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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Killer in the mist - kill one person did a gardening chemical and leave three others in hospital? So just how safe is weed spray? thanks to Aussies at the controls. A plane with engine trouble lands

for reaction. We're live to Hong Kong And attention shoppers - packed with ads the high-tech trolley that's heading to supermarkets. What's in it for us? this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, and welcome to the show. Good morning, everyone, a bad camping trip? And have you ever had and your tent started leaking? Yes, maybe it rained all night Or maybe... crack right underneath your tent. ..your woke up to find a giant ice

Sleeping like a baby. Ah! Isn't that

an amazing photo.

an amazing photo. You are looking at Sleeping like a baby. Ah! Isn't that

a picture sent overnight from a

British research team working at the

North Pole, they were asleep, when

they heard a ripping sound and the

ice pan was breaking up underneath

them. They did manage to escape but


wow! We would like to hear your them. They did manage to escape but

camping horror stories this morning. wow! We would like to hear your camping horror stories this morning.

. Let us know what went wrong. and more than 10,000 injured At least 589 people have been killed powerful earthquakes after a series of in the west of China. shook the Tibetan Plateau

more than 900 people alive Rescue crews have pulled from under the rubble. so many people have been rescued. Authorities say it's a miracle which reached 6.9 magnitude, The powerful quakes, and tore apart roads, collapsed homes

rushing into the streets. sending frightened residents

is likely to rise. Authorities say the death toll

south of Brisbane A large rubber factory is still smouldering this morning overnight. after being destroyed by fire

to close all windows and doors Yatala residents were warned as thick smoke blanketed the area. could be seen kilometres away Smoke and flames just after 8:00 last night. as fire engulfed the rubber factory were on scene within minutes More than 70 firefighters

inside but highly flammable materials to contain the blaze. made it difficult and underlay Believe that it's primarily carpet so there's a fairly high fuel load. to bring the inferno under control. It took crews more than four hours to shut all windows and doors Nearby residents were warned due to fears of toxic smoke. ongoing atmospheric monitoring We're undertaking for the community which we don't have at this stage, and if there's any concerns, the local residents. we'll be notifying industrial complex are still closed. Several roads around the this morning Investigators will be on scene to work out what caused the blaze. has also been gutted by fire. And a house in Sydney's west Victorian Premier John Brumby recovery chief is standing by the bushfire for her dismissal. despite a targeted media campaign to the Royal Commission yesterday Christine Nixon gave fresh evidence to dinner on Black Saturday. to explain why she went and prepared it myself, Whether I had a meal at home whether I had a meal out, I didn't see as being important. with emergency officials She also had no phone contact between 6pm and 9pm. she had her phone switched off. Ms Nixon rejects suggestions of the Chinese coal carrier The master and first officer on the Great Barrier Reef which ran aground will face court in Queensland today. Underwater video has revealed to Douglas Shoal. the extent of the damage coral which survived the collision Reef experts warn because of the ship's toxic paint. could still be under threat of a live organism If it smeared onto the surface the mortality or the coral death. then that will generally cause

for traces of oil Nearby islands are being monitored ran aground. spilled when the 'Shen Neng 1' their hands on an iPad Australians wanting to get at least another month. will have to wait of extremely high demand in the US Apple has announced because

international release of the iPad it's had to put back the until the end of May. American customers in the first week The company sold 500,000 to

it will be several weeks and they expect orders there. before they can satisfy international pricing Apple says it will announce

on the 10th of May. and begin taking online pre-orders

this morning There are reports out of the US are going ahead with a divorce. that Tiger Woods and wife, Elin, 'Entertainment Tonight' says finishing touches to the paperwork. the couple are putting the were putting things back together It had been thought the couple a sex rehab centre after Tiger attended for some time. but sources say they haven't spoken that things weren't going well The strongest indication at the US Masters. was Elin's no-show of Manny Siaca Danny Green has made light work IBO cruiserweight world title. to hold onto his After talking up a big fight, of Green in front of his home crowd. Siaca struggled to match the power never looked troubled The 37-year-old in the second round. and had his first knock down

The Puerto Rican recovered in the third. but was back on the canvas for good little short clubs and uppercut He took about 20 or 30 and he was intimidated by it and he felt the power he didn't want to know about it. and unfortunately, Green is undefeated in four bouts early last year. since making his return to the sport and Manly's Brent Kite Dragon Michael Weyman suspension at the NRL judiciary. have both failed to escape of striking Brisbane's Ben Hunt Weyman was found guilty tomorrow's clash with the Titans. and will be forced to sit out at a worse time for the Saints, It couldn't have come frontline forwards. who are now missing four to it in two weeks time. Very disappointed, but look forward The judiciary was just as harsh on Brent Kite for this hit on Sharks winger Blake Ferguson. Melbourne Victory captain Kevin Muscat is happy to see the back of the Asian Champions league after his side played out a scoreless draw with Chinese club Beijing Guoan. The home side struggled - this shot from Costa Rican Marvin Angulo one of Melbourne's few chances. To be honest, playing in Asia, not that all enjoyable. People going down left, right and centre, stalling for time. It's not that enjoyable playing in the Champions League. Adelaide is the only Australian side to progress to the knock-out round.

Grant yesterday you did fauk about

things getting more humid on the

east coast, definitely the case,

last night, not so chilly. Yes, you

can feel it on the way to work, the

hands are not frozen off. A much

more balmy start to the day, which

is good. It hasn't stopped me

shivering because today we

shivering because today we are sharing the spooky stories of the

quarantine station on north head,

our equipment has been playing up

this morning like crazy, lots of

ghosts. This area, as the ships came

in on the early days, they flew a

yellow flag, meant all the

passengers were disease free but

passengers were disease free but if it was yellow and black, the

passengers would have to unload

here, to be processed. And

quarantine coming from an Italian

word meaning 40, 40 days to process

and diagnose. It used to be such a

big problem, a lot of quarantine

stations in Australia. A quarter of

the people who came out on the

Second Fleet die said of infectious

diseases: so this played a very

important role in keeping Australia disease free. Chance of early drizzle in Ballarat. A light shower or two in Melbourne. Afternoon showers in Katherine. Showers with a possible storm in Darwin. Occasional showers for Bunbury. Chance of a shower in Karratha. A few thunderstorms for Broome.

