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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Two-wheeled terrors. a bad name - caught on camera. The motorcyclists giving riders to slow them down? So what can be done 'Man flu' myth.

on men getting sick. Science lines up with the final word And the show about nothing. Seinfeld's success? What TV programs can rival It's Thursday, 10 June, 2010. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, Hello and welcome to Thursday. Hard to believe, since 'Seinfeld' finished up. but it's been more than a decade of the best TV shows? So does it deserve to top the list You can have your say this morning.

Bonazs a, that was a cracking show. Hin Tin Tin. a case study. Also on the show today - of a 'Deal or No Deal' girl. See a day in the life, Nat has the news. But right now, Good morning. in Western Australia There may be outrage mining super-profits tax, at Kevin Rudd's but it wasn't in evidence meeting in Perth. at last night's community Cabinet Hundreds turned out on the proposed tax. but there were just two questions have publicly declared The mining companies be mining certain sites. that they will no longer that have been said Some of the things with something of a grain of salt. need to be taken to Queensland today, Mr Rudd travels to the tax. another hotbed of opposition a tough new plan Tony Abbott is considering travel further to get work. to make people on the dole at extending The coalition is looking

on commutes to 2 hours. the current 90-minute limit

do not have to accept a job At the moment, people on the dole 1.5 hours from home. if it's further than soldiers killed in Afghanistan The bodies of two Australian will arrive home this weekend. Jacob Moerland have been farewelled Sappers Darren Smith and the Australian base in Tarin Kowt. with a ramp ceremony at The Brisbane-based soldiers died by an improvised explosive device after their foot patrol was hit on their way back to base. bodies in the United Arab Emirates. The Defence Minister has met their on Sunday. They'll be flown back to Australia has been cleared of racism, A Sydney police officer

of trying to lift her veil after a Muslim woman accused him during a routine traffic stop.

a formal complaint saying Carnita Matthews lodged the officer was aggressive. rip my veil off my face. I felt he was going to actually in me. I actually had a lot of fear of the incident shows But patrol car video touched her. the policeman never once eastern suburbs Commuters in Sydney's to work this morning could be facing a difficult trip ruptured overnight. after a major gas and water main in Kensington were told Residents around Todman Avenue to stay in their homes tried to shut off the leaks. as work crews It collapsed part of the road, caused the road to bulge. then the build-up of water throughout the morning. Repair work is expected to continue to remember the 12 victim's Thousands of Britons have paused of last week's Cumbria killings. during seven memorial services A minute's silence was held near where victims were gunned down. After the service, to the shooter's family. victims' relatives offered support at all. The family don't blame his family through just as much We know that they'd be going as the rest of us.

of Derrick Bird's rampage Dramatic pictures have been released who'd been shot. and bystanders saving a man in flash floods in south-east China. At least 6 people have been killed

to burst their banks, Heavy rains forced rivers

which inundated thousands of homes. triggering floods have been evacuated Around 124,000 people on high ground. and are taking shelter A man and his young child are lucky to be alive after being swept away in a fast-moving river

and becoming trapped under a bridge. In finance news:

A short time before the close was

down 52 points. It was fading fast.

Currently, it takes

Currently, it takes a couple of minutes to settle down because of it

closes at 6 o'clock our time. Down

40 points is the official closing

price. European markets were up.

To our region yesterday, Japan went

against the trend. We were basically

line up, up a point and four points

on our major indisyes. Commodities

and gold is trade.

The Reserve Bank Governor Glenn

Stevens has delivered a speech

focussing on problems in Europe.

Craig James from CommSec was

importanting over every single

importanting over every single word of the speech, any lessons in it

of the speech, any lessons in it for us? Rdgets certainly, your

us? Rdgets certainly, your mate had a fair bit to say yesterday.

Certainly, about Europe. He said the

problems in Europe actually have

been happening for - coming for sometime. It

sometime. It had been blow the

surface but it took the global

financial crisis to expose it. He

said there is a lesson for us here in in Australia because debt here in Australia, by Australian consumers,

Australian households had been

increasing for sometime. He said if

that had have continued, we could

have seen a similar sort of problem.

But he said over the last couple of

months, last couple of years,

consumers have been a bit more

conservative in terms of their

spending and cutting back on debt

levels, that's no bad thing.

Certainly that proves that

Australia's economy will remain

resilient going forward. It may be

no bad thing in terms of interest

rates as well. Because if

rates as well. Because if we continue to cut back our spending

and our borrowing, the Reserve Bank can take on the interest can take on the can take on the interest rate

sidelines for a fair deal longer. He

gave us a Pat on the back which is

good. Thank you for that. OK,

righto. Time for sport. Here's Beretts.

The Socceroos have gone into lockdown holding a closed training session overnight ahead of Monday morning's World Cup opener against Germany. Germany's first media conference in South Africa was a slap in the face to the Socceroos. Defender Per Mertesacker was happy to divulge tactics declaring the 3-time world champions intend to double team Tim Cahill. The German media have branded the Socceroos football "minnows".

Australian Rugby League officials are moving to ban AFL-bound Queensland winger Israel Folau from next month's third State of Origin game. The ARL plans to establish new rules preventing code defectors from playing representative games. Blues players are travelling to the New South Wales town of Lennox Head today to lift the spirits of fans ravaged by last week's tornado. St Kilda coach Ross Lyon has backed Steven Milne to stand up to intense scrutiny in this weekend's clash with Fremantle. The Dockers have already declared their intention to target the Saints' goalsneak. At Port Adelaide, Warren Tredrea has targeted a Round 19 return from his ankle injury and niggling injuries are set to sideline Robbie Gray for at least another week. Grant's away, so Kochie and Mel are looking after the weather. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale - now on. It has to be Beacon. Mostly fine in Cairns. Fine in Mount Isa. 23 in Rockhampton. Fine in Brisbane. 20 in Southport. Chance of a morning shower in Orange. Sunny in Sydney. Winds easing in Woolongong.

