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(generated from captions) That's the way. for $50,000! The Chocolate Starfish is correct, (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) Well done! Thanks. (LAUGHS) Well played. My Friend the Chocolate Cake once There was a band called was the answer there. but Chocolate Starfish Eric has just taken away $50,000. ladies and gentlemen. He's off to Mauritius, Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time on the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by The drink rugby player sent home when Afghanistan which their mates, may be flown specialist military He was a very vivacious young All the victims of crash. All the victims of the helicopter include sustained by the Australians crush injuries and All seven hospital. This is an photographer there. No clue as to why the transport They were moving at night, fully loaded. Make men's is not making an Stan in a Qantas hanger in Sydney. Here 77 people graduated. It is hard to first was in 2002. The youngest was 21 and the oldest Where is commanders make operations task force. Others are troops to People must accept that just because it is tough, it made in the next That will three That will not ease the pain for the for blowing eight comment. It is his job to the law, but he has broken it in last year, the 37-year-old his last year, the 37-year-old drove ground. in Gosford. He collapsed on the and that charges when he was pulled and drunk magistrate has how much the EU would have to it in be an extreme Applying for traumatic stress disorder. He was granted bail. What is next for the 1.5 bottles of police officer. He has check himself into the bodies executives who creating an the minor 10 kilometres away. This is wreckage confirmed. They have identified the had unfortunate that 11 people on board Communications Minister has offered a private unfortunate to know helicopter was would never be days, it Congo. The black box has been recovered. The removal of the weeks. This will be victim identification the start you could survive said it will continue its iron this afternoon. several car other incidents. given a He died later. found friendship. put his hand to. On Saturday he he could have played any sport he

tackled and it led to his was a shoulder was taken to hospital. He had no home. broken bones and the boy was sent yesterday morning. There have been a many other contributing involved in a home to smile. What form will Commission. goaded the healthcare Complaints comfort to Queensland. There has point drop Even on giving him and heaps. giving him and heaps. -- giving him know how he himself, Kevin Rudd has to never again. Kevin Rudd is Labor all my life, but probably

supermarket, there will be an uphill battle. him beforehand. It might be replace him. It is news for it is The local hero needs rescuing. In the news ahead, one of Plaque starts to build up from the dentist. right after you get a cleaning Fight it with new: silica system, It has a new advanced cleaning

which helps remove build-up a dentist-clean feeling. to help maintain New: (EXOTIC MUSIC) With $75,000 up for grabs, Instant Scratchie the new $3 Pyramid Bingo could really bring the house down. Whoo-hoo! On sale now. of espresso coffee, With the rich, smooth blend than the perfect cappuccino. you'd expect nothing less is where you'll find it. What you might not expect make. Jon Venables, has a big decision to he has and trading child pornography. guilty, and the his new landmine clearance project in before Princess went to Angola at same charity. Orlando Bloom getting Miranda Kerr to agree to marry him. She had knocked glamour couple. most sought after bodies. star of Caribbean. It has been three lingerie shop. Caribbean. It has been three years

flirting with the Spring Racing denied engagement I do not know where said today always wanted to I like town, the local wedding I like the fashions. In her home

may not hosting of jewels. We would welcome them fashion world is whatever Miranda Kerr will wear. wants. If she could wear anything she wedding without these. Miranda Kerr and Orlando of return to fuzzy? His is an Lleyton Hewitt clear their hurdle at They look cute, little things that cause plaque. but they're really nasty This is what they're doing. chewing Extra sugarfree gum Dentists recommend after eating and drinking. Let's see how they like this. (ALL SCREAM) Pretty conclusive, really. (CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYS) as an entertainment system. I don't see my mobile And I'm not in love with it. around their TransACT mobiles My family's lives might revolve but for me, it's a phone,

and it's $19 a month. Simple! $19 Cap plan, VOICEOVER: With TransACT's you get a new mobile, $140 credit each month, plus you can bundle for great savings. TransACT's $19 Cap. Talk to us now. Kurt Gidley, following her Timana Tahu's aggressive tactics last night. He is ready to accept a four-week ban for his tackle on like T N referee decided a situation, you will copied but not deliberate shot. I have lot of It does take its toll on meeting with John is I spoke to the Commission. To Manu Taru has said like Andrew it in first grade, is hard anything. Lleyton Hewitt has Australia. He is Luczak in both the dropped opening sets. Wimbledon also opens wave to the expecting another part of Wimbledon, Lleyton Hewitt was warned Lleyton Hewitt was warned for the children's unlikely quarter. played at Wimbledon Dunn a Luczak lost the first there after, the American to to task. number eight in the week, Roger Federer's opponents could could only win three games against them. The real Roger Federer did not to turn up. The Colombian even in time. looks like he will Craigmore in This is for the clash with They showed their paces for they hope there will be smiles on Thursday morning. in with a chance. first goal for its own hands following goals National Park are, back to you. expecting much

Coming up on WIN News... Coming up on WIN News... Having

local politicians forgotten how to

be good parliamentarians? Brumbod parliamentarians? And, be good parliamentarians? And,

Brumbies centre ED STUBBS Brumbies centre ED STUBBS re-signs

with the Canberra based club. (TARGET JINGLE PLAYS) With hundreds of titles for the whole family from only $6.99, there's no better place for movie lovers than Target's Epic DVD Sale. But hurry - sale on now. How do you decide between crunchy and soft tacos? (ALL CHEER) The Hard 'n Soft Taco Kit from Old El Paso. True genius, Mexican style. Ooh! (GROANS)

(PANTS) Pretty conclusive, really. Dentists recommend chewing Extra sugarfree gum after eating and drinking. Eat! Drink! Chew! Extra. This is my Steak and Cheese sub and it's been made the way I like it, which means not by halves, so it's a SUBWAY FOOT LONG sub. See all this salady stuff here? That's girlfriend approved.

And taste? Oh, mate, words fail me. Especially with my old English cheese and chipotle sauce combo. I even lashed out and got a bit of bacon. Awesome. Thank you very much. I might even have another one for dinner. A rather cloudy day on the way. on Friday with rain developing for It predicted a winter days ahead. That is the news Supertext Captions

Tonight ... The Greens and Tonight ... The Greens and Liberals,

just not getting a long. The eager just not getting a long. The eager

home hunters already camping out home hunters already camping out for

land. And, finally some good land. And, finally some good news

for Australia' s defence community.

Good Evening, I' m Lachlan Kennedy.

The divide between the Greens and Liberals in the Legislative Liberals in the Legislative Assembly

is widening. Not happy with a two is widening. Not happy with a two

hundred and fourteen page report

scrutinising the ACT Budget, the

Opposition has released its own Opposition has released its own one hundred and thirty odd page hundred and thirty odd page

document. Now the Crossbench and

Liberals are arguing about who' s Liberals are arguing about who' s

actually holding Labor to account.