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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Rising star. Rudd has preferred Labor leader. Julia Gillard closes in on Kevin for a female PM? But is Australia ready Crook depiction? as bad as 'Underbelly' shows it? Was police corruption really And are our cops clean now? And 'Sex and the City 2'. from the new movie. Fifi in New York with the girls See how she makes them blush.

This is Sunrise on Seven, now, live

from Brekky Central, here's Kochie

and Nat. A couple of wardrobe

malfunctions. What are you losing?

My Mic is stuck to my chest, need

some gaffa. Mel is still on

holidays, Nat is with me, Simon is

looking after the news, which is

quite good because Nat is a huge

Usher fan. we have some big Usher news. This morning,

It is so big we have to keep it from

you, tease you. A major announcement

coming up later but

coming up later but now here is

coming up later but now here is news

with Simon. The Federal Budget has failed slide in popularity to stall Kevin Rudd's with two new opinion polls showing as Labor Leader less than half prefer him to take over. with many backing his deputy leadership speculation Julia Gillard has dismissed is damaging the Government, but the result suggests it the Opposition two-party preferred. which remains neck and neck with 25% of people surveyed said Labor are "poor" economic managers the Budget convinced them it won't change their vote. while 58% say For the second time in a fortnight asylum seekers the navy has had to rescue off the WA coast. from a sinking boat by a spotter plane The vessel was picked up near Scott Reef in the Timor Sea. HMAS 'Ararat' arrived. By the time the patrol boat large amounts of water. the boat was taking on being taken to Christmas Island The 92 people on board are now for processing. their nationalities are unclear. At this stage intercepted so far this year. It's the 57th asylum seeker boat Crowds are flocking at Jessica Watson's pink yacht for a first-hand look her triumph as the 16-year-old savours before her 17th birthday tomorrow. After seven months at sea alone to the simple things. she says she's just looking forward wearing nice clothes Just getting a haircut, just normal things. and, I don't know, She got that haircut yesterday now will be anything but normal but celebrity agents say her life possible movie deal in the works. with a national tour, book and At least one person is dead near Bendigo in central Victoria. after a fiery truck crash this morning, The truck ran off the Calder Highway six kilometres north of Wedderburn exploding in flames. and ploughed into a tree, The blaze was so fierce

if there were any passengers. police couldn't determine in both directions. The Calder Highway remains blocked will be closed today Australia's embassy in Thailand not to go work while locals are being told the streets of Bangkok. as violence continues to grip

and 239 wounded At least 33 people have been killed between anti-government protesters in three days of clashes and the military. were declared a "live fire zone". Yesterday a part of the city (GUNFIRE) Red Shirt demands The government has rejected to broker peace talks. for the United Nations in the protesters' encampment It's now advising women and children to leave the area. has successfully docked The space shuttle 'Atlantis' this morning. with the International Space Station kilometres above the South Pacific. The two spacecraft linked up 350 three spacewalks Astronauts will take during their week-long visit. to repair and re-stock the station performed a slow backflip Before docking, the shuttle to properly inspect the spacecraft to allow NASA for any possible launch damage. It's Atlantis' final mission after 25 years and 32 missions. before being retired In finance news:

How cool, a shuttle backflip!

The Dow Jones index, Saturday

morning back down again.

morning back down again. Investors The Dow Jones index, Saturday

still worried about the Woah! still worried about the

still worried about the Woes in

Europe and China tightening their

monetary policy and also continued

regulatory attacks on the US banks.

A lot of nervousinous out there. The

European markets were crunched as

well. In

markets. The boom of early last week no good news anywhere on share

was certainly short-lived. Gold, trading records.

probably the good news out of all Oil has taken a tumble. That is this.

Who is willing to predict the week

ahead? Only one bloke. Craig James at CommSec.

Can You predict anything with

certainty? No, I think I will give

up as well. I am going to do talks

in Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast

so I will enjoy the week. Not a

flash week for economic data,

lending figures today and tomorrow,

the minutes of the last Reserve Bank

board meeting so we will get an

indication whether they have moved

to the interest rate sidelines. It

has take an big hike on retail

spending. And given the budget and

the woes on the share markets, you

wouldn't expect a flash reading on

the consumement figures on Wednesday

and figures on wages the same day.

Rising probably at a modest rate, 3. Rising probably at a modest rate,

3.5 per cent, nothing to trouble

Reserve Bank. Over the week, a 3.5 per cent, nothing to trouble the

number of speeches by RB rrp and

Treasury officials, a few things to

watch out but not a biggy week when

you look at the tax reform of the

last couple of weeks and the budget.

You have a good week, wearing the St

Kilda week. Giving

Kilda week. Giving your team a G up.

It has been a bad week, Australia

lost the cricket. And Port Adelaide

lost. Follow the sunshine. Here is

Beretts now, speaking of sunshine,

in Mooloolaba. Welcome back to the

land of had the living. Good to be

back. No-one is happier to see this

beautiful beach in Mooloolaba

we were yesterday after the Tour de beautiful beach in Mooloolaba than Cure. Mark Webber is on top world drivers' championship of the Formula One a masterful driving performance after delivering to win the Monaco GP overnight. from start to finish, Webber led an incident-packed race Vettel to the chequered flag. beating Red Bull team-mate Sebastian For sure the greatest day of my life today. To win here is a very, very special day. It's the 33-year-old's first win in the famous street race. Australia has come up short in the final of the World Twenty20, going down to England by seven wickets in Barbados this morning. Michael Clarke's side could only manage 147 after another top order collapse. And England had no trouble reaching the target, getting home with three overs to spare. The victory is England's first in an ICC limited-overs tournament. St Kilda coach Ross Lyon has branded his side's skills 'deplorable' following their 12-point loss to Essendon at Etihad Stadium overnight. The Saints have now lost three of their last four matches. The Bombers' gutsy performance was soured somewhat by ruckman David Hille's rough conduct report for hitting Brendan Goddard. Michael Jennings has made a last-minute push for Origin selection

with a scintillating 3-try performance in the Panthers' 34-14 win over the Sharks. A host of Tigers' Origin hopefuls damaged their chances severely

in yesterday's 50-10 thumping at the hands of South Sydney. The Blues team is named tonight. Now to Grant and today's weather.

