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Hello, I'm Kathryn Robinson.

Welcome to Ten News. Tonight,

stunning celebration: South Africa

comes alive to welcome the World

Cup competitors. Teen solo sailor

Abby Sunderland bides her time as

rescuers race to save her. And the

Blues in disarray ahead of Origin II.

II. Ire upset at I have attended it

Timana Tahu. -- that I have offended Timana Tahu. But offended Timana Tahu. But first,

the biggest sporting event on the

planet - football's World Cup - is

underway in South Africa after a

Johannesburg. Thousands celebrated spectacular opening ceremony in

as the eyes of the world were cast

across the Rainbow Nation. Brad

McEwan is in South Africa and joins

us now. It was an amazing

celebration. I was thinking about

this this morning. It is not just

South Africans that art a South Africans that art a excited.

All Africa, 700 million Africans

are so thrilled that the World Cup

is on their continent. They had a

wonderful celebration last night.

The Greatest Show on Earth. It was

colourful and noisy. After years of

problems, it was their moment in

the limelight and they were going

to celebrate.

to celebrate. The FIFA World Cup is

in South Africa. On the streets and

in the townships, they watched

whether they could and partied long

into the night. We are going to

make history. It will be the

noisiest World Cup in the world.

Former President Nelson Mandela was

notably absent, mourning the

notably absent, mourning the death

of his great granddaughter. She was

killed in a car accident the night

before. There was a tragedy in the

Mandela family. But he said. -- the

game. game a start, you must enjoy the

game. We had Nelson Mandela

released, we had the rugby and now

we have the soccer. It is not about

winning, it is bringing all the

nations together. Mexico, Mexico!

This is an incredible celebration

of African achievement. The world's

days is on the soccer right now. days is on the soccer right now.

The locals are smiling right back.

They are proud that they have put

this together. Those that could not

get to the opening match, went to

the free fan sites. And then the

moment. South Africa's cause! It

was like an enormous pressure bar

of being released. of being released. Mexico would

equalise, it mattered little. South

Africa has shown that they are

ready to host the World Cup. Just

after the opening ceremony got

under way, there was no-one

anywhere. tucked into two they were

smuggled around in living room is an they were

smuggled around one another. They

had TB is linked to generators.

They were so excited. With so many

millions of people captivated by

this event, some of them did not

cope with the huge numbers.

Thankfully there were no major

incredible. You incidence. In Durban it was

incredible. You had to be on the

beach. Another wall of noise, this

time on the beach. Australian fans

among BCR South Africans. At base

camp, a more relaxed scene. Some

had some more home comforts then a had some more home comforts then a

bustling crowds. It is the biggest

show on earth. On the sandy beaches

of her murder, 65,000 people -- in

Durban. This is the first match of

the World Cup. The Australians are

very popular. The Socceroos

very popular. The Socceroos are

going to get a very warm reception

here. Coming up in Sports Tonight,

we will have the highlights of the

opening two games. Will find out

what the Socceroos have been up to.

Hopefully they will be staying

alive past the group stage.

alive past the group stage. Many

are making their World Cup in

Australia. It is a melting cup of

win? the nationalities. Who is going to

win? Spain. Sydney has been

transformed into a sock the city.

It does not matter what team his

support. Having a good time is the

goal. Security kept it tight up

front. Once they were through, they

parted on. They did the World Cup dance.

dance. If you are feeling a bit

bleary eyed, think of these five

men and women who are trying for a

world record in continuous TV

watching. They will see every

single minutes of each game and all

the replies in between. They will

watching. try for the 86 hours of continuous

watching. The Socceroos will take

on the might of Germany. There are

1,500 football fanatics who will be

hollering in a manner. These

juniors play for Lilli Pilli

Football Club.

let's align The committee of the club said,

let's align ourselves with the Australian playing colours, the

green and gold. So, we adopted the

green and gold 50 seasons ago.

The 10-year-olds will take part in

Darling Harbour's Street Soccer

Festival next weekend. Who are you

Timmy Cahill. going to pretend to be?

Lucas Neill.

As long as it's not too muddy,

weekend. they'll be wearing their strip all

Here's hoping we have goals like

Go the Socceroos! this one to cheer on Monday morning.

Solo sailor Abby Sunderland is

almost out of danger. A French

fishing boat is about to attempt a

rescue of the 16-year-old, as her family defends the round-the-world rescue of the 16-year-old, as her

voyage. Her dismasted yacht drifts

on the Indian Ocean 2,000 nautical

miles off Perth. While Abby

Sunderland waits to be saved,

another aircraft left this morning,

trying to regain radio

rescue. communication ahead of the planned

To be able to speak to her and know

she's alive and well and happy to a

certain extent, and it could've

been a lot worse for sure.

