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(generated from captions) run by a convicted criminal. that's uncovered a doomsday cult Police raids resulted.

had a stash of weapons, They found the so-called church and 35,000 rounds of ammunition. including explosives, guns with our exclusive story. Graham Archer He's a fraud and a charlatan. He's breaking up families. He's breaking up marriages. about this cult. Something has to be done

claims he can raise the dead, Adrian Be ingredients include a leader who

Stayte conviction, a planned exodus

to a secret island on clay and a

military style arsenal of deadly

weapons. In total, the searchers

resulted in the seizure of firearms,

weapons and ammunition. It is

high-powered. Police deployed 90

offices in raids on at least 12

properties. Also uncovering

explosives, fuses and right buttons.

No, it does not surprise me. In fact

I would be very surprised if this is

only the tip of the iceberg. I

suspect there is a lot more. We

first learned of the goings-on from

a former members like Phil who

charismatic blames the church and its

charismatic leader. If your husband

does not want to go, just leave. If

the kids don't want to go, just

leave them. The closer we looked,

everything about this church rang

alarm bells. The pastor was a self

confessed x a brothel owner. He

surrounded himself with a tight

circle of disciples, some of whom

had very dubious connections. Then,

John. You invited me in. Know I

didn't. You and your criminal mate.

You have a suspended jail term. What

that he was a main mission to create

a colony on a banner white through.

Eight. They were of the opinion that

anyone that wasn't in their group

was basically of the enemy. I was

Satan and his soldiers. Another

former member who was too afraid to

be identified said once on the

island, there would be no return. If

That is you make a mistake, you are gone.

That is what I heard. Stoned them.

They were stoned. Cracks began to

appear when the mad scheme meant

members had to choose to join all be

forever up ostracise. He was telling

extraordinary stories. People saw

the family divided when

the family divided when their son, a

gifted musician, changed his name,

handed the Church $750,000 and

refused to them further contact with

their grandchildren. He said to my

face that my son has the demon of a

witch inside him and he inherited it

from his mother. People's lives had

been damaged and destroyed.

been damaged and destroyed. Nick

Zavvi on renewed his calls for a

crackdown on all cults. It need to

be brought under scrutiny from

authorities over the people who have

lost their money keep -- money.

Decide on the supply of weapons,

there is also serious questions over

what has happened to the millions of

dollars raised by Leo. Phil dollars raised by Leo. Phil has his

suspicions. He went to Switzerland

and I believe during that trip he

had Swiss bank accounts to try and

hide their money. Absolutely. So

far, they have escaped the police

dragnet. In May -- they may have

already found sanctuary for dragnet. In May -- they may have

themselves overseas. I feel they

will be caught and brought to

account. I believe there will be

more than just firearms charges. I

believe they will be fraud and

taxation issues involved.