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Hello, I'm Leila Mccan in con.

Welcome to A Current Affair.

Tonight, fabulous at 53. Marcia

Brady is now prepared to bear all.

Save thousands - the guaranteed way

expenses. to slash your family's living

Inside some of Australia East most

impressive homes that are for sale.

Hands off - the new way for

taken. announcing that their fiances are

Maureen McCormack - better known to

generations of fans as Marcia Brady.

Her character from the Brady Bunch

was as far from real life as you

can imagine. She was battled not

only serious addiction but more

recently obesity as well.

I'm, like, freaking out, actually.

I'm scared. Marcia Brady was always

hot. She got around in a bikini in

ha Wye eye. When I got to 115 I was

so happy. But for the shoot, I

thought 113 would be great. She

looks fabulous in her bikini!

# Here's the story

# Of a lovely lady

# Plz Boy! What a story it is.

Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! She was the

pretty one from that oh so perfect

family. I feel crazy sometimes -

you can be crazy sometimes but you

are the best looking girl in the

whole school. Do you still get

recognised? I do, I do. It is hard

to believe that Marcia Brady has

turned 53 and looks like this. I

feel better than I've ever felt in

my life. Posing in a swim suit for

OK! Magazine she looks amazing. At

53 years old, it is a fabulous

achievement. She is looking better

now than she has throughout her

entire career. It is a miraculous

make-over, considering how she

looked 10 months ago.

I couldn't even bend over. I wasn't

comfortable even going out. I knew

- you just know what people are

thinking. At her heaviest, Maureen

weighed in at 75 kilos. Someone

just 150cm tall, that puts her in

the obese coirg. She told us that

playing TV's perfect girl had taken

its toll. I'm lucky. I shouldn't be

here, actually, today. I should

probably be dead.

Drugs, alcohol. Abortion. Yes.

Attempted suicide. Yes.

Prostitution? Yeah, yeah. All of

this was part of your life? Yes,

all part of my life, unfortunately,

because of the drugs, they took me.

There I would have done anything for the drug.

A whole life time of achievements

are on that shelf! After the show

went off the air, I got really

involved in cocaine. And I did that

for about six years, and was

totally addicted to it. I couldn't

go a day without it. Well, it has

been a roller-coaster for Maureen

since the Brady Bunch. Nicole,

editor of OK Magazine, says her

battle with the bulge is hardly

surprising. She had cocaine

addiction, and then bulimia, and

then an addiction to food, which is

where the weight gain came in.

Maureen McCormack's autobiography

was shocking. There was a roller-

coaster ride of a lot of drugs,

eating disorders. Andrew Mercado

has watched the former child star's

weight shrink and blow out again.

The last time I saw her, a few

years back, she was doing

'Celebrity Fit Club' and my

goodness, she stuck to it. Her

appearance saw her lose 14 kilos

but she put it back on, and then

some. And she stacked on 23 kilos.

It was time for an intervention.

Lightening the load in the fridge

pantry and fridge. and pantry. Trainers attacked the

This is honestly - honestly, the

way I have been eating for the last

two years. Then it is off to the

gym, working out six days a week.

Six weeks ago, I could not do that.

I'm a woman! I'm a woman! Do I have

sex?! Yes! When you are stuck with

bulimia, your body has been through

the ringer, at 53, it is harder

than when you are in your 20. In

two week, Maureen notices a

difference. Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Since then, Maureen has continued

to shed the kilo, even taking up

poll dancing! I love this poll! It

is just fantastic!

Despite her amazing transformation,

the magazine shoot made Maureen

nervous. Take a look at this

footage from a Brady Bunch episode

filmed at a beach in Hawaii. As a

16-year-old, she is so conscious of

her weight that she holds a towel

in front of her body the whole time.

I was scared to death. I had a

towel in front of my stomach the

whole time. I'm not going to have a

towel today. I'm, like, oh my gosh!

America loves it when a woman in

her 50s does the swim suit thing.

You know what, she is pulling it

off? If you give it a go, and you

do it the right way, there is hope for everyone.

She looks good, doesn't she. For

any age. It is great to see that

she is healthy and happy. Well, now

to some good news for anyone

interested in saving thousands of

dollars on health, beauty and

medical bills. If you are willing

to visit a fully trained university

student, you can get your treatment

at half the price. We have road tested the best.

