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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Swept under the rug - higher than they appear? are official crime figures some cases. Why police aren't investigating The empire grows - welcome a new baby. Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch phenomenon that is Justin Bieber. And Bieber fever - the global even made the 'New York Post'. His upcoming appearance on our show the 13th of April, 2010. It's Tuesday, this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, and welcome to our Tuesday edition. Good morning, everyone, the Bieber phenomenon. we're going to try to explain And later in the show,

I feel old, if you feel old you have

never heard him we are going to

explain so we will become groovy

together. If you look on YouTube, it

is amazing, each of the clips has

been seen by at least 69 million

people. 69 million? So he is performing here

performing here on Sunrise on April 26. which has created local meltdown. from around the country. There are people flying in on the plaza overnight Some are planning to sleep to get the best position.

It is extraordinary. We have never

seen a reaction like this on the

soapbox. We joked yesterday he is

bigger than the Beatles, ha! Have to

wait and see but perhaps he could

get the last laugh. Ha! Because

speaking of the Beatles, good news

for them overnight. the band for their use of blasphemy. The Vatican has finally forgiven for decades They'd remained condemned the time has come to "let 'em be". but the church now says Thank God for that. let's get on with the news. And now we have that cleared up, to Natalie Barr. And it's good morning Good morning. The Chinese coal carrier on the Great Barrier reef which ran aground overnight. has been successfully refloated is following the ship's progress. Michelle Tapper during the delicate operation? Michelle, was any oil spilled

Good morning, Nat, well I spoke with

maritime authorities just a few

minutes ago and at this stage they

don't believe any oil has been

spilled from the boat. They did take

a lot of precautions before hands.

They pumped off half of the ship oil

before hand. There are a couple of

tugs in the area

tugs in the area trying to stabilise

the boat as well as a number of

smoothly. They started to refloat other vessels making sure things ran

the boat at six, just before high

tide and had it dislodged from the

reef at 8 o'clock. No doubt

authorities breathed a huge sigh of

relief because galeforce winds and

huge seas are expect said in the

area today. What happens to

'Shen Neng 1' now? Authorities are area today. What happens to the

trying to relocate her and safely

store it off the coast of Yeppoon

this morning when it gets light.

Premier Anna Bligh announced

yesterday Queensland will toughen up

the pollution laws and fines will be increased from $

increased from $wn.

increased from $wn.75 million to $10 increased from $wn.75 million to $

million and individual fines to $ million and individual fines to

$500,000, but those fines won't be

back dated and the 'Shen Neng 1'

will be charged under existing laws.

Thank you very much, Michelle. State Government's been slammed The New South Wales for not having better plans in place traffic accidents. to deal with major for 12 hours Drivers were left fuming a fuel tanker and a truck after a crash between

on the F3 freeway on Monday. in their cars Many were forced to sleep at 9pm. before a contraflow was set-up it's been crap for years. This road is crap, the need I think this really highlights for an alternate route to Newcastle and it's really dangerous. because it's like this frequently after midnight. Traffic finally started flowing Collingwood Coach Mick Malthouse on the club's website has posted a statement to being called a liar. objecting strenuously last night by the AFL Malthouse was fined $7,500

St Kilda's Stephen Milne for his rapist slur against during Saturday's clash. media conference Asked in a post-match

Malthouse said they hadn't. if the pair had exchanged words,

saying, He explained his initial denial, "I felt it was the best outcome and a number of individuals "not to drag the two clubs "into an obvious controversy". has caused him much embarrassment. Malthouse says the incident State and Territory leaders to their chest are playing their cards close after being given the full details shake-up of public health. of Kevin Rudd's $1.4 billion worth They were offered another of sweeteners yesterday to get behind the deal. elective surgery waiting times That includes $650 million to cut for aged care. and almost $740 million The Premiers and Chief Ministers last night discussing the package, spent 75 minutes in a phone hook-up but they'd only say afterwards teleconference on Friday. they'll hold another conference to back the Rudd package. They have until Monday's Premiers a sick or dying relative And anyone who's cared for knows how hard it can be there is a benefit for carers. but new research has found University of Western Sydney found A study conducted by the suffer anxiety and depression, that while many carers greatly enriched. many found their relationships and 68% of men carers In fact, 46% of women reported deeper relationships to keep going. and it's that, that allowed them have welcomed their third child Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch into the world. to a daughter last night, The model gave birth at just over three kilograms. weighing in after her great-great-grandmother. She's been named Aerin Elisabeth two son's, aged 5 and 3. The Murdoch's already have has gone from bad to worse The Eels' season a 4th defeat in 5 games on them as the Raiders inflicted at Parramatta Stadium last night. of the season, Chasing their first away win brightly with the opening try. the Raiders started the game traded a try apiece, After both sides some flimsy Parramatta defence Canberra's Joel Thompson exposed to open up an 8-point lead. COMMENTATOR: He takes on Jarryd Hayne and will beat him for speed. Josh McCrone scoring the clincher for the visitors midway through the second half to heap more misery on the Eels. Good news for Cowboys and Queensland fans after scans revealed Johnathan Thurston is likely to miss only two to three weeks. They said that the shoulder's intact so there's no structural damage there. I've torn a muscle in me back that goes to my shoulder, so very happy, good news. There had been fears that Thurston may be out for the remainder of the season

after falling awkwardly in Saturday night's loss to the Tigers. In the AFL, it could be a long road back for St Kilda star Nick Riewoldt after he underwent surgery on a hamstring injury yesterday. It's not known how long the influential Saints skipper is set to be out for after he picked up the injury in the win over the Pies on Friday night.

Some doctors saying a long time. And the Western Bulldogs have been dealt a double injury blow with Jason Akermanis and Liam Picken set for stints on the sidelines. It comes at a bad time for the Dogs as they get set to take on the high-flying Lions in Brisbane on Saturday.

