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Hello. I'm Natarsha Belling and

welcome to Ten News. Tonight, a

former NRL player appeals for help

to catch the man who fatally

attacked his mother. It's a bit

distressing for the family not

knowing what happened and, Nearly knowing what happened and, Nearly

half a million Australians in

urgent need of dental care on

waiting lists longer than two years.

And investigators begin sifting

through the wreckage of an air

India flight that killed 159 people.

But first tonight a Sydney

grandmother has died of head

injuries after being savagely

pushed to the ground by an angry

cyclist. Her son, former NRL player

Joe Thomas, has made a desperate

appeal for witnesses to the

cowardly attack. Maria Touma will

be remembered as a selfish lady who

lived for her large family - 13

grandchildren and six kids of her

own including former NRL great Joe

Thomas, all now grappling to

understand why the 71-year-old met

with such a brutal end. It's a bit

distressing for the family not

knowing what happened and, we're

all very upset about what's gone

down. Mrs Touma died this morning

from head trauma just hours before

European relatives flew in to be by

her side. She'd been walking along

this footpath on Friday when an

altercation erupted with a cyclist. altercation erupted with a cyclist.

Witnesses say she fell to the

ground after being pushed violently

in the chest, cracking her head

against a brick wall. Her nose was

a bit bleeding, pull her up, tell

her I was here and I was saying to

her, "Everything's going to be

alright. Ambulance is coming." The

first witness on scene declined to

speak on camera but was smoking on

his balcony but raced across to

speak to her attacker. When he

asked what happened, he responded,

"The buch bitch was in my way."

Police are trying to enhance

security vision caught nearly. A

person that was just minding her

own business and it's an absolute

fraj di. An organ donor, Mrs Touma

was generous to the efpbd. She 'll

be laid to rest next week. Today

has turned out to be a horror day

of crime aSoss cross Sydney. Police

have questioned five people over have questioned five people over

the stabbing death of a 32-year-old

plan in the city's northern beaches.

All were released without charge.

Meanwhile a 31-year-old man is in a

critical condition with head wounds

after a brawl outside a pub in the

city's centre. Three people have

been arrested but no charges have

been laid. A cyclist is in a

critical condition after a hit-and-

run on Sydney north shore. The 65-

year-old man suffered serious

injuries when he was hit by a dark

coloured sedan. Police are

appealing for help in all the cases.

appealing for help in all the cases.

Investigations are continuing into Investigations are continuing into

the death of a two-year-old boy

killed when he was struck by a

train north of Adelaide. The boy's

devastated father was one of the

the first to discover his son had

died. The young boy was struck

around lunchtime yesterday as he

played offence his toy scooter in

the middle of train trucks at

Nantawarra around 120 kilometres

north of Adelaide. The freight

train was travelling to Perth. The

three drivers on board tried in

vein using whistles to alert the

boy. It took the train around 400

toddler's devastated father and metres to come to a stop. The

toddler's devastated father and

uncle were the first on the scene.

Just before the collision, the

young boy was playing this his four

-year-old sister and young

relatives at his home only the 200

metres from where he was struck.

Police say he had wandered on to

the crossing and playing on his

scooter. When his father came to scooter. When his father came to

get him for lunch he noticed the

train had stopped in the middle of

the tracks. The family had moved to

the area from Adelaide six months

ago. Locals say the death is a

tragedy but they don't believe much

can be done to improve safety

around the train line. A child

could have got ten through the

fence. I don't think they could

have stopped to childing getting

out quite honestly. I don't think out quite honestly. I don't think

it would have helped, boom gates it would have helped, boom gates

and things like that in a case like

this. You know, it's a terrible

tragedy. Major crash investigators

are preparing a report for the

coroner. The train drivers are

being treated for shock. A young

mother has left her hospital bed to

be by the side of her newborn son

critically injured in a crash that

claimed to lives of his father and

grandparents. The five week old

remains in Royal children's

Hospital with serious head injuries.

Police say it's a miracle the woman

and the boy survived the horrific

crash which saw their car piloted

by a 27-year-old learner driver collide with a tip truck.

Investigators have starting sifting

through the wreckage of an Air India Express which crashed in

southern India yesterday killing at

least 158 people. Miraculously, 7

people survived and it's been

confirmed no Australians were on

board the flight. From the burning

wreckage, hope as a small child is

pulled out alive. Covered in

firefighting foam and rushed to

safety, but the injuries were just

too severe. She decide. Survivors

have told of miracle escapes as the

plane crashed and burned. This plane crashed and burned. This

passenger describing a blast then

total tai os but as the plane broke

up he was able to jump out. Another

says the plane landed heavily and

literally fell off the end of the

runway. Entire families perished.