Becoming fine in Canberra. A few showers in Albury. Mostly sunny in Mildura. A few showers in Melbourne. Early frost in Launceston. Fine in Swansea.

Showers in Hobart. A few showers in Mount Gambier. Rain in Adelaide. Mostly sunny in Coober Pedy. Cloudy in Alice Springs. Sunny in Darwin. And around Western Australia, mostly sunny in Albany. Sunny in Perth. 22 in Geraldton. Mostly sunny in Broome. 27 in Exmouth.

We wish Grant a speedy recovery from

his... Man flu. Severe man flu. I

have heard it could be life

threatening, that certainly happens

with man fluchlt He did have the

same thing last week. He needs a bit of loving. On the way - your exclusive on the band that was supposed to have broken up, Crowded House. And later, why Aussies are turning to the ancient beliefs of Paganism. Next up though, was 'Seinfeld' the best TV show, ever made? We'll compare it to some other classics on Sunrise. This month it's Deal Season at Landmark, with great end of financial year deals. Now you can earn Rewards points

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Sunrise books online at Enjoy a choice, enjoy your stay. , Craft is a great way to be creative but you don't need to spend a lot of time to make something nice. Craft expert Kelly Doust is here to show us how to quickly turn old jumpers into home-made treasures. Good morning. Can you show us how to make mittens?

That's right. OK Very, very easy to

make some mitt evens out of an old

jumper, you don't need to knit them

from scratch. Steal one of your

dad's oldies. I like to use 100%

lambs wool or Cashmere jumpers which

you can sooe find in charity stores.

Then wow get the sleeve, put your hand

hand down here or put your child's down and then you would sort of cut

around the outside here so like

this, around the out site. Do you

want me to stick my hand? I can cut

around it. Maybe a little bit

further up. There we go.

further up. There we go.. Leaving a

little bit of space. I don't want to

cut your thumb off. So if you move

your hand, I will do that here. I

have seen it. So you cut around the outside

outside here, and then what we will do, so we have got this next bit

here and we will sec around the

edge. You turn it in the other way

which will fit sort of your hand in

there, and then we embellish the

outside so you've got these - these

are one is made for a small childer

yer on. That is so clever. That's

the sleeve of an old jumper. Wow.

Now you've got a short sleeved

jumper if you ever need one. You can

make lots of other things out of the

rest of the jumper. They are very

cute. Alright, what do you reckon

for our next Ob when it's outside? I

think they are tremendous. We are

going to have regular classes,

aren't we, today? A little bit later

Kelly will show us how to make a hot

water bottle cover. We all need it.

It's a bit chilly outside. Grandma

Koch would be proud of me. She was a

sort of crafty sort of

sort of crafty sort of person. I will be watching.

For a show about nothing, it did something right. 'Seinfeld' has recently been revealed as the most successful TV series ever.

In fact, it's made over $3 billion since its finale 12 years ago. So is 'Seinfeld' really the best of the best? Here's Fifi with a look at our top 10 TV shows. It's a list where choosing can get very controversial, but some 'Friends' are always there for you.

That said, nobody won that gamement

he was sick of our fighting. And from Chandler Bing to Bada Bing, 'The Sopranos' collected over 200 award nominations in its run. But it's the winners like 'Frasier' that count, with a record 37 Emmys. From Seattle to Summer Bay and 'Home and Away' remains on top with the record for most Logies at 34. Though underdogs can come out on top. Cult comedy 'The Office' started out with poor ratings and worse reviews. But it's now broadcast to over 80 countries and has spawned multiple foreign remakes.

You talk the

You talk the talk, you do not walk the walk.

the walk.. And when it comes to cast, 'Saturday Night Live' reads like a comedy bible. From Steve Martin to Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler to Tina Fey,

SNL has produced some of the biggest names in film and TV. Brought to you by the letter S, 'Sesame Street's educational message has spanned decades. But let's not forget the golden standards. Shows like 'M*A*S*H' and 'I Love Lucy' eclipsed ratings records in the US. And while 'Seinfeld' might have been the show about nothing. To critics and viewers around the world, it certainly had something.

I saw it in a TV guide, I called

them, I told them not to watch it.

There was nothing else on. But one show's cultural influence spans the globe.

With Homer's famous catchphrase now in the Oxford English Dictionary. 22 seasons strong, The Simpsons remains on top. D'oh!

That's got to say something, after

22 seasons, The Simpsons are still

there. I love Frasier, I love shows

that are well written. I always

thought that was clever writing.

Like F troop Or car 454 where are

you? That was great. Emergency

ships. Saturday night life, comes

up, you know the original was in IMT

and the Graham Kennedy show. Yes

Funniest show. What are you looking

at me with a glazed look in your

face for. Just add rational, Have

you ever seen it.? Clips of it. Were

you born. No. Tell us your top ten

shows. Should we do of all time or

we do just Australian shows. Make it

all times. OK. You have to put eye

love Lucy in there. Join the debate, ladies and gentlemen. Later this morning - the push to fine people who buy designer fakes.

And how altitude sickness turned fatal for a young Aussie. But next, should unemployed Australians be forced to take a job that's up to two hours away? The push for the four-hour commute, when Sunrise continues. At Arnott's, our famous chocolate biscuits always start with our very own chocolate - real chocolate that's crafted by our chocolatiers using Arnott's unique recipes to make everything from a smooth, indulgent milk chocolate for Caramel Crowns to a rich, velvety dark chocolate for Mint Slice. Because when it comes to the most delicious chocolate biscuits, there is simply no substitute. (CHILD NAGS, TOY SQUEAKS) Well, I have some good news for you. It's twins. So, it's time to think about gas. VOICEOVER: When it's time to extend your home, build a new one or just replace worn-out appliances, think about natural gas. In our cold winters, nothing beats clean gas heat for comfort. Plus, it's cheaper and better for the environment. Natural gas. Find out more at: What's Making News brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Save on thousands of items during the Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale - on now. It has to be Beacon. The headline writers at the Northern Territory News probably deserve an award for today's front page - Hooker, Line and Stinker. Hooker points to a story about the rights of sex workers. Line refers the sale of the Darwin to Adelaide rail line to an American firm. And Stinker is about the closure of a Darwin beach because of high levels of e-coli.

