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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Train crash. collide in Melbourne. Passengers injured when two trains

We're live at the scene. She was limp, she was lifeless. She should be dead. by a box jellyfish. The girl stung repeatedly You won't believe how she survived. And purrfect match. for their pets - even marry them. The owners who'll do anything It's Wednesday, May 5, 2010. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, Hello and thanks for joining us. married his cat later this morning. Find out why that man

Tell us weird things that your

friends and relatives have done for

their pets. People get very close to

them, don't they? Yes. Matrimony. Also coming up - the power piper the bloke they're calling on 'Australia's Got Talent'. You'll see his bagpipe blast.

It was fantastic. Now it's a busy morning in news. to digest with Kochie We have the interest rate rise

And markets overnight have slumped. face big delays this morning And commuters in Melbourne after a train crash overnight. from Nuala Hafner at the scene. We'll get a live report shortly But our coverage begins with Nat. Good morning. can expect delays this morning Melbourne commuters into a freighter last night. after a passenger train crashed in hospital Five people are recovering and 12 more were injured. Passengers had no warning the back of the freighter before their train slammed into before 9:00 last night. alright? You have to get off the tracks, It's a crime scene, off the tracks. Windows shattered the Pacific National train as the Metro smashed into Station in Melbourne's north. which had stopped near Craigieburn It took 20 minutes 12 passengers and driver onboard. for emergency workers to free the

while the driver has head wounds. Three people were seriously injured, were taken to hospital, He and four passengers with suspected spinal injuries. including a 15-year-old girl to the train, When I went up, actually, and crying and very upset one of the girls was screaming for her and help her. so I climbed on so I can be there a building had exploded. Nearby residents thought The whole house shook. that there was an earthquake. My daughter thought worse had more people been onboard. Paramedics say it could've been much that there's no fatalities at all. Very, very surprised So very lucky. the cause of the crash. WorkSafe is investigating Craigieburn and Broadmeadows Metro train services between for this morning's peak. aren't expected to resume in time The Prime Minister has admitted will hurt families. the latest interest rate rise passed on the full 0.25% hike. The four big banks have quickly from Friday. Borrowers will feel the pinch There's no bones about it. a 0.25% rise in interest rates When you've got it hurts the bottom line repayments on their mortgages. and it hurts families on their 6 times in 7 months, Rates have now gone up to average mortgage repayments. adding a total of $300 a month has been sacked Newspaper columnist Catherine Deveny

Logies comments on Twitter. after making controversial during Sunday's Logie Awards, She attacked several celebrities Rove McManus and Molly Meldrum. including Bindi Irwin, stood her down Melbourne newspaper 'The Age' after a public backlash. has been charged A Pakistani-American man a bomb in New York's Time Square. after allegedly trying to set off American authorities claim planning the attack. Faisal Shahzad admitted and weapons offences. He's been charged with terrorism Pakistani authorities suspect with al-Qaeda Shahzad may have been in contact or other extremist groups. big blow to his election campaign Gordon Brown has suffered another only two days out from polling day. Mr Brown has been labelled Prime Minister the country's worst-ever by one of his own Labour candidates. with Gordon Brown. I'm very, very disappointed we have ever had He's the worst Prime Minister in the history of this country. policies since he came into power. He hasn't been clear on any of his was already struggling to recover Gordon Brown's from an incident last week when he called a woman a bigot.

It has been an ugly night on the

markets. Take a look at this. A Lot markets. Take a look at this. A Lot of

of blood on the streets.

of blood on the streets. They reckon markets. Take a look at this. A Lot

the rescue package for Greece may

not be enough, that of course, has

put focus on the rest of the PIGS of

Europe, Portugal, Irishx Greece sw

Spain. Spanish authorities have come

out and laughed they could be facing

default as well. We'll see. To our

markets, we are down after

Reserve Bank decision, concerns markets, we are down after the

about inflation returning and still

the fallout from the proposed

the commodities: superprofits tax on our miners. To

The Aussie dollar has fallen quite a

bit overnight to under 91 US

bit overnight to under 91 US cents

because of the concerns to Europe,

there is always a flight to safety,

to the US dollar, the biggest

currency in the world. It has

increased and everybody has

decreased against it. So it was a

yesterday. big night overnight, also a big day

announced Yesterday the Reserve Bank for the sixth time in seven months. it was raising interest rates Rates are now at 4.5%. Craig James is at CommSec.

We thought they would pause, we were

wrong. Take us through the RBA's

decision? I think we were only one

month out, we thought they were

going to pause yesterday but it

looks like they will pause now. Over

the last five or six months

Reserve Bank has had the single the last five or six months the

interto say get interest rate to

normal and they declared yesterday

they think they are normal. It

indicates we may be spared pain over

the next couple of months. The

Australian economy is performing at

a normal rate and that is the bottom

line. Does normal mean they will

stay here if a while? A year? Two

years? I think we are talking about

month rather than anything else.

Reserve Bank wants month rather than anything else. The

the raetd hikes to work their magic Reserve Bank wants to give time for

on the economy, if the economy does

slow, house prices come off,

inflaigdsary pressures ease,

inflaigdsary pressures ease, the Reserve Bank will be happy with

these levels. Normal means interest

rates are not fueling the economy

with growth but not slowing it down

either. Thank you, catch you next

time, time for sport with Beretts.

Thank you, Kochie. The NRL will turn to its fans in search of ways to improve the game's controversial salary caps. Club bosses met yesterday with the issue at the top of the agenda. Each club will have a fortnight to consult supporters and former players for suggestions. NRL CEO David Gallop has also urged teams to explore the option of third-party payments from non-club sponsors to keep their star players in the game. Rugby league officials have called on New South Wales selectors to ban Matt Cooper from State of Origin.

