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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Don't believe everything I say. taken absolutely as gospel truth The statements that need to be scripted remarks. is those carefully prepared, Tony Abbott tells voters he makes in writing. to only trust promises Bad taste buffet. in the all-you-can-eat smorgasbord. The food dangers lurking And 'Miss Understood'. to be above the status. We should take it into our hands from Miss USA. The memorable moments this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Nat. From Brekky Central, Hello and thanks for joining us.

during a beauty pageant. We always love question time

We actually run this every year

it is funny. I personally feel sorry We actually run this every year and

for them. But it seems like saving

the world and the whales is like,

so, yesterday. We are laughing with

them, not at them. Yes. of Miss USA contestants Find out what's on the minds

a little later this morning.

It's not much. Right now it's news

time. when to believe him Tony Abbott says voters know tell the gospel truth. after admitting he doesn't always has been accused The Opposition Leader of no new taxes of breaking a promise a paid parental leave scheme. with his levy on business to fund

sometimes exaggerate He says politicians in the heat of verbal combat. absolutely as gospel truth The statements that need to be taken scripted remarks. is those carefully prepared, Mr Abbott and the Prime Minister the captains dinner in Sydney, last night attended a Coalition election victory where the Opposition Leader declared beating Germany at the World Cup. as likely as the Socceroos

The captain out now, they might do it. The Fremantle Dockers have confirmed investigation by police for drugs. one of its players is under as utility Michael Johnson. The club has identified the player

picked up at a nightclub on Saturday The 25-year-old was allegedly of a Class-A substance. in possession the drug was cocaine. News Limited is reporting The Dockers have issued a statement is aware of the situation, saying the club has informed the AFL

very seriously. and is treating the matter South Australian schools Students at three the NAPLAN test will now have to re-sit of cheating. after further allegations at Elizabeth Vale Primary The assistant principal improper assistance is denying claims he gave students while a teacher at Rostrevor College advance knowledge of a test topic. is alleged to have given students at St Leonard's Primary, Glenelg, Last week, a teacher to improve results. was accused of cheating Each case is under investigation. the witch trials of Salem occurring. The last thing we want is Minister Jay Weatherill South Australian Education for a wider probe. is rejecting calls her 17th birthday today Jessica Watson is celebrating could be in a few weeks' time. but her biggest party The solo round-the-world sailor on dry land in Sydney yesterday was still a little unsteady a special celebration. as her team plotted but we're getting better. Yeah, I know. A bit woozy We've got a few little surprises the best birthday ever. and we're determined to give her

for Jessica's homecoming not one, but two celebrations And Queensland is planning

she's become a fan. after the State's Premier revealed a whole lot of us wrong. What she did was prove and I was worried about her. I was one of the people, I'm a mum. and I'm pleased for her. She proved me wrong

may be held Ms Bligh says public receptions in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to her home State in a few weeks. when Jessica returns for NASA mission controllers A few nervous moments first spacewalk during this morning's at the International Space Station. space shuttle 'Atlantis' crew While two of the a spare antenna, were outside installing there was a partial power outage. It knocked out the robotic camera keeping track of their movements. Power was eventually restored and the work continued. Today's spacewalk was the first of three planned during the 12-day mission.

In finance news now and a little

earlier I was worried but then the

last half an hour, the market has

come back to be about even. When I

got into work, it was down 140

points ask I went Oh no, another ugly night.

points ask I went Oh no, another ugly night. I will tell you why when

we get to the currencies. In our

region yesterday, Oh... Look at

that. Do we really need to look at it? $

it? $40 billion wiped off the

Australian share market. Japan got

hammered, Hong Kong got hammered.

This is where the action is, around

the currencies. The euro, quickly go

through it, it dropped to a 4-year

low against the US dollar. It

started started to make everyone nervous on

markets and share

markets and share markets. Greece

has to make an $

has to make an $8.

has to make an $8.5 billion

repayment on loans on Wednesday. It

is making everyone nervous. But the

European central bank over the last

two hours has come in support the

euro and has tended to steady markets. New figures show that lending finance is 12% weaker than a year ago. It marks the biggest annual decline in 13 months. Savanth Sebastian is at CommSec. Morning.

Mate, only a couple of weeks ago,

things were looking pretty rosy,

things were looking pretty rosy, the Reserve Bank talking up the economy,

financial markets around the world

steadying now this stuff? We have

seen travelling around the country

is businesses are hurting to an

extent. We didn't believe the rate

hike last month should have flown

through. The data highlights the

domestic economic recovery is

stalling or slowing. It is important

to realise is not only lending

finance down 12 per cent a year ago,

the pace of the decline is picking

up, not bottoming out. We know

retail sales are consistently week

and now borrowing are also tracking

lower. The Reserve Bank would be

concerned about this data. It really

gives them a reason to pause at the

next interest rate decision. If

there is anything encouraging in the

data is the fact that commercial

finance or business borrowing is

starting to pick up. Do you think

they went one step too far? Lifting

rates? Yes, if they waited another

two days, had the meeting been

another two days later and saw the

impact Greece and Europe were having

on the global economy, I think they

would have held off. Thank you,

catch you tomorrow. Time for sport,

Beretts is back at Brekky Central,

good to have him back. Thank you for

letting me stand up this morning. New South Wales selectors have handed blockbusting Bulldogs centre Jamal Idris his Origin debut as they look to break Queensland's 4-year stranglehold on the series. Kangaroos incumbent Paul Gallen was overlooked. Jarryd Hayne was selected on the wing and looks primed to repeat his 2009 Origin heroics. Hayne had a hand in all three of Parramatta's tries in last night's 19-12 win over Manly. COMMENTATOR: A lovely pass once again by Jarryd Hayne. He's 2 from 2. Queensland will name its side today. The struggling Adelaide Crows have banned star players Bernie Vince and Graham Johncock along with rookie Matthew Yensh for one week for breaking team rules. The Crows take on Brisbane on Sunday and the Lions have problems of their own. Star duo Jonathan Brown and Brendan Fevola are reportedly heading to Adelaide today to consult a groin specialist. Australia's hopes of progressing to the knockout stage at next month's World Cup have been boosted with news German skipper Michael Ballack will miss the tournament because of injury. Ballack strained ligaments in his right ankle during Chelsea's win over Portsmouth in the FA Cup final. And Aussie cyclist Matt Goss has won a sprint finish to take out Stage Nine of the Giro d'Italia overnight. Cadel Evans remains second overall.