, Well done. Very clever. I like

that. I love it. That's guaranteed to be one of the most viewed things on the web today. Also making news - reports the coalition's considering making the jobless accept work up to two hours from their home. At the moment people on the dole are expected to travel up to 90 minutes to take up a position. Would this would make it a 4-hour round trip. Is that reasonable?

And what do unemployed Aussies in regional areas do if they don't have a car or public transport?

To drive a car for 2 hours, you may

not have a car, if you did, it's

pretty expensive to fill it up to do

4 hours a day. Is this a reasonable

idea. It sounds pretty excessive, a

2 hur commute to work. That's

2 hur commute to work. That's a lot of people do do it. You are coming

from somewhere out of town, by the

time you get to town, get through

the traffic. A lot of people live in

the Dandenongs outside of Melbourne

or the Gold Coast and commute to

Brisbane or up in the Blue Mountains

in Sydney and stuff like that. It's a difference between doing it by

choice and being forced to do it. It

can't be easy, four hours a day out

of your day in ing is incredible. Is

that the distance or because you

might sit in traffic. To take the

hard line, it's our taxes paying

them not to work. So, you know,

throw a bus ticket in or a train

ticket into the unemployment

benefit. What I am

benefit. What I am saying, there are a lot of areas you can't necessarily

catch a train or a bus. You may be forced to

forced to drive in country areas

where there is not as many jobs.

where there is not as many jobs.. Also being clicked - the claim that social networking websites are creating a generation who can't relate to each other. A neuroscientist says more research is needed into a possible link between Facebook and a lack of empathy among young people. And many users find it hard to hold a face-to-face conversation. So are we raising a generation that can't communicate and can't even make friends in the real world?

Is that a age thing? When you are

younger and less confident and

walking into a room was quite

frightening. I know when you are at uni age,

uni age, it was quite downturning being in some social situations, is

that an age

that an age thing. I think UFOs book

and email have brought back the art

of letter writing and communicating,

instead of an air gram or Or a pigeon like in your day You noi now

do it instantly. Still communicate face-to-face at school, after school sport, face-to-face at school, after school sport,. Finally being viewed - the Australian zoolologist nearly trampled by wild elephants. Tammie Matson spent five years working with the giant animals in Africa.

She has a new book where she

describes the terror where she woke

up in her fent in the middle of the

night and realised that elephants

were there right. She could hear his

tummy rumbling, she lay there all

night, held her breath, he was

scratching his bottom on a nearby tree. We will meet her later on this

morning. Have you ever had a close

encounter with an animal, A spider

for cow.

for cow.. Giant one on the car.

Which was about as ig big as an

elephant. That was frightening And

the rabbits. You are quite a

naturalist. When I was climbing

Kili, we went through o a Sav ARIA

in Gora Gara crater, we were in a

hut and it started to sway. It

scareded me. It was a whole bunch of

elfachting going through, we weren't

in a tent. We were in a cabin. That

was scary enough. Share your

experiences this morning if you had

a close call with an animal. Still to come - how to stop motorcyclists from taking risks on the roads. And Molly's exclusive with a band that lives on - Crowded House.

Also ahead - a day in the life of a 'Deal or No Deal' girl. You'll flip your wig at what goes on, when Sunrise continues.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will sit down today with iron ore baron Andrew Forrest, one of the most vocal critics of his mining super-profits tax. The Fortescue Metals boss yesterday addressed a rally of 2,000 protesters in Perth demanding Mr Rudd "axe the tax". He claims that during the first round of talks he was told the government wouldn't be giving any ground. The first words were, "This tax is binary Mr Forrest. "If you want to change this tax you have to change the government". That's a direct quote. Mr Forrest also says if the new tax regime is introduced his company would end up paying less tax in the long term because some projects may not get off the ground. Electricians are claiming they're yet to be paid by the federal government for inspecting insulation installed under Kevin Rudd's bungled scheme. So far, 23,000 of the 53,000 planned inspections have been carried and almost 700 problems have been found.

In 2008, Mr Rudd promised any government bill under a million dollars would be paid with 30 days. The government says the pledge doesn't apply to electricians because there are no formal contracts for inspections. The death toll from a truck crash in Victoria's north-east has risen to three.

The light truck ran off the Midland Highway near Stewarton yesterday and hit a tree. Two men, aged 51 and 59, were found dead in the cabin. The 61-year-old driver was flown to hospital in Melbourne

but died overnight.

The deaths take Victoria's annual road toll to 145. One in five Australians are deciding not to have the flu vaccination this winter because they wrongly believe it will give them the flu. The finding comes from a poll of more than a thousand people commissioned by vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline. A company spokesperson says when people feel a little fluey after having the jab it's their bodies at work building an immune response. US President Barack Obama has hailed tough new sanctions against Iran's nuclear program, imposed by the United Nations overnight. The US President says they're the toughest ever faced by the defiant Iranian regime.

It sends an unmistakable message about the international commitment to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. The UN hopes the new rules stop Iran making nuclear weapons but the nation has ignored previous demands to limit its stockpile. Hollywood actor Kevin Costner says he has a machine which will clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I know there must be a question as to why I am here. I'd like to assure everyone in the rooms

it's not because I heard a voice in a corn field. The actor addressed a US Congressional committee, saying a machine he and his brother have spent 12 years developing will suck up the oil. Early tests on the device have been successful.

He wasn't that good in Water world.

Let's keep that in mind!