The St George centre withdrew from the annual City Country clash only to be named in his club side. It's the fifth time Cooper has withdrawn from the fixture due to injury. Country officials have labelled the player a disgrace, banning him from all future teams. St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt has revealed he is already two weeks ahead of schedule in his recovery from hamstring surgery. The star forward will start light running on Monday, boosting his chances of a return to the game well before the finals. Riewoldt was expected to spend 12-16 weeks sidelined after surgery but showed his desperation to be back early by spending extended time in a hyperbaric chamber.

Well, Grand Denyer is continuing his

time in Fiji this morning with all

the weather. Good morning? Fabulous

Fiji continues. Denerou island, a

main location in Nadi, a township

where many of the international

guests arrive here because the

international airport is here.

international airport is here. The rain fall for Queensland, 170mm for

the Gold Coast and 100mms for

northern New South Wales. More falls

and storms but nothing like the last

few day physical you are concerned

the wet stuff will continue in -- if

you are concerned the wet stuff will

continue. It won't. Sunrise weather brought to you by Bendigo Bank. Supporting community footy.

A little later on I get to play with

a boa constricter. Proof they dive

without a cage and hand feed and

touch tiger sharks and bull sharks

and a cave of cannibal. Sharks,

cannibals and boa constricters, I

was jealous until there. Sound like

Survivor Fiji. Still to come - the inside word on whether our prison parole system works. And we'll hear from the girl who's amazed the experts by surviving a deadly box jellyfish sting. But next, passengers injured when two trains crash in Melbourne overnight. We're live to the scene when Sunrise continues. Go smouldering black in just 10 minutes. from L'Oreal. Our blackest black. Pure and shiny, without a single grey. Smouldering black, cashmere soft. Excell 10' magnetic blacks from L'Oreal. Go as dark as you dare. You're worth it. Goliath. Careful, it's hot. it's scientifically proven (REGAL TRUMPET PLAYS) Make Mum feel like the queen of her castle this Mother's Day, with 20% off women's clothing, sleepwear, underwear and footwear. Sale on right now. Tomorrow on Sunrise - Exclusive guest reporter, Jen Hawkins

Back stage at Fashion Week and

exclusive, Gandalf, chats to Sunrise. Five people have been taken to hospital after a train crash in Melbourne's north. A passenger service ran into a freight train last night at Craigieburn. Our Melbourne correspondent, Nuala Hafner, joins us now from the scene. Nuala, what can you tell us about what happened? As you say,

As you say,atize believed that

passenger, train a metro train ran

into the back of a freight train at 8. into the back of a freight train at

8.30, which was waiting for clear

taons travel north. They were both

travelling in the same direction. It

took rescue services 20 minutes to

clear the 15 passengers or so from

the train. It is believed the driver

is the last person to leave. He felt

terrible and wanted to make sure all

the passengers were cleared okay. Do

we know their conditions? The most serious is

serious is a 15-year-old girl taken

to the Children's Hospital with

suspected spinal injuries. She told

paramedics she was thrown to

paramedics she was thrown to the floor. The 45 ear year driver

sustained injuries. It is believed

he may have lost consciousness and

had cuts to the head and two were

take phonothe Royal Melbourne

Hospital. And a 39-year-old woman

also been taken to the hospital not

far from here, but considering the

impact, neighbours describe hearing

a massive bang, it is lucky there

are not worse injuries or deaths.

What happens now? The line is out of

action for a while, what is the next

step for police and emergency

services. As you can see behind me

the trains are yet to be cleared. If

you are in the area needing

transport, look atollturnative

options. There is going to be an

inquiry. An investigation is

beginning by an independent,

transport authority. And Metro

Trains will have to look for to it.

The Transport Minister Martin

Bacoola said it is too early to

speculate on what is shapening here.

Thank you. Ahead this hour - the Times Square bomber faces court in New York. We're live to the Big Apple. And later, Gary Sweet on the tough preparations for his role in The Pacific.

But next, should pedestrians be breath tested before they walk home? And how washing your hands could be doing you more harm than good. after eating and drinking. Let's see how they like this. When we need a car, we call Redspot car rentals. No funny business, just serious car rentals with no hidden extras. Getting your kids to wash their hands can be hard work especially when many adults don't do it. 1 in 3 men and 1 in 5 women don't wash their hands after going to the toilet. And many don't use soap. Even those who do wash their hands don't always do it properly because they don't dry them thoroughly. So they're actually doing more harm than good. We'll find out the right way to wash your hands later this morning.

We don't get much productivity but

at least he washes his hands. We

will find out later how towash your

hands properly. But in the meantime, we want your help. What do you say to the bloke who does his business beside you in the public toilet, then leaves without washing his hands, touching the door on his way out?

Do you say anything? Whenever I do.

Obviously you do. The most common,

only blokes I know and they have

to be small. Do you say, "

only blokes I know and they have got to be small. Do you say, "You pig."

Did you wash your hands. And he says, "

says, "I know where it has been."

And I say, "

And I say, "I do too, please wash

your hands." It is just me, gone

nower, been in my pants, that sort

of thing and I think no. Women are

so not like that. I don't know. Let

us know. How do you get out of a

public toilet with a door. Depends

if you are following the guy who

doesn't wash his hands. I use the

pinky on my left hand. 92 I use my

elbow or the back of my hand. The push elbow or the back of my hand. The

push ones. I think another good tip

is going high on the handle. It

looks like it is kind of murky so go

right at the bottom of the top. I

sometimes wait until another person

goes out before me and I pull the

door at the top. I feel like the

simpleton on the team, go in, do my

business, open the door. I do too.

Let us know tips. Sorry. Over to

you. This has grossed me right out. Now to what you're reading on the world wide web. Rising interest rates is a hot topic. We're told the more than 90,000 recent first-home buyers could be forced out of their homes by the increases. Kochie, 6 rate rises in 8 months appear to be proving too much for many Aussies. Is selling up the only option?

Have they over extended? Have they over extended?,

Have they over Extended? If you are

going to sell at the moment, you

will, you will pay a lot of

transaction costs, legal, stamp

duties, to buy your house so you

will look at a loss, even though the

housing market is buoyant. You have

just got to knuckle down and do it.

