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(generated from captions) came out of it. We could trace the

to that. Maybe. jenology of our business people back

for yet another broken promise. The Rudd Government is under fire The latest is over the ETS until 2013. which has been put on hold Abbott for forcing him to backflip. But Kevin Rudd has blamed Tony Mr Abbott joins us now.

Good morning to you. Is it all your fault?

Look, so it seems. But you know,

make no mistake about this, Kochie,

if Kevin Rudd wins the election we

will have have a great big new tax

on everything. The only way to

Mr Rudd's emission trading scheme is on everything. The only way to avoid

to election a coalition government.

He still believes in it, the only

difference he won't talk about it

before the election because he lacks

the courage to fight an election on

the issue. He said he is still

commited to climate change, you are

saying the commitment is an

emissions trading scheme which he

will bring in after the next

election. Are you

election. Are you still committed to

climate change? What would you do if

you are elected. We have you are elected. We have put our

policy out there, we will have a

reduction fund which will go to the

market and purchase environmental

improvements. Is that the same as

the scheme. It will make

environmental sense. No, it is

totally different from Mr Rudd's big

new tax on anything. It will be paid

for out of the budget. Where will

you raise the money to pay for that?

Well, in the ordinary way, and what

we are doing at the moment is

looking at Mr Rudd's spend-of-on

the, working out where we can reduce

the spending free and pay for our

sensible policies. You announced you

will cut $

will cut $10 billion will cut $10 billion from government

spending. Is it how you will fund

the emissions trading fund? Well, I

am not sure, Kochie that we have

made any announcements as such but

certainly I indicated that we

you can make savings out of Mr certainly I indicated that we think

Rudd's spending spree. There? $

Rudd's spending spree. There? $free

billion on re-creating a

nationalized telecommunications billion on re-creating a

company. Money that is wasted, hand

over fist. The national broad ban

scream. The Dayy Tell graph is

reporting you will cut that and save

money from the budget? We don't

think the national Broadband

network, the re-creation of a

national telecommunications national telecommunications company

is necessary. We think there are

better ways to spend money on

schools than giving it schools than giving it to

schools than giving it to the state

education bureaucracies which have

wasted money hand over fist. But the

point I want to make, Kochie, Mr

Rudd was all talk and no action. Now

he won't even talk about it as well

as giving us no action. Okay, now, this this morning we have an interview

with Pauline Hanson. She is flogging

her house at the moment, here is

what she said about you as a potential Prime

potential po I will never forgive or

forget what Tony Abbott did to me in

the past but he has got to be far

better than what Kevin Rudd is doing

to our country and I would to our country and I would like to

see Kevin Rudd go at the next

election. If it is going to be Tony

Abbott, he will get my support.

Sounds like a strong endorsement. Do

you welcome Pauline Hanson's

endorsement. I am happy to take

votes where I find them but

unfortunately, pop eel will be in England. So, yes...

be England. So, yes.... -- Pauline will

be in England. She said she wim

forgive you for your -- she said she

will forgive you for your role in

her demise, are you looking for that

I think that was a tumulttuous

chapter in our political history

it is closed and we can move on, chapter in our political history and

Pauline, myself, everyone. Also,

Pauline said he doesn't want to Pauline said he doesn't want to sell

her home to a Muslim, they have no right right to her home to a Muslim, they have no

right to be in the country, their

ways will never jell with the

Australian way. What is your view on

that I think there are Muslims

there are Muslims just as there are that I think there are Muslims and

Christians and there are Christians.

The vast majority of Muslims

good Australians. becoming to the country have become

good Australians. But there are

extreme variants of Islam, to combat

the Taliban, and al-Qaeda that we

have currently got troops in

Afghanistan and elsewhere. So I

suppose that version of Islam is certainly something which is

Muslims and there dangerous, but as I said, there are

Muslims and there are Muslims just

as there are Christians and there

are Christians. Absolutely. are Christians. Absolutely. Thank