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(generated from captions) Crowded skies - raises new concerns a fatal plane crash in the suburbs over our cities. about busy flight paths So are homes safe? Princes of the jungle - with Africa's wildlife. Harry and William come face to neck And "good kuck, bro" - of the World Cup New Zealand draws its opening clash against Slovakia in South Africa. It's Wednesday 16 June 2010. this is Sunrise on Seven. VOICEOVER: Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, for having breakfast with us. Hello and thanks to Christchurch this morning They're celebrating from Bondi after that New Zealand 1-1 draw. than a happy Kiwi? Is there anything worse

Is there anything worse? Let's just

claim them. Exactly. It's a point

for Australasia. The Anzacs,

absolutely. They all play in the

A-League which is our league. We

taught them all they know.

taught them all they know.. from New Zealanders in South Africa. Find out when we bring you reaction

Beretts, you organised this, why? I

don't know how this kpd. Maybe it's

just to encourage us. If they can do

it, we can do it If this the closest

to pen answer we would go through, a

4 pin 0 drubbing of Germany and the

Kiwis get a point. God be on your

side next weekend, Not really

interested in soccer, really

. Have you seen Ronaldo? Are you

interested in the news. Always, interested in the news. Always,. for the 1972 Bloody Sunday killings The UK has apologised in Northern Ireland of a damning report following the release were to blame. which found British troops of the 14 innocent victims Friends and family issued a historic apology. celebrated as the Prime Minister there is no ambiguities. There is nothing unequivocal, both unjustified and unjustifiable, What happened on Bloody Sunday was it was wrong. A report, 12 years in the making, during the civil rights march, found troops fired the first shots then lied about it afterwards. Residents in south-west Sydney

on a nearby airport are calling for a curfew after a deadly plane crash. The twin-engine Mojave crashed yesterday morning, in suburban Canley Vale killing the pilot and passenger. from homes and a primary school. The plane exploded just metres The crash has reignited the fight on Bankstown Airport. to put restrictions at Bankstown, A curfew from 7pm to 7am which, in turn, importantly, communities under the flight paths. will actually protect the whether fog or mechanical problems Investigators are examining caused the crash. for a fisherman, presumed drowned The search will resume this morning in a dam west of Brisbane. had been fishing from a canoe Justin Anderson and Daniel Mann on Wivenhoe Dam on Monday morning when it was capsized by a wave. to swim three hours to shore. 27-year-old Daniel managed He told police he last saw Justin his steelcapped boots. struggling to remove of finding him alive. Authorities have given up hope carrying suspected asylum seekers The Navy has intercepted a boat off the WA coast. The vessel carrying 36 people

of the Ashmore Islands yesterday. was spotted south-west to Christmas Island. The group is on its way

is yet to be confirmed, While their nationality

or Sri Lanka, if they're from Afghanistan government's processing suspension they'll be subject to the introduced in April. New figures appear to show a 25% drop in boat arrivals. the policy has led to The government has blamed the media for the mining tax. for a lack of public support Rudd government has plummeted Recent polls show support for the the controversial tax. since it announced is campaigning hard against it The mining industry and Opposition as negotiations continue. difficult, Lee. Tax reform has always been in today's media climate It's even more difficult

on the details. where there's a shallow focus obviously in no position He said the government's to legislate on the resources tax. have made friends Princes William and Harry in South Africa. with some dangerous wildlife on a 2.6m-long African rock python The royal brothers used their charm to a Botswana nature reserve during a visit with cheetahs. before bravely playing their charities in South Africa. The princes are visiting Later today, with the England football team, they'll kick a ball around 2018 World Cup bid. supporting their country's

In finance news:

Good times are back on Wall Street.

The closing do you is up about 213

points. Good manufacturing figures

and an increase in the oil price

helped things along to our region

yesterday. We sort of were pretty

steady on our market, European - the

rest of Asia was a bit dull as well.

well.. rest of Asia was a bit dull as

Reserve Bank Board meeting Minutes of the last reveal the main reason this month. why interest rates remained on hold Craig James is at Commsec. What was discussed?

Well, Kochie, it was all about

Europe and as close as the Reserve

Bank was ever going to get to saying

we got this one wrong. In the past

couple of months, they said Europe,

yes, it's an issue but it's not

going to derail the global economy

or hurt us here in Australia but

they spent a lot of time in the

latest board minutes focussing on Europe, focussing on the

deterioration. Basically saying x

it's very hard for us to be able to

lift interest rates in this sort of

environment where Europe looks as

though it's I am exploding. They

also seemed to get it wrong on the

Australian economy, sayin that

retail spending here in Australia

was very, very weak. So, it all

lined up to the Reserve Bank leaving

interest rates on hold. There was

another first of sorts, the Reserve

Bank basically indicating that they

wouldn't be lifting interest rates

next month. The commentary next month. The commentary say,

next month. The comment said, we

will have to wait until the

inflation figures at the end of the

July and then we will look at it

from there. The the next opportunity

for the Reserve Bank to lift

interest rates, is August, we think

that's too early as well. We

they will be on hold until much that's too early as well. We think

later in the year, until Europe gets

sorted out as we start to spend

again rather than stay away from the

shops. That's a good thing. Craig,

just for your own information, thank

you for your time today, tune back

in around 8.

in around 8.50, we have got a scone

Queen who has got one of the best

scone recipes coming in to share

with us. I know you

with us. I know you be interested. I will do that, thank you very much. Time for sport. Here's Beretts. Queensland coach Mal Meninga has backed his side to block out off-field distractions and concentrate on sealing a historic fifth straight State of Origin series win tonight. The lead-up to the Suncorp Stadium showdown has been marred by off-field issues but Meninga is adamant the Maroons are ready to perform. In the Blues camp, coach Craig Bellamy is considering elevating Eels veteran Nathan Hindmarsh into the starting line-up. New Zealand football is celebrating its finest hour

following a pulsating 1-1 draw with Slovakia in Rustenburg overnight. Winston Reid's injury-time header delivered the All Whites their first-ever World Cup point. COMMENTATOR: The ball is good, the goal is good! New Zealand, incredibly, have drawn the game.

