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Good evening, I'm Sandra Sully.

Welcome to Ten's Late News.

Tonight - missing millionaire

mystery deepens - now his business

partner has vanished.

Sentenced to death - the only

surviving gunman of the Mumbai terror attacks to hang.

Billions lost - Greece's deadly

worldwide. riots send shares plunging

Test bans lifted - the deal for

boycott. teachers to abandon their NAPLAN

Britain's historic election - we go

live to London.

live to London.

Plus - the fall that critics say,

could bring down jumps racing in Australia.

Hi, I'm Brad McEwan, in Sports

Hawthorn. Tonight - a triple treat at

Three key Hawks have re-signed.

The Kangaroos and Kiwis warm up for

the Anzac test, as Cameron Smith

hooks into the NRL. And Tottenham's

top day - Spurs are heading to Europe.

Harry's off to the dry cleaner.

Headlining tonight's bulletin - a

new twist in the mysterious disappearance of a Perth millionaire.

His business partner has now

vanished. A State-wide alert has

been issued for Cameron Mansell

after the discovery of his burnt

of Perth. out 4-wheel drive in bushland north

Craig Puddy hasn't been seen since

he quit work on Monday.

The 45-year-old had been planning a move to Sydney.

A large amount of blood has been

discovered inside his luxury home.

What we have found is a real

concern to us.

Something bad has happened there

Something bad has happened there

and that raises our concerns and

that is wny we are investigating

this thoroughly. that is wny we are investigating

Homicide detectives are also

searching for a garbage bin moved

from the property.

the nearby river. Divers have spent the day scouring

Australia's richest man has accused

the Prime Minister of attempting to nationalise the mining industry.

But unions say his anti-tax

campaign is blatant scaremongering.

Brenda Regan has no sympathy for

mining chiefs crying poor over the Prime Minister's planned super profits tax.

The battling hospital cleaner just

hopes some of the funds will help hopes some of the funds will help

Every dollar counts. boost her superannuation.

We can't afford not to have our We can't afford not to have our

wages, we can't afford to lose money.

But Australia's richest man and a

growing army of his colleagues say

the plan threatens the entire

economy, accusing Kevin Rudd of lying to the public.

This is a nationalisation of 40% of

the mining industry. the mining industry.

Stand up against the bullying of

the big companies and tell them to

pay their fair share.

According to t hese miners, that

40%. share should be 5% not the planned

This tax reminds me of some one who

wants to get rid of termites and to

do so they blow up the entire house.

We will not be deterred one bit. We will not be deterred one bit.

national interest. This is a decision in the long-term

Miners say that even with the

industry's legendary high-

efficiency gear like this, the sums

simply won't add up. At least one

WA company now looking to Indonesia for new projects.

for new projects.

The average wage for a worker up

there is $1.96 an hour.

As the Australian industry shrinks,

it will hurt the blue-collar worker

more than the white-collar worker.

And the fallout could shape the

looming Federal election. The

industry is launching a national

advertising campaign tomorrow. The

supertax it is also taxing the

Prime Minister's popularity. The

News poll shows worrying trends.

The Coalition is in front just by a

nose. The first time it has

happened since Kevin rider seemed

the Labor leadership and to 1006. A

year Morgan poll released today

puts it at 50%.

Intriguingly, Morgan told people on

attitudes to the mining supertax.

The Opposition figure shows it is

greater than those involved in the

mining industry. Some very

uncertain. The key question of who

is the preferred Prime Minister,

Kevin Rudd is ahead of Tony Abbott.

If Labor was to win office, would

there be a handover to Judea

Gillard in the second term. The

question was put directly to him at

a Melbourne press event. A cause if a Melbourne press event. A cause if

the Australian people extend the

honour to me if I would serve a

second term. He is absolutely

unambiguous there. He will go a - unambiguous there. He will go a -

full second term. The mining

industry with its massive bank

accounts is swinging behind the

Coalition to oppose the supertax.

That will give not only hard but

extra firepower financially to Tony

Abbott going into the election.

Australians are being urged to

avoid Greece with a new travel warning issued tonight.

It follows wild riots in Athens

which have left three people dead.

Billions of dollars have been lost

on world share markets in the wake on world share markets in the wake

economic reform. of the protests sparked by severe

It's feared the violence could

similar cutbacks. spread to other nations facing

Voting is well under way in the UK

election with polls suggesting the final result is unpredictable.

There's expected to be a record

voter turnout but none of the three

main parties is likely to win a

majority of seats in the House of

Commons. To Ten's Danielle Isdale

in London. Dani - last-minute

surveys indicate 4 in 10 voters surveys indicate 4 in 10 voters

still haven't made up their minds.