Turn to your left... We all have to

start our careers somewhere.

I get to do something and not read

books all day. It is quite

rewarding. How is it all going? I

think it is 100% better to do it

for real in a real environment.

Training academies, universities

and colleges are not just about books any more.

They have opened their doors to

people willing to be a guinea pig.

50,000-plus people will come into

the building and see a part of

university and interact with

students in a really good way.

Excellent experience. Yeah, the

girls are really good. They are

polite. Well-mannered. Well

supervised. Gerry is only too happy

to be a beauty school guinea pig, a

regular here, where students give

manicures, pedicures, waxing spray

tans for only $15. We do a lot of

eyebrow waxing here for $5.

Generally in the industry, you pay

anywhere between $15 and $25 for an

eyebrow wax. Emma Rocket owns the

school which has the look and feel

of a salon. It is really important.

I mean in the beauty industry, it

is about your practical - probably

training. the most important part of the

# Suddenly I see!

# This is what I want to do #

This is a student optometry clinic.

Here, you can get your eyes checked

and a pair of new discount glasses.

It is a very large opt Tom tri

practice. The students at the

Queensland University of Technology

are under constant supervision.

With its primary aim to educate

students to a higher level, and the

other aim is to provide a high

level of care to the patients that

we get in. Student Libby arm strons

has been coming to the clinic for

years. The consultations are not

limited to basic check-ups. The

clinic boasts equipment that even

some private practices don't have.

Courtney Lynn and Kathny have their

sights set on a career in optometry.

We would like to see you! We are good!

The health area in general is a

fantastic way to take advantage of

these sorts of student services.

Take podiatry, for example. I can

be lavished with attention like

this for an hour for only $20. When,

ordinarily, it would cost me up to

$80! How was the contact points?

Not quite as enjoyable, a visit to

a university dentistry school. Very

professional and caring people.

Like having an extended family.

What makes it hurt a little less

for patients like Dale is the price

they pay. Check-ups start at only

$22. There are savings of over

1,000 dollars on crowns. Again, all

work is supervised, says the

University of Queensland's Dr

Lawrie Walsh. We are extremely

picky about everything. Students

like Tony start working in the

clinic from their first year of

study. I find it's really important,

just as I can get as much

experience as I can before I

graduate. Because when you graduate,

it is, like, a completely different

world out there. But perhaps the

school with the biggest appeal is

this one. Shafston College's

training restaurant, Le Academy. It

feels like it is a proper

restaurant. The reason they are

happy is simple. Three-course

dinner and three-course lunch are

$19.50. It might be a training

restaurant, but they don't go easy

on the students and nor do they

like the diners to treat the

students differently. We want to make sure that everything is

perfect and done the right way.

Generally, though, most of the

schools ask for patience from

clients and customers. They will

take longer to get the job done.

That is why it is cheaper, afterall.

We spend time with patients because it is an educational institution.

Our consultations take a bit longer.

But you get exactly the same

treatment. It might take longer.

But the end result is the same. Tf

It is worth it is, isn't it. More

details about training bargains to

be had right around the country at

our ACA website.

Still to come: it looks and tastes

like meat. But it is not. Why this incredible food substitute is

taking the world by storm.

It is time for this week's guided

tour inside some of Australia's

most beautiful homes that are for

sale. And tonight, two luxury

properties with a common theme.

You know when a place is called

Heaven it is go going to be something special!

The tranquility of the water - it's

beautiful. I wanted to create a

haven where we could escape to.

Well, I feel like I've gone to

Bali! Is that what inspired you?

Yes, Bali! The whole concept of a

five-star Asian resort. That is

what I wanted to achieve.

There's not enough superlatives to

describe this place, actually! When

Claire Jennifer sold her designer

clothing business, she put her

creative talents into the yard.

This is what it looked like just

seven years ago when she bought the

property. A barren, uninviting

headache of lawn-mowing. I went to

Bali and a lot of Asian resorts and

walked around, took photographs,

went through a lot of different magazines.

You have made the pool the centre

of attention. It is amazing.