In Port Elizabeth this morning, Portugal and Ivory Coast played out a scoreless draw. West Coast boss Trevor Nisbett has reaffirmed his commitment to under-siege coach John Worsfold. Eagles powerbrokers have reportedly sounded out Paul Roos to replace Worsfold but the Sydney mentor has ruled out heading west in 2011. Worsfold has guaranteed the Eagles won't finish last this year

despite Sunday's embarrassing loss to Richmond. England has recorded the first win of its tour Down Under,

beating the Australian Barbarians 15-9 in a scrappy encounter in Gosford. Neither side was able to get over the tryline but England utilised its territorial advantage to kick 5 penalty goals to the Barbarians' 3.

Take a quick look at this, a

magnificent sneaky Brazil goal, look

at this for the brilliance of

Brazil. This is what they do. How is

the angle on that? Isn't that

incredible? That is Brisbane an

skill. Enjoying watching the

Brazilians, aren't they fantastic.

They are playing North Korea. It's

schedule to be on TV in North Korea,

depending on the score. Really. So

if they don't do very well, they

don't bother playing it.

don't bother playing it.? If they

get smashed, they -... Something is

missing our little mate, Grant

Denyer is sleeping in. He had a bit

night last night. On the purposes.

Let's have a look at the weather. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale now on. It has to be Beacon.

Hello to all my mates in Karratha,

thank you for looking after me so

well as I went to look at the iron

ore mines. Did you drive a tractor.

I drove a big

I drove a big haul truck, 250

tonnes, the Nerida took me for a

ride. A mum of two, it was amazing.

We are used to driving people around

and parking anywhere and that stuff.

Did she hit anything? No. You don't

say that to her, Beretts. It's like

driving a 3 story block of flats.

Any mistake is a big mistake.

Any mistake is a big mistake.. Coming up this morning - are our suburban airports getting too crowded? And the simple solution to office stress.

Take a day off. That would do it. Straight ahead though, your exclusive audience with some of Hollywood's finest funnymen. We'll hear from Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade, on Sunrise. Sunrise books online at Enjoy a choice, enjoy your stay. It's not always easy to arrange a sit-down interview with some of Hollywood's funniest men. But Nelson never expected to go to these lengths to speak to Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade. He went out into the Californian desert in the intense heat, got ferried to an island on a lake and along the way, got eaten alive by mosquitoes! But he did get a chance to talk to the actors about their new movie 'Grown Ups' which is out in Australia next week.

I can't stop this thing.

I can't stop this thing.. The whole

adventure begins when the guys head

to their 30 year high school

reunion. I thought you were going to start reunion. I thought you were going to

start working out. What does that

mean? You're fat. Decide they should hang out

hang out again I recently went to my

high school reunion, the guys looked

like older versions of themselves

but the women had changed so much.

They were unrecognisable.

They were unrecognisable.. Show

business makes you younger for

whatever, EU don't even think it's

the money it's the lack of stress.

Maybe. Old pictures are KJ are

pretty amazing. Of course, this must

be your mother. My wife.

be your mother. My wife.. I am

sorry. Back in high school,

everybody seems to be classified.

There is the music geek or the math

brain or the Jock, what was your

classification when you were at

school snnchts the black. I had a

coin collection and I was a chess

champ so I was kind of a cool guy.

If I look back I may have been a dream. Adam Sandler wrote the script

and his production company made it

Zooey essentially he is the boss of

everybody else. Yeah, yeah that's my

favourite part. These guys Kombi

every Thursday, here you go. Adam

goes, he takes us all to dinner,

then he goes, I'm thinking of a

number that I'm going to pay you. I

want you to write the number down

and then I am going to show you the

number I have, he picks it up, no,

no, David. Why don't you try again.

Are you making a zizy, you know they

put a chemical in the pool No, it's

an old wife's tale sweety. Oh my God.

Oh my God.. Would they get any work

done, do you reckon? That would be a

funny movie to work on. What is it

about toilet humour that no matter

how old you are. You have never

Wiied in a pool. Not that I can

remember. I certainly don't as an

adult i tell my children not to. You

obviously do egg quite regularly.

Not regularly. When you are at the

beach, it's easy

beach, it's easy yer. - when we

beach, it's easy yer. - when we are at the beach, it's too far to go to

the toilet, he

the toilet, he walk up and you are standing there. Do you really want

to go down this path? You are not. On the way - the 12-year-old who's starring in the State of Origin.

OK. Can he play soccer? And are designer dads the way of the future for single mums? Straight ahead, though, a quick way to pull a tooth. But will the idea take off? Find out when Sunrise continues. Hey, Grandad! I'm gonna be a veggie grower. Veggie grower! School veggie patch. That's a good idea. I'll teach you how to grow stuff.

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How are the Aussies going, not too

good, we got a point and we didn't.

Sorry, boys. Seven News correspondent Adrian Brown is making news this morning. He's copping Kiwi jibes in South Africa.

Trans-Tasman rivalry moved up a notch overnight when an equaliser in injury time gave the All Whites a 1-1 draw with Slovakia. More on the match throughout the morning.

That's what we think. Would you believe. That's what we think. Would you

believe.. Sounds of Africa. There's

a vuvuzela APP now, I've even got

a vuvuzela APP now, I've even got it in the colours. Did you tap, shake

or blow to make it play. Tapped You

can sit at home watching World Cup

matches and use that at home when

they go back to the studio for

comments, you can keep applying.

Just in a board meeting. I think

that would shorten it. Good luck

with that. Also making news today - on-the-spot fines for swearing. The offence will now attract a fine of $100. As well as being a big money spinner for the Queensland government,

it's also expected to be used by police to deal with pests. So is bad language something that should be fined? And should it be up to police in the heat of the moment to decide what's offensive language or not?