Before Justin Bieber was a little

Bieber, there was Grant Denyer and

we has got the weather. Thank you,

Simon, very much. If you thought

yesterday I was whingeing like a

little baby how cold it is, then I

got up this morning and I am really

wishing for my blanky this morning

because it is freezing. Hang on to

your bits everybody if you

your bits everybody if you in New South Wales or Victoria before they

fall off because clear skies

fall off because clear skies in New South Wales means a cool morning and

Victoria, light frosts in Horsham

and Ballarat, wishes you were

thinking of summer again but it is

well and truly gone now as we take a

look at the forecast for this morning. Partly cloudy in Bairnsdale. A few showers in Strahan. Early drizzle then clearing for Alice Springs. Afternoon shower in Darwin. Late showers in Perth.

Partly cloudy in Geraldton.

So for the south-east corner of the

country, very GD today, very cool.

Ha! Tickets! That might have been

very uncool actually, but anyway,

it's early. What a beautiful time of

year, the light is so, everything is

so clear and crisp and lovely.

Gorgeous. Carried away then. You

cleaned your glasses. I am kidding,

it is beautiful. A wipe out last

night. Nature at its best. Let's get on with it. Ahead this morning - the best milk to choose from the dozens of types on sale. We'll try to work out what's what. Also ahead, is it time to scrap compulsory voting? But next - Kochie has your closing numbers from Wall Street. You're waking up with Sunrise right across Australia.

Sunrise books online at Enjoy a choice. Enjoy your stay. In finance news:

The Dow Jones index up 23 points.

Consolidated above 11,000 points.

European markets

European markets were roughly steady.

A big day yesterday on our market

from the lead from Wall Street over

the weekend. We topped 5,000 points

on the All Ords. That is a 19-month

high. Just a smidgen below that for

the ASX 200.

Latest housing figures reveal that in February, new home loans fell for the 7th time in 8 months. Savanth Sebastian is at CommSec. Savanth, take us through what these figures indicate.

For property prices and the property

market? Because papers over the last

few weekends have just been full

orphstories that the boom's

continuing, it shows no end. I think

if there was evthe thought of an

emerging housing bubble, this data

has clearly highlighted it has been

successfully deflated in the short

term. Housing loans have fallen for

seven out of the last 8 month but it

is not only first home buyers that

are exiting the property market but

the second and subsequent home

buyers sliding in February. You look

back in previous years and in

February, and it is actually at the

lowest levels in nine year. So

clearly signs the higher interest

rates and the higher home prices are

starting to bite. For the Reserve

Bank they can certainly stay on the

interest rate side lines for the

next couple of month now you are

seeing the property market is likely

to cool as well as the fact you have

got retail sales which are very weak

and building approvals which are

weak. The Reserve Bank will want to

be safe, rather than sorry so a

pause over the next couple

pause over the next couple of month could be an option. Good news, pause

on the interest rate front will

depend on wane

depend on Wayne Swan. All the focus

is on Swany, as he is known to his

mates and whether he delivers the

right budget. I thought the Reserve

Bank was independent? But they will

see if he delivers. Two ways to

manage the economy, interest rate

and fiscal policy which is the

budget. The Reserve did the right thing, now the

thing, now the government does too.

If they bring out a whingey budget,

the Reserve will have to move. It is

up to you, wane up to you, Wayne Swan, you can't hide now. Later this morning, are crime figures worse than we're being told? And the best way to stop SMS spam on your mobile. But straight ahead - the staff on strike because they can't drink in the workplace. And the survey's in - 'Twilight' scores higher than politics. So should we scrap compulsory voting?

It's Garnier Nutrisse. Because nourished hair means better colour. Take care. Garnier. the tough Colorado LT-R 120-kilowatt turbo diesel 4x4 with alloy wheels, sports bar and side-steps is just $43,490 driveaway. See your Holden dealer today.

Let's have a look at some of the stories you're looking at on the internet. Generation Y knows a lot more about the characters in the 'Twilight' books and movies than it does about many of our politicians. A survey found just one-third of those questioned knew their State Opposition Leader

while nearly 80% knew about the vampire character Edward Cullen. So, if 18- to 30-year-olds know so little about politics should it be compulsory for them,

Or have they just got their life in

balance. Politicians make their

lives a little more interesting so

everyone wants to know about them.

The biography of Barry O Pharrall

versus 'Twilight'? Maybe they should

get fangs. We adopt thumarijuana

system where it is not compulsory to

vote. If you don't care. You done

know. No, it can be baujied up. In

America, they get buses into

retirement village and pay them all to get on the

to get on the bus and to go and

vote. But we have got people filling in the

in the forms going who is this?

Don't know, tick it anyway. Maybe

call yourself Edward Cullen if you

run for politics and it might be

right. Nat has the point, the

message is not cut young people off

from voting the message to

politicians is guys you are

helplosis to getting to the market,

pick your game up. If you want you

game up. They are on Twitter. On the

news every day. They could stop

talking like politicians for one

thing. News conferences, they are so

media trained and so taijed and

boring. Tony Abbott, get

boring. Tony Abbott, get on 'Dancing with the Stars', that is the way to

get votes. In your budgie smugglers,

or maybe not.

or maybe not. I will leave that with

you sime toon work it out. Tom

Williams didn't even do that. Close. Moving on and we've been having a discussion here at Sunrise about whether there's a trend back to getting married younger.

Our production manager, Shannon Carr has proposed to his girlfriend, Nikki Dorrell.

They look like stars of 'Twilight' there. Shannon's 25 but recent stats show, on average, men are exchanging vows at age 30 and women are tying the knot at 28.

What do you think is a good age to get married? What things should you consider in deciding when to propose?

Does everyone leave it too late and the clock is

the clock is ticking. Depends if Mr

Or Mrs Right comes along. Oh, I'm 26

now. Quick, get married. How many

girls do we know of our age girls do we know of our age or

younger and Mr Apparent right comes

on when you are 20 or 21, can't take

him now, travel the world for ten

years and then you miss the boat.