Remember when the first homeowner's

grant came in and interest rate were

low, we said constantly, don't get

sucked into the grant, because the

prices are going up more. It created

a bubble. Now people have

overstretched themselves. Because

interest rates were low they thought

they could afford it. Now they

can't, last August we said lock in

your mortgage rate, lock it in. So

in hindsight, was the first home

grant not the right thing to do? It

is a good thing to do if your are

sensible. Or a building company,

went gangbusters.

went gangbusters. The global financial crisis, we need to boost

the economy, da, da, da, good if you

used it properly but a lot of people said, "

said, "Beauty! Bit of extra munee.

Let's overstretch ourselves, money

is cheap, it will stay like that

forever." It doesn't. Also being clicked,

the newspaper columnist sacked for her Twitter messages from the Logies. Catherine Deveny was covering the night for the Melbourne 'Age'. She tweeted about Bindi Irwin. The comment about the 11-year-old has upset many people, who say it was just inappropriate. And Catherine said she thought Rove McManus and his wife, Tasma, looked cute together. But she hoped Tasma "Doesn't die too", referring to the loss of Rove's first wife, Belinda Emmett, to cancer. The editor of 'The Age' says the tweets were not in keeping with the standards set by the paper.

Hence, she has been sacked. We'd like to know what you think. And putting aside Catherine's comments should you face the sack for what you write on Twitter or Facebook or MySpace?

You are sending it out into

cyberspace. You got to take

responsibility. She likened it to

passing notes in class. It is bigger

than that. It is the toilet wall.

Once it is out there, it is out

there. It is the toilet wall, it is

a disgrace to do it. I notice some

of the newspapers are running

e-mails from readers just with their

first name. Remember, the hrelters

page to the editor had the name of

the person, fair enough, where they

were from and the views. Now,

Especially when they are narcy. Now

we are running newspapers are

running anonymous e-mails that have

a go at other people. What are we

doing with this sort of stuff, it is

ridiculous. A lot of it is getting

more toxic and violent, angry stuff.

Not prepared to put your name to it,

don't. And breath testing

pedestrians, if you are drunk and

walking home, what do you think? Ahead on Sunrise -

does our parole system put prisoners out on the street too early? And the girl who defied the odds to survive a box jellyfish sting.

But in a moment - Wednesday's news. And Grant has the weather details from Fiji. with added MSG or flavour enhancers like E627 and E635. With new Vita-Weat rice crackers, the best taste comes naturally (CRUNCH!) at the back. prevent nappy rash. VOICEOVER: John Howard's WorkChoices took away the rights of working Australians. You can't sack me. Really? A minister who backed those laws is today's Liberal leader, Tony Abbott, who now says... Er, the phrase 'WorkChoices' is dead. He chose not to say WorkChoices was dead, just the name. The phrase 'WorkChoices' is dead. Tony Abbott will bring back WorkChoices, he just won't call it that.

Tomorrow on Sunrise - exclusive guest reporter. Jen Hawkins backstage at Fashion Week. And exclusive - Gandalf. Sir Ian McKellen chats only to Sunrise.

You see what they are doing? He is

still walking about the hand

washing. The disinfectant stuff.

Standing next to them. Do you say

anything, if someone walks out of

the cubicle next to you, but Howard

Hughs here. Not every type. Commuters in Melbourne are being urged to expect delays this morning after a passenger train crashed into a freighter last night. The driver and four passengers were taken to hospital, including a 15-year-old girl who has suspected spinal injuries.

When I went up, actually, to the train,

one of the girls was screaming and crying and very upset, so I climbed on so I can be there for her and help her. Paramedics say it could've been much worse had more people been onboard. Kevin Rudd's had a night of talks with mining bosses in Perth about his new super profits tax. The Prime Minister attended a dinner with several leading executives where he promised more consultations on the 40% tax. We believe we've got the overall design of the super profits tax right but we are here, of course, to discuss with the mining industry implementation details.

Billions of dollars have been wiped off the stock market value of mining companies

since the tax was announced. There are calls to revoke the citizenship of the four Pakistani brothers who gang raped teenage girls in Sydney. The men were jailed in 2002 after a string of vicious attacks. The family of one victim, who was just 13 when she was raped, says they're devastated one of the brothers will soon be out of prison. Destroyed her life. (CRIES) Destroyed our life and we're trying to pick up the pieces and now they let him out, so it's all rehashed.

The man, known only as MKR, will be out on parole in three weeks. A fire which ripped through a chemical factory south-east of Melbourne is being treated as an accident. The ferocious blaze at Dandenong South sent black smoke across Melbourne and set off several large explosions. It took 8 fire trucks almost 2 hours to get it under control. Investigators believe the fire began in a solvent mixing room. It's not known if the factory's 62 employees will be able to return to work today. Victoria's first-home buyers have emerged as the biggest losers in the State's $45 billion budget. From July, only those buying or building new homes will be eligible for assistance. Among the winners are health, getting a $4 billion boost,

and police, whose ranks will swell by 1,700. Treasurer John Lenders also bragged about Victoria being the only State forecast to be in surplus for the next four years. We put this State on the right track to survive the crisis and we now have the right plan in place for Victoria's future. However, the Government's total debt is set to increase from $14 billion to $26 billion in 3 years. One of the country's top designers rocked Australian Fashion Week last night. Alex Perry's Arabian Princess-themed show attracted more than 1,000 guests at Sydney's Fox Studios. The runway itself was a show stopper at nearly 100 metres long. Just the scale of it, the amount of people coming and the size of the runway. And the heels are really high and I'm just praying

that the girls will be able to navigate their way down and get back. The spring collection extravaganza had a budget pushing $250,000.

Wow! What financial crisis? Alex

this could be sobering what happened

on financial markets overnight.