How do you decide. Is bother? Oh

bother s that a square word. I don't

think anyone would think that was

but yeah, there is a sort of fine

line. But also, haven't they got

anything better to do? Really. I

think so too I think the think so too I think the idea, it's

the whole you know, start small

swear at a policeman. That's the

idea. So you can swear at your mum s

that - you just can't swear at the

policeman. The police won't be

policeman. The police won't be there if you are at home. If you are in

the street, can you swear at someone

else but not a police officer. Can

you check that up for us, Melissa.

While you are doing that, I'll get back to you. inflation hits the Tooth Fairy. A couple of decades ago it was 20 or 50 cents but a new survey reveals it's now a couple of dollars for each tooth! So how much does the Tooth Fairy pay?

Know global financial crisis for the

foogt fairy. How much does she pay

when she comes to your house? Does

she change for each household.

Obviously, It depends how good

you've been. Maybe it depends on

you've been. Maybe it depends on the

tooth, thousand came out. I thought

it was how good the child has been for the day. That's

for the day. That's That's what we

tell ours. Here is one way to remove a tooth.

Oh, no Boy, that's a lot of dental floss.

Oh, no Boy, that's a lot of dental floss..

No. I can't watch. No. I can't watch..

Oh sklar Where did it go?

The The dad thinks its funny.

No. That's just gross. No. That's just gross..

You You just pulled your

You You just pulled your toot out

with a rocket. Funny, you are

bleeding. Those rockets are great,

we have got one of those. Never used

it for that though. Have you seen

them. They are fantastic. I reckon

that's the best fun that dad has had

all year. You will be fined for

swearing at anyone, public

disorderly conduct. Later this hour - the easy way to reduce stress at work and brighten up your office too. And the new push to have advertisers own up about airbrushing photos. But next, news and weather. And a historic day as Britain admits its soldiers were responsible for the 1972 Bloody Sunday killings in Northern Ireland. Sunrise is back soon. Good morning. A young pilot is being remembered as a hero for managing to guide his doomed plane away from a school. 28-year-old Andrew Wilson and nurse Kathryn Sheppard were killed instantly when their light plane crashed in Sydney's south-west yesterday morning. The pilot made a desperate mayday call as he searched for somewhere safe to land. Investigators will sift through the wreckage today for clues to what caused the crash. Victims of Northern Ireland's 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre have finally been vindicated after an inquiry proved British soldiers were responsible for the killings. The report says 14 Catholics taking part in a civil rights march were shot dead by British troops for no reason. On behalf of the government and behalf of the country, I am deeply sorry. This is a day we've been looking forward to for the past 38.5 years. We've achieved an enormous thing. The inquiry which took 12 years found some of the soldiers lost their self control and fired on protesters, then lied to cover it up. A search will resume in California today for a Tasmanian man feared drowned during a kayaking trip. 29-year-old Leon Wescombe was whitewater rafting when his kayak flipped.

He disappeared in the rapids and failed to resurface. The father of a Perth teenager missing for five days fears she may have been harmed by someone she met on the internet. Isabella Rodriguez, who turns 14 today, was last seen on Saturday night. She walked out of her Inglewood home after arguing with her father. The last person she contacted was a boy she met on Facebook. I'm just quite worried that she's gone and something's happened and she can't come back. Police are also worried. Rescued teen sailor Abby Sunderland has spoken of her deep regret after she was forced to abandon her solo round-the-world voyage. The 16-year-old also defended her parents against critics who say she was too young. I think that people that are still criticising my age, I think they should have stopped a few months ago, you know, maybe around Cape Horn when I'd been out at sea for a month already. Abby is back on land in the Kerguelen Islands near Antarctica after she was rescued by a French fishing boat. A dance troupe from Sydney has taken out this year's

'Australia's Got Talent' grand final. Justice Crew's impressive moves secured them the title and $250,000 prize money. They hope their win inspires young people to follow their dreams. We just want to say big up to all your dreams, just go for your dreams don't listen to negativity, go for positive.

# Eyes just like their Singer and songwriter Cameron Henderson came in second, closely followed by his 17-year-old son, Taylor.

In finance news: mother's

# Would you believe the A and P500

is now in the black for the year and

most importantly, above its 200 day

moving average which is a good sign

for investors. Time for sport. Sunrise World Cup updates brought to you by Beaurepairs - who you turn to for tyres. New Zealand has recorded its first-ever point at a World Cup overnight with a dramatic 1-1 draw against Slovakia in Rustenburg. Winston Reid headed home the equaliser in stoppage time to become an instant national hero.

In this morning's other matches, Brazil defender Maicon produced the goal of the tournament so far in his side's 2-1 win over North Korea and Portugal played out an entertaining 0-0 draw with the Ivory Coast. New South Wales hooker Michael Ennis

believes Jarryd Hayne holds the key to an upset victory in tonight's must-win Origin clash at Suncorp Stadium. Ennis is convinced the Blues full-back is primed to produce a match-winning performance. Queensland will start the match firm favourites as they look to record an unprecedented fifth straight Origin series victory. Collingwood skipper Nick Maxwell rates himself a 50-50 chance of overcoming a calf injury in time for the Magpies' clash with Sydney next weekend. Midfielder Luke Ball and forward Alan Didak are expected to return for the match. At Port Adelaide, the Power's playing group has pledged to support Daniel Motlop through his form slump and off-field problems. Aussie cyclist Heinrich Haussler has been involved in a spectacular high-speed crash late in the fourth stage of the Tour of Switzerland this morning. Haussler collided with star sprinter Mark Cavendish and the pair crashed to road in front of the charging peloton. Both riders escaped serious injury but were taken to hospital as a precaution.