I know you will appreciate this, a

guy came down this morning with a

big beaming grin and said, " big beaming grin and said, "You made

it, I can't believe it." Then he

lost the grin and said, " lost the grin and said,

"Disappointing, I bet against you."

But that is the Australian way. I

can't believe anyone would do that.

Who would have thought? I hope he

kicked the can for you. I thought it

was a great Australian momentd. A

great journey, highlights later in the morning

the morning . We

great journey, highlights later in the morning . We sort of passed each

other yesterday, Grant, he sauz was

going south in the Kombi and we going south in the Kombi and we we

were going north. You made Monday a great were going north. You made Monday a

great day to wake up for. A proud

Australian moment, Mark Webber, winning the

winning the championship and you,

making it a double header of man

love, finishing your triceical

thingy. I wish I was there to buy

you a beer, you would smell awesome

after 14 days

after 14 day 10 -- 10 days and 1300 Ks. Sunrise weather brought to you by Crimsafe security doors and screens. If it's not Crimsafe, it's not crim safe. A late shower or two in Cairns. Rain periods for Mackay. Light rain in Maroochydore. Light rain in Brisbane. Becoming fine in Broken Hill. Fine with early frost in Canberra. Partly cloudy in Thredbo. Early fog in Ballarat. Partly cloudy in Warrnambool. Early fog then sunny in Melbourne. Cloudy periods with some rain in Katherine. Chance of a shower in Albany. Possible shower in Broome.

If you want to come and see us and

say G'day, we are at Redcliffe

Parade, the street, the pier just

north in Brisbaney. Come and say hello. Coming up - meet two families who've been forced to live in tents. And the new research on how mothers and babies bond. But after the break - soccer star Harry Kewell relaxing ahead of the World Cup. Our breakfast TV exclusive with the soccer star is next on Sunrise. ('SOMETIMES' BY MIAMI HORROR PLAYS) Put the call out. $30 now gets you unlimited SMS to any five friends on any network. Plus, choose the 3G Optus U1200 for a low $49. Save $50. Or this Nokia 2730 with 2-megapixel camera for just $99. So now you and your crew can choose to live life without limits. Only at your local Optus 'yes' shop. Go smouldering black in just 10 minutes. New Excell 10' magnetic blacks, from L'Oreal. Our blackest black. Pure and shiny, without a single grey. Smouldering black, cashmere soft. Excell 10' magnetic blacks from L'Oreal. Go as dark as you dare. You're worth it. MAN: You don't use your car much. You use it on the weekend. You only use your car when you get back. You don't use it much at the moment. And you use it a lot less nowadays than you used to. There's no-one you-er than you. That's why there's Youi. We save you money by insuring you for how you use your car. Call 13youi or go to Sunrise books online at Enjoy a choice, enjoy your stay. Are you dreaming of a tropical escape? All Seasons Magnetic Island is offering a dream deal. Not far from Townsville it's surrounded by tropical gardens with only a short walk to the beach. All Seasons Magnetic Island is offering Sunrise viewers the exclusive rate of $109 per night for two people in a resort room. And continental breakfast is included. But hurry, this offer is only available for the first 200 callers. To book visit the website on screen or call 1800 981 828 and mention us. He's one of Australia's greatest football players.

, What are you laughing at? I don't

need to wear my glasses now the font

on the autocue is so big now. I am

blind too, I shouldn't make fun of

people who are challenged in the eye

department. It is two words to a

screen. It is like a plane carrying

a big sign on the back. You

shouldn't laugh at other people's

misfortune. You I can't believe you

got your licence. I have laser

surgery coming to me. As a 17-year-old,

Harry Kewell made his debut in the English Premier League and has never looked back. Now 31, Kewell is preparing to take his place for Australia in his second World Cup. But as Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner discovered, there's more to Harry than just soccer.

Harry Kewell has done it!

Australia's golden boy has come up

with a golden goal. Welcome back to

Australia. Good to be here. You have

been described as Australia's finest

football export. How much pressure

do you feel to be fit and fabulous

for the World Cup? Not halot of

pressure from mech well, I don't

feel it on myself. Look, if I am

right, I am right. At the end of the

day, I am going to do the right

thing, not only by myself but my

team. I am starting running on

Monday, which is fantastic.

Obviously, even before the last one,

I was virtually playing. I am not

far off, it is just lidal hurdles I

am getting over. Haurs has a tough

draw, Germany, Gana and Serbia. It

is a hard group, yes, it is a hard

group for Australia. But it is World

Cup, do you expect to play easy

teams? No, it is the best of the

best. If we can come

best. If we can come through the

group, it is better for us and

better for Australia as well. Inside

the penalty area,

the penalty area,cule! A butte. You

are here for a different reason.

Fashion. I mean, how

Fashion. I mean, how comfortable do you feel modelling? Being up staged

by a picture of yourself in your

under dacks. Very nice? I have

always loved glove clothes, I am

like any bloke, like to look good.

You can come into a store like this

and know nothing about fashion and

walk out with an outfit you look

sharp and smart. I like that. It is

fantastic to be part of something

like that. What was it like

modelling underwear, you look

confident, apparently you can't take

a bad shot, it has got to be

confronting. It is interestingch the

first time I have done something

like this. I was nerve, tkoeblt

don't get me wrong but I did enjoy

it. I believe behind every stylish

man is a more stylish woman? Yes, my

wife picks my clothes. She loves her

clothes. I do get the best kind of

help. Do you think you will aufrb

call Australia home again? I could

do. My wife enjoys coming here,

do. My wife enjoys coming here, she has been here a couple of times. My

kids are doing to come out here. Why

not? Come on down, Harry, I say. If Now if you want to meet Harry, you can today in Melbourne. All the details are on our website.

