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(generated from captions) so I'll lock in B, sword. They had swords Correct. Sword is your answer?

Lock it in. Irene... (REPEATS QUESTION) Buckler was the shield. as it went to hit the shield. 'Swash' was the sound of the sword show-off. That's what it was. So a swashbuckler was a noisy Doesn't matter, though. because you'd like $10,000. Well, it does matter, Thank you. Irene, you've got $1,000. Thank you very much. Well done.

Irene Balder just won $1,000. Thanks for playing tonight. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tomorrow it is and Tomorrow it is all about swimwear

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Honey, what's for lunch? Mum, I'm starving! Yeah, Mum, when can we eat? Of all the days... Alright! I'll put something on. ALL: Surprise! Surprise Mum this Mother's Day with KFC's Mum's Banquet. There's plenty of KFC's chicken, irresistible Original Recipe Crispy Strips, heaps of sides... So, what's for dessert? Plus six delicious Sweet Bites and banana caramel. in triple chocolate KFC's Mum's Banquet. that taste. # # Can't beat

in our schools. 'Sexting' has become an epidemic

they're a waste of time. Kids don't read brochures -

expelled the from the get to a by-election. We have heard

will may mean that voters in Penrith points. ground, you can expect a lot of occasion with the opening of stadium. Organisers are bars captain swipe at the NRL of a piece salary cap

I think opinions vary on that.

Coming up on WIN News...

Coming up on WIN News... National

testing in schools to go ahead on testing in schools to go ahead on

both sides of the border. A mother and daughter unite to raise funding both sides of the border. A mother

for breast cancer research, for breast cancer research, And, the

the state level. local cricketers hitting sixes at

of my glasses tends to go up Why is it that the price as I get older? It hardly seems fair to me. It isn't fair. we help you keep it down. That's why at Specsavers,

If you're over 60, of glasses, including lenses, even your multi-focals. more important as you get older. Looking after your eyes gets more expensive. It doesn't have to get Paying too much for glasses? Should've gone to Specsavers.

(PHONE RINGS) our daughter SONG: # Got a call from Suze, # Something had distraught her had just burnt to the ground # The wedding place in town # So the guests were coming here # To a mess that was severe made everything alright # Ajax Spray n' Wipe # Makes cleaning, oh, so easy # It's tough on all things greasy # The wedding was a hit (SHRIEKING) I will admit # The house looked great

Ajax Spray n' Wipe. # # So thank you,

Tonight ... Controversial

Tonight ... Controversial national

schools testing to go ahead after a

boycott is averted, The arboretum' boycott is averted, The arboretum' s

latest funding boost stirs up

debate, And, we meet the mother and

daughter uniting for breast cancer daughter uniting for breast

research. Good evening, I' m

research. Good evening, I' m Jessica

Good. Canberra teachers are

relieved they won' t have to boycott relieved they won' t have to

national tests next week after a

resolution was reached between the

Federal Government and union today.

But the fight has come at a cost,

with the head of the local teachers with the head of the local

union claiming teachers have union claiming teachers have been

bullied over their concerns about