Let's keep that in mind!. BP shares

have been smashed again. Barak Obama

is on the war path against BP and

what they are doing to the southern

states of the United States. BP

share price down over 40% since the

oil leak. The Dow Jones index

overnight down 41 points. Bernanke

was speaking at the house budget

committee and he is the abouts of

the Federal Reserve, saying the US

economic recovery would be modest. The Socceroos have held a closed training session in Johannesburg overnight, to work on ways of prizing open Germany's defence in Monday morning's World Cup showdown. The German side was put through its paces in Pretoria overnight and coach Joachim Low

was quick to dismiss suggestions the side will struggle without injured skipper Michael Ballack. The 3-time world champions have revealed they're planning to double-team Socceroos talisman Tim Cahill. New South Wales skipper Kurt Gidley admits he's disappointed at being dropped to the bench for game two of the State of Origin series in Brisbane. The utility is still expecting to get plenty of game time

on Wednesday night.

At the NRL judiciary overnight,

South Sydney hooker Isaac Luke was banned for one match for a late hit on Cowboys skipper Johnathan Thurston. The AFL has confirmed it will supplement the salary of NRL superstar Greg Inglis if he decides to join Essendon. Inglis will consider switching codes if he's forced out of the Melbourne Storm because of salary cap constraints. In Sydney, the Swans will name Tadgh Kennelly for this weekend's clash with Port Adelaide

but the defender won't play if his injured knee is a problem at training tonight.

Yncht do you refer to Tim Cahill as

Socceroos talisman. He is such a

rock of the team. It's a core. He is

the identity. He is important. Lynch

pin. Human mascot. Don't you like

that He is a human mascot. Gee is

our croc. She is intrins ick to our

team. I love your turn of phrase.

You could be sun rises talisman. I am not sure I want that. I will

check the definition. Grant has got

man flu.

You girls are very mean. Our best go

to you, Grant. A cold front is crossing the south-east bringing strong winds, showers and some snow in New South Wales and Victoria. Cool and gusty south-westerly winds behind the front are bringing scattered showers to western Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Fine in Brisbane.

Cloudy tomorrow. Mostly fine over the weekend. A shower or two on Monday. Fine tomorrow. Sunny in Sydney.

Mostly fine over the weekend. Rain on Monday. Becoming fine in Canberra. and over the weekend. Fine with some early frost tomorrow Fine on Monday. A few showers in Melbourne. Rain again tomorrow. A few showers on Saturday. Cloudy on Sunday. Mostly sunny on Monday. A shower or two in Hobart Showers tomorrow and Saturday.

Mainly fine on Sunday and Monday. A few showers in Adelaide. A shower or two tomorrow and Saturday. Mainly fine on Sunday and Monday. Sunny in Perth.

Partly cloudy tomorrow. Sunshine over the weekend. A few showers on Monday. Sunny in Darwin. Sunshine tomorrow and over the weekend. Fine with easterlies on Monday.

Just before you get your laughing

gear on, have a look at Sydney, a

bit after time lapse as we said

sunny and 16 today. But at the

moment it's 11 degrees. A very big

hello at the nurses the

hello at the nurses the Westmead Children's Hospital who looked after

Barenko's son. Plastered his leg up

and a big sun vice fan so hello to

all the nurses and thank you for

looking after him. Yes. Joke of

looking after him. Yes. Joke of the

day comes from Riley snel of Kerr

win in Queensland. A couple of rapid

fire short ones for'The Kid's to

send them off to school. Got to

listen closely. Why shouldn't you

play cards in the jungle?

they are too many cheaters. Why did play cards in the jungle? Because

did the goat dress up as a clown

because he wanted to be a silly

Billy. What has four wheels and fly,

a garbage truck. Why does a spider

spin a web? Because it can't Sew. I

have to give it a better score than

last time because I got bagged for

not understanding the 8-year-old's

jokes. I was bomb

jokes. I was bomb bard with abuse.

Are caving. From teachers, who are

saying they have had to saying they have had saying they have had to sell their

students. No, they were. That's no

joke. So Riley, a TiVo is coming

your way from auntie Nat. The life

of a judge is hard, Mel. You anded

to McKenny. Next hour - another Molly exclusive with a band that supposedly said farewell some time ago!

He'll catch up with the boys from Crowded House, who are still together and still touring. Next up though - should the buyers of fake goods be fined? It's already happening overseas, so is it likely to trap shoppers here? Ooh! (GROANS) (PANTS) Pretty conclusive, really. chewing Extra sugarfree gum Dentists recommend after eating and drinking. Extra. Eat! Drink! Chew! if you could help me. Hi. I'm wondering My arm hurts when I do this. I haven't been to the... Well... (SIGHS) No. Cough for the pharmacist, honey. It's a vitamin. Had a blue label on it. an orange tablet thing. It's kind of They're all over me. I think it's every time I go near flowers. (ALL SNIFF) Achoo. Bob snores. Have you got anything for that? VOICEOVER: Got a health or wellbeing question? Better ask an expert. Better ask Amcal. (APPLAUSE) The Sunrise Cash Cube brought to you by AMP, helping you own tomorrow. We're putting $180,000 into the AMP Cash Cube. And you could win your share by grabbing up to $10,000 in 30 seconds! To enter call: Then watch tomorrow.

If we call your name at 6.55,

you'll have 30 minutes to phone us. to Brekky Central, Then we'll fly you and put you in the AMP Cash Cube, from Sunrise. so you can grab the cash the life of a young Aussie in Peru. Altitude sickness has claimed suffered headaches 24-year-old Alicia Parks a week before she died. from the Gold Coast The registered nurse and was on the mend. told her family she'd seen a doctor in a hotel lobby and died. Days later she collapsed is that other Aussie travellers Her family's wish about altitude sickness. are better informed Sunrise GP Ginni Mansberg joins us. Good morning. How can a young person like Alicia die from altitude sickness?


Believe it or not, her age has

nothing do with this. This

nothing do with this. This is Not an

old person's problem or a young

person's problem. It's all to do

with climbing, how rapidly you climb

and not recognising the signs early

and getting the right treatment. I

think that's what her parents are so

concerned about. She was - I

understand her in climbing the

understand her in climbing the inka trail. We have access to these

places so much these days, don't we?