Perhaps they will not until the

very moment they tick the

appropriate box. We are seeing an

encouraging amount of people going

out to vote. That is not compulsory

in this country, they expect 70%. A

lot of traffic at polling stations,

not just its schools and community

halls but places like castles and

pubs. Gordon Brown voted this

morning with his wife in Scotland.

Nick lead and the Tory lead at

David Cameron also voted. David

Cameron said he was feeling good. Cameron said he was feeling good.

They are all pretty relieved

because they are feeling good.

There is nothing much more they can

do. They will have to sit, wait and

see. But I think none of them are

feeling confident because we are

looking as if we had heading for a

hung Parliament. So Dani - a hung parliament a distinct possibility,

and that leaves Nick Clegg in a

pretty powerful position? He may be

headed for some wheeling and

dealing. He may be able to form a dealing. He may be able to form a

coalition government, or David can

mac is hoping he will have enough

support to scrape through the end

of the day with an overall majority.

If he gets the support, we will

give an early indication of your give an early indication of your

time in early Friday morning.

After months of intense fighting,

teachers have abandoned plans to

boycott next week's numeracy and

literacy tests. The back-flip comes

after government promises to review the MySchools website.

Teachers have abandoned plans to

boycott next week's numeracy and

literacy tests in schools. The

back-flip comes after the Education

Minister agreed to review the controversial My-Schools website.

Kids have been preparing for the

literacy and numeracy tests all

year. Now their teachers will be

joining them in the quiz room to

the relief of parents. A great

thing. We are keen to see the

results and how they compare. I

think the schools still need to be

judged around Australia to see how

they are going with their education

levels. The back down means every

student in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will

sit the NAPLAN tests next Tuesday

and Wednesday. That's a victory for

commonsense but more importantly

than that it's a victory for the

kids and for the quality of

Australian education. The stand-off

ended when Julia Gillard promised

teachers a working party to help

determine what should be added to determine what should be added to the controversial My School website.

This represents a resolution to a

very serious dispute. Julia Gillard

is now going to form a working

party talk to principals teachers

and parents and we'll get it right.

Teachers want data on My School Teachers want data on My School made more private to prevent

parents and the media using NAPLAN

results to rank schools from best

to worst. We won't be doing that.

Everything that's on the my school

website will stay. So that,

effectively, rules out teachers

getting the changes they want on

the My-Schools website to prevent these unofficial school rankings.

And that means teachers may still

strike later this year.

Committments have been given by the

Deputy PM. We expect them to be Deputy PM. We expect them to b%

honoured that there will be a good

faith process. Unions wanted next

week's tests slightly delayed so

teachers are better prepared, but

they've also lost that fight.

A school student is fighting for

life and at least 14 others are in

hospital after a bus rollover in


The school special has flipped on

its side, leaving 3 of the 25

passengers with head and spinal injuries.

The driver has also been hospitalised.

Police are investigating reports

the bus hit a light truck then a

tree before rolling over.

A police-officer caught on camera

bashing a man has been sacked. Former Constable Andrew McLeod

punched and kneed the 42-year-old

then charged him. McLeod has also

been fined more than $4,000.

A US carjacker has been tasered

after a car-and-foot chase.

The 40-year-old threw himself into

a freezing river but was caught in

the current.

But he still refused to surrender.

He eventually crawled out and then

reached for a gun.

The armed officer then fired his

taser, jolting the suspect with 50,000 volts.

Police say the gun was a fake.

The cold, soggy criminal is now in


After the break - outrage as

another horse takes a jumps racing tumble.

Plus - why Kaye Worth has been

named Australia's Mother of the Year.

This program is captioned live.

There's been another blow for jumps

racing with a major fall at

Australia's premier jumps-race at

Warrnabool in Victoria.

While the horse was OK, the jockey

had to be taken to hospital.

Earlier, protesters invaded the

field claiming the event is cruel.

Yesterday a horse died after

falling during a race.

There's been a breakthrough in the

treatment of Type-2 diabetes, and

the Australian discovery could help transform lives.$$NEWLINE 7.3% of

the population suffers from Type 2

diabetes - using a variety of pills

to control both the disease and

side affects.

It costs the nation around $3

billion a year.

But researchers at the Garvan

Institute have discovered a drug

which can reduce the severity of

the disease with just one pill a day.

At the moment, I can tell you, if

you're a fat, diabetic mouse - this

is a great drug.

The team found people with type 2

diabetes produce 90% less HIF-1-

Alpha protein than healthy people,

which contributes to the onset of the disease.

They used mice that lack the

protein in their insulin producing

cells to prove their theory.

And when you put them on a high-fat

diet they get really quite severe

diabetes, so that showed us that

you need this HIF-1 Alpha protein

in your insulin producing cells to

avoid getting diabetes.