The Ile De La Reunion will meet

with Abby's boat 'Wild Eyes', and

pluck depending on weather conditions,

pluck her to safety.

I just wanna wrap my arms around

her, I can't wait till she's home.

But there's growing criticism that

the 16-year-old was ever allowed to

attempt her crossing in winter.

She's down in the Southern Ocean

wrong time of year and bad luck, it

was just bad luck that caused this problem.

I don't regret her being out there

- she doesn't regret being out there.

But the cost of the mission to save

her is mounting with the Defence Force now also involved. her is mounting with the Defence

Conservative estimates put the

price tag at more than $300,000 and

that found her. that's just for the QANTAS Airbus

Those machines are probably

an hour. chartering for around the $15,000

We love you Abby.

It may be some time before the

family reunites. Possibly, on the

Reunion. aptly named French island of La

Reunion. NSW's origin hopes have

been dealt a blow after the shock

departure of star winger Timana

Tahu. Tahu sensationally walked

away from origin camp overnight

after a run in with league legend,

assistant coach, Andrew Johns.

Johns has since apologised for

making offensive comments. But he

won't reveal what he said. I am really upset and I am really upset and shattered

that I have offended T, we go way

back. I've known him since he's

been a kid.

We'll have more on this story a

little later in Sports Tonight. And

a mixed debut for controversial AFL

convert Karmichael Hunt, who kicked

two goals, but injured his

hamstring in his first competitive

Aussie Rules match. Playing in

front of more than 6,000 fans, Hunt

was straight into the action.

was straight into the action.

COMMENTATOR: Running into the opening goal!

But Hunt's afternoon went downhill

from there. Hamstring tightness

forced him from the field during

the third quarter and he didn't return.

Up next, Kevin Rudd suffers yet

another catastrophic setback in the

polls. Plus, a community's push to

save heritage listed fig trees,

turns ugly.

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This program is captioned live.

Another major setback for Prime

Minister Kevin Rudd as his

popularity plummets. A highly

respected Labor colleague has gone

in-for-the-kill, claiming the Prime

Minister's doing terminal damage to

our nation.

our nation.

When Kevin Rudd got up this morning,

he may have felt like he was hit by

a bus - Tony Abbott's campaign bus.

It's fantastic to have a mobile

building like this. The Opposition

Leader's touring Queensland - it's

full of marginal seats where the

mining super profit tax is profoundly unpopular.

Mr Rudd can't explain the tax, he

can't defend the tax, it's no can't defend the tax, it's no good

changing the tax, just dump the tax.

A former Queensland Labor Treasurer

and colleague of Mr Rudd's has also

publicly smashed the tax and the Prime Minister.

Keith De Lacy says : Kevin Rudd has

to go. He is doing terminal damage to brand Australia.

He says Labor's risks being out of

power for a generation.

I don't agree with the view that's been expressed

been expressed by Mr De Lacy. And

it's also worth noting Mr De Lacy

is now a coal mining executive.

But the bad news doesn't stop there.

A West Australian opinion poll

shows Labor only occupying 38% of a

2-party preferred vote.

To be fair, the survey sampled less

than half of the usual number of

people for a credible polling

result. But if the poll is accurate result. But if the poll is accurate

it means Labor will be lucky to

hold a single seat in WA after the


I think one of the reasons Mr Rudd

is in so much trouble is because he

has spent more money than he could

afford and he's made promises that he can't keep.

So is the Deputy ready to step up?

You know, I've answered this

question a million times. This

speculation is in my view completely absurd.

completely absurd.

A 15-year-old girl is dead after a

ferocious house fire in Toowoomba.

Seven other people escaped, but two remain in hospital.

A charred, empty shell is all

that's left of the Toowoomba family

home. A mother, father and their

five children escaped the burning

building but a 15-year-old family

friend staying over, was caught inside.


It was about 6:45 an I heard children screaming out the front. Witnesses raised the alarm.

A number of occupants had evacuated

from the house however we did received information that one

person was still inside the house.

Neighbours tried smashing the rear

windows, near the bedrooms where

the girl's body was later found. But not even fire But not even fire crews could reach

her in time. Police say the timbre

house went up in flames in a matter

of minutes. They're still

investigating whether or not the

house had working fire alarms. Family members returned this

morning to collect what could be

salvaged, their grief is unimaginable.

