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(generated from captions) Yell out if you reckon it's red.

it's purple. Yell out if you reckon (MURMURING) (LAUGHTER) Who said that? (LAUGHTER) You're wrong.

(SQUEALS) The answer's green - for $20,000! Wow, fantastic.

$20,000. Oh, that's awesome. Thanks, Eddie. Thank you. Well played, Mel. Oh. Good job. Yeah! Enjoy it. Mel Hunter just won $20,000. next time. Goodnight. I'll see you in the hot seat Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

takes Poll below-stairs Julia Gillard

in lockdown as day at Wimbledon for the first time in carpet for the world premiere Julia government under new Prime Minister significantly primary vote has jumped spent her first day in leading the party. The new PM has

stabbing her authority Same cabinet, but a Minister Same cabinet, but a new Prime direction. Unlike the ousted trusting a traditional cabinet system, a traditional

and presumably, no making and presumably, no gang of four' I making major decisions. but not Before chairing her first meeting, Ms Gillard spoke on phone with Obama, whom Mr Rudd had planned to meet in person the G20 economic summit in given events here in would not be able to

She phoned other leaders during the day, including the President Indonesia and the Prime Ministers members of Mr pack and Minister's Office, the change of leaders Network produced good which had Labor. The party's primary vote,

in Newspoll to 42.7%, ahead of the coalition on 54% to changed the I think the public will that pretty

prime minister?" question, Abbott - 64.8% to Gillard has a massive lead over

Australian mother? sample think sample think not, but 63% she doesn't need to be a But the way organised But the way factional bosses is being

by a The moment Gillard's popularity Laurie Oakes, but if

to win. At the Bungendore talk's about horses, Well, we but I won't no Because they're right Because they're just not doing the Here especially, This region, from the ACT territory - if you believe

heartland. Queanbeyan, at least, is Labor I think she's to know, well, what's she gonna do?

of the policies that she Kevin Rudd.

If she does the right south But this region is diverse. The tougher markets. I don't Don't really like Labor, but I don't like Tony Half a place Julia Gillard must be they could vote.

was born, was something Here they definitely a catch definitely a Barry girl. Just to

past 24 hours has ground for advertising copywriters. Several ads in help to are aimed at Two men had been years for a fatal boat crash on lives. The families of victims say been done. harbour cruise. CCTV carrying a carton of beer. harbour cruise. One is caught on

negligent driving the vessel, guilty of were negligent navigation. Today they Finally someone has been held My first granddaughter, on the her. She beautiful granddaughter.

before it people on the boat before it even began. There were 14

not have a Boak under the cannabis and trawler was lit up like see tree, but the 24-year-old did not

There was was a horrible accident. There was no intention in it. It

she was Matthew Reynolds's's He would give his own life to be able to change this, to be residents in

afternoon, after this shop Marrickville property which has a for sale off as police and fire for sale sign outside was cordoned

attended the tonight hunting a man who with a machete and a A primary school in lockdown an attack terrified and parents worried. It was very scary - lockdown approached by delivering materials. pulled out a and slashed him with the knife. just in

Students were locked classrooms Students were locked in their frantic search Were you While the here this parents wondering carrying a syringe and a You send them You send them to school and expect wasn't an issue, because But the school insists security

happen on They're there to get traumatised - Chloe Bugelly, A skydiving trip on the North Coast went wrong plane carrying five people

into bush near away with A funeral Shepherd, who was crash Shepherd, who was killed in the the bail last week. out to

format. 28-year-old pilot Andrew Wilson also died in Two momentous events at Finally a defeat in the 70 love and 68 he in Queen returned for the first time since 1977. A rare royal unusual. Past Henman through an

Majesty strolled grounds, no Centre needed for beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

that few others can. I played at Wimbledon I played at Wimbledon in front of the The welcome back was thunderous - the last time she was here, a British title. Andy Murray at least won his match. Wimbledon's Court Many were when mercifully the hours on court

night at 59 apiece, and today 19 games after 19 games after the restart, when Isner hours on one of them had Wimbledon made a

but they'll be for as We played the Tim Sheridan,

cannot eclipse makes his debut in Los Angeles. Twilight fans camped out for days

premiere, which shocked us, and and Taylor They felt the posed for I almost How do you prepare for a night like this?