Now this place ran from 1833 to

1984. Believe it or not! Bringing in

festy diseases. So we will show you

those places later, it is creepy.

You can stay there too, can't you?

It is a hotel. A hotel function

centre and restaurant. Hm.

centre and restaurant. Hm.. They

clean it well. Hmm, flesh. Okay,

Glenn. Twhao? I was thinking Glenn

20, disinfectant. Get rid of the

diseases. Next hour, we catch up with Hollywood icon Geena Davis. She's starring in a new movie that was shot here in Australia. Also on the way - a bizarre case of forbidden love. We'll show you the video in under 10 minutes. But next - Kochie expresses his own form of love. The money report is straight ahead. WOMAN: Henry... Roll-Ups have 40% less sugar than other leading kids snack products. ..time to go. Henry! So all Roll-Ups come with a licence to play.

VOICEOVER: Need to update your... underwear? (GROANS) Right now, Target is taking 20%-30% off women's, men's and kids' underwear, socks and hosiery. Excludes sleepwear. (BOING!) Hurry - ends Wednesday. Only one show can provide live performances with Jamie Cullum. # Please don't stop the music. # Brian McFadden. # Yeah. # Spandau Ballet. # Gold, oh. # And some guy called Justin Bieber. # Baby, baby, baby, oh. # Now the official home for live music - Australia's number one brekkie show. Sunrise on Seven. And you can add Mark Vincent to that list.

The former winner of 'Australia's Got Talent' will be here to perform tomorrow. In finance news:

A pretty good night in America. Led

by JP Morgan Chase and intel, the

bank and the computer chip

manufacturer beat the streak in

terms of expectations for their

quarterly results. JP Morgan quarterly results. JP Morgan earned $ quarterly results. JP Morgan earned $3. quarterly results. JP Morgan earned

$3.3 million in just a quarter,

three months. The rest of the market

is up too, Europe had a boomer too.

To our region: Our market very solid

gains led by the banks. Alright, Latest figures in consumer sentiment show Aussie shoppers are happy but aren't spending. Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. What does this reveal about Aussie consumers?

Well, I think the main concern for

consumers is the mortgage.

Particularly people in their 30s, early Particularly people in their 30s,

early 40s. People are generally

happy about life but concerned where

interest rates are going. If you

look at the break-up of the results,

Generation Y are over the moon, they

don't think anyone can go wrong. But

Generation X are more concerned

about the future. That is why they

are keeping a few savings as a

result, they are not going out there

and spending. Retail spending over

the last four months, we have had

negligible growth. It is worrying

the retailers at the moment, they

are undertaking massive discounting

sales to get shop taorz part with

their cash. -- shoppers to

their cash. -- shoppers to part with

their cash. Thank you, we are all

being very cautious. Still to come - Kochie's training regime for his wheelchair challenge with Kurt Fearnley. But next, do men need facelifts?

You trying to tell me something? I

am sure you would do it for Angelina

Jolie? Just a facelift? And the day an elephant seal fell in love.

underwear? (GROANS) Right now, Target is taking 20%-30% off women's, men's and kids' underwear, socks and hosiery. Excludes sleepwear. (BOING!) Hurry - ends Wednesday.

Sunrise books online at Enjoy a choice. Enjoy your stay. Are you ready for smart trolleys at your supermarket? Later this morning, we'll get a close-up look at them.

They can tell you what to buy, track your movements and record your purchases. They're even fitted with GPS, so they know where you are in the store.

Do they pay for your groceries too.

Who needs to know where you are in

the store? I get

the store? I get lost all the time.

I would like a GPS to say, where is

the pasta and stuff like that.

Obviously not like Nat and I, we go

all the time and know where it is.

Is it what we want as shoppers?

Reckon it would give me the irts,

ads. We need more ads, they make the world go around.

world go around. What does your

husband do? He makes ads. Accept when they pop up in when they pop up

when they pop up in the middle

when they pop up in the middle of 'The Pacific'. I loved the show. A

few e-mails on that. Not that we are

getting stuck into programmers.

Drawn to a very poignant moment and

up comes 'Cougar Town' up comes 'Cougar Town' with Courteney

Courteney Cox. I like it. Anyway.

Next topic anyone? Glad you

Next topic anyone? Glad you went there, Simon. We were talking about

shopping trolleys. I blame her. The

ads, it is all about the ads. Let us

know if you like ads, 'Cougar Town',

'The Pacific' and

'The Pacific' and trolleys. I

'The Pacific' and trolleys. I want to be in and out as fast as possible. Here on Sunrise, we've long campaigned for Facebook to do more

to protect its young users. The social networking website has gone some way to doing that. Facebook's stopped short of including a panic button on its site. But it has set up a new safety centre which features tools for parents, teachers and teens. There's also more help on how to deal with online bullying. Do you think that goes far enough or should Facebook be doing more? Or is it up to parents to monitor their kids on line?

It is certainly a start, I

It is certainly a start, I think it

is a step in the right direction. At

least they are doing something. Yes.

Tell us. Other stories you're looking at on the internet include the latest reported ultimatum

from Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt. She's apparently told the Hollywood heart-throb to lose the beard and get a facelift. I can

I can understand the beard bit. Angelina says he looks like a wreck and needs some work before she'll again find him attractive. Girls, have you ever given your man an ultimatum to improve his look? Do you demand he shaves before you'll kiss him?