Looking pretty trim, isn't he? Yep!

Just a normal yes would have done, I think. Still to come - two police whistleblowers on the real Underbelly. Are cops really like what you see on TV?

We gets lot of e-mails from people saying, "

saying, "Is it just ficz." We will find out. And our major announcement on Usher. But next, why Facebook users are being told to take down their profile photos. And meet the pensioner who spent eight years on a 5,000-piece jigsaw only to find one bit missing.

No! Poor guy. (GENTLE MUSIC) VOICEOVER: Being fresh and original is quite an art. To see it, surprises. To experience it, excites. VOICE: (WHISPERS) Zoom, zoom! Mazda call it CX-7. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # Different look, different feel. New Mazda CX-7, in petrol or diesel. A different SUV for a different life. MAN: You don't use your car much. You use it on the weekend. You only use your car when you get back. You don't use it much at the moment. And you use it a lot less nowadays than you used to. There's no-one you-er than you. That's why there's Youi. We save you money by insuring you for how you use your car. Call 13youi or go to Now to what you're reading on the net. Police are telling Facebook users to take down their profile photos. The warning follows the murder of a Sydney teenager who met her alleged killer on the social networking website.

Police say young people should not list the school they attend. Have you changed your Facebook profile recently? And Kochie, how careful were your kids about what they put on the web?

Doesn't everyone have their Facebook

profile up there? Yes, absolutely.

And parents, you have got to warn

your kids about this. Because it is

so common now, and they do it. Like,

we did some polls of our readers on

Sunrise, and one of the questions we

asked, and we did it two years

asked, and we did it two years ago as well. What do you do first up in

the morning? Would you believe the

No.2 thing people do in the morning

is check their Facebook. Two years

ago, it didn't even make the top 10.

It has become such part of life, I

think people take it for granted.

You got

You got to be careful. It is such a

sad, awful story. Please, take

notice of what the police are saying on that one. Also making news, the increasing support for Julia Gillard to become Labor leader. Opinion polls today still have Kevin Rudd as the party's preferred boss. But his deputy is closing the gap. So do you think Julia Gillard would be a better leader? And are you ready for a female Prime Minister?

Are we, in this country? I reckon we

are. Yes. Yep. We have got female

premiers doing good jobs. An

interesting time for the Labor

Party, not far out from an election.

If the numbers keep going the way

they are going, what do they do? It

is the Howard Costello thing all

over again. The polling or focus

groups, the Labor Party does all

this research, they are saying we

want Sunrise Kevin back, not PM

Kevin. When when he got narcy on the

interview on the ABC last week, people interview on the ABC last week,

people got a bump, even if they

disagree, people want to see that. What you believe in. Rfrn Finally being clicked, the pensioner who spent eight years on a 5,000-piece jigsaw only to find one pice missing. He can't get a replacement piece because the jigsaw has gone out of production.

You would just colour in in,

wouldn't you? Is poor Jack looks

sad. Can't you get a piece of

cardboard. It is not the same. He

put it on the dining room table in

2002 and it has been for for eight

years. See, someone has vacuumed,

it, I think. Years ago, probably.

The dog ate it. Anyway, has it

happened to you. It is very sad for

him. What does he do now? Coming up - will South Africa be safe during the World Cup?

And the new worldwide study linking mobiles to cancer.

Yes, it is a big study, it is worth

takes noting of. We have wondered

this for years. Haven't we? Also, we reveal the big news on Usher. Molly joins us for the announcement, on Sunrise.

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With Kochie and Nat. Ahead this morning - Julia Gillard closes the gap on Kevin Rudd as preferred Labor leader. So will Kevin07 be out by '11?

Boom, boom, like that. And later - what did Fifi say to make the girls from 'Sex and the City' blush?

Could anything make those girls

blush? What they do on that show? Find out when she spends the day with them in New York. Right now, though, Simon has the news.

Good morning. Treasurer Wayne Swan hits the road today selling the mining super profits tax as the Prime Minister struggles in the opinion polls. According to two surveys out today, the Government and Opposition are neck and neck while Julia Gillard is closing in on her boss as preferred Labor leader. And the Budget and mining tax haven't helped with a Galaxy poll finding more voters now believe Labor is a poor economic manager. Mr Swan will face his toughest critics today, meeting with miners in WA. Three navy vessels are this morning transporting another boatload of asylum seekers to Christmas Island.

The 92 people on board had to be rescued as their vessel was taking on water and in danger of sinking near Scott Reef in the Timor Sea. The boat is the 57th intercepted so far this year. A man has died in a house fire in North Melbourne despite a neighbour's desperate efforts to save him.

The 65-year-old was pulled from his burning home about 10:00 last night. That person happened to be the occupant of the flat which had smoke inhalation and possibly burns to about 60% of his body. He was rushed to hospital but died early this morning. And a power outage at Altona sparked a major flare at the Mobil refinery. Firefighters say burning off hydrocarbons is normal procedure in the event of a blackout and the situation is under control. And a house in Sydney's north-west has been damaged by fire

this morning. The residents escaped unhurt but their pet dog had to be rescued when the Carlingford house went up in flames about 7pm. The garage and family car were destroyed. Police are investigating the cause of the blaze. The world's biggest study into mobile phone use and brain cancer

has found there is evidence of a link. The study followed 5,000 brain cancer patients from 13 countries, including Australia, over 10 years. While it concluded there was no increased cancer risk overall, people who spent more than half an hour on their mobiles each day

were 40% more likely to develop a common form of brain tumour. Parts of UK airspace are closed as the ash cloud from Iceland's volcano continues to disrupt air travel. A dense plume of ash is blanketing northern England,

grounding flights in Manchester, Liverpool and Scotland. Authorities say they're doing the best they can to keep planes in the air. Well, we're restricting flights within the airspace, we've now moved to a new set of procedures which means that aircraft can fly within ash clouds of a low density so not much ash in the air. Passengers are being warned the ash cloud might close London's airports from Wednesday afternoon. In finance news:

Gee, it wasn't good again. Haven't got a good lead for our market going

into this week. Just to show you how

volatile markets are at the moment,

the Dow has

the Dow has swung 100 points or more

in eleven of the last 14 trading

sessions. So markets are so nervous.