I have the greatest respect for

those guys, Grant Denyer. How is the

weather looking today? I bet you do.

As a welcome home present I have a

very secret sneak peak

very secret sneak peak of 'Australia's Got Talent' rehearsals

ahead of the finals tonight on the

box. The nine sensational acts to

line-up in today's show, secretly

practising hoping to win your love.

I got you all a back stage pass

here, I will just put that on you

there. You have to be Joe, if anyone

asks. You will get your own seat in

the house ahead of tonight's show as

we heck check out the line-up ahead

of the 'Australia's Got Talent' fine

and lack at the forecast now. Sunrise weather brought to you by Crimsafe security doors and screens. If it's not Crimsafe, it's not crim safe. Light rain in Mackay. Light rain should clear in Brisbane. Chance of a shower in Tamworth. A few showers in Sydney. Early fog in Mildura. Morning fog and frost and Bairnsdale. Possible early fog then clearing to a sunny day in Mount Gambier. Cloudy with light rain easing in Darwin. Showers developing in Perth. Late rain in Kalgoorlie. Possible storm in Broome.

I will run you through the line-up

ahead of tonight and chat to a

couple of the stars who might just

go out and take the $

go out and take the $32 200 50,000 prize. Next hour, the ongoing trauma of the Victorian bushfires. We'll explain how to look out for victims.

And who was the best James Bond? We'll try to settle the age-old debate. But in a moment - how safe is laser eye surgery and does it even work? We'll get the details from someone who's had the procedure when Sunrise continues.

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Here's a showbiz mystery for you. What do Brad Pitt, Jessica Simpson and Tiger Woods have in common?

They can all see - without glasses, that is. They are among 10 million people worldwide who've had laser eye surgery. But should my co-host here take the plunge and her get her eyes done?

She's doesn't wear her glasses

normally and needs the camera to be

so close it mucks up the other

cameras because they can't get a

shot of

shot of anyone else on the desk. Nat, the word is around here that you're blind as a bat.

It is true, I wear them for driving

to see them on the road. I'm yet to be convinced about it, but perhaps Dr Ginni Mansberg is proof that it's safe. She had the procedure done 13 years ago.

Yes or no? Fantastic for me. I was

like you, a complete mole in the

dark had no idea where anything was.

Couldn't see my towel getting out of

the water at the beach. Fantastic

me, but not for everyone, if you

have certain conditions in you

have certain conditions in you eye it is not going to work. You don't

need to worry about contact lenss

and dmraszs, the con is of course

the price, it can be up to $

the price, it can be up to $2,500

per eye, no Medicare rebate. None at

all? Nope, and Nat looks funominally

lecktual and you would lose that

without your glasses. I went to look at without your glasses. I went to look

at goat tg done and I was -- getting

it done, told my boss and he said, " it done, told my boss and he said,

"That's okay, we will just put clear

glass in your glasses." And I glass in your glasses." And I said,

glass in your glasses." And I said,

"What is the point." And he said, " "What is the point." And he said,

"No-one would recognise you without

your glasses." He didn't have to so

he didn't have it done. I don't know

if I want someone playing with my

eyeballs. They peal back a layer?

Yes, they are pale Yes, they are

Yes, they are -- peel back the top

corner of the corn ea. When the

image is projected on to the retina,

you have got a slightly more

accurate image. You would want a

surgeon with a steady hand? There is

actually a bit of skill involved in

terms of peeling back the cornea to

do the surgery. The surgery is done

by laser by a aam sheen. How do you

choose your surgeon. It is tough,

don't come to me as a GP. I don't

make referrals. You got to ask

around on the street. Maybe the

street is not the best place. But

you would have an optometrist or eye

doctor, they know. Does it last for

a long time once you have it done

some We have only had tpwepbt years

of the experience. So far, so good.

-- 20 years of experience. As you

get older and start holding out your

menu. Who doesn't. They said for me,

get one eye done and your brain

would do it so you could actually

read and look long distance as your

eyes deteriorated. Relying on your brain to

brain to work that out could be a

bit hard. A bit of a vam aoulume. --

vacuum. You convince snd vacuum. You convince

vacuum. You convince? . Karl is

getting a vasectomy. Better than

getting your tubes done. Yes! Ahead - why children as young as three have been questioned about kissing and flirting. But soon, Liz Hurley reveals she and ex-lover Hugh Grant

still often sleep under the same roof. So can you be friends with your ex? And Tony Abbott admits he sometimes stretches the truth. Sometimes, in the heat of discussion, you go a little bit further than you would if it was an absolutely calm, considered, prepared, scripted remark. His startling confession when Sunrise continues. (FRENCH SONG PLAYS) When compared to an ordinary deodorant, new Rexona Crystal's best ever formulation gives you our best ever protection against white marks. Hey, let me tell me about something we really value at Sunrise - it's called Schools First. A national awards program providing $5.2 million to Aussie schools this year. It is an awesome idea by NAB, the Federation for Young Australians and the Australian Council for Education Research.

Basically, the scheme awards schools that are part of an effective partnership or for schools that have an idea for a partnership but need a bit of cash to get started.

Jump online and learn more at Now to what you're clicking on the internet. Tony Abbott's admission that you can't believe everything he says is pretty popular this morning.

The Opposition Leader says only hold him to promises made in writing.

Have a listen. I know politicians

are going to be judged on everything

they say. But sometimes, in the heat

of discussion. you go a little bit further than you would if it was an absolutely calm, considered, prepared, scripted remark.

Which is one of the reasons why, um,

the statements that need to be taken

absolutely as gospel truth is those

carefully prepared, scripted

remarks. So every time you make a

statement we have to ask you

statement we have to ask you whether it is carefully prepared and

scripted or something on the fly.

