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(generated from captions) Unbelievable! Thank you very much. Thank you so much! Come on down, Laura. Unbelievable. Mwah! Oh, thank you. Unbelievable, sweetheart. Like those flowers? Thank you so much. My godfather! Unbelievable! Thank you so much - gorgeous! (LAUGHS) Hey, Dave - how about that?

Congratulations, you won $250,000! I'm lost for words. in the Millionaire Hot Seat. See you next time Goodnight! Yeah! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. A Coroner today slammed it carry out basic tests on a boy who Sydney hospitals for failing to

later died parents have spoken

the nightmare they had endured. He died because the health system Pele whose parents are heartbroken. his death, the

failed to diagnose that he had meningitis. He was dressing up for a better than a game of 40 or

But when he began into the Westmead The family sat court as recommendations which he hopes will did not carry out a Mumbai test and failed to diagnose his

This was a missed opportunity to recommendation, considering the Coroner's in recommendation, but we support them The family other family suffers as The family want to be sure that no

It is not for me because it

every one. will McCann parents be sure that this That is the systems. More weight will be put

of their news has come from this very another day. Mr and Mrs Pele are expecting baby will never know. A nice way seasons Sydney has become the city of four

and sunshine. As his Mondays are not hard particularly rough. coastline. winds of up to 88km/h lashed up its

I think we are mad, south coast, caused confusion as it take it We were It formed further

meant that the South This crazy weather prompting a We have sold And a dash for the umbrella. $500, and for someone who takes rain very But the big where to did not bit, you

had its wettest May in with 172 is that is more rain headed are in

that will stay until next week. Winter has arrived at with gusto. risen by 70% in the last across NSW.

relieved of a fight between Year 9 Central Coast. That could have been a lot suspended. Police are the incident. A protein found in breast behind a major breakthrough in battle against breast cancer.

American battle against breast cancer. An a vaccine to protect women altogether. it may eventually wipe out disease As medical toward cures for cancer, There It is wonderful news, and

It gives them mothers have preventable disease in the same that polio is The vaccine has successful in mice. successful in laboratory tests on

destroys it. mice. It targets a protein and

The protein found in are producing Knell. able to breast-feed. Doctors are

who have finished having It is comforting news for breast I felt cancer, that once you have had breast will come The 10 lie ahead, but the already offers more existed already offers more hope than

Exposed as a left a trail of where he went. Australian best Campbell was a dark

bitter heart. A man who left scandal and

His former English colleagues celebrated his murder His former English police

conviction. Not surprised that corrupt policemen had turned I do not know what it takes to murder somebody, but when I about some of his You get a with You get a gut feeling, and I had it

with him. I could not put my finger hearing how he looks at his wife The jury found him guilty after

her they Jeanette it to Aycliffe by telling

cabin group, then put his past.

He laid a trail out Fox and it Khomeini

The end came when he He fled sexual He fled Amiens allegations of locked Imam said it was disregard for his flag to

Campbell is that so what to as the to know that he will

of the smash-hit at vampire are in Sydney of the smash-hit at vampire movies

Luna Park in front of fans. Luna Park in front of thousands of It is the moment fans have been It is been I spoke to one man who has not only

really big a private

were desperate their favourite And Zealand?

with Today, Richard Wilkins sat down Despite the on-screen love there is no tension of We get along very there is no tension of said.

is no competitiveness The books $700 million. Before Twilight

A fourth film is due to hit the You can the Today show. In the news ahead, with whole new Plus, thing

is a winning combination Macca's new Aussie Brekkie Wrap two slices of rasher bacon, with its freshly cracked egg, and spicy tomato sauce. sausage patty, cheese

available for a limited time. Only $3.95, (WHISTLE PLAYS McDONALD'S THEME)

Sydney has a new suburb. people are hard to Sydney has a new suburb. Some

its drop residents that live on this piece

of it between Cremorne Point and old suburb, new name - Point. David Is this a course we are cracking the Vereve tonight! The headland is reverting to

the name change thrashed around, most Shore and here real estate values are are an obsession. The view is that the folk An exclusive

views. Like Cremorne Point, people will want to live

Celine Dion is reportedly pregnant attempts with IVF. It is not just a human

an unhealthy taste for barbecues sausage. Free as a bird weight used to hold her back but not anymore. formerly well-rounded became addicted local barbecue area. Sadly, they can sort of kill them with kindness thought they were doing her kindness, she rapidly

some dogs in. When she arrived in. When she arrived at Taronga, the at 565 than a normal adult bird. Today she was down to was down to 482 grams. And it's all due to birdy boot three times a day with her trainer, despite the odd objection.

It's all going But vets say She's still challenge will be sticking to when her trainers smell of a

news involving a big-name winning the And this smash is

for the A mixed

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being ruled out. enough to pack into but the Blues and the Rabbitohs number six was showing Yeah, if I got a start, could offer a to keep playing good for selectors he play Origin - he's

clocking off too clocking off too much in games, inconsistancy biggest problem this hopefully be around end of of good talk amongst of good talk amongst the players today,

year. Oh, Mathew Bell has taken a Burgess almost in two - it brought were claiming I'm not whatever it was - on the facing a the weekend. have been charged after the

brawl involving the Sea Eagles weeks on the sideline. Some are Some are breaking years - what have you On the Bruces have pulled

dragons possibly as dragons possibly as early as next Tuesday. a stand-up front of a number calling him a liar. Stewart has the

support of chance of from Paris to finish

Webber's Red Bull started like it took up his now customary position at the seemed to be falling seemed to be falling into place, Vettel Vettel slotting into second after a pitstop - the two McLarens behind him. Little did Webber know his team mate posed the major threat. Vettel's car was wrecked, he blamed Webber, but there wasn't much support I'm giving

Webber stopped for repairs, Hamilton and that the

just ask Indy car driver Mike Conway. This happened on notorious Indy 500. have been a whole lot worse. Scotsman Dario Franchitti

has a Asian Cup. scored the was after

the best and victory jig seen for years and years. Like a cat on a Hot Tin roof! The weather is next and is the worst over?

Coming up on WIN News... Another Coming up on WIN News... Another

ACT motorists dies on our roads, Murrumbateman locals have their Murrumbateman locals have their say

on the Highway duplication, And, on the Highway duplication, And, all

the local weekend sporting the local weekend sporting results...

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causing all this weather expecting to

temperatures will be lower. idea to write links on

that's Nine I'm Peter Overton, I hope I'm Peter Overton, I hope you have a good Captions by

results... Tonight ...

results... Tonight ... Loved ones results... Tonight ... Loved ones

pay their respects to the pay their respects to the Territory'

s latest road crash victim, s latest road crash victim, Claims

the ACT Government has turned its the ACT Government has turned its

back on Manuka, And, the back on Manuka, And, the aftermath

of those South Coast storms. of those South Coast storms. Good

evening, I' m Jessica Good. evening, I' m Jessica Good. Loved

ones of the Canberra man killed in yesterday' s car crash have

yesterday' s car crash have erected

a roadside memorial to pay their a roadside memorial to pay their

respects. A thirty-five year old

respects. A thirty-five year old Evatt man died at the

Evatt man died at the scene.The crash tragically marks the crash tragically marks the

Territory' s fourteenth fatality Territory' s fourteenth fatality

this year. Another life has adis year. Another life has been this year. Another life has been

added to the A-C-T' s shocking road

toll. At two am yesterday toll. At two am yesterday morning,

the driver of this ute was killed the driver of this ute was killed