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(generated from captions) Deadly attack - after being stabbed and set alight a woman dies at a suburban petrol station. We're live to Melbourne. Political dark horse - voters are sick of Rudd and Abbott the new force in politics. so we'll reveal And World Cup warm-up - in South Africa. the Socceroos defeat Denmark It's Wednesday 2 May 2010. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia,

here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central,

Hello and welcome to Sunrise.

, It is Wednesday too, I had to stop

and think The year has gone so fast.

It is flying. June already. Your

party is coming up. for the Socceroos' preparations So far, so good

event, the World Cup. for the world's biggest sporting

from South Africa shortly. We'll bring you a report Also this morning, $6 million to Aussie Rules? is Israel Folau worth We'll ask Tom Harley, with the AFL's new recruit. who's going to be working closely

on our Soapbox or on SMS. And you can have your say too,

Tom is on 10%

good. Tom is on 10%, wouldn't that be

outside a petrol station, then set on fire A Melbourne woman, stabbed,

has died in hospital.

is following the story. Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner

Police believe this may have

Police believe this may have been a

domestic dispute, that the man and

the woman her known to each other.

They are not going into too much

detail about that relationship. This

was a brutal attack. It has really

shocked people here. The woman

sustained stab wounds and burns to

100% of her body. She was worked on

frantically, she died last night.

Witnesses describe seeing the

woman's body

woman's body engulfed in flame next

to a car ha was also on fire. They

say they are attempts were thwarted

by her alleged attacker who was

wielding a knife and telling them to

let her burn The Safeway petrol

station has CCTV footage that they

are providing to police. The suspect

under guard in hospital. Have police

We understand spoken with him yet? That's right.

We understand the 41-year-old man

also from Bayswater north has

sustained minor injuries. He is

still under police guard at

Royal Melbourne Hospital. He hasn't still under police guard at the

been charged yet. We

been charged yet. We believe that

police will be speaking to him later

today. After the attack, he fled to

a church nearby the service station

where it took 2. where it took 2.5 hours for police

to arrest him. Apparently he was

wielding a knife. They tried to

wielding a knife. They tried to use

capsicum spray, been bags rounds but it took 2.

it took 2.5 hours to finally bring

him in. Thank you very much Nuala

morning. reporting from Melbourne this

are demanding an investigation World leaders on a Gaza-bound aid convoy. into Israel's deadly raid has condemned the attack The UN Security Council the immediate release while NATO is calling for who've been detained. of those on board the ships has branded the assault a massacre. Turkey's Prime Minister

by Israel TRANSLATION: This bloody massacre taking humanitarian aid to Gaza on ships that were deserves every kind of curse. 4 others were detained. 1 Australian was shot in the leg, marched in Australian cities Thousands of anti-Israel protesters last night. two young Australian children Foreign affairs is trying to help

to fend for themselves in Yemen. who've been left Seven News has learned Middle Eastern country officials in the have seized their passports without explanation. after arresting their mother and her 7-year-old brother, Omar, 5-year-old Amina Giddins, from neighbours. are relying on supplies Australian government Attempts by the have so far failed. to take custody of the children

Queensland Origin coach Mal Meninga take action has demanded rugby league bosses to stop players defecting to AFL. Israel Folau is the latest to go, Greater Western Sydney signing a deal to join in 2012. which will join the competition $6 million. The deal's said to be worth to stop the NRL being raided. Meninga says urgent action is needed is promising $130 million The New South Wales government

to save the Sydney Opera House. Earlier this week, insiders claimed could be forced to close the world-famous building because of financial troubles. extra funding will be announced News Limited reports New South Wales Budget. in next week's have been asking for $800 million. Opera House bosses In finance news:

Half an hour ago it was down 30 so

it has this sort of trend of

actually sort of picking up speed a

bit towards the close.

Also slower

Also slower manufacturing growth in

China was one of the things that hit

the hit the markets. Dr

has left interest rates on hold The Reserve Bank

for the first time in four months. The cash rate remains at 4.5%. Craig James is at Commsec. What did the RBA discuss yesterday?

Well, there was a few reasons

actually put out. There were 6 very

short performs. It was one of

short performs. It was one of the

shortest statements that we have had

from the Reserve Bank. If you want

to know what the Reserve Bank think

abouts inflation, consumer prices,

house prices, well, you will be

scratching your head. There was

basically nothing in there. There

was a lot about Europe and the

difficults that they are facing.

Even then they are say, don't worry

about Europe because the US growing

left somewhat in the and also Asia is growing. So we are

left somewhat in the dark. I don't

think they were going to go out, we

got the last rate hike wrong so we

are going to leave them on hold this

time. The Reserve Bank is seemingly

relaxed. Our khe is in good shape.

Asia region is OK Should Asia region is OK Should they weather Asia region is OK Should they

Asia region is OK Should they be

relaxed because some figures out

yesterday, retail sales and dwelling

construction, weren't very good at

all. Well, I think they think that the

the job market is pretty good at the

moment. Consumers, businesses,

pretty confident. They have just

been shell shocked at the events

over the last year and interest

rates going up

rates going up and people get used to the new circumstances. Once you

have interest rates on hold for a

couple of months, people will forget

all the woes and get back to

business. Let's keep your fingers crossed business. Let's keep your fingers crossed.

Time for sport. Here's Beretts. The Socceroos have received a timely confidence boost ahead of the World Cup, downing Denmark 1-0 in a friendly match in South Africa overnight. Mark Schwarzer made a solid return from a thumb injury with Josh Kennedy slotting home the winner late in the second half. Pim Verbeek will confirm his final 23-man World Cup squad later today. The AFL's first big-money NRL recruit, Karmichael Hunt, will train with his Gold Coast team-mates

for the first time today. He's expected to make his VFL debut against Coburg next Saturday. Controversial midfielder Jason Akermanis is also facing a stint in the VFL after he was banned for two games by the Western Bulldogs

following his article about gay footballers. The NRL career of Rabbitohs prop Ben Ross appears over after scans revealed

his injured neck is still not strong enough to contemplate a comeback. The 29-year-old broke his neck playing for the Sharks last year.

