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(generated from captions) Bullied to death - could go so wrong. how the taunting of a teenager will join us live His distraught parents with a message for offenders. Qantas turbulence - had a bad run of incidents. the airline's the national carrier? So can we still trust And fabulous at 50 - and toning down? is Julian Clary slowing down Find out when he joins us live this Friday 9 April, 2010. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, and welcome to the show. Good morning do we have something to show you! And, boy, This is our old mate Robbie Maddison the Corinth Canal in Greece successfully crossing just a few hours ago. and captured the entire drama Our cameras were there later this hour and Robbie himself will join us live to explain why on earth he did it and how he feels now.

Oh! It is quite a famous canal in

Greece, quite historic. We might go

into the ancient history of it in

the show as well. Yes, that could

be. There could be a Spartacus-type

story behind it. I was intrigued by

the jump you are the history. Good morning. to competitive golf Tiger Woods has been welcomed back by thousands of fans of the US Masters. in the opening round

is being escorted The world number one by his own team of security after five months out of the game. through the opening holes, Woods has been solid to be in a tie for 14th at 1 under. birdieing the third and Phil Mickelson Veteran Tom Watson are among those at the top, carding opening rounds of 5 under. is the best of the Aussies. John Senden

are struggling at +2. Adam Scott and Geoff Ogilvy has confirmed A Rudd Government minister in a home insulation had been installed in the New South Wales Central West which caught fire yesterday, and his toddler grandson. killing a man into the burning home in Peak Hill The 50-year-old man ran to save his 2-year-old grandson. Both were found dead inside. was injured The man's 10-year-old grandson trying to rescue the pair. Greg Combet has confirmed Energy Efficiency Minister with insulation the property had been fitted under Canberra's botched scheme. has ended a dramatic chapter The Tasmanian Governor in the State's political history, to form a minority government. asking Labor Leader David Bartlett winning more votes This is despite the Liberals in the recent Tasmanian election. is now threatening Liberal Leader Will Hodgman to move a no confidence motion. has evolved I accept now that a situation dishonesty - that's based on lies, deceit, most regrettable. that is, in my view, won 10 seats each Labor and the Liberals in the March 20 election. with 5 seats. The Greens hold the balance of power he can still strike a deal Prime Minister Rudd is confident with the states on health funding coming up with a plan of his own. despite the Victorian Premier of health funding John Brumby is after a 50-50 split governments. between Federal and State remain in state hands His plan would also see GST revenue

of a 'My School' style website and the creation across the country. to compare health services thrash out national health reforms. Premiers meet later this month to Experts say a historic deal with Russia US President Barack Obama has signed nuclear weapons by a third. to reduce both country's will influence other nations President Obama is hoping the treaty to cut their own nuclear stockpiles.

Nuclear weapons are not simply an

issue for the US and Russia.

threaten the common security of all issue for the US and Russia. They

nations. A nuclear weapon in the

hands of a terrorist is a danger to

people everywhere. to work together The leaders have also agreed nuclear sanctions against Iran. to enforce tough new Prince Charles's wife, Camilla, while walking in Scotland. has broken her left leg while walking down a hill yesterday The Duchess of Cornwall slipped

while on holidays. has been told to take it easy The 62-year-old she'll continue her royal duties. but she says She'll be in a cast for six weeks. with the in-form St Kilda Collingwood say tonight's clash for their premiership hopes. is the perfect measure for redemption The Magpies are looking in last year's qualifying final. after going down to the Saints an unbeaten start to the season Both sides have made

but the Saints have the edge, between the two sides. winning the past three encounters for the 'Pies Heath Shaw is a late withdrawal forced him out of training. after a back injury to the Tigers' line-up Ben Cousins returns in Sydney tomorrow. for their clash with the Swans Broncos outfit with a point to prove The Dragons are wary of a in Wollongong. in tonight's Round 5 NRL clash through injury, With nine top line players out on the bottom of the ladder the baby Broncos head into the clash with just one win on the board. will rack up his 100th game Dragons full-back Darius Boyd against his former club to be one way traffic but isn't expecting it against some unfamiliar faces. wait to put on the jersey I was pretty excited and couldn't they'll all be like. so I think that's what Probably play better than anything. to keep their unbeaten record intact The Storm will be out on the Gold Coast tonight. when they take on the Titans Shannon McDonnell is a tough nut - Former Tiger-turned-Knight in a splint against Souths tomorrow. he'll play with a broken thumb Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson Aussie surfers Taj Burrow, at Bells Beach today. will be in Round 4 action confident of resuming competition The Rip Curl Pro organisers are yesterday. after poor surf forced a lay day 9-time world champion Kelly Slater still in action is another of the big guns making it hard for him to walk. despite a foot injury

Now, Tom Watson, a veteran, one of

the stories of the Masters add the

top of the leader board at 77, we

use the word adavisedly but Grant is

top of the board. TGIF, from

building to ball skills. We are

featuring the home of the mighty

Zebras. They run it together as a

play on word, Ze-bras. Mums

play on word, Ze-bras. Mums are determined to get off the

sidelineinize to history books, so Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings for soccer is what we

have got for you today. As we look

at the forecast for the first time.

1,000 3, 1,004, it is a deep burn,

deep burn. I will keep warming up my

leck tismous trapezius, it is very

scientific, you probably don't

understand but I will explain. I

don't. You are looking very sporty,

look like an athlete. Feeling it too Grrrr! On the way - how Aussie daredevil Robbie Maddison became 'Greece' lightning. He'll join us live from Athens after 6:30. But next, the wash-up from overnight trading on Wall Street.

