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If tonight - a world in transit.

Passengers told the volcanic ash a

drummer could stand him for one

week. The boys are supposed to be

back at school next week, my wife

is a midwife who is needed as well.

A Qantas amongst cowboys airlines

losing $200 million per day.

Used as well as doctors Slam Kevin

Rudd's health plan.

Jessica Watson's mum on her

daughter's greatest fears.

Travellers are being warned to

expect several days of delays as

the volcanic ash blanketing the UK

and Europe worsens. One their

16,000 flights had been grounded,

pushing desperate travellers onto trains and ferries.

Right now, any sort of silver

lining is hard to see, with most

planes across the UK and parts of

Europe still grounded. A small

number of flights have been

operating in Northern Ireland and

Scotland through breaks in the ash

cloud, bringing some of the

stranded back to British soil. This

school group landed in Glasgow,

returning from a field trip to

Iceland to study volcanoes. Their

educational eruption. excursion ended in a most

We had some crazy man banging on

the door at like 4am in the morning,

like - get out, and we were like

running. All my house people were

just screaming.

For every plane landing, there are still thousands stuck, leaving

ticket holders with nothing to do

but wait for the wind to change.

This wedding party in Manchester is

Cuba. desperate to reach its bride in

The bride's mum, the bride's father,

all the best men and bridesmaids,

everyone is here and the wedding is

on Tuesday - so it's really

important we get there, otherwise

she'll be devastated and so will we.

But experts who've had a closer

look at the cloud say it's better

to be waiting on the ground than

falling out of the sky.

Speaking as an aeronautical

engineer, I wouldn't want to be in

a big plane up there at the moment,

there's a lot of fairly nasty stuff there.

With the planes parked, ferry

services are in overdrive, and

trains between London and France

are sold out for days.

I guess the trains are all full up too.

The cloud will pass, but it doesn't

mean the danger of this happening

again will. Leading volcano experts

say the ash could cause

intermittent problems with air

eruption continues. traffic for 6 months, if the

couple of months. It could last a couple of weeks - a

If that's not enough bad news,

there is another danger - it could

set off an even bigger volcano

nearby - so Iceland is bracing for more blasts, while passengers

across Europe bide their time and

locals make the most of the silent

skies - and the empty runways.

News. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten

The travel bans have made it

impossible for some world leaders

to attend the state funeral for

Poland's president. The ash also

clerk -- caused the closure of

pollen's M airports yesterday. The

President's family have requested

that the deal will go ahead.

The outlook for Australian

travellers is just as bleak.

Flights out of all major capitals Flights out of all major capitals

have been cancelled, with the

growing. backlog here and across Asia and

It is becoming an exercise in

patience. This British traveller is

stockier and at the mercy of a

growing backlog. The best thing

they can tell me is they will try

and get me on a flight but most of

them are fully booked. Also meant

to be trading through Hong Kong is

this man. He will now miss two

weeks' work in Europe. No-one is

answering the phone in Zurich answering the phone in Zurich

airport and no-one knows how long

this will be. I am stuck. This

family from Manchester could be

here for one more week. It is too

late for a key high school exam. It

is a shame she will miss it.

Airlines leaving Australia are

refusing to take Australian transit

passengers to any major capitals.

There are no hotel rooms left. Some

may even bringing passengers back

free of charge. Qantas says at

least a thousand of its passengers

alone are affected now and the

backlog will be a nightmare to

clear. It is not just about when

the airspace is open but when the

airports are capable of taking out

flights. Passengers aside, airlines

are now starting to count the cost.

Cancellations are now costing

international carriers at least

$200 million per day. Some airlines

in Europe are already talking about

laying off staff. That filters down.

Even Sydney cab drivers are feeling the pinch.

Australia's population will hit 42

million by the year 2050. That is

the assessment of a top Democratic

professor who has called on the

Federal Government to slash our immigration intake.

Sydney is being choked by

population growth and it is going

to get worse. Up to 8 million

people by 2050. There is far too

many balls up I think we are doing

fine as we are. Monash University

predicts that in four decades 42

million people will call Australia

home. The or throw this study has

called for a return to raids under

the Howard government. This is

another report triggering that fear.

Every time the fear arises Iggy has

been unfounded. Sustainability

experts believe population growth

is outstripping our resources. It

will have significant impacts on

public transport and in the

provision of services such as water

and dealing with waste. We can and dealing with waste. We can have and dealing with waste + q 7EE

no confidence this Prime Minister

is capable of giving Australia the

infrastructure it will need to cope

with 36 million people, let alone

42 million. It for Australia is to

cope with an expected doubling of

population by 2050, many people may

have to look to inland cities which

had the room for growth. K M Brewer

looks very underpopulated to me.

The ACT wants 150,000 extra people

in Canberra over the next 30 years.

There are not enough people to do

the jobs available here. We would

welcome more people in the ACT.

As if the population issue is not

enough, the Health takeover debate


The premieres and the Prime

Minister a meeting hearing camera

on Monday where Kevin Rudd hopes to

get all their signatures for his

health reform. But today, the NSW

medical staff executive council has

warned the reforms are being rushed.