European markets got smashed over

the weekend, as well. To the

commodities: gold trading at record levels. commodities: gold trading at record levels.

commodities: gold trading at record levels. . The Aussie dollar down

against the greenback.

Time for sport now, here is a very

relieved Mark Beretta. Kochie, good

morning from Mooloolaba, home to a

beautiful beach and lots of pairs of

tired legs this morning and a few

very sore backsides too. Mark Webber has stormed into contention for the Formula One world drivers' championship after a comprehensive victory in the Monaco GP last night. The attrition rate was high on the famous street circuit but Webber kept out of trouble and made light of four safety car interruptions to hold out Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Webber now leads the world championship standings on 78 points. Australia has suffered a 7-wicket loss to England in the World Twenty20 final in Barbados this morning. The Aussies crashed to 3/8 in the third over and never recovered,

only managing 147 from their 20 overs. A 117-run partnership between South-African-born duo

Kevin Pietersen and Craig Kieswetter

powered England to their first-ever limited overs title. Essendon's David Hille will be anxiously awaiting the verdict of the AFL's match review panel after being reported for rough conduct in the Bombers 12-point win over St Kilda. Carlton's Jarrad Waite will come under scrutiny for hitting Port Adelaide's Jason Davenport. And Hawks hard-man Campbell Brown may also have a case to answer for bumping Richmond's Daniel Jackson. Thousands of blue-and-white clad supporters turned out to pay tribute to Chelsea this morning who celebrated their first-ever Premier League/FA Cup double. by riding an open-deck bus through West London. Didier Drogba wore a bra during the victory parade which may have been a reference to Chelsea's two cups - or he could just enjoy women's underwear.

Either way, really. Guys, this

incredible team behind me, the ride

sqrbz support staff for Tour de

Cure, all wanted to say hello to their partners and families who have

been at home while they have been on

the road for 10 days. Partners and

families, they are coming

families, they are coming home but

they have raised $

they have raised $1,202,000. An Out

- tkegs $

- tkegs $1,602 million.

For an organisation that set out to raise $

raise $1 million, it is an

outstanding achievement. There was

blood, sweat and tears on the way

but boys, I take my hat off to you,

outstanding am. Fantastic money,

well done on breaking your own

target, really well done. But I got

to ask, did things change, did you

end up shaving your legs again Yes,

I did, won't be doing that for a

while. Oh

while. Oh no! And it startss, next

you will be drinking camomile tea.

George Michael your favourite artist

now, is he? My goodinize me,

now, is he? My goodinize me, what happened to our sport man. How is

the weather. Not too bad, moving on now. There is

now. There is a trough bringing rain

into the Northern Territory and

Queensland, the start of the dry

season hasn't been dry, it is wet.

For the Kimberley, a fair bit of

rain, 150mm falling in napeier Downs

so it is a record since records

began. Some of that will push into

Queensland, 5 to 10mm as we take a look now. Sunrise weather brought to you by Crimsafe security doors and screens. If it's not Crimsafe, it's not crim safe. A trough will cause rain and storms to head east across the tropics with light showers spreading across New South Wales. A high will bring clearer skies to Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia whilst directing warmer northeasterlies across Western Australia.

You put the call out early in the

morning and they are turning out in

huge numbers here at Redcliffe, just

north of Brissy. The fame locals in

the past, the begys are from this

area, which is ironic because

staying alive is hard to do in the

Kombi. Did you get the lights fixed?

Yes, they work awesome now, driving

here in the dark, it was good to

have it, eventually. Joke of the

day, Edward debono, the thinker. Has

been touring at the moment, Craig

has pinched one of his jokes and

sent it in. If it is any good I

don't know if we send the TiVo to Ed

or Craig. I am not comfortable

or Craig. I am not comfortable being in the chair, I am going to pass the

baton to Nat. Just give me a one or

two. A 90-year-old goes to hell,

looking for somebody he knows. He

sees a bloke he used to know who is

also 90. The guy has a beautiful

girl sitting on his knee and the old bloke says, "

bloke says, "You sure we are in

hell? You got a gorgeous woman on

your knee." And he said, " your knee." And he said, "Yep, we

are in hell, I am her punishment."

What would you have given it A 4.

Three and a half. A TiVo coming your

way, thank you for sending it in. On the way, the new research on how mums can bond with their babies. And meet Jessica Watson's boyfriend.

Oh, allege saidly. Not getting too far. But next, will spectators be safe at World Cup in South Africa? And the families living in tents instead of homes. Find out why they're roughing it, when Sunrise continues. Rrn What's wrong, love? My cholesterol results. Great! It's better than last time. All the oats in Oat Crisp must be helping. Yeah, great. Now I don't need to eat it anymore. (REO SPEEDWAGON'S 'KEEP ON LOVING' YOU PLAYS) SONG: # And I'm gonna keep on loving you # 'Cause it's the only... # David! David! You can still eat Oat Crisp

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What a beautiful cloud formation there. A view of Sydney through the Jetstar skycam.

Would they be cumuls nimbus? Just

made it up. A strata cumuls. We will

be corrected I am sure. While you were tucked up in bed last night, some families were sleeping in tents. The housing shortage means it's happening more often. Our correspondent Nuala Hafner is at a caravan park in Victoria where two families have resorted to tents. Nuala, how are they coping?

Is this Australia? People have to

live in tents? Look, it is freezing

here. It got down to 3 overnight.

Imagine what getting ready in

Imagine what getting ready in the morning is like for the families?