You have got to be open minded at

any age. When did you get married.

27. 25. You? You are not married.

Must have missed that week. Bringing

up the rear, Simon Reeve. A holiday.

We need a Sunrise wedding, you and

Linda. We could organise it. We got

to get to the next topic. He is very

happy as is. Different strokes for

different folks. Everything time you

are on, he manages to get it in.

Yes. Next topic, I am going to

Yes. Next topic, I am going to rous now, I will take over the mum role.

now, I will take over the mum role. I love this story. And workers at the Carlsberg brewery in Denmark have ended a strike over restrictions on a company perk. They used to be able to drink beer throughout the day from coolers around their workplace. But Carlsberg bosses introduced a new policy

which meant they could only drink the canteen at lunchtime. There's no word yet on what was offered to get the strikers back to work. What perks would you like at work? Maybe free food at a donut shop or free outfits at clothing stores

What do you get at work: brewery

workers in Australia a slab a week?

I think. Not, do they drink it all

day at work? No. No. Drive the

forklift. We moved on from there.

They haven't. Rrrrh! What are the

perks you get in your job. In a

previous job, working on Beyond 2

thousand rBMW, the workers had two

or three steins during lunch, it was

part of the culture. The chocolate

factories, they get chocolate. A

chocolate factory would be a perk.

chocolate factory would be a perk. Let us know. If you heard the noise,

it was Nat blowing her nose,

drumpting. It was very quiet. Was it? Last week, we introduced you to one remarkable cat. He's become an internet star for opting to stand on his two rear legs. And not just for a second - he spends quite a bit of time like that, apparently watching the action outside his home's living room window. Now comes the sequel - it's Puss in Boots - thanks to some internet manipulation. And wait for it, he now even has a friend.

Can you do the accent? Where is

Antonio when you need him? That's

great. I love it. Shoo If that

doesn't make you smile for a Tuesday morning. Coming up - Bieber fever. We'll try to explain it.

Bieber, not beaver. People have been

saying the kid's called Bieber. He was saying the kid's called Bieber. He

was your generation, Leave it to

Beaver. We will try to explain it later. And Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch welcome their third child. But straight ahead, Tuesday's news and weather. You're watching Sunrise here on Seven.

Trust Mersyndol Day Strength to help clear pain...

Just ahead -

what the people of Haiti need three months after the devastating earthquake.

We are going to check back in and see how they are going. And your guide to the best milk from all the different types on sale. But now Nat's here with the 6:30 update.

The coal carrier stranded on the Great Barrier Reef for more than a week

has been successfully refloated overnight. Salvage crews pulled the 'Shen Neng 1' from Douglas Shoal off Gladstone on the high tide. Authorities hadn't wanted to carry out the operation in the dark

but had to act because of a forecast change in the weather. The Queensland Transport Department says at this stage,

there's no sign of any oil leaks.

The operation came as the Queensland Government announced tougher fines for shipping companies putting the reef at risk. The fines for companies will go up nearly five times from $1.75 million to $10 million. The 'Shen Neng 1' is being moved to a safe anchorage off Yeppoon for a thorough inspection of its damaged hull. Drivers were forced to sleep in their cars after a truck crash shut down one of the country's busiest freeways for more than 12 hours. Traffic on the F3 from Sydney to the Central Coast only began moving after midnight after a vegetable truck smashed into a fuel tanker. Frustrated drivers were fuming because the State Government took so long to get its contraflow plan working. They couldn't organise a chook raffle. $28 million for contraflows and look - we're still sitting here doing nothing. The RTA didn't open the contraflow until 9pm -

nine hours after the crash. A railway worker has died after being hit by a train in Sydney's south.

The man, in his mid 50s, was carrying out track maintenance when he was struck by a train at Kogarah Station after 1am. He was trapped between the train and platform and died at the scene. The train driver was taken to hospital in a distraught state. Police and WorkCover are investigating. The Rudd Government is facing a showdown with teachers over the national tests. The Australian Education Union has voted to boycott the national literacy and numeracy tests, fearing the exam results will be used

in the controversial league tables on the My School website. Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard says

the Government is looking at asking parents to help supervise the tests. The Vatican has moved to head-off mounting criticism

of the way the Catholic Church handles claims of child sex abuse. The Vatican has decreed

all clergy must report all allegations of sexual abuse and any priest involved in paedophilia must be handed to civil authorities. The Pope wants that victims are listened, the Pope wants that nothing has to be covered up from now on. The Vatican says the Pope will also now have the power to defrock the worst offenders. Former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik has married a famous Indian tennis star after a scandalous engagement. The ceremony took place at a plush hotel in India just days after Malik divorced his first wife, who he married over the phone in 2002. The wedding was brought forward by three days after Muslim clerics found out the couple was already living together. In finance news:

The euro has had its biggest gain in

seven months against the US dollar

after the European Union announceed

the bailout of Greece and the IMF is

also kicking in some money as well.

Time for sport with Simonen. Thanks, Kochie. The Eels are now just 1 win from 5 after going down to the Raiders by 10 points at Parramatta Stadium last night. The Raiders grabbed their first away win of the season running in 4 tries to 2 in the 24-14 point win. For early season favourites the Eels, the loss only compounds the problems for coach Daniel Anderson. On the Gold Coast, there's been a win off the field with salary cap auditors finding insufficient evidence to link the Titans and Scott Prince to a so called "Free House". Despite the builder's claims, the NRL found Prince had other quotes for the job and sold another property to fund any future construction. Scans have confirmed Johnathan Thurston is only likely to miss two to three weeks after initial fears he's be out for the rest of the season. In the AFL, the injury situation looks far more bleak for St Kilda star Nick Riewoldt. He underwent surgery on a troublesome hamstring yesterday but it seem he faces a lengthy stint on the sidelines. Now to Grant and today's weather.