They want a six-week delay on the

boat. Good on you Mr Rudd for

driving reform but if you do not

get signed up until the end of May

or June and we have a better deal

at the end of that time,

Australians will only applaud you.

This is the product of nearly two

years of work, so those who call

for extra delayed are not listening

people are saying. to what we are saying and the

people are saying.

All the premieres made here

tomorrow ahead of Khaled to thrash

out their differences. The ACT

chief minister says he will be

signing up and it looks like he

will be joined by Queensland and SA.

will be joined by Queensland a

A man has been quarantined in a NSW

hospital with suspected leprosy. He

was a crew member on a foreign ship

which arrived at Port Kembla

earlier this month. He is in

isolation at Wollongong Hospital.

He is receiving treatment. The

Local Area Health Service says the

condition is not transmitted by a

casual contact, so people should

not be too alarmed.

Jessica was an's mother has

admitted her daughter had to

overcome fears of rough seas to

embark on her world trip. Julie

Watson has hinted this will not

beat Jessica's last challenge.

Jessica Watson's bid to sail solo

around the world unassisted has

been monitored by thousands of internet bloggers. internet bloggers. To Jessica!

Today, some of them got to meet

Jessica's mum, Julie.

She reckons she's the most tracked She reckons she's the most tracked teenager in the world.

Each time Jessica posts a report on Each time Jessica posts a repo2

her website, hundreds of bloggers respond.

She's just an amazing young girl,

she's just so self confident and

it's paid off.

I think what inspired me most about

Jess was her bravery and her strength and her resilience.

Jessica us about 450 nautical miles

south of Esperance.

So she hasn't got much east in the

last 4-5 days, which is a real

shame, and she'll be feeling really

frustrated about that.

Stormy weather and a damaged

mainsail haven't stopped Jessica.

She has made repairs and is continuing her journey.

She's very happy with the repairs,

so we'll just see how it holds out.

Julie Watson today told of the

motto Jessica used in the early

days when overcoming her fears of

the sea in rough weather. And she

has hinted the teenager is probably

thinking about further adventures

once she has circumnavigated the globe.

I think she's out there plotting

things - they usually do. They're

plotting the next journey when

they're out there doing it.

Jessica is due to sail into Sydney

Harbour in May, just ahead of her 17th birthday.

On the Sunshine Coast, Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

The questionable new revelations

that could sink a bushfire chips. -

- bushfire chick.

a Back in my day,

and there's more to it

But best of all,

This program is captioned live.

Welcome back.

Victoria's bushfire chief is

blaming enemies in the police force

and women haters for her current woes.

She says they're trying to get her

removed from her job. Fourth she is

claiming her a 4-month police

colleagues are routed get her. She

is in a defiant mood. A divisive

figure within the community.

Detractors are still calling for

her head. His supporters include

the Prime Minister and also some of

the families hardest hit by the

black Saturday bushfires. She looks

set to retain her job with the

local governments reluctant to take

action until Royal Commission

findings are handed down in July.

This program is captioned live. Welcome back.

Victoria's bushfire chief is

blaming enemies in the police force

and women haters for her current woes.

She says they're trying to get her

removed from her job.

The claims come as the former

police chief made startling

admissions about her actions on Black Saturday.

Again called to explain herself,

Christine Nixon was clearly feeling the pressure.

And particularly those people who

have lost their lives who have made

contact with me over the last week

and asked me to stay and be with

them until the end.

The former chief commissioner has

revealed her priorities on Black

Saturday included a haircut and a

meeting with her biographer.

Our focus is on those lives that

were devastated, and I am

absolutely confident that Christine

is making a huge contribution.

The haircut was her first

appointment in the morning after

which she was driven to police headquarters.

Her fire duties were interrupted by

an afternoon meeting with her biographer.

Further briefings at the fire

agencies command centre then

followed until she headed out to dinner.

As a woman I've always been judged

perhaps more harshly than some

others, but I've understood that.

We don't care if she is whether

she's female, a male, an

hermaphrodite or an alien - it's

all about substance over style.

Among those supporting Ms Nixon,

Federal backbencher Steve Gibbons,

who went to ground after launching

a colourful defence via Twitter.

It'll be back to work tomorrow for

Christine Nixon, with a series of

meetings with fire-affected families.

She fully intends to see out her 2-

year contract, subject the findings

of the Royal Commission.

I've answered all the questions, as

I understood, that people were speculating about.

Thank you very much for coming.

China has begun the mass cremation

of hundreds of earthquake victims

as the search for survivors continues.

More than 400 people are still

missing and heavy machinery has

been brought in to help rescue

workers and monks, who have been

using pickaxes, shovels and even

their bare hands to dig through the rubble.

Food, tents and medical supplies

are still in demand, and thousands

of people have been left to sleep

without shelter in freezing conditions.

The death toll from the 6.9

magnitude quake has risen to more than 1,100.

