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Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome

to A Current Affair. First tonight

- the changing face of Australia's

supermarkets. Coles and Woolworths

are now sporting new gourmet-style

delis and takeaway food bars. Ben

McCormack went shopping to see what

it means for

They're 'MasterChef' meals - ready

in minutes, but without the mess.

With this quality and this price,

it's really for everybody. I think

these convenience meals will be

something that lots of people will

absolutely love. They're convenient,

they're great quality, and they're

fantastic value for money. Ready to

eat soups, curries, sushi and

gourmet pies - supermarket shopping

was never quite like this. was never quite like this. Really,

it's around convenience, freshness,

quality for our customers. Coles

has been transforming its stores

around the country. New layouts and

new products. Like a range of

ready-to-eat curries, similar to

what you'd buy from an Indian

takeaway store. So what we've got

here, Ben, is some freshly made

curries, ready meal - you should

grab the lamb rogan

grab the lamb rogan josh, grab a

buttered chicken and rice, and $17,

and a meal ready to go tonight.

Andrew Myers from Coles says the

new product range is all about keeping customers coming through

the door. They even have a guy

making fresh nan bread. Fresh oven,

fresh nan bread, and again, when

you buy the curry, Ben, in this

store here - not ever every store,

nan bread. but in this one - you can get fresh

What we've got here, What we've got here, Ben, is a

great range of sandwich - a quick

and easy idea. Around $4. Ready-

made salads ready to go at around

$4 also. A great range of sushi

also, at around $2 for the rolls

and $6-$7 for the pack. Also at

Coles, we found kitschs for $12.50,

and fresh gourmet pizzas for $7.

hef made meals? What do you think of these ready

hef made meals? I love them. I take

them home, especially if I'm in a

hurry. Are they convenient? Yeah,

of course. Yeah. I just put them in

the microwave, and off we go. Are

they good value for money? Well, I

think this is. Because this is, um,

two curries and rice, and it's $17.

And I mean, if you're, you know,

wanting to have a sort of quick

meal, you know, it's a convenience

thing more than anything else. thing more than anything else.

They're even putting these self-

serve salad bars in some Coles

stores. Look, Ben, this is

something we're trialling in a few

selected stores. This is our fruit

bar. We also have a vegetable bar

and a salad bar. And basically,

it's quick and easy convenience -

put your fruit salad together how

you like it and take it home, so

you've got quality and convenience.

Aussies have a great love affair

with local takeaway. What we're

trying to do, though, is bring a trying to do, though, is bring a

little bit of extra convenience

into the supermarket aisles. Over

at Woolies, they've also gone

gourmet, offering a range of ready-

to-eat meals. Here we've got a

delicious beef in red wine with

sweet potato mash. Serves one

person. Fantastic, restaurant-

quality meal for under $7. Here

weven an absolutely gorgeous

loany. gourmet spinach-and-rucotta cat

loany. Serves two people. Perfect

for a Friday or Saturday night.

Under $10. Clare Buchanan says the

supermarket giant is responding to

customer demand. At what we've also

got a fabulous range of pies in

family size. Moroccan lamb pie,

gourmet quality, absolutely

delicious, perfect for a weekdy

evening family meal, this week on

special for

special for $7.59. You can also buy

ready-made sandwichs for $3.95, and

marinated mini roasts for $13.65.

Do these meals represent value for

money? Well, when you've got

somebody else that's doing the

cooking and shopping for you,

preparing the meal and packaging it

up, you know, I think people are

prepared to pay a little bit extra

for the convenience. It's a great

convenience for some people. It's

not going to be cheap. But it not going to be cheap. But it is

going to save time. And sometimes,

saving time over saving dollars is

the main thing. Consumer advocate

vct Kath Armstrong from the

Cheapskates website says ready to

eat meals are a good option for

families, and the fact that Coles

and Woolies are fighting it out in

this market means prices should

stay low I think this competition

is great for consumers.

is great for consumers. Coles and

Woolworths are interested in

keeping their market share, and

they are doing all they can to make

stores. customers want to shop in their

For more information on that story,

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He's one of the most highly paid

child actors in the world. Angus T.

Jones may be only the half of two

and a half men, but that doesn't

a huge mean this 16-year-old misses out on

a huge pay packet.

# Men, men, men, men, manly men.

Why didn't you do this part? It's

extra credit. You don't have to do

it Why don't you do it anyway?

'Cause I don't have to. But it

shows that you're willing to make

an extra. Effort. But I'm not.

an extra. Effort. But I'm not. At shows that you're willing to make

the top of every list, there has to

be one name. There's only so much

space in my brain. If you put that in there, I might

in there, I might forget my locker

combination. On top of the rich-kid

actors' list Democrat - His name is

Angus T. Jones, the "T" now of

course standing for "Totally Rich."