Freezing its what' it off by the

harbour. I am, the clear skies which

are making the conditions cool are

making it a beautiful day ahead for Sydney, " making it a beautiful day ahead for Sydney

# Oh what a beautiful morning

# Take that, Bieber! Yes, classic

stuff. It is cold, I think it is

affecting my brain. Let's look at the forka. A low pushing into the Tasman is sending cool, gusty winds and showers

into Tasmania and southern Victoria while a high clears South Australia. Showery winds are generating over south-west Western Australia. Meanwhile, patchy rain and storms are heading over northern Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

So a beautiful morning in front of

the Royal Botanic Gardens here this

morning, created in 18 16 to grow

over seas and domestic plants and

recognises one of the best plant

collections. Justin Bieber wouldn't

know that. We would like to see some

of the plants during the day, if you

could take us for a tour. Really? I

will do that, you can

will do that, you can be Don Kurk.

Joke of the day comes from Shane

Ritchie from Bald Hills in

Queensland. One evening a husband

reaches across the table, took his

wife's hand romanticly and said, " wife's hand romanticly and said,

"Markety we will be married 50

years. Have you ever been

unfaithful." And she said, "

unfaithful." And she said, "I have

got to be honest, I have been

unfaithful three times but all for

good reason.

good reason.." He was hurt by this

and said, "

and said, "I never suspected, can

can you tell me the good reasons." can you tell me the good reasons.", Martha said, "

Martha said, "The First time was

just after we were married and we

were about to lose our house, and I

went to see the banker and he

notified you the next day the loan

was extended.

was extended.." And he said, " was extended.." And he said, "I can

forgive you, you saved the home." And she said the, "

And she said the, "Second time, you

remember when you were sick and

remember when you were sick and we didn't have the money for heart

surgery and the doctor did the

surgery for free. surgery for free., "

surgery for free., "I can forgive you. surgery for free., "I can forgive you., "

you., "Do you remember when you ran

for President of your golf club and

you needed 73 votes?

Shane! You have a TiVo! It was worth

the wait. There you go, it was a bit

long but worth the wait at the end.

Three and above gets you a TiVo.

Below gets you a Sunrise Snuggie.

There he goes. Look alt the people

who want one. He tripped over the

Snuggie. There is Yoda in the

Botanic Gardens. Next hour on Sunrise - the teenager who's creating Bieber fever. Who is Justin Bieber and why are his young fans so devoted? But in a moment - what's the best milk for your breakfast table? We'll compare full cream, low fat and organic.

Hospital cover. Ambulance cover. Extras you'll actually use. From:

It's been three months since Haiti was rocked by a devastating earthquake. Almost two million people remain displaced across the island nation. But what other problems do the people of Haiti face now? Madeline Wilson from World Vision has been on the ground there. Good morning. What's the single biggest problem facing Haiti?

Once a country and a devastated

country like Haiti gets out of the

news, we forget about it but they

have a long road to recovery. What

is the single biggest problem facing

Haiti The single biggest problem is

the need for shelter and health

services. So you have got 1.

services. So you have got 1.7

million people displayed, mainly in

the capital Port-au-Prince but some

of the people have fled today rural yares

yares seeking assistance and it is

the beginning of the rainy season.

It will last for two months and then

they have a hurricane season. The

critical need is shelter and

critical need is shelter and health

services and also building things

like drainage systems in and around

the camp sites. Some of them are up

on hill slides so there is danger of mud slides and the water running

mud slides and the water running through the camps so draining is

critical. World Vision has a

critical. World Vision has a cash

for work program, working with

people in the displacements camps

and in some sort of way, employing

them to actually hell p help us

build some of the serves around the

camp. Which is a good thing

World Vision

camp. Which is a good thing about World Vision you you don't bring it,

in buy it and put money back into

the local economy. Are aid agencies

up to the stage orphbuilding houses

-- of building houses or is the

shelter still tents? Because of the

density of the displacements camps,

people have tarpaulins a roofs and

sheets arounds them as their four

walls so they are really limited in

the protection they have. So

initially, because there are so many

people displaced we are looking

people displaced we are looking at working with the government and

working with the government and the United Nations and other aid agencys

to move the people to transitional

lands and building transitional

shelter. So it will be metal

shelter. So it will be metal frames they can put their tarpaulin as

arounds and build on them. Because

there is so much destruction in the

capital city, so much rubble, the

government is saying it is going to

take two to three years to clear the

rubble. It will take a long time to

start to rebuild. We can't forget

them, we are glad you are not

forgetting them at world vision rr

and you still need our support so go

to the World Vision web site. Thank

you for your time. Thank you. Milk is something that features in nearly everyone's fridge. But as we know,

the type of milk you want is far from a simple choice these days.

Bottle of milk thanks. No fat, no

fat, high capsule, proseen, soy,

skim, omega three, folate or extra

dollop? Um, I just want milk that dollop? Um, I just want milk

dollop? Um, I just want milk tastes

like real milk. This tastes like

full-cream mill sqk only 2 per cent

fat. -- milk and only two per cent

fat. Don't you love that. With about 80 brands and different types of milk to choose from, which one should we buy for our families? Nutritionist Susie Burrell is here to help us out. Susie, what should we be looking for?

We all chuckle but it is true. What

should we look out for? Well the

first thing to remember is there is

basically three main types of milk,

the first, the full-cream. It it

will have 10 grams of fat per glass,

a lot which is saturate said. In a

whole glass, we recommend people at

least have a reduce said fat milk.

The light milk, may say 2 per cent

fat will have 4 grams of fat her

actual glass. Before we move on,

full cream, do you remember who

should have the full cream? The The

should have the full cream? The the

only group who needs full cream is

children under the age of 2, their

brains are still developing and they

need the fat. I give it to my kids.