Meantime, Cowboys skipper Johnathan Thurston

will front the NRL judiciary tonight in a bid to overturn his one-match ban for abusing an official. For the first time in six years, the semifinals of a grand slam won't feature Roger Federer. The world number 1 crashed out of the French Open this morning to Robin Soderling.

The Swede won in four sets - 3-6, 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 to set up a semifinal meeting with Tomas Berdych. Now to Grant and today's weather.

He finds himself this morning in

Bundaberg. I wound the old girl up

yesterday to a top speed of 78 and

somehow made it to Bundaberg, a big

old thirst, it needs a Mel sized

drink than this beauty. Check out

that. Today. We are in the iconic

town, yes, that's right. Bundaberg.

We are going to celebrate one of the

great Australian success stories,

the old girl that has given this country

country so much and the amazing history that has come together to

bring it to where it is now. We are

going to celebrate as we have a going to celebrate as we have a look at the forecast. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. Stocktake Sale - now on. It has to be Beacon.

Look at that, Guys, what a beautiful

red crimsonish type Sunrise this

morning. There are some fascinating stories

stories but how the bottle and logo

came to be. You won't believe who

came up with the idea. I always

wondered how we came up with a polar

bear. You tune in 20 minutes, young

man. Beauty. He will be here. See you soon. Later this morning, Fabio tells us why he wants to move Down Under. And should children be made to walk the short distances to school?

But next -

the Socceroos defeat Denmark as they warm up for the World Cup. A report from South Africa follows the break on Sunrise.

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So you haven't sat down and watched the tape? No. Are you ready to do that? That's Sarah Ferguson on 'Oprah'. The Duchess of York has spoken about about her recent scandal. We'll tell you what she said very soon.

Now, here's Mark. After a week of training at altitude in South Africa, the Socceroos have continued their World Cup warm-up with a win over Denmark.

Josh Kennedy scored the only goal of their international friendly. Seven News reporter Lee Jeloscek is in Johannesburg and Lee, it was a morale-boosting victory ahead of the Cup. It certainly was, Beretts. It was a much-improved effort from the Socceroos. The return of some key players

coupled with those twice-daily training sessions that coach Pim Verbeek has been putting the players through helped ensure that this was a far more convincing efforts than what we saw last week in Melbourne against New Zealand.

Now, the match winner came from Josh Kennedy in the 71st minute

after a cross from Luke Wilkshire and a lucky deflection. COMMENTATOR: He drops for Josh Kennedy and he walks it into the back of the net! Now, coach Pim Verbeek has said all week

that this friendly carries with it the same value as a training session. Despite that, he was happy to get away with a win. Playing on altitudes means that you have to change your way of playing. We could have seen that also with the Danish team,

they tried to play balls over the top. Those balls are very difficult and in this environment so I think we did well. It also seems coach Pim Verbeek is happy with the progress of Harry Kewell's recovery from the groin injury. He's just not happy with the constant questioning.

Who cares about Harry?

Harry will be ready. Harry will be

on the train on Thursday. He will be

on the field.

on the field.. Of course, as the Socceroos have become accustomed, they were guided into the stadium with a large police convoy.

Security was on high alert around the stadium. Buy they had plenty of support - thousands of kids from nearby townships were brought into the stadium to enjoy a taste of the World Cup. (CHANTS) Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi!

Now, thousands of those fans will be brought back here on Saturday for the friendly against America. That is, of course, the last hit-out before World Cup opener against Germany on 13 June. Back to you, Beretts. Thanks, Lee. Lee Jelosek reporting from South Africa. On the way this hour - flu shots banned for young children. So what do parents do now to protect their kids? And later, we'll ask Aussie Rules legend Tom Harley

how he'll work with his new recruit, Israel Folau. But next, we explain the new force in Aussie politics.

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What's Making News brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Making news again this morning are the latest opinion polls. They show a surge in support for minor parties like the Greens, not because they're more popular but because voters are simply not happy with Labor or the Coalition. This morning we thought we'd have our own election with all the major players and plenty more.

, Is every one just voting for the

Greens because they are sick to

death with Abbott and Rudd. Tim 'Rosso' Ross is covering the Sunrise poll for us. Good morning.

We have got four candidates today,

not 3. I would like to introduce you

to the first three we have got, this

is Kevin Rudd, not his life size

head, Tony Abbott, not

head, Tony Abbott, not his life

sized head either, it's actually

bigger than his real head and Bob

Brown. That's the first three, we

have got a fourth candidate that we

are going to introduce you to at 20

past 7 today, a big surprise

candidate who I think will do very

well and show the people want real

change in this country. Of course,

you can be part of it on-line. Or

you can come down here to Martin

Place and vote here with our very special

special poll. We have got Mel here,

- norm, is the last of the small L

Liberals. He is pretty excited about

voting. Go for it, mate. You see

there. He is still a Kevin Rudd man.

Mate, I notice you've got the same

tie on as Bob Brown. Is that showing

your colours a bit? -

your colours a bit? - he is green.

Mine is actually the Ross family Tah

tan. But my mate here, he is just

going without pants today. So

going without pants today. So yep.

