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Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) If I won Kevin Rudd at a charity

auction last week, I will be asking

for a refund. Now on a serious

issue, Kevin Rudd's leadership style

has brought about his demise. The

handling of the super profits mining

tax shows that he is not capable of

consulting. And Julia Gillard is

able to consult. I would say

able to consult. I would say that Kevin Rudd has not been able to

consult, has not been able to work

with the Senate. He has proven that

for over a year, he hasn't met with

many of the cross benchers that may

have changed recently, because I think he was in

think he was in trouble. But frankly

when his office doesn't return phone

calls, it's typical of a leadership

style that is exclusive and not good

for the Australian public. Steve

Fielding there, the independent

senator, telling it how he sees it.

Pretty strong words indeed, as the ALP

ALP caucus gather at 9 o'clock, only minutes away, to decide on

minutes away, to decide on whether Kevin Rudd keeps his job or