It is recommended, getting rid of

saturated fat in the diet and most

have from the cheese, chocolate and

other food. The

other food. The truth is the light

milkvise more -- milks have more

calcium. We will switch today. The

light, the reduced fat. The light a

reduced fat milk, in a glass 4 grams

of total fat. You get a creamy

taste, a lot have got more calcium

and they are a good choice for

families or anyone woo wants to cut

-- who wants to cut fat from their

dieM. The skim and fat free? When

people think low fat they think skim

but there are a lot of creamy

varieties that have calcium added

like Tone, Shape and only one gram

of fat per glass. And they have

often got the calcium added so you

don't need to have skim for low fat

mimic. Calcium, omega 3, how do you

choose? Obviously taking soy and

rice out because I know people have

got allergies and stuff. How do you

choose? It comes down to individual

preference because they get more

expensive. The standout is the high

calcium milk because they calcium milk because they have

vitamin D. They are good for people

who don't eat a lot of food but need

a lot of nutrition. Stick to the

plain ones because you do save a lot

of money. For the soy group, it is

still important that they choose a

low-fat soy, even though soy does

have plant fat, which is better for

us, it still does contain the same

amount as normal milk so choose a

low fat soy. Organic? Organic is a

personal preference, it won't change

the nutrition of the product, the

same amount of protein and fat but

some people say it tastes better. It

is a personal choice because it is

more expensive. In terms of how much

you want to eetd and spend on you want to eetd and spend on your

food every day. We should do it with

bread. Yes, and cereal. Lucky you

don't do the groceries. I found it

interesting, let's get Susie back

for bread and cereal. Bread has got

calcium and iron and blah, blah,

blah. Are nine grains better blah. Are nine grains better than 12

grains, it is a race for the number of grains at the moment. Coming up - how to stop SMS spam on your mobile phone. And Russell Crowe's very big day in Hollywood. We'll tell you why. Plus, Grant checks in with Tuesday's weather.

Meet McDonald's Mighty McMuffin.

Oh, yes, please. Make that two.

It's a big day for Russell Crowe. Let's find out why he is heading to Hollywood.

And our resident showbiz duo are here Nelson Aspen and Julia Morris. Nelson, what's he up to?

Well, about two hours ago, he was

fettered in Hollywood by his

fettered in Hollywood by his friends Jay Leno and Ron

Jay Leno and Ron Howard and received

star number 2,400 in Hollywood. He

claims he turned down a star before

but he is ready to promote

but he is ready to promote the 'Robin Hood' movie. What is his

national alt? He is a New Zealander

by birth. When he is naughty we say

he is a Neelder but when he is being delicious today

he is a Neelder but when he is being delicious today we own him, and he

owns the Rabbitohs. So we are all

over him like a cheap chute suit. I

am surprised he didn't have one

earlier. He claims he didn't have

the body of work to merit it. It

sounds like he doesn't have the

project he was ready to promote

until now. 'Robin Hood', should be great. It

great. It sounds very Katherine

Heigl, I don't need the Golden

Globe. His wife is gorgeous. She is

a singer. Like you. Yes. You got a

voice, use it. We forgot we were on

the television, we are chatting to each other. Susan Boyle is planning to collaborate with another popular artist. Julia, give us the lowdown?

Susan Boyle, my personal private

clone, is so hot right now everyone

wants to work with her. Apparently,

Snoop Dogg, the artist formerly

known as Snoop andor Dogg is desperate to record something with her. desperate to record something with

herch. They are all after her, Lady

Gaga, and the Jonas Brothers looking

Gaga, and the Jonas Brothers looking at her as a cougar or something. I

am a lover of show tunes,

# I dreamed a dream of time goes by

# I dreamed a dream

# Of times gone by. It will work, it

will sell albums. She is not a

cougar, I see her as a snow leopard

because she as has got a bit of

white on the roof, everyone is

talking about the Boyle. Not boil,

but Boyle. Lance and boil. Lance and


Soapbox? Asking when you got

married, today, how young is too

young to get married, this young to get married, this one I

young to get married, this one I like from Fiona, Ken mar aid hez

wife hilda at the age of 26 and

today he celebrates his 96th

birthday, marriage can't be too bad,

happy birthday, gran dad. What is

that? Gold with 50, diamond is 60,

70? Platinum. Not many people get to

70, it is not on the tip of our

tongue. I remember when my uncle and

aunt had a 7th wedding anniversary

and I struggled to find a card, I

could find 50 or 60. Buy a black

texter, change the one. Hardly worth

cranking out the printing press.

Make your own, Bieber

Make your own, Bieber fever is about

to hit Sunrise, April 26. You know

he is such a little spunk, isn't he?

We are asking. What do you think of

the Bieber. We are learning more

about him. Lisa said, " about him. Lisa said, "Our version

of the young Bieber boy was Leif Garrett. of the young Bieber boy was Leif

Garrett.." Didn't he get into drugs

and hookers. There he is. Life

hasn't treated him that well. There

you go, Justin. To The heroin

possession charge and he went to

jail. David Cassidy sent young girls

screaming. Wham days. Yes, but they

weren't 16. How old were they. weren't 16. How old were they. 20s.

So old. But isn't it the whole

thing, this young boy, Donny Osmond,

I don't know. We will learn about

him later on. Unless you are a

15-year-old girl or the parent of a

15-year-old girl he is probably not

an your radar. Learning more every

minute and loving it. Still to come on Sunrise:

Swept under the rug - are official crime figures higher than they appear? Why police aren't investigating some cases. The empire grows - Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch welcome a new baby. And Bieber fever - the global phenomenon that is Justin Bieber. His upcoming appearance on our show even made the 'New York Post'.