That is a hard landing on the deck

tailed Grant is having a bit of a rest after'Australia's Got

rest after got last night. rest after got last night.. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale now on. It has to be Beacon. A front will approach the south-east, bringing showers to South Australia and Victora,

New South Wales and Tasmania later. A trough will cross WA, generating showers and cloud in the west and southern interior. Meanwhile, onshore winds will bring showers to north-east Queensland. A possible early shower, then clearing in Brisbane and 22. Mostly fine tomorrow. Showers on Friday and continuing over the weekend. Mostly sunny and 20 in Sydney. Cooler with possible showers tomorrow.

Fine on Friday and Saturday. Showers on Sunday. Partly cloudy and 15 in Canberra. Showers and wind tomorrow. Mostly sunny on Friday and Saturday. Warmer and partly cloudy on Sunday. Cloudy and windy in Melbourne and 15. Showers tomorrow and Friday. Partly cloudy on Saturday. Showers on Sunday.

Fine with some wind in Hobart and 14. A little rain tomorrow. Fine on Friday and over the weekend. A late shower in Adelaide and 16. Showers tomorrow and Friday. Morning shower on Saturday. Partly cloudy on Sunday. Morning shower in Perth and 18. Scattered showers tomorrow and Friday. Partly cloudy on Saturday. Sunny on Sunday. Sunshine in Darwin and 31. Sunny again tomorrow and continuing until Saturday. (APPLAUSE) The Sunrise Cash Cube brought to you by AMP, helping you own tomorrow.

We're putting $180,000 into the AMP Cash Cube in June. And you could win your share by grabbing up to $10,000 in 30 seconds! To enter, call: Then watch tomorrow. If we call your name at 6:55, you'll have 30 minutes to phone us. Then we'll fly you to Brekky Central and put you in the AMP Cash Cube so you can grab the cash from Sunrise.

It's up to your mansion. How his

mind works. Joke of the day, TiVo

joke of the day. Comes from les

Cosgrove. 7 dwarfs went on to work while Cosgrove. 7 dwarfs went on to work

while snow white stayed home to cook

their lurdge. When she went to the

mine to deliver the

mine to deliver the lunches, she

found there had been a cave in and

no sign of the dwarfs. Tearfully she

yelled hello, is anyone there, can

anyone hear me? A voice floated up,

New South Wales will beat Queensland

by 50 points. Thank God, snow white,

dopy is alive.

State of Origin tonight. Yeah. I

thought I thought that was topical.

Topical is not funny. Funny. People

aren't getting. One of my joke

books. I loved it for the beautiful

letter and everything. A lot of Later this morning -

the winners of 'Australia's Got Talent'. Justice Crew will join us live. And in a moment, the 12-year-old starring in the State of Origin. Plus, how to cut stress in one easy step. You'll be surprised what can make a difference when Sunrise continues. MAN: Try Swisse Ultivite, clinically proven to help maintain health and wellbeing. Amcal's hot price - 60 tablets, $19.99. Save over 45%. Got a health or wellbeing question? Better ask an expert. Better ask Amcal. When we need a car, we call Redspot car rentals.

For your chance to win 10k in prizes from Redspot, visit A view of Sydney through the Jetstar skycam. Mostly sunny and 20 today. Are you heading out for another stressful day at the office? Before you leave, you might want to listen to the results of a calming new survey. Aussie researchers have found that indoor plants cut depression levels by almost 60, anger by 44%, fatigue and anxiety by almost 40% and confusion by 30%. So, get happy - get a plant! The head of the study, Professor Margaret Burchett, is here with more.

, Those statistics are remarkable.

Why are plants so important to

cutting stress? We think or we - we

are plant biologists but the

environmentalist psychologistss say

it links us back to nature, to the

wider planet of which we are a part.

It gives Australia feeling of site

awareness and it re-sets our calm

button. Magic. Also, does it improve

the air quality? Yes, a lot of

research that we have done and

others have shown that plants are

very, very good at cleaning indoor

air which you might be surprised to

learn is almost always higher in

pollution than outdoors. Really,

indoors. Most people in offices are

obviously indoors the majority of

their day. It's remarkable. 80% of

Australians of course live in urban

areas and we spend an amazing 90% of

our time indoors. So the indoor

environment is critical to our

health. Plants really make a

difference. Does the sort of plant

have an I am pablingt? Obviously

flowers are quite pretty as on posed

to the big spiky mother-in-law's

tongue as you called it. Does it

make a difference what sort of plant it make a difference what sort of plant

it is Not for the plant keening side

of it, also - we don't think the

visual impression it makes. It

depends on what you like and what

the design might be and so on. Don't

worry about the type. Just use it.

OK. My final question to you,

artificial plants, do they help you with stress at all.

with stress at all.? Nonchts Be no,

They just don't work sth No, they

have been found, it's adding insult

to injury to take out real plants

and put in fake ones. It raises the

irritation and depression level.

Thank you very much for joining us.

A pleasure. I appreciate it very

much. There Guantanamo, Kochie,

let's put a plant on our desk. Rugby league followers hope their dreams come true tonight when the second State of Origin match kicks off at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. But for a young Maroons fan, his dream will already be fulfilled by the time play begins. 12-year-old Straalen McCallum from the Gold Coast will be singing the national anthem before the big game. He joins us now with his dad, Neil. Good morning to you both. Straalen, you're a Maroons fan,

Did you sleep last night. You know,

I still got bags under my eyes. Even

though it's today, I am so excited.

Neil, I think you are going to put

him down for a nap this afternoon.

Look, he is unbelievable. He just

hasn't stopped. His feet haven't

touched the ground. He has been

keeping every one awake at home.

Straalen, what a huge, huge,

honourable hour now, obviously you

are a Maroons fan but I hear your

brothers might be Blues fans. Are

they invited tonight Into, they are

not. They are staying at home. I

think they are adopted. It's just

crazy. Neil, will you be at the big

game to watch the big moment? Yeah,

ill, Kochie. Amanda, Straalen's mum

and myself will be there. He said he

is taking us so we thank him for

that. Is he a live wire 24 hours a

day Yeah, pretty much is actually

know, no, he is a very naughty boy.