People aren't understanding the

risks, it's not like going to

Disneyland. Absolutely. I can't

believe that statistics that less

than 50% of Aussies going to these

places get a vaccination. They had

the opportunity to get the

information about mountain sickness

and didn't. War

you look out for? Headache like and didn't. War the symptoms that

Alicia head. Light headedness,

watching weird, not being herself,

maybe feeling sick, a bit

uncoordinated, if it is affecting

your lungs, you can start getting a

tough. What can you do to avoid it

Too avoid it, you need to make sure

you are aware of the symptoms, you

buddy up with somebody, the minute

they recognise it in you, you go

down at least 500 metres. If you

recognise your symptoms, it's

usually too late. You can't say I

have to have a rest. You

have to have a rest. You have to go down. You have to go down at least

500 metres. The idea is to go up

3,000, there is some medication you

can get from your GP and it's freely

available here in Australia, so if

you gr planing to go up anywhere in

altitude, get your yourself some of

this medication. Take it easy and go

with people who are professional.

When you went Willie, you wouldn't consider When you went Willie, you wouldn't

consider going

consider going up without a proper

guide. South America is a very

different story. I don't think

people realise how high the altitude

is. Thank you, great advice. is. Thank you, great advice.. of fake designer clothing? Have you ever bought an item almost $1,500 A tourist has been fined Louis Vuitton handbag in Italy. for trying to buy a knock-off in Australia? So could the same happen protection expert Trevor Choy. Let's ask lawyer and brand Good Morning. Is this unusual?

It is unusual. Normally they go

after the sellers. This have actually gone after a customer. after the sellers. This time they

Alright. So, do you think this could

happen here in Australia? Eventually

it could happen. It's not

at the moment. And we have - we all it could happen. It's not happening

need a few changes before we get to

ha stage. But, yeah, it could happen

eventually. So just tell us about

the counter fit industry and how bigging

the counter fit industry and how

big it is? Well, nobody really knows

because it's all illegal activity.

The OECD has estimated it to be $

The OECD has estimated it to be $250

billion annually. To put that into

perspective, the narcotics industry

is meant to be worth about 500

billion Dolgopolov areas so we are

talking about half that value which

is a substantial amount. It is

easier and more profitable. It

doesn't carry the same risks. Is it

big here in Australia as well

big here in Australia as well? I

guess we all tend to think of

overseas, people come back from

overseas with you know, counter fit

videos and DVDs and CD and bags ETS?

Yeah, you can find them at markets.

You can find counter fit products.

There are sources where you can

actually buy counter fit products

Australia and people - the companies actually buy counter fit products in

are trying to stop them, but they

are not able to shut shut everything

down of the so they are still

around. So this could be a way to do

it. Traditionally if we have always

fineds the sellers now they could

look at fining the buyers? You are

going after the demand instead of

just the supply. You by hit it other

community attitudes. People don't thing is also you need a change in

realise that the manufacturers of a

lot of these products are actually

people in organised crime and money

from selling counter fit products

has gone towards funding terrorism.

So there's - it's a pretty nasty

background that actually comes with

that fake handbag or that fake DVD

that you've bought. Really good

warning, hey, it's not worth it.

Trevor, thank you for your time.

Good to talk to you My pleasure. Shortly on the show - star in anything other can Jennifer Aniston than romcom movies? on religion continues, And later, our special series

paganism, Now, today we are going to look at

paganism, apparently. I have been told that this is a religion. It is

for a lot of people I doubted that

but anyhow. We will look at it for

you, hopefully answer some of your

questions If you are a vampire Or a

witch Harry Potter. Also ahead -

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Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. And Jennifer Aniston stars in romantic comedy flicks.

But now she wants to try a different genre. Is it hard for stars to break the mould?

Well, I was kind of hoping maybe she

would try directing or go take a

pottery class or something. She has

got into these romantic comedies,

one after the other where she plays

a variation on Rachel, the character

she made famous on friends. Critics

and theertd goers are getting a

little weary of it. She has just

signed on for one called'Horrible

Bosses' in which she will play a sex

obsessed dentist opposite Jamie Foxx

and Colin Farrell. So, I don't know,

maybe it won't work. Wow. If you

want to break the mould, that's the

way do it. A dentist. Pottery, try

pottery. What is it a root canal

work? David Koch? I will keep

talking to you, let's talk about TV

shows, Jennifer Aniston found fame

on friends, we have listed that as

one of our top ten TV shows this

morning. What about you, what are your morning. What about you, what are

your favourite I agreed with about

half of your list. 'Home and Away',

we don't have that here so I have

never seen it, I know of it very

well. I put as my current favourite

TV show is Mad Men. Now, it's TV show is Mad Men. Now, it's still

in its early days. We will see if it

has the legs to continue. Close to

you at home, Mel, Mad Men Yes, my

husband is obsessed. It has a

husband is obsessed. It has a cult following. Seinfeld I think is my

favourite TV show of the past. Then

I was thinking of classic television

and bewitched, just for its pure

charm and innovation of the time,

now I am am thinking about it,

now I am am thinking about it, I would have made it a

would have made it a tie between

bewitched and all in the family

which was a very ground breaking

show, culturally, you watch all in

the family now and it's still

shocking. You still don't see things

on television that are as socially

shocking as all in the family was.

When you look at all the ones had a

bit after cult following or

triggered language or fashion or you know, triggered language or fashion or you

know,'I Love Lucy' kind of started a

whole genre of female comedians,

quite Sam lar, you know what I am

trying to get at here. Very good

point. Good to talk to you, thank

you for that. See you soon. Jen's

new movie could get turn food a

series I don't know. Don't even go

there, don't start the jokes now.

Wow, she told you, get out your

paddle, the red one. What is

happening on the Soapbox, miss

Natalie? We are talking about the

unemployment should be accepting a 2

hour drive to work. Betty says I

travel to work. I would travel to work. I would rather

travel and love my job than be close

to home and be miserable. Joe says

I'm a single mum, I have commuted to

the Brisbane CBD, that's over 1.

the Brisbane CBD, that's over 1.5

hours door to door, it takes over

your life. There is little to no

life ballast fatigue sets in as you

crash and burn on the weekends.