And badboy Zac - we'll tell you why the teen heart-throb is in trouble with the law. With satellite navigation and dynamic stability control... everything you unexpected. Hi, I'm wondering if you could help me? My arm hurts when I do this. Well... I haven't been to the... (SIGHS) Cough for the pharmacist, honey. No. It's a vitamin. Had a blue label on it. It's kind of an orange tablet thing. They're all over me. I think it's every time I go near flowers. (ALL SNIFF) Achoo. Bob snores. Have you got anything for that? VOICEOVER: Got a health or wellbeing question? Better ask an expert. Better ask Amcal. In finance news:

Retail, some US retailers have

reported pretty good March sales

figures. It was boyed the American

market. European markets down. The

Greeks again causing problems. The

borrowing cost for the Greek

government is now at record highs.

So investors still very uncertain

about whether Greece can pay back

their debts. To our region yesterday:

As we expected, all down following

the weak lead from Wall Street.

The Aussie dollar, a record high

against the Europe, planning a

holiday in euro zone countries over

the next couple of months, it is

looking cheap. But let's take a look

at the oil prices, gathering

momentum a bit, earlier this week,

Venezuela, the 6th biggest oil

producer in the world would like to

see oil priced between there are 80 and $

and $100 US a barrel. It is holding

at the highest level since October

2000 saigt. Can it last, this high

price or we going to get some

relief? I think you need to look at

it in terms of the fundamental

story. In the US we saw oil

invenatories have runen for the 10th

straight week, the highest supplies

being stored in the US in five

being stored in the US in five years. But there is a lot of

speculation about future growth.

Chinese growth numbers are coming

out next week and we expect growth

over 10 per cent. It is driving

speculation in the oil price as

well. Keep in mind we are using into

the US summer driving season, tends

to see pickup in demand for oil in

the US as well. The big store

the US as well. The big storey over

the next couple of months will be

the US hurricane season, expected to

be one of the worst in the last

couple of years and expecting maybe

seven hurricanes to hit land in the

US with ten to 15 tropical storms as

well. If that does impact on oil

refineries off the Gulf of Mexico,

you could certainly see more

speculation and the risks are around the $ the $90 to $

the $90 to $100 barrel, might not

seem so far fetched. Just as well

the Aussie dollar is strong and

giving us a cushion, the mind

boggles what we would be paying

around the pump if we were paying

around the 70 US cents. Time to check entertainment news. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Julia Morris is in Hollywood.

Doesn't she belong? Fantastic. Zac Efron ran into some trouble with the law. What happened?

It is not ideal, my second husband,

Zac Efron has been pulled over

Zac Efron has been pulled over in Santa Monica yesterday by the LAPD.

Apparently the copper did not

recognise he was a high school

musical 'Star', no, he did, I got

over excited and my eye started to

cry, I love him! The copser furious

and gets so grumpy. He ran

and gets so grumpy. He ran the red light because he is so hot and he

thought it was a reebt flexion of

his own face. Santa Monika is not

full of teenage girls because quite

frankly they would have got closer.

I love him I am crying. Moving on, and Oprah is gearing up for a new project.

Am deeply in love areope ru, she is

-- I in love with Oprah, from day

time to night time, I am special on

many levels. She is leaving at the

start of next year and starting her

own network. We have all done it.

Holefully it will go well. Dwr hope

she will be earning because it is

hard to last with no wages coming

in. She has been 25 seasons she has

done that show for and he is going

to work behind the scenes on her net, to work behind the scenes on her net to work behind the scenes on her

network and when the channel

launches in late 2011 next year she

will do her own show call Oprah's

next chapter r like her own book club! next chapter r like her own book

club!O exciting. I need to dry my

eyes. Wow, she is amazing. She is

incredible. Thank you, see you, Julia. Ahead on Sunrise, the sharp wit of comedian Julian Clary. Does he still wear the sharp costumes? He'll join us live. But next, why many of us believe aliens live amongst us. So can you name some?

I am worried about you for a while. And Nike's new Tiger Woods commercial. Is it heartfelt or just plain creepy?

We have what we believe Hospital cover. Extras you'll actually use. From: We'd like to know about it.

Let's have a look at some of the news stories

you're clicking on around the internet. Are some sporting stadiums more daunting for visiting fans than others? According to Collingwood AFL President Eddie Maguire, the answer is yes. He's labelled Adelaide's AAMI Stadium as unsafe and inhospitable. South Australians say it's rubbish, claiming they've been spat on and had food thrown at them when they've gone to Magpies' home games at the MCG.

Are some grounds worse than others for visiting supporters? Tell us about your experiences.

Hot does he say about it? He says

his wife is quite intimidated. Yes, from Eddie, "

from Eddie, "His wife has felt less

intimidated in remote provinces of

China where she was one of the

China where she was one of the first women to go than AAMI

women to go than AAMI Stadium."

Eddie, do you remember going to

Victoria Park, it was like going the

to the back suburbs of LA. Is it

that scary? No. You hang out there a

lot. I am not sure about Crows

supporters. But are you at the

pointy end of the stadium, so

spoospeak. Is your box safe. The

king in the box. Behind the glass it

is cool, lisal sausage roles, little

meat pies and cheesecakes, Mr Koch

would you like it? A Port supporter

would pass a June Dally Watkins

course. Get a dose of what it is

really like. Tell us about your experiences. Moving on, and the latest Tiger Woods ad for Nike has certainly triggered reaction around the world. It features the voice of the late father of the disgraced golfer. Let's have a look.

(Earl Woods: Tiger, I am more

(Earl Woods: Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote

discussion. I want to find out what

your thinking was, I want to find

out what your feelings are. And did

you learn anything?+0. The Oh, gosh!

I heard it on radio yesterday and I

just was in the car by myself and went, " went,

went, "Oh no! Just think he is

selling his dead father for a sports

brand. It is weird but it is

compelling. It is completely

compeling and we are talking about

it again. But it is nut the way

nikeae adverdize. It is branding. It

puts me off the whole thing,

puts me off the whole thing, him even more, it puts me off the brand,

it puts me off everything. It

doesn't put me off the brand, it put

me off Tiger. He allow td to happen

that he would put it in a marketing

context. Nike have stuck with him.