Will you just give us a break on the

shave bit? You girls let your hair

grow on the legs during winter and

they are prickly too Do you rub

they are prickly too Do you rub your

face against them. Hang on, if

face against them. Hang on, if was

in trouble before. Then she kissed

your face. She wants you to be manly

and rugged. She is in trouble there,

isn't she? Wow! What a morning, it

is Thursday. I like a bit of

stubble, I think it is kind of sexy

but he has got too much. Was it for

role and he kept it going. It

role and he kept it going. It looks

ridiculous. Does he look in the mirror and say, "

mirror and say, "No." He is Brad

Pitt, of course he doesn't.

Apparently his skin is a bit bad and

needs it to cover it. A bit of

moisturiser or something, he can

afford a spa day. What does your man do to manscape?

do to manscape? A tummy tuck,

facelift. Would you have one

Angelina Jolie asked you N. Angelina Jolie asked you

facelift. Would you have one if Angelina Jolie asked you. Clip your

nose hair and ears and it does it.

You are so manscapeed. And here's a love story with a difference. She's intelligent and good looking and sitting on a beach. He swims ashore and she immediately catches his eye. Take a look.

# Take a love from the planet

# It is in our nature

# What matters

# The going is getting tough

# And we are all about giving

# Things we never thought were going

to play # We play them

# It ain't perfect. Where are we

going with this? Wouldn't he smell a


going with this? Wouldn't he smell a lot. Oh! Oh! Let's cut that now. I

am thinking, no, no, no! The penguin is watching!

is watching. Animal kingdom 'Under

Belly' isn't it.

Belly' isn't it. Has anyone smelt a

seal, how could you get close to it?

They are quite clean. She is lying

on a beach, I think the fish

smellerize the least of her worries. --

. Lovely. Getting that close to a

big smelly animal. Fantastic,

convening with nature. Have you ever

had, I was going to say a

relationship, not, close encounters.

Don't go there. Something unusual

like that with an animal. Have you,

with 'The Zoo'

with 'The Zoo'. I would be careful.

All All those arangtens escaped

after two visit in a row. Not going

to like on a beach for a smooch.

'The Zoo' is a bit like that. Let us

know, can you beat that? My gosh. In a moment, news and weather details. Plus, are researchers a step closer to a treatment for Alzheimer's? And Kochie gets into training for his wheelchair challenge with Kurt Fearnley. Can he make it to the top of the hill or is he over the hill?

We're "Take a jumper, in case." We're kneepads, mouthguards and double bows. We're low-emission sedans.

We're the safety bar, not the roller-coaster. We're mowing the lawn, washing the car and walking the dog. We're half-an-hour after eating before swimming. We're "In two kilometres, turn left."

We're factor 50.

On the way - the new debate over daylight saving. And we'll get the full story

on two Aussie pilots hailed as heroes. But now it's over to Nat for the 6:30 update.

The man described as the world's number one terrorist threat was reportedly invited to address a Sydney Youth Group. Fairfax reports al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki was in talks with Sydney Muslim Youth about delivering a sermon to young Australians. He was an adviser to the extremist charged with killing 13 people at Fort Hood in Texas and the spiritual guide to three September 11 hijackers. Mr Awlaki was last week added to the CIA's kill list. Rescue teams are desperately trying to reach survivors trapped under rubble after a series of powerful earthquakes hit western China. At least 589 people have been killed and more than 10,000 are injured.

The earthquake struck just before 8:00 in the morning and took down almost an entire town near the epicentre. Tens of thousands of people made homeless and rummaging through the rubble for survivors. Qinghai province in western China is prone to earthquakes

but its sparse population means casualties are usually minimal. Here, though, hundreds have perished in what, at a magnitude of 6.9,

is the biggest earthquake in this area for decades. Thousands of people have been injured, many others are trapped. Around 5,000 specialist quake rescuers have been sent from neighbouring provinces. Here, a young teacher is pulled from the rubble at one of a number of collapsed schools. This seismologist says five aftershocks have been recorded

and more measuring at least 6.0 are expected in the next couple of days. Two senior crew of the Chinese coal carrier which ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef will face court in Queensland today. The 47-year-old master of the 'Shen Neng 1' is charged with causing damage in a marine park. The charge carries a maximum fine of $55,000. The 44-year-old chief officer of the watch faces the more serious offence of being the person in charge of a vessel which damages a marine park. If convicted, he could be jailed for 3 years and fined $220,000. Australians wanting to get their hands on an iPad will have to wait at least another month. Apple has announced because of extremely high demand in the US it's had to put back the international release of the iPad until the end of May. The company sold 500,000 to American customers in the first week and they expect it will be several weeks before they can satisfy orders there. Apple says it will announce international pricing and begin taking online pre-orders on the 10th of May. And after a series of lacklustre performances in Australia, Whitney Houston has taken to the stage in the UK, leaving many disappointed.

(SINGS OFF-KEY) # And I will always love you. #

Tleez stop now... -- please stop now. The 46-year-old also left fans in Birmingham waiting up to 15 minutes between songs.

Did you have to remind me of my

nightmare, saw her here, never nightmare, saw her here, never want

to see her again. Thanks for that

reminder, Nat. The Dow Jones, the

quarterly reporting season is under

way. JP Morgan Chase, $ way. JP Morgan Chase, $3.

way. JP Morgan Chase, $3.3 billion

US profit in just three months

really sparked the market and a good

result from computer chip maker

Intel as well.

Here is Simon with your sport Here is Simon with your sport. Thanks, Kochie. Danny Green has continued his remarkable return to boxing, defending his IBO cruiserweight world title in Perth. Manny Siaca never troubled Green in front of his home crowd and he gave them something to cheer about late in the second round.