- no, he is. No, he is fantastic. He

works very hard at what he does and

he loves to sing and full credit to

him. He really deserves everything

he gets. He works so hard. Straalen,

you have very big

you have very big raps. I knew you

have got a wonderful singing teacher

in Whinnett a fields who we all know

with her work with John Farnham. You

are more of a crooner than a Justin

Bieber type singer, are you? Yeah,

kind of yeah. I just find myself, I

just love singing big songs, you

know, big ones. What are your favourites? Probably

favourites? Probably Any my Way.

Right now I am learning everything

from Michael Buble. It's fun. Before

you go, I think it's a great honour

and by the look of it, couldn't go

to a nicer kid, a more enthusiastic

kid. Congratulations. Give us a bit

of a taste of tonight. Can you sing

us the first if you lines of the

anthem? I am sorry Koch I, I

anthem? I am sorry Koch I, I can't let the Cat out of the bag. I can't

do it now but I can do another song.

You might know it. OK. It goes like this.

# Yes, there were times I'm sure you knew

# When I bit off more than I could chew

# But through it all when there was doubt

# I ate it up and spat it out

# I faced it all and I stood tall

# And did it my way . (APPLAUSE)

# And did it my way . (APPLAUSE). Oh

that is fantastic. Now, Straalen,

can dad sing, did he get it from

you? No, I think it missed - it

skipped a generation. OK. Look,

Straalen, congratulations, have a

great night tonight, we are all

wishing you well. Neil, you have

wishing you well. Neil, you have got to be such a proud

to be such a proud dad. You have got a kid that I would love to check

back in in 15 years to see what he

is doing. Yeah, absolutely. I think

he will be huge.

he will be huge.. Thank you for

joining us this morning. Thank you,

Kochie. Cheers.

Kochie. Cheers.. What What a nice

young bloke, singing the National

Anthem before State of Origin tonight. Anthem before State of Origin tonight.. Just ahead, news and weather. And the new push to make advertisers reveal when ads are airbrushed. Also ahead, the group win on 'Australia's Got Talent'.

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For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood and we hear Kylie Minogue will return to acting.

Will she head to Hollywood, Nelson?

Well, that's what she is saying in a

new interview. She has achieved

global success as a singer, you guys

remember her from Neighbours but she

has said in a new interview that she

is in the process of choosing which

big screen role to accept. It's a

challenge she wants to take on. You

know, I don't think she should rule

out maybe even a guess return to

Neighbours again or to a Olympic

opera, all the ones are doing it

now. James frank owe, David

Hasselhoff. They are all making

guest spots in soap operas again. It

will be good to see her back on

screen. I don't think we have seen

her in a movie since Moulin

her in a movie since Moulin Rouge

when she was Tinkerbell. Something

meet yeah. See and a new Michael Jackson video game is set to be released? what she says,

How convenient, just in time for the

holidays. They have announced

holidays. They have announced that they are coming up with this new

video game. It's kind after

combination of karaoke and dance

karaoke where it will work like a

Wii or an Xbox 360 where you can

dance along with Michael Jackson or

sing with him and watch yourself

perform with him. It has been

authorised we hear by the Michael Jackson estate

Jackson estate. So they have found a

way to capitalise on his legacy

way to capitalise on his legacy just in time for the holidays. So if you

are a big Jackson fan and always

dreamed of Moonwalking while

dreamed of Moonwalking while singing with the King of Pop yourself. Which

era it will look like? Yeah, well,

maybe you can more of, make you can

take the hair from one ear a its

face from another, the clothes from

another and come up with your own

Michael Jackson Mr Potato Head. You

should be in video games, Nelson.

Lovely to talk to you. We will check

in a bit later on.

in a bit later on.. Som box. The

tooth fairy is big. She is busy, she

has a pretty big objecting payment.

She has a sliding scale of payment.

Christie says our kids get $

Christie says our kids get $5 per

tooth. When I was growing up, we got

50 cents. A survey has been done on

the generosity of the

the generosity of the tooth fairy, no the generosity of the tooth fairy,

no global financial crisis, the average is apparently $

average is apparently $3 at the

moment. Vanessa says my son is going

to the movie, $

to the movie, $10, we go to the

movies, he pays for himself. He gets

50 cents change. I wonder if the

tooth fairy mixes this up. Obviously

she is trying to come to some sort

of consensus herself. I'm wondering

if my house is at the end of her

evening rounds. If she is doing $

evening rounds. If she is doing $10,

she has only has $

she has only has $1 left when she

comes to our house. Some nights she

has forgotten. Hasn't seen the

tooth. That's unusual. She certainly

needs counselling. Perhaps she had

no money back. Exactly because she paid that guy $ paid that guy Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - Sorry bloody sorry - vindication at last for the innocent victims of one of Northern Ireland's darkest days.

What happened on Bloody Sunday was both unjustified and unjustifiable.

A fatal plane crash in the suburbs raises new concerns

about busy flight paths over our cities. So are homes safe? And "choice kick, bro" -

New Zealand draws its opening clash of the World Cup

against Slovakia in South Africa.

10. They have a point in the World

Cup which is one more than us. Cup which is one more than us! It's Wednesday 16 June 2010. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel.

It's good of you to be so generous

for the Kiwis. for the Kiwis.. If you've just tuned in, thanks for joining us for breakfast. Right now, it's time for the news of the day. A 38-year battle to win justice for the victims of Northern Ireland's Bloody Sunday killings is finally over. Britain has been forced to apologise after an inquiry found its soldiers gunned down 14 innocent protesters, then lied about it. What happened on Bloody Sunday is both unjustified and unjustifable, it was wrong. Thousands of people gathered to hear the historic apology, glad the truth is finally known. My brother William, we know he was innocent,

we've always known, now the world knows.