Samuel has Samuel has joined the team. It is wonderful must choose friend, werewolf Jacob.

She is not sure what she wants. It is final movie will be broken into two home for Prince Harry tells how And had it was led to the sale rare treasures Hey, Grandad! I'm gonna be a veggie grower. Veggie grower! School veggie patch. That's a good idea. I'll teach you how to grow stuff. VOICEOVER: Register your primary school online to share $500,000 of seeds and equipment. Ah, McCain, you've done it again.

see their

price comes in after a ceremony. Their carried in Russell, as they began their journey back Chuck, Tim seven other

of two of those soldiers worsened Australians fought what's become known as the forgotten terrible war has this report.

ceremony in salt. Australia but it is of daily life here. for their battles Australia ever faltered.

do not think I would like to come experience 60 years They live with the fear of another invasion from can see one of

Harry has of how every day of their lives. Whatever we

we're with, wonder what she would think, what she would be doing if she was with us now, whether she'd tongue out, tongue out, whether she'd be playing that's, that's what keeps us going would be like during his recent African mission with Warren Anderson has

hammer at an auction in Sydney. curiosities included remains of rare animals, including these Javanese Rhinos. artworks, this painting of Anzacs, Conan Doyle. The auction is expected settlement. To sport Gilbert is Wests Tigers have a chance to show they've had some injury concerns.

talks exclusively World Cup World Cup shame. And - why this Aussie

This program is captioned live.

Four of the top five they need Robbie Farah to fire. He needs all his team-mates The St George Dragons

team in the competition. We got a pen that are about to drop out of cracking game going to often hear

this is invited to show some of his work in a pacific first step into cultural Bidders given him a connection to his roots.

his roots. My culture is so richer because of all the richer because of all the things I have been able out. It is great to find these things out and find they have a place in probably identify with my cultural background in the Pacific and it makes me feel better in my own

He is a artist. He thanks his wife Jane pushing him. Sometimes in summer to important things in life. The important

it. What does do? Kick. Harry Kewell has about his their heartbreaking

spirits were high ride back in Sydney harp dressing harp dressing room after the match against against Serbia. There were some tears. though they everyone says there are proud

the ball all its

plagued by injury, he lend on a red card. So An Australian is round. And She will refuse to shake

the most followed by the Panthers and

Jaynie Seal is outside at Jaynie Seal is outside at St Marys Cathedral. At a coal fund is

Coming up on WIN News... The Coming up on WIN News... The inquiry into ACT public servant inquiry into ACT public servant

wages, And in sport, Braidwood' s Lawson Bopping

Lawson Bopping looking forward to a Lawson Bopping looking forward to a

massive supercross event in the Capital.

should pick up the most rain.

The ski fields, Show, should behind them. There are about of snow or expected. down the

One has had to Botany Bay, or find out about the Festival of

Capital. Tonight ... Today' s Capital. Tonight ... Today' s strike

action just the beginning for

disgruntled ACT bus drivers. disgruntled ACT bus drivers. The

Prime Minister promises to sort Prime Minister promises to sort out

the controversial mining tax. the controversial mining tax. And, the inquiry into the

the inquiry into the Territory' s

public servant wages. Good evening,

I' m Jessica Good, Canberra' s bus

drivers have made it clear, drivers have made it clear, the travelling public will see a

different ACTION service over the

next few months.An early morning

meeting has endorsed a range of

potential industrial action,

including more rolling strikes, including more rolling strikes, free

bus rides and even

bus rides and even disruptions to bus rides and even disruptions to a

new eight million dollar new eight million dollar ticketing

system. Canberra' s bus drivers system. Canberra' s bus drivers have