At the age of 37. The fight was over in the third with Siaca looking out of his depth against the 37-year-old Green. The Dragons have been dealt yet another blow ahead of tomorrow's round six NRL clash with the Titans with Michael Weyman copping a 1-match ban. The Saints prop is the fourth frontline forward to be ruled out of the match after being found guilty of striking Bronco Ben Hunt. The news was just as bad for Manly - prop Brent Kite will miss one week for a high shot on Sharks winger Blake Ferguson. Englishman Kevin Pietersen has belted 62 runs from 29 balls as Bangalore beat Rajasthan by five wickets in the Indian Premier league. Pietersen put on a show before being run out but the damage had been done. The Shane Warne led Royals suffering their seventh loss of the season.

Will struggle to make the semis.

Checking with Grant, who has a bit of a history

of a history lesson this morning at Quarantine Station.

Quarantine Station. A little eerie

but a fascinating story. If you came

to Australia in 1918 in first class,

you would have been in a room like this. you would have been in a room like

this. This is a replica of the

'Niagraw', the ship that came to

Australia with the Spanish flu,

Australia with the Spanish flu, the same as the swine flu today. There were hundred00 ships parked here. You had a bit of room and fresh air but in third class you notice the

difference. It is why it spread so

easily, confined spaces, shared

ventilation and you would have been

cramped up in the bow. Spanish flu

killed more people than world

killed more people than world war one, here in Australia, it was

12,000, they managed to cap it down

to that level due to the quarantine

station but nasty stuff but a great replica of

replica of how they would have come

out with 100 ships parked offshore

as we have a look at the weather. A low is bringing very strong winds and heavy showers and storms to south-west Western Australia. Troughs are triggering a few storms in southern Western Australia and heavy storms in the tropics. Meanwhile, a few showers are generating over the Queensland coast.

Now, that is

Now, that is an exact max mould of

how smallpox would have looked. Have

another look in there, creepy.

another look in there, creepy. That is a real person hand's a wax mould

of what it looked like at that

particular stage. When the smallpox

outbreak happened in Sydney, there

John Hews family were taken from the

Rocks area. They were separated. Rocks area. They were separated. Dad

left on a ship, and mum and the kids

brought to the Quarantine Station.

They could see each other but not

interact. The kids contracted the,

dad jumped off the ship to come to

be with his family but the warden

allowed them to meet, even though he

was shackled because the kids were

was shackled because the kids were passing away. They believed the bad

odors spread the disease, so they

put an onion in the middle because

they thought the onion would absorb

the smallpox and they would be okay.

That is fascinating. Look forward to

the next installment in half an

hour. Catch you then. Joke of the

day comes

day comes from Louise Burgees in

loxten. A pretty girl called Susie

was standing outside her home with a

bag of creatures. With a sign of

free kittens. Suddenly a line of

black cars appeared, out steped one,

a well attired grinning man e hello

little girl said Prime Minister. How

old are the kittens? She said, " old are the kittens? She said, "They

are so young the eyes aren'topeen."

And Kevin Rudd said what sort of

kittens are they? And she said, " kittens are they? And she said,

"Labor kittens." He was delighted

and returned to the his car and

recognised the perfect photo

opportunity. The men agreed

opportunity. The men agreed the Prime Minister should return the

next day and in front of the

assembled media have the child talk

about her discerning kittens. The

next day, all the major TV stations

were there. He jumped otof the car and said, "

and said, "Hello, I would love it if

you could tell my friend here what

sort of friends you are giving

away." And Susie said, "

away." And Susie said, "They are

Liberal kittens." Flabbergasted Prime Minister said, "

Liberal kittens." Flabbergasted the Prime Minister said, "But

Prime Minister said, "But yesterday you were told me they were Labor."

Little Susie smiled said, "

Little Susie smiled said, "Yes,

Little Susie smiled said, "Yes, but today, their eyes are open." I like

that. Louise! You have won a TiVo! A

political joke, very good. We don't

get many of those. Should be more of them. Both sides.

them. Both sides. Oh! Is he back

again. Justin Bieber in a Snuggie.

More Bieberettes here today, I

thought we would have a Bieber free

day but if you are voted one or two

by Nat, you get a Snuggie

by Nat, you get a Snuggie (all scream) by Nat, you get a Snuggie (all scream). On the way - Hollywood star Geena Davis. And later, the bizarre new album about Imelda Marcos. Next up, though, - Kochie prepares for his wheelchair challenge with Kurt Fearnley. Does he have what it takes for an uphill battle?

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Now to a challenge my friend next to me may well regret. You might remember Kochie made a deal

with Paralympian Kurt Fearnley - if he could crawl the Kokoda Track in 11 days.

I think what were your words, " I think what were your words, "You

can't do it." Bull dust. Kurt did and challenged Kochie to finish the 'Balmoral Burn' in a wheelchair. It's a real uphill battle in Sydney. Yesterday I started preparing for the task. Let's have a look back at the fateful challenge and my first training session.

Before you went, my mate here, as he

does sometimes, opened his big fat

gob and said, "

gob and said, "He can't do it in 12

days." I have got something lined up

for you, the track was hard, 35

marathons have been hard,

marathons have been hard, the Balmoral Burn is up a hill. Gee, I

was stupeitude start this, I know it

but fair is fair, Kurt has offered

me a challenge, Port Adelaide boys

don't cry. We are into it and this

is my chariot. I have no idea what

to do, but thankfully, I have got a

great teacher, first training run,

Kurt Fearnley, let's go and meet

him. Kurt Fearnley, how are you,

mate, good to see you. Good to see

you, mate. How you going? Recovered

from Kokoda? Well and truly and back

to business. Well, you have got me

back to business as well. Now, this

thing here, first of all? How do I

get in it? Mate, bum first. No.1

piece of advice? Yes. Lean forward.

How do you push? Is there a bit to

pushing? I usually push with a big

leather mitt on and then my hands

are more or less tied up in a knot,

like this. So you don't actually

grip. I thump the wheelchair as hard

as I can. What you are pushing up is

a wall, it is that steep. It is not

flat, like this? Yes... And

flat, like this? Yes... And Kokoda is a straight cement path for two

Ks. Also steering wise, for innovice

and going up hill, it is a case of

someone grabing the wheel and

turning you. Can I have a turning

assistant? You can. Perfect. Show me

how to do it, can someone lift my

wheel. Where is the turner. Ben,

wheel. Where is the turner. Ben, you would be the turner. As much as I

can, keep my feet there and then

just push. Push. # Hey #

This is going pretty well, Kurt.