He host the shirt off his back. We

will be back to meet the new dand

soon. Thank date. Look forward to it. See you

just head to our website. And if you want to vote,

Also making news this morning - walk short distances to school. the new push to make children 64% of primary schoolchildren A Victorian study has found get a lift to and from school. Now, at first glance, and or traffic risks. you think stranger-danger necessarily have the time? But do working families

to school? Why do you drive your kids

the Walking School Bus Some schools have introduced supervision of one or two parents. where kids walk together under the Is that an alternative?

you. Do figures show that it's more

dangerous walking to school today

than back in my day. We have done

this before, the perception is that

it's slightly more dangerous, a lot

race of parents, even if it's a minor

risk don't of parents, even if it's a minor

risk don't want to take it but a of working families it's easier to risk don't want to take it but a lot

drop the kids on the way and then

continue to work. You may have to do

a pre-school, school, it's just easy

to do one run Isn't it easier just

to give them a kiss at the front

door, ruffle their hair and say off

you go. It depends on their age. How

many main roads you are away from

the school. You've got

the school. You've got lights. We

had main roads in my day. Just in my

experience. They were

experience. They were gravel and

your horse was trained to stop. I have your horse was trained to stop. I

have nearly been run over twice on

the crosswalk. A Guy speeding past

the Swede walk as I held Hunter

back. The same at the back. One - an

old man just took off. I don't think

he had any idea.

he had any idea. That shocked you.

That's right outside the school, in

the school zone. It's a 40 km/h. You

think. Let us know. is a massive sink hole in Guatemala. Also most viewed Take a look. It's opened up lashed the Central America country. after a tropical storm swallowed a clothing factory. The 20m-deep hole

If you look very carefully down the

bottom, you will see the factory

down the bottom. Nobody got hurt but

it has Kilmore than 150 people

across the country. Isn't that just?

How do you get a hole that big just

open up. Something to do with the

sewerage system underneath. You need a good

Here's a question - with a couple inside? how do you steal a caravan we'll explain how it happened. Later this morning, But straight ahead, Roger removed - a massive upset of the French Open quarterfinals. as Roger Federer is bundled out See how it happened on Sunrise.

Great! It's better than last time.

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you'll have 30 minutes to phone us. If we call your name, next week Then we'll fly you to Brekky Central and put you in the AMP Cash Cube from Sunrise. so you can grab the cash before the 7:00 news. We'll announce our first name Later this morning - to shoot at each other should 12-year-olds be allowed with paint-ball guns? But now, Nat's got the news. at a Melbourne petrol station A woman stabbed, then set alight in hospital. has died during the night tried to help the woman Passers-by yesterday as her car was engulfed in flames armed with a knife. but were held back by a man from getting anywhere near her He was trying to stop all of us and telling her to burn, and...yeah. to 100% of her body. She'd suffered burns police guard in hospital. A 41-year-old man is under a Qantas plane grounded in Melbourne Engineers are inspecting leaked into the cabin. after toxic fumes to the Northern Hospital Three crew were taken

landed last night. when the flight from Perth

and stinging eyes. They suffered nausea No passengers were affected. Police are hunting a gang last night that raided a Melbourne sports club armed with a gun and sword. they were threatened by the men Terrified staff have told police the Broadmeadows club as they ransacked in Melbourne's north. into a rear room Patrons have been moved to the strong room and they've gained assess a substantial amount of cash. and stolen No-one was hurt.

three suspects. Police are searching for

Israel's cabinet is meeting from the Gaza-bound aid convoy as ministers demand protesters be prosecuted. But world leaders want their release that left up to 19 people dead. a day after the commando assault major Australian cities last night, Protesters marched in against the Jewish state. calling for action Down, down, Israel. (CROWD CHANTS) Down, down Israel. in Israeli detention, Five Australians are being held

who was shot in the leg. including a man Counting is under way survey in the Queensland Government's reconsider daylight saving. on whether the state should but the Premier's still tight-lipped Almost 80,000 people voted on a split time zone. on whether she'd back a referendum We'll see what it all looks like to collate more than 77,000 votes. when we've had a chance should be out by Monday. The survey results An enquiry's been ordered handles complaints from soldiers into the way the Defence Force unhappy with their combat kit. It's claimed complaints and other frontline equipment about body armour, clothing has fallen on deaf ears. Defence Minister John Faulkner an independent probe last night ordered into the reporting system. it may be replaced altogether. He says if it can't be improved, may be unlucky in love - again. Kylie Minogue Spanish model Andres Velencoso, Her boyfriend, has reportedly walked out after she complained he wasn't supporting her career. The pair had been dating for 18 months.

She just can't strike it lucky, can she? She just can't strike it lucky, can she?. In finance news:

It fell away towards the end,

markets spooked that maybe Lebanon

had fired on Israeli war planes. had fired on Israeli war planes.. Time for sport. The Socceroos have won their first World Cup warm-up match in South Africa, accounting for Denmark 1-0 at Ruimsig Stadium overnight. Mark Schwarzer made a strong return from a thumb injury and striker Josh Kennedy pushed his claims for a starting spot by bagging the match-winner in the 71st minute. And supermodel Naomi Campbell has added a bit of bling to the tournament build-up, unveiling a stylish new Louis Vuitton travel case for the World Cup trophy in Paris. Jason Akermanis has been handed a 2-match ban by the Western Bulldogs for his newspaper article urging gay footballers to stay in the closet.

He's also been ordered to take three weeks off from his newspaper and radio commitments. At the Tribunal overnight, Essendon veteran Dustin Fletcher failed to have a tripping charge downgraded and will miss Sunday's clash with Sydney. Israel Folau's decision to defect to the AFL's Greater Western Sydney side has almost certainly signalled the end of his Origin career with Queensland.

Warriors centre Brent Tate and Tigers winger Lote Tuqiri are the frontrunners to fill the now-vacant Maroons wing spot

for Game 2 of the series. Roger Federer's remarkable run of grand slam semifinal appearances has ended at 23 this morning. The defending champion was ousted from the French Open by Robin Soderling in the quarterfinals this morning. The Swede won in four sets - 3-6, 6-3, 7-5, 6-4

to set up a semifinal meeting with Tomas Berdych.