We've seen him grow up in our

lounge room. We haven't seen his

ever-growing pay cheque. I've got

$14. He's earning $250,000 an $14. He's earning $250,000 an

episode. Ka-ching. Not bad. 'The

New York Post' has published a list

of America's highest-paid child

actors, and Angus T. Jones was a

surprise winner, pocketing $250,000

for each episode. Not bad for a kid

with only a couple of scenes per

show. $250 grand maybe works out

about $50,000 a word. So it's a

good old time for Angus. Hollywood

insider Ross King was as surprised insider Ross King was as surprised

by the news as everyone. He does

have a good agent. He's actually

got my agent. When I was reading

this list, I actually realised why

my agent pays me this much

attention, and pays Angus T. Jones

this much attention! He says the

way things work in Hollywood, Angus

probably started on a fraction of

that money, but an actor's fortunes

fall and rise with the program they

act in. $250 grand is an act in. $250 grand is an obscene

amount of money. But let's be

honest. The studios wouldn't pay it

unless they thought they had to and

it was certainly worth it. It is

worth it in terms of the show.

The 16-year-old has come a long way The 16-year-old has come a long

from his first TV appearance in a

macaroni-cheese ad. Angus and Jake

couldn't be farther apart. Angus is couldn't be farther apart. Angus is

a straight-A student. Jake... Is

not. Angus is very much a normal

kid. Goes to a pretty

straightforward school. Always

hangs without normal kids too, as

far as I'm aware. He's one who's

doing his very best to keep it real

here. Number two on the rich-kids'

list? Miranda Cosgrove. Miranda

Cosgrove, iCarly, goes falling way Cosgrove, iCarly, goes falling way

down - $180,000. Money, baby!

Sweet! She earns less than Angus T.

Jones because her show airs on

children's television, where lower

ratings equal lower pay cheques.

Maybe Hannah can ask a lot of

people! That's why superstar Miley

Cyrus earns less than her lesser-

known colleagues. I know the report known colleagues. I know the report says $15,000 an episode. I reckon

she's earning quite a bit more than

that. Probably more like $75,000.

Which of course is still not too

shabby, is it? Don't worry too much

for poor old Miley. Her meagre TV

earnings pale next to her billion-

dollar music and entertainment career.

How did they make the Great Wall of

China? A lot of child stars begin

like this. He reckons you've got to go out and seize

go out and seize this thing in

action. In adverts. You know

Brandon Fraser as the Telstra kid.

Did you want to be a child star?

Mmm, yeah. He doesn't make millions

- at least not yet - but his real

dad, Dean, still makes sure the

cheques don't spoil the childhood.

He doesn't see it. So Brandon

actually doesn't know what he's got.

So trust, bank, shares. What were

the first shares you the first shares you owned? Don't

know. Qantas. In a post-YouTube

reality-TV world, it's a concern a

lot more parents will be having.

You might have seen this boy, for

example. He's Justin Bieber, the

16-year-old was just a regular kid

before posting a video of himself

on YouTube. So who actually made

the call? Did you get a call from

Justin Timberlake or from Usher?

Yeah, we were getting calls from a

bunch of different, like management. bunch of different, like management.

My Mum didn't really know what was

going on. Any teenage talent is now

sure to get discovered. # Hallelujah...

You are gonna make millions of

dollars. Just on what you know now.

Millions of dollars. It kind of

makes you worry for the iskid. --

for this kid.

# A picture of you... Greyson Chance performed a Greyson Chance performed a song

'Paparazzi' at his school. This

week, it went on YouTube. Today, he

went on 'Ellen'.

# Baby it's a famous # Love me # Paparazzi...

At the end of the day, they know if

there's a kid there and he's

popular, cash will follow. there's a kid there and he's popular, cash will follow. Beats a Beats a paper round, doesn't it?

Still to come on ACA, we take you

inside three eco-friendly suburban stunners.

Now to the elderly couple forced to

live in their car, betrayed by a

man they trusted. And as Andrew Kos

reports, it's a warning to anyone

planning to sell their home.

You're forcing Jo and Rosalie to

live on a street, in a car. And you

don't - please don't touch me. Don't

Don't touch me. Mate. They're

living on the street whilst you're

living in their house. Just about,

like a conman. You're the man who's

shoved them out of home. You've

paid $25,000 for a $600,000 home.

So, you know, who's the bad guy

here? He's the bully home buyer

who's forced a retired couple out

onto the street.