Um... I am getting the hang of thi.

Race you to the end, go!

Help! (laughs)

Help! (laughs). (laughs)

Help! (laughs). (laughs). I might

let him go, I need more training.

let him go, I need more training. Okay, Kurt, this is it. This is the

actual course, which end do we

start? That end. Mate if you started

up there, you would guarantee be

finished in the drink but if you

make it to here you will make the

finish. You are home and hosed? Yes,

but you just got to make it here.

Stop laughing! You are meant to be

motivating. I mean, you will make it

to here. I had forgotten how steep

that hill was. A killer. 400 metres.

And behind you with brick and chock

your wheels. Do you want to do that?

You can be my assistant, last Sunday

in May. It means we have got to go

up the hill too. We will see. Good

on you though. It should be good. I

will practise a bit more in the

wheelchair, give it a go. Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease, is set to become the single biggest health issue our country will face this century. That's if a treatment is not discovered soon. Researchers in the US will today reveal the results of a promising study into the treatment of Alzheimer's. Sunrise GP Dr Ginni Mansberg is here to explain. Ginni, tell us about this latest research?

Good morning. Tell us about the

research, is it a breakthrough? Yes,

it is a breakthrough. It is not a

tablet, it is actually an infusion

going into the vein twice a week? Of

the patients had an infusion twice a

week and some had a placebo. And

those with the infusion, had far

less progression of the disease,

went backwards. Not only in terms of

how they talk to people but also on

their brain scans of the

haemoglobulin infusion. We hear

about the breakthroughs and we hear

they are going to be 20 years away.

How significant is it? Is it close

to helping other people? It is

significant because all we have at

the moment is a couple of drugs that

have enormous side effects and give

a bit of help and not a huge amount.

This is an enormous amount of help

without a lot of side effect. It is

reasonably close. The conference at

Toronto will announce a reasonably

smallish phase 2 trial, but they are

halfway through a phase 3 massive

trial but we need two of them to go

to the FDA, the US grand Pooh-Bahs

who say you can use it but if they

get it through there, we will get it

here in Australia not too long after

it. The medication is being used for

rarer immune conditions it has never

been used for Alzheimer's disease

and this is the first time. Great

news. Any medical advice for a

50-plus gentleman who is going to

push a wheelchair up hill? Don't do

it. A bit late. Up soon - the chemicals you keep around the house that could be fatal. And how two Aussie pilots managed to land a plane in trouble. Also ahead, up close with Hollywood star Geena Davis. We join her for her trip Down Under.

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The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Nelson Aspen and Julia Morris are in Hollywood. And Nicolette Sheridan's lawsuit

against the 'Desperate Housewives' creator is under way.

And things are starting to get messy, Nelson?

It is going to be something else

when that finally goes to court, if

it does go to court but Nicolette

Sheridan is not on the show anymore

so the surviving house wives have

banded together and released a

statement in defence of their boss, saying, "

saying, "It would be irresponsible for us

for us to let the public believe

that being a part of this show from

its inception has been anything but

a blessing." It sounds like a suckup to me, " to me, to Me, "

to me never kaurterize our set as a

hostile environment, it is the

opposite." They are toeing the

company line and we will find out

what is truth and trash when it goes

to court. It would have taken to court. It would have taken that

long to get that many women to agree

to that statement. Nigh friend

to that statement. Nigh friend saw Nicolette Sheridan out in the outlet

stores in Palm Springs. A dead give

away. Catherine Zeta Jones has

spoken about stripping off? She

loves being in the nudy, crazy for it. She

it. She has come out and said, I am

mad for it, which is fine in Bermuda

but apparently they are spending

time in New York and ducking out on

the balcony in Central Park West Is

not as i yeel. He is nude o lot of

the time and the kids are, shake

them baby, if I looked like her

them baby, if I looked like her I would be nude too. My would be nude too. My children this would be nude too. My children would be nude too. My children this

morning told me to put on my clothes

because I had a self tanning

accident. What happened? Here it is.

As long as Michael Douglas keeps on

his clothes it would be good. I

think it matches my dress, actually.

Very animal print. Love it. No more

nude for mama, but plenty of nude

for Katherine. As Nelson said, I am

sure Michael Douglas loves it just

keep his clothes on. We would have

to sprinkle some fizz whiz on him to

see if he is still alive. Thank you.

Most people walk around nude in the

house? Don't they. No, I don't. Do

you, Nat. Occasionally. Not really going

going there. Oh! I don't think it is

something people need to know about

us. I just didn't think it was a

huge deal. Your neighbours don't

either. What is happening on the

soapbox. Camping? I forgot. The

people in the North Pole went

camping and in the middle of the

night, the ice split and woke them

up, Rooohh! That is the seal story.

No that was (kiss, kiss) moreoon on

that later. A lot of people have

nightmares Sharron, said, "

nightmares Sharron, said, "It turn

under to a nightmare in Queensland,

waking up to the sound of the 14

year year son throwing up in the

tent. It was still raining, she

passed out through the side of the

tent and threw up herself, leaving

her loving husband Ken to clean up.

Nadine was camping in Kenya, opened

the zip and found a lion. He may

have wanted to be afext Leica Ding

the elephant -- wanted to be afext

like this elephant seal. Barbara

thoughs something in the mix, "

thoughs something in the mix, "They

are very liberal in their lovers and

a lot of them are in gay

relationships because of the

diminishing female population. They

chased us from their beach in New chased us from their beach in

chased us from their beach in New

Zealand." He saw a pretty lady.

Bending over backwards for a woman.