They are being forced to stay here

in tents because there is such a

long waiting list for public

housing. Robert and his family were

in private rent sql it got sold and

they have been shunt d around. They

have no idea how long they will be

waiting. I am freezing, what is it

like for the kids, five kids under

the age of 13. It is cold,

stressful, can't do much about it,

just got to grin and bear it I hear

two of the kids have chest

infections and the kindies are

writing letters saying they are stressed. It

stressed. It is It is not real good

on them. Do you have any indication

how long it will be before a

how long it will be before a house can be told for you and the kids.

No, not at all. They tell me we are

at the top but not quite there. Max

you are 5, what is it like living in

a tent? Bad, because the tent has

holes. You were telling me in a storm it is

storm it is scary? Yes, and there

are holes in the tents. It is not

good, there is another family reach,

Richard and Kala, an 8

Richard and Kala, an 8 week old baby

and have to live in the caravan

park. What is it like? Cold,

stressful. Freezing. Doia have any

indication? How long have you been

waiting. We signed up last year and

we see them last month and they say,

it is a two-year wait, hold on, you

are nearly there. Soo Knowing you

with one of 40,000 families in

Victoria, it must feel hopeless. If

they are not priority, who is?

People rorting the system? If that

is not the priority, an 8-week-old

baby and a family with kids who are

sick, what is the priority. Follow

it through for us. Yes, we will. In just three weeks, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world will converge on South Africa for the World Cup. Among them - Aussies ready to cheer on our Socceroos. But with South Africa widely recognised as one of the most dangerous countries in the world, how safe are our players and their supporters? Mike Munro from the Seven Network's 'Sunday Night' travelled there. Here's a snippet of what he found.

Welcome to South Africa, 2010. Home

of the football World Cup. Where

15,000 people are car-jacked every

year. 19,000 houses are invaded. And

where 50 people are murdered a day.

More than the United States of

America. Where violence is a harsh

fact of every day life.

We respond quicker than the police,

the police, because they working for

the government, they take their

time. But you can, within five

minutes, the security company is

going to come and respond. Private

security has become a huge industry

in South Africa. Your hands behind

the back! Most are ex cops, highly

trained and respected a lot more

than South Africa's police. Men like

Isiak Quebca who patrols Pretoria's

streets. How many day as week do you

do a car-jacking? In most days,

can be three

do a car-jacking? In most days, it can be three times. Just you? Yes.

And how many home invasions a week?

Maybe once or twice? Every week?

Every week. African singing)

Every week. African singing). South

Africa is the most unekeal nation on

earth. Now it has become a game. You

in my way. So to get you out of my

way, I got to kill you. No-one is

safe. We have incredibly high levels

of crime. Part of survival on the

street, you know, robbing people,

breaking into cars, breaking into

homes, you know. Here in Alexandra

Township, Johannesburg's sprawl ur4

sqaur kilometres of poverty, the

community leader rerz rely on

volunteers to patrol the streets. In

soccer-mad South Africa, the next

month or so is seen as an

opportunity to show thp case the

country at its best. But impressive

stadiums and the billions being

spent will mean little to its

population if long after the Cup so

many are still trapped in poverty.

And everyone trapped by violence.

Looks a worry, doesn't it. Sports Minister Kate Ellis is one of the thousands of Aussies heading over there to support the Socceroos. Good morning, Minister. The Socceroos arrive in Johannesburg next week. What sort of security is being provided for our players?

Are youhopy with it? Well, look

Are youhopy with it? Well, look we have been advised by Fifi they have

put every resource into security

over in South Africa. We have also

seen the local organising committee

over there, the spokesperson came

out and said the security

arrangements had been checked 147

times and they were very confident

of them. Of course, we work very

closely with the Football Federation

of Australia to make

of Australia to make sure they have

the latest travelled a vice and

information and put in place every

arrangement necessary on top of that

to look after our team. That is for

the players. Obviously a lot of

Aussie supporters and families

heading over. They won't have access

do that type of security. What do

you say to them? Almost pack skg

ready to go with the kids? Will they

be safe? The first thing I say,

reports like last night's are

another demonstration not

another demonstration not everyone in the world enjoys the peace and

security of Australia. When you

travelling everywhere, you need to

know what the local concernerize.

The DFATA travelled a vice for South

Africa is to exercise caution

because of the high crime. I hope

all the Australians travelling over

there will look out for one another.

I have seen the statistics, on a per

capita basis there will be more Australians

Australians traveling to the World Cup than from any other nation than

from South Africa itself. There will

be a lot ofiesies there. We hope

they will be responsible and keep up

with travelled a vice, register with

DFAT and look out for one another.

You got to be careful. Unlike other

most World Cups in most World Cups most World

most World Cups in the past

most World Cups in the past that have been big parties is ats a

darker element. You just came back

from Zurich, delivering our hopeful

bids for the World Cup in 2018 or

2022. If we win the bids, part of

the bids is

the bids is saying we will spend more than $

more than $3 billion in

infrastructure, can we affords it?

Firstly, we won't know the costs

until closer to the event. There

will be cost-sharing arrangements in

place and we will seek to minimise

any of those costs. The other thing

is, it is actually the biggest

sporting event on the planet, taking

place right around the country, if

we have a successful bid. There are

in turn, some huge benefits from

that. We saw in Germany just the

number of millions of international

visitors and the flow on effects on

the economy and employment. We have

had a look at all this. It is a huge

event and it would be a huge

infrastructure build, but it would

also leave a lasting legacy for

Australian sport, where we would

have up-to-date, state-of-the-art

facilities in place. Right for the

future as well. Just finally, what are future as well. Just finally, what

are our chances, Minister, do you

think? It is a contest but I think

we are absolutely in it to win it.

We are very serious. And we are

being viewed internationally as a

serious contender. Good to know,

thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you. Still to come, a 10-year study on mobile phones finds a link to brain cancer. And we reveal the stars who tweet the most. Also, our big announcement about Usher. And Mark Webber drives to victory

in the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix. See the highlights when Sunrise continues. Many rice crackers are made of refined white rice that is processed into perfect shiny white crackers, with added MSG or flavour enhancers like E627 and E635. With new Vita-Weat rice crackers, the best taste comes naturally because when you're made with 100% natural ingredients,

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There's some great news at McDonald's. Get your very own copy of 'The Daily Telegraph' or 'The Sunday Telegraph' with any breakfast McValue Meal. So come in today for your breakfast and morning paper.