(CHEERING) The victims had been taking part in a peaceful civil rights march

when soldiers lost control and fired. Police are investigating what caused a light plane to crash in Sydney's south-west, killing the pilot and passenger,

narrowly avoiding a school and homes. Sunrise correspondent Simon Reeve is at the crash scene in Canley Vale. Simon, the pilot is being remembered as a hero?

That's right. Nat. I think the thing

that remains foremost of us is that

two minutes of communication between

Andrew and air traffic control at

Bankstown soon after he took off

from Bankstown airport just under 24

hours from now, was that 7.

hours from now, was that 7.50 that

the Piper month Harvey took off. He

had on board with him, a passenger,

catty shepherd, they were on their

way to Brisbane to bring a patient

back to Albury which was a routine

flight. They made this flight many

times. At about 15 minutes into the

flight when Andrew was over

Richmond, he radio through to bank

stoun air traffic control and said

that he had engine problems on board

and then that next couple of minutes

of communication is quite chilling.

Partly because of the calmness in

Andrew's voice, all his training

obviously kicked in. He said that he

was losing height. He was looking

for a road to land on. Air traffic

control offered him a couple of

options but he said that was

basically impossible. Then we don't

hear anything more from Pappa Golf

Whiskey. He lined up from the west,

along Canley Vale road. The school

is just over my right shoulder. Of

course, drop offs, were beginning at

around about that time and from eye

witnesses on the ground, who saw

those last horrible couple of

minutes, they say that the plane was

pitching and rolling out of control.

That he did have power in one engine

but eventually, one of the wings

clipped a pole behind me on an

intersection of Canley Vale road,

just up there, he collected another

pole which was completely sheered

off and then plough food the ground

over my shoulder there, the wreckage

of which remains. Safety

investigators and police will be

looking into what caused the crash

and they are still looking for eye

witnesses to come forward but

obviously it's a very, very sad day

here today as well. Back to you. Thanks, Simon. Police divers will search a dam west of Brisbane today for the body of a missing fisherman. Justin Anderson and Daniel Mann had been fishing from a canoe on Wivenhoe Dam on Monday morning when it was capsized by a wave. Daniel managed to swim three hours to shore but there's been no sign of his mate. New photographs have emerged showing rescued sailor Abby Sunderland back on land. The California teen arrived on the remote Kerguelen Islands near Antarctica yesterday. She's seen here enjoying a hot cup of tea with the head of the district Nathalie Deschamps. Abby has hit back at critics who say she was too young to sail solo around the world. Mortgage holders could benefit as an independent lender wages war on interest rates. Today RAMS will slash its 2- and 3-year fixed home loan rates by 0.31%. That'll make RAMS around 0.25% lower than most standard variable rates. The move comes two months before official rates are tipped to rise again.

It has been a sensational night

It has been a sensational night on Wall Street. Betty White rang the

opening bell at the New

opening bell at the New York Stock

Exchange. Betty, you live in are

live mying dream. I would love to do

that. Isn't that fantastic? She did

just the trick. She started a party

on Wall Street. Up 214 points on

good nrk manufacturing figures and

oil. The the S&P 500 which is the

broader market index is in the black

for this year now. It's recovered

all the losses. Most importantly,

above its 200 day moving average

which is quite significant for investors.

It was basically line ball right

across the ee John, although Australian superannuation returns

look at though they are heading back

to above 10% returns for this

current financial year which is

great news. Time for sport. Sunrise World Cup updates brought to you by Pedigree Adoption Drive. Help us help dogs. New Zealand is celebrating its first ever World Cup point after a thrilling last-gasp draw with Slovakia overnight. Seven correspondent Adrian Brown is in Rustenburg with the reaction to the All Whites' historic performance.

Well, they call this beautiful part

of South Africa, the high velt and

behind me, the stadium where

Australia will play Serbia next week

and where New Zealand has made a little bit of World Cup history.

Certainly history for New Zealand.

In the dying sebsds of injury time,

Winston read scored the most

important goal of his career. It

levelled the game. This was an

extraordinary game because Slovakia

had dominated but New Zealand fought

back, proving that you never say die

in soccer. Outside the stadium, Kiwi

fans were anxious to make the point

that New Zealand now has something

that Australia doesn't, a single

point. We are so pleased with the

guys. So proud of them. Fantastic

result. First World Cup point ever.

Brilliant. Brilliant. We are very

pleased that we have more points

than Australia does at this point in

the World Cup. How are the Aussies

going, not too good I hear, sorry

boy, we got a point a and you

haven't. It's called skeeuting. It

means to boost or brag and there was

certainly an awful lot of that going

on outside the stadium but the Kiwis

are celebrating but they have a very

tough match ahead, a clash with Italy, the

Italy, the current World Cup

holders. Back to you. I am sure we

are going to hear more of that over the next week or so. Queensland coach Mal Meninga has backed his side to block out off-field distractions and concentrate on sealing a historic fifth straight State of Origin series win tonight. The lead-up to the Suncorp Stadium showdown has been marred by off-field issues but Meninga is adamant the Maroons are ready to perform. In the Blues camp, coach Craig Bellamy is considering elevating Eels veteran Nathan Hindmarsh into the starting line-up. West Coast boss Trevor Nisbett has reaffirmed his commitment to under-siege coach John Worsfold. Eagles powerbrokers have reportedly sounded out Paul Roos to replace Worsfold

but the Sydney mentor has ruled out heading west. Worsfold has guaranteed the Eagles won't finish last this year despite Sunday's embarrassing loss to Richmond. England has recorded the first win of its tour Down Under, beating the Australian Barbarians 15-9 in a scrappy encounter in Gosford. Neither side was able to get over the tryline but England utilised its territorial advantage to kick 5 penalty goals to the Barbarians' 3. Grant has the day off After the big grand

After the big grand final

of'Australia's Got Talent' last

night so Mel and Kochie are looking after weather. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale now on. It has to be Beacon. You'll remember that while we were on air yesterday, we got word of a light plane crash in a heavily populated part of Sydney. It turned out the 28-year-old pilot and his female passenger were both killed in the accident. But sadly the crash isn't an isolated incident. More than 120 light planes came down last year and for those living under the flight paths of suburban airports, that's a frightening statistic. Here's Simon Reeve. (EXPLOSION) This is the scene just after the light aircraft crashed into a suburban street. Moments earlier, the pilot reported an engine failure. He'd taken off from Bankstown Airport in Sydney's sprawling south-west.