How much longer do you think How much longer do you think you

can stay like this? I don't know. How much longer do you think you can stay like this? I don't know. I

don't say how much longer. I don't

know. Nadya Suleman -- Theo Sourlos

is living it up on the $620,000

property he's paid only $25,000 for.

You're getting the best deal in

Australia, aren't you? When

pensioners Joe Pall and Rosalie

Papp put their 2-acre property on

the market, they thought they'd

found a buyer in found a buyer in Theo Sourlos. When

he paid a $25,000 deposit, they let

him move in and rent until the

settlement date, as they packed up

their life and moved in with their

daughter on the Gold Coast. When

the time came to pay up the rest of

the cash, Theo didn't pay. We let

him in. He's just doing the wrong

thing for us. Now, Theo's been living living virtually rent-free for

months, while Jo and Rosalie live

out of the back of their car as

they fight to reclaim their

property. When they tried to do

that by locking themselves in the

driveway, they were handcuffed by

police for trespass, even though

their names are still on the title,

they're still paying the rates, and

Theo's never settled.

Did you expect that you would be

kicked off your own property? No, a surprise that

surprise that police came in and

kicked me out from my property. And

it seems Theo Sourlos doesn't care

too much about forcing his hand

with people. When A Current Affair

came looking for answers, he too

showed us the

I'm gonna (bleep) you if you don't

get out of here, buddy. Now Theo's trying

trying to sell the property that

isn't even his. It remains on the

market. How come you haven't moved

out, mate? Ah, 'cause it's not my

home. So you're admitting it's not

your home? You better leave the

premises, Andrew. We were asked by

Theo to auction his property. I

mean, but when you see the title's

not in his name, I mean, do you

question that? Of course you question that? Of course you do.

And we did. Paul Tobias is the

principal of Crown Property Sales

in Coffs Harbour. He claims his

agents were given permission from

Jo and Rosalie's solicitor to put

the property on the market. If we

had authorisation from the seller,

and authorisation from the vendor,

we are therefore authorised to do

the job. Which we did. Jo and

Rosalie are adamant they asked

their solicitor, Sam Ticli, their solicitor, Sam Ticli, to

terminate the sale. But when we

approached Mr Ticli for proof, he

refused to comment, saying the

matter is before the court. But

told Jo and Rosalie he had revoked

permission to sell. He sent the

letter to us saying everything is

finished. Terminated. And still not

- house is still on the market. Never,

Never, ever sell your house and let

the buyer in before you've been

paid all the money. No dough, no show. Solicitor Tim O'Dwyer

specialises in real-estate issues.

It shouldn't happen. Agents should

prevent it happening. Conveyancing

solicitors should have a role in

this to make sure that sellers are

protected. And don't find

themselves in these situations.

They sold me an unauthorised

dwelling. Theo claims he hasn't

settled due to a breach in the

contract of sale. It's what you see

is what you get. In this case,

you've got a buyer who's looking

for some loophole not to pay.

Solicitors and conveyancers hear it

all the time. It's not a good

excuse. I'm never giving up. No. Never give up. I

Never give up. I want to fight him.

Jo and Rosalie's house is now off

the market. A proceeding is under

way for an order of property.

After the break - stylish and green

- the eco-friendly suburban

stunners. We've created a home

that's really warm and inviting,

and a really beautiful place to live.

Welcome back. Time for this week's 'suburban stunners'. Tonight, Brady Halls takes us on a tour through eco-friendly homes with lots of style. I feel a little hesitant walking on there. It's very strong - it can hold about 30 people. It's as strong as steel. Everything in Chris Howe's home is a little different. You won't see this very often in a residential house. The large glass up there weighs 1.5 tonnes.

We craned it in before the roof went on. Wait till you see the loungeroom. Those giant sandstone columns act as a reverse-cycle air-conditioner. It absorbs the ambient temperatures of the day

and releases it again at night. So much glass, so many voids, but here is a home that doesn't spend a dollar on air-conditioning. During summer it pretty much cools itself. We use a very old technique - been around since Roman days - called convection. At the top of the house and at the bottom we have automated windows, so when the temperature gets to a certain level about three-quarters of the way up,

these windows open, as do the windows at the top. The hot air exits and because of that it has to pull cool air in. So the air passing over the water cools the air and so the air coming in there is about 8-10 degrees cooler than the external air and this is the air-conditioning for the house. Chris built this home around the fact that electricity will be too costly in the future.

So he's getting it free from mother nature. We produce 16.5 kilowatts of energy every day, so right now we're probably powering up two or three other houses down the street. The home is completely carbon neutral - so much so, he doesn't get electricty bills, he gets a cheque. The pool is part of the sustainability aspects of the house. I wanted a pool that would heat itself.

