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(generated from captions) I don't believe it! Oh, sorry. one of the best runs Nathan went on

we've ever had on the show. Well done. Nathan, thumbs up to ya. Thanks, Eddie. Big round of applause for Nathan. Sensational job! Carole... (LAUGHS) Oh! Carole! Carole Mann has just won $100,000! (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) on Millionaire Hot Seat. See ya next time Goodnight! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is Three Australians killed in an brave the families and friends of these two The comes just a fortnight after

Faces of the Aussies lost in Afghanistan: confronting a major tragedy in crashed, Afghanistan: a helicopter has Defence says it was of enemy action. number of Prime number of our dead to 16 and the Just last week this was the Prime Minister has described it as

the army of the dangers of Afghanistan. of the mission are dead. three of the soldiers who were part

a profound sense of loss that I inform you that as a result been killed. They were on board a coalition injured. Ten of them Aussie, now seven are Ten of them Aussie, now

loved ones are are based at specialised and wasn't their first mission flying nearby - seen, airlifting trying to except that it wasn't as result enemy fire. and determination. these very but admiration and respect for

news hard to nightmare news hard to bear. Another have only just been laid Darren Smith and Jacob Moerland

Up until today it had been our worst military last week they confirmed one When the army released this vision

in the proves dozens of insurgents. As today in war. Just young men 48 hours on,

the Australian whose chartered dense jungle joins us now from Cameroon just yet. a second day but just yet. The surge has resumed for

They were all smiles, the Film the Last television. Film the Last Thursday by local local officials in Cameroon to seal Also at the meeting was this Australian resident. arrive a local charter that would never to join the search.

of the Congo. The peril I would mountain.

be able to find The plane took off from the Cameroon capital on morning at

Authorities here I doing wing aircraft are out searching. impossible. A But their task is clearly But their task

for on protocol by together. protocol by boarding the plane Jess, what's It's been revealed Ken Talbot had because the enough for his that flight. missing is Now among the seven

and father of two John Carr-Gregg. His wife Susan has government officials out hope that her husband is alive. us their and supporting as we can. I haven't given but as for those company have been the search Retail giant David Jones is efforts with news that another woman has formally complained about former Chief Executive Mark McInnes. Finance Editor

grim for the company. us now and Ross, this is looking

take a the incident Carnival race meeting in a David because David statement saying it had no at the 2004 race meeting. They asking for into the fact something level to see whether this is in

Labour MPs are taking some Laurie Oakes unless Kevin Rudd can the way the underdog There is a big job ahead of the know the real is stark at 35% and Tony Abbott up four points as preferred Prime is stark at 35% and Tony Abbott is

The brutal truth is, Labor Minister.

win an election voters that low. He needs to around voters that low. He needs to be up There was some good news mining tax is clearly not speaking contract resources deals including a It seems like common sense but plan to safety is zone idea is simply not safety is important, the school

Eight km into drop off trying Kids come across the road and where there are four or five stretch of different speed changes in one

difficult for motorists. The E n do you have to cross the Your Hand. We can't tell them to have been

own centres do if they want a school's lodge an application through local council. consider by council committee force a 40 km/h speed that specific champagne is The warn some mode and

open on the world's number one Wimbledon in with Lleyton Hewitt and Samantha Stosur leading this looking sharper. overcome Roger Federer on grass and Sam is all fired up. body count from her round the Wimbledon grass, confidence will adjustments and I'm still going to play want to All most whose length of last Wimbledon statistics. Her Majesty's of Wimbledon wouldn't mind

Plus the mystery death of a top And another clue that a Royal

teenage girl a gang of classmates who'd terrifying night she was glassed

surrounded her has more and more girls involved in the violence This is what schoolgirls are This is what schoolgirls are doing to required 48 victim is just after 8.30 driveway of 30 kids, holding bottles. stepped outside, of the group

in the middle of the road, glass hospital and was dying. they would sister. Never would you just 13 over this attack - so it's only at a rate of nearly 15% a across the girls aged 10 to

adults are Do you think they will come his death falling for stories in an apartment in apartment in Milan. He was due Also-rans are engagement with Prince William and Kate Middleton setting Wales we is is believed she has left She is effectively going She is effectively going to keep house. Lots of speculation now. older brother seems Calls for a say no to The Penrose idea on a day when returns to the football field.

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Andrew Johns returns to his job as radio the Eels play the has received

calling for a code wide stance against racism. Civoniceva took It would be great if everyone could stand up commend him And Petero has suggested a "say no to racism round" -

many different cultures playing our game and Keats from all cultures who Civoniceva is hoping to return the field and then he has Origin and wants Darren Lockyer to as well. I hope to keep going. and twist and twist his arm. At the Roosters, they abusing prescription drugs. And the players say the If you want to say those things put

seriously are rumours? Well, I've been on Saturday 15 players with a surprise internal negative results. New Zealand have stunned everybody here at wall Cup champions to a We expect it from the Kiwis on the rugby field Smeltz stunning the world cup holders with a goal after just minutes. New Zealand's fans could The Italians fingers when But this was Zealand will never Wasn't pretty but showed so much determination and guts and I think was a ridiculous Dodgy refereeing has Dodgy refereeing has been a recurring

the Ivory Coast to handle That could have been a hand ball, it's That won't do suspended for the contentious handball decision. But at I've had for Harry. got into the English dressing room shortly after Basically Harry open - it's with David Beckham after England's draw I said, David we've spent a money coming out here, money coming out here, that was disgrace do about it? golfer has The weather in Sydney Coming up on WIN News... Coming up on WIN News... The number of sexual assaults in the of sexual assaults in the Goulburn. Political analysts say Kevin Rudd Political analysts say Kevin Rudd

has picked the wrong fights.

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It removes build-up and helps maintain a dentist-clean feeling. New: This program is captioned live. And a burst few suburbs but there

drizzle in the west of Tonight - a especially along will have

east corner Follow the links on the website more news.

Tonight ... The ACT road toll rises Tonight ... The ACT road toll rises

to fifteen. Time for plan B if you

to fifteen. Time for plan B if you

use ACTION buses. And Tony Abbott

continues to make solid gains on continues to make solid gains on the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister. Good evening, I' m

Prime Minister. Good evening, I' m

Lachlan Kennedy. ACT Policing is

looking at ramping up road safety

campaigns after yet another fatal

crash. A twenty-four year old

motorcyclist died in hospital

yesterday, after a smash in

Canberra' s south on Saturday Canberra' s south on Saturday night.

It' s the fifteenth road death in

the territory this year. The road

the territory this year. The road has been cleaned up after a fatal

accident at Isaacs. But one family'