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Coming up on WIN News... A guilty Coming up on WIN News... A guilty

verdict in the Danny Ralph murder

trial. Flynn locals unhappy with trial. Flynn locals unhappy with the

plans for the closed school site, And, the Raiders continue to be

dogged by injury. Details next. we know that give and take VOICEOVER: At NAB, our most successful relationships. is the thing that drives felt vulnerable Which is why, when many businesses and some others stopped lending... financial support. ..we actually increased It's called taking responsibility. Oh, hi, Mum. see how you're going. Just thought I'd drop in, Washing day, is it? reason for workplace safety VOICEOVER: Her most important has run out of clean undies. Come on.

Tonight ... A guilty verdict in the Tonight ... A guilty verdict in the

Danny Ralph murder trial, The ACT

Government denies it' s soft on Government denies it' s soft on

crime, as alcohol fuelled crime, as alcohol fuelled violence

rises, And, more budget funding rises, And, more budget funding to

help keep our youth out of jail.

Good evening, I' m Jessica Good,

More than two years after father of More than two years after father of

four, Danny Ralph' s body was found

in the Queanbeyan River, a man has

been found GUILTY of his murder.

Benjamin Wayne Holcroft has been

remanded in custody for remanded in custody for sentencing

in July. Outside court, Mr Ralph' s

family expressed their relief at

verdict and said it will help family expressed their relief at the

verdict and said it will help bring

them some closure. The past seven