# Baby

# Baby # Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel.

Tell you what, just wait until you

see what some of his fans are

willing to do. That is coming up. And we're about to get the lowdown

on Prince Harry's very big night out. But right now it's news time. Here's Nat. Good morning. The coal carrier which had been stranded for more than a week

is now being towed away from the Great Barrier Reef after salvage crews re-floated it last night.

Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper's been watching developments. Michelle, how was the operation done?

Good morning, Nat, well this was a

very delicate operation, made all

the more difficult because it was

done in the dark. But authorities

say they had little choice in the

matter because gale-force winds are

expected in the region today as well

huge seas. They did tart stootry to

refloat the boat early yesterday

morn on the high tide but decided it

wasn't ready so waited for high tide

yesterday. So started around six

o'clock and by 8 o'clock they had

dislodgeed the ship from the reef.

There were a couple of tugs on stand

by to stabilise the ship and anumber

of other vessels in the area. A

plane has done a fly over of the area this morning and authorities

are pleased to say no oil

are pleased to say no oil spills have been detected at this stage.

Thank you, very much, Michelle

Tapper in Brisbane. Drivers were forced to sleep in their cars after traffic on one of the country's busiest freeways was gridlocked for more than 12 hours following a truck crash. After causing a traffic nightmare, the northbound lanes of the F3 linking Sydney and the Central Coast finally reopened very late last night. 12 hours after this crash, traffic finally started flowing after midnight. A vegetable truck ran up the back of a fuel tanker

just before noon at Mount White on the F3. But the clean-up was delayed when a tanker sent to empty 43,000 litres of petrol from the damaged B-double didn't have the right pump. By peak hour, traffic had banked up more than 12 kilometres. It's the worst I've ever seen.

I haven't seen anything like it all my life. Drivers were left fuming. This road is crap, it's been crap for years. The F3 is the main link

between Sydney, the central coast and Queensland and has been plagued with accidents. The New South Wales Government has funded a $28 million contraflow plan that's supposed to let vehicles move smoothly around an accident. But the RTA didn't open the contraflow until 9pm -

nine hours after the crash. They couldn't organise a chook raffle. $28 million for contraflows and look - we're still sitting here doing nothing. The Premiers are yet to commit to Kevin Rudd's shake-up of public health. They were given full details of his reform package yesterday, which includes an extra $1.4 billion worth of funding for aged care and to cut elective surgery waiting times. The Premiers and Chief Ministers spent 75 minutes in a phone hook-up last night discussing the package, but they'd only say afterwards

they'll hold another teleconference on Friday.

They have until Monday's Premiers conference to back the Rudd package. There's evidence the current housing boom is fast running out of steam. Applications for new home loans have fallen to their lowest level since the 2008 global financial crisis. In the year to February, there was a 16% drop in demand for mortgages. That's seen as a result of rising interest rates and the dropping of the Federal Government's First Home Owners Scheme. The States recording the biggest falls in demand were South Australia and New South Wales. There are reports the Polish President played a part in his own death by forcing his pilot to land in bad weather. Investigators will now listen to the black box flight recorders of the doomed presidential jet that crashed in western Russia. In this investigation, there will surely be an examination of the sound. Amplify the background noise

to see if other people made suggestions to the pilot. Lech Kaczynski was among 96 people killed in the crash. His body has been returned to the Presidential Palace in Poland where he'll lie in state from tomorrow. The Vatican has finally responded to allegations it systematically covered-up sex abuse in the church by saying bishops and clerics must report such crimes. The Pope wants that victims are listened, the Pope wants that nothing has to be covered up from now on. The Vatican says it's overhauling rules on how to handle accusations of sex abuse by priests but won't provide details. About About time.

Closer to home yesterday, we were up

to above 5,000.

Housing finance figures down for

February. They have been down seven

of the last eight of the last eight months. Property

experts saying it is going to put a

lid on the housing price boom, which is good news.

The Yuri had its biggest jump in --

euro had its biggest

euro had its biggest jump in seven

months against the US dollar. Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse has posted a statement on the club's website strenuously objecting to being called a liar. It comes after he originally told a post-match media conference on Friday night there was no altercation between himself and St Kilda's Stephen Milne. Last night, the AFL Tribunal handed Malthouse a stiff fine for his rapist slur against Milne. Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner is in Melbourne. Nuala, what's the reaction been like from the Collingwood club about these accusations?

Good morning, well the man at the

centre of the controversy, Mick

Malthouse chose not to speak to

reporters leaving the AFL

Headquarters. He tried to post a

message on the Collingwood web site

and addressed it to supporters and

members and gave reasons, if not

excuses for the actions. He followed

the old code of what happens on the

field stays on the field and didn't

want to cause unnecessary angst or

controversy and thought it would

lead to the best outcome and it

wasn't the case. He a mitted it

caused embarrassment can & distress. caused embarrassment can &

distress.Ied e

distress.Ied e McGuire is backing

him but he said in his radio program

yesterday that he didn't do the

right thing in partaking with a

spray with a player. He did take part in

part in the altercation and has

copped it, he has given his reasons

and only time will tell if there are

more consequences. The AFL have had

better weekends with the Richmond

scandal in the Sydney hotel,

dominating headlines particularly in

Melbourne as well? It would be nice

if the action could stay on the

field and wake up to a front page

that didn't have a photo of a


disgraced player or coach on the front. Bad timeing for Richmond,

they are not in great form and the

fans are calling for them getting

better at playing

better at playing than partying in

Sydney hotels. Now they are down

four plays includes Benhaffaf,

Connors received the tesh - Ben

Cousins. Connors received the

heftiest ban. Good to see they are

taking decisive action but lots of

heart-searching and soul.

heart-searching and soul. Searching

heart-searching and soul. Searching there. Thank you, Nuala. Wloung The Eels have slumped to their 4th defeat in 5 games going down to the Raiders by 10 points at Parra Stadium last night. The Raiders never trailed in the match, running in 4 tries to 3 to secure a gritty 24-14 point win. The loss heaps more pressure on the halpess Eels, who many tipped to be serious premiership contenders at the start of the season.