You can just imagine a whole bunch

of Madison avenue, New York-types

sitting around a board room going, " sitting around a board room going,

"We have invested so much money in the

the bloke, his reputation is

destroyed, how do we build him up?

Let's do an ad, bring his dad back."

But we don't want to hear from his

dad, we want to hear from him, it is

the first day t- Masters and that

bloke said he doesn't want the

Masters over shadowed by anything and

and they bring this ad out on the

day. It is not the executives

because Tiger could have said no.

Advertising people come up with

weird things every day. They are

paying him. He doesn'tefeen need

Nike, surely. We will pull our

sponsorship Nike, surely. We will pull our

sponsorship. And then he is on the

streets? They would play it safe and

he wins the masters but they have

taken the brave step. Shut up and

play golf. They are reknown for it. And 20% of us believe aliens do exist

and are living amongst us. That's according to a Reuters poll of people in 22 countries. More than 40% of those questioned in India and China think aliens walk among us. And a greater number of men than women are believers. If they are here and disguised as humans, who do you suspect they are?

If they are, I would like them to

clean my house today. It is filthy

at home for school holidays. Could

they pop around to Coogee. If you

are an alien in disguise, e-mail in.

They don't e-mail, they just send.

Why bother with e-mails. But if they

are in our skin, a bit like a movie.

Like a ghost. Reach out. Phone home.

Exactly. Who do you think could be

an alien. Let's out them. If they

are not going to fess up, who do you

think it could be? I know a couple

of politicians come to mind, things

like that, let us know. Ahead this hour - have scientists found the missing the link

Outer space, back, we are covering it all. Dr Karl will be here. And very soon, Australia's own 'Greece Lightning'. You're looking at Robbie Maddison in action just a few hours ago. He'll join us live before 7am and only on Sunrise.

Good morning. Tiger Woods has made a strong return to competitive golf - he's at 2 under early in the first round of the US Masters. Thousand of fans turned out to welcome the world number one back to the course and they weren't disappointed, Woods scored this eagle at the eighth.

Tom Watson and Phil Mickelson are among the leaders at -5. John Senden has been the best of the Aussies at -1 but all eyes are on Woods for his return. Good morning. The Tasmanian Liberal leader, Will Hodgman, will move a motion of no-confidence in the State's new minority Labor Government. Tasmania's Governor has asked caretaker Premier David Bartlett to form Government despite the Liberals winning more votes in the recent State election. I want this job and I'm very pleased that the Governor has asked me to commission a Government. The Tasmanian Parliament will be recalled within weeks. The Federal Government has confirmed a house which went up in flames in the Central West of New South Wales, killing a man and his young grandson, had been fitted with insulation. The property at Peak Hill caught fire around midday yesterday

with a 50-year-old man running in to the burning home to save his 2-year-old grandson. Both were found dead inside. It is a close-knit community in Peak Hill, there's a lot of friends and relatives live in the town. The house had been fitted with insulation under Canberra's bungled scheme.

Fire investigators will return to the scene today. Christine Nixon has been called back to Victoria's bushfire royal commission over her evidence about the night of Black Saturday.

The former police chief told the commission she left the incident control centre at 6pm to go home for a meal. It was later revealed Ms Nixon went to a pub for dinner with two friends. Ms Nixon has apologised for the dinner but questions remain about her evidence before the commission. A spokeswoman for Victoria's Bushfire Recovery Authority says Ms Nixon is available to return to the commission next week. Schapelle Corby has lodged an appeal for clemency from the Indonesian President on the basis of insanity. Corby is serving a 20-year sentence after being arrested at Bali Airport with marijuana in 2004. The plea says that she's now suffering psychosis and asks for her sentence to be reduced or quashed altogether. It also highlights what her lawyers say are legal errors in the investigation and trial.

The Indonesian President has indicated in the past he will not pardon drug dealers. Salvage crews hope to begin the delicate operation of pumping oil from the bulk coal carrier stranded on the Great Barrier Reef this morning. Floating booms are in place between the Chinese ship and a tug to contain any further oil leaks. It's expected to take days to drain the carrier's 1,000 tonnes of oil. Workers are on standby in case an oil spill reaches the coastline. We will re-assign them to go to the beach and do the clean-up work immediately.

Federal Police have joined the investigation into why the ship was off course when it ran aground. The ship's captain and first mate will be questioned again today. In finance news:

United Airlines and US Air are once

again in mucher talks and US

retailers came out with pretty

strong March sale figures. It

boosted the market. Different story

for Europe and the fact the cost of

borrowing is at a record high in

Greece put a dampener on European markets.

Oil predictions

Oil predictions it will head to $ Oil predictions it will head to $100

US a barrel over the next couple of months.

The Aussie dollar is at a record

high against the euro. Time for sport with

sport with Simon. Thank you, Kochie. Brumbies flanker George Smith will today find out if his Super 14 career is over. The Wallaby will have tests on an injured shoulder threatening to cut short his final year in Australia. The overseas bound 29-year-old is confident he can add to his 126 Super rugby matches but medical staff are more reserved. Fellow Brumby Julian Huxley will start his first game since being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008, lining up against the Cheetahs tomorrow night. The Chiefs and the Bulls kick off Round 9 in Waikato tonight.

Go the Tahs against the Crusaders tonight. Collingwood claim tonight's Round 3 clash with St Kilda will be a measuring to stick for how their season is going.

Both sides are undefeated this season. However, the 'Pies believe they must be able to win the tough clashes if they're any hope of claiming the premiership. Ben Cousins returns for Richmond as they take on the Swans in Sydney. Melbourne will be out to continue their unbeaten streak on the Gold Coast tonight, taking on the fourth-placed Titans. Brisbane can make their way off the bottom of the ladder if they upset the Dragons in Wollongong. However, they'll have to do it without nine top-line players. Now to Grant and today's weather.