Not every day you find Naomi

Campbell in the sport but here is

Grant. Hurry up, Beretts, thank God

you are through to me. For crying

out loud, it's just like - it's a

trick. Get out. Yeah.

trick. Get out. Yeah. Come on, you

have travelled around the world,

every one does it to the Eiffel

Tower. A tribunal to Bundaberg is

not a tribunal to bend burg unless

you come and visit the most famous

local in town, the Bundaberg Rum

distillery, born in 1888, Fred was a

visionary. He came up

visionary. He came up with what do we do with all this Malasses from

the shuling ar. Who

the shuling ar. Came up with the

label. I will answer that soon. Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. Stocktake Sale - now on.

It has to be Beacon. A Tasman low is causing strong winds, showers and surf to ease on the New South Wales coast. A high is keeping most of the central interior and north clear and dry. A shower or two in Brisbane and 22. A few showers tomorrow. Fine and Friday and over the weekend. Showers and 20 in Sydney. Rain tomorrow and Friday. And there should be a few showers over the weekend. Mostly sunny and 16 in Canberra. Partly cloudy tomorrow and Friday. And it should remain cloudy for the weekend. Fog clearing and 17 in Melbourne. Mostly sunny tomorrow and Friday. A shower or two on Saturday. Cloudy on Sunday. Mainly fine and 16 in Hobart. Fine tomorrow and Friday. A few showers on Saturday. A little drizzle on Sunday. Mainly fine and 17 in Adelaide. Partly cloudy tomorrow. Fine on Friday. Mainly fine over the weekend with some cloud around. Mostly sunny and 20 in Perth. Becoming cloudy tomorrow. Mostly sunny on Friday. Partly cloudy over the weekend. Dry and sunny in Darwin and 30. Sunny tomorrow and Friday. Sunny on Saturday. Fine with some wind on Sunday.

Well, it's one of the most famous

logoes in Australia. Well, we were

talking about Kylie Minogue's ex,

Dannii's ex's uncle which would be

Sam McMahon, brother to former Prime

Minister, Billy McMahon came up with

that. So the McMahon family are

behind that. That's Julian uncle if

you like that. How did the Minogues

get into it Segue, he did well. I'm

with you. Is ago way from your

Kylie's ex. Dannii's ex's uncle.

Dannii was married to Julian

McMahon. Can I just introduce

someone here, if that's OK. The

Chairman of the distillery,

Chairman of the distillery, John

Green. It's one of the great stories

of Bundaberg Rum, Sam McMahon

introduced the bottle and the bear,

as he was thinking it to take to the

southern states, so I need a symbol,

the SIM bomb he came up with was the

bear. Which he thought was a great

symbol of warning off the Wyceddest

chill. So if you need to

chill. So if you need to fight off

the winter chill. The bear is a

great symbol for that. There was one

other great story, mark marn in

Gaelic, it means son of heir. Zooey

essentially it's a symbol of

essentially it's a symbol of warning

off the Wyceddest chill but a great off the Wyceddest chill but a Great

name to get your name on the bottle.

That is a great story. Does it warm

you up? Yes. It cools you down

you up? Yes. It cools you down in

summer. It's one of those great sort

of neck Tahs of the God. Thank you. of neck Tahs of the God. Thank you..

You lost me now. Joke of the day,

hopefully today has a better outcome

than yesterday a little 8-year-old

sent in a joke that actually only

got 2 thumbs up or one thumbs up. I lot of

lot of emails. There was a lot

bagging Moore foe. Just tell them

it's not a good joke, build them up.

I tell 8-year-old children. I hope

the little girl isn't crying. She

probably is. She needs to toughen.

Joy from Queensland. I am not sure

how old she is. We couldn't say the

age. That shouldn't matter I think.

You are the judge. Says she who

picks her kids up from school and

doesn't let them walk and We We walk

home often? Find ago woman

somebodying has she had locked her keys in

keys in the scar, a soldier assured

her he could help. He removes his

trousers, rolls them in a

trousers, rolls them in a ball and

rubs them against the car door.

Magically, it opens. That's so

clever she said. How did you do

that? Easy, says the soldier, these

are my khakis. No. I thought that

was quite clever. Yeah, but it's not funny.

funny. Joy, you will get a Kochie

joke book coming your way. People

are not getting jokes any more, they

have to be funny. We all thought it

was quite funny. Still to come, why Fabio intends on flexing his muscles in Australia full time. Zbls

Has he still got the hair? How old

would he be. Ageless? I think

would be a similar age to you. would he be. Ageless? I think he

Obviously in the prime of his life. And just ahead - for under-fives. why flu shots have been banned with a couple still inside! Plus, the thief who stole a caravan after the break. We'll explain how it happened through the Jetstar skycam But first, a look at Sydney this Wednesday morning. Showers and 20 today. it needs total repair. When my hair is really damaged, Total Repair 5 from L'Oreal Paris. VOICEOVER: New ELVIVE with Pro-Keratin and Ceramide Its restoring formula fights thinning, damage, dullness, brittleness and split ends. full, feels stronger, My hair is transformed, with a healthy shine. Total repair from root to tip. Five problems, one solution. from L'Oreal Paris. New ELVIVE Total Repair 5 For your free sample, visit: Because you're worth it. Tomorrow on Sunrise - to saving a marriage. the simple secret her own struggle to stick together. A bestselling author reveals And remember Tap Dogs? We've got the behind-the-scenes goss on the group's revival. That's Thursday on Sunrise. for young children this winter. There'll be no flu shots has been extended. The ban on seasonal shots Health experts aren't convinced for the under-fives. the vaccine is safe has already received the vaccine? So what if your child Sunrise GP Ginni Mansberg is here. Good morning. with this vaccine? What are the problems

Explain to us why there has been

this ban for those under 5 It has

gone back to April, because we were

seeing all these children have such

a high fever and some vomiting. A

large number were having con vumgss

as well and a very high rate, around

9 in every 1,000 compared to less

than 1 in 1,000 we were expecting.