It happens in life? Let us know your

close encounters with animals and

whether they are as afext as that. Killer in the mist - did a gardening chemical kill one person and leave three others in hospital? So just how safe is weed spray? A plane with engine trouble lands thanks to Aussies at the controls. We're live to Hong Kong for reaction. And attention shoppers - the high-tech trolley packed with ads that's heading to supermarkets. What's in it for us? Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel.

Also coming up - Geena Davis. You'll see that interview in this half hour. But right now, here's Nat with the latest news. A huge rescue effort is under way to reach survivors trapped under rubble after a series of earthquakes shook the Tibetan Plateau in western China. The powerful tremors, which reached 6.9 magnitude,

have killed at least 589 people and injured around 10,000. Soldiers and locals are using their bare hands to dig through collapsed buildings. Amazingly, 900 people have been pulled out alive. Authorities say the death toll is all but certain to rise. Daylight savings could be trialed in Queensland as early as next summer after Premier Anna Bligh changed her tune on the issue. Sunrise Brisbane correspondent Michelle Tapper

joins me with the latest. Michelle, this has been a controversial issue for a long time. How have Queenslanders reacted?

Good morning, Nat, well it has been

a controversial issue. It has been

floating around for a long time

floating around for a long time but it was ignited again yesterday by

independent MP Peter Wellington who

suggested in parliament, that

Queensland should have another rep

rendm on the topic at the next

election. In a most unusual move,

Anna Bligh went on to the social

networking site of Twitter to ask

Queenslanders what they think about

it saying, maybe it is time after 18

years for people to have another say

and also what do south-east

Queenslanders think of split Queenslanders think of split time

zone. Is in both issues are

controversial and divisive up here

so it should make for a heated

debate. Hot was the response to her

Tweet? Well, I talked with the

premier's office this morning and at

last count, six o'clock last night,

291 people are responded with 163 of

them saying they would be for

daylight saving. So that is daylight saving. So that is about 56% daylight saving. So that is about 56%. Now,

56%. Now, it is a very small sample

size but it could be indicative of

what is to come, Nat. Thank you for

the update, Michelle Tapper. The Victorian Premier is standing by embattled bushfire recovery chief Christine Nixon despite mounting pressure to sack her. The former police commissioner says, in hindsight, she would not have gone out to dinner on Black Saturday but the admission may not be enough to save her job. A day after giving fresh evidence to the Royal Commission

Christine Nixon will be feeling the pressure. Melbourne's 'Herald Sun' is actively campaigning for her immediate dismissal from the bushfire reconstruction authority after she went to dinner as Victoria burned. Whether I had a meal at home and prepared it myself, whether I had a meal otherwise, I didn't see as being important. On the night of Black Saturday, she spent 1 hour 15 minutes at North Melbourne's Metropolitan Hotel.

She earlier claimed she kept tabs on the fire by monitoring websites, email, radio and TV.

There is a period of time between 7:00 and 8:20 when radio, TV, internet and email were not available to you. There was a phone available, as you... I said radio, TV, internet, email were not available to you between 7:00 and 8:20. Correct. She had no phone contact with emergency officials Her successor says he would have stayed at emergency headquarters. In hindsight, I would have, and should have, stayed and I think that would have given a great more comfort to many people. Fire has destroyed a large carpet and underlay factory south of Brisbane, overnight. 70 firefighters battled the blaze at Yatala

which broke out around 8:00. It took more than four hours to bring under control. Believe that it's primarily carpet and underlay so there's a fairly high fuel load. Nearby residents were told to close all windows and doors due to fears of toxic smoke. Fire investigators will be on scene this morning to work out what caused the blaze.

A Perth model, sent to jail for 18 months over a glassing attack, is to appeal her sentence. 24-year-old Eva Scolaro was found guilty of unlawful wounding. She poured a drink over her victim in Perth's Library nightclub in March last year, then smashed a glass in her face without warning. The victim, who wants to be known only as Roxanne, says her face was cut to the bone. I just couldn't believe that a girl would do such a thing. The magistrate said he imposed the harsh sentence to send a message to the community. Red Shirt protesters in Thailand have taken over an upmarket shopping district in Bangkok for what they are calling a final battleground. Protesters are calling on the Prime Minister to resign and say he is no longer in a position to negotiate his leadership.

The army hasn't confronted protesters since last weekend's deadly clashes which left 19 people dead and more than 800 injured. Australians travelling to Thailand are being urged to be careful. Hundreds of people in Iceland have been evacuated after a volcano erupted for the second time in a month. The volcano, which sits under a glacier, is sending torrents of water gushing towards homes. Experts say the eruption is nearly 20 times more powerful than the first one. The initial eruption became a major tourist attraction with more than 10,000 people gathering at its base to see the rare spectacle.

Big night on Wall Street led

Big night on Wall Street led by JP Morgan Chase and Intel. Both of

their shares up 3 per cent on

better-than-expected quarterly earnings.

We finished at a 19-month high

We finished at a 19-month high led by the banks but fellows, strap on

the tool belt! Reports Woolwurgts is

going to spend $

going to spend $4 billion building

150 new Big Box Hardware stores to

take on Bunnings, woo, woo, woo,

woo, how good is that!

woo, how good is that!?

Simon has all your

Simon has all your sport. Thanks, Kochie. Perth boxer Danny Green is disappointed he didn't get to punish Manny Siaca more in last night's IBO cruiserweight world title bout.

Siaca looked overwhelmed from the opening bell and was on his knees in the second round. Green didn't let up,

finishing the bout and retaining his title belt with a right hook in the third. COMMENTATOR: He's not getting up. Danny Green the record breaker, the history maker.

He wins again! I'm frustrated because I wanted to go 12 rounds. I wanted to punish Manny. Danny wanted to punish Manny but, unfortunately, Manny didn't want to know about it. The win takes Green's record to four wins and no losses since coming out of retirement early last year.