Wall Street investment bank Goldman

Sachs has been charged with defrauding investors. America's financial watchdog, the Securities and Exchange Commission

has accused the bank of failing to

disclose conflicts of interest when marketing sub-prime mortgage

investments just as the US housing

market was collapsing. Today the

SEC charged Goldman and one of its

employees with fraud in the sale of collateralised debt obligations.

News of the charges sent US stocks

tumbling, with shares in the bank down 12%.

Up next, a dramatic end to a police chase in Sydney.

And the women who want to be named

Australia's toughest bloke!

This program is captioned live.

There was a dramatic end for a

Sydney driver who tried to avoid

being breathylsed overnight.

The 17-year-old's car hit a railing

and flipped onto its roof, trapping

the driver inside.

Moments earlier, he'd refused to

stop for police conducting random

breath testing, who'd noticed his erratic driving.

He was taken to hospital with minor He was taken to hospital with injuries.

And police are appealing for

witnesses after a 39-year-old man

died when he was thrown off his

motorbike on the M4 near Auburn.

His bike clipped a concrete barrier,

but police are not sure whether other vehicles were involved.

The victim suffered extensive head

injuries and died at the scene.

The Snake Man of Sydney is getting

ready to hang up his pythons.

On the eve of his last show -

ending 91 years of family history -

he proved just how dangerous the

job can be.

John Cann is a real charmer.

Beautiful red-belly black.

But on the eve of his last show, we

found out it doesn't always go to

plan, even for legendary snake men.

He's going to be hard to get off.

Taking a good bite of his thumb,

his pet diamond python's obviously

not happy the show's almost over.

So is that the first time he's done that? He's ever done that?

Yeah, but he thought I was giving

him food.

After 45 years, he's about to hang up his tails.

Tomorrow will be his last

performance as The Snake Man - 91

years after his father George, then

brother George Jnr took over the title.

The show started in Christmas of '87, '89

It's been going now just on 112


Despite a family love of snakes,

none of John's children or

grandchildren want to follow in his path.

You're not afraid of them?

Nup - a little bit.

But it's not the head they're scared of. It's the other end.

His daughter Bindi - and yes, they

did know Steve Irwin - has mixed feelings. Oh, bit sad.

I thought you'd be happy?

I am happy and bit sad.

Most of the other snakemen all died

when they give up.

I thought I better get out of it first.

Now tomorrow, John will be giving

away a lot of his snakes, although

this beautiful carpet python will

be staying with the family.

All 20 kilograms of her.

A quest to find Australia's

Toughest Bloke has attracted some

surprise entrants. Women proving to

be just as determined to conquer

the challenging course. This isn't a latte-sipping, tree-hugging

contest for metrosexuals. It stinks.

But it's good fun.

Nothing better than getting a bit dirty.

It's the Tough Bloke Challenge.

And only the manliest of men can.

Hang on, what's with all these women?

It was really tough at the start,

but I am a tough man, so I got through it.

Just as many girls entered as guys.

And they proved to be real competition.

From the mudpit...

That was so gross!

To the big wall...

And through the tunnels, the women

were taking it to the men.

Some of whom had travelled great

lengths to prove their toughness.

I flew all the way over from England.

Do you think the British accent

helps with the toughness?

No, if you'd seen me 10 minutes ago,

I was screaming like a girl.

Competitors raced around a 6km

course, that ends with a slippery rope challenge.

It's a good mix, a few military

guys here, and a few civvies having

a good time.

Now, you might be wondering why a

tough bloke like myself isn't

taking part, well, I just got the

suit dry cleaned, just got my hair done.

I think you need a bit of toughening up, Ben! Oh, that's unneccessary.

The weather's next and then it's

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning,

and Rob - it was a day of drama at

the Doncaster Mile at Randwick today.

That's right, Tarsh - there was an

amazing twist to this weeks supreme court proceedings.

We'll bring you the details shortly

- plus a whole lot more.

Bulldogs win - so why's Ben Hannant

all fired up? We've got the

Swannies-Kangaroos showdown.

And phenomenal footage as Kelly

Slater conquers one of the baddest

barrels going round.

This program is captioned live. Let's check tomorrow's weather around the nation.

Adelaide was shaken by a small it

great yesterday. A woman has been

crowned the national champion for

town crying - the first in

Australian history. The loudest cry

reached 105 decibals - about the

same as a jack hammer.

John Deeks or...

The loud mouth from the south. The

town cryer has been at it for

fifteen years. And is still going

strong. I've been surprised by how

well the voice has held up. 16 town

cryers vied for today's national

championship. They don't take it

lightly. With murderous intent.

You're judged on volume, speech,

intonation. The loudest was 105

decibals - about the same as a

jackhammer. The best.. Australia's

first female champion.

first female champion. My knees are

shaking it's such an exhilarating

feeling. That brings you up to date

with the latest news. Stay around

for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm I'm Natarsha Belling. Good evening.

I'm Natarsha Belling. Good evening.

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This program is captioned live.

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Incredible pictures of Kelly's later.

These Swans are in action.

Will the ball docks take action?

Racing in the sky, on the Test and

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