They discovered a drug which boosts

HIF-1-Alpha levels was already

being prescribed to adults and

children with too much iron.

The fact this drug has already been

proved safe is fantastic news for diabetes sufferers.

The next step is a clinical trial

which means the drug could be

available in 2 years.

We've added some of it in tissue

culture to islets of people with

type 2 diabetes, and it makes those

islets look a lot more like the

islets of people who have normal glucose tolerance.

The Institute will now try to

secure funding for the trial.

The only surviving terrorist from

the Mumbai massacre has been

sentenced to hang by the neck until he is dead.

Mohammad Ajmal Kasab helped kill

166 people in the 2008 attack which

claimed the lives of two Australians.

Australia's new high-speed

broadband network is expected to be

cheaper than first thought. And the

new study has bad news for Telstra.

Eight months and $25 million later,

the Government has the report to

justify its vision for a national

broadband network.

The government would both gets its

The government would both gets its

investment back and also, over the

course of the investment, earn a

modest return.

And that's without Telstra. The

promise is world class internet

speed that would have consumers

cooking with gas when they want to

download their favourite shows.

It will be cheaper than what's

mostly on offer now available to

all service providers.

This equates to entry level

wholesale prices of $20 to $30 a month.

Stephen Conroy says the network is

already underway and while he would

like Telstra to come on board his

patience is wearing thin. Telstra's

choice is give us a decent price or

we will build this.. Labour are

being risky and irresponsible.

The Opposition still promising to

scrap it..

The National Broadband network is

another one of Kevin Rudd's

signature projects for nation

building that would have enormous benefits for consumers, business,

education and health, but it

stalled at the starting blocks.

His critics warned he'd get his fingers burnt. OUCH!

This Government is determined to

build a National Broadband Network

and will not let anything get in its way.

The Australian share market has

handed its biggest one day fall in

three months. Sentiment is

suffering from the ongoing fear

about potential poor debt problems

in parts of Europe to spread. Are

we do for a bounce. Devaluation

looks pretty good, sentiment is

like a candle in the wind at the

moment. He mentioned the European moment. He mentioned the European

situation, is of downgrades to situation, is of downgrades to

other countries, Portugal and Spain.

That may not have a lot of the

effect on our country or economies

directly. It does provide a fear

that credit spreads will blow out.

Today there was reflected in our

banks, the big four banks accounted

for 51 points of the decline, about

half. ANZ was ex dividend, resource

stocks had a bit of selling with

concerns over the proposed new

resource supertax. Reserve Bank has its monetary policy statement due

out tomorrow, tomorrow night, US

unemployment. Next week, the Budget

will be the key. Hoping for a

trading bounds, sentiment Why's

trading bounds, sentiment Why's

that will be difficult. Greece,

have their work right.

International markets, there is a

lot of nervousness around. Europe

lot of nervousness around. Europe

remains very cautious, Britain, of

course because of the election that course because of the election that

may be hung, the rest of Europe is

looking at Severe austerity

measures to repay the debt that has

got them into the situation in the

first place.

The first Australian woman to

successfully trek to the North and

South Poles made it back safely tonight.

Late News reporter Cameron Baud was

there for the historic homecoming -

Cameron? It has been a low-key

homecoming for a unique Australian,

LINDA BEILHARZ is making the most

of the comfort of the international

airport in Melbourne after bailing

crumbling Arctic ice and snow

storms from the last 55 days with

husband Rob and Canadian guide. She

has become de UN the Australian

woman to make it to both the north

and south poles. In December, 2004

she completed an 1,100 kilometre

trek to the south pole. This time

she managed to avoid bumping into

polar beers. They did it half, they

had to swim for some of the journey

because the ice was crumbling. In

because the ice was crumbling. In

the last week, they've had to

endure 18-hour days to meet the

deadline. It seemed a bit flatter

towards the end. Around the

pressure ridge. It was a fairy-tale

to get there and note our journey

was over. The immediate plans are

for a rest before they sort out the

next adventure. She thinks the best

view from the polls is from the

south pole because it is closer to home.

West Australian Kaye Worth has been

named the nation's Mother of the Year.

The mother of 3 has fostered more

than 50 children in 15 years. We

have an amazing group of friends,

other foster carers and friends

from the church fellowship,

neighbours. I am blessed.

The early Mother's Day present from

Barnardos was topped off with a new

car. To Sports Tonight now - and

Brad - a big setback for the new

Gold Coast AFL Team.

A couple of key Hawks won't be

packing the boardies and heading to

Queensland. Their names are Buddy

Franklin and Jarred Roughhead, and

they've re-signed with Hawthorn.