The other Aussie so far, Robert

Allenby, Mark Leishman and Nathan

Green all at even par and have

finished their rounds. Back to Mr

Gluteus Maximus in Melbourne. I

would like to introduce you to the

meanest faces on the soccer field in

Victoria, this is the mighty Bras,

the oldest soccer team in Australia,

they have been around for seven

years. Woop! It happens to

years. Woop! It happens to me as

well. We got an e-mail in about

these guys, girls, sorry, first faux

pas of the morning. A generic term.

We thought it was a

We thought it was a great story

about a bunch of ladies who have no

experience in playing sport or

soccer but got together. I would

like to introduce you to the

captain, a bit of a sensitive

question. 49. Okay it got it out of

the way. 55. Wow! What do you get

out of it? Been doing it so long,

got a precious place in the league

here in Melbourne, how did it start?

It was here in Melbourne, how did it start?

It was it was after the 2002 World

Cup and our kids play socker and the

mums started kicking around and

loved and thought why can't we have

a team. What are the other youngest

teams? We played against an

11-year-old. She was very good. She

was little. How do they refer to

you? Do they respect their

you? Do they respect their helders in the tournament. Not enough.

Actually the snig rrz loud. Actually the snig rrz loud.? Actually the snig rrzloud. The

sniggers get a bit loud and

sometimes the abuse can be there as

well. Once, the coach who went, " well. Once, the coach who went, "How

could you lose against that! could you lose against that!? " could you lose against that!?

"refering to us, Marion is walking

past completely unaware, they just

lost to theole team. We will

lost to theole team. We will spend

the morning with the great success

story here. Heavy showers and storms are generating over northern South Australia and in southern Northern Territory. The odd shower and storm is passing through southern Queensland and north-eastern and coastal New South Wales. Meanwhile, a weak high is clearing Victoria and Tasmania. An early shower, then mostly fine in Brisbane and 29. Showers over the weekend. A shower or two for the start of next week.

Yes, it is girl power this morning

on Sunrise, more weather details in

half an hour. You ready guys? Hit

it! Yeah. Go, go, go! Ah! What a

great story. A great bunch of

ladies. We will meet them further in

half an hour. Joke of the day, a one

of the many Kiwis that lives here in

Australia goes into the local

Centrelink to pick up his

unemployment cheque. He marched

straight up to the counter and straight up to the counter and said, " straight up to the counter and said,

"High, you know, I just hate drawing

the dole. I would really rather have

a job. And the Centrelink girl

behind the counter said, "

behind the counter said, "Your

timing is excellent, sir, we just

received a jobowening from -- job

opening from an elderly old man who

wants a driver for his daughter. You

have to drive around in his 2010 CEL

Mercedes bends. Meals wibe provided

ask you will have to esh cort the

daughter on her overseas holidays

and satisfy her every intimate need,

a loft apartment will be above the

garage, designated for your soul use

and the salary $

and the salary $200,000 a year. and the salary $200,000 a year.."

And the Kiwi said, "

And the Kiwi said, "You have got to

be kidding me." And the Centrelink worker said, "

worker said, "You are right, but you

started it." I don't really get

that. He was kidding her. The Kiwi said, "

said, "I hate drawing a cheque, I

would rather have a job." If you

have to explain it... You receive a

Snuggie. Would you want anything

else though. We are looking to put a

slogan on the Snuggie. If you head

to the web site you can see the

finalists and see which one you

like. There are five finalists for

the T-shirt ask the Snuggie. On the way - comedian Julian Clary on turning 50. Make sure you're watching - that interview could go anywhere! But after the break, have scientists found the missing link in Africa? And he's done it again - Aussie daredevil Robbie Maddison will join us live from Athens.

for $63,000..., $61,000... Oh! $58,990! Or take possession of this seven-seat Dodge Journey for $42,000..., $40..., just $37,990. And bear witness to this legendary Jeep Cherokee for only $42..., $39... ..a paltry $36,990. Australia's never had so much bang for its buck. So hit up your Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealer today. The science world is buzzing with news the missing link between humans and apes may have been found. A previously unknown human ancestor has been discovered in Africa. It's come in the form of a skeleton that's almost two million years old. Let's find out more from our science guru, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. Dr Karl, tell us what's been found?

Explain to us the 2 million-year-old

skeleton, and what he's like? There

are two skeletons, which is amazing.

A partial skeleton, not just a tooth

or a bone but a whole bunch of

bones. One is a young boy, 12 to 13

and the other is a woman, late 20s,

early 30s with lots and lots of

bones. This is what we have found.

It is amazing to find

It is amazing to find such a lot of

skeleton. Then there is the skull.

Notice the skull actually has a bit

of a brain cavity. The brain is

about one-third of the size of a

modern human brain, about 450 CCs,

we are 1200 to 1500 CCs. It is

something that came before us,

whether it was directly before or

parallel and died out. It is the

missing link, the one between the

ape and us? It is pushing it a bit

far but it might be and it might not

be. Is it a big deal. It is a big

deal because it has got

characteristicoffs what came before

and has long arms, big powerful

hands and a pelvis. It could walk

and climb trees and had a reasonable

brain size. So on the link between

us and them. How did it survive for

so well so laing. We think there was

a drought and they were follow

agdepression in the ground. They

fell into the roof of a cave, 50

feet high and died in the fall. And

then maggots ate their bones and a

saber-tooth tiger, believe it or not

was there. How can they tell a

saber-tooth tiger was involved? It

was in there as well. The bones were

left there, gorgeously remarkable.

And then the saber-toothed tiger

didn't eat them, it must have died,

the maggots must have eaten them and

the bones got wash fwhd to the a

cave with lime, the start of cement,

bingo, they are there for the next

two million years. And then a

paleontologist guy going for walk

with his son and his son said, been

looking at the mountains for years

and the son said, "

and the son said, "Look what I found

dad." Finds a shoulder bone, the

clavicle, the guy, Berger spent five

years of the life on the clavicle.