37 and going strong. Michael Weyman is the fourth Dragon's forward to be ruled out of tomorrow night's clash with the Titans on the Gold Coast. The prop failed to beat a striking charge at the judiciary

and will join Ben Creagh, Jeremy Smith and Jarrod Saffy on the sidelines. Manly's Brent Kite was also found guilty of a careless high tackle

and will miss Monday's clash with Melbourne.

More lessons in history from Mr

Denyer, who is out at the Quarantine

Station this morning. If you looked

at it, you would go, awesome

location! Very pretty! If you were in location! Very pretty! If you were

in England at that time you would go, "

go, "Let's reloktd to the Land Down

Under, looks good." But if you got

crook on board you would have to

come here, the gas inhalation rooms,

sounds horrendous, but to treat

influ enz Oz. They

influ enz Oz. They would use

combination of gases to treat the

flu. Everyone after they came out

all had it. It worked the opposite

in treating flu, it gave them the

flu. It never worked, another

fantastic Aussie invention. This is

the luggage cleaning rooms, where

they tried to disinfect the luggage

off the ships. There were 100-odd

ships parked offshore, so they

parked the luggage here, and it

carried the bubonic plague with

there flea. So after an hour of

processing with the chemicals and

the gases, they would try to get rid

of the contaminates and the disease.

But the dresses all shrunk as a

combination of all the gases. So not

only did you lose your best clothes

but they had to do it just to keep

Australia clean as we take a look at the forecast.

This is the shower block, this is

where they used to come in to be

personally cleansed. It would have

been a horrendous job, they weren't

paid much, treated as outcasts, too

afraid to touch them because of the

contaminants. You would have taken

your clothes off, and strange to

meet Anna in the shower but you are

the historian here? What happened?

In this room they were made to

shower and they would shower under a

solution of carbolic acud, 10 per

cent acid mixed with water. It had a

numb effect and a couple of

numb effect and a couple of days later the skin would peal off,

similar to sunburn. It

similar to sunburn. It is such a

creepy place in hire. It is a creepy

place. We have a number of different

unexplainable experiences that

happen every now and again. Like

what? A young girl has been seen in

the room and in the wharf area where

you just were? Such a tragic place

but an essential part of Australia

to keep Australia disease free. It

was an incredibly successful

operation of the 1300 people

quarantined here, only a few00 died.

Averages are handy. That a

fascinating. A coroner is now investigating whether a commonly used weed killer contributed to a man's death in Sydney's south-west. 56-year-old Sam Vella collapsed while spraying his plants with a herbicide. Three people who tried to revive him became ill,

and were taken to hospital. Now the herbicide, we have been informed by our Hazmat crews, can be toxic if inhaled. A further 19 people, including paramedics, were decontaminated as a precaution. The herbicide was in a backpack spray. So is it possible for common household sprays to be fatal? Toxicologist Dr Peter Dingle from Murdoch University joins me now. Thanks for your time.

Weed killer is such a common spray that a lot of Australian households use. Can it kill you?

Look, absolutely. We actually, this

is a timely reminder, although

tragic, a timely reminder what you

can buy on the shelf doesn't mean it

is safe and won't harm you in any

way. In fact if you read the

instructions and the warnings on the

back, and unfortunately most

Australians don't, they don't read

the instructions and so they

the instructions and so they can applying it incorrectly at wrong

concentrations, doing it the wrong

way, it may not be appropriate to

put in a spray, the instructions may

have told it to be dug ino the soil,

there are lots of issues that come

up. As a result you can expose

yourself to fairly highly toxic

chemicals an o regular basis. chemicals an o regular basis. We

think if it is on sale to us it must

be safe. But how much of of it would

you have to ingest to be harmful? If

you are just doing your roses is it

okay? There are some pesticides you

can actually get that are highly

toxic. It is incredible important to

read the instructions some of which are much

are much safer. But we have kind of

come up with the mentality or

philosophy if you can buy it on the

shelf it is safe. I have literally seen people with pestloads,

herbicides spraying it away, they

get so carried away they wash their

boots with it. The four nasty

chemicals to look out for, they are

hard to remember names. We will put

them on the web site but when you

turn the can or package over trz

what you have got to look out for,

but do they accumulate?

but do they accumulate??

but do they accumulate if you do the

roses and the kitchen benches, does

it accumulate on your hands? You

have got a good point. It doesn't

accumulate in your body like the old

chemicals, one year later and still

some on your body you will have some

effect from every single exposure.

If you used it in the garden adn the

shed, used it in the kitchen and

somewhere else to get rid of flees

or flies or something, then your

exmrogsier is increasing and it can

kind of accumulate that effect. Add

on to that toxic effect it will

have. Tell us what we need to do?

Obviously, read the inthe instrucks

but dee -- read the instructions but

wash our hands after every use of

chemical? The critical thing is to read the

read the instructions but read the

warning label. On each can, they

say, used inappropriately, and not

according to the instructions can be

dangerous or fatal. So there

dangerous or fatal. So there are a

warning. Unfortunately in the urban

areas we don't get trained, they use

the same pesticides in the rural

areas but the farmers get training.

Gloves? Masks? Absolutely. Wash your

hands and if you have done a bit of

spraying remove your clothes, don't

take them in and wear them around

all day. If you have got any on your

clothes, don't wash your clothe with

the rest of the family's clothes,

you will just spread some of the

pesticides. A great warning and

thank you for the terrific advice.

There you go, hope it helps. 2 Aussie pilots have saved the lives of more than 320 passengers and crew on board a plane suffering serious engine trouble.

As the Cathay Pacific airbus approached Hong Kong International airport, both engines began playing up. One was cutting out and the other was operating at only 70%. Somehow, the pilots were able to land the plane at twice the usual roll landing speed. The airline's addressed the media, including Seven News correspondent Adrian Brown.