When you don't no what causes the

problem, it's better to just ban it all together. What about the kids

who have had it I guess they were

then among the 991 who were fine,

they don't have a problem

they have only had one dose. So they they don't have a problem unless

are not really fully immunised

because for children under 9 we need

two doses of the flu shot, not the

one. There is no danger of having

the vaccine in their system? No, it

was either causing this proper r

problem or it wasn't. If it didn't,

you don't have a problem. What about

those over 5, adults, the elderly,

any problems for them should

any problems for them should they

have it still? It's all fine. We

have to stick a warning on for all

children's flu vaccines all of them.

Until what age, 18, 10? At 9 and

oweder they get the full adult dose,

so we are not immunising the under

5s. They can have it but there is

this warning even though we haven't

seen a problem in the age group. are a mum or dad, you are watching, seen a problem in the age group. You

you haven't given your children the

flu shot. They are over 5. Do you do

it? How vulnerable are they to

catching the flu? Children are very

vulnerable. Statistics show that

between 25 and 24% of children get the flu. That's the

the flu. That's the second highest

group to have big problems from the

flu, we hardly ever see any deaths.

For that reason, it's not in the standard I

standard immunisisation schedule.

Your doctor won't insist that you

get it because you don't have tochlt

I think it's up to a parent's

choice. Personally, I wouldn't. I

just think we are so far into the

flu season already, yes, we have

just started winter but we see it

coming around May. Just quickly, my

kids are both at home with a cold.

That's incredibly different to the

flu isn't it. So these are the

symptoms to look out for, fever,

sore throat, x cuff, aches and pains, it's

pains, it's very different from having a cold. In children we will

see some vomiting and diarrhoea, we

will see the full house. Thank Unfortunately, cars get stolen all the time. It's not often that a caravan gets taken as well with a couple trapped inside.

That's what happened in Adelaide remains on the run. and the car thief correspondent Amanda Bachmann. For more, we're joined by Sunrise Good morning. It sounds funny - for the couple. but it was terrifying How did this unfold?

Well, what happened this couple came

to Adelaide from the Riverland to

pick up their caravan, obviously

very excited about getting their

van. They brought their car into the

lot, hooked up the van, ready to go

and then had a last minute run

through of some of the features, the

salesman and the couple went into

the back of the caravan, the

salesman heard a jolt and thought

OK, maybe the handbrake has come

off. The van started to move. He

poked his head out, saw somebody in

the driver's seat of the car. He

jumped out. The thief took off with

the van behind. This couple was

driven around the suburbs for about

5 minutes but I am sure it seemed

like an ee terity for them. It

mounted curbs, it took really tight

corners. Luckily back at the

dealership, they were quick

thinking. Here is what dealer John

had to say.

The business owner and myself gave chase. Within minutes later, found the customers a couple of side streets away. They were surprisingly very um... very calm and not too distressed. When I got to them a couple of minutes after they had stopped, they had told me that, yeah, they were watching the salesperson run after them out the back window, trying to work out what to do, "waiting for it to slow down enough to jump out" were the customers' words.

The business So they

The business So they ended up pretty

calm. What happened to the caravan?

Well, the kar van has got around $ Well, the kar van has got around $2,000 to $

$2,000 to $3,000. So it still $2,000 to $3,000. So it still sits in $2,000 to $3,000. So it still sits

in the lot. They have gone back home

without their caravan. What about

the bloke that jumped in the car,

have they caught him. No, they

haven't caught him, as he fled the

caravan, because he stopped

basically, he ran off and that's

when the whole thing ended but he

sort of threw things away as he went

away, including one of his T shirts

that he had on which of course has

got DNA on it so that will be the

first line of inquiry from the

police. When he is kaurkts it's

likely he will face car stealing

charges, whether he faces kidnapping

charges or anything like that, I

guess we will have to wait and see.

As we say, it's on the surface it's funny except if you

funny except if you are involved in

it. Thank you for your time, Amanda. Pleasure. Just ahead - will the AFL get value out of its $6 million man? And the reaction to Fergie's frank apology on Oprah. Also coming up, we'll reveal the mystery challenger for the federal election. And this morning's news and weather on Sunrise. # I was twittering away before I crashed into the corner shop # I was trying to dry my hair # I was fiddling with my chair BOTH: # We were trying to read a map and didn't stop # What about me? # I never claim # They get the same as I did # What about me? # (CRASH!) VOICEOVER: AAMI's Safe Driver Rewards. For drivers who don't claim. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

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The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more.

Showbiz Editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. And the Charlie Sheen saga is making headlines once again.

We hear the actor could be heading to jail?

Celebrity justice. You decide but it

may not be as ominous as it sounds.

This could all be part after plea

deal. He is planing to make when he

faces the court on 7 June.

faces the court on 7 June. That would be pleading guilty to the

misdemeanour charges, not the felony

charges in which case he could

immediately report to a 30 day jail sentence.

sentence. Of course, if he keeps on

good behaviour, no reason why not

too if he is in jail, that could be

as shortened to as few as 15 days,

he could get back in Los Angeles in

time for shotting two and a half

time for shotting two and a half men

for which he is reportedly being paying $

paying $2 million. That should be

insent tiff enough. We will see how

it plays out. Per episode. Someone we

we haven't talked about for a Moving on, and Britney Spears was involved in public feud. What happened?

while, The reason we haven't talked

about her much is because she has

been on good behaviour. There are

some disturbing reports in the paper

saying she had a "

saying she had a "huge fight" with

her former agent, and boyfriend. Now

he is no longer her agent manager.

Now he is just her boyfriend. They

went to dinner at a hotel and eye

witnesses say they had a huge

witnesses say they had a huge fight. I don't think it's huge because I

haven't seen pictures of this. I

think if it were huge, someone would

have whipped out their Cam rachlt

they were observed disagreeing, to

the point where she left, he

followed after her and went out the

back door. Maybe they need to go

back to a little agent and a little

boyfriending, maybe it's a good mix

if he is a bit of

if he is a bit of both. Or they have

a normal relationship and have

arguments. Who knows. Thank you, Nelson. Now on Sunrise, it's time to give someone a chance to win big money.