Supposed to be the best pool in the

Southern Hemisphere! It has a

divider, which comes underneath the

bridge so that it can be made into

an indoor and outdoor pool. The

cover comes across the top of the

indoor pool so that it can be

heated up to 35 degrees in winter.

It is so good you may have seen it

in a TVad.

Metameucil, Panadol, Uncle Tobies

stkpwhrfplts all in All filmed

around the pool. This one has been manicured every inch! Yeah!

And here is the astounding bit.

This property at Ingleside is just

30 minutes from the Harbour Bridge.

This is the country's-style living.

It is only kilometres from the CBD.

It is the same story at brookfield in Brisbane.

As city land becomes scarce,

property sizes have shrunk.

But incredibly, there are still

some rare acreages in our major

cities that are just minutes from the CBD.

The Wong family went for the

tropical feel too, their main

feature here being a moat-like pond

that wraps around the home giving

each room a pond view. They breed barramundi.

Oh, how nice it must be! This is a

recycled timber from Sydney Wharf.

It is 108 years old. You cannot get

them any more. Three acres just

minutes from Brisbane's city.

It goes to auction tomorrow.

Back at Clare's place... When you

have a property this big, one of

these is essential! Dinner time!

I like what you have done to the

garden. It makes a real statement.

But, at the same time, it is simple

stuff. It is. It is just use of

different tectures, mixing them -

textures, having the light and the

dark, warm woods with the cool

stones and the black pebbles. And a

simple bench seat in the middle of

the garden somewhere. It is not

expensive. Easy to do. It looks great.

And is that an orchard? Yes, the

orchard out there.

Now, is this the path that leaves

all the way around? It is perfect.

Lead me up the garden path!

(Laughs) She has kept the

Indonesians in business! There's

seven containers of artefacts

scattered in the gardens. There's

ponds everywhere. Look at this with

the calf in it. Fantastic.

And aside from the main home and

its expansive rooms, there's a

separate studio. You can see all of it from anywhere.

It is a 10-bedroom home. There are

nine cameras on there, right the

way through the entire property.

OK, you want to know how much the

resort is, don't you? $8.5 million.

Everybody just says wow! Yeah, it

is a totally unique property. Time

to move on? Time to move on.

Beautiful, aren't they. Briefly to

an update on one of our storys from

last night. Many of you contacted

us wondering if National Car Parks

lawyer Michael Roper was legally

allowed to park his car in a

disabled spot. We spoke with Mr

Roper today. He does have a

disabled parking permit and was

authorised to park his car there.

It is fortunate for ANCP -

certainly one less problem for them

to worry about. The public backlash

against their businesses practices,

however is another matter.

After the break: the latest way

women are tightening the reins on husbands to be.

The meat substitute that looks and,

more importantly, tastes like the

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This program is captioned live. And

when a couple get engaged, it is

usually the woman who wears the

most public symbol that he is of the market.

A new trend could soon see the

average bloke following suit.

I suppose it is security against

other women.

It might be sending out a message

saying, back off.

An engagement ring that tells the

world he is a marked man. More and

more women are asking them men to

put a ring on their finger.

She is probably the most forward.

Then there is a couple who decided

to get a ring as a symbol. Then a

woman who does not feel comfortable

having Hermann without a marking

that he is taken.

While diamonds array girl's best

friend, hour bloke's rings are more manly.

This singer took her man of the

market with a $15,000 at ring. Gold

market sells a stainless steel

version at $50.

If the public gets to know that I

am of the market, then they need to know that he is.

So, will there be a rush of women

getting down on bended knee?

It is good for men to propose, then

the woman gives an engagement ring

to say, I love you, as well.

He is a good way to get used to

wearing a wedding band.

That is a trend being talked up by jewellers.

Now to the healthy food alternative

that has taken the world by storm.

It is cheaper than meat.

It is a protein. A bit like a

chicken nuggets. A meat substitute.

If you are a vegetarian, there will be rejoicing.

It is the meat-free, saw a freak

food range about two guitars a Cup

-- supermarkets. It has the texture

of meat, but it is called Quorn.

Corn is hugely popular in the UK,

where it has been on the market for

20 years. 500,000 of Quorn meals

are eaten every day.