Seriously? It is a a very serious

question. All of us, Kerry, all of

us in the heat of verbal combat so

to speak will sometimes say things

that go a little bit further. Interest! So will you believe anything Mr Abbott says in future? And can we trust anything any politician tells us?

Dueio believe anything they say. I

love the thought bubble out of his head, "

head, "I where I am going?

head, "I where I am going?." I had a

chat with the Labor Party power broker and he said, "

broker and he said, "In politics it

is all about get nothing to power.

You say and do anything to get into

power, once you are elected, you do

anything you like." It is kind of

not working for Kevin Rudd. I wonder

if what Tony Abbott was saying, if what Tony Abbott was saying,, " if what Tony Abbott was saying,,

"You know know, in the public,

"You know know, in the public, that I know that we know we stretch

things occasionally." But had the

shovel, he kept on digging when he

got out there. I watched a bit of it

last night, I think he was being honest but it

honest but it is what we fear our

politicians are every day. We fear

they fly off and say anything that

we want to hear, and then they get

into power and reverse it all. It is

like he summed up the thoughts of an

entire population in one hit. Let us

know what you think on that. Also making news,

Liz Hurley has revealed Hugh Grant is still her number one. Married Liz says her ex has a bedroom at her house and he often goes on holidays with her and her husband. Is that a strange set-up? Can you remain friends with your ex?

Remaining friends is one thing

Remaining friends is one thing but having a bedroom in your house is

quite another, I would have thought.

Hugh is also the god father of their

child, so he is around a lot.

Holiday? Daniel Craig went out with

Rachel, what if she had a bed in his

spare room, come and stay? I would

see that as fairly unworkable. Let

us know, if you are the current

partner in that situation. No way. Nope! Later this morning - a family's fight for information on their missing father overseas. And just how safe are those all-you-can-eat buffets?

I don't think I want to know. Also - the bizarre interviews with the beauties from Miss USA. You'll hear some of them next hour on Sunrise. VOICEOVER: You insure your home and car. Why not secure your income and your family's way of life with ING's EasyProtect Income from only $7 a week? Why not give them a call? Call 1300 ING 111 now. MAN: Dinner's ready. Save over $13 with McDonald's great value Family Value Dinner Box. It's packed with Big Macs and cheeseburgers, McNuggets and fries to share, plus drinks all round for just $19.95. (CHEERFUL MUSIC PLAYS) St George gives you access to thousands of ATMs across Australia.

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# Now, back to Sunrise with Kochie

and Nat. Ahead this morning - the kindy kids' sex quiz. We'll bring you the story of the university researcher asking 3-year-olds if they've ever kissed a boy.

Why would you want to know that some

Not sure but we will find out. Simon

has the news though. The Rudd Government has seized on Tony Abbott's admission he doesn't always tell the gospel truth to argue that he can't be trusted. But Liberal Ministers are backing their leader, insisting he is upfront with the public, more often than Labor. We've got a political leader saying

"Don't trust what I say, get it in writing". The thing about Tony Abbott is he's a straight talker.

And... LAUGHTER . Joe Hockey says the Prime Minister breaks promises after elections, appearing to concede Mr Abbott has broken promises before this year's vote. Melbourne police says a truck passenger is lucky to be alive after a rock smashed through the windscreen, hitting him in the chest. The driver says the rock was hurled at them from a Chadstone footbridge early this morning. Just driving down the Monash and next thing you know, bang, my dad's knocked out.

If it was a couple more inches to the right, would've taken his head off. He escaped with minor injuries. The dog squad searched the area but couldn't find who threw the rock. Police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward. A driver has fled, abandoning his hurt passenger, after crashing into parked cars in central Sydney.

The male driver ran away after hitting two cars at Camperdown, flipping the silver sedan he was driving. The passenger was taken to hospital with minor injuries. Police are searching for the driver. An elderly Melbourne man is likely to die behind bars after being found guilty of murdering his wife with an axe. A jury took four hours to convict Peter Caruso of butchering his wife to death in 2008 just week's before their 50th wedding anniversary.

My mother's not suddenly going to reappear from around the corner.

She's still dead. Now my dad's in jail. Santo Caruso says he's shocked by the verdict.

His 77-year-old father maintained a burglar killed Rosa Caruso but the jury was told a blood-stained hatchet containing his DNA was found in the couple's garage. Caruso will be sentenced at a later date. Perth police have warned Cameron Mansell's family they'll be charged if they help the fugitive murder suspect. But the 38-year-old's mother is demanding

detectives leave her alone. Mr Mansell fled to Adelaide last week after questioning over the disappearance of his millionaire business partner Craig Puddy. No body has been found. Red Shirt protesters in Thailand have defied government orders to leave the capital. The Thai Government has dropped thousands of leaflets from planes, urging protesters to pack up and go or face criminal charges and two years in jail. Around 5,000 protesters, including women and children, have refused the demand. Protesters are mourning the death of their military leader overnight, who was shot in the head by government troops while talking to reporters last week. His shooting sparked the latest round of deadly riots, which have killed at least 37 people.

Finance news now and the markets

have settled late in the trading session.

have settled late in the trading session. The Dow closed up 6 points.

About an hour and a half before the

close it was down 145. It was as the

euro continued to plunge. The

European central bank came in and

starting buying, settling markets

down. Hopefully, that will be a

reasonable base for our share market

to build on today. Commodities, gold

is still at the really big highs.

Oil continues its slide. And on the currency markets:

. Time for sport, here is Beretts.

Thank you, Kochie. Timana Tahu is confident an ankle injury won't derail his recall to the Blues' side for the State of Origin series opener. Bulldogs youngster Jamal Idris was a surprise addition to the bench. Tahu limped from the field after Parramatta's 19-12 win over Manly last night, sending an early scare through the Blues' camp.

I done it in the country game last week in the first half and got through the game.