The Sunrise Cash Cube brought to you

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and put you in the AMP Cash Cube so you can grab the cash from Sunrise. And we'll tell you how you can enter today's draw, shortly.

That would be a lot of fun. What has

got the Soapbox ticking. Walking to

school, not many people do, Kevin, I

drive my kids to drive because of

the smoking on the school buses and

the awe Bews they get for people

waiting for their methadone hit at a

clinic. Different reasons. Linda,

are you serious? This this day and

age, children are no way safe to walk to

walk to school. I know two people

murdered just by walking somewhere

in two different parts of the

country. That stopped here. But the

figures don't show that. It's

different if you've lived through

that. I could see why you would

think, I'm scared of that. It's

maybe a personal decision. Jo-Ann

says once I did the maths, they

started doing the walking. I saved

money on wear and tear on the car. I

yes, I do drive them in heavy rain.

Melissa says my child started kindy,

the thing she was most excited

about. She had ridden to school, hey

ran up to the teacher, the

principal, the teacher proceeded to

go contradict on me. She told me that it was illegal for my

five-year-old to ride to school,

even though I accompanied here. The

teacher later retired and the

teacher my daughter has ridden her

bike with me walking beside every

since. I just whether the pendulum

is going too far, that we are so

scared do anything, that we just

keep the kids in the house all the

time. I walk my kids home. Lor loads

and loads of other kids walking and

parents The school bag builds them

up and stuff like that. I have to

carry the two of them, ebb if it's

library girl. Talia is only 6. I

make mine carry their bags. You saw

me yesterday with that

me yesterday with that cruncher thing. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - Fergie fesses up -

I needed $

I needed $38,000 as urgently so he

will said I will give you that $

will said I will give you that $38 thouling, will said I will give you that $38

thouling,for my friend. And that'sy

needed the money urgently for my

friend so I was crying. I thanked

him so much for helping my friend. him so much for helping my friend.. Sarah Ferguson tells Oprah why she tried to sell access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. But was she convincing? We're live to the UK and US for reaction. Deadly attack - a woman dies after being stabbed and set alight at a suburban petrol station.

And World Cup warm-up - the Socceroos defeat Denmark in South Africa.

It's Wednesday 2 June 2010.

Right across Australia, this is

Sunrise on Seven from Brekky

Central. Kochie and Mel. Highlights of the Socceroos friendly are coming up with Beretts. But let's get under way this hour with Nat. A Melbourne man is under guard in hospital, accused of stabbing a woman before setting her on fire. The victim died in hospital last night. Melbourne Correspondent Nuala Hafner joins me now. Good morning again, Nuala. Have police spoken to the suspect yet?

Nat, the 41-year-old man from

Bayswater north believed to be the

victim's partner still hasn't been

charged by police but we

charged by police but we understand they will be speaking to him later

today. He is still under police guard at the Royal Melbourne

Hospital where was treated for minor

injuries. Onlookers say he

injuries. Onlookers say he appeared to be bleeding from 3 wounds to his

chest when he was arrested by

heavily armed police yesterday after

a 2.

a 2.5 hour stand off. Police believe

that this may have been a domestic dispute but they

dispute but they are not going into

too much detail about that. This attack too much detail about that. This

attack certainly has people shocked,

something that something as brutal

at this could happen at a local

suburban petrol station, a victim, a

42-year-old woman, suffered stab

wounds and burns to 100% of her

body. She died early last night at

the body. She died early last night at

the Alfred Hospital. Police say

the Alfred Hospital. Police say that they have CCTV footage but they are

asking for anyone to come forward.

They are also offering counselling to anyone who witnessed the attack.

Witnesses described the woman being

engulfed in flames next to her

burning car. They say that the

suspect stopped them from helping

Herbie wielding a knife and telling

them to let her burn. OK, thank

them to let her burn. OK, thank you very much, Nuala. Perth murder suspect Cameron Mansell has spent another night behind bars in North Queensland.

WA police hope to fly him back to Perth today after a Federal Magistrate yesterday ruled his original arrest warrant was invalid. A second warrant has been drawn up and will be served this morning. If that works, he'll be extradited to WA to face a murder charge over the disappearance of former business partner Craig Puddy.

World leaders are demanding an investigation into Israel's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid convoy. The UN Security Council has condemned the attack, while NATO is calling for the immediate release of those on board the ships who've been detained. Turkey's Prime Minister has branded the assault a massacre. TRANSLATIONS: This bloody massacre by Israel on ships that were taking humanitarian aid to Gaza deserves every kind of curse. 1 Australian was shot in the leg. 4 others were detained. Thousands of anti-Israel protesters marched in Australian cities last night. $6 million AFL recruit Israel Folau says he's determined to prove his critics wrong after defecting from rugby league. Folau's signed with Greater Western Sydney which will be part of the competition from 2012. He insists it was the right decision. Yeah, I certainly think so. I certainly think the easy option was to stay but I wanted to sort of challenge myself. Queensland Origin coach Mal Meninga has demanded NRL bosses take action to stop players walking away.

The Queensland Health pay debacle has taken another twist with bosses admitting they accidentally transferred wages to two dead nurses. Both nurses died shortly after the troubled payroll system began

and have received at least one fortnightly cheque. New Limited says Queensland Health hasn't tried to recover the money. The payroll system has been plagued with blunders since it came online in March with some workers either underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all.