Pretty ugly.

on financial markets overnight. Pretty ugly. . European markets were

smashed as well. There is a view the

rescue package to bail Greece out is

not going to be enough. It has

shifted attention the rest of Europe

PIGS, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and

Spain, whether they will need

assistance as well. The Spanish

government has come out and said, " government has come out and said,

"No, we are okay." We will see. government has come out and said, "No, we are okay." We will see.

The Aussie dollar is down, a

combination of things, first,

combination of things, first, the Reserve Bank saying official

interest rates are back to normal

levels at the moment, indicating

they will stay where they are for a

little while, a couple of month at

least and the other is the

skittishness in Europe, there has

been a flight to the US dollar and a

flight to safety. So we are now

below 91 US cents but still over

British pents 70. Time for sport now. NRL boss David Gallop has urged Johnathan Thurston and Israel Folau to not turn their backs on rugby league. Gallop met with club bosses yesterday and top of the list was a review of the salary cap. Gallop acknowledged the cap needs to be looked at but urged clubs to explore the option

of third-party payments from non-club sponsors to keep their star players in the game. Port Adelaide assistant coach Matthew Primus has admitted making a bet on an AFL game in 2009 which breached the game's gambling guidelines. The wager was part of a multi-bet involving the NAB Cup semifinal match between Geelong and Carlton. Power officials say the club will discuss an appropriate sanction for Primus

with the AFL. Essendon vice-captain Andrew Welsh has put his character on trial at the AFL Tribunal,

and lost. Welsh was appealing a 4-match ban for kneeing Hawthorn midfielder Xavier Ellis

but the Tribunal ruled Welsh must serve the full penalty.

We're disappointed. We understand the character of Andrew Welsh, a player that's never be suspended, so we are disappointed in the finding. Welsh could also have taken the early plea and accepted a 3-match suspension. The English town of Stilton has been brought to a standstill

by the annual cheese-rolling contest. Hundreds of locals and visitors made their way to the main street

to watch the teams battling for the honour of being called the Stilton Cheese Rolling Champions. The final came down to a nail-biting contest between the Cheesy Rollers and competition veterans the Stilton Sombreros. And it was the Sombreros who stormed to victory.

Wearing their traditional hats.

Weather time now, Grant is in a

great spot in Fiji and for the rest

of the week. Doing it tough? If my

heart rate was any lower, I would

need a defib ruilate taor wake me up

for the -- -- defib luerateer to

wake me up for the next cocktail. We

are at the Western, check out the

friendly wildlife, classic, the

Fijian favourite, the turtles, the Hawksbill turt

Hawksbill turtles. Only one in 1,000

survive. They get eaten by sea gulls

and mongoose. The Fijian encrusted i

guana. They believe they arrived

from South America in drift wood.

They are endangered because the

males stare each other off, even if

they win, they die of the stress.

The pacific boa constricter, this is

nine months old, they strangle the

chicken and eat the bones of a

chicken in half an hour, which is

worrying because they slump it into

your hands, it is quite a live hraep

one, which we might bring back for

Mel to play with, maybe. Sunrise weather brought to you by Bendigo Bank. Supporting community footy. Gusty winds and rain are heading over Victoria and Tasmania. A trough over north-east New South Wales is generating showers. Cool south-westerly winds

are bringing isolated falls to the southern coastline.

Yesterday Jetstar launched its take

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Thank you, Grant. Great to meet the

wild life. Can I be your friend,

take your friend for free. Mel has

hafriend, the host of 'The Zoo',

show us your pet snake. Come on! You

have shown us before. Show us your

pet snake. Come on. No. Come on!

Come on! Come on. Shoes. Bring him

out. Joke of the day, that is very

funny, go for it. You are such a

whimp, you brought it out during the

weather, give your snake a run. You

are so dropped. Io are no longer my

friend. Go to Fiji on your own. Well

done. Thank you, Eli. Thank you,

joke of the day comes from Maureen

Carseldine from Boyne Island in

Queensland. She is a Sunrise family

member, it shouldn't influence us. A

Mexican-made asked her employer in

America for a pay increase. The wife

was very upset and said," why do you

want a pay increase." And Maria, " want a pay increase." And Maria,

"Well, signora, the first reason is

I iron better than you." And she said, "

said, "Who said that." said, "Who said that.", " said, "Who said that.", "Your husband did."

husband did.", "

husband did.", "Nonsense, who said

you are a better cook."

you are a better cook.", " you are a better cook.", "Your

husband." The third reason is I am a

better lover, " better lover, "And she said, "

better lover, "And she said, "Did My

husband say that too?

husband say that too?." Furiously? No, "

No, "The gardener did." Maureen a

TiVo is coming your way to Boyne Island. Next hour, how actor Gary Sweet survived Tom Hanks's boot camp. And should pregnant women qualify for paid maternity leave even if they've left their jobs? Next up, though, the Times Square bomber to face terrorism charges in New York. And the global campaign to get justice for Michael Jackson. We'll meet two Aussies who are leading the charge.

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A view of Melbourne through the jetstar skycam. A shower or two and 16 today. The man accused of attempting to bomb Times Square in New York

is in custody this morning. The 30-year-old from Pakistan has been an American citizen for just a year. The US Attorney General says it was a terrorist plot. NBC reporter Michelle Franzen is live in New York. Michelle, investigators have been examining the man's home.

Keep us up to date. What has

happened? Have any charges been laid

as yet? Actually yes, Mel and the

last hour here in down-town

Manhattan as the federal court,

Faisal Shahzad has been charged with

five counts including trying to

commit an act of terrorism and

attempting to use a weapon of mass

destruction. Certainly those charges

have come about in a matter of

hours. Just over 50 hours since the

failed car bombing attempt in Times

Square and fast-paced investigation

that took authorities to

Connecticut, nearby outside of New

York State here, as well as

overseas. Mel. We might have listen

to what the US Attorney-General,

error Holder had to say. Based on

what we know so far, it is clear

this was a terrorist plot aimed at

murdering Americans in one of the

busiest places in our country.