So it is just a matter of looking after it. Jarryd Hayne starred for the Eels, helping set up all three of their tries. Brad Johnson's Achilles injury has flared again, ruling the Western Bulldogs skipper out for three weeks. In a further blow,

star forward Robert Murphy will miss a month after undergoing knee surgery. Meantime, Andrew Lovett has taken the first steps

toward re-igniting his AFL career, training with WAFL club East Perth last night. The 27-year-old was sacked by St Kilda in February after being charged with sexual assault.

Samantha Stosur is officially Australia's highest ranked female singles player since 1985 after rising to number seven in the latest WTA Rankings. The Queenslander is in career-best form heading into next week's French Open having won 14 of her last 16 matches on clay.

Wasn't that many years ago she

couldn't find a sponsor and we

stepped in to help her out if a

couple of years. Well done, Sam

Stosur. How is the weather? Looking

pretty good. I am on set

pretty good. I am on set of 'Australia's Got Talent', just about

to lay a whoopee cushion on one of

the three most important seats on

Australian television. I will give

it a go. (cushion squeaks). They

have a job of picking an act to go

into the Grand Final and become $ into the Grand Final and become

$to50,000 richer but also being

Australia's answer to Susan Boyle. I

can't believe how amazing the

competition has been this year. The

most extraordinary turnout of the

most weird, wild and wonderful act.

If you are tuning in for the talent,

there is a lot in the press about

Boby Andernov, or just the tragics,

the watermelon man. The show has it

all, including its own whoopee

cushion. Let's have a look at the forecast. Sunrise weather brought to you by Crimsafe security doors and screens. If it's not Crimsafe, it's not crim safe. A trough is generating patchy rain and storms in the tropics, eastern Queensland and New South Wales. Highs are keeping much of Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia clear, leading to a foggy morning. Light rain should clear in Brisbane. Early fog with a late shower tomorrow.

Brian McFadden has our Delta on his

arm. After seeing some of the

competition, he must be wondering

what he has got in the country.

Dannii is determined to find

Australia's Susan Boyle. Kyle, he is

not a pussy cat but I have seen him

cry. Give the buzzer a bit of a

push. Are they connected? (silence)

That is television, folks, just

awesome. Hopefully they will turn

up. Joke of the day comes from Aaron

in Queensland an old bloke walks

into a bar and has a couple of

drinks and had a bit of gas, too

much beer. He thought he would fart

with the beat of the music to cover

it. He wondered why everyone was

staring at him and he realised he

was listening to an iPod. Do you

want to score that? No. You are in

the seat, you should score today. I

am feeling it, I love a good fart

joke, a 3. Just as well. Nat a -h

that lined up I am sure. It is a bit

old, I have heard it before. Send in

your joke of the day, you

your joke of the day, you can win a

TiVo or one of my joke books to

improve or maybe not. Maybe not... Shortly on the show -

the food dangers lurking in the all-you-can-eat buffet. And why children as young as three have been questioned about kissing and flirting. Also, which Bond is best? The debonair or the plain dangerous? The debate, for your eyes only, when Sunrise continues. What's wrong, love? My cholesterol results. Great! It's better than last time. All the oats in Oat Crisp must be helping. Yeah, great. Now I don't need to eat it anymore. (REO SPEEDWAGON'S 'KEEP ON LOVING' YOU PLAYS) SONG: # And I'm gonna keep on loving you # 'Cause it's the only... # David! David! You can still eat Oat Crisp

even if your cholesterol's better, you know. VOICEOVER: Uncle Toby's Oat Crisp: (SINGS TO THE TUNE OF 'WHAT ABOUT ME') # I was twittering away before I crashed into the corner shop # I was trying to dry my hair # I was fiddling with my chair BOTH: # We were trying to read a map and didn't stop # What about me? # I never claim # They get the same as I did # What about me? # (CRASH!) VOICEOVER: AAMI's Safe Driver Rewards. For drivers who don't claim. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # Tomorrow on Sunrise - the suburban palace. An Aussie shrine to royalty, right down to the throne. Meet the king and queen of this castle Wednesday on Sunrise. Good morning, Melbourne. That's the view through the Jetstar skycam. Sunny and 19 degrees today. Children at a childcare centre have been questioned about their gender and sexuality. An early childhood researcher has been studying the 3-year-olds.

The work's drawn criticism from experts and family groups who says the questions for preschoolers are inappropriate.

Like have you had a kiss yet? Do you kiss girls? Our Melbourne correspondent, Nuala Hafner, joins us now. Nuala, do we know what sort of questions were asked?

And we have heard about the kissing

one. I sometimes think with these

researchers they have quite good

research caps but they want the one

question to get a headline and get

publicity when it comes out. It has

good intentions, Dr Mindy Blaze, a

lecturer Monash university, spent

five days at an unnamed childcare

centre, she asked have you kissed a

boy, are you a flirt. Take pictures

of things you think are pretty or

sexy or cool. sexy or

sexy orCool. Shown a picture of two

crocodiles kissing and asked to

discuss this. Her point is

discuss this. Her point is children

this young are having these

discussions when out playing. She

wants to make sure teachers

wants to make sure teachers know what to do when it happens so kids

feel a healthy sexuality is not

dirty or wrong. It has been

published in the Australasian

Journal of Early Childhood. It found

children are eager to talk about it

and have a knowledge and so perhaps

the subjects should be part of a an

official curriculum at kindy. What

is the reaction? Mix snd It would be

interesting to know who read the

full study but psychologist Dr

Michael Carr-Greg said he is deeply

concerned it passed the ethic

committee of the university and a

family spokesman said she didn't

think should be talking about the

things. And Dr Michael Carr-Greg

said let kids be kids. But the chief

of the program said she doesn't have

a problem with the study, so long

a problem with the study, so long as it is child led, children bringing

it up and teachers responding to it.

You have got a bit of a problem at

home with the kissing Yes, when you

say let kids be

say let kids be kids, some kids are

talking about kissing at such a

young age. So as Nuala said, let

them lead it. How old is Hunter. He

is very advanceed for his age. The

teachers pulled Nat aside and said

he is kissing too many girls. Not

too are sure how I feel about that.