That's a very good point. Some great

store why Is about store why Is about animal

encounters, we are talking about

elephant dance later on. Julie in

Queensland says I woke

Queensland says I woke to a noise in the wardrobe, only to be met by

Australian Opens. Can we go with

this one. Is this joke of the day?

Anyway, noise in the wardrobe,

Anyway, noise in the wardrobe, only to be met by a 3 metre Python wrapped

wrapped around my coat hangars and.

It looked a bit like a belt for a

short time. It took A snakeskin belt

It took two grown men to extract it.

It was very funny watching them

remove it it. This one from Luke in

Queensland as well who says "

Queensland as well who says "I was

surfing in a small place called surfing in a small place called Hako

I was sitting on the back of my

board when I saw something sliding

into the water in the distance. It

was a crocodile. Costa Rica has salt

water crocodile. Croc dill, dial.

The all followed, after ten minutes of watching the perfect barrels,

they decide it was worth the Rist they decide it was worth the risk.

Mine was at Melbourne Mine was at Melbourne remember when

the gorilla escaped and I was locked into the family. He did a runner.

You were trapped in the office for

hours. On the conference call while

you all laughed at me. We only

lasted a bit. She forgot to close

the gate. Never again. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning. Two-wheeled terrors.

The motorcyclists giving riders a bad name, caught on camera. So what can be done to slow them down?

We're inside the German training camp for their World Cup clash with the Socceroos. And man flu myth - science lines up with the cold hard facts on men getting sick. It's Thursday 10 June 2010. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel.

We send our best to Grant who has

man flu today and off for the

man flu today and off for the rest of the week. Very, very sick. Here

is Nat with the news. An emotional memorial service has been held in Afghanistan for the two Australian soldiers killed in action. More than 1,500 military personnel farewelled Sappers Darren Smith and Jacob Moerland at a ramp ceremony at the Australian base in Tarin Kowt. A moving tribute from Sapper Smith's two-year-old son was read at the service. It's ah, a picture, it has "Lest We Forget, To my Daddy, Mason. "Rest in Peace". Their bodies were then flown on a Hercules aircraft to the United Arab Emirates. They'll arrive back in Australian on Sunday. The man tipped as the next Premier of New South Wales will promise to finish major road projects in his budget reply today. Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell is expected to announce a $5 billion infrastructure fund

for projects like Sydney's M4 East or M5 duplication. And Premier Kristina Keneally is under fire for attacking Mr O'Farrell for walking the Kokoda Track. Miss Australia, who has also climbed the track, criticised the Premier for not understanding its significance to Australians, because she came from America. More than 150 people had to be evacuated after a Melbourne restaurant caught fire overnight. In finance news: The German press has written off Australia as a footballing 'Minnow' leading into Monday morning's World Cup opener in Durban. The Socceroos trained behind closed doors overnight so Seven's Lee Jeloscek went behind enemy lines

at the German training camp in Pretoria. Good morning, Beretts. Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek has shut today's training session off from the media. He doesn't want any cameras there. We've come across to Pretoria. We have made the trek south to enemy territory to see what is happening inside the German camp. Now, it's just under four days until the Socceroos open their World Cup campaign. Today they weren't quite as secretive. We were allowed to sneak in and have a bit of a peek

at what happening with the three times world champion. The German team is a very balanced team with not big stars. It's a very, very balanced team.

So, it's - I think in this case, it's an advantage. Of course, there's plenty for coach Pim Verbeek to mull over over the next few days. Will he start star striker Harry Kewell? He hasn't played in any of the lead-up friendlies but the last week has been able to train and has looked good on the track. The same too for midfielder Brett Emerton and now midfielder Tim Cahill, also under an injury cloud with a sore neck. But Verbeek says all three will be fit and will line up against Germany. He will need them if the Socceroos are to have any chance

against the European powerhouse. Back to you, Beretts. Australian Rugby League officials are set to effectively ban Queensland winger Israel Folau from next month's third State of Origin game. The ARL wants to establish new rules

preventing any player who switches codes from playing representative matches. Blues players are travelling to the New South Wales town of Lennox Head today to lift the spirits of fans ravaged by last week's tornado. St Kilda coach Ross Lyon has backed Steven Milne to handle the pressure of being targeted in this weekend's clash with the Dockers. The clash with Fremantle will be the goalsneak's 200th senior game. At North Melbourne, Kangaroos coach Brad Scott wants his players to earn some respect by providing Carlton with a fierce challenge tomorrow night. Dual Group One winner Whobegotyou is set to start a dominant favourite in Saturday's million dollar Stradbroke Handicap in Brisbane after drawing perfectly in Barrier 9. Sydney filly, Melito has firmed into second favourite after drawing ideally in Barrier 4.

Connections of Melbourne mare Ortensia weren't as fortunate, drawing gate 21.

Michael sent in his sport report, he

was at the gym

was at the gym between the

Olympicals and Japan. They won that

98-63. So a

98-63. So a big win. The Aussie

gliders, lost to Germany, 58-55. If

Guantanamo to a big event, if you

want to send in your sport report,

love to get them. Grant is

love to get them. Grant is crook with the flu, here is Kochie and

with the flu, here is Kochie and Mel with the weather.

It has to be beak on. Not just any

flu Beretts, man flu. Mostly fine in Cairns. Fine in Mount Isa.

23 in Rockhampton. Fine in Brisbane.

20 in Southport. Chance of a morning shower in Orange. Sunny in Sydney. Winds easing in Woolongong. Becoming fine in Canberra. A few showers in Albury. Mostly sunny in Mildura. A few showers in Melbourne. Early frost in Launceston.

Fine in Swansea. Showers in Hobart. A few showers in Mount Gambier. Rain in Adelaide. Mostly sunny in Coober Pedy. Cloudy in Alice Springs. Sunny in Darwin. mostly sunny in Albany. Sunny in Perth.