Imagine spending five years of your

life on one bone, you have been

searching the hills for the bones

and your son said, "Look dad." You

spent half a decade of your life,

there is no-one who knows more about

a clavicle and he said, "

a clavicle and he said, "My God! It

is for me." And outcomes the great

discoverries. It has got features of

them and features of us. So it is

somewhere in between. Exactly where

it fits is a bit confusing at the

moment. We rill learn a lot from the

-- we will learn a lot from the

couple we found. That is amazing. It seems stunt rider, Robbie Maddison, is never satisfied. The Aussie daredevil has just successfully jumped a motorbike over the Corinth Canal in Greece.

So, how is he feeling after his latest jump? Robbie joins us now from Athens. Robbie, why did you want to jump the Corinth Canal?

Well, to be honest, I didn't really

want to hump it at first. I came out

here and a friend scouted it out and said, "

said, "Hey, there is a canal I

said, "Hey, there is a canal I think you think skwrefpl." I came out here

in December to check it out, doing a

trip in Europe. Once I kind of

looked at it I thought, " looked at it I thought, "Man I

it is something I can do." It

looked at it I thought, "Man I know it is something I can do." It is scary it is something I can do." It is

scary to look down but I know it is

possible and set myself a challenge

and today and over came it so it was

an awesome day. For people to

picture it, the Corinth Canal cuts

the pel punews from mainland Greece

a short cut for ships so they don't

have to go down the bottom end of

Greece? Some Exactly, yes a

200-year-old canal they spent, the

reining kings of the time set the

workers to dig it out. They dug the

short cut over a 200 year period. I

was speaking to the locals today and

they always said was it possible to

jump a motorcycle over there and a

lot of fans came out and heard the

myth it was possible and I broke it.

Uz it was a cool day and I did it.

Thanks to Red Bull and DC we did an

amazing thing a lot of people

thought was too fearful to do. Don't

want to take anything away from you,

you did it pretty easily. Were you

surprised? Well, I don't think I was

too much surprised. I obviously held

the world record, which I jump said

in Melbourne last year and it wasn't

near that length but it is just the

gap itself. When you stand there and

look down it is breath-taking, it is

over 70 feet in depth and a fall

from there is definitely life and

death. To have those risks above

your head it is hard to turn and say, "

say, "This is the one I am going to

make the jump on." At

make the jump on." At that point you

are relying on the wind, the

mechanical, the bike is functioning.

A lot of things, set it aside and

live the dream and go for it. Get it

done and I am stoked. I am am taouf

Mexico in the morning and down there

for the world championships. Last

year I got gaut second so this year

-- got second and this year aiming

to ramp it up and win it. Good luck,

and congratulations. Thank you, good

morning, Australia, hope to see you

soon. The history of the Corinth

Canal is amazing. Who turned the

first sod of soil? If we had TV back

then he would have been on TV, Nero.

Had a shovel before he took up the

fiddle and played with matches.

Amazing. This is the problem with

Greece, this the problem with the

Greek economy. N egro turned the

first sod of soil in 67 AD. You know

when they finished it? 1893. Took

them over 1800 years. It is big. Have you seen the

Have you seen the size of it. It is

only 4 kilometres long. It is deep.

1800 years, amazing. Coming up - that creepy ad from Nike. Was it right for Tiger to exploit his late father?

Also ahead, should the Monday after Anzac Day be a public holiday? The surprising view from the RSL. And why Victoria Beckham is demanding sex five times a day. Seriously.

At Holden, we've taken everything we've learnt making Australia's best large cars and put it into a smaller one. The result is the Holden Cruze. This is a car that's fuel-efficient without feeling like you're driving an experiment. It has heaps of space so you don't have to do yoga to get into the back, and with six airbags and stability control standard across the range, its 5-star safety rating is the highest possible for any car on the road.

Holden Cruze - the small car just got serious. At your Holden dealer now. Go better.

The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Julia Morris is in Tinseltown. And we hear Victoria Beckham is very demanding in the bedroom. It seems she just can't get enough, Julia?

Well, have you had a look at David

Beckham lately? It is completely

understandable. But in actual fact

she is quite broody is the rumour.

The gorgeous Victoria Beckham has

decide she would like a little girl.

She has left her husband injured,

apparently while she has been

demanding relations left, right and

centre. Of course, Posh has made no

secret of the fact she wants a

little girl and she kick off her operation "

operation "knock me up." In the

Caribbean herself. I wrote it

myself. Five times a day, is it

possible. She has got three kids,

one is 11, 7 and five. I have got

two and hoping not to be blessed

again. But she does not feel that

way. She wants another one. So

operation knock me up. Taking

temperatures and doing all the

things you need to do to get the

perfect timing. Five times a day, my

giddy aunt! I can't keep mup. He has

an Achilles injury. I don't know

what they are getting up to that he

has got Achilles issues but I am not here

here to judge, I am just saying it

is unusual. She is younger. Five

times a day, day in and day out? You

have only got so many tadies?

Surely. To have children am It has

been lovely talking to you Julia,

talk to you later. More news for you

later, see you soon. Maybe

later, see you soon. Maybe we need

Dr John on to explain whether it is

possible. Well... Maybe they are

aliens. Maybe they are, that is a

good topic this morning. 40 per cent

of us believe there are aliens

dressed up as human beings. It

dressed up as human beings. It is could be what David Beckham is. My

wife is an alien she keeps

wife is an alien she keeps coming

down the to the pub and saying, " down the to the pub and saying,

"John, go home." That is good. That

sta Snuggie. That is better than

your joke.

your joke.. It is a beauty. Speaking

of joke, Ian from Nowport says, " of joke, Ian from Nowport says,

"Sorry boys and Nell you will have

to sack Nat, she must be part Kiwi

because no

because no Aussie could not find a

Kiwi unemployment joke not funny." Wa, Kiwi unemployment joke not funny." Wa,wa, Kiwi unemployment joke not funny." Wa,wa,wa. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - Bullied to death - how the taunting of a teenager could go so wrong.