In finance news:

News of slow are manufacturing

growth in China tended to overlook better con

better construction and manufacturing figures in the United

States. In London, BP share price

down 12%. They are the mob that are

trying to fix this - that own the

leaky oil well in the gulf of Mexico. The Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank kept official

interest rates on hold. Spending of

big retailers is the slowest in 9 years. big retailers is the slowest in 9 years.. Time for sport. The Socceroos have received a timely confidence boost ahead of the World Cup, downing Denmark 1-0 in a friendly match in South Africa last night. Mark Schwarzer made a solid return from a thumb injury with Josh Kennedy slotting home the winner late in the second half. Pim Verbeek will confirm his final 23-man World Cup squad tonight. The AFL's first big-money NRL recruit, Karmichael Hunt, will train with his Gold Coast team-mates for the first time today. He's expected to make his VFL debut against Coburg next Saturday. Controversial midfielder Jason Akermanis is also facing a stint in the VFL after he was banned for two games by the Western Bulldogs

following his article about gay footballers. For the first time in six years, the semifinals of a grand slam won't feature Roger Federer. The world number 1 crashed out of the French Open this morning to Robin Soderling. The Swede won in four sets - 3-6, 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 to set up a semifinal meeting with Tomas Berdych. Wallabies playmaker Quade Cooper has revealed he nearly joined NRL club Newcastle three years ago on the advice of Knights legend Matthew Johns. Cooper will play fly half in this weekend's Test against Fiji with Matt Giteau at inside centre. The 22-man squad features 5 debutants, including Waratahs centre Rob Horne.

Grant Denyer is in one of our

favourite spots in Bundaberg, this

SMS, make sure you bring back two

bottles of royal liqueur, that's

bottles of royal liqueur, that's the Antz Pants from the distillery. I

will find out what all that means

burr it is fascinating mate. The

Kombi has rolled into this place

which I know you Guy versus been

toment but no where is there a town

with a name so famous, it's worth

drinking to as Bundaberg. Since

1888, it's a fascinating story how

it started. It survived 2 fires,

stocks were completely wiped out in

two World Wars. The complete factory

was comment deared by the Australian

Government to sfleeu supply all our

forces. So they were fed from bend

burg straight from here. There was

none left in the country. In fact,

it was in 1942, the Yanks used to

drink theirs with cola. So it was

1942, they invented Bundy and coke

which is now pre-mixed. It was the

janks yanks that were behind it all

the way back then. On the

blackmarket you could buy it, it

blackmarket you could buy it, it was

worth than your entire month's

supply of cigarettes for just Sunrise weather for Beacon Lighting. The Beacon Lighting Stocktake Sale now on. It has to be Beacon.

It time to take a tour. Let's head

out to Grant. How am I You are well.

Welcome to the inner bowls if you

like of the company. This is the

secret syrup that makes it what it

is. This is the molasses, the first

part of the process. It comes from -

it's a by-product of all the

leftover sugar Kain, it's a

by-product of that, so being such a

high producing area of sugar Kain is

in huge supply. The smell is

amazing. Four metres deep is this

stuff. It's stored here in large

volume before it's shipped across.

Fer volume before it's shipped across.

Fermentation is about 46 hours. It's double Fermentation is about 46 hours. It's

double distilled a that we spoke

about earlier. So, this is the first

stage, you can get to see this on

the tour. It's really fascinating

stuff. The smell. Grant, now it's

time for you to have a taste. Thank

you, me. I've got a little bit here

on a stick. I will just - it's

sweet, it's warm, it's kind of like

shrugry lick rirks it's really

lovely, Beretts, you would dig this.

I think I would. Thank you very

much, mate. Enjoy. much, mate. Enjoy. I would like to fall in that vat. He's AFL's new $6 million man. Rugby league star Israel Folau is switching codes to play with the new Greater Western Sydney team in 2012. But is the payment too much? To tell us more, we're joined by Sunrise Aussie Rules expert Tom Harley. And Sunrise sport's Jim Wilson.

Good morning. Tom, Israel has never played Aussie Rules. Is his signing a coup for the AFL?

Well, it's a massive story I was

down at Blacktown yesterday, the

media throng was grand final like

really. A couple of big issues, the

money being banded around is speculative at the sfirs point.

speculative at the sfirs point. What is the real figure? I am not

privilegy to that I can guarantee it's not the $

it's not the $6 hill yon for four

years. Sneeuts probably $

years. Sneeuts probably $4 million

over 4 years. Tommy is right, this

was massive. We went live on Seven

around the country from two o'clock, until 2.

until 2.30, this is with with an

annoysment of a bloke going

annoysment of a bloke going from Rugby League to AFL. The media thong

and the attention, promotional wise,

already, huge mileage out of it. So

Tom, what is the benefit, what is in

it for GW ( I think first and

foremost, you are getting a player.

That's what it's about. It's about

building footballers and winning

games. The powers that be, the Jason

McCartney, all great football talent

people, back him in as a talent

people, back him in as a talent so we have got 18 months to really sort

of fine tune the skills and go from

there This is not a stunt as we are

reading in a lost papers today. He

really has the talent. We don't

that as yet. That's the great unknown, can he kick the Sherrin.

That's the other point, as pool

roost said the other day, the

average AFL player will run between

12 and 15ks a game. Does he does

that now? Probably not. I think

initially he will start down back.

He will have to play full-back.

Learn the game, he can't play full

forward or centre half forward

straight away. Every one says he has

a great vertical leap. He has to

learn how to lead, read the play.

But I think it's a coup to get him.

Let's look at the positives here. I

reckon if there will be a few

players going AFL players, the

players going AFL players, the cream of the crop going, I'm not getting paid $

paid $1 million. Do

paid $1 million. Do you reckon some

players will have their nose out of

joint? I have no doubt there will be

players with their noses out of

joint. It's probably unes Kaded.

Israel Folau is getting paid an

average wage to play the game. He is

getting his income supplemented by

marketing weemplt in a free market

where you get rewarded for his

talents. He has a unique set of

skills. Being reward for it. Should

he get paid more than a Gary Ablett

or a Jonathan Brown or a Chris Judd?

