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Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) Canberra. We are into the last half

hour before the ALP walks meets at

9am. A lot of other politicians are

arriving for work today. One of the

most important ones is Greens leader

Bob Brown. Here is what he had to

say. It's an important day for

Australian politics. It's for

Labor Party to sort out their Australian politics. It's for the

leadership. The prospect of a first

female Prime Minister in

will be a big breakthrough in female Prime Minister in Australia

Australian politics. It's the way

this society is moving and that in

itself would be a good thing. But we will leave it to the party to

its own leadership. What people do will leave it to the party to decide

want in politics is stability,

consistent direction, strong policy

and the ability to follow through

for the Australian people. They are

things that the greens do and will

provide in the coming months and

comings years. I have a preferred

leader. Anyone of the Green's

colleagues would make a great Prime