His distraught parents will join us live

with a message for offenders. Qantas turbulence - the airline's had a bad run of incidents.

So can we still trust the national carrier? And fabulous at 50 -

is Julian Clary slowing down and toning down? Find out when he joins us live this Friday 9 April, 2010.

Right across Australia, this is

Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky

Central, Kochie and Mel. Also ahead - you've seen the commercial featuring the voice of Tiger's dad.

Wait until you see the one featuring his mum. But right now, it's news time. Here's Nat. Tiger Woods is back, the world number one teed off in front of thousands of fans in the opening round of the US Masters. US correspondent Angela Cox was there. Angela, Tiger's been out of the game for the past few months - how's his form?

Nat, he is playing really well

considering he hasn't been playing

for the past five month. Smacked the

first ball straight down the fairway

like he wanted to. Commentators

saying he is playing with balance

and rhythm. At the moment he is two

behind the leader and tying in 7th

position. How is the crowd

responding? It was quite amazing

when he went off to tee off at the

first hole. The applause was very

loud and last fd a good few minutes. People were shouting out

encouragement to him and he seemed

to enjoy it, and mouthed thank you

to fans who were crying out

encouragement. All through the day,

crowds have been flocking to see

him. Fans were saying it is good to

have him back and good to have a

very friendly Tiger who is

responding to them. Thank you for

the update, Angela. A 20-year-old man has plunged to his death at a Gold Coast nightclub early this morning. The man fell through a window in the Surfers Paradise club, along with two other men. Witnesses have reported the trio arguing. We're interviewing the staff and the patrons. As you can imagine, there were a lot of people present at the time the incident occurred so there are a lot of statements to be taken. The two other men are in hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Tasmanians are waking up this morning to another term of a Labor Government. Alex Johnston is in Hobart. Alex, why did the State's Governor asked Labor to form a minority government given the Liberals won more votes?

Good morning, yes, a fascinating day

yesterday in Tasmania politics. The

governor met with both Will Hodgman

and David Bartlett late yesterday

afternoon and decide Labor should remain afternoon and decide Labor should

remain in power. The incumbency of

Labor was a factor, they were there

and ready to go. The Greens add the

last minute through their support

behind Labor. Whether Nick McKim's

move made an influence remains to be

seen. The liberals not too happy. A

very, very angry Will Hodgman faceed

the media last night. He expected to

be premier, David Bart ll endorsed

and it is and Will Hodgman was ready

to go, last night he was a very unhappy man. I accept now that a situation has evolved that's based on lies, deceit, dishonesty - that is, in my view, most regrettable. OK, Alex. Thanks. Alex Johnston in Hobart.

Thank you. In finance news:

A whole bunch of US retailer

reported better-than-expected March

sales figures. European market were

down, weighed down again by the

problems in Greece. Their cost of

borrowing is at a record high. To

our region yesterday, as we

expected, it was going to be soft

after the weak lead from all-waul

street this time yesterday.

The Aussie dollar at a record high

against the euro. Time for sport

with Simon. Thank you, Kochie. Tiger Woods has holed an eagle in the first round of the US Masters to prove he's still got it. After five months out of the game, the world number one nailed this putt to move to 2 under.

He is now 3 under par. Evergreen Tom Watson and Phil Mickelson are among those at the top, carding opening rounds of 5 under. John Senden is the best of the Aussies at 1 under. Geoff Ogilvy finished 2 over on 74. Adam Scott is on course at 1 over. Collingwood will be out to prove a point in tonight's clash with an in-form St Kilda at Etihad Stadium. The 'Pies haven't beaten the Saints in their past three encounters and say these are the games they need to win to prove they're premiership hopefuls. Good news for Richmond fans - Ben Cousins will return from injury for tomorrow's clash with Sydney at the SCG. Dragons full-back Darius Boyd has warned his team-mates the new-look Broncos will be no easy-beats ahead of tonight's clash in Wollongong. Playing his 100th game against his former club, Boyd says he knows first hand what an under-siege Brisbane outfit is capable of. On the Gold Coast, the Storm will defend their unbeaten record, taking on the Titans. While Knights full-back Shannon McDonnell

will play with a broken thumb in tomorrow's clash with Souths. Let's check in with Grant.

Back to Melbourne. Grant is out on

the pitch with the ladies. Looking

good! Great suburban sporting story.

The oldest soccer team in Australia

here. And they are a bunch of ladies

who decided to get off the sidelines

and go and live life a little. Yep,

to me, thank you. Oh! You serious! to me, thank you. Oh! You serious!?

What is all that about? Tenacious.

My goodness, such a great little

story, they actually wrote a book

called the Mighty Bra." A suburban

story with balls, crossed out to

read intestinal fortitude. It must

be a fun thing coaching these

ladies. A vibrant thing. Because a

lot of them discovered the game so

late in life they really appreciate

playing. Every game is a treat for

them and something that didn't exist

in their lives and now it does and

they appreciate it. After the game

is pretty handy too? Catering for a

men's team during a season, go to a

barbecue and they bring a packet of

chips, coaching women they cater

well. Are they different to coach?

Yes, you need to be sensitive and

approach it with a gentle attitude.

Coach, I did read a great quote from

a coach saying, "

a coach saying, "Coaching a team

full of men when you are in the

dressing sheds, if you tell them all

one of you is not pulling the

weight, all the men think he must be

talking to the bloke sitting next to

them but say it to a woman and they

think it is talking about them." So

it shows there is a sensitivity that

needs to be looked after. Do they

have fears? Apart from osteoporosis

for some of them, the initial fear

is people would laugh, their

opponents and people would laugh.