In Super 14 rugby, the Waratahs will be without number eight Wycliff Palu for the rest of the season after he injured his knee in Saturday's loss to the Crusaders in Christchurch. Scans revealed Palu will require a knee reconstruction.

Not so good news. Here is Grant

another check of the morning's

weather. Oh... Didn't see you there.

Hello, Simon, just doing a bit of

jogging, a new trend, it is really

taking off, I think it is got a

silent J in it or something. A great

location, plenty of people checking

out Mrs McWu wary Chair, great for

tourists and Joggers alike as we

look at the forecast.

Taking a bit of look around here,

Kochie, I know you took interest in

the botanics, the things the botanics, the things growing out

of the ground, started by John

Anson, the first convict to farm the

area, he had the first vegie garden

in convict Sydney and plant garden

which he grafted from the finest

trees and Governor Macquarie, the

first governor, said we should turn

it into Botanic Gardens for future

generations. And he love hiwife very

dearly, I don't know if he he did

but we will say it for the purpose,

but he put a road in for his wife

and a chair for her to watch the

ships come in. This year, we

celebrate 200 years since Governor

Macquarie was governor of New South

Wales, and the chair. Thank you, we

might leave it there and get the

next installment in half an hour.

Okay, I was enjoying itch

Okay, I was enjoying itch. Great, we

were too, good old John, nice

convict. Thank you for that. Are we being kept in the dark about the true extent of crime on our streets? A Seven News investigation has found police are failing to follow-up thousands of reported offences

keeping crime rates artificially low.

Nationally, the number of reported assaults fell from more than 176,000 in 2007 to 170,000 the following year. And, for example, New South Wales latest crime stats showed a 4.5% per cent drop in assault. But, in reality, should those figures be much higher? Don Weatherburn joins us from the Bureau of Crime Statistics. Good morning. Should we feel safer when we see numbers like that showing a drop in assaults?

Well, across most of the states the

problem isn't very significant.

Certainly an issue, 4 to 5 per cent

of assaults being reskwrebgtded in

most local area commands. In some

areas, though like the Hunter the

problem is much worse, the problem

is 17 or 18 per cent being rejected. The

The good news is when I wrote to the

police commissioner he immediately

authorised his deputy to go in and

reinstated the assaults. The

assaults that had been reject are

now part of the accept. It is nice

he apologised and put it back in but

why did it happen in the first

place. One of the reasons it happens

police get intensely frustrated when

people come in and report assaults

and won't give evidence. They think if you are

if you are not going to give

evidence I won't report the assault.

But the truth of the matter it is

against the protocol. If someone

comes in and the police are

satisfied they are assaulted, it

doesn't matter if they want to give

evidence, an assault has been to be

recorded. I notice in the briefing

notes, police rules say no more than

5 per cent of reported

5 per cent of reported assaults should be rejected. I should be rejected. I thought

should be rejected. I thought none should be. There are, some people,

for malicious reasons come in and

say they are assaulted or try to get

access to victim compensation.

access to victim compensation. So there are valid reasons for

rejecting assaults. It is just the

alarm bells go off when you climb

above the 5 per cent mark. You had a

focus on New South Wales. What about

other states? Are you seeing it

occurring across bord snrz because

crime statistics have vote in them,

if you can keep the amount down, the

public is happy. There is no doubt

there is a problem in Victoria,

framp, I don't know about other

states, but in Victoria, for years

and years, the police assault rate

in Victoria has been half of what it

is in New South Wales, but when you

look at the victim's surveys that

don't rely on anybody

don't rely on anybody reporting things to the police the two states

are identical in reporting assault.

There are reluctant to report the

assault when the victim won't

proceed to prosecution. We get a lot

of e-mails to the soapbox saying we

rang the police and they didn't even

come to the house, for burglaries or

theft from cars. Is it more wide

spread than just assaults? The

police are saying it is only minor,

let's not sbnd to it so we don't

have to record it, the figures will

be lower. The police don't have to

respond to it. This is the thing. If

someone reports a crime to the

police, the police don't have to

respond. Why not. It is not that

they don't have to respond. We pay

them. It has to be reported as crime

regardless of whether they respond. If they

If they can't pursue an

investigation because the victim

won't give evidence and there is no

other evidence, whatsoever, it is one thing, it

one thing, it is still obligatory on

their part to report the crime if

they think it happens. Does it M.D.

Mine our confidence in the police?

Should it. It has the potential to

do so and I made the point when I

wrote to the police commissioner. In

the areas where it was the areas where it was a problem

they reinstated the crimes. In most

areas it is a small problem but we

can't allow the situation to

continue. Because if it does, we

will get a distorted picture of

crime. Am glad you are watching it,

that somebody is. My pleasure. First, we were hit with telemarketing calls. Now the invasion of privacy has escalated to text message spam and scams. One of our producers received this dodgy message just yesterday. It congratulated her on winning $2 million in a free Lotto mobile promo. So what can we do to put a stop to these annoying messages? Let's ask Elissa Freeman

from the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network. Elissa, how do these text messages end up on our personal mobile phones?

Are they just randomly dialing any

Are they just randomly dialing any number or after us personally? There

is an aspect of that randpness but

there is a sense we are not being

quite as careful are our

quite as careful are our personal mobile phone numbers as we could be.

There is evidence of sites when you

can register for free ring tones of

unscrupulous companies going into

sites and harvesting phone numbers.

So there is a sense we need to So there is a sense we need to be

careful about where we put

careful about where we put our mobile phone number out there. You

have got tips to help consumers if

they receive those. We will bring

the graphic up. Why do you say don't

delete it? My first reaction is get

rid of it? If it was an e-mail

rid of it? If it was an e-mail that would be fine, delete it. But we

found with SMS messages on your

phone, there has been quite a high

incidence of what people think is

Spam is unsolic tited premium

service. It is important

service. It is important to first of

all check your bill and make sure

you haven't been billed for the SMS

message you have received. It is an

odd situation. If you keep it, you

have got proof where it came from?

