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(generated from captions) Bryan Seymour reporting. go to our website, And if you think you've been stung, about your experience. or you can tell us to call where you'll find a hotline number

Health authorities are warning dumping grounds our grocery shelves have become and vegetables. for inferior overseas meat, fruit and tinned. It's coming in fresh, frozen As Georgia Main reports, have been rejected, while some contaminated goods not all is being picked up. there are real concerns First World food products. We are exporting Third World food products In many cases we are getting with dodgy standards. invading our markets Toxic fruit and vegetables off the shelves. pushing local produce in the food they eat. People need to have confidence

almost 10,000kg of vegetables The Chinese authorities found that had pesticide residues for human consumption. that were higher than safe vegetables grown in China Container loads of contaminated destined for Australia. quality produce in the world. Australia's got the best and safest The problem at the moment is cheap and inferior quality products the market's being flooded by from overseas. to the same standards Imported produce isn't tested fruit and vegetables. as locally grown production costs low Chinese farmers are able to keep with dangerous farming practices and unsafe manufacture. using toxic chemicals, drug residues You'd think there would be no way into the country. unsafe produce could get Of what's coming into Australia, is being inspected. only 5% of that produce inspected by our authorities, That's just 1 in 20 containers fruit and vegetables more and more unchecked supermarkets and green grocers. finding their way into our imports have increased by 80%. In the last 4-year period as much as we export. We import almost three times celery and potatoes Vegetables like broccoli, Canada and the Netherlands coming from China, New Zealand, to name a few. A whopping $637 million. some of their practices We have concerns about under the same strict regulations because they're not growing we have in Australia water quality. and there's also concerns about We mostly import frozen vegetables. 9,000 Australian growers. Hugh Tobin from AUSVEG represents to feed itself Australia has the capacity importing all this produce and so there's no need to be from overseas. Chinese farmers still use chemicals in the Western world that have been outlawed over the years. Five years ago, China's dodgy farming practices, Today Tonight highlighted

from this farm's toilet block revealing untreated human excrement on hectares of vegetables being used as fertiliser

celery and cabbage- celery and cabbage including cauliflower, all grown for export. And nothing's changed.

Developing countries like China on pesticides. don't have any restrictions for deadly e Coli. In the past we've conducted tests

The acceptable level is 0. The maximum allowed, 10. 800 coloforms per gram. We found levels of our best cuts of meat overseas. All this while we send off There's a double standard here. Australian farmers produce in the world the cleanest, greenest foods we get into this country yet the imports are often just rubbish. and veal to more than 100 countries Australia exports 67% of its beef and Korea including Japan, the United States worth $5 billion. worth $966 million. Lamb exports are at record levels, worth $966 million. Lamb exports are at record levels, record prices and here's why - Here we're paying has been sent to the US, so much Australian lamb

the Middle East and China it's left us with a lamb shortage. to the Middle East. We've got massive exports on the stock. It's had a pretty detrimental impact wants better labelling laws Independent senator Nick Xenophon the food we buy comes from. so we can tell exactly where with pastry made in Australia You could have a meat pie and processed in Australia where it's packaged 100% from a mad cow-affected country but the meat could be coming from "made in Australia". and the label will still say That's nothing short of a disgrace. but despite being banned, That includes Chinese meat shows this data from quarantine records beef burger meat landed in Australia that almost 9 tonnes of frozen last year, the authorities quick to say as coming from China it was incorrectly recorded instead of New Zealand. chicken in a can. Now the latest to be questioned - is imported from Thailand. Launched in January, the chicken Heinz says: Not good enough for Nick Xenaphon.

where that's chicken's come from It's not clear enough that standard of chicken nor are there significant checks on being produced overseas. and highest quality produce When it comes to buying the safest a good deal. many of us can't go past Probably 1 in 5 people usually ask or grown in Australia"? "Is this a local product but that's the chemicals, the outside but the inside is bad. they make it look pretty on If it says "product of Australia" buying an Australian product. consumers can feel confident they're the best in the world that Australian meat is among

that is coming in from overseas putting up with rubbish and why are we

the big chains can get away with it. and it's a question that Georgia Main reporting. Coming up - a very sticky divorce.