But seven years in, coming on eight

years most have gotten over the

fear. They are playing with a

freedom they didn't play with

before. They went on to win the

league in 2006, an amazing little

story. Let's take a look at the


Ladies, I'm going for a kicker goal

if that is okay, you ready? Here we

go. Oh no, Deb! No, Deb! Sternum, Is

it Grant. You okay. My sternum, just

be okay, just rub it. Why did you

let me do this?

let me do this?. We thought you were

old enough but you are not. When you

are older you can join the team but

now, just get up and walk around.

Look after him girls. What a nice

coach too, good on him. In just a moment, Mel speaks to the parents of a teenager bullied to death. But first, what's going on at Qantas? It's certainly hard to ignore an increasing number of incidents involving their planes. Here's our correspondent, Nuala Hafner. There's been a swag of incidents involving Qantas planes in the past 10 days -

everything from an aborted landing in Canberra and a delay in Perth because of wing flap defects, a cracked windscreen on a flight from Melbourne to LA, a brake problem causing two tyres to burst on landing in Sydney, an engine wiring fault grounding an international flight out of Brisbane and a flight to London being forced to return to Bangkok with engine trouble. These eight instances come as Qantas faces industrial action by its engineers over pay and working conditions. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is also investigating allegations made by the engineers about unsafe work practices. Domestically, Qantas and QantasLink operate around 5,300 flights a week and internationally, 600 flights. Qantas has the reputation of being the safest airline in the world but many passengers must be left wondering how long that reputation will last. It's certainly a question worth asking. Geoffrey Thomas is the Aviation Editor at the 'West Australian' newspaper. Good morning. Are we safe when we fly Qantas?

Look, absolutely. You know, talking

about those flight numbers, we

about those flight numbers, we are having a barbecue on the weekend

over Easter and I was talk

over Easter and I was talk to some

friends about it and asked the

question, how many flights does

Qantas have a year and they said

10,000, 20,000, 30,000, and they

were absolutely stunned when I said

350,000 flights a year, that is

1,000 flights a day. That is an

aeroplane taking off or landing

approximately every four seconds. So

-- 40 seconds, every airline is

going to have some incidents. The

reality is Qantas has fewer than

virtually every other airline in the

world. We don't get to hear about

the other ones for all sorts of

reasons. I am very concerned about

the professionalism of the very

small number of engine ears who have

having the dreel action at the

moment because a number of the

incident relating to Qantas has been

leaked by the engineering as a very

effective way of drawing attention

to their particular demands but what

it does is leaves the public scared

of flying. The realtd is they are

safer with Qantas than virtually

anybody. You are saying it is a

scare campaign on behalf of the

engineers union? Look, 18 month

engineers union? Look, 18 month ago we had the same issue with the

engineers when the larger group were

going for a pay increase. They

turned to this sort of campaign out

of frustration with the

then-management of the airline who

decided to take them own. Now, this

is a very small group this time that

are raising concerns about safety

issues. Certainly, these incidents

have happened to Qantas, there is no

doubt about that at all but the

reality is they are one of the

safest airlines in the world. They

have the lowest turn back rate of

any airline in the world, the lowest

aborted takeoff rate of any

aborted takeoff rate of any airline in the world. They have an

incredible record. They have

incidents as every airline does. If

viewers, e go to the Australian

transportation safety bureau web

site they can look at all the

inaisdants in the last two weeks. Up

to March 26, the last two weeks,

there were 134 safety incidents in

Australia involving commercial and

general aviation. There is probably

seven or eight a day involving one

thing or another. But is the rate

increasing for Qantas? Is there, you

say they are the safest airline in

the world, terrific, you say it is a

scare campaign from the engineers

which is a bit narcy to play with

our emotions about flying, I think

that stinks, personally, but is the

rate of incident with quantinous

creasing? Kwaegs kwaegs Qantas

increasing or is the same it has

been? It is broadly the same as it

always is. One of the things about

aviation, you get two or 3 things

happen and then nothing happens and

then you get another couple. It ebbs

and flows, it doesn't happen

consistently, two or three and none

on Sunday. Just a quirky thing. Good

to know. But the bottom line is the

safety net is there. Qantas has the

highest standards for its depatchers

for instance, a 747 has six

hydraulic systemwise backups, they

won't unless all six are working but

another airline will say five are

working off we go. So they have a

higher stand. Beauty, I am glad you

cleared it up, sorted the fact from

the fiction and thank you for your

time. Pleasure. Now to the tragic loss of a young life because of bullying. 17-year-old Allem Halkic committed suicide after receiving a series of threatening text messages. A 21-year-old man who used to be Allem's friend

pleaded guilty to stalking him. Shane Phillip Gerada was convicted for his involvement in the death of Allem who jumped from Melbourne's West Gate Bridge in February last year. Allem's parents welcomed the verdict and say this is a victory against cyberbullying. Gerada has been sentenced to community service. Allem's parents, Ali and Dina, join me now. Thanks for your time.

Our sincere sympathys for your loss,

my heartbreaks for you, I can't

begin to imagine how you are feeling

this morning. Is there any sense of

relief at all in this verdict.

Firstly, thank you for your kind

words. We really didn't know what to

expect yesterday. We really didn't.

Up, you know, reality is a

community-based order, you know, is

kind of like a slap in the face. Our

son has passed away and it is

really, to us, it is no justice. It

probably never will be. But it is a

step forward. You know, there has

never been a case like this

trialled, every ever. The

prosecutors, they did the best they

could, they could possibly do. Under

the circumstances. And I think for

us, yes, it is a slight victory.

Obviously, we would like him locked

up forever but it is just not going

to happen. Ali, can I ask you,

cyberbull egg, bullying is something

we talk a lot about and something we

are passionate about trying to help

people with this. Figures of 10 per

cent of young people in Australia

are affected by cyberbull

are affected by cyberbullying. You

are the two human faces of what can happen are the two human faces of what can

happen in a situation like this.