Moving along... It's a topic often debated by movie lovers - who was the best James Bond? Are you a fan of classic Connery, or do you like the gritty Daniel Craig? We thought we'd compare all the Bond boys. Who are you? Bond, James Bond. Since the time he was first introduced Agent 007 has been a pop-culture icon. James Bond has appeared on screen 22 times with a 23rd 'Bond' film currently in the making. Who are you? My name is Pussy Galore.

But who has played Bond the best?

When we think of debonair, none can surpass the original Bond, Sean Connery. Connery's Scottish accent and self-assured macho nature established Bond as a ladies' man with a deadly touch. Do you expect me to talk?

I expect you to die. The star of seven Bond films, Connery finally retired as 007 after making some of the series' most classic additions

including 'Goldfinger' and 'From Russia With Love'. I think my mouth is too big

No it's the right size, for me, that is. Unfortunately one bump in the road for Bond may have been an Aussie one.

My name is Bond rb James Bond. Actor George Lazenby took over the reins as 007 in the film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. He left the series after only one film. The next actor to fill the shoes of the MI6 operative was one of the most beloved - Roger Moore. A confident, British archetype, Moore burst onto the screen with a series of Bond must-sees, including 'Live and Let Die'.

Is there time before we leave for lesson No.

lesson No.Three some Absolutely. Moore often portrayed 007 as somewhat of a playboy but his use of humour won him legions of Bond fans.

Sorry to drop in like this. After Moore's retirement from Bond, Timothy Dalton would take over, injecting youth back into the role. But unlike his predecessors, his films never became critical successes. Your lice

Your licence to kill is revoked, effective immediately. Taking over the reins from Dalton would be the always charming Pierce Brosnan. He's quick wit worked well with the Bond character

You don't need the gun. That depends

on your definition of safe sex. The star of four films, including 'Golden-eye' and 'Die Another Day',

Brosnan brought Bond into the 21st century with his films adding comedy and special effects to the secret agent's resume. Why can't you just be a good boy and die. But it wasn't long before fans wanted an agent with less charm and more grit. Enter Daniel Craig - a modern-day agent who's quick on the trigger.

Anyone it doesn't bother you,

killing those people? I couldn't I

wouldn't be very good at my job if 2 did. Craig has redefined Bond, bringing realism and box-office earnings back to the series. So is it the classic, suave Bond we love the most or the modern-day assassin taking down today's terrorists? One thing is always certain - he'll remain 100%. Bond, James Bond.

Classic. Great package. Of course,

every Bond movie is being played on

7 o on Saturday night. Favourite?

Definitely Sean Connery for me. Just

loved the rugged, rough, times were

good back in the '60s. Roger more

for me. He was susuave. He was a bit

of a scallywag. Yes he was.

of a scallywag. Yes he was.. I like

action Bond, Daniel Craig. A bit of

a connection. You don't hold

anything for being Rachel's first

boyfriend? I am comfortable with

that, at ease. He is not coming back

to the country? Is he? Bond, they

needed him because the Bourne series

started to take over. Yours? I am

with you, Sean Connery. Showing our

age. Don't mention that. Just ahead - an Aussie man's disappearance overseas

and his family's long battle to get answers. And later, why gym memberships are likely to rise because of the music they play. Also coming up - we put a few hundred more free tickets to Usher online. As we count down to his concert on Friday, on Sunrise. (GENTLE MUSIC) Butter-Menthol. Like a comforting hug from Mum. VOICEOVER: You insure your home and car. Why not secure your income and your family's way of life with ING's EasyProtect Income from only $7 a week? Why not give them a call? Call 1300 ING 111 now. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Nelson is away this week, so Julia Morris has stepped in. Morning, Julia. Miss Michigan has been crowned Miss USA. She's got a lot of people talking because she's the first Arab-American to win the title. And her past has caused some controversy too?

It is, a little tricky. But not as

tricky as her surname. Her name

tricky as her surname. Her name is Rima Fakih. She took the Miss US A

crown last night but the 24-year-old

beauty as a secretive background,

she won stripper 1 0 1 pole dancing

champion. The parent must be proud.

She won jewellery, and a stripper

pole for her private home and I

wonder if it was her talent for the

contest. But she is a specialty

dancer with a heart of gold.

Goodness me, it is only time before

we do a movie about her. So they are

allowed to be, nothing against pole

dancers, I know a lot of people do

it for fitness? But they are

it for fitness? But they are allowed to be a pole dancer? Exotic dancer?

Apparently so. They are not taking

her competition away from her so she

is laughing like a shark in a kids'

pool, no issue as she kicks it into touch. Lilly Allen is setting things straight on Twitter? What's she said?

She has come up saying, "

She has come up saying, "Kids, I'm

not pregnant." Some photos have been

brought to thefore that say she is

pregnant. It has been all the rage,

everyone talking about her big, bad

belly bump. To Me it looks like some

Yorkshire pudding, she took the

Twitter saying, "

Twitter saying, "I am not pregnant,

I will totally let you know when I I will totally let you know when I will totally let you know when I

am, like last time." But she is

taking time out, she and boyfriend

Sam Cooper are thinking about start

agfamily, she is going to take a

break from music to concentrate on

families. Really? I am not here to

judge. She is 25, leave it a few

years and get out for God's sake.

But even on the Big Day Out, she said, "

said, "I want a baby." But if it is

what you want, chicken, go for it.

She might want it? Why!

She might want it? Why!? A windy day

and your dress blows out and you are

pregnant. Soapbox? Tony Abbott after his pregnant. Soapbox? Tony Abbott after

his remarks last night, " his remarks last night, "Listen to

what he said. At least he is being honest." Said Barney. In

honest." Said Barney. In the heat of

the moment, things can be stretched.