Investigators were examineing the

man's home. What did they find

there? Well, certainly they are

testing and searching two homes, one

in Bridgeport Connecticut and

Shelton, Connecticut. They are not

saying what they found there

entirely but as we understand it,

there are some bomb-making materials

and bags of possible evidence they

have left that house with. So

certainly, they are still in a very

developing, fast-developing case

here. Investigators are not resting

even though they have the suspect in

the case. Of course, they caught him

just hours after they learned his

identity on Sunday night and they

captured as he was trying to leave

on a flight out of JFK, asking the

plane to return to the terminal

plane to return to the terminal so he could be arrested. We will follow

it from now, but at least somebody

is in custody. We will go from there. NBC's Michelle Franzen in New York, thank you. Now here's Kochie. Next month the world will mark the first anniversary

of Michael Jackson's death.

Yep, it has been a year, doesn't

seem like it, does it? And as his doctor prepares to face court, Jackson fans have been working on a global campaign appealing for justice to be served. The singer's Aussie fans are just as passionate,

providing support to the campaign from all over the country. And two of MJ's biggest fans join us now -

Amanda Norris and Tegan Ellis. Amanda, we'll start with you. You've been working on this flag just behind us. Tell us about what are you going to do with it?

The justice for Michael campaign I

am part of, we are part of two

separate campaigns, there are a few,

I am part of a worldwide flag

campaign, wrb countries from all

over the world have their national

flag with the picture of Michael and

the web site and the flag goes round

the country, gets signed by Michael

Jackson the country, gets signed by Michael

Jackson fans and the flag will go to

the courthouse in will ask A next

month and then Michael's crypt. Why

do it? What sign will it send? The

reason I want to be be part of it

and the fans, the fans want to unite

as one and be a voice for Michael

and ensure justice is done in his

untimely death. Your banner is a

massive one. You belong too

different group. What are you trying

to do? We are just doing the banners

as the example you see behind me. We

are just, every single country is

going to hold a rally. To, their

with their banner, to promote

justice for Michael and to show the

Jackson family and the rest of the

world that their country is behind,

sorry, wanting justice for Michael.

Do you think he is not getting

justice at the moment? Well,

justice at the moment? Well, there is a lot of suspicious circumstances

surrounding his death and this is

sort of what the fans and his family

are wanting. A thorough

investigation to be done. And to

make sure we won't go init

make sure we won't go init for legal reasons to make sure the doctor or

whoever is responsible is

accountable for his death. We make

to sure all the

to sure all the evidence is looked

at and nothing is overlooked. Good

luck, ladies, keep us up to date. A

lot of passionate MJ fans around the

world. Of course, the girls are

going to be here for the next couple

of hours outside Brekky Central, if

you want to come along and sign the

banner, they will be in the plaza.

Thank you for joining us. Thank you. Coming up - is our parole system letting crims out of jail too early? And we're live to the scene of an overnight train crash in Melbourne. Five people are in hospital and there are delays for commuters this morning. Also ahead - the girl who's amazed the experts after being stung by a box jellyfish. How did she survive the ordeal? Her personal story is coming up on Sunrise. Shh! (SNARLS) Visit your local Woolworths for specials on Colgate oral care products. Bacteria down for the count! Colgate 360 Actiflex. ('SOMETIMES' BY MIAMI HORROR PLAYS) Put the call out. $30 now gets you unlimited SMS to any five friends on any network. Plus, choose the 3G Optus U1200 for a low $49. Save $50. Or this Nokia 2730 with 2-megapixel camera for just $99. So now you and your crew can choose to live life without limits. Only at your local Optus 'yes' shop. As we've been telling you, Mother's Day is nearly here.

Whacking you over the head. So Myer are giving you the chance to win something great for Mum. Today, they've teamed with Sheridan for your chance to win a $5,000 homewares package. It includes stylish bedroom decor,

including quilts, pillows and sheet sets from the Icon and Welby collections. And for the bathroom, there are luxurious Egyptian towels and bath mats. To enter, head to the Sunrise website and tell us what you love most about your mum. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Naomi Campbell is one of the world's most beautiful women. But get on her bad side, and things can get ugly. Her temper tantrums and public feuds have made international headlines. So in a bid to set things straight,

the supermodel sat down with Oprah Winfrey to clear the air. Take a look.

You don't get immediately what you

want, you said you see red? Yes. And

then what? Then I don't see. Then

you don't see. You don't see, you

just act? I think it comes from a

deeper place with me, another kind

of emotional disorder because it is

not just I don't get what I want, I

throw, it comes from an abandonment

issue and building up a family

around me that is not my immediately

family. If I feel a mistrust then I

really just, all my cards go down. I

want to do better, I want to be a

better person (cries) I am not proud

of the things I have done in my

life. I am striving to be a belter

person. Uh-huh. And to find peace.

APPLAUSE . Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. How has the entertainment industry responded to Naomi's interview?

Well, I mean her industry chums, her

agent, pulicist, fans, sycophants

and yesmen are praising her for

being open. But to me the anger

management issues ring like the

sexual addiction issueoffs a Tiger

woods or Jesse James. Chris Brown,

Mel Gibson, we heard them apologise.

At what point do actions speak

louder than words. Are they

crocodile tears? Maybe in the moment

she is feeling embarrassed but I

don't think it will change anything.

Oprah is the go-to girl for

confessions, crying, confessions,

jumping on the couch. Will it help

with Naomi's reputation? Oprah is an

easy person to go to. She knew she

was in a safe zone, Oprah wasn't

going to grill her and get in her

face. It will change things until

the next incident. After seeing the

past, being prologue with Naomi, it

won't be too long before there is

another incident. Thank you, Nelson,

we will check in with you soon. You

have got to give the girl a break, don't you.

don't you. She obviously has issues

that need addressing. It is the one

thing I do believe. Not as many

issues as Naomi but talking about

someone who does, Katherine, the

'Age' columnist who has been sacked for her comments at the for her comments at the Logies.