The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more.

Nelson is away this week, so Julia Morris has stepped in. And Claudia Schiffer has given birth to her third child?

She really has. She and Matthew

Vaughn have welcomed a gorgeous girl

on to the planet yesterday. One of

my favourite thing about celebrities

they put out a notice

they put out a notice saying, " they put out a notice saying,

"Mother is doing fine." There are

lots of words, but fine ain't it. It

is bound to be a cookie name or an

old-fashioned one. They have a

7-year-old boy called Casper, the

friendly coast and a 5-year-old

daughter, Clementine. She said before the berth, "

before the berth, "I used to every

before the berth, "I used to every every single day and on weekend, now

I am a mum, it is important, I am

not going to work weekend anymore."

So she is pushing the boat, she is

not going to work weekend. It must

be a nightmare with a chef and four

nannies. But go, girlfriend! Moving on, and Ashton Kutcher is apparently obsessed with Twitter.

This is the rumour. He joined

This is the rumour. He joined over a

year ago, one of the first of the celebrities it

celebrities was Tweeting on Twitter.

So many dismiss it, saying, " So many dismiss it, saying, "I went

down to some the supermarket and

bought some chips." bought some

bought someChips." It is much more

for the lovely Ashton Kutcher, 5

million follows. It is like the

highest-rating television show in Australia, he has

Australia, he has that many people

listening every day. I am sure there

are valuable statements. Between he

and his wife, 8 million followers.

140 charactersise the message. They

send out a message and people say it

is amazing. Britney has 5 million.

Kim car shagsian has 5 million. Barack Obama

Barack Obama has 4 million a day and

the lovely John Mayer, who knows how

many people he reaches a day bt I am not many people he reaches a day bt I am not many people he reaches a day bt I am

here to judge. Yes, we hear about

him. I am a Twitter, I am mad for

it. Mel is too. We will start following. Rising star - Julia Gillard closes in on Kevin Rudd has preferred Labor leader.

But is Australia ready for a female PM? Crook depiction? Was police corruption really as bad as Underbelly shows it? And are our cops clean now? And 'Sex and the City 2'. Fifi in New York with the girls from the new movie. See how she makes them blush. This is Sunrise on Seven.

Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Nat. Right now it's time for the news of the day. Good morning. Kevin Rudd's popularity slump hasn't been helped by the Federal Budget according to the latest opinion polls. Two surveys out this morning

show Julia Gillard closing in on the PM as preferred Labor Leader. With the two-party preferred vote on a knife's edge, the leadership talk won't please ALP heavyweights. Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper

is in the Prime Minister's home State and joins us now. Good morning, Michelle. How are voters there reacting?

Good morning, Simon, well, Kevin

Rudd's mrauft is waning here in

Queensland. It will be a key

battleground during the next

election. He had huge support in

2000 several, winning a number of

seats which are now under threat.

The new super mining tax has hit him

hard in Queensland, which is mainly

a mining state. Today

a mining state. Today he heads to

WA. The budget hasn't helped gain

ground with only 43 per cent of the

Australian public believing it

Australian public believing it is

good for the Australian economy.

Julia Gillard continues to dismiss

rumblingings of the top job

rumblingings of the top job but there are rumours some MP p MPs are

keen for her to step up. It is

suggesting the government is not as

uniife adit once was. -- unifyed as

it once was. The unions launch a new national wage case today wanting another $27 a week for low paid workers. The ACTU will lodge a claim with Fair Work Australia for a 5% increase to make up for last year's wages freeze.

If granted it would lift the pay packets of about 1.4 million workers to around $570 a week. The ACTU says Treasury's forecasts for growth in last week's budget

make a pay rise affordable.

A decision is due in July. A man has died in hospital after being pulled from his burning home in North Melbourne. Neighbours dragged the 65-year-old from the house after spotting flames about 10pm last night. He was rushed to hospital with burns to 60% of his body but couldn't be saved. Jessica Watson has revealed she had her own doubts before setting off on her round-the-world solo sail. Homecoming celebrations are continuing this morning ahead of her 17th birthday tomorrow. Absolutely love to think that I've made a few people think maybe teenagers are a bit more capable than some of the credit we give them for. Her first full day on dry land in seven months yesterday included a haircut

as fans flocked to see Jessica's pink yacht on display at the Sydney Maritime Museum. New figures show Melbourne's waiting list for public housing has surged 15% in 5 years and supply isn't keeping up with demand. Robert Kearns and his five children have been living in a tent for two months after the family's rental property was sold. They don't know what's going on, they're just all confused and up and down and all over the place. 41,000 people in Victoria are now on the waiting list. The Federal Government is today expected to announce $175 million funding towards an extra 547 homes. But at current rates, experts say the new capacity will have been eaten up by the time they're built. At least seven people have been killed and hundreds injured after a powerful tornado touched down in north-eastern China. The twister knocked down powerlines, trees and tore roofs of homes. More than 3,500 people were evacuated from their homes as the tornado swept across the region. Rescue efforts are under way to provide shelter for hundreds of people left homeless.

Strong winds and hailstorms are forecast in the area for the next few days.

It is going to be a rough day on our

markets if they take the lead

markets if they take the lead from Wall Street over the weekend. Down

163 points. European markets slumped

even more.

163 points. European markets slumped even more. As a percentage of their

index. To our region, the close of

last week, Japan down 158. We were

down 36 and 41, the only good news

to come out is our budget deficit

for the current financial year is $ for the current financial year is $8

billion better than it was forecast

in last Tuesday's budget, just three

days before new figures came out on Friday.

Gold is at record levels.