Indian workers coming home from

jobs in Dubai with their wives and

children. Aviation experts say the

airport is known for being

dangerous. Carveed out of hilly

jungle country, it sits on a table

top plateau in the southern city of

Mangalore. But you just have to

really pay attention because

there's not as great a margin of

error there The pilot, a Serbian

with British citizenship, had over

10,000 flying hours. But somehow

this time he overshot the runway as

he tried to land and crashed

killing himself, the copilot and

nearly everyone on board. There was

no distress indication from the

pilot with air traffic

communication. There is no indication of any problem reported

by him The Government has promised

compensation. Local children

offered up prayers for the living

and the dead.

A new study has found millions of

Australians are in desperate need

of dental care but claim they can't

afford it. The research also shows afford it. The research also shows

Australians have the second worst

teeth in the western world with

almost half a million on a two year

waiting list for dental treatment T waiting list for dental treatment T

Federal Government is trying to

introduce a 290 million dollar

program that would see patients

paying less and getting quicker

service. The Opposition has

rejected the proposal claiming the

scheme is flawed. The fight between

the Government and miners is

becoming brutal with the mine

council -- minerals about to launch advertisements against the

resources super profix tax. It

follows Government claims many

multi billionaire mining magazine

Nates are currently only paying 13%

tax. Australia's richest man has

received a daunting letter from the

Chinese consulate. It said,

"Australia's competitive advantage

to China over Brazil, over India, to China over Brazil, over India,

over all these massive come pet tores

tores Australia competes against,

that competitive advantage we did

have is now gone. If China does

dump Australian exports it meaning

billions of dollars and tens of

thousands of Australian jobs. The

Government says it's a fear

campaign but it's still signaling

wriggle room on the super profix

tax. There will be a profit based

tax in Australia, the headline rate

is going to be 40% but there are

refinement that is can be made to

make the tax more appropriate and

balanced Which begs the question.

Sfrpblgts there any movement on the

roughly 6% at which it becomes a

super profix tax? That is one of a

variety of issues the company has

raised with me and the treasurer

The Opposition say it is Government

has left no breathe breathing space

for concessions because it's

already spent the 12 billion

dollars on the superannuation shake

up, infrastructure spending and tax

cuts but the Government has fired

back slamming the Opposition for

opposing the resources tax saying

lit hurt their biggest supporters,

small business. So it's nonsense

for merg Ferguson to talk about we

might change it here and there.

They can't The Government is

telling the Opposition to put up or

shut. Not much chop and hard work

and substance. It's feared another

two people have been exposed to the

deadly Hendra virus on Queensland's

Sunshine Coast. Late last week

Rebecca Day and her 12-year-old

daughter were among nine people

after the family's horse fell ail

was put down. The Tewantin property

where the horse died is quarantined.

It's could be three weeks before

those thought to be exposed to the

virus will know if they have

contracted it. Ahead on Ten News, a

man dead and a gunman on the loose

after a shooting in Melbourne.

Plus, officially charged, Lewis

Hamilton faces the music over his

hoon driving stint at the Grand Prix.

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This program is captioned live.

Welcome back. You're with Ten News. Victoria's bushfires Royal

commission will be told failed

Government policies put lives at Government policies put lives at

risk during the devastating fires.

The commission will submit

authorities persisted with flawed

safety measures and have been too

slow to revise them. When the final

report is out in the public arena,

then people will be able to judge

what happened, but also the way

forward. The commission chairman

says he's disaboined to submission

was leaked to the media. The former NSW transport minister at the

centre of a Gai sex scandal remains

hopeful he can find a way forward

with his wife. A spokesperson for

David Campbell say it is former

minister has spent the last few

days with his wife talking through

the tough issues. Campbell has been

flooded with messages of support

from both sides of politics since

he was publicly outed last week. he was publicly outed last week. I

feel sorry for David Campbell and

his family, and obviously it's been

- he's been living a double life

for many years. Campbell says he'll

be back in Parliament when it

resumed in just over a week. Former

one ace Lewis Hamilton has been

officially charged over a hoon

driving incident in Melbourne in

March. The 25-year-old's luxury

Mercedes courtesy car was

confiscated by police after he

allegedly performed a burn out

while leaving the Albert Park track.

His solicitor was served a summons

last week charging him with one

count of intentionally losing

control of the vehicle. A court

date has been set for August. A man

wanted over the murder of Perth

millionaire Craig pud di has been spotted in northern Queensland.

Western Australia detectives

arrives - arrived in Townsville

today to hunt for the man after he

was spotted at the local train

station. It's in his best interests

to hand himself in and stop this

running because at some stage it

has to come to an end. Mr Pud di

was last seen alive on the 3rd of

May, a pool of blood was found at May, a pool of blood was found at

his multi million dollar Perth home.

A policeman hunt is under way is in

a small Victorian town for a gunman

believed responsible for a shooting

murder this morning. Police have

made phone contact with the man

urging him to surrender. Along ala

na Westbrook watched in horror as

her father was guned down. The man

believed to be her cousin blasted

the door with a shotgun before

turning the gun on her father after

he emerged from his house next door.

The alleged gunman is on the run

and may still be carrying the

firearm. The firearm hasn't been

located. We would encourage the

public to be alert bud not alarmed.