22 in Geraldton. Mostly sunny in Broome. 27 in Exmouth. The Prime Minister got off lightly at a Community Cabinet meeting in Perth overnight. Earlier in the day, miners and some of our country's richest people picketed Kevin Rudd to show their opposition to the super-profits tax. And so the meeting last night was expected to be fiery. But the mining tax hardly rated a mention and this gentleman seemed to say it all.

I have concerns about this community

cabinet meeting. To my mind, this is

election earring at its best.

Really, I mean, in the time that you

are supposed to have questions on,

there what was some waffle on for

about 40 minutes, and now we are skirting around issues. So is the average Aussie interested in this mining tax debate? Seven News reporter Ray Kuka joins us from Perth. Good morning, Ray. Did the PM's people stack it with Labor supporters,

or is the tax just not as controversial as many believe?

Kochy, good morning, that's very

cynical of you, very unlike you. I

the seat of swan is

the seat of swan is a marginal seat that isn't held by Kevin Rudd or

Labor. We were expecting people to

be gunning for Kevin Rudd's blood

over this mining tax which has

caused so much controversy but there

was nothing. It was very, very

boring as that gentleman suggested.

I think it's people don't quite

understand what is going on. They

don't know or a capable, it's not

being very well explained to us.

Kevin Rudd is pushing for this 40%

mining super tax. He wants to tax miners $

miners 40% of their profits but the

first 6% will be exempt so say a

mining company earnings just breaks earns, $ earns, $earns $

earns, $earns $100, the first $ earns, $earns $100, the first $6

will be exempt tr from the tax, the

rest taxed at 40%

rest taxed at 40%. What Kevin Rudd

says he will do is put it into a

huge infrastructure fund, $ huge infrastructure fund, $6 billion

to be spent across the country,

mainly focussed on Queensland and WA

on projects like

on projects like port, rail and roads. He will always - open up the

doors for better superannuation

contributions and also reduce

company tax. You've got the mining

companies who are saying, if you do

that, we will become unprofit ab,

won't have jobs, houses will be more

expensive to build, cars will be

more expensive. Who is telling the

truth, it's a little bit hard

truth, it's a little bit hard to work out. It did seem a bit fishy

that last night was so quiet,

earlier in the day in Perth, there

was a pretty big mining tax protest

group as well. Absolutely. But if

you look at the pictures, you can

probably be a bit cynical about that

as well. Not your usual protest.

Usuallyy we see people yelling but

every one at the protest were in

suit and tie. They were from Perth's

business end of town. Rallying in

the city, forced to go down by their

boss, among the crude, $ boss, among the crude, 2 Bill yeahs,

Gina Reinhardt and one of WA's

richest man, Andrew

richest man, Andrew forest, both

billionaires, very unhappy with

this, they are all carrying pre made

plack ards and the whole protest was

organised by a PR company. So a little bit cynical there as well.

Alright, Ray, thank you for that.

Thank you, Kochie. If you ride a motorbike it seems you're taking your life into your own hands. Motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than other drivers. And if this Queensland police vision is anything to go by,

speed is a contributing factor.

This undercover officer clocks a motorcyclist doing up to three times the speed limit. Okay, we've entered the 60 zone, 60 zone, at 105, 40 zone at 95, 95, 97 in a 40 zone. okay we're now doing 106, 110, 120 - 120 in a forty zone, just out of the forty zone back into the 80 zone The motorcyclist is eventually pulled over and fined. In other police vision this motorcyclist overtakes the undercover police bike on double lines, again at excessive speed. Given that motorcyclists make up almost a fifth of our road toll, what can be done to slow them down? Ian Leavers is the President of the Queensland Police Union. And Harold Scruby is from the Pedestrian Council of Australia.

Good morning to you both. Ian, these motorcyclists are going very, very fast.

This is not to say that all motor

cyclists do by any means but these

particular ones. How do police stop

cyclists who do such excessive

speed? You are right. But what we

need to do is firstly, I have

nothing against motor cyclists, it

is quite a pleasurable pass time.

People use it for trance forth as

well as pleasure. The fact s they

are over represented in the road

toll. We need to do something to save them from themselves. So, the measure to be used is the cameras on the unmarked motorcycles, we need to do whatever we can to save lives because one death is one death too many. So what do we do? What do you suggest the things we also have speed cameras, active police patrolling on the roads, but if we can capture it on camera and follow up later, hopefully we can save some looits lives. That's what it is about. That's what it is about. The statistics just aren't good for motor cyclist, they are way over represented in the road toll. What is your suggestion. What do you think we can do to lower the rate Well, there are two things that can be done immediately. Here is an example of a motorist who was captured 2,000 times going through a speed camera, speeding through a speed ram ra in 12 months. It's all about not having front number plais plates. Exactly a decade ago, plates. Exactly a decade ago, every Police Commissioner in Australia, called on the governments to introduce reintroduce front number

plates. That's the first thing we

can do. They are doing these speeds

because they can get away with it.

Secondly, we can start looking at

insurance. Motor cyclists get off

very easy because they are 23 times

more likely to be killed and 41

times more likely to be seriously

injured than ordinary occupants in

motor vehicles. But they pay the

same insurance. Now, I think we

should start looking

should start looking at motor psych live its goes paying their share of insurance for the trauma that

insurance for the trauma that that they are involved in. Is that they are involved in. Is that unfair on they are involved in. Is that unfair

on the ones who on do obey the law.

If that argument was correct, that's

unfair on every other Moet vift who

drives carefully. We all share in

this. The point iss as a motor

cyclist, you are very much at risk

and normally with insurance, risk

and normally with insurance, risk costs more. But I think going back

to the number plates, Singapore has

front number plates. We can capture

that data. You wouldn't

that data. You wouldn't see this behaviour, can you imagine 2,000

times in a year, and the gentleman

got, - well, very seriously punished

but the point is, that's why they

are getting away with it. That's why

you shouldn't have to have police risking their

risking their lives chasing risking their lives chasing people

like that. That is one suggestion

they can put it, we might put it to

the minister. Harold, thank the minister. Harold, thank you for

your time. Ian, thank you for yours

also. Thank you. There's a show in the afternoon on Seven

that takes nerves of steel, gut instincts and intuition. 'Deal or No Deal' gives everyday people the chance to win some serious cash just by playing a game of odds and chances. But there's more to it than 26 briefcases of cash

as Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner found out.