It is a plant protein.

It does not sound all that

appetising, so we got a dietician

to whip up a few dishes for us to drive.

It looks like a means. I defy

anyone to be able to tell the

difference. It is already cooked.

You're just heating head and mixing

it with the flavours. When it

simmers it is ready.

There is no meeting that.

A can of tomatoes. They look like

chicken pieces. You were cooking

into directly from frozen. The

trick is to have a source. Our

vegetables are softened. Throw in

the Quorn pieces. Do not overcook it.

A cross between a chicken and Tessa.

Last week we tried Quorn nuggets.

What I like about it is it is not

be just about vegetarian food.

It is quite nice.

Just like a chicken nuggets.

The EU can also buy a Quorn lasagne

and Quorn dogs.

It is getting some good reviews.

All Quorn products retail at $5.99

and will be available at

supermarkets later this month.

Still to come, the bloopers and

bungles that left it stars blushing. team, thanks for joining us. Good

evening ... The Chief Minister is

preparing to throw a lifeline to

preparing to throw a lifeline to Canberra' s most rundown local Canberra' s most rundown local

shopping centres. Authorities will

have more time to spruce up the have more time to spruce up the

capital after the U-S President

postponed his Australian visit for postponed his Australian visit for a

second time. And, ANU

Vice-Chancellor Ian Chubb has

announced his retirement.

This program is captioned live.

Next week a subject close to my

heart. The perils of live

television when everything that can

go wrong, does.

P D's most embarrassing stuff up.

Bloopers and bungles that left the

stars blushing. Plus, no mobiles,

games or TV. The experiment to see

if they can live without technology.

John Newcombe's battle with cancer.

The tennis legend is determined to

beat the odds and play on.

Those stories next week. That is

our program for tonight. Have a

great weekend. I will see you tomorrow.

This program is captioned live.

In 2009 the Bulldogs battered and

bruised all-comers. The faithful

lapped it up.

But less than 12 months later, the

once ferocious bark is in danger of

becoming a whimper.

Forget the cliche of this being a

must-win game. For you Bulldogs fans it is must-win game. For you Bulldogs fans it is a game you simply cannot

mots. But do not worry, it is only

be NRL's most unpredictable team.

Just make sure you keep this one under control.

Do not give this fellow any room to

move. Lote Tuquiri. He has been

suspended. And whatever you do, do

not take your eyes of this man.

Isn't it a wonderful game? Ironic

that tonight this new Baldock takes

on Rugby League's newest entertainment.

Football on nine. It might entertainment. Here

Football on nine. It might be Here Rad ANZ Football on nine. It might be wrapped here at Here Rad ANZ Stadium

Here Rad ANZ Stadium where welcome wrapped here at AN nfplt Here Rad ANZ Stadium where welcome wrapped here at AN

wrapped here at AN nfplt -- ANZ tonight's live

tonight's live coverage of stadium live between

the stadium live between the Dogs and night football tonight's live coverage of Friday stadium live between the Dogs and

the Tigers. It's been between the night football and the clash the Tigers. It's night football and the the Tigers. night football and

the Tigers. It's been lean time for between the docks and the target. the Tigers. It's been lean time for between the docks and the the Tigers. It's been lean time between the docks and the Tigers. It's been lean between the docks

Canterbury of late, lost their last

four in the row to go to 13th. The

Tigers have gone on to record

comfort ible victories over new kas

al the warriors. The Toyota cup

game was called off earlier. I'm

joined now by Wally and Phil.

Canterbury lost 7 matches all

season. At this stage this year

already eight defeats. What's gone

wrong? It's hards to say, they're a

hard working forward pack when you

look at them individually but

there's not strike -- there's no

strike at the moment. They can't

bring players into play, can't

ignite Morris and Idris out wide.

The, 7 and 1 are playing well

individually but as a unit not

being as creative as they were last season.

Greecey conditions but they looked

great in that department. Yeah,

they have two of the best kickers

in the business in Brett Kimmorley

and Ennis. They'll rely on that to

make more territory. They'll done

that successfully. It will

certainly be a bonus for them this

evening One change. They went down

23-12 last week to the Melbourne

good. Storm. Section 40 minutes was very