The stone itself, being black and porous, absorbs the sun and as the water trickles over the edge it's warming itself over the black. When you've got so many water tanks and solar, you can have a small swimming pool for your bath. And many of the these cost-efficient savings are within everyone's reach.

The pebbles on the roof, not expensive. They dissipate the heat and they obviously look good. The use of the timber battening around the house, this is a very cheap system and the way we've adapted it on the aluminium. Who'd have thought such a big home would cost little to run? We really like the open feeling that we've created.

It's the same at Michelle Smith's place. Or should that be palace? A house so big, well... The living room area, for example, is 10 metres high and it's created once again that really spacious, open-air feeling. We love it. They control the heat and cold using external automated louvres.

What we've achieved is we've created a home that's really warm and inviting and a really beautiful place to live. And it's all done with an index finger. The home is very high-tech. From this point in the home I can control everything, from lighting, air-conditioning, water features, pool pumps, at the touch of a finger.

OK what do you do when you don't have water views and you want them? Create them - and this home has done it in a very unique way. And despite appearances, it is a home, not a national art centre. See that? It's the downpipe. There's several of them around this house and they flow into garden ponds, which, when full, fill water tanks.

It's a simple, inexpensive and very novel idea.

Each room has an aspect of water or garden outside. The eco-friendly ponds are even filled with fish to enhance the whole thing. The property has been nominated for local building architectural and environmental awards. That's Stewart Lopez. He's the selling agent of this Melbourne home

that's open to the outside more like a Queenslander,

thanks to some clever design.

You can use it day or night. As it faces north-west you get plenty of sun during the day and of course in the evening time you have this terrific open fireplace. Three big homes that are cheaper to run than the average suburban bungalow, thanks to Mother Nature.

Coming up on A Current Affair - 30 girlfriends and counting - now the game's up for Matt. Now let's take a look at the latest news headlines and weather. Thanks, Tracy.

great weekend. Good evening ...

Tony Abbott has announced a Coalition Government would cut Coalition Government would cut twelve thousand public sector twelve thousand public sector jobs

and introduce a two-year and introduce a two-year recruitment

freeze. The Federal Government freeze. The Federal Government has

dismissed Opposition claims the Federal Budget is bad for the Federal Budget is bad for the nation' s farmers. And, Questacon nation' s farmers. And, Questacon

has jumped on board the quest to has jumped on board the quest to help the nation save water.

Next week - the young man accused of having 30 girlfriends and fathering several children, all to different women.

Those stories next week, only on A Current Affair. And a quick reminder - Nine News will have a special live telecast of solo sailor Jessica Watson's homecoming tomorrow at 11am.

So we'll leave you tonight with our tribute to Jessica. After almost seven months at sea, she's now just hours away from home soil. Jessica Watson, we salute you. That's our program. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia

This program is captioned live

The prerequisite this weekend is to

be fierce rival was maybe a little

bit of dislike thrown in and

tonight as we welcome you tonight as we welcome you live to

ANZ Stadium, the clash between the

Dragons and the Bulldogs hit the

bill. Thank you for joining us for

Friday Night Football. It is Round

10 of the Telstra Premiership, the

Heritage Round and we kick it off

with the Dragons up against the

ninth-placed brawl bull. Phil Gould,

pumped for the game at WIN Stadium,

but it is fair to say this far in but it is fair to say this far in

to the season despite coming off a

loss, the Bulldogs are more

formidable than in the opening

month? They should be. They are

coming off a bye which will be a

bonus because a lot of Dragons'

players played two games last

weekend. I don't think they have

hit their straps. They have looked

slow. They haven't had the

creativity. The coach Kevin Moore

says it's done them the world of

good. They might get the opportunity to

opportunity to beat the them here

at ANZ Stadium. The centres, Jamal

Idris being spoken about and could

it be a timely return for Josh Morris?

It could be. He will go in with a

good performance tonight. Jamal

Idris spoken as a bench player with

the first Origin game coming up.

Maybe it is a year too early. The

selectors like his size and selectors like his size and

aggression. Kimmorley and Ennis,

certainly in the NSW side. They can

only play their way out of it

tonight and that won't happen. Both

as per program tonight. A couple of

players back from injury.

They are up against the Dragons'

team outplayed by Manly. Where does

the improvement come for them tonight?

Probably attitude. They were

thumped by Manly. Manly gave it to

them. They were hit by a bus. They were were going along comfortably.

Melbourne Storm were kicked out so

suddenly they were Premiership

favourites. They have methodical

style of play. Wait for the

mistakes and score the points. They

got hit by a bus, all of a sudden,

a Manly bus. I want to see how they

jump back tonight. Michael Weyman

is back in the side. They haven't

lost consecutive games this season.