Laser surgery, Ches said, " Laser surgery, Ches said, "My

partner had laser surgery on both

eyes. After the first eye, after the

patch removed he said gee, you do

have lots of wrinkles." An

unintended consequence of eye

surgery. I might see you guys in

true light. Or Drew. A lot saying

Nat looks very sexy with her glasses

on this morning. Thank you, very

nice. A lady who wears glasses, a

librarian. Okay, I am putting them

back on. Just to show you. You are

reader as well. There you go, how is

that. Grrr... It is a bit Nana

Mouskuori, it is what my husband

said. That is the reason? Because

Drew intimidates you? What happened to John? An Aussie disappears in Hawaii but experts from home have to prove he's dead. And his family is still waiting for answers from the Americans. Don't believe everything I say. The statements that need to be taken absolutely as gospel truth is those carefully prepared, scripted remarks. Tony Abbott tells voters to only trust promises he makes in writing. And bad-taste buffet.

The food dangers lurking in the all-you-can-eat smorgasbord.

This is Sunrise on Seven. Live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Nat. Also coming up - musicians slug gym owners for playing their songs in fitness classes. But will it cost more to work out? Right now, it's time for the news of the day. He's attacked the Government for breaking promises but now Tony Abbott has dug himself a hole trying to explain his own policy backflip. The Opposition Leader appeared to confirm he doesn't always tell the gospel truth but says voters know when to believe him and when not to. On the red carpet, Tony Abbott found some fans but the football stars stayed by Kevin Rudd's side after the Opposition Leader earlier booted an own goal. Sometimes, in the heat of discussion, you go a little bit further than you would if it was an absolutely calm, considered, prepared, scripted remark. He argued this... There'll be no new taxes, ..was not a lie, but an exaggeration in the heat of the discussion. A month later - It will be funded by a levy on larger businesses. He proposed a bigger, better paid-parental-leave scheme. It wasn't absolutely consistent with what I said the month before. It was the opposite! I think we know, um, when we can put absolute weight on what's being said. The Government claims the gaffe has exposed Mr Abbott and nothing he says can be believed. We've got a political leader saying don't trust what I say, get it in writing.


And Kevin Rudd will be under pressure to reconsider his tough stand on Sri Lankan asylum seekers

following a new report from The International Crisis Group. It's found tens of thousands of ethnic Tamils were killed in the final days of the country's long running civil war. It says they were shelled in areas which had been declared safe zones. Last month, the government introduced a 3-month moratorium on processing Sri Lankan asylum applications.

The Fremantle Dockers say they're still gathering information into claims utility player Michael Johnson was picked-up by police at the weekend in possession of drugs. The club has issued a statement saying its informed the AFL and is treating the matter very seriously. News Limited is reporting the 25-year-old was found with cocaine. An elderly man is recovering in hospital after a unit fire on the Gold Coast. A passer-by called triple zero last night after seeing smoke billowing from the Surfers Paradise unit. One of the other fire officers was able to see the man inside the unit. He was sitting in heavy smoke in a semi-conscious state and we were able to remove him safely so it was a good save by the crews. He's now in a stable condition. The cause of the blaze isn't known. Video-sharing website YouTube is celebrating its fifth birthday today. The internet site which brought us keyboard-playing cats, dangerous near-misses, and of course, Justin Bieber, started with a 19-second video from YouTube founder Jawed Karim's trip to the zoo. VIDEO: The cool thing about these guys is they have really, really long trunks, and that's cool. YouTube attracts around two billion views each day.

My finger hurts, Charlie. Did you

know 24 hours of video is posted on

YouTube every minute of every day.

It is remarkable. Finance news, YouTube every minute of every day. It is remarkable. Finance news,

look, the Dow has had a remarkable

come back late in the session.

come back late in the session

finished up 6 points. After the

European central bank stepped in and

started buying up euros. Euro was

under a lot of pressure for most of

the night. The European markets were

roughly steady. To our region

yesterday, it was an awful day,

awful, awful, awful. $40 billion

wiped off the Australian share

market. Hopefully, it should steady

today after the lead last night

today after the lead last night from Wall Street. To the commodities,

gold is remaining at near record

levels. Oil continues its slide

because they reckon the issues in

Europe will slow global economic

growth and that means that the world

won't need as much oil. And the currencies: won't need as much oil. And the currencies:

won't need as much oil. And the currencies: Here is sport and

Beretts. Thank you, Kochie. Bulldogs young-gun Jamal Idris is set to make his Origin debut after being selected on the Blues' bench for the series opener. Kangaroos backrower Paul Gallen was snubbed.

Jarryd Hayne was selected on the wing and looks primed to repeat his 2009 Origin heroics. Hayne had a hand in all three of Parramatta's tries in last night's 19-12 win over Manly. COMMENTATOR: A lovely pass, once again, by Jarryd Hayne. He's 2 from 2. Queensland will name its side today. The struggling Adelaide Crows have slapped a 1-week ban on star players Bernie Vince and Graham Johncock along with rookie Matthew Yensh after the trio broke team rules. The Crows meet Brisbane on Sunday and the Lions have their own problems Key duo Jonathan Brown and Brendan Fevola are reportedly heading to Adelaide today to consult a groin specialist. Michael Clarke is under serious pressure to retain his role as Twenty20 skipper following Australia's disastrous batting performance in the World Twenty20 final against England. Clarke managed just 92 runs in the tournament, averaging 15. Cameron White has played down talk of assuming the captaincy but looms as the logical successor after hammering 180 runs at an average of 45.

Well, it is crunch time

Well, it is crunch time in 'Australia's Got Talent'. That is

where we find Grant Denyer this

morning. All happening behind you?

It sure is. Rehearsals this morning

so a sneak preview in the finals

tonight. Adam Mervy, a great

discovery, an illusionist. Justice

Crew on stage, a fantastic dance

act. They smoked the auditions. They

work for free, teaching kids who

couldn't afford dance lessons how to

dance. They have big hearts and big

moves and they are taking on another

dance group. But blood, sweat and

tears has gone into the performance.

I love this, whetheria bang spoons,

play a piano or make your sister

disappear, it gives people who

wouldn't otherwise have a chance to

stand in the spotlight and are a

stage and show Australia what

they've got and change their lives

forever. We will do it tonight at 7. forever. We will do it tonight at 7.30.