Precisely. And then you can go to

the ombudsman if it is the case the ombudsman if it is the case you have been billed have been billed for this service,

unwittingly or unknowingly from

entering into some vote competition

or something like that. So you do

need to keep it and check your bill.

If there is any sort of problem with

the bill, you can go directly to the

ombudsmanch What will they do? They

can Help you navigate the various

complaint channels. You need to go

back to the telco but it can be a difficult

difficult process. The ombudsman can

help chan the response to the right

place. Should you never respond. It

is a tricky one, if you it is a scam

you don't want to respond. Fz it

subscription service have 1ittingly

sign said up for you have to say

stop. If you respond you tell them

you do exist and your number does

exist. You do need to be careful

with the SMS messages, it

with the SMS messages, it is not

straight forward. Good tee too know

there is somewhere to get help, thank you. Sarah and Lachlan Murdoch have welcomed another addition to their family. To tell us more about the new arrival, we're joined by 'S' editor at large from the 'Sun Herald', Shelly Horton. Good Morning. What can you tell us about baby number three for the Murdochs?

We all love a baby story. Give me

stats on baby No.

stats on baby No.Three? The

important stuff is, it is a girl and

her name is Aeron Elizabeth, she was

born at 6.

born at 6.30 last night and came in

weighing 3.

weighing 3.26 kilo, so nice and

healthy mism No Elizabeth, the

middle name would be after

Laughlin's grandmother, the

patriarch of the Murdoch family,

Dame Elizabeth but where does Aeron

come from? We don't know. They have

said it is from great, great Dame

Elizabeth, and also Laughlin's

sister Elizabeth. But they choose

unusual names, the two boys names

are Aiden and Callan but they choose

a family name for the second but

choose their own first name. Saari

is so busy with her charitable

commitments. She is one of the

lovelyest women in the media. It is

a great thing when you just feel

happy for them and know it will be a

fantastic addition to their lives.

They are absolutely lovely. Sorry,

lovely, lovely, I am a girl, we

gush. All the girls getting clucky.

Thank you, Shelley. Watch out John.

No thoughts of number three? Joining

Sarah. I am hardy going to share it

now, no, let's just stick with two.

Who would have thought I would be

grilled on that. He has the reputation of being the party-boy prince and it seems Prince Harry isn't afraid to live up to the title. He recently treated complete strangers to $300 bottles of vintage champagne on a $16,000 booze bender. So how's the English public reacting?

UK correspondent Richard Arnold joins us now. Good morning.

That is a big bar bill. Is he

cooping flack. It

cooping flack. It is, it is like the

well klcome you exextended me and

like you did when I came down under. No green

No green bautdles. The green bottles

are the most expensive bottles and

we are led to believe, Harry,

witnessed by a 21-year-old students

from North London and Harry forked

out for them, and another 30-odd

bottles on top of that. Why is a

20-year-old student from North

London in such a posh place London in such a posh place where Prince Harry likes

Prince Harry likes to sup the ail or

green bottles but there is a denial

issued by Saint James Palace and

thaifds he popped in for a glass of

champagne and a beer. But they have

denied he has fork

denied he has forked out that denied he has forked out denied he has forked out kind of

cash. There is a lot of talk he has

cleaned up his sort of act and no

longer the wild party boy but maybe

he is and we just didn't know about

de? You know what? He is a

25-year-old. I think

25-year-old. I think there is a camp

divided here for Prince Harry but

leading more to the fact at the

leading more to the fact at the end of the day, for Queen and duty,

of the day, for Queen and duty, he has been out it with the boys,

has been out it with the boys, not in the front line but fighting

alongside the boys in Afghanistan

and the like and he has garnered and the like and he has garnered a

great deal more respect from the

British public. You are led to believe we are a country

believe we are a country emerging from the biggest recession we have

known in the last many, many years.

At least he is generous. He is back

out there and raising a glass. I

think there has always been an issue

with the Royal Family, whilst it is

going on behind closed doors, the

going on behind closed doors, the recession is going on, conspicuous

consumption is out of fashion and as

a public figure he should take it

into account. The United Kingdom is

in worse shape than the US, you

don't want to throw money around but

could there be a buck's night on the

way? It is all happening in the blogger way? It is all happening in the

bloggersphere, not as big story here. It

here. It originated from Tina Brown,

Diana's biographyrapher. A few dates

are free in July. Prince William and

Kate and anybody involved in the

announcement are to see too busy. So

we are still waiting. The key dates

to remember is Prince Philip is 90

in 2011 and a close relationship between him

between him and Prince William and

also of course, the dimand jubilee

and the Olympics looming large in

2012. If they want to squeeze in the

nuptials they will have to do so

quickly. So while an announcement is

not in the question... I would

not in the question... I would so have been out of there. She has been

waiting eight years or something. waiting eight years or something. He has waiting eight years or something. He

she has been waiting. I have a

golden rule with my girlfriends, if

you are going to get spliced you

gate gaut to get the golden ring

within seven rings. If you have got

to rustle up teatowels, mugs and

goodness knows how much bling, it

takes arranging. Thank you for the update. Monday night rugby league saw Parramatta suffer a 24-14 loss at the hands of Canberra. Neither the girls nor boys tipped that result. We both got 4 out of 8 in round 5. That means the girls continue to hold a slender 1-point lead over the boys.

It is early days yet but it is

electric, the atmosphere in here. And speaking of sport, shortly we'll ask whether Ben Cousins is a changed man. Also coming up - who is Justin Bieber? He'll perform on the show later this month. But already, he's creating Bieber fever. Your guide to the teen idol is coming up.

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