I think it sends the wrong message,

whatever way his pay packet is made

up. He is walking away with more than $

than $1 million. You have r do have

to divide the income where he is

getting paid. If the NRL were going

into Melbourne and they wanted to

start up a second side, would you

send Jarrod Haines to the schools

send Jarrod Haines to the schools or Chris Judd? That's fair come back

because the kids will resonate with

him. So that's the argument for the

AFL. If you were working for GWS,

you would have to think about coming

out of retirement? It's a hell of a

lot more than I ever got paid so he

has done well. Thank you, boys. Shortly on Sunrise - we reveal the new force in Australian politics. But first, here's Mel. Sarah Ferguson's public apologies for her recent behaviour continue this morning. She's appeared on the 'Oprah Winfrey Show', highlighting her failings to a worldwide audience. Fergie says by accepting cash for access to her former husband, Prince Andrew,

she's hurt many people.

So this all started about $

So this all started about $40,000 because wanted $ because wanted $40,

because wanted $40, Yes, it did To

help a friend? Yes. That is, I have

to tell you, that is sort of

incomprehendible to the world, that

you are the Duchess of York and you

don't have access to - you know, you can't ask the Queen or you can't ask your ex-husband or you can't ask No, absolutely not because I am divorced from the Royal Family and I would never dream of doing that. I went to - I did my Weight Watchers work for 12 years and I loved that. Then I tried to go into business and I went into business and I didn't build a very strong house - a business house. The arng teckts, the foundation, they weren't very strong. A house on sand and it will crumble. I went into debt again. Did

you - would you be willing to tell me, us, how much in debt are you? Substantially. I haven't counted it up because I have been so grief stricken that I didn't know what to do. I had solutions. Do you know how much in debt you are? Sort of vgs, that would be even more

irresponsible but the thing is,

that... A lot of people don't even

know. They can't face the number is?

I can face what the number is. Is it millions of dollars.

millions of dollars.? I think that -

I think I've got a huge uphill

battle but that's why now you know,

Thai must look at bankruptcy or I

must look at all these situations

now. Where as before, I know it's

difficult to explain, I was - as we

say, spiralling so out of control. I

was looking for the quick

was looking for the quick fixes at

places I wouldn't normally For more on this interview,

we're joined by US correspondent Angela Cox and Royal Editor for 'News of the World', Rob Jobson. Good morning. Angela, did Fergie really open up to Oprah?

look. What has the reaction been in

the US? Good morning, Mel, well

obviously reaction is a little bit

mixed but I think mostly quite a

degree of sin assist am. A lot of

people thought she was lying. They

didn't buy the line about being

drunk. Some people said she sort of

came off a bit crazy, people were

confused by the explanation she gave

as to how the meeting took place.

Even Oprah seemed confused about

that she seemed daysed or at the

very least exhausted, the American

public can be quite forgiving. We

saw that with the Tiger Woods

apology. There are people who say

they felt sorry for her, she

deserved to be applauded foraging

her short comments, importantly for

her, she said in that interview,

that the opinion of her daughters

and former husband was that they

love and support her. They have

forgiven her, from her perspective,

their reaction is probably the most

important. Rob, is the British

public as forgiving? I don't think

so. To be honest, this looked a bit

disingeneral ewe us. The talk of

being drunk, it doesn't wash, all of

the dealings were set up prior to

this meeting where she had

stipulated for the cash for access

that she wanted half a million pounds and also the $

pounds and also the $40,000. So to

talk about being drunk at that

particular meeting is completely

disingenuous. She did seem a little

bit confuse the because she wasn't

being totally frank. What is your

view? Do you think she is ashamed of

her behaviour? Or do you think she

is embarrassed? She got caught or

what is your take on it all now what is your take on it all now that we have

what is your take on it all now that

we have sort of seen it all settle a

bit? Well Well, I think she is base

separate. She know she has gone on

Oprah. In America, is where she

believes she can still make this

money by trading on her royal

connections. In Britain, I think

that it's simply won't wash. I am

sure in Australia too. People can

see through these claims. It all

sounded a bit psycho babble to me.

She has jeopardised the jeopardy of

British trade and her husband's job

in doing what she has done. I don't

think that her personally I thought

that was disingenuous, she had had a

couple of drinches, that's all she

had, I checked with our

investigator. She had 2 glasses of

wine to say that she had was out of control and was - it

control and was - it I don't buy it.

We are just about out of time. Does

the Royal Family pay for the

the Royal Family pay for the upkeep of the girls? Given they are both

Princesses they have to have a

standard of living, does the Royal

Family cover that and Fergie's money

and debts are basically hers alone?

Absolutely when Fergie was forced,

she was divorced. That's it. But the

trust fund was set up for the girls

and they are funded by the Royal

Family. Alright so she can't say

it's to pay for them. Angela, was

Fergie paid for this interview by

Oprah? I I spoke with the production

company, they says she wasn't paid

for it. Although there could be a

chance for her to still make a few

Bob, Donald Trump wants her on the

apprentice, the celebrity rehab is

apparently chasing her now. Alright.

Well, maybe she can make some money

selling more story, we will find

out. Acknowledge LA, thank you very

much. Rob, thank you for your time.

much. Rob, thank you for your time.. In under six months,

we'll all be asked to vote for either Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott. But if opinion polls are anything to go by, voters aren't real keen on either man. Support for the major parties is dropping, while minor players like the Greens seem to be surging ahead. This morning we're conducting our own election. Let's cross back to Tim 'Rosso' Ross for the very latest on polling. Rosso, now we've got Rudd, Abbott and Bob Brown contesting this race. But you've got an exclusive. Who's the fourth candidate running?

Absolutely mate. This has been some

great Dons in Australian politics,

Don Chipp and done Dunston, I would

like to introduce to the people of

Australia, Don Key. A fabulous

candidate. People are voting for

him. The terrific thick, I have

always been in when you do touch

politicians you should wash your

hands. The other thing, this Don

Key, this kick candidate. You can

bribe with carrots look at this. I

love it. And taken my finger off

there. How do people vote. They can

come down to Martin Place and you

come along and vote for Don Key, Bob

or Tony Abbott or Kevin Rudd. Get

on-line, Don Key is doing very, very

well. Very happy little camper