No deal. No It's the $200,000 question Aussies love to answer - deal or no deal? And this is where it all happens. You can open a case, or battle the banker and everyone has their own technique. deal.

Let's do a deal. I say no deal. Into

deal. Money, money, Monday. Y. No

deal. No deal. But I'm here to

deal. No deal. But I'm here to learn from the master. There There is the

Superman no deal Superman. Watt

wins. Then you get spird fingers and a range of other types that people bring

bring along, deal. That one, we

don't know how that originated. That

sort of grew organically That's like

a show me the money. That's right.

Time to show them what I've got. No

deal. Not bad. Did you real the

fish? That is so good. It's ex ill

rating. That is the best moment of

my life. That's how to no deal. How

my life. That's how to no deal. How about the Deal-ettes?

The identical custodian of the

cases. What is it like to be one of

them. Queue operation infiltration.

Step one, eliminate Target. Excuse

me, Andrew needs you urgently, this

way. Just up the stairs. Yep.

Step two, adopt disguise. Perfect

Step 3, act normal.

Number 4, pleased to meet you, I'm

number 7. This is my first time. number 7. This is my first time. OK,

so make sure you just hold it level,

nice and level. Smile. And show time.

VOICEOVER: 26 cases, 150 contenders, $ VOICEOVER: 26 cases, 150 contenders,

$200,000. And terrified impostor.

Smile, don't Fiji it, hold case

straight. This straight. This is

straight. This is actually a lot harder than it looks. I think I got

away with it. Hello.

Almost. I may have some explaining

to do when every one sees this

episode tonight.

episode tonight. I can't believe I got to be a Deal-ette. That was so

much fun. I feel like one of the

supremes. That's a done deal. But I

can't help thinking I've forgotten

can't help thinking I've forgotten something. Help, let me out! Hello.

That's very good. James Tobin who

apparently has had some apparently has had some dealings with apparently has had some dealings

with the Deal-ettes, said thates

ster Anderson. Had some dealings

with the Deal-ette. What do you mean

dealings. He is quite comfortable

with them. Ester Anderson with them. Ester Anderson from 'Home and

and Away', used to be Our friends at Jetstar are proud to announce a new service. It's a direct route from Melbourne to Singapore. Enjoy daily flights, with fantastic low fares starting from just $349. Singapore is an international hub to some of South-East Asia's most beautiful and exciting destinations. And once you fly direct from Melbourne to Singapore,

you can connect with Jetstar Asia's network of up to 20 destinations.

one. For more information go to

one. For more information go to. Ahead this morning - is it OK to make unemployed Australians commute four-hours a day for a job? Also, did Crowded House ever really say goodbye?

We probably broke up better than we did almost anything. The boys are back together on tour and with a new album.

They'll tell us about it soon. And, Salma and the snake. See the actresses' close encounter with an animal,

when Sunrise continues.

capital.. with more wind and cloud about.. and a top of just 10. Showers will clear in Yass.. with some sunshine ahead.. also 10 degrees. Hundreds of community workers will rally in Canberra today .. as part Australia's biggest equal pay march.. in 40 years. Minister Joy Burch says a pay rise for workers who help our most vulnerable.. is way overdue. Good news.. for local businesses. A new report shows.. those in the ACT have had the strongest sales nation-wide.. over the past month. Report author Christena Singh expects profits will keep going up. Canberra's two big uni's will sign an

agreement today.. the ANU and UC will offer joint degrees.. in areas like education and science. And Raiders forwards Tom Learoyd-Lahrs and Dave Shillington will train with their Origin squads. . ahead of next week'ssecond clash. Back at 11.

Thanks to the Holden Owner's Grant, the Barina 3-door manual hatch with a zippy 1.6-litre engine, bonus ABS and alloy wheels is just $13,990 driveaway. See your Holden dealer today. Go better.

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Then watch tomorrow.

If we call your name at 6:55 you'll have 30 minutes to phone us. Then we'll fly you to Brekky Central and put you in the AMP Cash Cube, so you can grab the cash from Sunrise. Now here's Mel. ,

, If you are coming to visit us,

it's a little chilly ute side.

Nothing better in winter than

cooking and craft. Kelly Doust is Our craft expert Kelly Doust is back. And she's going to show us how to make a poncho from old jumpers.

back. I had a lot of poncho. This

one here is made from just squares

of cut up jumpers. So you can of cut up jumpers. So you can see,

I've got 36 squares just from old

lambs wool and Cashmere jumpers.

Which I've zone together. My my

craft assistant here is going to

show us how to cut a square. Great.

So even Zoe is just cutting through

the square. Very neat. There we go.

So, you've got your squares here, they don't need to

they don't need to be neat because

they Sego is very neat. They don't

need to be very neat. You lay your

squares out in a pattern that you

are pleased with. You keep going.

You sec them together, you've got

36. You have all your rows lined up.

Especially kids' jumpers, Especially kids' jumpers, when they

grow out of them shall this is a

lovely way to reuse them. There are

so many that are sitting in charity

stores that are just going to land fill.

fill. So it's a very nice way to

reuse them. I make so many things

out of cut up jumpers, like this

throw for the sofa. This

throw for the sofa. This is all old

Cashmere jumpers. They are finished

that's how quick it is to make them,

that's how quick it is to make them, just half an hour really. Very

clever. Good idea. School holidays

are a few weeks away, some great

idea, thank you to both of you Pleasure. And next hour, Kelly will show us how to make a hot water bottle cover.

That's a quickstep craft project

that you can make.

The kids will love those The kids will love those ponchoes. Now we've been talking about close encounters with animals.

Watch what happens when Hollywood actress Salma Hayek sees a snake during an interview.

Hello sno oh, my God. Oh, my God.

It's OK. It's not going to come up

here. Doing