This tragedy was the latest crash in a growing list happening literally in our backyards. Last year, there were 126 accidents involving light aircraft, 18 of them fatal. And while you'd think Sydney Airport is the busiest in the country, it actually ranks third. More planes take off and land at Jandakot on Perth's southern fringe than anywhere else in the country. Parafield Airport in Adelaide

has more than twice as many aircraft movements as the city's main airport. While Archerfield Airport is just 11km from Brisbane's CBD. Moorrabin is Melbourne's busiest airport in the heart of suburbia. Two years ago in circumstances eerily similar to yesterday, a pilot died after crashing his plane into a house, again, just metres from a primary school. It just spiralled down to the ground,

then there just a big bang and then smoke. It's So are our suburban airports just too crowded? I'm joined now by international aviation expert Neil Hansford. Good morning to you.

surprising, What do you think, are

they too crowded. Those figures have

surprised me. Well, that's right. We

have got a situation where an

industry has groan in the middle of

our cities that really should be out

in our regional centres. So, are we

ignoring our suburban airports in

terms of resources and regulation

and concentrating more just on the

big city ones? No, I think we are

lulled into it by the very high

standards that CASA impose on the

country. But, in the end, if you

look at those movements of over

200,000 movements, and you've got

these regional type secondary

airports, they are just making it

that you've just too much activity

and it's activity that could well be

place odd probably 20 airports

place odd probably 20 airports out of the capital cities which bring

economic value in those areas, but

take the movements away from

congested airspace. That's a really

good point, because also the other

consideration is that these surb and

airports seem to have a lot of

trainee pilots, a lot of

inexperienced pilots in very crowded

suburban areas. That seems to me

suburban areas. That seems to me a

bit of a lethal mixture? Yeah, it's

not the best mixture. One of theery

compromises could be that the only

training that goes on in these

airports is after the pilots have

reached their commercial pilot level

and then they are advanced, they are

not abinssio. That's why we are

developing a 400 student academy in

Gunnadah, even in a lace like

Gunnadah, none of our take offs or

landings will be over the town. So

you are saying shut the secondary

airports down, move them to the

suburban fringees or regional areas,

and certainly in terms of pilot

training? You you still need the

secondary airport for bank ston for

freight movements and as I perceive

yesterday, was a medical evacuation.

There is always

There is always going to be that activity. That will never fit on

Sydney but again take the early

level training out of the cities and

put it out into the regions. Alright. Neil, thank you very much

for your time this morning. Not just

Bankstown, it's Jandakot, Moorabbin,

parafield, a whole lot of them, it

certainly needs a look. I appreciate your time. Ads exploiting women could soon be banned in Victoria

under a government crackdown. The plan is part of Premier John Brumby's so-called respect agenda. It also includes declaring whether images have been digitally altered and ensuring women in the media are portrayed in a postive light. So what do the people of Victoria think? Definitely, they should be banned. This is the country that produced Germaine Greer but you wouldn't even know that she'd happened, the way young women are quite willing to be exploited through advertising and in images all over the place.

I agree. Oh, yeah, I agree with that. I agree with that. Yeah. Yeah? Why's that? If they do that for women, why don't they do that for men as well, seeing we're equal. Women are not things to be used, they're equals. Equals, yeah. It's ridiculous. They legislate against anything and everything.

Soon there'll be legislation on what side of the road ants can travel on. So is it a workable idea? Let's ask marketing expert Jane Caro who's a guest on 'The Gruen Transfer' and author and body image expert Danielle Miller. Good morning to you both. Danielle, why do you think the Victorian government sees the need for these regulations?

I think there has been a lot of

discussion to date but not much

action. Although I think it is

really important we address this

because certainly young girls are

paying the price of constant

bombardment of images that

bombardment of images that aren't

helpful, I do believe that

legislation will prove somewhat

problematic. I am not entirely sure

how that will worksment capture

images that have been Indigenous

tattsly enhanced. Reward advertisers

that are doing a great John portraying women in a positive

light. Jane, is there an add a out

there that hasn't been altered to

some degree? Is there - I mean,

every photo, every photo I have ever

had done of me, photo shopped, take

out any wrinkles, in all honesty, is

there a photo that doesn't get

fixed? Yes, there are. It depends on

the kind of image you are trying to

portray in a ad, if you are trying

to look realistic, you won't re

touch necessarily the people in the ad. It

ad. It depends on whether you are doing a beauty product, how you are

doing it, There are degrees. Often

the make-up ones, we see the Sharon

Stones in a make-up ad, she just

looks like she has got the skin of a

five-year-old. We know that has been

digitally enhanced. I guess my point

is, don't most people really know

that they have been changed No, I

don't think they do or they don't

think about T I do agree that the

best part of this legislation

best part of this legislation and basically think it's not going to

work, accept for I think if

something has been digitally

enhanced or changed t should say so

on the strewn or on the photograph.

Because otherwise it is deception.

It is actually saying this person

looks like this because of our

product, no, this person looks like

this because you have done it with

either lighting or dam ra or you've

enhanced it. No, that's deceptive,

anything that is deSeptember I have

that is not owe die. My problem with

the legislation is, most of the

addeds are that aimed at women,

cosmetic ads,

cosmetic ads are made

internationally. They are

internationally. They are not going

to change for Victoria. They will

just skip Victoria. That will have

ramifications that will impact on a

cash-strapped media that aren't

getting lots of advertising dollars

anyway. It won't do anything. It's

addressing the symptom rather than

the cause. We need to look at

women's stainless

women's sell he have esteem and

their feeling

their feeling that they are never good enough. That is a problem that

the whole of society need to tackle.