The Aussie dollar is down against the green back, the American

currency but up against the euro and

the British pound, which is taking

an absolute pounding at the moment

the British pound, which is taking an absolute pounding at the moment the British pound, which is taking an absolute pounding at the moment

Beretts is enjoying a well earned

rest and off the bike, maybe for

good. Yes, and not sitting down for

a while, thank you, Kochie. Mark Webber is on top of the Formula One world drivers championship after delivering a masterful performance to win the Monaco GP overnight. Webber led an incident-packed race from start to finish beating Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel to the chequered flag. For sure the greatest day of my life today. To win here is a very, very special day. It's the 33-year-old's first win on the famous street race. Australia has saved its worst performance of the World Twenty20 for the final, slumping to a 7-wicket defeat against England in Barbados this morning. Australia's top order crumbled and despite a half century from David Hussey, Michael Clarke's side could only post 7/147 from their 20 overs. Craig Kieswetter and man of the tournament Kevin Pietersen ensured England had no trouble reaching the target, running it down with three overs to spare. St Kilda coach Ross Lyon has branded his side's skills 'deplorable' following their 12-point loss to Essendon at Etihad Stadium overnight. The Saints have now lost three of their last four matches. The Bombers' gutsy performance was soured somewhat by ruckman David Hille's rough conduct report for hitting Brendan Goddard. Michael Jennings has made a last-minute push for Origin selection with a scintillating 3-try performance in the Panthers' 34-14 win over the Sharks. A host of Tigers' Origin hopefuls damaged their chances severely in yesterday's 50-10 thumping at the hands of South Sydney. The Blues team is named tonight. Rafael Nadal is back as a dominant force in men's tennis, judging by his dominant straight sets win over Roger Federer in this morning's Madrid Masters final. Nadal defeated the world number one for the sixth time in their last seven encounters, prevailing 6-4, 7-6. The win returns the Spaniard to number two in the world.

I am very proud to have ridden a

great Australian Malvern Star bike

1400 kilometres on the Tour de Cure.

They custom built it, it is the

Oppy, they had the logo of the tour

built into the actual carbon fibre.

They donated for auction on the

tour, we sold it for $

tour, we sold it for $4,000 and

Bruno is the lucky resipgent. Enjoy

it, it is a beautiful bike. What

have you got weatherwise? Plenty

going on. Any idea what to do next?

The first man to psychosolo around

the world. No, I am going to like on

the couch for six months. Well done,

you have earned it. A big effort.

You are on our tour of our own, the

classic old school style in the

classic road king, the balmy. Thank

you so much for your submissions,

suggestions I to go in Queensland.

We are using them all. We will head

west, very, very shortly. Which is

good, apart from every kilometre we

go west is a kilometre away from a

mechanic. We found out, losing the

head lights in the dark, which was

inconvenient, I had to use the

indicate taor see the -- use the

indicator to see the white line but we can't

we can't use the head light or the

satellite navigation at the same

time or it will blow up. Sunrise weather brought to you by Crimsafe security doors and screens. If it's not Crimsafe, it's not crim safe.

Well, Keely has been up all night,

working on the poster, there is

seriously awesome texter work in

that, it is just a colourful

explosion! Well done. Now that we

know that Mark Beretta shaves his

legs, I think we should get him one,

that pink number there, it is

gorgeous. Thank you, Grant. The popular TV series 'Underbelly'

has certainly exposed a world of police corruption many of us just wouldn't be aware of.

But is the show's depiction

of dodgy cops and brown paper bags full of cash accurate? And is that level of police corruption still going on today? We've received lots of emails about this very topic. So we thought we'd ask former detectives-turned-whistleblowers, Simon Illingworth and Tim Priest. Good morning to you. Tim, I'll start with you. You were a member of the New South Wales police service during this time. How realistic is the portrayal of police in this series?

Look, it is absolutely unrealistic.

Certainly, we all know there were

problems at Kings Cross in the '80s

and '90s. Kings Cross itself is just

a sewer. You wouldn't be surprised

that police do get tempted or they

did in those days. But it is not

representive of the New South Wales

police across the board. In fact,

this 'Underbelly' show demeans the

memory of hundreds of cops killed in

the line of duty. Certainly, never

partook in the sort of corruption

you see on the TV. So, look, it is

not factual. But it is factual for

the police at the Cross. They go and

get a slab of beer and sort of at

the local pub and not pay and go

around with the brown paper bag to

the drug deal sqrz get the

protection money? Look, this brown

paper bag. I don't know where it

came from. But I never saw it and I

worked at Kings Cross in the drug

unit for six months in the mid'80s.

I never saw that. It is a licence by

the producers of the TV show to have

cops driving up the Main Street

cops driving up the Main Street of Kings Cross with a brown paper bag

and bounerse running out with money,

so far removed from the truth it is

not funny. Part of your job, Simon

is to work ininternal affairs, how

different is modern-day police

corruption compared to the '80s and

'90s It is different in the form the

police force has spent millions of

dollars on investigations. The most

most likely sense of corruption

most likely sense of corruption is from the back office where

information is leaked. So you know,

even if it was true that there are a

few brown paper bags going sideways,

the fact is if you are the holder of

information, the holder of

information in the back office, you

have got connections, then it is

very, very leakerative these days.