Well, the two pilots were not

present at last night's press

conference. A press conference in a

sense called by the airline to

plidown it seriousness of the

emergency over the South China Sea

on Tuesday. But the airline conceded

the crew, the pilots in particular,

had displayed exemplary

professionalism. It was due the

traininging, profellism and ability

to perform multi tasks under a

difficult situation the

difficult situation the injuries have been kept to a minimum. Cathay

pacific runs 32 of those aircraft,

they insist they won't ground any,

including the one involved in the

emergency. They insist at no time

did both engines fail. They insist,

the first one cut out but there

second one was operating on 70 per

cent of the power, even though the

landing was faster. The pilots'

number one priority was to deal with

the engine problems and land safely.

It is what they did. Neither pilot

can comment because the Civil

Aviation Department has begun an

inquiry that could last a month. It was certainly a close call, and one that could have been a whole lot worse. Aviation editor of the 'West Australian' newspaper Geoffrey Thomas joins me now.

Thanks for your time. The pilots are being hailed as heroes. How significant were their efforts?

Put it in perspective. I know it is

trar training and their job but

ahosignificant were their efforts?

It was an outstanding bit of

airmanship. They had a lot

airmanship. They had a lot of problems with the engines. The power

surging, erratic power and the main

problem for them was they couldn't

bring both engines back to idle.

What a lot of people don't realise,

when aircraft touch down the engines

are at idle and at a perfect descent

remain at idle throughout the

descent. When one is developing

descent. When one is developing 70 per cent of the power it causes

major problems because of course,

the aircraft pulls to one side with

the uneven power setting. And with

that additional thrust they landed

at twice their normal landing speed.

Landsed at 423km/h and normally land

at 230km/h. They had all sorts of

problems, great airmanship. 24 fact

that most passengers are no idea

until it landed and the emergency

chutes appeared out the side. Is it

something that most pilots would be

able to manage and most airlines or

the fact it is Cathay Pacific and

very well trained pilots a big

bonus? It was a very big bonus,

Cathay Pacific, like Qantas, and

Cathay Pacific, like Qantas, and Air New Zealand, these guys are the

elite of the elite, the most

professional airlines, they attract

the best pilots and keep the best

pilots and they are really in a

class of their own. Wow, it

certainly was incredible. Thank you

for joining us, glad everyone was

safe. Good to know who has the best

pilots too, isn't it? Hmm. Geena Davis is a Hollywood icon. And right now, she's in Sydney for the premiere of her latest film 'Accidents Happen'.

It was film said in Australia

It was film said in Australia with Erik Thomson, Dave Rafter. Our James Tobin was on hand to greet her. We first met her back in 1985 in 'Fletch'. She won a best supporting actress Oscar a few years later for 'The Accidental Tourist'. And Geena Davis made a life of illegal adventure seem cool in 'Thelma and Louise'. A swag of movies and accolades later,

and she's on our turf. Geena plays a Gloria Conway - a foul-mouthed mother in the dark comedy drama 'Accidents Happen'.

To think! I had some mope hope for

you, I thought you might amount to

something. I guess I should have

been more specific! It was filmed right here in Australia and it had its premiere in Sydney last night.

The weird part was that the The weird part was that the movie

takes place in Connecticut and

everybody is American but I was the

only American, I had to be exported

to Australia to make the movie.

to Australia to make the movie. But it was really fun. Connecticut was a

leafy suburban suburb of Sydney,

will Americans believe the

transformation? Absolutely. I met

some people today at a little

screening who said, "

some people today at a little screening who said, "No way that is Australia." People

Australia." People will believe it

for sure. If that is the doctor,

tell them I want my uterus back.

Part of the theme of the movie is

redemption and finding you can

survive the most horrific things and

Bart of the way to survive it is to

have a good sense of humour. Geena Davis is more than just a convincing actress and a pretty face. A keen archer, she once qualified for the Olympic trials. But these says she's taking aim at bigger issues. She's a long-time advocate for women and girls, founding the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.

She is working to make sure more

girls are cast in media and film

roles. The way I am approaching it

roles. The way I am approaching it is through children's entertainment,

kids' TV shows and G-rated movies.

Those entertainments have very few

female characters and the ones who

are there are eye candy and don't

have great aspirations. So I am

trying to work with the content

creators and add more girls. And I reckon whatever Geena sets her mind to, Geena's going to get.

Eugene Conway, get down there now!

Before I turn your little ars into a shoe! 'Accidents Happen' opens in cinemas next Thursday.

Either we had a very short cameraman

or she is very tall. I think she is

very, very tall. I never met her in

real life. Still to come - should Australia be spending more on foreign aid? And why you could be soon pre-paying for power at home.

Gee, you want to estimate it right, wouldn't you? Plus soon, an '80s favourite on tour.

# Always believing

# You are gold

# Bound to return

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MORE trouble with our inmates.. this time.. at the Bimberi youth centre. The Opposition's worried about the high number of violent attacks on staff.. and security problems. Vicki Dunne says 14 officers have been attacked since the centre opened 18 months ago. Eighteen million dollars worth of upgrades to our War Memorial.. are finally finished. The ten year project includes things like a new car park.. with nearly 2 hundred spaces. And injured Brumbies players Josh Valentine and Andrew Smith will have to prove their fitness today.. if they're to score a spot in Friday's team.. to take on the Hurricanes. I'll have more news.. at 11 o'clock. Thanks to the Holden Owner's Grant,

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That is very, very cheap, isn't it?

I liked your interview earlier with

Dr Peter Dingle about the pesticides

and toxic stuff. I recon the worst

is oven cleaner. Oh yes.

is oven cleaner. Oh yes. Open the

door. I can't remember the last time

I cleaned the oven. You got to stick

your head in, I find and cop a whiff

and get light headed. You get the

ones you shake and stick in there.

Like a bomb. But you got to wipe it

out. The accumulation of in the

garden and do the things. It is a

good warning. It is on some shelf in

the supermarket you think it is

fine. I wear the paper masks when I

do potting