You having fun in the competition so

far fellows? Yes. A tough night

ahead. What can we expect in your

passion-packed performance?

Australia can expect a whole bunch

of entertainment and fun, at the

same time, a whole bunch of cool

attitude. It will make Australia attitude. It will make Australia go, " attitude. It will make Australia go,

"Wow, these guys are the bomb." Your

life will change forever if you nail

it tonight. Give us a sample. A

sneak preview of what you are in for tonight.

(music plays)

These are the auditions, you have to

tune in at 7. tune in at 7.30 tonight tune in at 7.30 tonight on 'Australia's Got Talent', finals

time. They are terrific. Thank you, Grant. The headline writers have enjoyed Tony Abbott's admission that he sometimes stretches the truth when speaking. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says, "Read My Lying Lips". And Melbourne's 'Herald Sun' plays on the Opposition Leader once training to be a Catholic priest. The "Gospel according to Tony Abbott".

Here's what all the fuss is about.

Ia need to look at it in the full

clip to know what the fuss is about.

Take a look. I know politicians are

going to be judged on everything

they say. But sometimes in the heat

of discussion, you go a little bit

further than you would if it was an

absolutely calm, considered,

prepared, scripted remark, which is

one of the reasons why the

statements that need to be taken

absolutely as gospel truth is those

carefully prepared scripted remarks. So every time you make a statement

we have to ask you whether it is

carefully prepared and scripted or

whether it is just something on the fly. Seriously. It

fly. Seriously. This is a very

serious question. But, but, but, all

of us Kerry, in the heat of verbal

combat so to speak will sometimes

say things that go a little bit further. So will you believe anything Mr Abbott says in future? And can we trust anything any politician tells us?

Is he telling the traougtd there? --

Telling the truth there. We'll seek some views later this Sunrise and you can have your say. Now to a heartbreaking story about a family trying to find out what happened to their loved one. Retired Bendigo builder John Parsons died during a hike while on holiday in Hawaii. And as US correspondent Mike Amor found out, authorities aren't doing much to help the family find answers. Most Australians come to Hawaii for the sun and surf of famous Waikiki Beach. But John Parsons's passion was hiking. This is the jungle where the 77-year-old retired builder went missing in September, 2008. I'm afraid that perhaps he got too friendly

with the wrong person up there and maybe turned his back on the guy and the guy, you know, took a knife out and did him in. Local pig hunter Leigh Saragosa met John Parsons that day. I said, "I'm going hunting". He said if I mind, he can tag along. I said "No problem". It's a tough walk, but despite two heart attacks, John was an experienced bush walker. After several hours, the pack of dogs chased a pig, followed by Leigh, who left a puppy with his new Aussie friend. I'll be back and I'll come and get you. He said "OK", he'll wait here for me. Leigh says he returned 45 minutes later. My bag was here, my dog was gone. He was gone? He was gone.

A massive search was launched, joined by the Parsons family. But their father was not found. A year later, John's pension card, as well as a leg bone, were discovered much deeper into the jungle, followed by a skull with what appeared to be two bullet holes. No explanation for his remains being found so far away from where he was last seen. There was no problems between you and John that day? No. No problems at all. No arguments? No. You didn't kill John? No, no, not me. I didn't do nothing to the old man. 19 months after John Parsons's death, the forensic report is still not finished. Even more incredible - when a family wanted a DNA test done on one of the first bones found, police here cut off a slice, gave it to them and told them to take it home to Australia for testing because it would be quicker. Police refused requests for an interview and have even ignored efforts by John's children to find the truth. Just like they didn't have any respect 'cause whether he was Australian or whether he was a 77-year-old man. It must be very frustrating for John Parson's family. Not only to lose a loved one, but also to not get any answers from police. John's daughter, Meryl, and son, Ian, are here with us. Meryl, describe to us what it's like to bring home a piece of bone

and then plead for Australian authorities to help you identify it.

Um, I had a great feeling of, we had

a great feeling of frustration about

the fact that this case was just not

being solved. That we had waited for

a year and still, yet, we had no

answers about how our father passed

away. We had no answers or

away. We had no answers or results from the DNA testing. We are really

amazed when the medical examiner

gave us the little piece of bone

from our father's, well, presumably,

our father's femur to bring back to

Australia. Because we weren't sure

it belonged to our father but they

were still quite happy for us to

bring it home. We were really sad.

The sadness is the biggest part of

that because actually seeing

photographs of, possibly, our 's leg

bone was very difficult. I had to

carry itome with me on the plane,

when I came back to Australia. But I

suppose the worst part was the

suppose the worst part was the fact we were doing it ourselves. We had

to bring this home. We didn't have

any help from the medical examiner.

They weren't answering or calls,

they weren't answering our e-mails.

We had to bring it home and organise

it ourselves. Go to local

authorities in Australia and

organise the testing ourselves. I

must say, the Victoria coroner were

awesome and have been wonderful to

our family in this process. As

our family in this process. As wee in the story, it did match. Ian,

nothing is happening much with the

American investigation. What do you

want the Australian government to

do? Yes, well, I have actually been

wondering myself. What influence the Australian government might actually

have. And in considering that you think, "

think, "Well, if there had been

someone else, maybe a more high

profile person gone missing, like a

celebrity or a sports person, would

it have made some sort of difropous

to the way the Australian

to the way the Australian --

difference to the way the Australian

government could or would act?

government could or would act?." All

is room. The Victoria coroner has

been wonderful in identifying the

remains Trying to relaze with US

authorities. We want someone to step

in and be an intermeadiery to in the

link the two government agencies

together to ensure this action, is

coordinated properly and there is a

thorough investigation. Yes, look,

it is so tough on you. We do have

this response from Foreign

this response from Foreign Minister Steven Smith. He said mptd.

Obviously, not much is happening

there. We will be lobbying the

federal government on your behalf to

let's try and get something done. We

feel for you and your family, thank

you very much for joining us this

morning. Thank you. Thanks a lot.