Peter Westbrook has well-known in

his town, he play football when he

was younger and harness racing in

his later years, neighbours alarmed

by the grandfather's violent death.

He wouldn't hurt a fly, you know,

and he used to walk up and down

here with the little granddaughter

and, it's just unbelievable.

Detectives called the offender on

his mobile phone this morning. He

answered and talked about turning

himself in at a local station. A

car belonging to the alleged gun

plan's family was found abandoned

near bushland. Police are appealing

for limb to turn himself in. A

woman has decide after falling from

the balcony of a Gold Coast

highrise overnight. It's believed

the 47-year-old was climbing from

one second floor ball -- balcony to

another when she slipped. We can't accurately determine what has

happened at this stage, so we're

making enquiries. Her body wasn't

discovered until early this morning.

Police are treating the tragedy was

an accident. David Beckham's

surprise visit to Afghanistan.

We'll have the details next.

Plus, a Taiwanese internet singing

sensation hits the big time in the

US. (singing).

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This program is captioned live.

At least 12 people have been killed

in the worst flooding in Poland's

history. Several regions across the

country are under water after days

of torrential rain and more than

20,000 people have been evacuated.

The European union has launched an

emergency operation and authorities

estimate the costs of the flood

damage could exceed 3.6 billion

dollars. US president Barack Obama

has announced an independent

commission will investigate the

massive oil spill in the Gulf of

Mexico. His Government is facing

growing criticism that it could

have done more to prevent the environmental disaster. environmental disaster. Louisiana's

grand isle beach is smeared with

crude oil, the get away island is

closed as Hazmat crews try to clean

off. Off its shores, these swam

into more oil which kept washing in

on the fragile marshs the oil is

covering the grass. The booms are

not water The spewing well on the

bottom of the gulf has prompted

President Obama to form a national

commission to examine the accident.

The purpose of this commission is

to cause the root causes of the

disaster and offer what cautionings

we need to take The oil has killed

birds and other wild life and

scientists fear the environmental

impact will deepen with the oil

coming ashore. BP concern remains

plugging the oil pleek. On Tuesday,

crew also shoot mud and cement into

the gel called a top kill,

something that's worked above

ground before but never been tried

5,000 feet below the sea. David

Beckham has made a surprise British

visit to British troops in

Afghanistan. He may be a football

super star but the former English

captain says soldiers serving on

the front line are the real heros.

It's not every day you're asked to

put your name to a gun but

Christophe Declerck was happy to

oblige. As many as possible. It was

just one of a string of autographs

and photos required of the former

England captain in Afghanistan

today as he visited the troops on

the front line. These guys are the bravest people

bravest people they've met ever and

it really is truly is an honour to

be here. You know, I've represented

my country many times on the field,

but what these guys do representing

our country is, you know, really

amazing. Do you know I've been

wanting to come for years. But

obviously with my playing schedule

it's never - I've never had the

time. Eager for the inside track on

the injury that freed him up for

the visit, they gave him a grilling

over lunch. Literally an hour after

I did my Achilles phoned me up and

said, will you come? Not getting

off that lightly, the soldiers also

challenged challenged him to a

pepblly -- penalty shoot out.

Luckily for David Beckham this is one area where he's one area where he's had plenty of

experience. An American teenager

has become the youngest person to

climb mount everers. 13-year-old

Jordan Romero has splashed the

previous record held by a 16-year-

old nep Louise boy before he set

out on his adventure, he explained

why he wanted to reach the top of

the world. I just want to do

something big and something I something big and something I

wanted to do for myself, and it was

just all about me and it's just all

about the experience. Romero has

now conquered the highest mountains

on the 6 of the 7 continue nens including Australia's Mount

Kosciuszko. He's already an

internet sensation and now

Taiwanese singer Yu-Chun Lin has

hit the big time in the hit the big time in the US hit the big time in the US

performing the American national

anthem at an LA dodgers game. (


And if the applause is anything to

go by, it seems the 24 -year-old

British man has a whole new fan base. Prbl

British man has drive an ride on

lawn mower into the record books.

Don Wales managed to reach a speed

of more than 137 kilometres an hour

on his mower breaking the previous

record held by American Cleveland.

It was set to be broken. We've

broken his and he'll break ours but

we might have a go at his tomorrow

and go higher. It may sound competitive, but

competitive, but it's a bit of fun

to raise money for charity. Want to

have a bit of lawn The weather

details next and then time for all

the action in sport fort with Rob

Canning. Tell us about this st Canning. Tell us about this st

Socceroos have lost players. Yes,

Mark Schwarzer is ruled out of the

match plus plenty more. The

The Lions slump is official, five

straight losses. Further concerns

for the Queensland maroons, and our 22-year-old Aussie on

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This program is captioned live.

Now a look at the weather details

around the nation fogs -- nation for tomorrow.

That brings you up-to-date with all

the news. Stay with us new for

Sports Tonight with Canning. I'm

Natarsha Belling. Thanks for your

company. Good night. Supertext

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This program is captioned live.

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