Pretty awful

Pretty awful comments. This is one

she made about Bindi Irwin and gave

comment about Rove. Pretty awful,

everyone agreewise that. Janet everyone agreewise that. Janet said, " everyone agreewise that. Janet said,

"I was a person who put the comment

into the paper to have the vile

woman sacked." Should you be sacked if you

if you tweet something, and she

said, "

said, "It seems Twittser creating a

society of

society of Twits who Tweet. It

adults no longer do it for a few hours without

hours without Tweeting they pollute

the air and then have the gall to

call it freedom of

call it freedom of speech. Hand washing, how to

washing, how to our hands is coming

up later, international hand washing

day. Most people forget about the

tap, which is dirtier than the door,

they have germs. Junesa uses a paper

towel to turn the tap off and open

the door. That is getting

complicated. Reannan said don't wash

your hands, just walk out, don't

wash anything, if you are abused by

Kochie, then use the sanitiseer.

Hold it up? Do it all. Do you

Hold it up? Do it all. Do

Hold it up? Do it all. Do your one

squirt. Can you ask the expert how

good the sanitiseers are. They use

them in hospitals, I hope they are

the big thing, it. Also, handling

money compared to toilet stuff,

money can be dirtier. One person who

cut my sandwich and then took the

money with the same hand, and I said, "

said, "That is really gross." Train crash. Passengers injured when two trains collide in Melbourne. We're live at the scene.

She was limp, she was lifeless.

She should be dead. The girl stung repeatedly by a box jellyfish. You won't believe how she survived. And 'purrfect' match. The owners who'll do anything for their pets, even marry them. It's Wednesday, May 5, 2010. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel.

Right now it's time for the news of the day. Here's Nat. Good morning. Rail commuters in Melbourne's north are bracing for big delays after last night's train crash near Craigieburn Station. Melbourne correspondent Nuala Hafner joins us now from the scene. Nuala, how bad are disruptions expected to be?

Good morning, look we have seen

trains going past both passenger and

freight trains but it is in the

southern direction, this

northern-bound track is still very

much closed. The Metro passenger

train involved in the crash is still

here. The Apex 84y train is still on

the tracks too. We are 500 metres

south of Craigieburn station, it is

believed the quarry train was

stationary or travelling very slowly

when the Metro train travelling at

normal speed crash under to the back

of it. Neighbours heard an explosion

that shook the walls. Paramedics and

emergency services did an incredible

job. It only took 20 minutes to

clear the passengers. Five clear the passengers. Five have

clear the passengers. Five have been taken to hospital, including the

driver and a 15-year-old girl taken

to hospital with suspected spine

injuries. Authorities saying lucky

no critical injuries and no-one is

killed. There is going to be an internal investigation and an

independent one to work out exactly

how it happened. Keep us up to date, thank you, Nuala. The Prime Minister has admitted the latest interest rate rise will hurt families. The four big banks have quickly passed on the full 0.25% hike to take effect from Friday. Rates have now gone up 6 times in 7 months, adding a total of $300 a month to average mortgage repayments. A Pakistani-American man has been charged after allegedly trying to set off a bomb in New York's Time Square. American authorities claim Faisal Shahzad has admitted planning the attack. He's been charged with terrorism and weapons offences. Pakistani authorities suspect Shahzad may have been in contact with al-Qaeda or other extremist groups. Some airports in Scotland and Ireland will close again today as strong winds send volcanic ash from Ireland back towards the UK. Britain's Civil Aviation Authority

has ordered the grounding of all flights from 4pm Australian Eastern time. Officials warn changing wind patterns might force the closure of airports in England and Wales tomorrow.

Well, there has certainly been a

financial storm in Europe overnight.

It started there on a view financial storm in Europe overnight. It started there on a view

+Backspace that maybe the bailout

package for Greece will not be

enough to stop it from being into

default. It reverterated around the

world last night, as I said,

starting in Europe, the FT 100 and

the DAX in Germany, spread to the

Atlantic. There is a real focus on

the other PIGS of Europe, Portugal,

Ireland, Greece and Spain, the ones

in debt trouble. P if Greece can't

survive, the focus is on Spain

needing help. Closer to home, our

markets are rocked by the prospect

of the super profit tax on miners.

They led the market down along with

comments by the Reserve Bank

inflation will be a little higher

than they first expected.


The Aussie dollar has dropped a fair

bit overnight.

Because of the nerveness on European

market, when investors are nervous

they flee to safety, the US, the

green back, the biggest currency in

the world. We are down against

against the US dollar and up against

the euro and the pound. Rugby League officials have called on New South Wales selectors to ban Matt Cooper from State of Origin. The St George centre withdrew from the annual City Country clash, only to be named in his club side. It's the fifth time Cooper has withdrawn from the fixture due to injury. Country officials have labelled his withdrawal a disgrace, banning him from all future teams. St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt has revealed he's already two weeks ahead of schedule in his recovery from hamstring surgery. The star forward will start light running on Monday, boosting his chances of a return to the game well before the finals. Riewoldt was expected to spend 12-16 weeks sidelined after surgery

but showed his desperation to be back early by spending extended time in a hyperbaric chamber. Riewoldt suffered the severe hamstring injury in Round 3 against Collingwood. New Zealand has advanced to the Super Eights of the World Twenty20 championship with a 7-run win over Zimbabwe under the Duckworth-Lewis method. New Zealand bowlers Nathan McCullum and Scott Styris starred with the ball, taking three wickets each,

dismissing Zimbabwe for only 84 runs. COMMENTATOR: There is a big shot. Bit more tap. Fielder under it, gone. Chigumbura is gone. He looks at the bottom of his bat. With bad weather around, New Zealand made sure they were up with the target scoring 36 off the first 8 overs before rain ended the match. And the usually sleepy town of Shropshire has hosted the UK's annual Sheep and Goat Racing Grand National. The event sees them race with stuffed animals tied to their backs. It was rider number 17, Woolly Wombat, who took out this year's Grand National.

