come and sing one morning at

breakfast. Could we afford the fee?

Maybe not. It would be warmer than

down here, thank you Is it art or exploitation? This photography exhibition in Melbourne is causing plenty of controversy.

The pictures show young, naked boys holding replica guns. The three toddlers are the son and nephews of the photographer, Sean O'Carroll. He says the pictures are meant to question masculinity. But Christian groups are calling them offensive.

So should the photos be allowed? Sean O'Carroll joins us now.

Can you understand all the

controversy that's going on? I've

got to say I'm a little bit

surprised. But

surprised. But - no, I don't

understand it, actually. I am

surprised, yeah. A lot of people

are, I guess, outraged over the fact

the boys are naked and the fact that

they hold guns. Are you being

purposely provocative. Guns and

nudity almost guarantee publicity? I

think nudity is a bit strong. The

boys are topless. As I said

previously, you can see that much of a boy if you go to a boy if you go to the swimming pool. a boy if you go to the public

swimming pool. Boys do play with

guns. All I've done is distil these

two elements, gun play that

resembles violence. Boyhood, present

it in an artistic way, in the

it in an artistic way, in the hope it will raise a question about

boyhood and how we are to raise our

sons so that they become well

sons so that they become well adjusted young men. Is that the

message you are trying to get out in

this, attract people's attention and

say let's think about how we bring

our boys up. Yes, most boys will

pick up a stick and turn it into a

gun, are you saying we have got to

change that? I'm not saying we have

got to change that, but that's pot

on. Anyone who has anything to do with boys

with boys is aware that's what boys

do, they will pick up a stick and

turn it into a gun. I like to think

it asks questions than provides

answers. It's up to the viewer to

decide what the answer is. However,

I think it's clear as a society we

don't really know what to do with

many aspects of masculine ty and my

art is presenting that issue and saying

saying let's think about this. Boys

come into the world with these

urges. We can't tell them it's all

wrong, it's all bad. It gives them a

cries of identity. We have to find a

constructive which to help them

channel these urges in a positive

way. Shaun, good to talk to you.

Thanks very much. When we saw the

photos, as you said earlier, on the conference call we conference call we thought it was

going to be a Bill Henson type

thing. In my mind it's certainly

not. Let us know your views. It's an

interesting thing about masculinity

and boys. Most young boys do at some

stage pick up something. Like most

young girls play with Barbies and do

fairies and stuff like that. Not

all, obviously, but

all, obviously, but it does tend to

be... Do we need to change it?

be... Do we need to change it? Let us know. It does bring up the

discussion. Which is what art does,

isn't it? Sure. Now to a very different type of artist - Rolf Harris. He's also an entertainer, presenter, even a pop star. But at heart Rolf's an artist. He painted the Queen to celebrate her 80th birthday.

And now, at 80 years old himself, he's launching an exhibition of his life's work.

Mary Nightingale has your first look.

Hello. How nice to meet you. How are

you? Congratulations. 65 years in

the world of art. It's amazing. It

feels only yesterday. Have a look

around at some of this stuff. That's

one that I just love, that one

there. Tell me about that there. Tell me about that one. The

red rocks and the ghost gums sitting

on top of it and that blue sky. I

painted that sky six times trying to

get it from brilliant blue to royal

blue at the top. It was a self

portrait that first got you

portrait that first got you started when you were 14, you won an award?

I was the youngest entrant ever in

the famous arch balanced prize

the famous arch balanced prize competition. In Australia? In

Australia. What has been the

highlight for you of the career?

It's the Queen, it's got to be. Tell

me about this. Well, that was

marvellous. I went in there with

fear and trembling. Were you

nervous? Was I? I had butterflies by

the million reproducing in my

stomach. Panic, what if I stomach. Panic, what if I can't get

a likeness, what will I say, will I

be able to think of an answer? What

does it mean to have this

exhibition, your first in a Warne

gallery? Just unbelievable. It's

like a dream come true. I wish my

mum and dad could be here to have

seen it, you know. They were always

a bit horrified that I left the art

side and gone into the

entertainment. They thought that was

- should have been a secondary thing

and the art a first thing.

- should have been a secondary thing and the art a first thing. To see it

all coming to fruition now, they

would have been thrilled. I'm sure

he this are watching from somewhere.

Mary Nightingale there with Rove Harris. Footy tips now, and round 14 of the AFL kicks off tonight.

And we're both tipping Carlton to beat Brisbane in that match. The only game we don't agree on is Adelaide against Essendon. To the NRL, and we're split on three of the five matches this weekend. Although we're both going for the Dragons in the top-of-the-table clash with the Panthers. And we do the footy tips for the Pedigree Adoption Drive.

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Prices include return airfares. You have until next Monday to book. So head to or call 131 538. Still to come - the media turns on Julia Gillard for not moving into The Lodge.

A week is a long time in politics.

She can't take a trick, can she? And later, our money makeover continues, with five simple steps to slash your household bills. Plus, celebrity author Jeffrey Archer. He joins us live to tell us all about his new book, soon on Sunrise.


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Happy financial new year and happy