The father, in his thirties and his

16-year-old son are recovering from

smoke inhalation in hospital. Thought it

Thought it was a bit wild, pretty

frightening. Yeah. Nasty business,

because I have grandchildren myself.

The cause of the fire is not yet clear.

And a three year old boy has died

after running on to a road and

being hit by a car on Brisbane's

southside. The accident comes two

weeks after another toddler was killed after wandering into killed after wandering into traffic

in the middle of the night.

A Sydney community has rallied to

save five heritage listed fig trees.

Loppers began removing the 90-year-

old figs this morning from a train

station in Sydney's north. But work

was halted when locals set up camp

and refused to move. Police were

called in, and the women were

threatened with arrest. RailCorp

says the trees are damaging the

platform. They'll be replaced platform. They'll be replaced by

six blue berry ash trees.

Up next: The pope criticised over

his apology to abuse victims.

And entire campsites washed away in

a deadly flash flood.

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This program is captioned live.

Flash floods have swept away entire

campsites in the American State of

Arkansas, drowning holiday-makers in their sleep.

in their sleep. 16 people are dead,

dozens have been taken to hospital

and at least 30 are still missing.

By daybreak, the nightmare was

evident. Absolute destruction by a

current which levelled the camp

ground. Cabins swept clean of their

foundation, cast forced -- tossed

into houses. Around four am my mum

woke me up. There was water outside

the cabin. I did not believe her at

first. Locals say they have never

seen anything like it. The rain

started Thursday evening with a

powerful storm. At midnight, the normally

normally peaceful township was

swelling with France. I saw a truck

wraparound a tree. That is how

powerful that water was. Officials

fear at least 60 people were washed

away. A reporter on the scene

described the aftermath. We have been flagged

been flagged down by people in the

area, trying to find out the latest

word about the campers. For most of

the day the news has not been good.

We're in the process to see if

anyone can be risky. At least 30

people have been rescued but the

rugged beauty which attracted so

many people is now hampering

efforts to save people. efforts to save people.

The Pope has asked for forgiveness

from people abuse by Catholic

priests. He has made similar pleas

before but not in front of

thousands of clergy in St Peter's Square.

Is this plea for forgiveness

sufficient? And would be accepted

by the many distraught big dams of

predatory priests? Pope Benedict

XVI toes and a high-profile

location at a key event to make the

apology. St Peters Square in front

of 15,000 priests. TRANSLATION: He

spoke softly and in Italian,

calling at the abuse of the little ones.

But Britons are already making

clear that such an apology is not

enough. This woman was abused by

nuns and it is action, she says,

that is urgently needed. We all

want closure. We are

want closure. We are carrying on

day-in and day-out with these

memories of the assaults and rapes

that had taken place from the

Catholic clergy, the religious

orders and others. These words are

wonderful but I hope there is

action behind them. Other critics

will ask whether the Pope is part

of the problem and not the solution.

He to look the other way when confronted by

confronted by reports of abuse when

he was an archbishop and Mater a

chief moral enforcer? -- and later

a chief moral and for sir?

About 800 workers, cleaning up the

oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico,

have been brought back to shore

after being exposed to a gas leak. Meanwhile, BP's Swedish chairman

has emerged for the first time

since the disaster began. He's been summoned to meet with summoned to meet with President

Obama next week. We have done

everything we can. He promised, BP

will clean up the coast and take

care of compensation claims. The

leak could be twice as bad as originally thought.

The weather's next and then it's

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning and

rob - you'll have more on Timana

Tahu's stunning Origin exit.

He has put a statement out just a He has put a statement out just a

short time ago and we will tell you

why he is so upset.

What a way to start proceedings - South Africa's stunner.

We had the report card on

Carmichael harmed.

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This program is captioned live.

Patchy low cloud across the South

East is bringing a few showers and

to southern Victoria and Tasmania. I

I cloud over the interior. North

and east nicely dry. A frosty

morning and we day to SA, Victoria

and much of NSW. Scattered showers

over the east coast. Wind pushing

across the interior and into WA.

That brings you up to date with the

latest news. Stay around for Sports

Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm

Kathryn Robinson. Good evening.

Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

This program This program is captioned live.

The World begins in spectacular

scenes. Hello, I'm Rob Canning and

welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

Huge show to bring you because

there's big news brewing. Tahu

walks out...and you won't believe walks out...and you won't believe

why. We'll cross to Paul Cochrane

in camp with the side shortly.! Also today, Karmichael Hunt Also today, Karmichael Hunt - the