What an event and what a race. Grand

Denyer has got all the weather from

Fiji this morning. Just amazing, the

Fijian people are just such a

peaceful... Tranquil... Beautiful

sort of a people. Just really sort

of relaxed, full of love,

tenderness, beauty. They are... tenderness, beauty. They are... Low Bledisloe tenderness, beauty. They are... Low

blood pressure, will you two get a

room, for crying out loud. The Carva

brings everyone together. Look at

this. What? Sunrise weather brought to you by Bendigo Bank. Supporting community footy.

If you had any thoughts of invading

Fiji, forget that.

went, "Whatever!." I found evidence. This is supposedly one of the most 8

species of sharks you get to dive

with, up to 30 sharks at times in

total. No cage, you are on the

bottom, hold on to a rope while they

feed and pat 16-foot tiger sharks,

2-metre bull sharks, all that come

up next to you or in front of your

face. Everyone who has done it

face. Everyone who has done it said it is professional and quite well

organised. Only quite well

organised? You would want a really

well organised. They are the real

deal, bull sharks and tiger sharks.

There is no-one to say otherwise,

anyone who lives says it is a

wonderful experience. There is a lot

of food, they are well food. I think

that is it, a lot of reefs but they

are not as hungry but I have never

seen anybody hand feed a bull shark

or tiger shark, Fiji, what the? or tiger shark, Fiji, what the?! The early prison release of two violent criminals has left us wondering about the legal process. A convicted murderer is due for release in Queensland after spending just 5 of the 10 years he was sentenced to, for his role in Toowoomba's infamous triple murder. And a Sydney man convicted of gang-raping 2 teenagers 8 years ago has now been granted parole. That's despite the New South Wales Corrective Services Commissioner trying to stop his release. So are our crims getting off easy? And is rehabilitation and parole a feasible and safe option? I'm joined now by Howard Brown from the Victims of Crime Assistance League and prisons security expert Kevin Collister. Good morning. Howard, how does parole work and who makes these parole decisions?

The situation is this, the sentences

are divided into two sections. One

section, the minimum period they

must serve in custody and then an

additional period. That is no

argument? Yes, and an additional

period they can released to parole

provided they have met certain

criteria. It is the rubbing point,

we decide whether they have met the

correct criteria. What is it? Just

being a good boy or girl? In some

cases it is but with some offenders

like MRK, who has created all the

fuss, he has completed what is known

as the cubit program, a

custody-based intensive therapy

program, a sex-offenders program. He

has completed that program. It was

on the basis of completing that

program, the council made a

recommendation to the New South

Wales parole authority they release

the guy, it is the conditions that

concern me. You have got to be good,

obviously but then you have got to

do a rehabilitation program and

finish that successfully, which I

suppose what jail is all about?

Trying to rehabilitate? It is

suppose to be. But none of the

programerize compulsory. It is one

of the reasons our resitivism rates

are so high. If he didn't do it he

would get out? It would be the

situation. But what do we do in a

situation like MRK whose sentence

completes in two years? Do we wait

for that and release him without

supervision? It would be courting

disaster. You talked about MRK.

There is the other one, the attack

on Toowoomba social worker Michael

Thompson five years ago, so horrific

details were not released. His killer was scene

killer was scene 16 at the time.

Since then he has been in juvenile

detention. How can we be assured he

won't pose a threat to the

community. I am more concerned in

that case. The way we deal with

juvenile offenders is completely

differently. Statistically, we

differently. Statistically, we know it is not working and we need to

have a new look at the process. Here

in New South Wales, we are actually

reviewing that particular process

and perhaps using a sentencing

process called provision sentencing

so we don't sentence the person at

the time they are convicted but set

a period which they will be

reviewed. Too soft for juvenile shz

Most deafly. Kevin you have been in

there and worked with thousands of

prisoners. Can dangerous prisoners

turn their lives round. Does it

work? Particularly in the jaoufrb

nile sism. The short answer, yes it

can. But behind me in

centralvectomy, the Bendigo jail,

the heavy-handed approach,

turnathize prisoners out on the

streets, more dangerous. So the old

correctional services didn't work, correctional services didn't

work,but yes they can. Why has it

changed so much. Are you confident

with these two paroles it is the

right thing to do? It is changed a

lot. I can't be confident with any

particular incident. What I can

confident with the new style prisons

with their intensive programs, more

gainful employment and more

aesthetic appearances they are

conducive to rehabilitation. Having

said that, when the student is ready

to teach, what goes on inside is

different. They have to want to

change. A classic example is one of

the more notorious figure who shot

to fame in the old Chopper Reid

movie was held up as the poster

child with what the systems can

achieve with the intensive programs.

We thought it worked well but not

long after his release from prison

he was sentenced to a murder in the

under bullae murders, the gang land

wars. Some It didn't change him.

Statistically, two-thirds get into

trouble with the law again. It is

not a great batting record. Despite

the rehabilitation programs and

therapists and stuff, can you get a

bit of a whiff of whether a prisoner

is going to turn around.

is going to turn around.? Do you get

an instinct? I think the bottom line

is this: by the time the prisoner

get to the adult correctiont

facilities and the juvenile, the

damage is done. Some can be

rehabilitated but the damage is

done. We need to address the

problems when kids are children,

bullying people at school, a round

peg in a square hole. The time and

money needs to be spent at that

stage. It is a little too late in

most cases when they get to adult

correctional facilities. It

mystifies us in the communities when

the decisionerize made. I appreciate

your time -- when the decisions are

made. I appreciate your time. By all accounts, 10-year-old Rachael Shardlow should be dead. She was swimming in a Central Queensland river when she was severely stung by a box jellyfish. Her amazing recovery has stunned experts around the world who've never seen anything like it. Our correspondent, Michelle Tapper, joins us now.