I don't think attacking

I don't think attacking advertising per se is really going to do much

more than - well, leave Victoria

more than - well, leave Victoria out of the loop. Yeah. As a parent, I go

home, my kids know that mummy takes

all her make-up off, she certainly

doesn't look like she does on TV.

There is a big difference. I know

that there is a couple of ads. You

work with teenagees. The work with teenagees. The ones they love compared to the ones they

don't. We will have a look at them.

The difference in their mind. This

is an example of an ad as girls have

identified as being healthy,

positive. The slogan is wonderful,

swim swim, giggle, Winogradski, I

know when I'm having fun, nothing

can stop me. Again, that's a very

positive portrayal, versus this hid

yos, men will love you, women will

hate you, lucky you are not a

lesbian. Skin is wonderful for the

woman who love clawness their back.

This is a tips that girls find Des instructive this. Was

from'Girlfriend' magazine. Showing a

body that was enhanced. She is not

even a somebody. She is faceless.

These sorts of things aren't helpful

for young women. We know eating

disorders are on the cranees. The

ultimate glass ceiling for many

girls seems to be the bathroom

mirror. While legislationing might

prove property problematic, we do

need to address self esteem,

educating is part of that picture as

is encouraging Advertisers to do the

right thing. Educating them on what

works and what doesn't for this

generation ever girls. Let's not

make it positive, only positive will

add at burden to the way women have

to be. Multi pronged. Thank you very much for joining me this morning. Plerk The judges think last night's final of 'Australia's Got Talent' had the best collection of performers yet.

But in the end, it was the dancers from Justice Crew who had the talent to win the competition. The guys always impressed audiences with their performances and last night it proved all worthwhile when they took out the top prize of a $250,000. ur.

The winner of aus'Australia's Got

Talent' for 2010 is

Justice Crew. (APPLAUSE)

Justice Crew. (APPLAUSE). The guys from Justice Crew join us now.

Well done, congratulations. We just

love your story. You - you must be

really proud that you inspire so many other kids out there.

Definitely, it's just been amazing.

Just like hopefully we have inspired

a lot of kids out there right now

and just - we are just overwhelmed

and blessed to be here. Yeah.

Emanuel, you handled yourself so

well last night. We look at you guys

and you are the face of Australian

youth. It is just wonderful to see

your enthusiasm, your creativity,

did you ever think it would happen?

No, At the audition. We thought we

would just go for it and see what

happens. Developy, yes, it was a

major - actually, know - yes, I

can't explain it. Jeez crazy. It

hasn't sunk in yet. How do you feel

as a group. Hopefully this has brought you closer.

brought you closer.? Yeah, it has

brought us closer. We have worked very

very hard together. We have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears and

stuff like that but it made us real

close and we can look at all of us now, now, you can just say we are like family and brothers in arms, you

know what I mean. Let me just remind

people, a few people who don't

watch'Australia's Got Talent' got.

You guys are self talent because you

couldn't afford dancing lessons. You

would practice in

would practice in front of the

windows of the entertainment centre

because they were big enough that they could

they could see - you could see all of you together. You now teach free

dance lessons to kids in your

community. You have got such big

hearts. What is it the $ hearts. What is it the $250,000

prize mean to you? What are

prize mean to you? What are you going to do with it sthoo It

definitely means a lot to all of us.

It's just going to help us x it's

like a stepping stone for what we

want to do in the future. We are

going to be able to start our

academy so it's just more a lot

better for the kids to come in and

every one can just vibe off the

studio feeling and just just be very

cool. So you are not going to go and

blow the money, you are going to put

it towards an academy in your

community to do more work.

Definitely, that's one of our major

goals and tour as well. We want to

tour around Australia and just get

out there and just get Justice more

out there. It will be - we weren't

below it away, we might get a few

things for ourselves and our family.

We will use it, invest it, come on

guys. Alright, I will put in you

touch with David Koch for a finance

chat another time. Well done,

congratulations, you are wonderful.

We are very happy for you. So congratulations. We are very happy for you. So

congratulations.. Thank you. They

are the face of this country. It is

just sensational. With such great And there's also another way to get your talent discovered. Entries have opened this week for the Telstra 'Road To Tamworth' program. It's a music development program that travels around Australia to find independent performers and songwriters. And it connects those people with key music industry professionals. All the information you need to enter is at the website on the screen.

Just before we move on, a quick update on Ansett - remember, we've been keeping an eye on the compensation for staff of the collapsed airline. hearts. We'll the fund set up to help the Ansett employees has paid them everything they're entitled to.

Back pay, holiday leaves in lieu,

the whole thing so hopefully it

brings to a close a lot of the

financial heartache for a lost these

employees. It has been a long time.

It sure has which is It sure has which is great news. Ahead this hour - why just 13 of the 70 Bali and Jakarta embassy bombers are still in jail.

And later, the woman who picked her baby's father out of a catalogue.

Also, practical jokes on the set of the new comedy 'Grown Ups'. It's not 'Oceans Eleven' - that's the funniest part.

It sounds more exciting when Brad Pitt does it to George Clooney but when I do it to Rock, no-one cares. Will they ever grow up? See our exclusive chat with David Spade, Chris Rock, Kevin James and Adam Sander. And World Cup wonder jock Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his fine form as Portgual takes on Ivory Coast in South Africa. See more photos when Sunrise continues. Hair colour that shimmers gives me a healthy-looking glow. VOICEOVER: Casting Creme Gloss from L'Oreal. Rich, glossy tones so gentle on your hair. Super glossy. All this and no ammonia. Now discover Glossy Brownies from Casting Creme Gloss, the number one no ammonia hair colour.

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