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(generated from captions) what they try to pull off you should see in these hit-and-run jackpots. and thanks for joining us. Good evening about the foreign food We've been warning you through the back door. coming into Australia Tonight, further evidence. processed meat producers One of our major importing foreign meat has been busted

but labelling it as Australian-made. Authorities are also investigating the processed meat we buy. exactly what's in Jonathan Creek investigates. Meat, fresh or packaged - what you're eating? can you really ever be sure does it contain any hidden extras? And even if it is what you paid for,

an "Australian leg of lamb" This is labelled but the meat is from somewhere else. a "product of Australia", This premium bacon is labelled even "100% Australian meat content". It's a big fat porky. that pork from other countries, They found including from Holland and Canada, of meats which were being packaged was being used in the production

"100% Australian meat". in packaging saying working on the inside A whistleblower the New South Wales Food Authority and a 6-month investigation by on the Primo meat con, lifted the lid to 63 charges, the company pleading guilty

deceptive and misleading conduct 45 relating to

and was fined a record $237,000 plus $200,000 in legal fees.

New South Wales Primary Industries Minister Stephen Whan. This is a heavy fine. people to do the right thing. It's a very strong warning to other meat producers have been caught out And it's not the first time selling us a lie. We've caught manufacturers out in a foreign leg of ham replacing the leg bone from Australian livestock, with a bone

to label the product 'Australian'. allowing them the great ham scam. And then there's it's from a pig, right? You'd rightly presume Wrong. DNA tests confirm and beef are often mixed in cheaper alternatives such as mutton but you'd never know it. Even this amazing confession

spokesperson David Thomason. from Australian Meat and Livestock from a number of different animals, Good quality ham can come it doesn't have to come from pork. have also been caught out - Fish and poultry suppliers sold as home-grown. foreign prawns and fish were fined $68,000 Leading poultry supplier Inghams for selling underweight turkeys. It raises the question -

we're getting what we pay for? how can we really be sure everyday things - The sorts of meats we looked at were processed meats, hams, bacon, sausages, canned meats, those sorts of things. leading health investigative body, Scientists from Australia's The George Institute, on processed meats, including Primo. turned their microscopes the results were alarming. Testing 552 processed meat products,

90% of meats tested revealing of a hidden killer - salt. unacceptable levels Professor Bruce Neal. as much salt as the least salty. The saltiest bacons had three times salt in those salty bacons. You just don't need that much in salt levels. All processed meats are far too high Dietician Emma Stirling claims more salt we're all eating 5 to 10 times

for a healthy diet. than what's recommended linked to high blood pressure We know that salt is very much or called hypertension leads to increased risk of stroke and we know that hypertension and heart disease. well over your daily salt intake. One barbecue and you are going to be the chief executive officer Kate Carnell is and Grocery Council, of the Australian Food

a body that represents industries.

Salt is not just a flavour - it is also a preservative such as processed meat, and particularly in areas stay together, it also helps bind sausages it creates texture in bread it helps retain water. and as well as that, can be really dry. So a sausage with no salt those sort of products Now, no-one is going to eat and add salt. or they will take it home

The George Institute is now pushing targets when it comes to salt, for across-the-board national in regards to bread and cereal like what already exists here in the UK and US. and 80 food categories on your processed foods with salt You need to cut down and be an avid label reader. the nutrition panel on the back. So if they want low salt, read

with Primo highlights, But as the situation how sure can you be mystery contained inside? that the label matches the possible It is reasonable for them to expect that says it is made in Australia that when they buy something that it is made in Australia. Jonathan Creek reporting.