What is your message to kids out

there, for example, who might be

engaging in this form of bullying or

any form? Um, the message we really

trying to say, not just to kids but

to families and parents and even the

bullies themselves your actions have

consequences. We have paid the

ultimate price. And kids just need

to understand that you know,

whatever we do, and we spread the

message so quickly on Facebook and

MySpace and texting people

misinterpret what you are trying to

say. People don't actually see how

the other person is reacting to

their taunts. So. It is a really

good point. I was going to say, if

you say something to someone's face

you see them, you see them cry or

react, whereas you send a message

off into cyberspace and you don't

see the end result, do you? That is

exactly right, bullying, we all

remember school yard bullying as we

were growing up. You are talking

about mentally, you know. Abusing.

Abusing someone on the other end.

You can't see. And you know, you

don't know, you don't know the other

person how they are going to react.

Unfortunately, our son because he

was such a beautiful child, he never

snd stood what evil was. He, it was

evident at his funeral, he had over

800 people attend his funeral which

showed the friendship she had he had

that extended out for the whole

community. To be faced with someone

older than him and streetwise, Allem

didn't know how to take it and it

ran rampant in the last few years of

his life. I am not sure whether you

saw the news clipping yesterday when

the judge laid down the sentence, he

never showed any remorse. Did you

see when he went out and abused the

cameraman, that is some people are

just born like that. We want to say

to parents out there that you got to

be watching over your children. This

is in our house. These weapons,

these weapons of mass destruction

are in the house, izp in his

bedroom, he shuts off the computer

but still has the mobile phone which

rings non-step. Take the mobile

phone away from them when they go to

bed or watch what they are typing. I

remember Allep mfs typing was so

loud, he was angry and didn't know

how to deal with it. As a parent I

should have known but I didn't know.

We will keep our message out there

and keep going as much as we can. It

is a really important message you

made both to children who are being

bullied and parents of kids who

might be doing it and those parents

who don't know if their children are

on either side of that debate. Our sincere on either side of that debate. Our

sincere sympathys and thank you for

joining us. It can't be easy to talk about. And a reminder that if you're having problems at school, there are always people you can talk to. Kids Helpline is free and confidential.

Do just think about your actions.

And talk to your kids, we got to do

it as parents. A very sad story. Let's shift focus now and take a look at this week's tips in the AFL.

Beretts, you will never learn? You

backed the Lions over Port Adelaide,

licking your wounds from a dodgy tip

last week that went against you and

the rest of it are pretty much the

same. In the NRL: Still in sport and Crows and Port AFL supporters have been angered by suggestions by Collingwood President Eddie McGuire that AAMI Stadium is unsafe for supporters of visiting teams. Some South Australians claim they've faced hostility when they've travelled to Melbourne for games against the 'Pies.

I remember going to Victoria Park, goodness me! Time to talk Aussie Rules and rugby league and we're joined by Sunrise AFL expert, Matthew Richardson and our own Simon Reeve. Matt, is AAMI Stadium any more hostile

than any other ground for away teams?

I actually would say yes to AAMI

Stadium. Good on you. You wimp!

Toughen up. It is the poor Power

one, they are the worst ones.

Kochie, blown out of the water. You

are joking? Aren't you. When I say

bad, I mean we are not talking

European or South American soccer

here when you get pelted with coins

and flares going off in the crowd

but my experience is Port

but my experience is Port supporters

give more than the rest but in the

big scheme of things it is not too

bad. You big waos, toughen up. Let's move on, very quickly. Richmond has made six changes for tomorrow night's game against the Swans, while Essendon's made a similar number of changes to the side to meet Carlton. How important is it to get the side right so early in the season?

Well, I think you are talking about

two different scenarios. Essendon

are reacting to a very bad last

quarter against Fremantle, Matthew

is trying to show a few senior

players, dropped two experienced

players, setting a tone for the rest

of the year. But rimp-mind had a

very young inexperienced side and

looking to bring in experience with

Tuck, the footageage orphCousins

training and -- footage of Cousins.

What is your tip tonight? Huge game

tonight. Collingwood not great last

week, the Saints were amazing on the

back orphNick Riewoldt, I will go

with the Saints. To rugby league

and Brisbane comes up against its old mentor, Wayne Bennett tonight when the side takes on St George-Illawarra. Simon, former Bronco-turned-Dragon Darius Boyd is warning his team-mates the unknown baby Broncos could be dangerous.

Indeed, Brisbane have a very good

record in Wolloongong, the bautdm of

the ladder, a place where the

Broncos are not accustomed to. So

for the coach, a great opportunity,

pull the young fellows together and

say let's turn the season around.

They have got a great opportunity.

Having said that, I reckon the

Dragons will walk away with the win.

Thank you, Simon. Richo we will let

you pick up your handbag and powder

your nose you big waos. I got a

story behind that, I will tell you

another day. Great. Evidence, it is called. And while we're talking sport, have a listen to this. As you know, businesses across Australia are now offering the Sunrise Family a 10% discount on goods and services. Now you can add the V8s to that list as well. If you're heading to the Ipswich 300 at the end of the month, we can save you some money. You'll get 10% off general admission tickets but only if you pre-purchase. Pick them up at Ticketek outlets or the call centre. And mention Sunrise at the time of booking. And to keep track of all our offers, just head to the Sunrise website.

There are phrebty there, trust me,

you will find a few that take your

fancy. - there are plenty there. Coming up, Tiger's controversial commercial with his late father. In just a moment, you'll see one with his mum. Plus, the unpredictable Julian Clary. Find out how he stays fabulous at 50. Julian will be with us live.

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Tiger, I am more prone to be

invizative, to promote discussion --

invitative, to promote discussion. I

want to find out what your thinking

was, I want to find outside what

your feelings are, and did you learn

anything. That is a real ad on TV,

in America? Yep. Coincide with the

first day of the Masters. Certainly

getting a lot of publicity, given it

is making news programs. Got an

e-mail from Kaye saying, "

e-mail from Kaye saying, "I wonder

how his mother feels about using