It is one of the things we need to

look at. Because we had a very

high-profile murder recently,

allegedly connected to information

with a crooked cop. That still keeps

going on? Absolutely. And really, I

think, one of the things that people

sort of neglect to look at is a lot

of these anticorruption bureaus look

at the street workers, as Tim was

saying, the police on the beat. But

quite often the police on the beat,

their investigations are undermined

by people in the back blocks, in the

back office that are left to their

own devices and the risk management

is not actually done on them. So,

you know, that often is curbing the

fight against crime. Tim, what your

view? Is enough being done to stamp out corruption within the police

force? Look, in the last 15 years,

Kochie, I think that the efforts to

curb corruption in New South Wales

has probably gone way beyond what it

should have. We have now got watch

dogs sitting on the fence

everywhere, watching every move that

police on the beat make. Look,

police on the beat make. Look, there has been a successful e radication

of corruption in New South Wales. It

is the cleanest police force, I

would say in the country and one of

the cleanest in the world. In that

respect, the public should admire

the New South Wales police for that

but it has come at a high cost. The

old saying, the surgery was

successful but the patient died. In

many ways what we have seen with the

anticorruption messages it killed

off the better parts of

off the better parts of the New South Wales police in terms of

street policing. Gentleman,

fascinating. Thank you for joining

us this morning. Thanks, Kochie. Soon on Sunrise, Beretts files his Tour de Cure video diary. But now here's Nat. We're told it's the most natural thing in the world but having a baby can sometimes be quite the opposite. Not all mothers fall in love with their baby at first sight. A world-first trial by Sydney researchers is looking at why some mums don't go ga-ga over their newborns. And it looks like a missing hormone could be the reason. To tell us about a simple nasal spray that could fix that we're joined by GP Dr Ginni Mansberg. Also here is psychologist Jo Lamble to talk us through some other things that can help with baby bonding. First to you, Ginni. Which hormone is connected to the mother-and-baby bond?

The love hormone, oxytocin is a

hormone we get from a little gland

buried deep in the brain, it helps

you breastfeed but also seems to be

at high levels when you fall in love

with your partner, also your baby,

also for women when they have an

orgasm, a very versatile hormone. Is

it possible to have it in small

doses or not at all? We know we have

got a study on women that shows if

they are pregnant with high levels

of the hormone, they will bond

better when the baby comes out. For

animal whose are stressed, they cope

better if their levels of oxytocin

are higher. We know that now we will

watch this space. The nasal spray

sounds strange. Could it help? It

could possibly help. I guess we will

find out now. They have to use a

nasal spray and they tried a tablet

but it disappears into the stomach.

They could inject it into the blood,

not viable at that point, but we

have trialled this before for women

who are breastfeeding and it didn't

work at all. See see what happens. A

lot of average mums don't have a

bond? Some mums are lucky to bond

straight away, but a lot don't,

especially if they have a difficult

delivery or exhausted or in pain or

depressed going into delivery or the

baby has health issues and is

isolated in ICU. Touch is important,

even if they are not feeling it, but

touch the baby and gentle massage.

Eye contact, mimicking their facial

expressionsise really important.

Attend to the baby's basic needs. If

the baby is being settled and fed,

the baby will think you are

responding to their signals. Make

sure you have a healthy support

system in place. Someone to talk to,

with older children around. Get some

rest. Mum whose are exhausted and

use the time when the baby is asleep

to run around and to the chores

won't bond. The babies, if their

needs are catered frowill be okay

but pair babies do need a strong

attachment to parents to feel

secure. What if you don't? What are

the consequences for the baby? If

their basic needs are being met, it

is okay at first. It is a process.

Bonding does occur over time but if

it doesn't happen, if there is not

the secure attachment, they might

not feel secure in life. Their self

esteem can be affected down the

track, their relationships. There

are studies that show a parents

ability to responds to its cries

will impact on the social and

relationship. It is important to

people to speak out, go to the GP or

early heth health clinic and make it

known you are struggling. We are

talking about it, it is not just

you, a lot of people go through it.

Thank you both for joining us. It was always going to be a tough trip. 1,400 kilometres from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast on the back of a bike. Our very own Mark Beretta took on the arduous journey to raise money for the Tour de Cure. Let's take a look at how he went.

Five, four, three, two, one! Off you

go, Beretts! It started off as a good idea - a pleasant ride north to Queensland.

Travel safely. With Sydney behind them, there were only 1,400 kilometres to go.

# Looking out at the road # Stopping first at the Central Coast, the body aches were already beginning and so was the chaffing. But onward the team pushed, through the wine country.

Beretts where have you made it to so

far, buddy? Andrew, Sam, good

morning, on the aner side of Singleton. But day three loomed on the horizon - 284 kilometres to Tamworth - longer than any Tour de France stage.

12 hours later, the team rolled into the country music capital. The emotion evident on everyone's face.

Yesterday, was unbelievable. So we

did day one, was just over 100, day

2 was 100, yesterday it 2 was 100, yesterday

2 was 100, yesterday was 284

kilometres on the bike, 10 hours in

the sad tool cover the distance. We

started before the sun came up and

we finished after the sun went down yesterday. From Tamworth onto Armidale the crowds started to gather, cheering on our boys and girls.

Even animals wanted to get up close. (Moos) Glen Innes to Grafton, the crew rode into town at another sunset... ..the pain more evident than ever, but the halfway mark was conquered.

Thanks to Harry and Billy and Jack

and Tom who put sign out to let me

know we had passed the highest

point, I can tell you from my leg's

point of view, it was very good news. A nice cycle through the Northern Rivers region and a little help from the local barge operators... Who knows the name of the river? ..Byron Bay appeared on the horizon. A magnificent sunset welcoming the team.

(APPLAUSE) Jumping into a new pair of lycra, the Sunshine State was moments away.

We are nearly in Queensland. And along with the sweat and chaffing, the money kept appearing.

Thanks for the cheque, thanks Rams,

you beauty! Push harder James, it is a big bridge. Crossing Brisbane's newest bridge, the finishing line was finally approaching. And as the sun began to set on the final day of riding, the tour knew they'd achieved something special - not just completing a difficult ride, but helping those suffering from cancer.

You special. I'm sweaty? I can't

believe what they've been through,

with the thought of raising money

for such a tremendous cause. We were

just so incredibly proud. We felt

very emotional, all three of us were

so excited about seeing Daddy, we

know it hased his heart and it

touched our heart too. That is

beautiful, Rachel and the kids

therech Beretts, the most important

question now is, what do you do with

the money? This is the best part,

now the money comes together. $ now the money comes together.

$1,602,000 np in the bank of today

Gary Bertwhist