Good morning.

Is this recovery a miracle?

Good mornish, well-, by all accounts

does seem like a miracle. Her

recovery has stunned doctors and

jellyfish experts around the world.

They are surprised she hasn't

suffered perm independent brain

damage other than scarring. She did

have short-term memory loss and it

took a few weeks of rehabilitation

to get her leg working again but

when you consider the jellyfish grow

to 2 to 3 metres long and each

tentacle has 500,000 harpoon-like

spears which inject venom into the

victim, her story is remarkable and

what an amazing story she has to

tell, here is a look at it. She is

amazing, a 10-year-old Rachel

Shardlow is a walking miracle. The

only person in the world to survive

an extensive box jellyfish sting.

You can do everything just like

before? Yep. Running? Yep. Jumping?

Yep. Skipping? Yep,

Yep. Skipping? Yep,. No problems? It

is amazing. Despite severe burns to

a quarter of her body and being in a

coma for two days, Rachel's parents,

Jeff and Ruth, say she has made a

remarkable recovery. People say it

is a miracle and you don't think

about it much in every day life

about it much in every day life but it was. The box jellyfish is the

world's most venomous creature,

responsible for 60 death in

Australia and able to kill an adult

in less than three minutes. Normally

founds in tropical waters, Rachel

was stung while swimming with her

brother, in

brother, culipy river in Gladstone.

She said get it off me. If it wasn't

for her 12-year-old brother, Sam,

she might have drowned. You proud of

yourself? Yes. As Rachel lost

consciousness, every second was

critical for her survive

critical for her survival. The were

a number of factors that helped save

her life, the most important the

quick-thinking parents who poured

vinegar on to her skin to stop the

venom into her blood stream. The

older couple, as I ran across, the

woman had gone fwh to the camper

trailer and grabbed the vinegar.

They had lost a velative to a box

jellyfish string years ago and

carried the vinegar. With no mobile

phone reception, Ruth decided to

drive her daughter to hospital while

Jeff performed CPR in the back mism

She was limp, she was lifeless, I

was cradling her in my lap and

giving her mouth to mouth and trying

to support her back to give her

heart massage at the same time.

After five terrifying minutes, ruth

got phone reception and managed to

get an ambulance pao to met. It

didn't hit until we

didn't hit until we we had time to

stop and assess the situation. When

we stopped at the Caliope cross

roads and other took over, it sunk

in we might lose her. Jamie Seymour

is Australia's leading export and a

zoologist. He studied Rachel's

injuries and amazed she survived.

The amount of

The amount of sting, the information

I ingetting is 3 or four metres to

tentacle contact. 2 to 3 metres will

cause death in an adult. Go out and

buy a lottery tick

buy a lottery ticket. She won the

lottery. Rachel doesn't remember

anything but her scars are a

reminder. Would you go swimming in

the ocean or river again? Never, way

too scary. That is it? Done with

water? Yes. Maybe just a swimming

pool? Yes, or fresh water. Michelle,

the little sweetheart, she is

obviously meant to be here, isn't

she? Her parents have a message for

the couple who helped save their

daughter's life? Yes they are

incredible grateful to the couple

but they don't know who they are or

where they are from and they would

like a chance to meet them and say

them properly and let everyone know

they carry 2 litres of vinegar in

their car at all times. Jellyfish

experts say every Australian family

should do the same thing because should do the same thing because for $ should do the same thing because for

$2, you could save a life. I never

knew vinegar was the trick. All the

best to Rachel, a very courageous

little girl. Here is Kochie. It may be 'Australia's Got Talent', but it was the sounds of Scotland that impressed audiences last night. A punk piper took to the stage and blew his way into contention.

He was like Angus Young from Acca

Dacca and blew his way into contention.

Bagpipes play to rock music) CHEERING AND APPLAUSE (buzzes sounds)

Ohhh! (plays bagpipes to '99 Red Balloons')



Well there you go. Our One man who had a great view for the performance was Grant Denyer.

Never seen bagpipes sounds and look

like that before? It was unusual.

When we opened to doors to anyone

doing anything. We were surprised. I

hate the bagpipes as an instrument

but I love it when someone does

something unconventional. Doing 99

Red Balloons, and Acca Dacca, if you

put him in the semifinals as part of

an ensemble, and then we realised

you can't stand behind someone who

is throwing flames out of the bag.

It was such a varied group of

artists last night. My kids went if

the Justice Crew dance group. How

cool were they? The biggest growth

category this year. You talk about

the effects of Subo bringing out a

lot of singers, it is true but a lot

more physical acts, dance groups, in

particular Brisbane Perth and Adelaide very

Adelaide very strong. Justice crew

rr were highly passionate and power

packed. They could do with the

bucks, they need their career

started and they use as us as a

platform for discovery. They were

amazing. They will be in our semi

fines and that is the next stage. We

believe we have the best, most

highly entertaining semifinals. If

that is a snippet we have no doubt. Soon on Sunrise - should you face the sack for messages you post online? Plus, actor Gary Sweet's tough preparation for his role in 'The Pacific'. Find out how he coped with Tom Hanks's boot camp.

And later, the man would married his pet cat. The details on this 'purrfect' match are coming up.

This sort of feeling. (GIGGLES) Just like Daddy's hugs. The Kleenex Silk Touch difference.

You have to feel it to believe it.

Tomorrow on Sunrise - exclusive guest reporter. Jen Hawkins backstage at Fashion Week. And exclusive - Gandalf.

Sir Ian McKellen chats only to Sunrise.

He is a great Gandalf, Lord of the

Rings. Beretts is more excited about

Jef. Great to catch up. Chelsea

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said, "I received a text from said, "I received a text

said, "I received a text from a

company saying they overcharmed me $ company saying they overcharmed me

$1. company saying they overcharmed me

$1.70 best dressed entry in error.