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(generated from captions) And a short time ago, Seven's political editor Mark Riley. the Treasurer spoke to Wayne Swan, thanks for joining us. It's good to be here. a no-frills pre-election Budget. You kept your promise to deliver don't you? You to want to be re-elected, Certainly do want to be re-elected does not necessarily match but the economic cycle the political cycle. is what is right for the country And what we have to do back to surplus three years early and bringing the Budget in three years is a pretty important priority. is built on the mining boom. The stunning economic story here are already getting their fair share Doesn't that mean that Australians without that super profits tax? of the resources wealth on the mining boom. Well it's not just built A lot of it is the mining boom. of a lot of Australians. It is built on the hard work

in this country The fact that we put in stimulus the mining boom that was highly effective, of the economy that comes from that and the emerging strength is also important. is principally about But this recovery got the settings right the fact that the Government

and now, as we are recovering,

our strict fiscal rules. we are putting in place of the legislated tax cuts The last year and you're screwing down the budget Australians see any more tax cuts? so how long before

has to be, Mark, Our top priority here early. to bring that budget back to surplus

That is what we're doing. a new fiscal rule, a 2% cap That is why we put in place which goes further and longer about paying down debt because we're absolutely serious back to surplus and bringing the budget so we can strengthen our economy the important reforms and get on with in infrastructure, in education, particularly in the health system, and skills and so on. maybe some more tax cuts? But once we are back in surplus,

tonight. Well, I can't speculate about that in the future. Well, we'll look for that Wayne Swan, thanks for joining us. Thank you.