The Prime Minister is on the show on

Friday, we are going to put the

family's flight mreeut to Kevin

Rudd, hopefully he will have some

answers for us. This afternoon in Melbourne a funeral will be held for a young father-of-5 caught up in last year's Black Saturday bushfires. Alan Evett was just 38 years old. He tragically took his own life last week. His family says he wasn't the same since the fire tore through his property where he trained horses. To make matters worse, Alan was stranded on that property for four days, without knowing if his wife and children were OK. Alan's family was OK. But they're now once again hurting because of Black Saturday. They want his story told to help other people who may be in a similar situation. Joining me now is Salvation Army chaplain Major Arthur Ford and psychiatrist Dr Julian Parmegiani. Julian, I'll start with you. It's been 15 months since the Victorian fires. Can victims still be feeling the effects of the trauma?

The rest of the world has moveed on,

but not not for the victims? How

tough is it for them now It is very

hard for some people to get over the

trauma. They keep focusing on it day

and night, full time. There are

different aspects they are trying to

rework in their mind about the

trauma they can't understand. Which

is quite underable, something like

that would stay with you forever.

Half of Australia's population have

been exposed to a traumatic event to

cause an injury like a post

traumatic disorder. When should you

get help and what are the sign use

need help some First of all, it is

important to realise there is a

trauma response which is quite

normal. Losing sleep, thinking about

it, feeling anxious, feeling upset,

but those symptoms usually fade away

within the first four weeks. The

people who keep on going with those

symptoms after the first month

should really attract some

treatment. Ather, you were with a

lot of the victims in the early

days. I watched you and your

colleagues in absolute awe as you

counseled the victims, the families,

you didn't a amazing job. Has enough

been done to help them since? Or has

the world forgotten about them?

Well, Kochie, going back to when I

spoke to Mel on that 14th, on the

Thursday morning, we spoke about how

we could treat people and how we

could look after people. I did say

to her at that stage that the first

few weeks of a real stress and

strain on people, trauma, they face,

they kind of get through that.

they kind of get through that. But it is the months that follow, and

here we are, down the track, you

know, 15 months after the horrific

time on that particular Saturday and

those next few days. Here we have a

young man who couldn't cope with it

and has taken his life. What a

tragedy that is, what a tragedy,

Kochie. It is such a... I just feel

for these people at this moment. And

if I can just say, that even myself

from that particular time, you know,

that I have had to cope with it, I

have had to seek help myself. To see

a psychologist and to have treatment

and to meet my need because of

meeting other people's needs as

well. Alan's familyed they tried to

get him to get help. Us blokes are

puculeural species, aren't we? We

are often too proud to ask for it?

That is true, that is very true,

Kochie. At the time we kind of cope

with it all and go through the

tragedy and use up all our emotional

energys. Those strains we can cope

at that moment but it is after the

event, when we sit down and can't

sleep at night. I can personally say

that, even, you know, in these

recent month I have woken up

recent month I have woken up early in the morning and I can still feel

and see some of these people and see

the tragedy that was there. I

the tragedy that was there. I really **** that some of these -- believe

that some of these people ought to

seek help. There is help around to

talk, and share, once you start

sharing a story and start talking

about it, it helps to relieve the

pressure and the depressional part

of your own life and it is how I

feel about it. Great advice, indeed,

Arthur. As I said before, I will be

in awe of you guys forever, what you

guys did during that tragic peer yk.

Thank you very much --

if youd need immediate help, rineg

the crisis line or call Life Line on.

Shifting focus now. A couple of weeks ago, we spoke about all the nasties that can be spread when people don't wash their hands. Since then, we've had lots of emails, including this one from Sam in Adelaide. He took his wife and her family out to a buffet dinner on Mother's Day. Sam watched in horror as another diner rummaged through the bread rolls with his bare hands, looking for the one he wanted. So do germs spread via buffets and can they make us sick? Juliana Madden is from the Food Safety Information Council. Good morning, Juliana.

I don't want to think about this but

we have got to talk about it. What

kind of germs can be spread by a

buffet? You can have camp luback

tru, salmonella, hepatitis, all the

things we could normally get from

food but you have got the added

difficulty because the food is not

being served straight to you. It is

actually, you have got the

customers, the other customers that

are not necessarily always doing the

right thing. How do we wee know if a

buffet -s good one? How many

regulations are there for food

outlets and how often are they

enforced mism The regulationerize

under the Food Standards Code, the

same ones we have for say,

unpackaged foods such as meat as

butchery or if you go into a

supermarket and there are prepared

salads, they are enforced very well.

Mainly at the state level. The food

Standards of Australia and New

Zealand set the standard and are

enforced at a state level and a

local government level. It is not

only the restaurant that need to be

on the ball. Customers have to take

responsibility, especially nudge the

guy who was rummaging through the

bread roles with the hands and the

kid under the sneeze barrier,

rummaging around and say." Get away

kids, get your parents." Absolutely,

buffets should be supervised anyway. There should There buffets should be supervised anyway.

There smb someone from the

restaurant or the food area actually

making sure the buffet is not being

contaminated by people using the

wrong servers or you know, rummaging

through the bread, but it is also up

to us. I mean as consumers,

to us. I mean as consumers, we should be taking some

responsibility. If somebody, say,

sneezes in their hand and then is

going to pick up the tongs you can

say to them, "

say to them, "can I hold your plate

while you go and wash your hands."

In a subtle way. Try and do that.

But we need to wash our hands. We

need to you know, make sure that we

don't use the wrong servers or the

same servers for each bowl. Okay. So

that, you know, you can know the

correct standards. You know, teach

others, to you know, sort of point

out to other people in the nighest

possible way. We don't want "

possible way. We don't want "buffet rage" possible way. We don't want "buffet

rage"." You have given us terrific

points. It makes me feel a lot

better. Thank you for joining us.

Thank you. 600 cases of foodborn

illnesses in Australia, a day. We

all need to be more vigilant, I think. Let's see how the footy tips are going. In the AFL, the girls correctly tipped Carlton over Port Adelaide. They had 6 right to the boy's 5. And in the NRL, the boys only picked St G